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unres done in the previous page Embarrassed

ps: Sorry yaar...I will be a bit late in unresing...release testing time Cry...fully over loaded with workCryCryCry

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Angst pain betrayal ..Ahh that's why I hate love par kya karein main bbhi pyaar mein pad gaya..Me pyari twinkle made me gush bluush and fall for her so badly..EK simple si innocent love story he heLOLBut Di hogi to pange to honge hi naTonguehe he ..So without much ado ..lets jump over to RULE NO 8 ..But usse pehle thoda gyaan to banta hi hai na boss...Maine pyaar kiya to sane dekhi hi hogi...LOLMohnish ji ka dialogue bhi yaad hoga..Kya kahaShocked nahi...Lol Let me remind you...

RULE NO .8 Love is friendship caught on fire...Blushing


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Chapter 8 A


The morning was early ,only a couple of hours after  dawn had  graced the heavens with its majestic display of brilliant hues and tones, which would break its harmony with the sky quickly,   the tranquility the darkness  had vanished in thin air giving way to the extravaganza of the morning  . The sky flashed momentarily, a roar and a hiss disrupted the silence, but then all was soundless again. The sleepy sun flashed across the sky so close to him that he was sure she could have touched it. She nervously fumbled with her dupatta nodded her head, biting her lower lip in anxiety as her gaze shifted to her watch...8 00 AM. How could she have slept so late .It was supposed to be here by 6:00 right, now it was not there. THE COLLEGE BUS TO HARSIL medical camp had left with all the MD and final year students. She had heard the time right from her friend Bulbul. Then how could she not open her eyes on time. She frowned pulling the strap of her purse over the shoulder. Then the night had been LONG REALLY WRONG for her. Like it was different from the time ,Kesar left her on the train. She rubbed the bridge of her forehead thinking about all the options. Her car was in the garage. Mom had taken hers .It was too late for her to find any other public services. Cursing her bad luck ,she gritted her teeth at her negligence .

"arey Gulaal bus to chali gayi aja..baith ja jeep mein..hum bhi harshil hi ja rahe hain",The jeep stopped with the screeching of brakes, breaking Gulaal's stance and The charming voice of Dhani, her friend welcomed her. Gulaal raised her eyebrows turned around ,and there stood right in front of her the face she had been trying to forget. Kesar sat with his lowered eyes in the back seat while Negi behind the driving wheels. Gulaal knew about Dhani's close association with Negi and there was a rumour that she was his girlfriend too. Gulaal pulled and crumpled the apron in her hands near her bosom as if trying to shield herself from the furtive yet hesitant gaze of Kesar. He did not utter a word ,but to her utter surprise he gradually looked away as she fluttered her eyelids. Gulaal remembered Kesar's warning to her.

'Kya hua Gulaal chal na'Bus chali gayi hai You are late..",Dhani chirped.

"nahi mein taxi hire'",Gulaal cut her short


"no'Main theek hun'",Gulaal quickly lowered her eyes trying not to stare at Kesar. His eyes were playing hide and seek with her. Kesar was crushed between his desire to gaze at her and his resolution to set her free'

(KESAR'S CONFESSION-Though, in my heart I knew that I will never trouble her any more. But all my resolutions went out of the window, once I saw her face again. Who said setting free was fun. And setting free wale quote 'Within seconds gaya TEL LENNE.All my heart wanted was her to jump right in.7 long hrs..7 bloody long hours ,she would be with me, if she says .I felt the blood in veins freeze waiting for her miraculous YES..SAY YES GULAAL PLEASE.!!!*BEGS ,CRIES AND BRIBES*)

"come on ..this project is IMP'warna remark acha nahi milega ",Dhani forced her .

Gulaal was in a delimma.She knew that this assignment was important and missing this camp would mean a great set back to her career.

"ok',Gulaal fluttered her eyelids still very unsure .

(KESAR'S CONFESSION-Finally my blood started flowing again now with 16 the intensity of a rushing spring, My heart thumped with joy and excitement when I suddenly recalled my own words 'the promise to set her free. The frown on my face returned as I saw her grumpy face, hardened face.)

"Tu piche baith ja pls'",Dhani blurted.

"Par'",Gulaal's eyes parted with wide shock.

"Pls'.",Dhani winked at her and placed a side glance at Negi who was already smirking at the fact that Kesar will get time with Gulaal and will seek revenge in his own sweet way.

"Theek hai'..",Gulaal thought for a second and hesitantly sat right in front of Kesar ,crumpling the hem of her kurta in nervousness.

(TINKY'S TWEET---I DO NOT KNOW WHAT MADE ME AGREE TO THIS.I should have paid heed to Kesar's warning but my mind sometimes actually stop working.I knew I should have run away immediately, but there was something in his eyes.Something which no women can mistake. For I saw in his eyes a feeling which assured me, that I would be safe. A look so tender and apologetic that I could have immediately jumped in his arms'Well hmm Moreover Dhani was there with us ,There was nothing to worry about. SIGH If only I knew that this was the beginning of something which I would have regretted in coming times. Sometimes women can be such fools'LOL).

