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Ok I loved the dream sequence, it highlighted one fact to me that even though their meeting have been limited to barely few, it's not only her dancing 24*7 in his mind, she feels the same and the details that she is visualising in her nightmare/dream is not only because she is afraid of him, fear is just one aspect but she clearly remembers his physique, his mannerism, his intense eyes and his passionate desire for her all itched vividly in her mind that comes alive in her nightmare…..unknowingly hi sahi she too is drawn to his raw, extreme and insatiable passion …..interesting dynamics…..

This chinky is too girly yaar…koi aise bhi apne Di ki god mein sota hai kya,aadhi raat ko…..sachi ekdum chandramukhi banake choda hai…ab toh Kesu hi kuch kar sakta hai….thode sentence toh bol hi aata hai uske saamne fattu kahi ka….

Karan itna evasive kuyn hai yaar,she is mentioning about a guy and he is not taking her seriously,I mean a guy can be very open with modern outlook but will always be possessive around their girlfriend na…pata nahi may be they are more like buddies…

That small conversation between Negi and Rawat does have lot of hidden undertones na,his anger and frustatrion in not able to exercise his control over his mind and at the same time having that possessiveness towards object of his frustration and that letting go of his controlled anger momentarily over Negi and then in a moment getting grip on his emotions wow…wonderfully written…

I liked RV's chirp here..hahaha God does listen to Man …sometime…mostly it has t be Women hai na…Hmm small glimpse of the past how you slowly unrevealing the past bit by bit…It will be really interesting to find out about PST ka love story….will be as intense and emotional as KG I think….


The conversation between KG was very interesting again bringing into light such vast and huge differences between their status, beliefs and at the same time couldn't help but feel a slight awe of other's views..hind of respect even…may be not…just felt like it….

So to the coin toss-and that piercing look that shook her to the core-first time feeling the impact of not only his words but his deep and extreme passionate look…sigh…these two…please update soon…

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"Are you even listening Tinky ?,"She squeezed her arms .

"What Mom",Gulaal tried her best to ignore PST and kept on stuffing her books in the huge suitcase .

"Tinky Do not dare to give me those silly logics. You are not going anywhere >",PST held her arms across her bosom and bossed emphatically. She was a no-nonsense woman when it came to the tantrums of her children.

Gulaal yelled back, "Mom'Try to understand. Classes ,emergency shifts, lectures ..I won't be able to rush like 10 kms after every hr. I have to shift to the hostel."

"Yeay..Chinat ta chita chita'.",RV danced gleefully

"Di'Can I live with you. I mean the PG hostel is  family hostel right..",He was more than ecstatic.

"Ghonchu Stop being a TAG ALONG'No way you are not shifting. But we will be there together in college na..You can come to meet me ..",Gulaal threw a pillow at RV and giggled.

"But It's a GOvt hostel for God's sake Tinky .."PST rolled her eyes

"Mom You know I hardly care about luxuries .Please do not make this difficult. "Gulaal threw her clothes inside one by one  and continued ,"and waise bhi I will be here on Weekends like Chinky. Please Mom.."

"Fine meri to koi suntan hi nahi hai'When we were in Delhi. Tumhe Meerut jakar padhna tha. Yahan aye to itne bade ghar mein nahi rehna..Tum sab mujhe akela kyun nahi chhod k chale jatey'Can't you see I need you all'I feel lonely'",PST choked upon her own words.

"Mom'Humein bhi apki bahut zarurat thi'.par aap kabhi thi hi nahi humarein liye'",Gulaal looked at PST with hurt and anguish. Years of simmering rage and loneliness ,was ready to flow in the form of tears of accusation from her eyes but getting  a hold on herself ,Gulaal gulped a huge lump in her throat and continued, "Stop nagging Mom. Its Final I am going '"

PST was choked. She had conveniently thought that in the pursuit to amass all the treasures of the world for her children ,she had completely become oblivious to the fact that all that they needed was HER WARMTH. But after getting over with her tumultuous and draining relationship with Som ,she had thought of letting bygones be bygones and had started life AFRESH. Little did she knew that what she had missed all those years ,equally pinched her children.

There was COMPLETE SILENCE for a few seconds .Gulaal and PST travelled back and forth in time while Chinky scratched his unable to react. He knew something was wrong but he had never been a part of the trauma that his other siblings shared.

"Theek hai'Meri to koi suntan hi nahi hai'Tum sab behad ziddi ho..Ye Chinky..Ye to meri bilkul bhi baat nahi sunta..",PST trying to control the mass upheaval in her mind ,smacked his head

"Arey maine kya kiya'",Chinky nodded his head in confusion.

"Tu tu hi hai sare phsad ki jad..Apna karma saaf nahi rakhta hostel bhag gaya aur phir wahan se bhui bhag aya ..khana time pe nahi khata meri koi baat nahi sunta",PST ranted in one go hitting RV .

"Mom'Chill Kisi ka gussa kisi pe kyun nikal rahi ho'",Gulaal held Chinky in her arms as he hid behind her.

"Tu ..Tu to  baat hi mat kar 'Tu bilkul apne baap pe gayi hai..Ziddi'Maha ziddi'",PST yelled in anxiety

"MOOOM..",Gulaal yelled back which jolted PST back to her senses. She looked at Gulaal stunned.

Gulaal lowered her voice realising something and with tears in her eyes said in a muffled tone choking upon her own words.

"Kam se kam ab to unka naam izzat se lo '",Tears rolled down Gulaal's cheeks and she walked away stomping her foot holding RV's hand.

PST placed her hands on her mouth, shocked and terrified .She had forgotten. She had forgotten completely'BUT THE FACT WAS THAT THOSE ARMS WHICH WERE A SOLACE FOR HER HAD WITHERED AWAY.THOSE EYES WHICH USED TO MAKE HER CHEEKS TURN SCARLET RED HAD CLOSED FOREVER.SOM SINGH TOMAR HAD LEFT HER 'much after she had walked away from his life. HE WAS NO MORE. No matter how much she regretted the moment ,she had walked away ,but the fact was that she could not turn the tides of time anymore.

Had she  not  let the sun go down on her wrath, her life would have been different. Her life was a lesson and she had learnt it VERY LATE.


"Ye na-unsafe hum nahi hone denge'.",A bunch of villagers stormed the Collectors' office in the District of Uttarkashi .His mighty voice roaring like a lion and his eyes burning with rage ,Som Singh tomar barged into her room. It was the first time she had seen him .Eyes like eagle and face haughty with touch of innocence, she could not take her eyes off him.

"Madam'",He folded his hands in front of the newly appointed collector of Uttarkashi PST was as fresh as a morning dew.

