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He felt suffocated with anger. He walked into the hostel corridor for a while but nothing could calm him down. He barged inside his hostel room. His chest heaving up and down trying hard to calm himself. A fit of rage absolute rage made him shiver as he recalled her words, "I hate you'."

He kicked the chair in anger and madly searched, Books fell on the floor, clothes scattered haywire. Finally grabbing a hold of what he had treasured 'THOSE TRAIN TICKETS- which he had exchanged for his ring .Throwing them on the floor, he threw his lighter .His rage increased with the flames that caught up with the books and clothes too-THE BLACK SMOKE FILLED HIS ROOM. He was delighted by the blaze as he ruthlessly looked at those burned tickets savage satisfaction. A turbulent hurricane swept across his heart. The last hope that he had was uprooted right in front of him. He had been hoping to make up to Gulaal win her, for what he did not know, but her words were like poison to his ears.

The flame grew wilder and tears rolled down Kesar's cheeks. Against the thick dark flames, Kesar appeared as a shadow as Negi jumped on him horrified



"Kesar kesar tu kya kar raha hai'Pagal ho gaya hai kya.",Negi splashed a huge bucket of water and doused the fire.

Kesar slopped on the ground and suddenly burst into tears. So intense was his cries that Negi looked at him horrified and ran towards him hugging him. Kesar broke into a wild lament. "Main kya Karun Negi'.Sale humesha ka yehi rona hai'Kuch bhi cheez mang k nahi milti..",A swift shudder passed through his body and he felt terribly and awfully alone.The angst that had filled his heart finally found its way.

"Bachpan se lekar aaj tak..kuch mila hi nahi'Sab kuch chinna pada..Pencil tak ko tarsta tha'.Par majaal hai ki Bhagwaan ko taras aa gaya ho'.Everytime I just had to struggle aur Gulaal wo ek cheez jo mujhe chahiye thi'.Use bhi bhagwaan ne kaha Kesar tu gadha hai'.She is not yours'But you know what ..maine bahut koshish ki'Mera dimag kaam karna band ho gaya hai'.I want her ..I want her at any cost'.Negi'Wo 24 ghante..haan 24 ghante yahan",He looked at Negi with hopeless despair and patted his head in desperation, "'.Yahan mere dimag mein ghumti hi rehti hai'..Aise to main ji hi nahi paunga'.",Kesar wept loudly.Negi knew that these were tears that could not be stopped .He knew his wounds were much deeper than his yearning for Gulaal.He knew Kesar had been hurt by everyone, his own father, his village people, society and above all Gulaal . He knew what Kesar was today was due to bitterness of betrayal and deprivation. Every second of his life had been a struggle.


The stones hurled at Kesar and his mother. The whole village had gathered to burn his mother and Kesar.Shivraj watched the mob cry and hurl abuses in frenzy from behind a tree, "maro in paiyonko..Is gandagi ko saaf karo'"

Negi shivered to see the young boy Kesar just about his age standing alone in front of his Ija(mother) facing the wrath fearlessly'

"Ruko'",The voice of Sunderlal Negi ..the village sarpanch,Shivraj's father stopped the villagers, "Mere rehte inhe koi haath nahi laga sakta'Meri muhboli behan hai'ye'.Khabardaar'."

"Aap hat jayiye ..sarpanch ji. Is paap ko khatm hi kar denge aaj'.",The crowd roared in anger.

"ZINDA REHNA AUR IS GAON MEIN REHAN MERA HAQ HAI''",The trembling voice of Kesar stunned everyone. Those tiny little eyes were burning with rage as he held a huge stone in his hand and threw it at one of the village men.

"Shabaash beta'.",SunderLal patted his cheeks ,"Lekin ek baat yaad rakho'Haq kabhi mangne se nahi milta use china padta hai'."

"Kesar ..Kesar tu fikar mat kar yaar'.Tu bechain mat ho..main abhi jakar use dekhta hun'",Negi patted his cheeks.

"Nahi'",Kesar held his hand in rage

"Kesar tu akhir chahta kya hai ?",Negi looked at him confused.

"Main chahta hun wo roye use mujhse nafrat hai'Let her hate me more'.I want her to scream and beg for mercy'.I want her now'.I want her samjha'Is duniya mein koi cheez mangne se nahi milti chinni padti hai'.I will snatch her away'.Use aur uske bhai..dono ko..I will teach both of them a lesson .NEGI'.use itni asani se jane nahi dunga main'..You know what mere dil ko chain nahi milega ..ab bilkul bhi nahi..jab tak use main sabak na sikha dun'",Kesar fumed with rage.His mind swept with hurt and anger.