There was complete silence, which was broken by occasional blabbers of Dhani and Negi ,but Kesar and Gulaal stood silent .Their eyes met at times .Kesar would stare at her ,his heart yearning for her ,but she would throw glared hexes and smile occasionally plastering it with fakeness replying Dhani's constant jabs. The awkwardness between them was at an alarming high. How was she supposed to pass those next 7 hrs. Gulaal sighed the umpteenth time lowering her eyes every time they met Kesar's.

The next few minutes were terrible. The jeep cradled and found its way through the busy traffic signals of the city ,it honked, the chaos outside was irritating. But two souls remained untouched and SILENCE screamed in their heart. Kesar balled his fists into each other in anxiety breaking into a cold clammy sweat every time ,she looked at him. Gulaal gazed at his lowered head. The wind seeping through the open back wafted his messy hair over his broad shoulders and the warm glistening beam of sunshine illuminated his lips. Gulaal was FREAKED OUT .She was watching him shamelessly. She knew not what caught her, but she had some strange desires brewing inside her. Her eyes forgot to blink at all. All the hurt agony and pain just vanished in thin air as she watched him like a statue of stupor. Suddenly Kesar CAUGHT HER LOOKING AT HIM WITHOUT EVEN BLINKING HER EYELIDS. Like a deer caught in headlights ,her eyes popped in horror as she saw him smiling bashfully at her.

"Ouch'.",Gulaal toppled as the brakes were suddenly pulled by Negi trying to avoid hitting a cow. Gulaal landed right there in Kesar's arms. He held her arms to prevent her from falling. His warm hands brushed her cold skin and a wave of thrill and a sudden excitement ran through Gulaal's body. Tiny goose bumps defied the boundaries of her dress and bobbed up across the entire length of her arms. The absolutely awkward site did not went unnoticed by Kesar who was sent into throes of amusement watching the sight. Gulaal's face went pale and slowly turned into pink ,then red and finally it became coloured like a rose. Kesar's sheepish gaze made her embarrassed and she suddenly signalled him to leave her arms. Kesar was in no mood to budge, his eyes glowed with mischief as he nodded his head in denial. An evil smile crept back on his face. Gulaal's cheeks grew even redder and she looked at him pleading and nodding her head. Her innocent helpless look amused Kesar as he just left her hand and both of them leaned back straightening .Kesar smirked with his fingers on his lips and watched a blushing Gulaal .Everything just eased within seconds. It was as if the ugly fight never existed between them, that horrible revelation and the painful night---NOTHING SEEMED to be there on their minds. Both of their eyes gradually met in an eye lock .Gulaal's mind was totally lost in those tiny little eyes'those eyes which allured her, tiny beady ,obliquely se ,half opened with a dreamy look and yet glowing with passion. She felt completely lost in those eyes.

"Ooops'.Mummy ka phone tha keh rahi meri sister ko dekhne ladke waley aye hain mera rehna zaruri hai..",Their seconds of enchantment came to an abrupt end due to Dhani's voice.

"Par'",Gulaal was appalled at what she did seconds ago and reminded of his harsh words, her face hardened instantly. Kesar looked at her confused.

"Par war kuch nahi Gulaal 'main yehi se auto le lungi' abhi city mein hi hain hum'.Shivraj tum'Gulaal ko theek se pahuncha doge na..",Dhani spluttered

"Haan kyun nahi'",Shivraj smiled fixing the rear view mirror again to have a better view..He had secretly witnessed whatever happened moments ago. His smile darkened with mischief.

"Main na Dhani ..tere saath hi chalti hun'ruk'",Gulaal was on her guards again,She knew she would invite trouble and wanted to run away as fast as she could.

(TINKY'S TWEET-I was FREAKED out..I lost my senses again ,I was now becoming like a leaf in the storm ,easily and readily available to flow away with this whirlwind like Kesar.)

"Arey nahi tu ja'.",Dhani got out of the jeep.

"Par..",Gulaal tried to stop her

"Bye see you later'.",Dhani vanished as swift as lightning and Negi immediately drove off even without giving her or Kesar a chance to switch positions.


Deepest blue mixed with beautiful orange was the colour of the sky that day. Cool and dry as seeping and nipping the skin came the breath of the shadowed mountains as the jeep had now left the valley and took turns in deep circles in the conch shell entwined mountain road.Picteresque was the sight. The lofty tall mountains bounded the river Ganga travelling along with them in the deep gorge. No one could say it was summer. What a twilight it was as they drove across the mountain road. The tonic air stirred Gulaal's soul, the opal haze of the sky had slowly turned to purple. Hours had passed in SILENCE.Negi had put on his ear phones and did not s[peak a word giving both of them time but what existed between Kesar and Gulaal was SILENCE. No one spoke a word. Gulaal maintained a poker face every time Kesar tried to speak to her.

(KESAR'S CONFESSION-She had done it yet again, she was a master in this act. She had stung me with her desire and withdrawn herself gain'Evil woman. My eyes wanted to talk to her but she resisted. Her sternness made me restless'I was almost on the verge of tears .)

A silent inscrutable tear escaped Kesar's eyes which went unnoticed by Gulaal who had closed her eyes to avoid his gaze.

"I hate you.."Those words came to re haunt Kesar again.

