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Gosh you ought to be..So here come the third from the gang of Three Musketeers Chinky Pinky and Tinky..
You know what our granny had some fancy trip while giving us nick names..I mean Imagine a guy named PinkyLOLFor those who find it surprising Let me tell you...My Granny was one sweet womanOuchBut her sweetness had left lifelong misery for both of us..I mean Pinky bhaiyaa and MeLOL
Ok coming back to the story now...
Everyone must have heard about the famous rule..Every action has an equal an opposite reaction...
Well this strange couple made it more confusing than everLOL




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Lust is when you love what you see.

 Love is when you lust for what's inside...

.Renee Conkle.

Visions hazy, sounds muffled,Kesar opened his eyes from his state of delusion and tried to focus on whatever happened. All that his cluttered mind could gather were some muffled sounds, "Sister Jaldi se cotton aur gauze pieces lao..Iv drip now'."

The strong light from the overhead hanging lamp fell right across his face as his pupils tried to adapt to the sudden piercing of light which scattered in his hazy visions refracting into tiny rainbow coloured specs. His voice was choked ,his arms seemed paralysed ,and his head spun round and round in the emergency room which was haunted today. The torment of the rain and the darkness of the night created an eerie silence where the only sounds audible were the large drops of water falling on the hard granite roads.

A fine needle pierced his veins and two fingers adjusted the speed of the fluid droplets trickling through the plastic tube reaching up to his veins. Hazy though but same face with features that were recognizable leaned on him, her two big bright eyes was now clear to him. Her petulant lips which had tiny droplets sparkling on them formed various expressions  and he recognised the crystalline tone .

"Gulaal",His achy vocal chords produced a guttural sound as she placed her still wet, cold hands on his cheeks, Inches away was her face in which her two eyebrows creased and furrowed with concern, "Thank God you opened your eyes'"

With a pair of scissor in her hands which she moved closer to his bosom ,,she leaned on to him ,only to be startled .POOF !! The lights went off. All that was visible through the grim street lights seeping through the room was his face in pain .

"Sister Go see why the generator not working",Gulaal's anxiousness grew

"Madam,Idhar barish mein Generator room mein pani bhar jata hai aur phir diesel bhi nhai'"

"Damn you freaking Goddamn Good for nothing Govt.Hospitals'Ok go get some emergency lights",Gulaal stomped her foot right away .Her frustation cumulated as she looked at Kesar.

Leaning back  ,she moved her pair of scissors only her wrist to be clasped in a stubborn grip .

"Don't you dare touch me'God you are that Rascal's sister ..SCREW YOU'!!",Kesar roared with all his might. His bloodshot eyes gave her a condescending look.

Gulaal thought for a second and freeing herself again moved ahead but this time Kesar was alarmed. His nostrils were puffing steams like a furious bull and this time the force of his grip was so strong that Gulaal lost her balance and fell on the ground .His yelling were muffled yet loud enough to anger her, "GET LOST BLOODY HELL!! GET LOST BEFORE I HURT YOU'"


"SHUT UP..SHUT UP I SAID'",Gulaal rose up and cried loudly. Coming near him, her lips pursed up and the horizontal furrows on her forehead above her eyebrows came together as she frowned folding her hands across her bosom. Her posture bossy and her voice angry, "Listen'I really do not know nor I have the time to understand what's the problem between you and pinky'.And fine aaj k baad I will never ever talk to you 'It's a deal'But as of now..if you're done with your drama ..then just SHUT UP and lemme do my work OK'

Kesar looked at her with shock. Someone actually had the guts to scold him after all that happened. Gulaal looked at Kesar's eyes .Those same eyes which were steely so fierce suddenly mellowed with an instant boyish expression of innocence.

Silence ensued for seconds as Gulaal came near and the scissors cut through his blood soaked, grimy shirt.

"We need to remove this ",Placing her thumb on a sharp and deep cut just above his hurt ribs from where she could feel the thumping of his heart ,she made some elephantine attempts to remove it'

She held him in her arms and slowly slipped the last traces of the shirt covering him. His warm skin touched her cold hands .The slippery touch of her wet hands tingled him a lot so much despite the fact that he was in so much physical pain. A moment of profound awkwardness gripped her. His blazing breaths were fanning near her neck as she placed him back on the bed .Kesar was in extreme terrible plight. Sickness in the body brings sadness to the mind.             But to the contrary Kesar's mind was in a state of hyperexcitation.His body ached with numerous bruises and his mind ached fighting with the urge to crush her in his arms. Rapid were his breaths ; some tiny droplets slided from her damp droopy curl on his chest as she leaned closely to inspect another cut on his forehead .