"Yaar'.main'Negi'.Kuch kar'.Mian shayad pagal ho jaunga'.",restlessness swamped him and he wept again.

" Shhh Kesar '.Suna hai roz subah morning walk ko jati hai ' Tu fikr mat kar mere bhai'.Utha le ayenge use..Phir sirf tu aur wo..Fikr mat kar samjha'..Main hun na'.sab theek ho jayega..",Negi rubbed his back.

"Sab theek ho jayega'?",Kesar looked at him confused.He knew Gulaal would cry,scream for help, but her words made him blind to everything else.

"Haan sab theek ho jayega. Main hun na'.",Negi assured Kesar and walked out of the room.

The whole house was still, unnaturally still. The crickets chirped and sang hymns breaking the silence of the night. She tossed and turned relentlessly in her bed .A wave uneasiness swept her mind. Sleep eluded her. Sitting up with a pillow supporting her back ,she listened to the silence that haunted her from outside and inside. For in her heart she knew exactly what she yearned for which she dare not even confess to herself. Her eyes dry ,her heart weeping, she picked up a small photo frame with Karan and hers engagement picture. She found herself years ago'Carried away to the same place where her destiny was written with Karan.


AIIMS ,New Delhi, Oncology WARD.

The ventilator beeped and those dry eyes misted with dirt and tears, he could barely speak. 18 year old Gulaal and her family stood there as Raman breathed his last breaths.

"Promise me..Sudha..Gulaal humare ghar ki bahu zarur banegi'",Raman raised his hand while Karan weeped sitting at his feet.

"Gulaal promise tu Karan ka dhyan humesha rakhegi'.Wada kar beta  use sirf tu hi sambhal sakti hai'.",With those eyes hazy and a body hardly able to keep up with the infection,Raman held her hand.

"Haan Babuji'Main wada karti hun'.",Gulaal cried a lot .She only had some faint memories of her father but ever since she had met Raman ,he was more than a father to her.Sudha ,Rewa wept bitterly while Abir and Paan held on to them.Chinky clutched the hem of Gulaal's skirt and sat beside her

"Karan dekhna meri Gulaal ko koi taqleef kabhi na  ho'.Promise me'.Tu sirf use khush rakhega humesha'",Rman held Gulaal's hand and placed it in Karan's hand

"Promise kar Gulaal tu Karan ko kabhi nahi chhod k jayegi wada kar'.",His choking voice cried in hope

"I promise babuji..Aaap aisi batein kyun kar rahe hain..aapko kuch nahi hoga'.Kuch nahi'..Babuji'Bauji'."Those eyes closed forever ,her hand frozen in those stone cold hands,The silence of the room was broken by wailings 'earth shattering and Gulaal's tears wouldn't stop.

"Main sirf Karan se pyaar karti hun..Main babuji ko diya hua wada nahi tod sakti hun'",Wiping away the flush of tears that had drenched her face,She mumbled a silent prayer and fell on the bed lifeless and deprived,for she knew never can Karan make her the way she felt with Kesar.

The room was a mess and dimly lit filled with the stench of alcohol and echoed with wailings of anguish. He rolled on the floor and gulped down drinks one by one .The bed sheet laid on the floor. He was in the company of darkness .He had planned on revenge but he should have felt angry and empowered but instead he was filled with guilt. He was tortured by the vivid expressions of Gulaal's smiling face. How could he hurt her. He took his pen and scratched the name of Gulaal on the floor .He did not understand what was harder---the granite floor or his quest to etch her name on it'One had to win the floor or him,----THE WAR CONTINUED like it did between his 'HEART AND MIND. The door suddenly banged open and Kesar quickly put the bed sheet on the floor


"Twinkle tu itni raat ko yahan'",His brows wrinkled with the signs of irritation.

"Mujhe tujhse kuch baat karni hai'.",Twinkle sat beside him

"Mujhe tujhse koi baat nahi karni'.",Kesar got up irritated and stood near the window.

"Kesar please main ye kehne ayi thi''.main Tujhse shaadi nahi kar sakti..main Rajveer se pyaar karti hun..par tu ye baat Dadda ko samjha na..",Twinkle blurted

"Hahahhaha Meri bala se'.Kisi se bhi kar lekin Negi rajveer ko mar dega..Isliye bhul ja use'.",Kesar said carelessly.