"Stop stop the jeep..",Kesar trail of thoughts was broken by Gulaal's shriek. She held her head and mumbled.

"Kya hua'..",Kesar looked at her shocked.Her face looked tired and tiny beads of sweat had emerged on her forehead.

"I said Gadi rooko..",Gulaal shrieked placing her hand on her mouth .Negi was baffled and stopped the jeep and Gulaal jumped out of it without waiting for it to stop properly. Kesar looked confused and walked behind her .

She walked swiftly to the edge of the road leaning towards the gorge'.

"Sambhal k Gulaal ..",Kesar ran towards her in horror. Gulaal slopped on the ground on her knees and breathed heavily leaning towards the gorge.

"Urghhh..maaa..Mujhe chakkar aa rahe hai,..I am having severe nausea'..",Gulaal placed her hand on her forehead which was throbbing with immense pain.Her head spun with uncontrollable nausea and there was giddiness which made her wobble.

"Are you all right'let me'",Kesar sat beside her and rubbed her back ,trying to comfort her.

"Don't touch me'.URGHHH'...I feel like puking '..",Gulaal pushed him back and broke into hiccups.

"What abhi to maine kuch kiya bhi nahi..aur you are still having all these symptoms'I mean'WTH did Karan'",Kesar asked in surprise mixed with curiosity.

"Gosh..Stop talking like illiterate person.You're Sick Kesar '.Gawwwd can't believe you will become a doctor'kaise pass kiye exams tumne 'waise bhi Karan aur mere beech aisa kuch nahi hai'.",Gulaal

"Phew Thank God'",Kesar smirked trying to divert her attention from her nausea.

"What ?",Gulaal burped

"Arey I was just joking'.yaar'",Kesar rubbed her back again'This time Gulaal didn't resist. She was feeling terribly sick .

"Meri jaan pe bani hai..aur tumhe Mazak sujh raha hai..I have terrible motion sickness''..URghhh",Gulaal leaned back on Kesar and he held her in his arms.

"Listen didn't you take some medicine  ?",Kesar asked

"No'.Just forgot..",Gulaal gasped trying hard to open her eyes.

"Now tell me whose illiterate '..You bloody well know pahad ka rasta hai..I should have guessed you desi ppl are so nazuk all the time''",Kesar rubbed her back with anger .He was feeling helpless to see her in such pain. Within seconds Gulaal puked in the gorge and Kesar ran to get  water bottle from the jeep. He splashed her face with water and rubbed her back again'.

"Ahhh my head is paining'..",Gulaal suddenly placed her head on Kesar's shoulders. She was feeling very giddy .

"Shhh'It will be fine''",Kesar held her in his arms tightly and that very moment everything just changed. The moment stopped still as Gulaal did not understand what happened to her .Unknowingly her hands slid around him and the hug deepened. The birds chirped returning in queues towards their homes. The warmth of Kesar seeped in her body and she found it to be the safest place on earth. There was so much tenderness and care in his voice that Gulaal choked. She closed her eyes feeling the blissful moment that it was. The horizon seemed a distant canvas painted with the dark hues of orange and purple. The first pale stars came out over the canopy of the sky. Both of them breathed heavily. Minutes passed. Negi frisked his bags while Kesar and Gulaal held on to each other.

Gulaal trembled and Kesar tightened his grip around her to steady her, "It's ok main hun na''Relax'."His hands stroked her hair gently and Gulaal felt relaxed and conforted.She had never experienced such feelings in life. Unspoken feelings ,emotions choked her. She suddenly parted from him and looked into his eyes. His tenderness melted her .Kesar did not know what possessed him. He cupped her face and assured her, "You are fine TRUST ME". She could feel all his breaths on her face .Yet it was different this time. The caress of his hands acted like a balm to her anxious soul. A silent tear escaped her eyes as she looked at him'

"Ye Boss ye lijiye'.tablet'",Negi fumbled as he was pleasantly surprised to see them in each other's arms. There was huge smile of contentment on Kesar's face, which he had never seen, Never in years'

"Thanks'.",Gulaal quickly withdrew herself embarrassed and grabbed the tablet and walked towards the jeep. Kesar watched her go in stupor and mesmerisation.

It was dark now. They were already late as the road had been damaged at certain places which made the 7 hr. drive much longer and still there was more.

"Negi I think….We need to give her an injection. Next stop kitni door hai…",Kesar looked at Gulaal with concern as her condition had worsened. The medicine she took came out with her subsequent vomits and her eyes sunk with dehydration, her face pale with tiredness. Kesar held on to her in his arms as he breathed heavily.

"Kesar bas 15 mins more isse pehle medical store mushkil hai….Camp ka sara saamn bhi bus mein chala gaya…",Negi said driving as fast as he could. But the darkness and bad road condition made the drive awfully slow.



"No..mujhe injection nahi lagwana pls…",Gulaal cried out aloud looking at the huge needle which Kesar held his hand.

"HAHHAHAHHA Tu wohi hai na sherni…Ek ghuma k chanta mara tha mujhe….OMG I can't believe you are crying like a baby….",Kesar looked at her in amusement.She was a little better after sipping ORS from the medical store but she created a huge fuss.

