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OMG Love Is Already In The Air. Gulaal And Kesar Can't Escape It. (:

No Matter How Hard These Two Stay From Each Other In The End They Belong Together. (:

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You can run but you can't hide from your destiny-and so they meet again-by chance of course, but before that the platform scene must have been really embarrassing for Gulaal-I mean 18 year old clinging and crying for two day of leaving apart!!!! …eeks…really I mean even gals won't behave like this yaar….

Ha so to Kesar's entry at the right moment and his two completely contrasting display of emotions, one that to the culprit who deserved that angry and murderous looks he got and another to Gulaal-soft yet penetrating, protective yet questioning, ordering yet pleading –something that reminded me of my favourite moment from Dil Chahta hai-when Aamir Khan walks in during Mehendi ceremony and proposes to Preity Zinta-The look he gave to Ayub Khan when he tries to oppose and the next second he turns around and looks at Preity with all that softness, care and serenity…wow…

Chalo back to our Kesar and his chivalrous  ways-Did Gulaal have any option, Here's the guy whose touch already playing havoc in her mind since the day their hands first touched with all his protective and possessiveness ordering/pleading his way, anyone would have melted…loved how  it took time for him to notice people ogling at her-he was so lost in her and his lucky stars till then…and Gulaal's enthusiasm about sharing her secret was so innocent and childlike….no wonder this guy is a goner….

I am looking forward to the journey that will  change their life forever for better or for worse…..soul mates are made of such stuff….

Wonderful update, please bring the next one really quickly…


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Awesome!!! ClapYou ve penned down aesthetically and every time I'm astonished by the way you carry on writing such amazing scenes!!! Kudos for that..Clap Its difficult to type such a lengthy update..thanks for doing it each and every time..Big smile

Gulaal is travelling without reservation..Confused difficult to travel in such a crowed train..RV is still a kid..LOL but love this attachment she shares with both the brothers..Smileso touching..ha..ha..she came to know abt RV's GF..gonna tease him badly hereafter..LOL

Why she is doing everything for Karan???Angry but writing exam is not may help her in future..though if she marries Kesar she has to settle in India..hmmm..

This creeps!!!Angry yuck..this is one of  the worst that happens so commonly in buses and train..AngryI was like if Kesar was there he would ve hit him so badly that he would never even repeat this misdeed ever in life..Smile She is so strong  exactly did what one has too..Clapshe dared Kesar itself ,why not this stupid miscreant..but look out the crowds no one come forward to help..Angry so worst..but that's the one cares for others unless they are related or known..Cry

Wow!!! Kesar was really present there!!! Big smileso happy!!! He should ve slapped him..Angry what that guy did is wrong..Disapprove Just love his authority on her..Smile he never asked not  she did give him the  permission at first place..naturally occurs in love!!!how cutely he dragged her with him!!! Awww!!! He doing everything coz he is only have the right.. LOLLOL too good!!! 

The destiny is playing so well for Gulsar bring them closer by each passing moment..Wink you ve penned the "confession" part perfectly..Clap

Kesar was so proud  as the fan started to revolve coz of him ..but later it didn't.. it was so hilarious..LOL but he got irritated so was really awkward for him as all were laughing not only his anger can be justified..Awww!!! He is so angry on her..but Gulaal managed the situation very well by saying "Thank You"..Clap

She was so conscious of his staring and sipped the bottle without water..ROFLLOL that brought a smile on his face..Embarrassed cute!!! Kesar is such a unique character!!! in her words its "confusing man"..LOL

So all were staring Gulaal..Angrydisgusting..but she is such a beautiful women that bound to happen..he gave his shirt..Embarrassed wow!!! doing anything for her..OMG!!! how firmly he stopped her from bending..superb!!!