"Kesar hum dono ek dusre se pyaar karte hain'And I cannot forget him'Pata hai'I always thought I can capture you but I was wrong'.It was too late for me to realise that if you love something set it free'it it comes back ,it was yours'and if it doesn't it never was. Aur tu'.tu kabhi wapas nahi aya Kesar 'aur main tujhse bhi yehi kahungi'.Jiska naam tu itne man se likh raha tha..jane de use'Wo kisi aur se'."

"BULL SHIT'" ,Kesar smashed his bottle on the floor and grabbed Twinkle's shoulders, "You know kis ghatiya moral story ki book mein padhi hai tune ye sab batein haan'You know what BULL SHIT'.Gulaal is mine'.She will come'She will have  to come..She is mine ..Even she cannot change it..samjhi'.Use main pakar hi rahunga samjhi'",Kesar gritted his teeth in anger.

"Aise zabardasti karke'",Twinkle frowned.

"Haan Whatever it takes. Samjhi'.She will have to come to me'.",Kesar pushed her back and turned his face around and banged his fist on the wall.

Silence ensued for minutes as Twinkle looked at Kesar shocked.


"Hm",Twinkle walked towards him and placed her hand on his shoulder. Kesar turned around and Twinkle hugged him tightly. Kesar was shocked.

"Kesar kiss me'",Twinkle held his face in her hands

"What'",Kesar's eyes popped out in horror.

"Haan kiss me..I want you. You are mine Kesar. Maine abhi tujhe dekh k realise kiya that I cannot forget you'..",Twinkle tried to forcibly Kiss him.

"WHAT THE HELL TWINKLE ",Kesar pushed her back with all his might. "Don't you understand Mere tere barein mein kuch bhi feel nahi karta'.I cannot samjhi..isliye  zabardasti karna band kar'.",Kesar yelled at her.

"EXACTLY ",Twinkle folded her hands across her bosom and smiled triumphantly, "Jab tu apne saath zabardasti nahi seh sakta ..tu tune ye kaise soch liya ki Gulaal zabardasti tere paas khush rahegi'..Kesar you cannot force someone samjha'.Let her go''..Zabardasti tu sirf use hasil kar sakata hai'You cannot make her yours'So LET HER GO'.and ho sake to Dadda ko mat batan Rajveer aur mere barein mein abhi'"

Twinkle walked out leaving Kesar in utter shock.

The early morning sun opened its sleepy eyes through the morning mist from behind the hills which glistened with its golden hue'Kesar stood near his window .Tiny dust particles danced back and forth in the beams that seeped through the room. He had not shut his eyes even for  a second.

"Kesar jaldi chal warana wo nikal jayegi.",.Negi walked in after taking a bath .

"Jane de",Kesar said in a low tone.

"Jane de matlab ..Raat bhar plan banaya uar tu man kar raha hai'.",Negi yelled.

"Haan",Kesar said seriously.

"Are u crazy'What about your REVENGE?,Negi was annoyed.

"I will find another way not like this'.I will deal it myself'.",Kesar blurted.

"Mtalab'",Negi looked at him confused.

"Chill yaar'Use tadpa tadapa k badla lenge aise nahi'Tu chill mar na'.",Kesar pretended to be his usual self.

Negi smiled at him ,"Tu saley'You are a born Rascal'Theek job hi tera man chahe'",Negi walked out of the room breathing a heavy sigh of relief and he was glad that Kesar was all set with his rational mind to take revenge.

Kesar 's smile dampened again as he looked at the bright morning sun and mumbled, "Thanks Twinkle".He was feeling lighter. Much lighter as only he knew that he Did not mean a single word which he said to Negi now'He was not set to take REVENGE. In fact ,He had actually Set Gulaal free'..

Breathing a huge sigh of contentment, He grabbed his towel and headed towards the washroom.

