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He heLOL so for all those who thought These two could stay away from each other.LOLWell at least both of them had planned so but as they say Its all a matter of fate and destinyLOLAnd Twinkle and Me ahem ahem Still more to comeWink

Now coming to the next rule.Well as you all saw tiniest hints of attraction were there in the BIG BANG…Follwed by the Laws of Attraction REDEFINED !!So we come come to RULE NO.3


Not everything can be planned in life!! Its the ultimate destiny which plays its role in shaping your life.

STATUS: Maintained

Who said only things can be planned in life ?It's Ultimately your destiny whichj makes its own rules 1Do not believe me…See for yourself….




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Gulaal splashed lots of cold water on her face. She was absolutely restless. A look so intense from Kesar, his eyes had not left her. An unimaginable amount of nervousness gripped her as she wiped her face and was about to step out from her washroom when suddenly she bumped into HIM.

"aaa",A squeal with fear gripped her. His eyes were bloodshot and she could smell alcohol all over her face.

He moved closer to her slowly distance reducing to mere inches.

"Dddekho..main chillaungi'..dddur raho'Mujhse'",she stammered and stuttered .But HE did not budge. Trembling in anxiety and nervousness, her body broke out in a sweat --profuse and irritating .Her lips trembled as he moved more closer to her . Suddenly his hands brushed her   cheeks which made her tremble. He clasped her hands with a grip so strong that she squealed in horror.  She  saw his eyes ,Flaming ..With extreme passion .A look so scary that it sent a chill down her spine'In severe anxiety ,Gulaal pushed him with all her might ."Ddekho..main bahut zor se chillaungi'..",gulaal muttered

He broke out in a sarcastic laugh jumping upon her and picking her high up in his arms, "Miane kaha tha na..Chali ja'dekh pick up kar liya na tujhe ..ab teri khair nahi'".

Saying this he threw her on the bed .Tears ran down her cheeks as she tried to free herself . He just squeezed her arms hard enough to get a shriek out of her.She hit him madly but he did not budge.His gaze was fixed on her .

"Chinkyyy ..",She tried to scream but his palms hushed her .She broke down, choking on her own words, turning away from his stare trying to free herself from his grip. He was tall and robust with magnificent physique-ALMOST RESOLUTE AND INDESTRUCTIBLE-a rock with a profile of a lion. Her feeble hands could not keep up with his tight grip. She lost all her strength and breathed heavily GIVING UP .His hands moved through her hair gripping it in his fist , "Miane kaha than a chali ja yahan se'".He broke into a cynical laughter as Gulaal looked at him terrified.

"Di'.di'",.A knock on the door turned louder and louder'.Gulaal woke up with a jolt .She was drenched in sweat and her eyes turned towards the clock.It was 3:30 am. Her teeth chattered in fear as looked around. The room was dark. The crickets from the garden were singing in full glory and the moonlight was basking the room .The satin white curtains blew with the slight breeze ushering the beautiful fragrance of the peach blossoms from the garden .The ceiling fan moved fast above. Gulaal shuddered. SHE RUBBED HER FOREHEAD IN AGONY.WHAT HORRIBLE NIGHTMARE IT WAS!!.

'Di di'.Open the door.", RV's voice reminded her that he was knocking at the door.

Paralysed for a few seconds, she got up, her feet trembling ,her frame shivering .

"Arghhh di'Ek to tu apana phone on rakha kar..Karan Jiju se bol ki sab log sote hain subah 3:30 baje arghhh ye leh..tera phone." RV said rubbing his eyes and yawning .

Gulaal took the phone and walked back to her bed and RV too followed her .She sat leaning on the backrest and RV cuddled up on her lap."Di ab main room tak nahi ja raha'",Within seconds he was snoring .Gulaal kept her hand on his cheeks and patted them.

"Hello'",She tried hard to find her quivering voice .

"Tinks",An ecstatic scream from the other side jolted her


Tears brimmed Gulaal's eyes and she said ,"Sach'.?"

KARAN : "O YES !! Muaah m so happy'.Gosh I am at the airport going to Hyderabad for training.,.Tinks..I cannot say How ecstatic I am and Ma.. she is so happy'Tinks..Hello ..hello u there'?