(KESAR'S CONFESSION-OMG..LOL the sight was hilarious as laid on the jeep seat-the woman who claimed to be the most fearless woman on earth and lol She was a doctor and herself did not want an injection. GOOD LORD….I felt like kissing her cheeks at the cuteness…..A woman at 28 behaving like a kid. No wonder I was so mesmerised with her antics always)

"Stop it…",Gulaal tightly held Kesar's hand stopping him

"Hey hey listen…..You will be fine…Trust me..I will not hurt you at all..waise I am very sad today ….",Kesar placed his other hand on her forehead and made a sulking face.

"Kyun..",Gulaal loosened her grip on his hands

"You are wearing salwar kameez today. "Kesar winked at her sheepishly  while his hands continued his work at the vein in her arms , ".I can't even see your nice and sexy legs….No NSP…You see…"

"WHAT",Gulaal looked at him disgusted.

"  NO N-S-P-Nayan such prapti you see ..I feel terribly deprived",Kesar made a sulking face

"Gawd you are sick. And you bloody well know that. I just hate you. This is so cheap..",Gulaal nodded her head in Disgust

"Ho gaya…",Kesar smiled

"Kya..",Gulaal asked with concern

"Its done ..the injection…",Kesar smiled throwing away the needle after breaking it and yelled calling Negi who was standing in a distant tea stall sipping tea and smoking, "Negi chal it's getting late. Gulaal looked at him shocked, She never realised in his talks ,how the needle pierced her skin and the drug seeped through her veins without even hurting her. She looked at Kesar with awe.

"I told you na…No matter how sick I am I can never hurt you hai na…..",Kesar got to his seat right in front of him and the drive started again. Gulaal looked him with shock ,surprise and gratefulness.



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Chapter 8 B

"arey agey boulder gir gaya hai'.",The voice of Negi woke up Gulaal who was in a state of slumber.Her body was tired and she took turns to sleep with her head resting on the seat.Kesar made sure she did not fall off by ocassionally supporting her with his hand..Many more Kms  ha before Negi ahd passed  applied  brakes finally  due to landslide, "Hata rahe hain time lagega'."

"Chal tab tak neeche utarte hain'",Kesar looked at Gulaal '

The huge cranes worked and creaked upon their rusted hinges as the huge mean machine cleared the huge boulders one by one..The night was dark and stars made the whole scenario more beautiful..Gulaal felt as if she could touch them with her hands,Sitting quietly on one of the rocks ,in the small tea stall nearby,She extended her hands in glee .

"Chai'.",The rustic glass tinkled against her bangles as she uplifted her eyes.Kesar stood there and said in his concerned voice, "Tera sar dard ho raha hoga hai na'"

"Tumhe kaise pata'.",Gulaal held it smiling happily and took a sip .The punjent and spicy aroma of the Mountain ginger in tea revived her jaded palate and she heaved a huge sigh of contentment.

"Leave it'.Tell me how are you feeling better..",Kesar sat beside her frisking his pockets .

"Ya much much better..",Gulaal smiled and shivered a bit due to the cold.She had not packed her warm clothes in a rush and now she was regretting.The silk dress did the bare minimum of protecting her.

"But the anti- histaminic is making me drousy'",She took another sip .

Kesar dwindled a cigarette between his lips and was about to light it when Gulaal squeezed her eyes.

"Ok'",Kesar threw it away and rubbed his palms blowing his breath, "Its cold right'Omg'",A sudden realisation grippedhim,"Why don't you wear your shawl or something.

Gulaal pouted , "I forgot'"

"Wait '",Saying this Kesar ran and got his jacket from the jeep where Negi was happily talking on phone.

"Ye pehen le'",With complete authority,Kesar wrapped the jacket around her startling Gulaal.

"Par'",Gulaal hesitated.

"Shut up'for some time,",Kesar quickly shot back as he knew she would resist.

"Ok thanks'",Gulaal looked with gratitude ion her eyes and slid her arms in the sleeves.and pulled the zip .It was strange but the same fragrance which she earlier smelt in his shirt delighted her and she squealed,"God I love this fragrance'",Sniffing and caressing herself with her arms ,Gulaal mumbled,"Kitna late ho gaya hai'."

"You know what I was thinking the same..Its too late na'.Waise bhi abhi 40 kms aur hai'raat ho jayegi..Lets pull over in some guest house..",Kesar looked at his watch with concern.He knew driving at such late hour to a place with such rough topography is risky..The road was lonely and dark .The width of the roads which were damaged at most of the places was narrow too.

"Nahi'.Mujhe tumhare saath kahin nahi rukjna'errr I mean..We can reach on time'.",Gulaal suddenly got up.Her senses worked on alarm

(TINKY'S TWEET-Hell no..It was the last thing on earth I wanted to be left alone with him'I wanted to reach the Harsil Guest house where at least 40 students will be accompanying us..Spending te night in the middle of nowhere with Kesar was the last thing on my mind)

"Kyun dar lagata hai mujhse",Kesar smirked'"Kya lagata hai..",He bossed coming closer to her ,Gulaal hopping on one feet to another trembling in nervousness as he leaned forward , "tujhe hmmm'Tujhe akele mein kha jaunga.."

