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Originally posted by arti07

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Not Done...


Not Done...tooCry

will u come tom for the ramayan updates????

yup I will DEffo..phir gayb rahungi OuchCHOORY NEILU ARTICry

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Hi Iam A New Reader Of Your FF. And I Truely Love It. Iam Re Watching Still Watching All Of The Episodes Of Gulaal. It's A Awsome Show.
Mansi, Rahil, and Neil Were Fanstic In The Show.

Please PM Me For Updates. (:
PS Can You Write A SS On Rahil( Vasant) and Mansi(Gulaal) Please.

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Awesome!!!  SmileYou ve penned the vulnerability of Kesar beautifully!!! Clap  Awww!!! he again said "Gulaal is only his"..Embarrassed too cute!!!  His gang of friends only calmed down after he communicated his supposed revenge..but nice try..Wink he knew very well he can't hurt Gulaal ever..even he is not ready to harm his future brother-in-law.. LOLLOL 

OMG!!! he accepted the challenge and the deal..Shocked  he is so confident on himself..LOL will he win it??? no doubt..Wink 

Gulaal and Abir share a strong emotional bond..Smile so sweet of him to hear what ever she says..Big smile Gulaal surprise must made him to forget all thing..including  the embarrassment which incurred due to his nickname "Pinky" in front of mob..LOL

Kesar occupied every corner of  Gulaal heart unknowingly.. Big smile Oops!!! She saw Abir-Rewa while kissing.. Blushing must be awkward Ouch  but those words from her own bro hurt her badly and she cried too..Cry hmmm..

Hmmm..Karan (like Karan Vir - will he turn against Gulsar love??? hope not..) what Gulaal alliance was an arranged one!!! Confused but the whole scene was written well..the kiss turned out uneasy and funny..LOL

Looking forward and thanks for updating Smile

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Well Well Well .Who thought that this couple can be together .So many twists so many issues ..But as we say Nothing can STOP love from blooming.We cannot stop two people who are destined to meet.So now moving to the 5th RULE!!

RULE NO .5 Sometimes certain moments change your life forever ...Love is a collection of such moments ,the steps which lead to pure bliss!!



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The rain had stopped, the skies had cleared up and the sun shone with pitiless ferocity. The air was humid and the clouds were scanty. "Chai chai. "The vendors screamed hoarse. The announcements for the arrival and departure played continuously in the background. People with luggage's rushed here and there to check out their destined coaches. There was a huge rush .Dehradun station was more crowded than usual. The afternoon was warm and unbearable with no respite from humidity. Parched was her throat and her skin was scorched beyond limits. An occasional breeze would dry the sweat dripping from her forehead, but after seconds all came back  to Square one. She looked at her watch now and then and drank huge amounts of water from her water bottle. Dressed in her Capri and black vest, her swoopy curls drooped due to sweat,Gulaal stood there irritated and perturbed. The siren from the train ,reminded her that it was time for her to leave. Taking a sip from her water bottle, she breathed a huge sigh of relief and mumbled, "Ahhh chal meri train ka time ho Gaya hai. Pinky Take care,Ab wapas kab ayega'"

Hm Maybe a month or two lets see..BuT Gosh Di r u sure that you wanna go. I mean tera reservation confirmed nahi hai'Waitlisted hai In Sleeper Class. Why the hell don't you go by car'.Fine Sugarcane union ki Kisaan rally hai all flights are full, But road se ja'"

"Pinky'You know ,I have motion sickness, and I cannot travel in a car for such a long time. I will manage..TTE se baat kar lungi'..Rally ki wajah se all V.IP quota seats are booked too..Ok'I will be fine'",Gulaal assured Abir and lifted her bag on her back.

"Di mat ja na'.",RV cried and hugged her.

RV'S CHIRP-This had been my routine.Tinky Di going away even for a day or two would make me unhappy. She was like my life support system. Pinky bhaiyya was going way by the next train and I would be left all alone.I did not want her to go)

"Pinky'Ise chup kara'Ye phir se rondu apna manhus rona lekar baith gaya'Mera banta kaam bhi bigadega'.Gosh Chinky..Main sirf 2 din k liye ja rahi hun..Exam hai Kanpur main'Ek competitive ok'Hey bhagwaan ye ladka bhi na..",Gulaal slapped RV's forehead that clung on to her sobbing.