Gulaal tried very hard to control her tears and sobbed loudly .The stormy dream had left her horrified, .more than the good news, she was scared.

KARAN : "Tinks everything fine You ok'"

"Ya..ya..It's just that I am too happy'",She wiped her tears A genuine smile of happiness crossed her face.

KARAN : "Awww Tinks'I am like too excited..bol tere liye kya laun?..PEARLS'"

"Ya'get them wo bhi dher sarein'" ,Gulaal said ecstatically

KARAN : "Yay a..kharcha karwa le..I am rich man now'Tinks I miss you so much'Aaaj to tera bhi BIG day hai na..your results..?"

GULAAL : "ya"

KARAN : "All the best..I am sure you will make it and you will be back to Delhi close to me once again..Gosh I miss you so much..But guess what I am enjoying this phase too coz ab sari zindagi to tere saath hi rehna hai thoda to aur ladkiyon ko dekh lun..

GULAAL : "Aye shut up dekh le..Waise bhi tere life mein mere siwa koi aur nahi aa sakta "

KARAN : "SAD BUT TRUE Hai re meri phooti kismet "

"Dhat dumbo hjaahahhahahaahah",Gulaal laughed hard but suddenly all her excitement went dull thinking about the nightmare.



GULAAL : "I need to tell you something

KARAN : "haan bol na"

GULAAL : There is a guy.."

KARAN : "OMGEE Tinks talking about a guy'Tell me HANDSOME ?"

GULAAL : "shut up"

KARAN : "I bet he is not handsome than me "

GULAAL :"Can u be a bit serious..This guy ..I donno he is weird ..trying to hit on me or something"

KARAN : "OMGEEE That's BREAKING NEWS Finally Tinks ..At least this proves you're not a MAN Warna Poor me..I  thought I was marrying a MAN.

GULAAL : "Gosh Champ you're sick'I am telling you someone is hitting on me and you're happy 'I am not talking to you..

KARAN : "Hey hey Tinks Listen ..DOES IT EVEN MATTER ?Let anyone in this world hit on you..We are getting married hai na..and above all we are BUDDIES'So no one can take away what we share hai na..Tu chill mar na..Tell me tujhe pareshaan to nahi 'agar karta bhi ho to ek phatka marna..I know tu my shera hai'Will be able to deal hai na'."

GULAAL : "Yup..but Mujhe tujhe ye baat batani thi.."

KARAN :Gawwwd Tinks GROW UP..I trust you 'and who knows tere pith k piche I am cheating on you 'See hisab barabar.Tu stress mat le yaar"

GULAAL : "Champ tujhe har baat Mazak lagti hai'"

KARAN : "No Tinks 'See m so serious..It's so COOL'At least now I can happily relax..Tu LADKI  hai "

"Tu wapas aa phir I will show kaun ladki hai.."

KARAN : "O ya'Chal my flight ki announcement ho gayi..Catch ya later "

GULAAL : "I miss you ",She started sobbing again

KARAN :'Tinks ek confession '"

GULAAL : "Yup'

KARAN :Every night I try imagining what would be like kissing you and you know what ewww I cannot kiss a man "

GULAAL : "You ugly monster tu wapas aa"

KARAN : "Bye Tinks Love you'"

"I LOVE YOU TOO ",Gulaal giggled and patting Chinky's cheeks kept aside the phone and went back to sleep with a huge smile.


His firm and resolute steps slowly moved forward .The thin diving board was trembling like a leaf due to his march. His body was on fire. Anxiety was gripping him .Extending his hands up in the air ,He closed his eyes .Her face was right in front of him. SPLASH-He dived deep into the pool and swam vigorously .Each stroke compounding his anger and anxiety. His hands moving furiously as he swam across the turquoise blue pool at the club .His body was on fire .AS IF THE WATER COULD HAVE EXTINGUISHED IT .He suffered excruciating and stabbing pains in his head, but he did not achieve reconciliation of his conflicting passions .It was impossible for him to relax .The struggles lasted even into his troubled sleep last night .Intoxication had ended but what remained was terrible anxiety .Punching his fist in the water which gave him no solace as he had expected ,he walked up the stairs and grabbing his towel wiped away the droplets of water from his face sitting on the recliners. Such a state was completely foreign to him. He felt as if he was at war. War with his strange feelings and his goodness which stopped him    from any madness.