"Nahi mera matlab wo nahi'",Gulaal bit her lip in embarrassment.

"Darna sahi hai'",Kesar suddenly burst laughing , "Kyunki humein shayad akele bilkul nahi milna chahiye hai baat tu bhi janti hai ki'Paap hone k 100 % chances What say ?",Kesar giggled ,his ever familiar grin adorning his face.

"Bas bas main kuch nahi janti'.",Gulaal cut him short looking here and there trying to avoid his gaze.

"Janati to tu sab hai..par na jaanne ka natak karti hai'",Kesar balled his fist and his face hardened.

(KESAR CONFESSION-All the time she just blabbered I hate you..But this time I seriously wanted to hate her ...gals always have this amazing knack of closing their eyes to what was obvious.No wonder she too did the same thing..Completely in denial..But then would be half as Gulaal if she was not such an ostrich lol)

"Listen you'..",Gulaal chewed upon her words as Negi 's voice interrupted both of them."Kesar..chal boulder hat gaya'.."

It was dark dreary night with the full moon shining in the clear sky.The breeze was biting a chilling and Gulaal snuggled in drawing her limbs closer to her bosom,Occasionally blowing her warm breaths on her cold palms.She sighed heavily as she looked out.The view was scary and eerie.The gorge was DEEP,The road ahead only faintly visible and the darkness just seemed to engulf all of them.Gulaal was scared.The steep blind turns made her scared.She remembered some faint memories years ago,when her father used to take her for rides .She used to clutch on to his shirt scared of thre huge majestic hills.But now he was no more.She could no longer hold on to him.She could no longer bury her nose in his bosom and shut her eyes.A tear rolled down her cheeks as she remembered the faint face of her father

She took a deep breath in which was mixed of the spicy chilly wind and the fragrance of the jacket.She looked around in the darkness ,her face sad and gloomy,her heart sinking in fear.Negi suddenly muttered, "I am bored m gonna play a song .Saying this he switched on the music player which he had got with him in full volume.The song started but what remained unchanged was again the silence which haunted Kesar and Gulaal after their mild word war at the tea stall.Gulaal was lost in her own world while Kesar snapped his fingers with his other hand to kill his anxiety to talk to her.

Namkin Si Baat Hain 
Har Nayi Si Baat Mein

Teri Khusboo Chal Rahi 

Hai Jo Mere Saath Mein

(Kesar's CONFESSION-I saw in her eyes fear and a complete void..I knew not what had struck me,but seeing her like this made me sad too.Something very strange was happening to me.I was not Kesar anymore.The moment I had decided to set her free,something terribly changed.Earlier I could hardly focus on anything except her lips but now her eyes just spoke to me'.)

"Ghabra mat..main hun na'.Its ok..we will reach safely..",Startling Gulaal Kesar changed his position and sat beside her placing his hand on her hands..

THE WARMTH TRANSFERRING BUT WHAT TRANSMITTED WAS GREATER THAN THE MERE WARMTH.Gulaal's eyes moistened with tears.The glistening impudent moonlight shined across her marvelous face and the two drops in her eyes sparkled like diamonds.Kesar looked at her baffled and looked at her confused.His heart sinking with a feeling that his touching her hand might have offended her

Halka Halka Rang Beete Kal Ka
Gehra Gehra Kal Ho Jayega

Ho Jayega

Aadha Ishq Aadha Hai 

Aadha Ho Jayega

Kadmo Se Milo Ka 

Vada Ho Jayega

Aadha Ishq Aadha Hai 

Aadha Ho Jayega

Kadmo Se Milo Ka 

Vada Ho Jayega

"Kya hua'.",Kesar asked with concern in his voice..

"Kuch nahi'",Gulaal muttered .

Gulaal looked at Kesar's  shining face .His hair swept on his radiant face as the wind wafted them over his shoulders and his face  was content ... happy doing nothing but holding her hand.She knew not what struck her but instantly her hands curled his shirt and clutched it like she use to do with her father.Kesar looked at her surprised and within ticks of a clock,their eyes exchanged a silent conversation.Gulaal felt overwhelmed.She thought and thought,and wondered why she felt the way when she was with him.And then as swift light from a star ,the answer came back to her as Kesar rested her head on his lap .Gulaal looked at him with confusion  as Kesar mumbled, "Rest kar le'Relax'" and slowly traced his fingers through her hair gently,the touch which made her feel comforted and content.Gulaal's eyes almost drenched with tears.

Beshumar Raatein 
Behisab Baatein
Pass Aate Aate Gum Ho Jati Hai 
Bekhudi Mein Dhal Ke
Bekali Mein Jal Ke
Sau Naazare Yaadein Nam Ho Jati Hai 
Fika Fika Pal Betein Kal Ka
Behka Behka Kal Ho Jayega

Kesar sat with care  careful enough not to disturb her as Gulaal's eyes drooped in security and slumber.And then wonders of wonders and delights of delights occurred ,She held his hand lying on his lap and closed her fingers together with him which did not part.The dark night with the full moon shining and bathing them in beams,The exotic feeling of being cared for and his gentle fingers locked with hers .What more she could have asked from God..It was their moment.There was no fear no hesitation..No concern just sheer bliss of being together.Kesar never felt so relaxed in ages.The moon was higher and the night was deeper ,they watched the distant cloud drift and tilt at the moon while Negi stole glances from the rear view mirror and thought best to keep quiet and leave the two in the company of each other while he drove towards the last lap of their journey.