"Hahahah Tune his ise apani punch bana rakah hai'Gosh Chinky..GROW up be a man'Teri Girlfriend dekhegi to..kya sochegi ki kitna rotdu hai'",Abir ruffled his hair and teased RV.

"Meri Girlfriend nahi hai'Tu mujhe chidhaya mat kar Pinky Bhaiyya..Dekh na Di'",RV hugged Gulaal even more tightly.

"Ok ok ..Ro mat'I will call you daily'",Gulaal caressed his face and kissed his cheeks.

"Owww..Di tu Kissy mat kiya kar..",RV wiped his cheeks vigorously making a sallow face in annoyance..

"Chal Tinky Di..Teri train ka Signal ho gaya ..Bye'.",Abir patted her back and Gulaal hurried towards the entrance already stuffed with a whole bunch of people mostly villagers,farmers and union members .She pushed her way and turned back as the train whistled and started moving,"Bye..Apna khayal rakhana aur haan Rewa ne batay tu bahut ice cream khata hai aajkal  aur haan Twinkle naam hai na uska..Usko mera hi Kehna'.Dhyan se OK'.",Gulaal yelled and waved a good bye simultaneously as the green flag hurled from the guard's room ,the train wheels creaking and grating on the iron track, while RV blushed furiously at his little secret being leaked out by Rewa and he mumbled, "Rewa ki bacchii Teri khair nahi'"

It was suffocating and hot. Gulaal struggled her way at the entrance trying to look around for a seat. The whole train was stuffed with people. Some even sat on the floor ,some snored ,children cried, while some gossiped ,the women talked about how husbands ignore them, a bunch of college boys played cards in the limited space they got, another old man smoked bidi happily which made the place unbearable. Tightening the strip of her bag in her grip, she tried to squeeze in towards the seats, but failed miserably.

Stomping her feet in anger,"Arghhh",She took out her small hand fan and fanned herself in anger. All that she hated her entire life was summers and heat and now she had to bear almost 18 hrs. in this sweltering heat. The iron train coaches heated up due to the scorching rays of the sun ,making it like an oven. Gulaal was baked. She breathed heavily.

(TNKY'S TWEET-Arghhh I was supposed to give this exam. This damn exam so as to prepare myself for the exams to practice abroad  after marriage. Karan would be travelling mostly in different countries and I was supposed to tag along with him. Not that I hated travelling but, I wanted a life which I could call my own, where my identity was not merely Mr's Karan Veer Chauhan. I wanted to be known as Gulaal 'with my own identity )

While trying to squeeze in her way amongst the crowd, A man deliberately hit her on her bosom ,taking advantage of situation. She yelled in anger, "Aye you Rascal'.Dhakka kyun mara..?"

"Dhakka kahan mara madam bheed hi itni hai'.",The man shamelessly replied poking his teeth jutting out from his obnoxious mouth.

Listen you jyada natak mat karo..warana main thappad marungi'",Gulaal flared her nostrils angrily

"Thappad ..hahaha arey bhaiyon ye thappad marengi humein..Madam isse pehle hum apke hi daant tod denge..",The man threatened her and other members from his group also neared Gulaal. She looked around ,the other co passengers just stared and stood like a statue unmoved by her plight.

Gulaal prepared to fight as the man came very close to her ,He balled his fist and was about to touch her face when a pair of hands stopped him and a rock like physique stood between her and the man .Gulaal peeped through his shoulders and was shocked to see Kesar.The bandage still freshly tied around his forehead, dressed in his white shirt and jeans, he gritted his teeth angrily, "Kya socha tune ladki akeli hai'Haath lagayega tu ise'.",Saying this without wasting a second ,he twisted his arms and the man grimaced and howled in pain. The other members rushed towards him and her roared threatening them, "Himmat hai to agey aao'",His eyes were bloodshot and his face, trembling due to anger.Suddenly a policeman on round came with his lathi..,"kya ho raha hain yahan par..?,He gave a look at everyone and crushed his tobacco powder between his thumb and palms.