"Kya hai ye sab, "Coming out of her reverie , PST blinked her eyes and rang her calling bell'

"Peon'Peon'Bahar nikalo in sab ko 'Out I said .."She pointed her fingers towards the door.

"Pyaar ki bhasah samajh nahi ati aapko'",Som grabbed her hand and squeezed it.Eyes burning like charcoal and piercing her existence, his breaths all over her face ,Little did PST knew that she was indeed playing with fire'


He raised his eyes and saw a great black cloud spreading rapidly until it covered the heavens. At the edge of the clouds a flight of white snow cranes passed over his head .He was ceased with ecstasy. The moisture laden wind blew in fitful puffs and the heat had completely dampened with the advent of the beautiful evening .The purple horizon flashed with the shades of orange of the setting sun  accompanied by the occasional thunder which bravely announced the advent of rain any moment. The contrast was so beautiful that RV smiled as he placed his feet on the ball. Aiming for the goal post .The huge campus football ground was sprawling with a bit straw coloured grass due to heat of the summers .But rain would surely make it lush, thought RV he kicked it hard and BANG on ..It hit the goal.

"Yeay ",He was seized with ecstasy as he flung his hands in the air and ran like a wild bird .

From far away ,she was watching him, Twinkle was on her way to meet Negi when her eyes fell on RV playing in the playground in the evening. She stood there motionless and in awe of him. The recall of his invitation of their ice-cream date made her blush.RV's eyes fell on her the beautiful Twinkle gazing at him with admiration .Giving a little twist to his berserk curls with his fingers ,his chest bloated with pride and he walked looking at her only to collide with someone.

"TIME UP GROUND KHALI KAR'Ab humara play time..", his hands on his hips,Kesar and Negi threatened RV .

Looking completely embarrassed ,RV looked at Twinkle once and then at Kesar, "Please kya hum saath nahi khel sakte..",Trying very hard to find his voice RV tried to extend  and continue the tone of friendship which Kesar had started .

Bursting into a cynical laughter ,Kesar patted his cheeks, "Na Chandramukhi..Hum ladki,wo bhi junior aur upar se plain walon k saath nahi khelte..aur ab khair mana .Chal phut yahan se..Jaldi'"

RV was ashamed at being insulted in front of Twinkle who looked at him with curiosity .The indignation was too much. Trying to muster up all the courage that he could ,He threatened Kesar, "Hum nahi jatey. Waise bhi Ye ground tumhare baap ka hai kya..?"

EVERYTHING CAME TO STANDSTILL. Negi looked at him and Kesar could not believe what he said.

All that he could think was the horrors of the night which he had been trying g to forget all his life.


10 yr. old Kesar shivered like a  leaf trembling in the storm, "Ija ija'",He tried to pat his mother's cheeks who lied on the road. The dark night roared with thunders and the rain splashed on the two lonely souls devoid of any place to go.

"Chali ja yahan se'Maine Kaha tha Na 'Kyun chali ati hai is paap ko lekar yahan 'CHali ja aur dobara mat ana '."

The huge iron  gate was closed on their face and Kesar picked up a huge stone fuming in rage and hit the man's head.

Seconds passed maybe minutes .Negi placed his hand on Kesar's shoulders making him realize where he was .But For Kesar every time he tried to move on ,he could find himself as helpless and insulted as he was years ago. Kesar looked at RV.He was angry. A sudden fit of madness approached him and he clutched his neck almost choking him, "Kya kaha be'Baap'.Kuan sa baap..Mera koi baap nahi hai samjha'Jitna pyar tu apni behen se karta hai na..usse kahin jyda nafrat main apne baap se karta hun'.Teri himmat kaise hui baap ka nam lene ki BLOODY SWINE.."

Kesar clutched his neck ,gritting his teeth almost choking him,RV started coughing. All that he could see in his eyes was RAGE absolute RAGE .RV WAS HORRIFIED AND Twinkle ran towards Kesar trying to push him, "Kesar tu pagal ho gaya hai kya chod ise.."

Negi pushed her aside ,"Hat ja twinkle. Soch kya raha hai Kesar tod de muh iska '"

How dare he talk like this BLOODY DESI.."


Kesar looked at RV .His face was red due to choking .tears rolled down his cheeks as he grimaced in pain. A sudden realization gripped Kesar and he loosened his grip breathing heavily trying to get a grip of his emotions.

"Kesar  tu pagal ho gaya hai. Mar ise'",Negi yelled as by now Kesar has already loosened hi grip .RV was shocked and gasped for air breathing heavily .His eyes fluttered as the sudden rush of blood again to his brains made him dizzy and he toppled unable to maintain his balance .Seeing this Kesar rushed to hold him ,when Suddenly he felt someone push him.

"Chinky'.",Gulaal was panting trying hard to catch her breath patted RV's cheeks.Kesar was unable to react for a few seconds. There were tears in Gulaal's eyes as she hugged RV in her arms.

"Tu theek hai na'Chinky Chinky ..Open your eyes'".Tears drenched her face. Kesar felt absolutely guilty. Gulaal was in extreme shock .Had she not seen Kesar clutching his neck while passing by after finishing some work in the library ,Kesar would have. She shivered at the thought  .

"Listen'I.. I..",Kesar stuttered trying hard to find his voice. He was in terrible confusion. He felt very bad seeing her tears. Those tears seemed to stir in him a vague feeling that he could not construe.

"Oh just SHUT UP'",Gulaal got up and pounced on him pushing his shoulder, "kaha than a maine 'Stay away.."She clutched his collar.

"Kaha tha na maine'dur raho./.Kaha tha na maine'"

She kept on ranting and pushing him while Kesar tried to explain,"Listen..I ..i .."

"Chinky ko kuch ho jata to'"she was in tears while she continued pushing him madly .

On the verge of a nervous breakdown Gulaal was almost ready to cry ,hitting him madly ,when all of a sudden Kesar grabbed her shoulders and shook her,"Shhh Listen'I said Listen'.I am SORRY 'I said m SORRY"

Silence ensued as Gulaal stared at him and Kesar looked in her eyes.

Nodding his head he looked deep into her eyes, "I said I am sorry '"

Everyone looked at both of them in shock. Other students who were playing with RV, Negi all were in SHOCK .

Meanwhile Twinkle had made RV stand on his feet and he looked equally shocked.

Gulaal looked at him with absolute shock .A strange soft radiance illuminated his otherwise harsh face .There was no smirk. His face was that of a graven image .For seconds she was lost in the innocence of his eyes which conveyed his guilt .

RV tried hard to believe what he saw .He looked at Kesar who was clutching her arms. He yelled with all his might," Aye leave my Di'."

His voice was enough to break the spell of Gulaal who pushed him back," SORRY MY FOOT BULL SHIT'",cried she ,with wide open eyes, snatching her hand away.