Kesar almost came to know abt Karan..Ouch but missed..what'll be his reaction when he gets to know the truth??? sure he'll still pursue her and say his favorite line "you belong only to me and I only the ve rights on you"..Wink

How protective he is when it comes to Gulaal!!! the way she kept her head in his chest looked like finally she reached her destination in his arms!!!

This train journey will be a memorable one for Gulsar!!!

Everything can be imagined vividly!!!

Looking forward and thanks for the lengthy and fantabulous update..Smile

P.S : After posting only saw the comments,its so lengthy..hope you don't get bored reading it..its not as interesting as your writings Smile

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oh wow i love reading train journey though i personally hate  travelling by trains...wht a realistic picture u presented... all these hustle bustle and chaos are USP of our indian rails...the scorching heat binaa hawaa ka fan and the ppl oogling at  girls are so damm common... yay for that and now coming to the epi lovely epi i loved how mr kesar jumped right in between wen miss gulaal was about to turn in damsel in distress...and the possessiveness he is having for her turning into obsesssion oye he really want to punch all the guyz who even dare to look at gulaal...oh boy he is inviting trouble for himself kesarji bandi se poonch to lo is she engaged???? and wooh he dragged her to his seat and made her sit with him 18 hrs kesarji are u gonna survive or will die of excitement,,,,,,,LOL...and chii re kitne paapi logo k beech mein beithya all were staring at her rugged top...ewww banda must be hell angry no wonder he immediately took off his shirt and offered to gullu maate but tell me saare paapi male hi the kya koi paapi phanka nahi thi who must be fainted seeing kesarji taking off his shirt Blushing...and miss gulaal loves male perfume hailaShocked yeah to  mere jaise hi now finally they are talking i mean between the UST we witnessed some cute moment but miss gulaal is hell nervous with his intense gaze kyu gullu kuch kuch hote hai kya????Wink and thanks a lot 4 dumbos thanks for shamelessly sitting on their seat and making kesarji hug her...essh how cute he is so protective for her her knight in shinning armour and who said we dont need the knights naa everyone loves to be cuddle and pampered and gulaal is sort of enjoying all those care this girl never realized her need until kesar hugged her wow and kesarji cried hugging her is he the same rough and tough guy  i m so dead and the ending was so heavenly i could imagine the warmth and care in each other eyes...i loved them so much

and now i want next chapii pretty pretty soon 

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Wow...train Journey..mujhe toh MKKDH ki yaad aagayeeEmbarrassed...why is RV crying like Gulaal is leaving him for her anyone cry for 2 days...but still i liked how his world revolves around his elder sister who is like his mother to him...ha ha she came to know abt twinkle n RV...not bad...
Entry of kesar to help its perfect timing...what an authority with which he takes her to his seat...I am happy that atlast he accepted now that h cant run from her n his feelings...he accepted that her existence is required for him to live...I liked how she is liking all his protective behavior which she never got n which she wold have rejected if its not from kesar...kesar toh train mein fan ke wajai se bhi apna kachra kar saktha haiLOL...he is all lost in her as he realized that all men r looking at her...i liked how he made her wear his shirt all they like same perfume atleast...she is opening up in front of him gradually by sharing her secret...champ ka naam toh aagayaa but have to see will kesar gets to know how is champ to gulaal n well his reaction to her answer will be interesting...then then the close moment between them at the ending...i am all lost in the chapter...looking forward for the continuation of the journey update soon...