"Madam ye lijiye .."The flash from the emergency lights blinded both of them for a second .

"Ise yahan rakho and go rush Get these'.",Gulaal flung a piece of paper and the nurse ran towards the storeroom

"Ahhh",A scream escaped his mouth as Gulaal pierced his skin with stitching needles after anaesthetizing the cuts. Trembling like a fish thrown out of water Kesar grimaced in pain.

Knot by knot ,Cut by Cut Gulaal tied and dressed the wounds wiping the spurts of blood oozing from his wounds.

(KESAR'S CONFESSION-That bas***d had hit him me so badly and Guess what I was not at all unhappy. In fact my spirits were HIGH STRUNG as if I had been drugged. She was so engrossed in her work ,that she exactly failed to notice when ,my hand was squeezing her arms when I had accidently touched it screaming in pain. Somehow the touch of her hands made me happy ..Just like a drug addict who feels terribly happy seeing a pack of hashish. Though not fully gratified but the idea of the nearness of my object of fascination was keeping me engaged)


"Madam ..Ye rahi'",Taking out a few vials and ampoules of injections, The nurse yawned. "Madam mera duty time over main jaun..Next duty wali ati hi hogi'",the nurse walked in making Kesar quickly leave her arms

Gulaal glared at her and said,"Ok go'" and continued mumbling,"That's why there is no progress ,there is no humanity and sincerity left in any proffesion. She bit her lips in annoyance and holding the emergency light close to Kesar's face inspected his face closely.The nurse walked away completely unmoved by any gravity of the situation.

"GOSH ..This is bad'Ye to reh hi gaya'",Gulaal's eyes focussed on a sharp cut in his lower lip from where blood was still oozing. Quickly grabbing hold of the corner, she mumbled, "Only two stitches and you'll be fine"

With her eyes keen fixed on the cut ,she again leaned over him, her breaths now tickling his face. She was so near that ,Kesar felt as if could die next moment. His breath hitched and his heart beat quadrupled every passing second.

(KESAR'S CONFESSION-Gosh..GOSH..I had to do something, or else I might have fainted or done something utterly gross or STUPID.)

Kesar was shivering as she slowly pierced the tender skin with the needle and stuffed a cotton wool pad inside near his gums to stop the flow of blood

"Awwtcvjgjgjv",Kesar mumbled something and burst laughing.

Gulaal's attention broke and she turned towards him in anger, "WHAT"

He again mumbled something and giggled  .

"WHAT ",Gulaal removed the cotton pad and yelled.

"Kuch nahi..",Kesar tried hard to supress his cunning smile, "I mean THE MR. ABIR TOMAR a.k.a PINKY'SERIOUSLY PINKY 'HAAHAHAHA"

"SHUT UP..",Gulaal's nostrils flared with anger as she stuffed a cotton pad again and started finishing the stitches.

"DONE",Trying hard to shut Kesar up , she finished her task and smiled.

Kesar was still dazed and completely inert looking at her .

"Kya hua?",Gulaal raised her shoulders ,coming near him ,she placed her hands on his cheeks. A strange soft radiance adorned her face. Kesar chuckled as in his mind he gave himself a thousand reasons and so wished that she was not Abir's sister.He was amazed at her sensitivity and above all her guts to actually treat her brother's sworn enemy.

"Ab sab theek hai ?",She patted his cheeks and smiled.

Within a flash of a second ,.Kesar clasped her hands diffidently grabbing her wrist in his tight grip, "SAB THEEK KAISE HO SAKATA HAI'.tu mujhe yahan wahan aise touch karegi to sab kaise theek hoga'",Kesar said revelling in his own cunning smile

"Hain WHAT ?Kya bakwas hai..",Gulaal muttered too shocked to react ,struggling hard to free herself from his grip.