Ho Jayega
Aadha Ishq Aadha Hai 

Aadha Ho Jayega

Kadmo Se Milo Ka 

Vada Ho Jayega

Aadha Ishq Aadha Hai 

Aadha Ho Jayega

Kadmo Se Milo Ka 

Vada Ho Jayega

"Keys''",Negi hurled the keys of Gulaal's room towards Kesar which was caught with a smart catch .

"Negi tu chal..main ise chhod kar..",Kesar looked at Gulaal who was still sleeping peacefully.The journey ,her sickness and the anti histaminic made her drousy and she kept on snoring peacefully

"Han haan aram se aana'..Waise bhi she is all alone coz Dhani was supposed to be her room mate'.Take your time'Negi winked at Kesar and pulled his bag out of the jeep.

The dark alley leading to the GMVN (Garhwal Mandal Vikas Nigam)guest house at Harsil was surrounded by the sound of crickets and the rushing water of the Gnages on whose sand bank stood the majestic building.Gulaal swung in Kesar's arms completely oblivious of her surroundings.The tall Chir and pine trees majestically haunted the surroundings and the shadow of the moonlight gave them a silvery hue.The wind was nipping Kesar's skin..She must be freezing, Thinking about Gulaal he snuggled her more closer to his bosom until her face pressed hard against his chest as he carried her in his arms.The corridor was empty and dark.Everyone had slept .Kesar walked with Gulaal in her arms .She clinged on to him near his bosom,unaware where she was and slept without concern.Kesar made sure that he was gentle enough not to wake her up..The attendant carried their bags and with a lantern guided the way to her room'.

"Saab Idhar 1 week se kuch light ka problem hai',diesel abhi khtam ho gaya generator ka..Isliye ye lalten rakh raha hun'..Aur kuch chahiye'.mai jaun'.",The attendant mumbled as he placed their bags near the mirror in the huge room. "Shhh dhire bolo aur jao'.",Kesar hushed him as he placed Gulaal gently on the bed.The door clicked close and the glow of the lantern kept on the bedside table illuminated Gulaal's pale and tired face'.Kesar looked around .The room was dark yet cosy for two people.The neatly furnished room had a hearth too -a fireplace.Kesar quickly lit up the fire and threw the logs of wood kept in one corner .The fire crackled in leaps and flames.Extending his hands he warmed his freezing cold hands and turned around to see Gulaal sleeping.Her cherubic face glowed and the shadow of the flames played hide and seek with the glow.Kesar lost almost the sense of time as he kept on staring at her.Hair long,thrown into tiny curls,Lips rosy perfectly waiting to be kissed,the complexion of peaches and cream .Gulaal suddenly turned around her left and her lips thinned out in a faint smile of content.Kesar felt a large thump in his heart which forgot to beat after that.There were butterflies in his stomach and he knew not what drove him to her.His legs dragged towards her and he sat beside her staring at her blatantly.Within seconds Gulaal suddenly woke up and saw Kesar sitting beside her ,but strange ..this time she did not jump out of her skin.She just smiled at him.

 "Ab tabiyat kaisi hai'",Kesar placed his hnad on her forehead.The soothing gentle touch made her smile again.

"Much better just a bit tired '",Gulaal replied .

"thand bahut hai..",Kesar nodded his head shaking himself from his dream like foolish state where he wanted to do nothing but sit for hours and look at her like this only.He quickly got up and covered her with the blanket ,in pursuit of which his hands accidentally brushed against her feet

"God tere pair to bilkul thande hain",Kesar looked at her with concern

"Socks?",Kesar threw open her bag without even waiting for her instructions.Gulaal was surprised and touched too

"Bhul gayi'.",She frowned recalling how hastily she had thrown her things into the bag while packing.

Kesar did not waste a single second and he threw open his bag too which was lying next to her and took out his pair of socks.

"Lekin ..main..Ye kya'.",Gulaal tried to stop him but even before she could resist the socks were on her feet.

"Ruk ek min..",Kesar got up and sprayed his perfume on the socks on her feet.

"Ye kya'Haahahhaah ye kya hai..",Gulaal burst laughing watching his antics'.

"Gande hain isilye..par they will protect you'..",Kesar looked at her innocently and rubbed her feet to warm them.

"Aise khushboo se ?",Gulaal pouted.," Aise nahi inhe dhona bhi padta hai..hahhahahhaha"

"Main kya karun kapde dhona mujhe acha nahi lagta '",Kesar made a sallow face.

"Awww You are such a baby hhahahah",Gulaal giggled  and getting up hatily pulled his cheeks.The touch of her hnads sent a thrill in Kesar and he looked at Gulaal intently.A sudden realisation gripped Gulaal as she hastily withdrew her  hands and lowered her eyes embarrassed.