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There was darkness clothing the whole coach like the mist on the hills. The sweltering heat of the afternoon had given way to alternating soothing breezes that seeped through his hair from the iron railings. His breaths still hitching yet there was a wonderful peace in his heart. Tapping his fingers on the iron railings on the window, a faint yet content smile escaped his lips. HIGH STRUNG WAS HIS SPIRIT AND JOYOUS WAS HIS HEART. The dazzling lights from the flagged signals on the iron poles lining the railway tracks ,flickering from electric red to orange and then dazzling green alternately illuminated and played with her features. She had never been so much at peace. As snug as a bug in a rug, she had balled herself in a cocoon reclining upon his bosom, never realising, when in her stupor, she passed into deep slumber.Snug, secure and safe, she was snoring peacefully. The cacophony in the train had dampened as the crowd had dispersed a bit .Kesar's eyes twinkled with joy as he rested his chin on her head and leaned against the backrest supporting her. Some people cursed furiously at the lack of electricity connection in the compartment which could only be rectified at the next station. Some old people indulged in evening prayers. The Tea vendors cried hoarse and some very young children now started running through the whole corridor keeping their mothers on their toes, while some gossiped as the train swung wildly like a pendulum due to its speed. Only two people who were unmoved and untouched by anything .One Lost in her sleep ,one lost completely in her.Kesar looked at her intently, Clutching on to his vest and her nose buried in his bosom,Gulaal had a strange glow on her face, a glow which was completely new to him. Her thick lashes brushed against his skin and her warm breaths gave him goose bumps with   every   expiration. LIFE CAN NEVER BE SO TORMENTING OR BLISSFUL ALL AT THE SAME TIME.

He moved a bit trying to stretch his back which had now started hurting since it had been hours in the same state, Gulaal twitched a bit in her sleep and buried her head deeper and sighed contently dozing off again. He felt extremely happy as he tightened his grip around her and then wonders of wonders and miracles of miracle happened. He held her hand and their fingers locked, entangled .Soaking in the warmth of her sweaty palms, Kesar felt he was content doing nothing but staring at her .A huge idiotic grin spread across his face and he rubbed his cheeks against her head trying to feel her. Everything was so unintentional, just in the spur of the moment. Like he never cared for anything else. The longing was so strong that suddenly Gulaal sprung up, still groggy eyed, quickly pulling back her hand and stared at him. Within seconds she realised where she was and recoiled herself waking up with jolt .Her breathings became rapid as she looked at him, some strands of her hair still slided from the convoluted knots of his unkempt stubble. Quickly moving back, she wiped her face, which was sweaty and had creases and folds on her skin due to the constant pressure on the same cheek. It was a moment of profound awkwardness for a few seconds. Both of them clueless how to react and what to say .The completely unexpected event had left both of them bewildered. Gulaal had a terrible feeling sickening her, while Kesar gazed at her with mesmerisation. Her earthly splendour, her embarrassed, face and her fluttering eyelids faintly visible in the darkness sent him into throes of ecstasy. Her heart hammered inside her bosom as she saw those two eyes glued at her making her restless. She suddenly mumbled, "Chai'.I need chai'."

(TINKY's TWEET-VOILA that was my EUREKA moment where I realised how to break the atmosphere which had this throbbing tension. His gaze was piercing my existence and the memories from what stupid act I did a few hours ago made me stutter)

Kesar smiled at her and yelled, "Aye chai waley'Ek chai dena'"

The vendor who was singing in his croaky voice stopped and came towards them, and Gulaal quickly grabbed the earthen cup in which he poured the piping hot tea .She was about to open open her bag ,when Suddenly Kesar took out money from his pocket and paid signalling her to stop.

Gulaal looked at him confused and slurped a sip and sighed heavily, "ahhh Evening tea sessions are bliss", She soaked in the flavour of the tea and smiled.

"Errr main to bhul hi gayi. Where's your tea'?" Gulaal puckered her lips and blew her breaths trying to cool the tea.

Kesar's heart skipped a bit as his attention was immediately grabbed by her gesture. He looked at her helplessly.

"Hmmm Miane kuch pucha tumhari chai kahan hai..." She snapped her fingers in front of his eyes.

"Hainnn", Kesar came out from his reverie and stuttered, "main chai nahi Doodh pita hun'."