Kesar was thrown off balance. The whole junior group started laughing. He got up looking around ; the level  of smirks and laughs infuriated him.

Trying very hard to maintain his composure he walked close to her ,his jaws tightening ,Meri koi galti nahi hai'Miane kaha tha isse Ki hum ladkiyon k saath nahi khelte but tere bhai..Oops Chnadramukhi ko hi FOOTBALL khelna tha'Hahaahhah 'You know what Tell your bhai to stay away from us..Ladki hai football na khelein..jake cooking sikha isko ghar pe.

Kesar tried hard to sound as sarcastic and as harsh as possible .For in his heart he wanted to take REVENGE for the public humiliation. Everyone from the seniors burst laughing. Kesar beamed in his victory and smirked happily with pride and rage.Gulaal was infuriated.

"O yea'",Raising her eyebrows ,folding her arms across her bosom ,she continued, "Agar Chinky Ladki hai to are you a man ? Yes Mr .Kesar Rawat 'What kind of a chauvinistic statement is that? Do you really think Girls are only supposed to COOK? Guess what TERRIBLY MISTAKEN..I bet you cannot compete with a girl in FOOTBALL RIGHT'Girls can play football but I BETCHA YOU CANNOT COOK ..Can you ' "THE MAN'MR. OOPPS THE GOING TO BE DOCTOR KESAR RAWAT HUH'"

Her face burned with extreme RAGE as she continued, "I DARE YOU' SAVE A GOAL AND I WILL  AGREE TO WHATEVER YOU SAY "

"Di tu Chal '",RV tried to intervene.

"Shut Up Chinky..Kyun kya hua dar gaye huh'?,.Gulaal fumed.

Kesar looked at her with confusion and by now his guilt had completely vanished. Her was amazed and amused at her challenge. Bloating in his self-nursed ego which she had again managed to bruise, Kesar winked at her , "WHAT IF I LOSE'?"

"Huh..then you will never ever touch RV '"

"DONE. But abhi bhi time hai soch le..agar main jeet gaya to'Mera koi bharosa nahi hai'",Kesar was THRILLEDas he said revelling in his own cunning smile.

A huge gathering had by now assembled around the ground.The scene which started as a fight was now a GAME for everyone. Some giggled , while some started placing bets. Some nodded their heads at the futility of rivalry. RV looked at Gulaal and cheered,"Yeay Di show him'"

Negi was furious. He glared at Kesar while Kesar smiled at him assuring him.

"Soch le'.",Kesar walked past her whispering in her ears .and extended his hands in the air waving at the cheering crowd ,"KESAR KESAR'."Beaming in his own excesses ,he took his position near the goal post.

Everyone was sure Kesar would win. The only one cheering for Gulaal was RV,"Go di'teach him a lesson'TINKY TINKY",He raised his hands in the air .Gulaal turned around glaring at him him.

RV  bit his tongue ,"Oops Sorry", he muttered, "Gulaal gulaal.."

Everyone watched with bated breath  ,as Gulaal placed the football near her feet .The sky grew darker and darker. The thunder roared and the lightening illuminated the determined face of Gulaal.All of a sudden it started raining .Everyone in the crowd ran and took shade in whatever places they could. Only Kesar and Gulaal were still standing there FACE TO FACE  with each other. No words spoken henceforth staring at each other. Only THE CHALLENGE MATTERED TO THEM.

Twinkle squeezed RV's arms ,"Tumhari Di pagal ho gayai hai. Kesar ko koi nahi hare sakata'"

RV looked at Twinkle and smiled, "Hey hey ..Aur Meri Tinky Di ko sirf jeetne ki adat hai'BTW agar Di jeeti To main tumhe Treat dunga..OK .."

Twinkle nodded her head excitedly ,silently praying for Gulaal's victory in her mind. Negi stomped his foot and walked away in anger at Kesar's stupidity.

Kesar yelled,"Ya come on I am waiting'",He leaned taking his position ,his eyes fixed on the football.The rain splashed the campus ,the sound of the huge drops amplifying the roar of the thunder.All of a sudden Gulaal unzipped and removed her jersy and threw it on RV, "Ise rakh chinky'"



Dressed in her casual pants and now the same black sleeveless vest which she had worn when thy first met, she stood right in front of him TESTING his patience.She was looking at him. Her eyes had a DISTINCT RAGE. Kesar's heart fluttered .She was looking strikingly beautiful .The soft drizzle had rendered her already ravishing figure even more gorgeous. Wet full lips, the tiny scattered beads on her face glittered with the lightening ,while the curls outlining her pristine face were drenched by droplets of rain  sliding down finally ending near her bosom. Kesar's eyes were wide open as if  he had been struck by the same lightening which glistened in the backdrop of the twilight sky. Words failed him ,as he tried to mentally describe her charm. His gaze was transfixed as if in a trance. Just a metre away she stood. He felt as if a ray of light penetrated to the depths of his being. He was under the notion that the flame which she had ignited ever since he met her could be QUENCHED so easily. HE WAS TOTALLY WRONG.HE FELT THE SAME ANXIETY 'THE SAME RESTLESNESS AND THE SAME URGE WHICH HAD ROBBED HIS PEACE OF MIND.Gulaal tied her hair in a bun and within seconds  ,her legs aimed and she kicked the football. He stood still 'ALMOST zapped and motionless   with his hands by his side though every moment the irresistible desire to fondle with her rain bathed hair made him mad.

SMASH!! Something hit his cheeks and he was knocked off. His head reeled and next he knew he was lying the the small puddle of mud created due to the rain .CLAPS ,CHEERS,JEERS AND LAUGHTER echoed in the surroundings .Kesar quickly shook his head and got up coming out from his inertia of stupor.

THE FOOTBALL HAD HIT THE GOAL ran up to the field cheering and hugged Gulaal .Kesar stood motionless Clueless of his surroundings, clueless of what happened. The crowd went berserk with cheers watching from the far away shades .

Gulaal smirked and giving him a condescending look pointed at him and signalled a thumbs DOWN and walked away with RV .


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The architecture was singular and quaint, reminiscent of the old world charms as the huge arches with chipped off plasters bits, drizzling white snow like flakes of limestone stood magnificently tall.

"Hmm not Bad At all!!,",She nodded her head and washed her hands in the wash basin of the emergency duty room. Though dilapidated yet the room was pretty much ok for a Govt. institution. It had been raining incessantly since evening. The roar of the thunder seemed to rise from the depths of the heavens above .The day had been quite happening for Gulaal. Almost drained after a long tiring lecture schedule followed by the encounter in the football ground and finally landing up in her late evening shift finishing all the duty rounds, Gulaal finally breathed a sigh of relief scrutinizing the duty room. Neatly placed bed in one corner with a huge teak table eaten by termites at places and some Sagaun chairs old ,yet freshly coated with varnish to hide the tartars chipping off at places were strewn in the entire room. Attached was a washroom and the window nearby ,gave a panoramic view of the lonely brooding hills. The Rain was growing harsher every passing minute along with the gusts of wind that swayed the leaves of a tiny money plant climber adorning the hinges of the window.