"Kuch nahi sahib kuch nahi'",The culprit man did not want any trouble and within seconds his whole group dispersed into the next compartment.Kesar turned around to look at Gulaal who was still in the state of shock. Her bag had slipped from her bag and her eyelids fluttered as she looked at him. His face had turned scarlet red with rage. The hot wind was wisping through his hair as the train speeded and up and without even uttering a word ,he took her bag, held her hand and pulled her dragging her through the train corridor ,without even paying attention to people standing in the way. He pushed, he stamped his feet but did not stop.Kesar was angry Very angry. Had his eyes not fell on Gulaal struggling at the gate ,what could have been the situation .He was angry very angry in fact. He wanted to run back ,and rip off the head of the man.He breathed heavily, his nostrils flared in annoyance. A fit of rage had gripped him as he walked angrily dragging Gulaal.

 "Stop",Gulaal pulled her hand back and jolted him back .

He turned around, "JUST SHUT UP AND WALK.", He yelled.

"Listen'You'Tumhe kisne kaha tha beech main ane ko main sabko akeli dekh leti'",Gulaal fumed.Kesar nodded his head in amusement looking at her. Her face haughty and tanned due to heat and anger .One moment ago, he had felt like murdering the man and now he felt like laughing.

He walked back close to her and said nodding his head, "Haan haan pata hai...Tu Jhansi ki rani hai'you can protect yourself...But I had my own selfish reasons for jumping right in'I was saving you for me'",He chuckled

"Hain WHAT? Gulaal squeezed her eyes in confusion

"Wo tere daant tod dena chahta tha'Lekin tere jo ye daant hain na'Unhe todne ka haq sirf mera hai. Only I have the right to HURT you OK'So apna haq maine cheen liya so that I can safeguard you for me'".Kesar rasped a chuckle spreading his evil smile.

"Hain Kya'",Gulaal scratched her head in confusion, the pace with which his words sunk in her mind, equally in the similar manner ,her eyes grew wider and wider ready to pop out from their sockets any moment.

"Nahi samjhi'",Kesar smirked ,"Samjhne ki koshish bi mat kar'Chal. Tell me which seat'",Kesar asked authoritatively.

Gulaal's introspection came to an abrupt end and she said, "Nahi hai. Its WAIT listed. Is rally ki wajah se kahin koi ticket nahi hai..TT se baat karungi '.",Gulaal frowned ,her eyes now a little worried as she looked around and saw the crowd of people

"Hey no probs..Meri seat hai..Come'",Kesar held her hand again and started walking again when Gulaal suddenly pulled him back, narrowing her eyes and looked at him speculating and trying to fathom his intentions, "Listen are YOU STALKING ME..Tum ttum yahan kaise tum mera picha kar rahe ho'"

"Oh hello'",Kesar cleared his throat and waved his hand in front of her ,coming closer her face ,he winked at her, "Although I would have loved to. But Sorry ..Ye sirf ek ittefaq hai'and Oh yes BTW'",He shoved his hands inside his pocket and took out a crumpled piece of paper that looked like a railway ticket and thrusted it right in front of her eyes,"See this'It was booked 3 months ago.Mere cousin ki shaadi hai'Firozabad mein wohin ja raha hun'Ab teri sari investigation finish ho gayi ho to SHALL WE..?,Kesar held her hand without even waiting for her reply .Kesar quickly turned his face away .His supressed eagerness and the excitement to meet her out of the blue manifested itself in all its means. He had never thought that on his way to his Cousin's wedding, he would meet her in a train of all places.

(KESAR'S CONFESSION-I was ecstatic, In fact ELATED to count the no of hours she would be with me.I did not know what I wanted from her, nor Did I know what Destiny planned for us. Only one thing I knew for sure. I was tired running away from her, I was tired fighting myself all over again every time I saw her, and I was tired making false excuses that nothing existed between us. I knew I could harm her, I knew not how would I react in her presence. I knew I was BAD ,my thoughts equally appalling, I knew not what she felt for me.One thing was for sure. I had become addicted. I had stopped thinking now. ONLY ONE THING I KNEW,SHE WAS ESSENTIAL FOR MY SURVIVAL NOW.ONLY ONE THING I NEVER KNEW THAT THIS WOULD BE A JOURNEY OF A LIFETIME)

"Baith ja na'.",Kesar signalled her to sit down stopping at his side lower berth reserved for him, shoved her bag beneath the seat .

Gulaal was still trying to absorb all that what happened. With a confused look on her face ,she stared at him

"CHILL I will not eat you ..Not at least in front of so many people. Baith na'",Kesar winked at her naughtily and his boisterous laugh gradually increased in vigour.