"Nahi samjhi..Samjhne ki koshish bhi mat kar'.But u know what'The very fact that you are that bas***d's sister makes me want you even more badly'.",Kesar threatened her.

"WTH 'You are such a jerk'Let me go Right now.",Gulaal struggled hard to free herself but Kesar was in no mood to budge .

"Yes I want you even more now'And yes'They say REVENGE IS SWEET 'par itna sweet hoga I had never thought it..That brother of yours'Apne aap hi mar jayega'..Shukr mana That I am injured warna'.You would have regretted every moment and I would have enjoyed every second of it'",Kesar winked at her and slowly left her wrist shocking her out of her wits.

Gulaal was grossed and she mumbled rubbing her wrist,"Gosh ..I was so right about you..You are such a  CHEAP ,DISGUSTING FELLOW'..You know what I HATE YOU' I HATE YOU EVEN MORE NOW"

Gulaal grabbed her bag and was about to walk away when she heard him cry ,"Arghhh"

"Kya hua'",Gulaal ran back towards him. Her face had concern.Kesar tried his best to hide his giggle and muttered, "Shayad yahan chot lagi hai'I think it's a sprain",Kesar pointed towards his arm.

Gulaal checked touching his arm and questioned, "Yahan'?"

"Nahi thoda upar.."

Yahan "

"Nahi thoda neeche"

"Yahan "

"Nahi shayad 2 inch upar"

Gulaal was confused when suddenly her eyes fell on Kesar's naughty face as he tried hard to supress his giggle.

Gulaal was furious. Trying hard to control her anger ,she made an innocent face, "Awww mujhe lagta hai kuch jyada hi serious hai I think the pain is radiating too. See I think ye upar ki ore bhi hai'"Gulaal dug her fingers on his skin and made them crawl towards his shoulders trailing the entire length slowly ,"Aur yahan bhi awww"

Kesar was tickled and he SIGHED  heavily .Her fingers were wreaking havoc on his mind .

"Yahan bhi chot lagi hai na'",Gulaal made a cute face and reached his ears

Kesar nodded still in STUPOR

"Aur yahan to sabse jyada lagi hogi you BLOODY RASCAL'",Gulaal fumed and pulled his ears HARSHLY making him squeal in pain," MORON'Tumhari ye cheap tricks mujhpe nahi kaam karegi.."

She twisted his ear lobe making him yell in pain, "GO ROT IN HELL"

AFTER YOU..",Gulaal left his ears and after loading an injection released its contents into the drip..

"Ye kya hai'",Kesar yelled.

Gulaal tapped her fingers on the table and gritted her teeth after smiling one of her crooked smiles, "This is to keep the FILTHY mouth of yours SHUT for a long ..LONG LONG LONG long time..",Gulaal nodded after completing her speech with quite some pauses. Kesar already felt drowsy as the tiny droplets percolated into his veins.

He tried hard to keep his eyelids open which were drooping as he saw Gulaal's smiling face. He mumble, "You are Finished Gulaal.."

"Of course in your dreams'",Gulaal nodded her head.

"FINISH TO AAP HO HI GAYI HAIN'.",suddenly the emergency room echoed with voices and footsteps.

Gulaal was shocked to see Negi and GROUP WITH STICKS IN THEIR HANDS.

"Get off my way",Gulaal threatened them

Negi yelled, "Aaapko kya laga your Brother will come and beat Kesar to death and you will be spared ..Then you are terribly mistaken.

"Gulaal looked at them. There were about 15 boys .She quickly grabbed the pair of scissors from the tray and yelled, "Aoo 'Come'.",She flung the scissors towards them and pushing them aside ran towards the door and all of them started running behind her. Kesar was shocked. Pushing aside the needle and drip away ,Kesar ran behind them. Gulaal swiftly opened her car  door and sat when Suddenly Negi and the other guys blocked her way.

"Where will you run now'",Negi yelled and was about to smash her window pane with a stick .Gulaal placed her hands on her mouth with shock ,when Suddenly a roar Stopped him, "Ruk ja'''"

"Kesar",Negi looked at Kesar who stood there with hunched shoulders trying hard to catch his breath.

"Maine kaha ruk ja'",Kesar threatened

Gulaal was shocked so was everyone

"Par Kesar"

"I said stop LET HER GO'"

Tu ja'.",Kesar signalled Gulaal .Gulaal was trembling in fear and she started her car ignition.