HOLA GuysHugHugHug ...Choory for keeping you all waiting but once again..Yes its time for daily updates YEAY :D..Missed you all muaaahEmbarrassedAb jalsi jaldi tell me how was your Diwali and wassup? and BTW I have another surprise palnned for you allLOLHUSH HUSH ..Abhi main chup rahungiTongue

Am so elated reading your comments..Thank you so much everyone for such lovely comments..Guys I am really sorry for replying individually..I hope you can excuse me for that coz it becomes very difficult to type ,post and reply chappies daily..But still m trying my best to cope up..Choory guys...CryI read each and every comment with equal enthusiasm and its the love of yours that keeps me elated.Thank you so muchHug

.M loving all the comments from you all.New readers thank you so much...Muahhh Great to have you all here...Thank youHug

Thank you so much Neilu,Adu,Mini,Ramya,Arti.Poo .Silver fairy ,samia,Kayte,kalika.Everyone.HugHug.Special thanks goes to the newbiesHugHugHug.Thanks For breaking your silence and your lovely comments.If anyone wants PM's do buddy me..Also I have decided to do regular I mean daily Updates...They will be shorter but regular..Hope you are fine with this.Do let me know.Anymore SILENT LOVERS I mean READERS Please come out..Its fun out here...Thanks so muchHugHugHugHugHugHug

 Thanks to all my wonderful ReadersHug
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resBig smile

Piu  Hug  Thank you so much for the double bonanza.It was just awesome.I enjoyed them reading them a lot especially Part B.Kesar's breakdown was written brilliantly but before I get into that let me start with Part A.This part was full of people getting all riled up,frustrated and angry na.First Negi beating up Chinky,then Kesar's vehement reaction to Chinky's words about Gulaal and then Gulaal herself acting all defensive in front of her brother.Haila...just noticed the culprit is our Sutradhaar...Chinky...sab ke bheje itna fry kar diya ki sab violent ho gaye  LOL I loved it though.Even though he is not physically very strong he had the guts to stand upto Negi first and then Kesar.I quite liked his courage.He was so scared inside yet he did not show it instead he defended his sister awww.No wonder he is my fav character.bechara Kesara...I could feel his heart break at the end but I cannot blame Gulaal too for her outburst.The guy is just frustrating and he did misbehave with her na.I can understand her really have to get past your anger...itna gussa sehat ke liye haanikaarak hotha haiTongue
Part B was simply heartwrenching.I loved how you described Kesar's mental state in detailClapI could picturise Neil acting it out.aaah if only I could get to see this scene in realCryHis breakdown in front of Negi was so beautifully penned.I could feel his emotions so clearly.brilliant Piu...loved the dialogues here...very intense and so  completely Kesarish.So he now wants to take revenge and I really had this whole story in my head but once again by the time I reached the end I was taken aback by the sequence of eventsLOLWell it is my fault I should have paid more attention to the title of this chapter na  Oh I loved the little glimpses of the past that you gave for both Kesar and Gulaal.It makes us understand them and their motives better.I just loved the chota Kesar who says that line about his right to live and to live right there in the scene between Kesar and Twinkle was nice Piu.Clever interpretation of the similar scene from the show and Twinkle is so sensible.I am impressed by her.She is straightforward,kind and the kind of friend that Kesar very badly needs.I really loved that scene.Wonderful job Piu.I am now looking forward to the next update eagerlyBig smile

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res Smile


Piu Hug...thank GOD u r back...was missing the story so much...
Wow...RV is in love with TwinkleEmbarrassed...pyaar kiya bhi toh Negi ki behan se...waj bhai..kesar toh kesar hai aur RV bhi...good going guysWink...loved the convo between kesar n has so many emotions...revelations n challenges n atlast an advice which is very much required for RV...I loved kesar here as he felt that gulaal is missing that caring figure in her life which no one has realized...coming to RV n gulaal convo...he is actually listening to kesar's advice...if not for kesar atleast for gulaal...offo denial from gulaal n the worst kesar has listened everythingCry...kesar at his best in anger na...his confession to Negi n he said everything that he is rejecting in front of them all...kesar's FB part is so much painful...he has to snatch everything angel in gulaal's relation with its karan's father wish to get them married n she cant break the promise that she gave to him...kya yaar kesar koh realize hi karna hai toh kissi aur se karne dethi na Twinkle se hi karwaana tha kya...but anyways she is successful na...why I feel that when kesar n gulaal will be together twinkle n RV will be there support...well we will see when it happens...kesar is again acting in front of Negi...well he has no other way too..Negi will never understand him in this matter atleast not now...looking forward to gulaal to come back to kesar as now he has set her free...
loved the chapter...looking forward for the next chapter...

Neilu Hug...awesome poster...