Humming a tune at her heart's content, Gulaal occasionally admired her reflection in the mirror just placed above the wash basin. SHE WAS LOOKING PRETTY in her elegant sari which she never forgot to wear on emergency shifts. Though clumsily wrapped yet, her smile brightly lit up her countenance as she loosened the grip of her tied hair and curved them on her shoulders while the comb worked on her entangled curls. The fine drizzle of the limestone powder from the cloud of chipping plaster fell on her head and her laughter echoed in the lonely room .There was TV in one corner too. She planned to watch some movie to keep her awake .Twiddling and slowly de tangling the oppressed curls of her hair, Gulaal was completely oblivious to the anxious pair of eyes watching her from the tiny crevice of the half opened washroom door, a heart was beating a mile every passing second as she opened her lip gloss bottle and dipping the feathery brush in the delectable strawberry potion painted her lips followed by a huge pout and wink to celebrate her bubbling spirit. The moment was again the one which made him mad.Kesar was again not in his senses. After being badly hit and insulted ,he was here on his clinical duty .Little did he knew that the fire which he had been trying to vanquish and avoid would be again right in front of his eyes to test his patience. HE DETESTED the mere sight of her, coz she made him FORGET himself. Never in his life had he been attracted to someone to these CRAZY LIMITS. He gritted his teeth at his own ANNOYING OBSESSION. In his strange sense he felt lost.

Kesar's heart beat rose and his in his vague imagination he already wanted to caim those rosy mouth of hers as they puckered while she placed a little pillow beneath her saree and mkicked one of her pregnant patient of her.Kesar was amused

(KESAR'S CONFESSION-Strange but this woman who was actually making me mad  was a complete clown when left alone.The gestures of her hand ,the expressions of her face made me yearn for her some more)

"Ouch a tiny little rat ran across the room making   her feet as a sprint and she squealed in horror and bent down .Strange, but the sari which was meant to cover her actually made her even look more tempting, thought Kesar leering at her as the bend gloriously revealed her beautiful bare back, her petite waist leaving little to his already WILD imagination. He was SUPPOSED to hate her .In his heart deep inside a feeling was sleeping 'ONE GLANCE,ONE GESTURE ' was enough to awaken it.He had yielded to her at the first meeting ,the vibrations of his heart ,whether he wished to do so or not. He scrutinised her through and through.

"Achooo",Sneezing a bit and wiping her already red nose .,Gulaal cursed Kesar in her mind for being the cause of her cold and pouted again to fix the stray streak of gloss on the edge of her lips.

KESAR'S CONFESSION-God is actually never merciful, the rain had wreaked havoc on both my mind and body and then something STRANGE happened.)

"Achooo", The haunted silence of the room echoed with a giant roar of Kesar's sneeze jolting Gulaal as she turned around.She grew strangely terrified looking at him.WONDERS NEVER CEASE TO EXIST!!Kesar instead looking like a deer caught in headlights walked with his usual SMIRK on his face with unsure yet firm steps.

GULAAL : "Wohi ruk jao'.", Gulaal got hold of whatever she could in her hand and SPLASH!!

Kesar burst laughing. In her anxiety .,she had sprayed his face with the LIQUID SOAP from the dispenser kept on the basin. The fresh smell of lavender filled the room and Kesar's eyes reduced to tiny specks ,while he laughed like a parrot wiping off his face and moved again towards her.'

GULAAL : "I said STOP ..Or I will hit you, "Gulaal grabbed the earthen pot which formed the anchor of the money plant and swung her hand high up in the air.

'"RUK LAG JAYEGI'",.Kesar raised his arms caught off guard.

GULAAL : 'MMMAIN MAAIN SAch main mar dungi..'

"Use Rakh de'Lag jayegi mujhe'.",Kesar raised both his arms signalling her to stop.

Gulaal looked at him confused for a second and placed the pot back on the window and muttered, "Suno'Wohi ruko tum warana bahut marungi'waise tum yahan kar kya rahe ho mera picha ?

He walked close to her and smiled folding his hands across the bosom, "Meri Bhi clinical duty hai'"

GULAAL : "To Student and intern duty room mein jao Yahan Senior resident room mein Kya kar rahe ho'",Gulaal rolled her eyes.

"Wahan repair ka kaam chal raha hai'Waise'" Kesar winked at her,"I hope you do not mind sharing the room with me for the rest of the time'Ahem ahem ", He nodded flirtatiously,"Dar mat waise bhi...Main duty pe hun...I do not mix Duty with pleasure...Or you want me to'", An irritating chuckle rasped by Kesar gradually transformed into words as he looked at Gulaal reveling in his own cunning smile.

"OH SHUT UP!! Listen you SLEAZY little BRAT'" Gulaal gritted her teeth in absolute RAGE, but her statement was cut short by a sudden interruption.

DOCTOR, emergency case Delivery hai'" Said the staff nurse trying hard to catch her breath barging in to the room

"Ok Chalo take her in and call the gynaecologist on duty and paediatrician too'",Gulaal quickly shifter her attention to the demand of action of the situation and instructed her

"Koi nahi hai Madam'Barish ki wajah se koi nahi aye duty pe.."

"Arghhh these Govt. Lazy fellows",Gulaal stomped her feet pausing for a second,"Ok take her in, I will manage but I need some assistance, Intern ko bulao Sister.."

The staff nurse nodded her head in denial'

"Arghhh..Kal sabki report karungi'One minute ..",Gulaal turned back towards Kesar,"You come with me'Delivery assist kara loge'",Gulaal questioned him anxiously waiting for his reply.

"Me ",Kesar's eyes popped out in Shock,Shocked,"Emmm I mean I have seen a couple of deliveries and read theory too but never assisted. Pata nahi.Confused",Kesar replied confused.

"Oh do not worry  ..Do As I instruct but I need help'Will you'",Gulaal looked him with much anticipation in her eyes.

"Yup Ok let's go'",Kesar patted her back and both of them proceeded to the labour room


A chaos was prevalent as Gulaal panted and the Lady shouted with all her might. Sweat droplets beaded on her forehead as she yelled, "This stupid lady is not co-operating-..Suno'.Relax karke push karo warna..Phir mat kehna..",Gulaal was irritated ,The child was in distress and the mother was skeptical ,making the delivery even more difficult.Gulaal was about to shout again only to be shocked and stopped by sight which she could have never ever imagined in life. He held her hands and rubbed her forehead patting her cheeks with so much tenderness that Gulaal actually had to pinch herself hard to believe that this was the same Kesar who rolled his eyes and gritted his teeth every now and then, Mumbling something in  the patient's ears and massaging her belly ,holding her hands in utmost tenderness, Kesar's gentleness shocked Gulaal.