Negi yelled and was about to open the car door to pull out Gulaal when Suddenly Kesar roared again, "I SAID LET HER GO'.USE KOI HAATH NAHI LAGAYAEGA '."

Gulaal placed her foot on the accelerator and started driving when she saw Negi was about to follow her 'Kesar ran towards Negi and held his hand in anger, "Maine kaha na Use koi haath nahi lagayaega WO SIRF MERI HAI'"Kesar roared loudly as Gulaal drove off watching Kesar faint and his words NUMBED her.

Sneak Peek at the next chapter-

"Mujhe yahan kyun bulaya",She asked crumpling the hem of her skirt.Her sudden found awkwardness grew as she walked inside the lonely garage.

HOLA friends..So First of all I am terribly sorry for not replying individually.I have a very bad flu and fever and so m confined to bed.Hope its fine but I really appreciate and value all the efforts and your lovely words.Thank you so much Neilu,Adu,Mini,Ramya,Arti..Everyone.HugHug.Special thanks goes to the newbiesHugHugHug.Thanks For breaking your silence and your lovely comments.If anyone wants PM's do buddy me..Also I have decided to do regular I mean daily Updates...They will be shorter but regular..Hope you are fine with this.Do let me know.Anymore SILENT LOVERS I mean READERS Please come out..Its fun out here...Thanks so muchHugHugHugHugHugHug

 Thanks to all my wonderful ReadersHug
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Love all your FF!!! I like Gulaal and Kesar so much.. Smile needless to say was a silent member..and not anymore..will comment hereafter..Smile


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Flower Pictures, Scraps, Images and Comments

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Get Well Soon                                                                                                                                                    kalika

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first of all hugs for daily updates seriously piu after gulaal my life is so deprived of entertainment right now this SS is a life the chota chapi terrific i loved it no i was scared the hospitals blood stictches injections drips bhgwaan bachaye inse...issh yeah kesar was thinking of ahem ahem in strtcher too...kitna paapi portogonist hai and i love itBig smile gulaal is a sweetheart and he hates her coz she is his enemy;s sis ofc he should  now this a wht a called a gala mess.kya hoga inka???..the naughty scene between them was cute and negi is a jerk like abir ladki ko marne k liye 15 boys chiii but kesar is always there for her and kesar's last word tht gulaal belongs to him gave me goosebumps...really loking forward for next chapii

awesome chapii piuClap

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Wow, so she was the one who rushed him to the hospital, not only that but was anxiously awaiting for him to awaken to ensure herself of his well-being, A doc's duty really??nah that spark/attraction has already been transferred to something deep rooted she feels for him and that is so evident when she rushes back to him on his small cry of pain even after his so called lust filled comments….ahh Gulaal madam you have fallen for him equally if not more…loved that small naughty moment between the two and Gulaal as always got a upper hand …I do hope Kesar's turn  for making amends comes soon enough….

Loved the last emotional outburst from Kesar,it may have been cry of desperation in order to save her from the impending doom but had the heartfelt honesty behind, something one can always associate with Kesar,on your face,staright from heart, without a care for any diplomacy…Ahh I miss him so much…Thanks for a wonderful update…I am looking forward to tomorrow already…Big HugsHug…gets well soon….

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"Ahhh", placing his palm touching the origin of the sharp stinging pain of his bandaged forehead, Kesar woke up with a jolt. The whiff of air seeped through the windows and the tiny dust particles danced back and forth in the beams of lukewarm sunlight bathing the room.

Looking around he saw almost his whole gang sitting around him. He was no more in the hospital but in his own hostel room. Though still groggy eyed, Kesar got up and reclined his back against the wall.

Picking up a cigarette from the table next to his bed, He puffed in a huge smoke and sighed heavily, breathing equally heavily as his ribs hurt and body ached badly...

"Hmmm", the whole gang broke out in a mini chorus.

"WHAT", Kesar looked at them as slowly the events from the past night started getting clear in his mind.

Placing his hand on his waist, Negi sat beside Kesar and said, "So ab Dr.Gulaal Tomar Teri hai'Bole to Ye Happy Birthday kab manaya tune'?"