Gulaal glared and glowered at him but this time with a hint of softness. She knew not what stirred inside her .A feeling like a soft breeze which leavened the hardened fibres of her heart. She just stared at him

(TINKY'S TWEET-I was in a strange state. All my life I had fought all my battles alone/.Yes not even Champ or Pinky or Chinky[LOL he can barely stand for himself]stood for me.For they had this undying faith, That I was a born fighter who could never be the damsel in distress. I was never protected, I was never taken care like a girl. Not that I complain coz I never wanted anyone to consider me weak ,but it was strange coz for the first time in my life someone had become my knight in shining armour. I would have gone bonkers and would have yelled and felt irritated if anyone stood up for me like this. But It was strange, I was actually feeling happy. It was such a beautiful feeling, to be protected. Never knew that this phase could be wonderful too. This Strange FEELING OF SATISFACTION was annoying me especially when I knew that the origin of this feeling related to that jerk Kesar)

"ye serious looks baad mein de dena. Abhi baith ja'".Placing his hands on her shoulders he made her sit.

The train speeded up, and the coach was back to normal. People snored ,some gossiped some sat near their feet .The overhead bunker was too stuffed with daily passengers chatting and cursing their bosses. But the only two who were silent were Kesar and Gulaal .Kesar placed his elbows on his bowed knees leaning on the wall staring at her . The train was now moving at a very fast speed and the breeze coming from the window wafted his hair on his shoulder. Placing his hands on his lips, and a smile sweet and flamboyant at the same time, Kesar fixed his gaze at her. Gulaal balled up like a cocoon in one corner. Kesar was mused to see her anxiety. A glance or two their eyes would meet ,and she would retreat ducking her head like a turtle .

(KESAR'S CONFESSION-I sat there soaking in the very sight of her. Her fair face was now tanned ,dazzling in golden colour as the bright sunlight fell on her face. GOSH I WAS SO HAPPY at the unaccountable freak of fate. I was enjoying every moment of it )

Minutes ..may be an hour passed in silence. Kesar knew he was staring blatantly at her ."Arghhh kitni garmi hain yahn par'",Her crystalline tone brought Kesar out of his reverie. He shook his head only to realize that the train stood there in the tracks for almost half an hour.He glanced upon her. She nose grew red with anger as she furiously fanned herself looking overhead at the dilapidated fan at the celling which hung as if it would fall down any moment .

"Gawwd ye pankha bhi nahi chal raha'",she was sweating profusely and the stench from the stuffed coach due all kinds of odours mixed together made her head with spin with nausea. She breathed heavily and was restless.Kesar looked at her helplessly and suddenly got up and searched his pockets.

"Kya kar rahe ho'",Gulaal looked at him curiously mixed with annoyance.

"Arey Current lag jayega'",Gulaal squeezed his arms with concern as she saw him extending his hands which had a mini comb which he had taken out from his pocket, and he stirred one of the blades of the fan .

"Arey kuch nahi hoga'.Dekh chal gaya'",Kesar smiled and beamed with pride at his feat as the fan started moving .

Gulaal's eyes twinkled with excitement as she nodded her head, "Wah bhai maan gaye.."

"I am the best you see..",Kesar extended his hands in victory when suddenly after taking one or two quick turns the fan stopped.

Gulaal and Kesar stared at each other for split seconds and Suddenly Gulaal burst laughing looking at Kesar's appalled and embarrassed face.

"hahahhahahahha ise kehte hai tai tai phish hahhahahahahhaha",She roared laughing and everyone looked at Kesar who struggled and fought trying to make the fan work .Some of the persons sitting in the nearby seats chuckled, "Rehne do Munna ..Tumse nahi hoga'"

Kesar fumed as he glared at him while Gulaal tried very hard to suppress her giggle, She tapped her fingers on the window and kept on giggling.

Kesar sat beside her with anger and yelled., Itni hi garmi lag rahi hai  to Kyun apni Ma se kehkar train bhi kharid leti'Nazuk Desi log'Aram ki adat ho gayi hai'Har baat pe naak sikodna 'For your kind information..bharat ki adhi janta is class mein travel karti hai. Samjhi.."

Kesar was hell annoyed at being publicly embarrassed.