"Now you are comfy and cosy '.kisi cheez ki zarurat ho to mujhe bas'you have my number right'.",Kesar looked at her and suddenly recalled that it was indeed risky if he stops even for a minute any more.Only he knew how much he wanted her and he had not yet outgrown his desire,he had just suppressed it.Being in her vicinity in solitude had already started fanning his repressed thoughts.He pushed her back on the bed ,covered her with a blanket and said , "Hmmm So ja'.good night sleep tight '.",Saying this he was about to pick up his bag when Gulaal called him,"Kesar '"

"Kya chaihiye'".He came near her with a smile.

"Kuch nahi bas Thanks'..",Gulaal held his hand with gratitude.Kesar's heart skipped a beat.His eyes refused to blink.Her touch just made him forget everything .He held her hand and looked dazed at her and was about to kiss her palms mumbling, "Gulaal kya hum'"

"Not again Kesar'",Gulaal pulled her hand back choking in fear and emotions.Gulping a huge lump in her throat she mumbled, 'Please understand 'I love Karan'"

Kesar felt stabbed again.His mouth became dry and his face turned sad .

"Keep loving him'PAR KYA HUM..DOST NAHI BAN SAKTE Gulaal..i am sorry ki maine zabardasti karni chahi tujhse '.mujhe maaf kar de Gulaal'.",Kesar held her hnad and almost cried.

(KESAR'S CONFESSION-This was so not me..Maafi aur Kesar kabhi nahi..But everything was just happening without a will of my own.I knew not why I wanted her friendship.I could have easily walked off ,but I wanted to cling on to her as if she was a drug to my senses.As if I was addicted..I could even breathe for a second without her.After spending last two tormentous days hating her,the last piece of my armor crumbled and I stood there near her feet at her mercy..SAY YES GULAAL..PLEASE SAY SAY YES)

"hmmm main soch rahi thi..dosti ek pahadi aur desi k beech?",Gulaal withdrew her hand and smirked

"'Dosti sirf Kesar gulaal k beech..",Kesar said almost forgetting to breathe.

"Done done par sachi '.PURE WALI DOSTI..",Gulaal shook his hand vigourously

"Yup muchi'ekdum real friendship no cheating 'TRUST ME",Kesar watched her with deep affectionate eyes.

"Acha chalo gud nite '..",Gulaal pushed him .Kesar smirked and walked a few steps carrying his bag and suddenly stopped at the door and turned around.

"Gulaal ..ek baat kahun'.?",His eyes darkened with mischief

"Haan ",Gulaal nodded her head.

"Ek ladka ladki kabhi dost nahi ho sakte haahahah",Kesar winked at her naughtily

"Get lost you monster'.I hate you''",Gulaal threw a pillow on his face and Kesar walked out smiling.

"Keep hating me always'.",Closing the door behind him he mumbled to himself and walked groping his way in the dark towards his room.

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manzilmukul IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 30 November 2012 at 8:48am | IP Logged

HOLA GuysHugHugHug ..Yes its time for daily updates YEAY :D...He he so here I am with the next update Arey bhai Muje shikayat hai...I send approx 40 tpms and only 10 likesConfusedOuch bahut nainsaafi hai reLOL Arey koi silent waley hain to ek adh like maar diya karo Embarrassed and me to maha Gullu diwani to just will keep on writing even if I get only 1 likeTongue

Am so elated reading your comments..Thank you so much everyone for such lovely comments..Guys I am really sorry for replying individually..I hope you can excuse me for that coz it becomes very difficult to type ,post and reply chappies daily..But still m trying my best to cope up..Choory guys...CryI read each and every comment with equal enthusiasm and its the love of yours that keeps me elated.Thank you so muchHug

.M loving all the comments from you all.New readers thank you so much...Muahhh Great to have you all here...Thank youHug

Thank you so much Neilu,Adu,Mini,Ramya,Arti.Poo .Silver fairy ,Skittle,samia,Kayte,kalika.Everyone.HugHug.Special thanks goes to the newbiesHugHugHug.Thanks For breaking your silence and your lovely comments.If anyone wants PM's do buddy me..Also I have decided to do regular I mean daily Updates...They will be shorter but regular..Hope you are fine with this.Do let me know.Anymore SILENT LOVERS I mean READERS Please come out..Its fun out here...Thanks so muchHugHugHugHugHugHug

 Thanks to all my wonderful ReadersHug
fatmaghozi sauris, nish89kaytesamia999kreasenchanted23nneeiillMR21minizzarti07Geeshu, kavi.bidaainish89kayteSkittle16sharmishtaAyushii_Angelkalika.jalantaenchanted23princessofkesarMR21minizzprachuryanneeiillKeithuuGeeshukiran_trudecentwithout-fathom-Swetha-poo_j,SilverFairy ,

So here is my bit for every one Embarrassed

@ Mini...I know you secretly have a crush for the sutradhar hai naTongueBTW I ma gonna miss you..Have a lovely vacation..