Even before he could complete his sentence, Gulaal was in splits, the sip of tea from her mouth spurted and she burst laughing

Kesar looked at her embarrassed and annoyed,"WHAT"

"haahahahhaha Oh gawwwd this is shoo cute'I mean the greatest dada of college doodh pita hai'Tum na'",All of sudden she became hyper excited and chuckling in glee ,like a bolt out of the blue pinched his nose, "Tum pure Bache how'.ek cute'",She chirped happily. Kesar looked at her laughter, carefree like an adolescent. The more he looked at her, the more excited he became as her cheerfulness communicated itself irresistibly.

Gulaal suddenly bit her lips and smacked her forehead and extended money towards him, "Gosh Juniors se paise nahi lete'"

"Haahahahhaha  Chill Ladkiyon se date pe paise nahi lete'",Kesar winked at her flirtatiously.

"DATE ?",she blurted shocked .She stared at him ,His words started processing inside her brain,her eyes in the same proportion seemed protruding from her sockets.

"Yup",His face darkened with mischief

"Listen this not a date'",Gulaal threw her earthen cup out of the window and rubbed her palms in a determined manner deciding to take charge of the situation.She needed to sort everything ASAP.

"Of course it's a date'Aur Maine kaha date to date hai ..Samjhi'",Kesar folded his hands across his bosm and bossed her .

Listen You are getting it all wrong..We need to talk about this'",Gulaal rubbed the bridge of her nose and tried to utter,"Listen I am en'."

"Ticket please..",Even before she could utter her sentence trying to clear out things ,a shjarp croaking voice interrupted both of them.The pot bellied Ticket examiner ,with a bbald clean shaven head and a patchy face with pits and craters ,his moutaches forked and pinned high up as if aiming for the stars ,peeped through his round spectacled eyes and flashed a torch light at both of them.

Kesar took out his ticket and Gulaal showed hers.

Scribbling some ticks on his sheets ,which he was carrying,he said carelessly ,."Madam Ye WAIT LISTED TICKET HAI'aajkal ye nahi chalta..You do not have a seat."

"Sir Ac coach mein koi seat khali hai.?",Gulaal raised her eyebrows.

"Nahi nahi hai..par thodi der mein khali hogi'1 ST ac MEIN chahiye kya..",The ticket examiner ruffled a few pages and after carefully scrutinisizing the list spoke quickly.

"Yes ofc 'please",Gulaal looked at Kesar in excitement and then at the TT.

"Ok 3000 rupees ",Pushing his gold framed spectacles high up on the bridge of his nose ,The TT replied.

"3000" hazar are you crazy",Gulaal rolled her eyes.

"Ist ac ka rent only 1500 hota HAI..Aaap mujhe receipt dijiye ye to galat hai..",Gulaal placed her hands on her waist and threw glared hexes at the TT.

"Madam aap galat sahi mat sikhayiye sidhe batayiye seat chahiye nahi to main chalun'",The tt ignored her completely and stomping his feet in annoyance started walking away.

"Arey de do na 'I mean'",Kesar tried to intervene

"You stay outta this'",Gulaal raised her arm in defiance stopping him.

"Apki complaint karun kya'.kaise loot rahe ho'.",Gulaal threatened him.

"Ticket chahiye ki nahi",The patience of the TT was tested beyond limits.

"nahi par tumhari complain to pukki",Gulaal glared at him

"All the best madam ",Giggling and giving her a condescending look ,he walked away.

"Arey koi tameez hi nahi hai ..kisi ko rrules ki koi prawah hi nahi hai'",Gulaal yelled trying to calm her temper at being insulted like this.

"De deti paise tujhe kaun si paison ki kami hai?",Kesar tried too pacify her

"Baat pasaon ki nahi baat usoolon ki hai..there have to be certain ETHICS ",Gulaal fumed in rage.

"Haahhaaha sau chuhe khakar billi haj ko chali",Kesar burst laughing

"Kya",Gulaal narrowed her eyes and stared at him angrily.