"Listen please just stop your lecture over Socialism VS CAPITALISM. Aram ki adat nahi. I hate summers and garmi. It irritates me'.bas ok'",Gulaal stabbed back in annoyance as her laugh came to end and continued, "Tumse to baat karna hi bekaar hai. You are such a JERK'"

"To who's talking to you anyways..Tum sab desi log bilkul bekar ho'BLOODY THANKLESS PEOPLE ..Ek to help karo uspar se you make fun'Bhalai ka to zamana nahi raha'.",Kesar could have kept on mumbling but suddenly his rant came to an abrupt end as Gulaal softly mumbled; "THANKS..and I am sorry.."Gulaal raised her eyes to meet his .There was complete silence between them. Her face had a strange soft radiance and Kesar passed into a state of stupor as her soft words found way into his heart making it skip a beat.

"It's ok'",Kesar gasped and choked upon his words.

A little silence followed as both of them looked into each other's eyes.

Nervously fumbling with everything ,she crumpled ,the edge of her vest as she tried to avoid Kesar's eyes which were fixed on her her. Rubbing her hands nervously ,she whispered to herself, "Look Away Look away". Her heart hammered inside her the sound echoing in her ears. She bit her lips and slowly turned around desperately trying not to meet his eyes. Grabbing her water bottle ,she unscrewed the cap and took a sip only to realise that the bottle was empty. A smile escaped Kesar's lips as he saw her nervousness and with a shrewd smile extended his bottle towards her .

Leaning towards the window Gulaal splashed some water on her face and gulped down almost emptying half the bottle.

Kesar looked at her dazed and inert. He felt lost in a strange sense .In his heart a feeling which had been subdued was suddenly awakened as he saw the tiny droplets slide down her face travelling her neck and burying them near her bosom. Her huge G pendant was dangling jauntily as he now sat playing with it rolling the chain in her fingers and looked outside.

(KESAR'S CONFESSION-I cannot tell you how much parched I felt the moment. Just when I actually thought, I can be normal with her, This continuous throbbing of my heart started making me sick. I felt giddy headed as I gazed at her with wolfish eyes .She was indeed the most beautiful and above all The most enigmatic woman I had ever known. I never usually cared about girls. I was happy in my own world. But I seriously hated her now,Coz the day she entered my life. She made me turn into a LECH ,a GREEDY man )

 "Kyun kabhi ladki nahi dekhi ..kya '.",Gulaal pursed her lips sensing his awkward gaze on her.

" haan ..",Kesar shook his head to come out of his stupor. "Dekhi to hai '.par'",He chuckled smiling devilishly nodding his head gazing her through and through.

"Rehne do apna muh kholna bhi mat 'you will utter something DISGUSTING'",Gulaal's lips quickly retorted and she snubbed him fearing for the worst.

(TINKY'S TWEET-Honestly I had never met a a confusing man in my entire life. All my life I had known only boys ,so much so that all my friends and even my brothers considered me to be one of them. Even Champ Thought I was a boy unless I grew 16 ,and begun having some girly habits. But I totally gave up on him. The more I tried to comprehend What Kesar meant, The more confused I became. One moment he would be the sweetest person on earth and the other he will prove himself to be a bloody jerk. I WAS HELL CONFUSED)

Gulaal nodded her head in disgust as she saw him smiling shamelessly and fanned herself furiously shifting her gaze outside the window.

Kesar chuckled and looked around at everyone. Strange but suddenly he realised that most of them in fact every man young or old was staring at Gulaal. He scratched his head and looked at Gulaal carefully only to realise that in fact she was looking very tempting. In fact for people who had come to attend the rally she was more than an eye candy for them. Her vest was sleeveless, her Capri was knee length. Her glistening skin was making him mad and others equally leered at her. To compound the effect ,to his horror ,his eyes fell near her waist from where a tiny patch of her top had teared off probably in the push and pull at the entrance.

He was annoyed at the looks people gave her .Gulaal sat there completely oblivious and suddenly she also looked around and felt something awkward. She looked at Kesar confused who quickly started unbuttoning his shirt and removed it quickly and extended it towards Gulaal mumbling loudly ,"Garmi bahut hai aaj idhar'"

"ye le ise pehen le'",Kesar almost whispered near her ears coming very close to her

"Kyun",Gulaal looked very confused at him. His vest was drenched in sweat and Gulaal was flabbergasted to see him like this.