A loud scream and  out came the tiny lump  bursting from the bag of liquid and blood.

Tiny little eyes and equally tiny feet, Gulaal shouted, "Sister Tray'."

Clipping the last pieces of the bond which tied the tiny angel which just opened her eyes in  the world, Gulaal placed her carefully on the tray and ordered, "Kesar you finish the stiches"

Taking equally prompt action ,Kesar took over and carefully finished the stitches one by one while talking to the patient and consoling her with his tender words. All that Gulaal's ears could decipher was some unknown Language familiar yet incomprehensible.

Wiping away and gently cleansing up the skin of the baby and sucking up the traces of mucous from the mucous sucker from her windpipes .Gulaal quickly marked the APGAR score ( SCORE TO ASSESS THE CONDITION OF THE BABY)

To her horror it was far below normal. Making things worse ,The baby started becoming blue at visible places .

'Sister Oxygen ",Screamed Gulaal rapidly trying to activate her breathing  reflexes.

"Sister Injection'",Gulaal screamed again..

She was almost on the verge of tears. Attachment had been her weakest link and her hands started shivering.This had been her drawback since the very beginning,During extreme,ely critical conditions hse just froze ,Looking at the tiny little babay on the tray and her sinking conditions Gulaal could neither move nor react .OPnly her eyes brimmed with tears.

"DOCTOR DOCTOR'",the sister kept shaking her but Gulaal felt paralysed as she looked at the worsening situation of the baby. Her hands trembled as she held the injection nervously. Her voice choked .The rapid decrease in the breaths of the baby made her heart sink. She felt incapable. Her hands trembling and unable to move-COLD AS ICE AND FROZENA pair of warm ones held her hands. A tear rolled down her cheeks as she turned around to look in those eyes which showed assurance.

"RELAX", Those were the deep words which last seeped into her heart as he took the injection in his hands and pushed it into the tiny flesh of the equally tiny being.Fixing up the oxygen pipe and a  few more resuscitating injections, the muffled screams slowly and gradually peaked into shrill cries and  finally reached its crescendo as the tiny angel opened her big brown eyes and cried with all her might deeply sucking the air in her lungs.Tears rolled down Gulaal's cheeks as she saw Kesar wrapping her in a neat towel as she cried hugging her near his bosom and cradled her rubbing his hands on her cheeks.A HUGE SIGH and Gulaal was in such sheer delight that she placed her head on his shoulder looking at the baby and almost choked with sobs.Glancing quickly upon his shoulders ,he saw those tear drenched eyes ,which broke something inside him, making him mumble, "Hey she is fine now'See'"

Within seconds the tiny angel was in Gulaal's arms as she hugged her near her bosom and tickled her chin which made her yawn a bit. Gulaal looked at her with deep affection while Kesar looked at the ecstatic smile of Gulaal. Suddenly he felt like a little boy ' boy brimming over with life and laughter watching her with the baby.(KESAR'S CONFESSION-It was a moment I saw her in  a new light not as someone who I wanted to crush in my arms ,but as an entirely different form of a woman ,with warmth of affection seeping from her eyes. She reminded me of Ija'My mother who used to have the same look while she used to ruffle my hair. I FELT LIKE I WAS BORN AGAIN THE SAME MOMENT.)


Taking a deep breath  and a  huge sigh of relief ,Gulaal scribbled the final delivery notes on her the patient's file, "Sister ye complete ho gaya hai. I will leave in 15 mins..Next duty pe jo bhi ho unhe file dikha dena..OK'

Saying this Gulaal got up and paced up towards the doctor's duty room to pick up her bag. It was Saturday night and she was supposed to leave for home.Yawning ,fixing the pallu of her sari ,she opened the door only to be shocked. Kesar was sitting idly and was switching channels .A nice overtly explicit love making scene was going on in some English movie. Shocked for seconds. Both of them Looked at each other.Suddenly Gulaal burst laughing "Hahahahahhaha OMG '"

"No..No no'.I was just changing channels",Kesar tried to explain. It was true .He was bored to death sitting alone so he was aimlessly switching channels and WHAT  A STRANGE COINCIDENCE OR BAD LUCK. Gulaal just made an entry at the PERFECTLY wrong time.

"It's ok ..It's ok hahhahahahahahha",Gulaal tried hard to suppress her laughter and threw herself on the chair, while Kesar finally managed to change the channel after fighting with the remote which felt twice in embarrassment.

"Hhhahahahhahahha",Gulaal kept on laughing

"No ..I was not watching it'",KESAR KEPT ON EMPHATICALLY REPEATING. His face was scarlet red with embarrassment.

(KESAR'S CONFESSION- PERFECT TIMING FOR A PERFECT KACHRA '.I was not even watching it and she thought'ok now seriously before I saw Gulaal I never had such wild thoughts ever..If only she knew that its not the TV but her mere presence which had made me a cheap monster )

"Ek baat puchun..Tum ladkon k dimag mein sirf yahi chalta hai kya..Gosh you all are so sick..HHAHAHHAHAH",Gulaal laughed hard so much that she placed her head on table and her shoulders vibrated due to her constant giggling.

"No..You are all getting wrong'",Kesar was now irritated'

Gulaal still with her head down on the table tried hard to speak ,"Chill it's ok'hahhahahahhahahhahahah"

"Gosh STOP IT WILL YOU'",kesar almost yelled in irritataion.

Gulaal's laugh suppressed to giggles and finally she only faint breaths were audible. There was complete silence for seconds. Kesar looked at her in awe. Her carefree laugh just like a wild child running free across the meadows attracted him like magnet. All of a sudden, Gulaal turned towards him and said in a low soft tone, "THANKS'YOU WERE GREAT TONITE"She was sitting at the table,leaning on her elbows with his head in her hands.

First a wave of pride and then a sweet little thrill , went all over him and then when he looked into her eyes which beamed with lots of respect for him ,a tremendous throb went through his heart.

"What..",She snapped her fingers in front of his eyes.

He simple nodded his head still in utmost reverie.

GULAAL : "Waise ek baat puchuin"


GULAAL : "Tum ladke humesha as ghatiya batein hi sochte ho kya'"


GULAAL : I mean wo TV hahahahhahahahah",Gulaal rolled laughing

ARGHHH Stop it..Or'"

Ek baat aur puchun..Tumne us patient se aisa kya kaha ki wo   co'perate Karen lagi..",Gulaal asked curiously.