"Kuch nahi'dekh raha hun'kikhud paid seat mei admission lene wali RULES aur ethics ki baat kar rahi hai'",Kesar mocked her

"Oho to bhoot k muh se bhi raam nam acha nahi lagta khud scholarship pane k liye mehnat ki duhai dene wala rishwat dene ki baat kar raha hai'.",Gulaal shot back with stinging reproach and continued making a sallow face ,her frown gre longer and her eyes had a glint of diassapointment, "Chii ab main garmi main raat bhar sadti rahungi'.",She fanned herself furiously.

Kesar watched her with a helpless expression.She was looking hopelessly depressed and heartbroken.She sipped water from the bottle and cried almost on the verge of breaking into tears, "Ewww ab to pani bhi garam ho gaya hai'.",She threw away the bottle in anger.

(KESAR'S CONFESSION-I felt miserable at that particular moment .I wanted to bring her some respite.SoMETHING WAS CRACKING INSIDE ME SEEING HER SO DEPRESSED)

Kesar looked at her once and suddenly got up and started walking away .

"Kahan ja rahe ho..",Gulaal looked at him confused.

"Washroom" ,He paused for a second and spreading his evil smile continued , "chalegi"

"Gosh you are sick ..DISGUSTING'Hey bhagwaan main kahan phans gayi'",Gulaal got more angry her face turned tawny and her bronzed sun burnt complexion glowed due the sudden afflux of blood.

"Phans to tu bahut buri tarah se gayi hai'ab'",kesar rasped a chuckled,muttered and walked way smiling sheepishly leaving Gulaal fuming.

"Sir seat book kar dijiye na please", Leaning on of of the congested doors,Kesar pleaded the pot bellied TT.

"tum wohin ho na jiske saath wali lad rahi thi'",The pot bellied TT , squeezed his already tiny eyes and gave him a mocking look.

"Haan par",Kesar tried his best to calm his shooting temper

"Jao jao paise to hai nahi phir bhi'",The TT beamed with contempt.

Kesar gritted his teeth with anger and muttered,"Har kutte k din ate hain'" and then suddenly uttered loudly ,extending a cigarette towards him,"Arey Sir aap to naraz hog aye ye lijiye..aur pehle batayiyeArey kitne pase chahiye ..",Kesar tried his best to smile ,while in his mind ,he wanted to beat the hell outta him.

"Kitni seats ",The TT took his cigarette and placed it between his lips.

"Do",Kesar snapped at his fingers at the lighter and lighted his cigarette.

(KESAR'S CONFESSION-I certainly could not leave her even for a second now.So I better thought why not tag along with her')

"6000",Taking a huge puff ,the TT blew smoke puffs in the air.

"6000 hazaar",Kesar paused for a while contemplating, "  Hmm itne pase to nahi mere paas abhi cash..kuch kam nahi ho sakta kya",He asked with concern.

"Nahi bilkul nahi",The TT gave him a tough look.

Kesar scratched his head for a while and suddenly taking off his gold ring extended it towards the TT "Ye lijiye ye ring kam se kam 8 hazaar ki hogi '"

"Hey hey..",The TT's eyes popped up with greed as he quickly grabbed it and quickly made two tickets in which he scribbled 1500 rupees each and kept the ring in his pocket.

Kesar kept the tickets in his pocket and muttered,"Sale tujhe baad mein dekhunga kisi din'"

"Kuch kaha tumne",The TT looked at Kesar confused.

"Arey nahi'Bas bahut bahut thanks'.",Kesar started walking away when suddenly the TT said."Lagta hai wo teri bahut khaas hai koi..",

"Khaas hi nahi..Wo sirf meri hai'",Kesar stared at the TT with pride and walked away..

Walking back to his seat ,Kesar pulled Gulaal's and his bag and placed it on his back and signalled Gulaal to follow him , "Chal"

"Kahan",She looked at him confused

"Seats ka arrangement ho gaya",He smiled at her

 GULAAL :Paise




 "SACH ",asked him sceptically

"Receipt dekh le Jhansi ki rani'",Kesar darted out the receipts in annoyance.