"Taras kha logon par..bechare mar jayenge'Yahan aise kapde pehen k baithna theek nahi samjhi'",Kesar said emphatically.

"Arghhh why don't people keep themselves in limits ..TYPICAL MALE CHAUVINISM and HYPOCRISY ..ladki ko humesha modestly dress up hona chahiye aise raho waise raho'ladkon pe to koi pabandi nahi hai'.",Gulaal gritted her teeth

"What are were here to discuss women's liberalization'.Will you wear that or you want me to gorge out the eyes of each and every one looking at you and I swear main Mazak nahi kar raha'Waise bhi tera top phat gaya hai'ab jaldi se pehen ise without making a fuss. "Kesar whispered in his husky yet firm tone.

Gulaal looked at her waist in horror and mumbled, "Thanks main apni shirt..",Saying this she was about to bend down when Kesar grabbed her arms and said,"Jhuk mat warna..yahan sabka murder karana padega mujhe ..Itna deep neck top hai'Sab dekhenge jab jhukegi'WEAR THIS OR I BLOODY SWEAR I WILL MAKE YOU WEAR THIS WITH MY OWN TWO HANDS",Kesar fumed

Gulaal looked at him scared  and embarrassed. The wretchedness in her eyes evoked compassion in his heart and he mumbled smiling trying to ease her discomfort, "Waise ghabra mat..Saaf hai..Aaaj subha hi nikali hai'Its clean ..It's not like my room."

Gulaal smiled and slowly wore his shirt and buttoned it up and clutched her hair in a pony tail.

Kesar breathed a huge sigh of relief  seeing her smile and he looked around mockingly at everyone .An old man standing near them was still gazing at her .

"Arey tau saans le lo warana  upar pahunch jaoge Kabra mein paon latke hain par ashiqui nahi gayi'",Kesar glared at him .The old man quickly turned away fearing Kesar and his bloodshot eyes and tightening jawline. Gulaal looked at him with a strange feeling and giggled .Taking in a deep breath ,Suddenly Gulaal muttered and "Hey which fragrance'",She said smiling as she caressed the shirt near her nose.

"Kyun is it bad",Kesar eyes squeezed with scepticism .

(KESAR'S CONFESSION-God I swear I would have died if she did more kachra of me'I had bought  this perfume  and I swore to God That I would have killed myself if Gulaal made fun of it.)

"No silly. It's gorgeous. I bought something similar for Champ but use pasand nahi aya and you know what ..I kept it for myself. Main use kabhi kabhi raat ko pillow pe spray kar deti hun..haahhaaahhaha",Gulaal giggled excitedly as she inhaled more of I and continued in her excitement, "I absolutely love this 'Ek secret bataun",Gulaal's eyes grew sinister as she signalled him to come near her. Kesar looked at her in amazement .Her childlike innocence amused him.

Kesar craned his neck making his face come closer to her and Gulaal whispered, "You know what It's a men's perfume ..But I love it so much that main kabhi kabhi 'ise spray kar leti hun bahar jatey samay hahahhahahhahah..That's why Champ calls me a man .."Gulaal giggled like a little child sharing her fondest well-guarded secret with her best pal.

"How  Silly of me na'CHAMP bhi yehi kehta hai",Gulaal giggled and moved her face back. Her face was saturated with the shrill joy and wonder of her secret revelation.

 (KESAR'S CONFESSION-I swear that moment she was looking so cute and perfectly high strung, that I wanted to curl her up in a bear hug. Her sweetness just made me amused .I loved the beautiful shades in her. I never knew that inside the heart of this fearless woman lives a young girl who is so happy go lucky. She captivated my heart with her flamboyance and innocence .I looked at her with boundless admiration but suddenly my brain antennas caught the signal of the constant mention of some PARTICULAR person CHAMP..WAIT CHAMP. Now who the hell is CHAMP.

 "hmmm Silly but ye Champ kaun'.",He spoke in one go .Her silence heightened the curiosity which he already possessed as she was totally lost in herself smiling.