Everyone broke into giggles and Kesar looked at them appalled, "Bakwas mat kar'",He glared ,blowing puffs in the ir and rubbing the bridge of his nose.

Another guy: "Acha bachoo,..Us sale bas***d Abir Tomar ki Behen hai wo'Wo bhi Judwa'."

"Tabhi Bandi mein itna Dum hai'",A smile escaped Kesar's lips as he remembered her first slap.

Rubbing his cheeks he muttered ,trying hard to suppress his chuckle, "Kya bakwas kar rahe ho tum log'."

NEGI: "Acha to hum bakwas kar rahe hai'Ab bata Us Abir ka kya karana hai'Sale ko aaj hi marte hain'",Kyun"

KESAR :"Nahi yaar jane de"

NEGI: "Kyun tu pagal hai kya"

Kesar : Nahi ..Maine kaha na Jane de'"

NEGI:Kyun be sale,He punched his fist lightly On Kesar's cheeks and looked around,"Ye dekho..Inhe hui to  traumatic injury hai par lagta hai ye chronic case ho gaya hai'.Kyun be ?" ,He slapped his cheeks lightly and chuckled, "First aid se man nahi bhara LONG TERM TREATMENT CHAHIYE'",Negi burst laughing and everyone joined too.

Kesar blushed furiously, nodding his head trying hard to supress his embarrassment ,he said, "Kya yaar tum log bhi 'Main to bas aise hi 'Waise bhi Desi logon ko kaun muh lagayae..?,Kesar shrugged his shoulders trying to sound as aloof as possible.

ANOTHER GUY: Acha to main jakar hisaab barabar kar leta hun us desi ki behen se'

Kesar was furious. His eyes became bloodshot with anger as he grabbed the collar of the guy and gritted his teeth, "Jab main eek bar keh diya use koi haath nahi lagayega to nahi lagayega'Wo sirf meri hai samjha'"

"Dekhaaa bachooo asli baat aa gayi hai na zubaan pe chiii Kesar tune naak kata di Pahadiyon ki aisa kya hai us desi ladki mein tu'Wo meri hai wo meri hai ka jaap karne laga'",Negi nodded hios head in disgust and mockery.

Kesar looked around , everyone echoed Negi's sentiments and looked at him in disgust.

Kesar bit his tongue and said, "mera matlab use koi haath nahi lagayega kyunki wo SIRF MERA SHIKAR HAI Samjhe'Nobody will touch her or Abir.Is that CLEAR'."

"O teri badi lambi planning hai teri',"Negi patted Kesar's shoulders , "Par sapne ache dekhta hai tu'.Wo akar tere zakhmon pe marham rakhegi'Ja ja ghans bhi nahi dalegi tujhe'Akhir wo hai to Desi hi na wo bhi us Abir ki behen.TCH TCH TCH tu bas gana gata reh 'Wo mera shikar hai'Zakhmon pe marham rakhna to dur 'Wo tujhe ghans bhi nahi dalne wali tujhe'",Negi mocked him and everyone laughed at Kesar.

Kesar Fumed, throwing his cigarette away he clutched Negi's collar and said, "Hoga to bilkul aisa hi'Marham to use rakhna hi padega mere har zakhm pe wo bhi apne hoton se'Samjha'aur haan ye hoga zarur '.Samjha..Ye to zarur hoga'GOT IT'"

"Lagi Shart",Negi challenged him freeing himself.

Kesar realised what he just said and tried to divert the topic, "Mujhe shart nahi lagani'"

"Kyun Dar gaya'.",Negi mocked him and everyone burst laughing.

Kesar smiled one of his evil smiles and patted Negi's cheeks, "Beta darta to main kisi k baap se bhi nahi hun'Tu shart laga ya na laga hoga wohi jo main chahunga samjha 'This Life is mine ..I own it'So it's a DEAL  if you're happy with that ."

"Ye hui na baat chal lagi 500 rupaye ki..",Negi extended his hands

"hahhahahha Sale TU bhi raha hi na humesha se hi chindi chor'BRANDED guy but Paise nikalne k name pe kangaal sala phukkad'Chal'",Kesar burst laughing and shook his hands, "DEAL"

"yeay ..It's a DEAL Yipee...Par ye bata PLAN kya hai'?,Negi rubbed his palms in excitement.