@Nicita...Aw Nicita LOL...Twinkle is Negi's siter who wanted to marry Kesar..Nevertheless Keep reading Embarrassedand commenting

@Ramya --Awww BIG hugs..I love thy essays but koi take ur own time ...Bachi...Embarrassed

@Poo...Whoa Gal..THAT WAS ONE HUGE COMMENT...m FLATTERED Embarrassed Its great to read those details Embarrassed

@ Arti...Awww Koi nahi...Tu aram se aa..I know aajkal tera dil Lakhan bhakti mein laging...EmbarrassedBut jaldi aa Rawat is the ultimate guy you seeTongue

@Neilu meri jaan Hai hai...Muaaah...Kissy wissy for that Killer poster..Mar jawanDay Dreaming

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mummy ek aur res CryLOL ...okies a short comment with res... i totally loved the chapii i thought now kesar will run away form her and will avoid her and here he is right infront of gulaal taking care of her fullfilling his  pati dharma...gr8 going kesarji he is so unpredictable so cute at one point tht u wanna pull his cheeks and next time a devil 

so he wanna set her free he may set his love free but is love gonna free him???? big question kesarji and gullu maate is sleeping so contendly wen kearji is near the last perspn on earth she should trust how cute is tht gullu lets see how long u carry on with ur I LOVE KARAN JAAP ! btw nice place and lovely description of tht jeep journey and its was too realistic kudos to tht

lovely chapii and did u said DAILY UPDATES???happy dance

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res for 7A/B and 8 A/B Cry kal wapas update.Shocked..I will read and comment before tomorrow's update pakka promiseEmbarrassed


Hahaha so RV mein rose dene ki aur uske parinaam bhugtne ki takat toh aa hi gayee, quite impressive for a guy who went running to his siter after the first ragging encounter, love  teaches you to stand up for yourself too…..good…impressive…

And Kesar shielding RV…well he is just keeping his promise to Gulaal isn't he? Even at the cost of annoying his friend he is true to his words , are all his qualities just visible to me or what? Loved this take charge Kesar who still has no clue about whether he is coming or going,his life in a mess because of  sister of very boy he was trying to protect…sigh only if Rewa could have seen the internal mess instead of external she would have got some clue about the affects her best friend had on this so called Gunda………

I like that silent convo between Negi and Kesar where one harsh grip on his shoulder is enough for Negi to realise what he just blurted and then regret his words immediately by shaking of that head  that was kind of an apology to his friend ….signifying a very deep and affectionate bond between these two…

Coming to the highlight of this update Kesar, RV convo ,Kesar trying to keep to his words in spite of  humiliation, anger, bitterness and obvious snubbing and RV trying to come to terms with what he heard from Negi and his fears getting confirmed when Kesar repeats the same words as if just stating a simple fact, the courage that he gathers to speak in front of him may be due to Kesar's relax demeanour but also had tinge of resentment to the tune of remotest possibility of his Di actually falling for this Gunda…I loved how Kesar encourages him to stand for himself and his Di,not only is the right advice but also something that he speaks from experience….and that bursting of tears by RV just signifies how helpless he feels after hearing those words of advice and also how dependent he is on his Di for everything that Kesar who's fighting with internal rage walks up to him to put that hand of reassurance on his shoulder wow…this was awesomely written….

Brother, sister convo was beautiful, Gulaal was trying to convince herself more than RV and he understood to that's why the turn around and checking again,no matter how hard she tries tell-tale signs are all there that she is falling for so called Gunda…

Kesar's anger, helplessness and frustration is beautifully described in the part that follows, each and every line highlighting his state of mind so vividly as if you are watching it on the screen, very well written Piyu…also the FB and convo with Negi was so heart wrenching his life has always been a struggle and no wonder he feels so bitter and depressed ,lost and confused ….

Ahh so she is bound by her vachan, no wonder she is galool for a reason…let's see how long for a promise given to a dying man rules her life and two others with hers…

And finally Kesar and Twinkle, ahh so she has fallen for RV good now RV's status will need to change na…but loved how she  was trying to make him see her point, and finally making him understand too…she is a true friend only if he realizes it,he was busy denying and crushing his heart's voice which was in tandem with what Twinkle had to say,his mind still fighting and crying for revenge  making him say all those things that he didn't mean at all…and finally that's what comes out in front of Negi,setting free…himself and her to find each other again, after all how long and how far can you run from your destiny….

 ----Will come back and comment on 8A/8B---

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nneeiill IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 30 November 2012 at 4:48pm | IP Logged
piu...wowie two big updates..turbaaa

i so loved them
ye dhani aur negi ki koi planning hai kya Wink

wat a ditcher she was lol...

anyways loved the jeep journey..oh i can relate to Gullu...motion sickness makes ur journey hell..i deal with it every time..

but but apna kesar tho setting free aisa kuch kaha tha na...but ye tho full on  gullu service mai laga hai...

and gullu..what the hell are u doing...u say something..and u do something else...
bechare kesar kare tho kya kare...Ouch

lved the moment where she gushed abt his shirt;s cute

and kesar ji i have a hamesha paap paap kya laga rakha can u see ur love as paap???

i was lil disappointed ki kesar ji ne dosti kar li...hain what happened to his previous confession ..but but...jaate jaate he showed his true character..i loved when  he said ladka ladki can never be friends lol
now thats our kesar..


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