Even before he could shake her a hoarse voice cut him down, "Bhaisahab zara jagah dena bas yehin tak jana hai",Two stout men did not even wait for his answer and made space beside Gulaal and pushed her towards him .Now all four were stuffed in a single seat. Gulaal made an annoyed face and muttered,"Ye reserved"

"Arey Madam bas thodi der ki to baat hai. "One of them moved closer making more space for him and Gulaal curled up like ball and his elbows jutted towards her. She frowned and within seconds even before she knew, Kesar got up and  sat between Gulaal and the ma switching his place with hers. Gulaal looked at him amazed as he  smiled,"Bas yehin tak jana hai inhe'",Both of them smiled at each other when another man who just made his way from the station at which the train again momentarily haunted  and flung himself beside Gulaal and said ,"Madam bas thodi si dur hi jana hai'"

Gulaal shook her head with a frown on her face as his elbows too were now brushing against her. She knew it was not intentional but she felt very uncomfortable .She tried to squeeze in a bit moving towards Kesar but the man made more and space in his corner almost bumping into her. Gulaal was extremely uncomfortable when suddenly Kesar's arm extended and found its way travelling transversely across her back and clutched her tightly near her shoulders folding her near him so that there was a much space between her and the man and Kesar's hand stood between them.Gulaal felt as if she had been struck by lightning .His touch sent a chill down her spine and her pulse leapt like a frog. For the first time in her life she felt such a momentary thrill.Kesar was totally senseless and clueless as MULTIPLE emotions swept him off his feet .He just wanted to end her unease and make her comfortable but he knew not that his heart would pound so heavily. His breathings became rapid for a moment .There was an inexplicable thrill .A RUSH WHICH MADE HIM DIZZY INTOXICATED. She was so close to him knotted to him in a side hug right there in his arms. But SUDDENLY he felt CONTENT as if all his longings, all his cravings disseminated and vanished in thin air. The train sped up and entered a huge tunnel. The whole coach was plunged into darkness with the alternating array of lights at the walls of the tunnel.

(KESAR'S CONFESSION-The initial moment was a slow death for me.I felt so deprived that I immediately wanted to pull her in my arms, capturing those beautiful lips with mine and crush her in my arms Till I passed out .But a strange satisfaction along with the rapid pounding of my heart made me confused. The fact that she was in my arms filled me with tremendous joy .I knew not but I actually felt very relaxed after being swept over by the storm of mad desires. First a wave of pride and a sweet little thrill went all over me and then I looked into her eyes ,a tremendous throb went through my heart. I had always thought that her nearness would make me mad ,Yes it did make me..But Along with it, I suddenly Felt Responsible. A SUDDEN STREAK OF SATISFACTION AND POSSESSIVENESS appeared in my heart taking me to the HIGHEST LEVEL of ecstasy A feeling very similar to what I had experienced when in a fit of the moment I had consumed some charas with Negi in my teens. I was HAPPY YET LONGING FOR MORE, PARCHED YET CONTENT,EXCITED YET SATISFIED ALL AT THE SAME TIME. Also appalling was the fact that I felt as if I had to protect her .FROM WHAT I DID NOT KNOW.A strange feeling of belongingness ,a strange feeling of compassion too arose in my heart. I WAS HELL CONFUSED.STRANGE BUT THAT MOMENT I REALLY FELT I WAS NOT IN MY SENSES.)

Gulaal looked at him still trying to normalize her butterflies which tickled the pit of her stomach. He looked her with a side glance and nodded his head smiling at her ,a strange soft radiance made his face glow .Gulaal suddenly felt choked.

(TINKY'S TWEET-Those arms of his were holding me firmly .With authority ,with pride ,with SECURITY .I felt absolutely numb as different emotions switched forms every passing se4cond making me confused. A wave of thrill of his touch had made me dizzy. It was the first time in life someone's touch affected me so much. The grip was so strong that I felt that this was the most secure place on earth. I never needed anyone to hold me..Nor did anyone did. For Mom I never existed, For Chinky, I was a mother who clung on to me for support ,Pinky had a world of his own. CHAMP he was more of a buddy. In short I had stood there as an anchor for everyone ,But I never realised in my life that someone could hold me with so much pride. I just loved this strange feeling ,caress of care, concern ,a caress which THRILLED and made me CONTENT at the same moment. There was NERVOUSNESS YET SECURITY, there Was DESIRE yet COMPASSION There was COMFORT yet POSSESIVENESS in the grip.

The train suddenly screeched and pulled its brakes and Gulaal almost bumped sideways knocking her elbows in Kesar's already hurt ribs .