"WAIT",Gulaal rolled her eyes, "Tumne kyun ticket li'You already have a seat"

Kesar bit his tongue nervously and quickly found his voice and shot back trying to sound as convincing as possible coming nea her ,"Kyun garmi tujh jaise amior logon ko hi lag sakti hai..I ma feeling suffocated too to socha'Cha lab..Teri investigations khatam ho gayi ho to chalein'"

"But'.",Gulaal tried to reason.

"TRUST ME",Without her noticing ,he quickly passed from his enthusiastic tone to a more serious one with much authority .

"Chal ab'.",He held her hand again and dragged her throughout the corridor

The gate slided slowly open grating and creaking upon its rusty hinges ,as Kesar pushed it and both of them entered the coupe simultaneously.It was empty and the only occupants were Kesar and Gulaal.

 "Huh What a relief",Kesar slopped on one of the seats throwing away the bags and fixed his gaze on Gulaal and almost forgot to breathe.She slowly unbuttoned the shirt and and hung it on one of the hooks and mumbled,"Ooops I am sorry this is crumpled now'"

She loosened up untying her hairs and fixing the slits of the vent on the ceiling climbing up on her seat extended her arms and closed her eyes feeling the cold breeze of air ,"Wow this feels so great '."

"Hmmm'",Kesar choked and gasped looking at her with his mouth gaping like a fish.

Her hair was a rich shade of burgundy. It flowed in waves to adorn her glowing, porcelain-like skin. - she seemed the picture of perfection.  She smiled and   sighed with contentment.Face haughty and bold.She tempted him on and on

" Oops .I am gonna go and change",Gulaal looked at her top and quickly pulling out some clothes walked away leaving Kesar spellbound and in delirious ecstasies.

"Gaawd its such a relief.",The baritone of her voice brought him back from his reverie,Gulaal wiped her face with a towel

(KESAR'S CONFESSION-I did not know how how many times,I imagined kissing her,The silence of coupe,the loneliness and above all her balmy fragrance made me go berserk with my thoughts again)

Kesar quickly took out a sports magazine and tried to divert his attention so as  to calm himself.Her pull was inexplicable and he felt utterly nervous alone with her.She sat on her seat in front of him and Messaged Chinky from her mobile phone

"Chinky Wassup?"Big smile

"Di are you fine Got a seat?MISSING YOU Cry

"Yup'.In the first AC coach the first compartment itself..I m great thanks you take care..Miss you too sweetheart." CryHug

Kesar glanced at her craning his neck from the magazine .Her petulant lips thinned out in a beautiful smile as she played with her mobile phone.Kesar sighed the Umpteenth time trying hard to fight his aggressive tendencies.

"Hmmm ye chahiye",Gulaal broke his trance and Kesar's eyes fell on the tiffin box she extended towards him.

"O wow Thanks",His eyes brightened at the sight of food as he quickly grabbed it almost snatching it and tearing off a huge bite gulped a huge morsel of puri sabji.

(KESAR'S CONFESSION-I was so hungry that the sight of food just made me go crazy.The hostel mess food used to be terrible so I had skipped lunch..I enjoyed every bit of the food and devoured every bit as if this was the last meal that was to be served to me.)

Gulaal watched him eat with a strange softness and a feeling of contentment.

Kesar raised his eyes ,"Tu ",He extended a bite towards her.

"No I will have na apple",Gulaal smirked and munched a huge juicy bite from an apple as Kesar continued to eat .

"Yummy'Aunty jitna sundar dikhti hai use kahin jyada acha khana banati hai'",His eyes were red due to the spices and he spoke hissing and licked his fingers ahppy and content.

"Kaash ye Mom ne banaya hota'But Mom k haath ka khana khaye to shayad zamana beet gaya'",Gulaal paused for a moment choking upon her own words ,Her eyes misted with tears as she gulped a huge lump in her throat, "Waise ye maine banaya hai'",Gulaal said carelessly trying to hide way her tears.