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@Piyu Wow That's Awsome. Both Chapters Were.
Finally Kesar Will Set Gulaal Free. (:

Thanks To Twinkle. By The Way Is She Kesar's Sister??

And RV Aww His Caring Sweet Brother To Gulaal. (:

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Wow!!! Clap Outstanding!!! ClapWelcome back..HugLoved both the updates to the core!!!Big smile

Part 7A:

OMG!!! Shocked RV got caught red handed by Negi with his sister..OuchOops!!! Poor RV..Cry just now he started  going out with her and now this..Cry RV always getting beaten up..Ouch when will he become strong??? Confused Kesar needs to give training in the future..Wink 

Wow!!! Smile Is that really Kesar!!!Embarrassed so he returned from the trip..Big smilecool!! helping RV and all..Clapall coz of Gulaal..Embarrassed Wow!!! RV has fallen in love with Twinkle..Embarrassed now oly Negi is left..let him too fall in love with some girl especially who has a brother..Wink

How can Kesar be quite when someone speak like that abt his Gulaal..Embarrassedeven if its Negi..impossible!!Wink Oops..Negi blurted out the truth..LOL RV&Rewa are equally shocked..OuchAwww!!! Rewa trust her best friend completely..Kesar managed the whole situation tremendously..Clap but why he is calling RV to his room???Confused

Kesar is exercising at this time..LOL only he can do like this..may be to release his stress and is asking RV to move out of hostel..Ouch hmmm..why should he??? liked how RV stood his ground in front of Kesar..Embarrassed But how can he stand quietly when Kesar talked like that abt Gulaal??? Kesar is absolutely right here..Clap

Awww!!! He advised RV to look after Gulaal..Clapso cool!!! Indeed it was long due..he cares for her so deeply..EmbarrassedAwww!!! RV burst into tears..Cry he becomes so emotional when it comes to his di..

RV didn't waste any time in querying abt Kesar to Gulaal..Clap But she vehemently denied that there is something to him..Ouch well her hearts sings a different tune..Embarrassed why she keeps on telling that she hates Kesar..Angry just to pacify herself!!?Embarrassed but loved how she broke down when RV said he is there for her and will protect her..Big smile its was so touching..Clap

OMG!!! Kesar was witnessing everything..Shocked Nice twist..Clapdidnt expect this..ClapPoor guy..Crytotally heartbroken..Cry What he is going to do now??? Ouch hope nothing wrong..Smile

Part B:

Awww!!! Kesar treasured those tickets as a memory Embarrassed but now burned it..Ouch good!!! Negi was there and he doused the fire..Clap Poor Kesar doesn't know what he is saying..Ouchsimply shouting he wants Gulaal..Ouch

The FB was terrible..Crybut glad Negi's father helped them..Clap Negi being a best friend is ready to do whatever Kesar ask..Smile but not able to differentiate what is right and wrong..Ouch

Gulaal's FB was terrible too..Cry she is just bound by that promise..But Karan's dad only wants Gulaal as bahu na..Smile Is that means Kesar and Karan are brothers??? Smile wow!!! nice turn around..Clapagain didn't expect this..Smilesuperb!!!Clap

OMG!!! Of all didn't expect Twinkle to make Kesar realize that nothing can be attained by force..Clap and when in comes to love,its impossible!!! Smile awesome!!! Clap

Wow!!! Kesar stopped Negi by fibbing..Clapbut its all for good..Clap

Looking forward and thanks for writing a lengthy and a fantabulous update..Smile

P.S: Both the siggies are beautiful!!!

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hi piu...finally mere rawat aaya...loved loved the many things happened..

canteen fiasco...gosh that was scary..

loved confession of kesar to negi and specially to RV ..and waah jaate jaate he gave he some nice advice as well

ohh but flash back was so shattering ...sab kuch cheen na pada hai..Cry

loved talli ka shocker to wonderfully u incorporated in story..

and finally gullu body can save ur from urself..coz kesar has set u free...

very interesting...bring on next part fast fast

and here is a surprise (bribe LOL) for you... Heart

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minizz IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 29 November 2012 at 1:22am | IP Logged
Piu,I have posted my comment.I also loved the posters used for the chapters.Very niceClap

Neilu,awesome poster of Kesar RawatEmbarrassed

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Incense IF-Sizzlerz

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on wow piu u brought two chapiis such a huge respite thanks alot piu and res sorry previous res unres nahi kiya will do as soon as i get time Cry

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