"Ouch", A shrill shriek escaped Kesar's lips and his face grimaced in pain. Gulaal looked at him apologetically and with concern and placed her hand near his bosom ,her fingers unconsciously brushed and lingered on his wounds and she raised her eyes and whispered trying to see his reactions in the criss cross of the tube lights hanging in the tunnel, "Sab theek hai'"

"Mmm hmmm'",Kesar nodded his head and winked at her, "Nahi kuch bhi theek nahi'."

Gulaal raised her eyebrows and her lips pursed in confusion ,But Kesar pulled her more closer and mumbled ,"Par sab theek ho jayega'."

She stared at him as he folded her to his bosom with fondness ,and only knew he knew his heart how much he wanted to kiss that unshed tear which died in her eyes even before they could spill out ,Alas but they could not escape his eyes. He did not want to recover from his present hallucination. Gulaal hung her head coyly ,she darted a glance at Kesar and in a giddy moment of intoxication placed her head on his bosom


HOLA GuysHugHugHug ...Am so elated reading your comments..Thank you so much everyone for such lovely comments..Guys I am really sorry for replying individually..I hope you can excuse me for that coz it becomes very difficult to type ,post and reply chappies daily..But still m trying my best to cope up..Choory guys...Cry

Also Its a   MAHABHANGAAR Chappi..Those who followed my earlier works know this fact,tHATI LOVE TRAIN JOURNEYS AND I THINK SOME GREAT ROMANTIC ADVENTURES CAN OCCUR IN TRAINS.So here is Ishq par zor nahi and my favourate train Is backLOLREAD and review at leisure..M loving all the comments from you all.New readers thank you so much...Muahhh Great to have you all here...Thank youHug

Thank you so much Neilu,Adu,Mini,Ramya,Arti.Poo .Silver fairy ,samia,Kayte,kalika.Everyone.HugHug.Special thanks goes to the newbiesHugHugHug.Thanks For breaking your silence and your lovely comments.If anyone wants PM's do buddy me..Also I have decided to do regular I mean daily Updates...They will be shorter but regular..Hope you are fine with this.Do let me know.Anymore SILENT LOVERS I mean READERS Please come out..Its fun out here...Thanks so muchHugHugHugHugHugHug

@Silver Fairy-I would love to write something on Rahil and Manasi too...But M NOT SURE WHEN...Till then do keep reading

 Thanks to all my wonderful ReadersHug
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kayte Newbie

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wow Day Dreamingkya situation hai...kesar aur gulal ek saath...18 hrs tak saath saath!!...this train journey's gonna change their lives...
it's all so romanticDay Dreaming...he staring at her...she trying to avoid his gaze... while all the time feeling something in her heart about which even she is not sure yet...but it cannot be denied that kesar's presence is surely affecting's newfound protectiveness fr gulal...dats a new thing!! sweet of him to offer her his shirt...apna kesar chivalrous bhi hai!!...awww...they r gradually falling in love with each other...waiting fr more such moments...Day Dreaming
by the way...THANK YOU fr such a looong updateSmile...

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Incense IF-Sizzlerz

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nneeiill IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 05 November 2012 at 4:21pm | IP Logged

Wow piu what a fab left me intoxicated as well..i love train journeys…and I do remember  in MKKDH the train scene was one of my fav….u have written  so well  all the minute details of the railway station and the train..i  could actually feel it…tinky,chinky and their bond…and  abt  gullu travelling in waiting list…not a good idea madam..pinky was so right..but then how could we have got such a beautiful meeting of K and G…gosh they way u describe kesar is killer. And the dialogues are the best part …

"Taras kha logon par..bechare mar jayenge'Yahan aise kapde pehen k baithna theek nahi samjhi'",Kesar said emphatically.



I know it must be so difficult for gullu to travel with a guy who had confessed few days before about all his desires for her..and bandha bhi shamlessly ghooring..loved the nok jhok..particularly I loved how u describe the self thought process of both..

Hmm tho gullu has uttered champ  ka naam interesting..that was such a cute side of gulaal..

I loved how he gave his shirt to her..hahahah possessive and can gullu not love him ????

Best scene was how kesar holds her and they both are so close..this train journey has made their hearts closer…sweet scene.

It was not at all a boring chappi…loved it like anything

And since u r doing frequent updates…u need not reply individually…

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