Kesar was serious.He looked around .Everyone was jeering .A strange sinking Feeling arose from the pit of his stomach .He felt his head reeling and he felt terribly unhappy.

"Bata na plan kya hai..",Negi asked curiously as he shook Kesar's shoulder.

"Hmmm'PLAN YE HAI KI KOI PLAN NAHI HAI..",Kesar lowered the baritone of his voice .

"Oho SECRET'Jo bhi those bloody desis will get the lesson of their lives..Yipee..",Negi broke into a cynical laugh As other joined him. Kesar was lost in deep though as his restlessness grew manifold and he sunk deep in despair.


The horizon appeared as a canvas painted and splashed with hues and tones of the rising orange sun. The rain had stopped yet the tiny droplets trapped in the leaves and branches of the orchard trees slided playfully finally splahing on the cobbled pavement .The swing went back and forth as he sat there angry and contemplating.Gulaal walked towards him ,closing the car door.The dramatic night had ended but her heart was restless.Driving back 10 kms with the face of Kesar uttering those words ,haunting her every second was DIFFICULT 'IN FACT TRAUMATIC. Confusion ate her heart and restlessness troubled her mind.Gulaal was never so unsure in her life. Placing her hands on his shoulders, she mumbled,"PINKY"

Those bloodshot angry eyes equally fierce with the smoke coming from his cigarette ,they glowed and his heart burned similarly as the dark grey clouds fought with the orange fiery sun ,the tiny ash particles blew in the wind from his cigarette and the tip glowed like cinders.

Gulaal knew he was angry. Turning away from her ,a jolt from his legs and the swing started it's to and fro motion again. The creaking from the rusted chains holding the swing placed in their orchard was the only sound apart from the chirping of the birds at the break of the dawn. Gulaal walked and sat beside him and both of them dangled their feet swinging .Taking out a cigarette ,from the small packet kept between them ,Gulaal lit it and aped Abir ,only to end up miserable coughing .

"OK  ok ..yeh le'",Abir threw his cigarette away ,"HAPPY NOW"

Gulaal smiled ruffled his hair and threw hers too, nodding her head ,she mumbled ,"Cigarette pine se'"

"Pata hai pata hai. Rat gaya hai. Cigarette pine se humare lips kale ho jate hain aur hum bimar'Happy'.I remember this line like a parrot .Ok No need to remind me every now and then",Abir yelled


"Naraz hai mujhse..R u Angry'?",Gulaal placed her hands on his shoulders with concern

"Naraz..Huh..",Stomping his foot in anger ,he got up from the swing and placed his hands inside the pockets.

"O wow'Why should I be angry'My own sister calls ME PINKY in front of a whole mob'and strange main naraz nahi hun'Tinky di you come and save my worst enemy aur main naraz nahi hun..BLOODY HELL. Do I REALLY LOOK ANGRY'Why should I be angry. In fact I am ecstatic Yipee Taaliyan ..For being cowed by your own sister that too who is barely 15 mins older'GREAT !!",Abir fumed and sulked.

Folding his hands across his bosom ,he turned around .Gulaal placed her hands on his shoulders and made him look at her, "Pinky tu'."

"kya di'All my Life I am sick and tired of having been chickened by you'I have a reputation you see. College mein mera name aaj bhi chalata hai'You ruined everything. "Abir shoved off her hand and paced to and fro in anger.

"Kya name chalta hai. Radhe bhaiyaa hai kyat ere naaam wala ..Ki college se pass out hone par bhi touchy (PETTY POLITICS) rajneeti karega. Wake up. You have a job and u r planning to go to US.Yehi sikha 2 saal Chennai mein..CREEP..',Gulaal pulled his ears.

"Dddekh Di'Tu is tarah se mera kachra nahi kar sakti'Aj tu nahi ati to us sale pahadi ko to main khatam hi kar deta'Tu bhul gayi..In sabhi pahadiyon ki wajah se hi aaj Dad humarein saath nahi hai'Inhi ki wajah se humara bachpan chin gaya..I hate all BLOODY PHADAIS..I will kill all of them'.Yes I will kill all of them. I will kill them'",Abir spoke like a maniac.