"Wooo",Kesar placed his head on the backrest and said,"Bas yehi ki Ma banna duniya ka sabse bada sukh hai'uske liye bas thodi si pareshaani jhel lo'" Kesar said casually.

A LITTLE SILENCE FOLLOWED AS GULAAL JUST STARED AT HIM IN DISBELIEF. His demure voice and contrasting personality was attracting her badly .She was lost in his sweetness which was just like a BOLT OUT OF THE BLUE for her.

"Main tumhe ab tak samajh nahi payi Kesar,You are such a sweet heart",She said almost in one go LOOKING AT HIM WITH A STRANGE SOFT RADIANCE.She realised that Kesar ,be his heart as dark as night still had a spark in the most humble impulse of the truth. He was just a lost soul ,for which a tiny lamp was enough to light up his path.Kesar was lost in her smile for a second. He saw her in a completely new light. Her radiant smile instantly warmed up his heart. He wanted to say so many things to her but just could not find the right words.Kesar looked at her with desperation. Like a bee she was sucking his heart ,but little did he know that the beauty of his heart was trying to keep her captive. Both of them kept on looking at each other with difference in their perspectives.

"Main chalti hun ab my duty time over'Your's",Gulaal broke the trance and trying hard to mask her awkwardness picked up her bag

'"2 hrs more",Kesar replied with a frown on his face.How would he spend those miserable hours without her? He was clueless. Like a man undoubtedly who has seen bliss finds the world insipid, he was now used to her company .The drab duty hours would now be a nightmare for him.

"It's late I should leave now". She began , and suddenly waving her hand she turned abruptly towards the door

"Bye'.",Gulaal spread her warm smile and was about to walk away when suddenly Kesar came up with an excuse 'HE DESPERATELY NEEDED ANY PRETEXT TO STOP HER.

"Wwwo Barish ho rahi hai'.",Kesar stuttered.

"Duh..I have my car,waise bhi its weekend M going home..",Gulaal nodded her head.

Kesar was slapped with a reply which made his excuse sound all the more STUPID. He remained silent with a very unpleasant feeling in his mind as he saw her walking away.

"Oyeee..",He called her yelling.

Gulaal stopped a little surprised and turned around

Kya hua.".She asked

"Kuch nahi.."The terrible state of awkwardness zipped Kesar's mouth as he muttered,"Kuch nahi bas Sambhal k jana 'It's late.."

"HAHHAHAHHAHHA 'Tumhare alawa aur koi bhi hai yahan jisse mujhe khatra hai'.",She giggled, "Don't worry'I am  MORE SAFE WITHOUT YOU "Gulaal walked away leaving Kesar disheartened yet still stupefied for quite some time.

Gulaal switched the lights of her room and hurled the keys on the table. She was very tired   and she fell on the bed completely exhausted.

She buried her head inside the pillow and closed her eyes. A smile escaped her lips as she recalled the cute face of the new born and Kesar's smile.

All of a sudden ,her phone bell rang.An unknown number flashed on the screen. Fluttering her eyelids  ,she picked up the phone and answered the phone


"You reached home safely", A familiar voice with concern in his voice replied. Gulaal instantly knew it was him.

"Kesar'Hmmm ",Gulaal bit her tongue for her extra enthusiasm which she showed on receiving his call. She amazed at how on earth he managed her phone number .But then she smacked her forehead recalling that her phone number was written on the DUTY CHART.

A silence ensued as Kesar rubbed the bridge of his nose still clueless what to say.

"Ok Goodnight", The tinkling of Gulaal's crystalline tone jolted Kesar .

"No'I want to say something",Kesar's lips trembled with anxiety

"Hmmm",Gulaal's voice choked trying to fathom what he was going to say.

"Listen I want to say something "

Haan bolo m listening'

"Woo'Woo..Ever since I met you'HMMM..I HAVE THIS WEIRD FEELING'I mean'my mind is cluttered with horrible thoughts'I try to resist ..But I am tempted ..I become mad when I see you'My mind just fills with weird thoughts'You understand what I am trying to say'I AM TIRED FIGHTING MYSELF. Kesar felt indescribably puzzled-- clueless what he was blabbering .Ever since he had met her his life was a funeral pyre .He needed to get rid of his burden very soon

(KESAR'S CONFESSION-After fighting day and night with my insatiable urge to claim her,I decided to put an end to my madness.Somehow I had this stupid conviction that once ,I blurt out everything and threaten her .I will be relieved and back to normal again )

"Hmmm",Gulaal felt as if her throat was dry as dust. Gulping a lump in her throat ,this was all that she could mutter.

"Tu nahi samajh rahi'What I am trying to say'The fact is that'."..He stopped for a second took a deep breath , The fact is  OK..'I want you ..Yes I want you 'very badly..I just want you'.I am not able to resist myself when I SEE YOU'. your eyes keep on inviting me,"Kesar's heart hammered beneath his bosom  ,his breaths rapid as he moved his fingers through his hairs., "..I feel an urge to grab you in my arms 'your lips'.I feel like 'See itna bura koi soch sakta hai kisi k barein mein..MUJHE APNE AAP SE HI DAR LAGNE LAGTA HAI'Isiliye tu please mujhse bahut dur reh 'main nahi chahta ki main tujhe NUKSAAN pahunchun'Please JUST STAY WAY FROM ME.Please HELP me'Gulaal'Gulaal ..are you even listening..Hello ..Hello'"Kesar kept on blabbering but Gulaal was stopped DEAD in her tracks.

Her whole being started shivering and his baritone gave her shivers.SHE WAS SCARED .She was HELL SCARED .The feeling of being desired irresistibly started sinking in leaving her aghast.


"Please say something'",Kesar's desperate voice kept on repeating.Gulaal was silent .A complete silence followed as Kesar could hear nothing but her deep breaths while Kesar tried hard to calm himself.

"Say something '.or better do something to put me off like apply some ugly make up 'blacken your teeth anything..",Kesar kept on blabbering . Gulaal's firm, lips refused to open but her face was saturated with the shrill joy and wonder of this honest revelation so much that she actually started giggling at the wretchedness of his plight.

(TINKY'S TWEET-Only someone idiotic like me can giggle in such a situation.Here someone was telling me how he has such weird thoughts about me but All on earth I could do was to giggle)AngryAngryAngryAngry

"YOU FIND THIS FUNNY ..GODDAMN YOU'WAIT TILL I DO SOMETHING TERRIBLY WRONG..Tab dekhta hun kaise hansi ati hai..",Kesar banged his fist on the table in anger, "You wait ,you wait till I grab you in my arms,kiss you till you have no thoughts left in your mind and ..and '",Kesar's heartbeat quadrupled every passing second as he kept on fighting himself .Gulaal's skin broke in a cold clammy sweat,her face grew pale as if she had seen a ghost.