(TINKY'S TWEET-Mom never had any time for us.Sometimes I wonder ,why Did I have to step into her shoes to take charge.How much I yearned every night for someone to hold me and tell me that I was just another kid,how I wanted Mom to narrate stories to me every night,But she was never there)

Kesar looked at her and sensed the hint of sadness.Though he did not know the reason but her depressed tone could not escape his ears.

"Hmmm",He scrunched his nose and smelled it,"Hmm tabhi'"

"Kyun acha nahi hai'",Gulaal's eyebrows joined together and creased in confusion

"Tabhi itna SPICY hai'bilkul teri tarah but I loveee SPICY",Kesar licked his fingers and gave her a SHAMELESS LOOK.

"Gosh how can you be so cheesy all the time.DISGUSTING.,PATHETIC'Arghhh",Gulaal twitched her face and rolled her eyes in anger.

"Tu gussa hi raha kar ..Gussa main tu jyada acahi lagti hai'.",Kesar looked at her keenly and stared at her for a moment.Both their eyes met. A charge of excitement and an inexplicable thrill sent a chill down her spine as Kesar walked away to wash his hands and also grabbed his set of clothes to change as in his spree to stuff food as quickly as possible he had soiled his clothes.

She nervously played and crumpled with the bed sheet she had spread on her seat. Sometimes ,she shook her leg and sometimes she tried to bury her face in her mobile phone as Kesar walked in his white kurta.She averted his gaze which was making her nervous. Kesar smirked as he sensed her uneasiness and suddenly looked at her. Their eyes met and she suddenly lowered her eyes again and tried to look through the thick glass window.

Kesar was amused, "Bahar andhera hai'Kuch nahi nazar ayega'.",He chuckled and Gulaal turned to look at him.Kesar held his bed sheet and struggled with it for at least 65 minutes completely unable to spread it out with finesse on his seat. Gulaal looked at him amused.

(TINKY'S TWEET-The struggle was hilarious. His face turned scarlet red trying to put the bed sheet straight and the mere sight amused me.)

"Hato tumse nahi hoga ..Tum sab ladke ek jaise hotey ho..koi kaam dhang se nahi kar sakte ho'See this is how it is done.",Elbowing him and cornering him aside ,Gulaal spread his bed sheet neatly and Kesar watched her with a huge smile on his face.

"Ab so jao'",Making his bed comfortable, She folded her hands across her bosom and signalled him to lie down and walked back to her seat.

Kesar lied down and smirked and tried to cover himself with blanket when suddenly an idea flashed in his mind and his face glowed in mischief.

"Aur ye blanket'pata nahi'",Kesar faked an innocent confused looked at Gulaal  trying to appear struggling with the blanket .

"Gosh ye lo'." Gulaal walked up to him nodding her head   and covered him with the blanket leaning over him, "pata hai Chinky bhi aisa hi hai use blanket odhani padti hai 'bilkul shaitan hai tumhari tarah'.", in the flow of moment,she moved her hands on his face with fondness like she always did for RV.

Kesar forgot to breathe for a second as Gulaal too realised what she did. There was complete profound silence. Both their heartbeats were quite audible even though the train whistled and moved at a very fast pace. Kesar stared at her with a strange soft radiance ,a look so deep that Gulaal was scared and she got up hastily and sat on her seat. There was complete silence for a few seconds.

Kesar was clueless as the awkwardness grew with every passing moment.

"Main darwaza band karna bhul gaya.. deta hun '.",Kesar got up hastily trying to normalise the situation

"Nahi'NAHI",Gulaal almost screamed jumping out of her skin shocking Kesar  who stared at her in amusement sensing her nervousness as she continued, "'Mmmera matlab wwoo YES mujhe suffocation hota hai'"

"AC mein suffocation?",Kesar chuckled

Haan Good night",Gulaal turned her face away and curled up like a ball in one corner of her seat. Kesar walked back and lied down on his seat ,occasionally glancing at Gulaal who seemed extremely at unease sneaking furtive glances with him.