"SHUT UP'",Gulaal gave him a tight slap., "DAD ..",Gulaal 's voice choked, "Dad aaj humare saath isliye nahi hain kyunki unhe apni mitti se pyaar tha'Wo humesha sach ka saath dete the'Mom unhe chhod k ayi thi'Wo nahi gaye the'Samjha'Wo aaj agar humari life mein nahi hain..To wo Mom ki galti hai'Is baat ka pahadi logon se koi lena dena nahi hai samjha'",Gulaal had huge tears in her eyes .Her voice choked ,as she gulped a huge lump in her throat and she broke into hiccups trying to control her sobs.She had never cried in front of her siblings. She was the pillar of their strength .Though her won foundation was always ready to crumble at the slightest turmoil ,yet she made sure, Abir and Raj veer were always protected.

She breathed heavily .Abir looked at her and embraced her calming her down, "It's ok'Main gussa nahi hun. See'I am happy EEE",He jutted his teeth making a monkey face and Gulaal smiled.

"Par ek baat hai'Yahan maar diya theek hai sabke samne mat mara kar mujhe ..Waise bhi main sirf ek din k liye aya hun'No one cares for me..Ate hi mujhe marne lagi tu'.",Abir folded his hands across his bosom faking a faint anger.

"Ahhahaha 'Dekhun to'",Gulaal pulled his ears ,Tere liye ek Surprise hai. Piche dekh'.",Gulaal raised her eyebrows in excitement .

"REWA'",Abir 's eyes glittered with excitement as he had completely forgotten to pick Rewa from her hostel ,in his rage to settle scores with Kesar first .

"Tune yahan kuch dekha to nahi'.",Abir looked a little embarrassed

"Nahi buddhu'",Rewa started laughing .

"Gosh I missed you so much'",Abir ran towards Rewa and hugged her. Tears ran down Rewa's cheeks as she embraced him with equal passion.


"Stop staring and Get lost now'",Abir said to Gulaal still crushing Rewa in his arms.

"Ok ..Ok'I leave'But hello this is garden. Morning time,doodhwalah ,newspaper wala Mom koi bhi aa sakata hai'Don't keep her engaged for a long time ok'Main Madhav se kehkar breakfast ready karwati hun'Kya hoga aajkal ki ladkiyon ka..hone wali bhabhi ghar pe ati hai..aur bechari nanad breakfast banane jati hai unfair'",Gulaal winked at Rewa'

"Ja ja'Agar main teri hone wali bhabhi hun. To tu bhi meri hone wali bhabhi hai. Rishta barabar ka hua..jake khana bana samjhi'",Rewa teased Gulaal

"Acha bachi sirf 10 min mein andar ana warana Mom ko bata dungi ki yahan kya chal raha hai'",Saying this Gulaal walked away leaving Abir and Rewa in each other's arms.

Gulaal woke up with a terrible headache. The whole day had passed very happily giggling ,chuckling ,discussing and gossiping. What a family reunion it was. The only one thing bothering her mind was the thoughts about Kesar. She enjoyed every bit of the fun but somewhere at the back of her mind she was restless. The night had been worse, She woke up to horrible nightmares ,and she ran, she stumbled in her dreams yet she could not escape Kesar. Every half an hour she woke up scared trying to run away only to land up in Kesar's arms. She struggled ,she fought but the dreams made her restless.

Yawning, she rubbed her tired eyes ,throwing away her blanket which curled up in a messy roll near her feet ,she walked towards the washroom.

"Gosh. What the hell'Ooops ye kya ho raha hai'",Gulaal opened the door only to shocked to catch Rewa and Abir snuggled in each other arms ,their lips locked in a passionate kiss.

The trio was shocked for a second. Embarrassed Abir yelled,"Jeez Di,Tu knock nahi kar sakti thi.."

"Gosh Ewww Pinky tu lock nahi kar sakata tha.,..BTW ye sab hai kya bahar aa Rewa'",Gulaal Glared at both of them.

Rewa ran away embarrassed .Abir was furious, "Tinky di..Tu '"

Gulaal kept on mumbling, "Gosh ye ghar papiyon se bhar gaya hai..Koi apne room mein po*n dekh raha hai' To koi yahan washroom'mein..sab galat hi galat hai yahan, "Gulaal teased Abir still trying to supress her giggle.