"Isiliye keh raha hun..please rok le mujhe'.kuch aisa kar ki mere dimag mein jo tu 24 ghante ghum rahi hai wo sab kuch normal ho jaye '.",Kesar's voice quivered and his beaths became tired.The desperation and helplessness in his voice choked him.Gulaal was too horrified to react.

"Bol karegi na meri HELP",Kesar kept on begging.

 "Hmmm ",Gulaal summoned up all the courage she had left I her .APALLED BY HIS HONEST AND UNINHIBITED CONFESSION .She felt pity for him and at the same time felt horrible.Deep in her soul something stirred so small,so fine ,that her restless heart was not able to recognize.

"Tutu no'",Gulaal removed tutu who was happilly jumping on her.,"Naughty girl jab dekho you just jump over me'"Gulaal twitched her nose fighting with Tutu wo was trying to chew off her dress.

"See this is what I mean ..I mean can you imagine ,I actually felt jealous of the STUPID DUMB cat of yours'errr I mean that fluffy angel'But I want you very badly..I go mad when I see you..Isliye m telling you Just stay away from me far far away.",Kesar's anxiety conveyed itself irresistibly.Kesar sais innocently and Gulaal who had been far away from him was moved.

Gulaal for a second was lost in his voice so much that she dreaded being enslaved 'SO FAR that she was afraid to be desired too deeply .She did not want his passion to bind her..It was strange feeling.No one had ever talked to her like this THREATENING YET VULNERABLE at the same time.She could not utter anything in confusion.

For she stood with a divided heart .The fresh ,pure and unforgettable love of Karan was hers,the treasured ,sacred memory of the wonderful bonding she shared was bound to her.But the other half of her heart and soul was SCARED ,the more she tried to process what Kesar meant ,THE MORE FEAFUL her heart became.

"Wo main"Gulaal found her voice to reprimand him harshly but instead he said,"Sun someone is there sona mat..Call you in few minutes..mere phone ka intezaar karegi na'",Kesar softly asked her with anxiety ,his chest heaving up and down with the stormy revelation of his feelings.He was feeling light 'IN FACT MUCH LIGHTER.The burden of his own misery had driven him to the point of insanity ..but now he had   decided  that he would end this for once and all.

"Bol na ..karegi 'intezaar..",Kesar asked again..

"hmmm".Gulaal barely knew what was she doing and muttered and decided to talk to him clearly and give him a piece of his mind later.

"Chinky..OMGEEE Chiii",After contemplating for a few moments ,Gulaal anxiously walked and peeped inside Chinky 's room only to be appalled to find him watching po*n.

Quickly switching off the desktop screen ,RV got up nad yelled,WTH di..Knock karke to ayegi'."

"Acha'Mujhe knock karke ana chahaiye?",She pulled his ears and scolded, "Ye kahan se aya'."

"Pinky brought it'",Rv chirped happily

"OMGEEE Is Pinky Back?YEAY'",Gulaal rubbed her palms in excvitement

"Pure Do din k liye '"

"O wow!! Kahan hai?"

"Gone to collect Rewa'He he'"

Di'",RV held Gulaal's hand in excitement and switched on the music system which blared with Michael Jackson's song.."I'm Bad I ' bad you know it'."

And started dancing'Gulaal too joined him and said excitedly,"Kya baat hai chinky ji..aaj to bahut khush hai'."

"Wo to honga hi..He he..",Rv SMILED said something to Gulaal.

Gulaal felt as if the whole earth crumbled beneath her feet.SHE WAS HORRIFIED.

She frantically honked tapping her fingers nervously   on steering wheel,her face pale and creases of worry adorned her forehead .

"Damn damn!!,She honked with all her might,the SUV struggling to steer clear from the traffic jam caused due to the overflowing of the water on the bridge.It was raining cats and dogs.The pools of water puddled through the dingy streets as Gulaal drove at a maddening speed.Mumbling a silent prayer ,she tried hard to breathe and calm  down her racing heart beat .

The car screeched as she applied her brakes.The flashing headlights fell on HIM as she  saw him lying down on the ground which was already filled with puddles and pools of muddy water.The light from the headlights of numerous cars and bikes flooded the otherwise dingy dark night.The wind was howling through the trees .Gulaal opened the car door,getting down hastily as she ran towards HIM .Pushing aside numerous boys who were standing with hockey sticks and chains laughing ,Gulaal ran upto Kesar lying in the pool of blood.Horror paralysed her limbs ,her mouth parted in shock .His collar had been torn away ,tattered were his clothes.his skin battered blue with bruises and cuts.The oozing blood from the sharp cut on his lips flowed along with the rain droplets splashing across his face and from head to toe he was covered with algae and muddy water.

"Kesar ..",A loud scream and Gulaal slopped on to the ground beside him and held him in her arms.Kesar looked at her with worry,"Tu yaha kyun ayi …Go go jaldi Run..and Call Negi..Go now…"

Gulaal just looked at his wounded body and held his face in her hands.He pushed her aside with all his might as his hands were tied and yelled,"Go run…Ja tujhe yahan nahi ana chahiye tha…"

Gulaal looked at him with horror and parted lips.Kesar was breathing heavily.

Gulaal was about to get up ,when THOSE STRONG ARMS pulled and dragged her away.

"Oyeee Don't you dare touch her…Jo bhi hai tere mere beech hai..Use haath mat lagana…Sale..Bas ek baar mere haath khol de..I promise tu zinda nahi bachega…Gulaal ko ek kharomch bhi ayi..To ..main tujhe zinda nahi chodunga…..",Kesar yelled but HE KEPT on Smiling holding Gulaal's hand.

Kesar struggled hard to free himself..while Gulaal looked at HIM shocked.

"Use jane de…Itne salon baad akhir baat kya hai…Kis baat ka badla le raha hai…Himmat hai to akele lad mujhse…Pichle adhe ghante se mar raha hai…Bas ek baar mere haath khol de you @%$@4%%%%& I swear to God I will finish you.",Kesar yelled

HE broke into a cynical laughter ,"Maro ise aur…"

The other boys rushed and started hitting him madly .

Gulaal pushed HIM with all her strength and cried loudly,"STOP IT !!"I said STOP IT!!

"Tu is sab k beech mat pad,"HE WARNED HER.

"Oh SHUT up….Warna yahin muh tod dungi…",Gulaal gritted her teeth in anger.

"No …You should leave Gulaal RIGHT NOW!Dekh use jane de….".Kesar pushed other people and ran towards Gulaal.

Before he could reach her ,HE SMASHED HIS FACE WITH A HUGE BAT.Blood spurted from his mouth as he fell on the ground.

"PINKYYY….",Gulaal yelled at pushed him…

"How dare you …Pinky jaan se marega kya ise ….Leave him I said ".Gulaal yelled as HE and Kesar looked shocked.