"Ab tu aise hi baithi rahegi kya raat bhar'.dar mat ..main bhoot nahi jo raat ko udhar jump marun'chal so ja'.",Kesar giggled trying to ease her restlessness

"Haan 'good night",Gulaal looked at him confused and pulling her blanket turned her face away and pretended to sleep.

The night had set in dark and deep.Gulaal was sleeping comfortably ,the seat cradling her in its arms as the train roared cutting through the huge stretch of woods. There was complete silence. He turned from one side to another in restlessness .Glancing at her ,Kesar found himself choking to death. She was merely some steps away from him, Yet she appeared so far.His anxiety grew manifold as he carefully watched her pristine face. Her thick lashes binding her big closed eyes. The snaky curls, playing hide and seek with her angelic face. Many a times ,he fought with himself trying hard to supress his racing amorous desires to wake her up and kiss her madly and make her his. He was possessed with an ardent desire .He had always feared this moment and now he was unable to stop himself. Rapid were his breaths and untamed were his desires.

He bit his lips in frustration and cursed himself for his madness. His eyes fell on his shirt hanging from the hook. As if possessed by a spell, He held it and lied down caressing it .He smiled as she remembered her innocent face trying to share her little secret with him.

Everything started moving like a movie scene right in front of his eyes ,the way she slapped him, the way she fought with him, Her warm hugs and kisses for her pets, her lovely smile when she saw those flowers, her sigh when her goldfish was dying, her joy when she held the baby in her hands, the tears of concern when she had held his bleeding face in her hands, her placing her head on his bosom, Everything just flashed before his eyes and compounded his madness .He could not resist himself anymore .He threw away his blanket and suddenly got up and sat beside her. She was sleeping blissfully .Her beautiful lips had a content smile on her face.

"May be she is dreaming",Kesar said to himself.His heart beat rose to an infinity as he leaned on her face.Inches away his lips quivered in excitement looking at her .He could feel her warm breaths all over his face .Kesar was intoxicated and closed his eyes moving more closer towards her.

PRECAP-Gulaal's worst nightmare came true as she saw him only inches away from her face. She screamed in horror as he hushed her silencing her cries with his palms. Gulaal scratched his face with her nails .


HOLA GuysHugHugHug ...Am so elated reading your comments..Thank you so much everyone for such lovely comments..Guys I am really sorry for replying individually..I hope you can excuse me for that coz it becomes very difficult to type ,post and reply chappies daily..But still m trying my best to cope up..Choory guys...CryI read each and every comment with eqaul enthusiasm and its the love of yours that keeps me elated.Thank you so muchEmbarrassed

@Poo Pls The longer the merrier..I love those comments..Embarrassed

.M loving all the comments from you all.New readers thank you so much...Muahhh Great to have you all here...Thank youHug

Thank you so much Neilu,Adu,Mini,Ramya,Arti.Poo .Silver fairy ,samia,Kayte,kalika.Everyone.HugHug.Special thanks goes to the newbiesHugHugHug.Thanks For breaking your silence and your lovely comments.If anyone wants PM's do buddy me..Also I have decided to do regular I mean daily Updates...They will be shorter but regular..Hope you are fine with this.Do let me know.Anymore SILENT LOVERS I mean READERS Please come out..Its fun out here...Thanks so muchHugHugHugHugHugHug

 Thanks to all my wonderful ReadersHug
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IMP NOTE --GUYS DO LET ME KNOW IF YOU ARE OK WITH THE PACE..I have this ghastly habit of too many details..I cannot write in a rush..Looks like THIS SS will turn up into FF..If you guys think,I should curb details do let me know..ChaoOuch

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