Abir was annoyed, "Haan ja ja. Tujhe kahan samajh ayegi..Ye sab jab kisi se pyaar hota hai..To sahi galat kuch nahi hota..Par tujhe ye samajh to ayega hi nahi'Becoz you cannot love anyone'And You know what. I pity Karan'He will be married to a Bossy Guy Like you'",Stomping his feet in anger Abir walked out. Gulaal was shocked  ,a tear emerged in her eyes.



"Yahan kyun Bulaya mujhe",Crumpling the hem of her skirt, Gulaal nervously walked into the lonely garage. She was nervous. It was only a few days ago ,her fate was decided. The decision was hers ,She had to decide'It was the need of the hour ;her decision but she was nervous. All her life she had known him but some things had changed ever since she promised Sudha Ma that she will marry Karan.

"CHAMP", her voice echoed and he looked at her. Sitting on his shiny new racer bike ,Karan removed his shades and winked at her .

I want my Birthday present Tinks.

CHAMP,I already made that card 'mmm",Her statement was cut short as his lips sealed with hers ,her waist grabbed in his arms ,and his legs pulled down the shutter.

There was silence for seconds.Gulaal was shocked.Her hands by her side,her eyes popping out of her sockets as Karan caressed her face capturing her in a kiss.

"Yucks ",Both of them parted and looked at each other embarrassed.

"Gawwwd Tinks..It was bad. I felt like I was kissing some log of wood'",Karan made a terrible face.

Gulaal spit at least three times, "gosh, It was horrible. I really do not feel anything'"Gulaal suddenly burst into tears .

And burying her face in her palms wept bitterly,"Gosh..Something is wrong with me..I am scared how this is gonna work'"

"Hey hey Tinks'.",Karan Hugged her

"CHAMP I am just so nervous'I donno'..",Gulaal placed her head on her shoulders.

"Chill Look at me..Tinks..Listen'I know its weird..I mean we are buddies..Its difficult for both of us'.You love me'?"

Gulaal looked at him and nodded her head.Yes she indeed loved him .She had always loved him ever since she was child.

"I love you too..But chota sa jhol hai..This love is not like COUPLE COUPLE wala love ..I mean we really love each other ..Par Buddies wala RIGHT!!!", Karan rubbed her back. And continued,"I thought I will faint,There will be butterfies in my stomach if we kissed ,So I genuinely tried 'But HAHHAHAHAHH aisa kuch bhi nahi hua..hahhaha Gosh this is hilarious'.",He rolled laughing

"GAwwd Chii you are such a prankster'But How's everything gonna work.",Gulaal raised her eyebrows.

"Tinks'You know what,This is gonna work..I mean really see.We know each other so well.You love me too,I think we are perfect together and wo COUPLE COUPLE wala love..Hmmm I am sure it will grow between us'Waise bhi you are such a guy ..tujhse shaadi to koi karega nahi'So ye qurbani mujhe hi deni padegi..SIGH BIG SIGH POOR ME!!"Karan faked an innocent face as if he was some animal ready to be slaughtered.

"CHAMP'I hate you'",Gulaal hit him badly

"Och ouch'No love me..Silly 'Hai na'I love you Tinks..",Karan hugged her.

"I love you too",Gulaal embraced him



Abir's words echoed in Gulaal's mind ,"Pyar mein sahi galat kuch nahi hota'Par ye baat tu nahi samjhegi'

Tears welled up in her eyes as she fell like a lifeless statue on her bed.


HOLA GUYS OMGEEE I am so excited to read your comments..Thank you so much for loving this update..Too tired today..KARVA CHAUTH celebration and allEmbarrassedHow was your day...Thank you so much for all the lovely readersHug

Guys its very late..M gonna reply individually to everyone this weekend CHEROIS Till then ..keep reading and be KESARIFIEDTongue

sneak peek at next chapterTongue

He looked at her intently..with keen eyes..Guess what ye sirf mera haq hai...Aur ise mujhse koi cheen nahi sakta

ARTI MY CHOTU GOVINDA THE TITLE FOR THIS CHAPTER CREDIT GOES TOU YOU..You like this gala mess .So I gave this title inspired by your words Tongue

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