 "Tujhe kya laga tu mere bhai ko torture karega aur tub ach jayega….Abir yahan se bhale hi bahut pehle pass out ho gaya hai par aaj bhi uski pahunch wahn hai jahan se tum sab pahadiyon ki soch khatam hoti hai….",He yelled threatening Kesar.Kesar felt as if someone had struck him with lightening .His voice choked and his mouth parted in horror.Gulaal was Abir's sister and RV his brother.


"Chalo sab line se kapde utar k dance karo…",Abir kicked all the juniors standing in line.Kesar shivered in fear and anxiety .Uttrakhand had not formed yet .Dehradun was still a part of U.P.

"Tum sale bloody pahadis yahan sab k sab charity case ho…",Abir Kicked Kesar on his abdomen…

"Band kar do salon ko…Morgue mein sab ki akal tabhi thikane ayegi….",Tiny beads of sweat trickled from his forehead ,as Kesar  stripped along with others and the whole lot was shooed off and locked in the darkness of the morgue.Hours passed in anguish as the punjent smell of formalin made him choke..Kesar puked along with other.His head was throbbing with pain as he shivered in the cold morgue in temperature somewhere near 2-3 degrees.

 ABIR : "Di tu Beech mein mat pad..Isne Chinky ko haath lagaya….",Abir's roaring voice brought him back from his walk down the memory lane .KESAR WAS SHOCKED OUT OF HIS WITS.Abir gritted his teeth and was about to him when Gulaal pushed him back,"Pinky Go home..NOW!!"

ABIR : Di tu….

GULAAL : Pinky Bada kaun hai …I SAID GO NOW.

ABIR :Par Di isne…

GULAAL : "Agar ye janwar hai to tub hi janwaron jaisa behave karega…hmmm..ismein aur tujhmein farq kya reh jayega…"

ABIR : "Di tu aaj hat ja iska marna to tay hai…

GULAAL : "Aur agar tune ise haath bhi lagaya to ek jhapad marungi tujhe…"

"Aye Boss se aise baat mat karo..", A BOY FROM THE CROWD YELLLED

GULAAL : "Bloody Rascal…Boss hoga tera…Mera bhai hai hai…wo bhi pure 15 min 40 sec chota …mujhse …I SAID PINKY GO HOME WARNA YEAHIN JHAPAD MARUNGI..GO NOW!!"

Abir and Kesar looked at Gulaal in SHOCK.


Abir Tomar a.k.a PINKYTongueGulal's twinEmbarrassed


Guys m back..BEING ON ROTTEN TOMATOES AND BRICKBATS ..Missed you all..Hope you had a wondeful Dussehra .I am sorry I went on a long vacation Had so much fun in Durga Puja in Jabalpur TongueMuahhh to all my wonderful readers and my dearwas HugBIG HUGS HugHugHugHugHug

REGARDING THE STORY..I  AM SURE EVERYONE WILL BE READY TO THROW MOJRIS AT ME..BUT YES BACK ON POPULAR DEMAND HE IS BACKTongueAbir ki diwanis aa jaoEmbarrassedand YES ..This Abir is very different from MKKDHLOLAb lot many questions must be there..Par M LEAVING THE CHAPPI AT A CLIFFHANGERLOLEVIL MUHEvil SmileEvil SmileEvil SmileEvil SmileEvil SmileEvil SmileEvil SmileEvil SmileEvil Smile



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minizz IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 18 October 2012 at 3:26am | IP Logged
PiuHugloved the there's a little mystery about Kesar's past too...something to do with his father.Why do I get the feeling that Gulaal and Kesar's pasts are intertwined?hmmm I am loving the little peaks into the past especially PST and Som's past.They too seemed to have quite a volatile love story of their own na...awww Twinkle likes Chinky...good.I love this coupleEmbarrassedKesar's sorry melted me too so no wonder Gullu felt a bit zappedLOLhehehe haan bechara phir se izzat ka kachra kar diya na Gullu ne and upar se cheating.Their fiery encounters are making me very nervous yet I am so looking forward to the next dhamaakedaar oneEmbarrassedLOLI hope you will be able to update the next chapter soon.Thank you so much for this wonderful updateBig smile

I loved the poster for this chapter.Kesar is looking awesomeEmbarrassed

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enchanted23 Goldie

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res Embarrassed


And I thought I was the only one who commented way too late, I am happy to say I am just second this time, guess everyone else is waiting for 3-C Piyu, you better update soon….

So I loved that little skirmish between Mother and Daughter bringing about two very poignant issues to light

1.       Gulaal's  viewpoint on comfort and luxury that wealth could buy

2.       And her heartfelt wish to see her father receiving that pardon from her mother  so that his soul could rest at peace

I do hope her wish is granted soon and as far as point one is concerned,it's good to know that she understand the fact the the wealth could not buy her mother the love and comfort she always craved for and neither would take her very far in life is she got dependent on it,smart girl….

I am really intrigued about Som and PST ka past, they seem to have travelled the same path on which their daughter is treading now and also agree with Mini's opinion that past holds key to how their future is going to shape up, some bond never break, time can only hide them below it's veil but they have tendency to emerge resilient and stronger more than ever….

Now chinky's found his voice due to the fact that a pretty gal is overlooking his nimble footwork,aha!! So it's takes gal appreciative glance for him to realise he is a boy..good going Chinky you do need a man like Gulaal to protect you…..hopefully she will always be around to do that….

And finally to the yet another fiery confrontation ,I loved his apology, her one teardrop is enough for him to let go of his ego, his surrounding,his self even, she comes above all of them, and those eyes –mirror to his soul-did reveal his sincerity naturally she was lost for a moment oblivious to her surroundings..she is going to fall for him very hard and that time there won't be any turning back….you are just repeating history Gulaal…ask your mom…how difficult it will be to leave those intense and passionate eyes,how lonely and worthless an existence without the comfort of those arms and how futile and pointless a life without your reflection….and I will await for that time Piyu…with bated breath…..Lovely updateHug…hope you can bring the next one really soon……..


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enchanted23 Goldie

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Piyu updated my comments on 3-B...Please update 3-C really soonDay Dreaming

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manzilmukul IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 28 October 2012 at 11:46am | IP Logged
Hello Guys..I know I am late but Muaaah to all of youHug

Thanks to all my wonderful ReadersHug
fatmaghozinish89kaytesamia999kreasenchanted23nneeiillMR21minizzarti07Geeshu, kavi.bidaainish89kayteSkittle16sharmishtaAyushii_Angelkalika.jalantaenchanted23princessofkesarMR21minizzprachuryanneeiillKeithuuGeeshukiran_trudecentwithout-fathom-Swetha-

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Incense IF-Sizzlerz

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res Cry

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