"Kya baat hai..Kla se dekh raha hun ..bahut bechain hai…,",Shivraj who had joined him for a leisurely swin at the evening sensed his restlessness and placed a hand on his shoulder.

"Kuch nahi.."

"Jane de ..Teri shakal pe likha hai..Kal parking lot mein bhi dekha tha aur phir jo tu uske bhai se dosti badha raha tha..sab dekha maine… Tu chahta kya hai akhir Kesar..",Shivraj asked with curiosity.


"Pata nahi…bas bahut jyada bechaini hai…Ajeeb hai…Usko dekh k itne ajeeb khayal atein hain ki bas….Main aisa nahi hun yaar…Tune dekha hai mujhe kisi ladki k barein mein itna sochte hue…itna bura wo bhi…Mian pagal ho jaunga…", Kesar punched his fist in anger .

"Arey bas yaar ..Itni hi bechaini hai to utha k le ate hain…Waise bhi thappad ka hisaab barabar kar lena..",Shivraj smiled one of his crooked smiles .

Kesar was shocked. His reckless character would have delighted in such whole sale destruction.That would have surely been an end to his anxiety and madness .The idea sounded great .Let her scream with all her might. .This would eventually ease his anxiety but suddenly Gulaal 's face flashed before his eyes .The way her face became pale when she said , "Cheeku to her Goldfish,Her childlike innocence when she hugged her pets .All that made him feel GUILTY for his thoughts.

"Kyun kya khyal hai ..Dimag thikane a jayega uska ",Negi said with a sly smirk on his face.

"Aye…Don't you dare samjha…",Kesar was about to say something and then smiled,"Nahi uski koi zarurat nahi hai…waise bhi kal shayad jyada pi li thi .Its ok now…Waise bhi plain walon ko kaun muh lagaye …chal chalte hain..",Kesar walked away leaving Negi appalled and alarmed.

(KESAR'S CONFESSION-NO I am not the bad guy..I would never have harmed her.I COULD NEVER HAVE!!)

 Negi called back Kesar,"Kesar…Tu shayad  SAB KUCH bhul gaya hai…Ek ajeeb si kashish hoti hai in logon mein …..humare liye nahi hai ye log…Sambhal ja …Baad mein bahut pachtayega…"

Kesar looked at Negi and his moistened as he gulped a huge lump in his throat as he recalled what he had tried to forget all his life .

He muttered,"Sahi keh raha hai..mera hi dimag phir gaya tha…"






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The newspaper bunched in her grip, crushed   and crumpled into a ball , Gulaal's head was buried in the heap and she sobbed almost inconsolably. The room was a mess and so were the sheets which lay strewn and rolled up in messy balls .Gulaal was in a state of shock. SHE HAD NEVER IN HER WORST DREAMS EXPECTED THIS TO HAPPEN TO HER!!!NEVER!!

"Chinta ta chita chita chinta ta ta ta'".,Breaking into a strange gypsy dance,he bounced with immense joy.RV COULD'T BE HAPPIER,"yeay iska matlab Tinky di kahin nahi jayegi.."

Arms raised and thrown in ecstatic glee, RV continued his irritating gig.

She looked up with her bloodshot eyes, soaked with tears  ,her face pale with pain and disappointment. She fumed and took out her bunny cosy slipper and hurled it in the air and it hit its TARGET!!SHE HAD NEVER MISSED ANY AIM IN HER LIFE!!

"Ouch Tinky..Di'.",RV squealed in Pain yet he had a goofy grin on his face.

"Mar le mujhe par ab tu kahin nahi jayegi,Chinta ta chita chita chita'",RV chuckled with new enthusiasm and continued hopping in the room.

"MOOOM,"Gulaal screamed with all her and a stomping her foot walked towards PST who was watching this chaos, the rage and finally Gulaal's breakdown for quite some time without intervening.

"MOM Tell him to stop that..Warna main ise bahut marungi'Sari isi ki galti hai'",Gulaal gritted her teeth and walked towards RV and pulled his ears, "Sab teri galti hai..Din raat rota rehta hai'Tinky di mat ja mat ja'Manhus kahin ka'Dekha HAPPY bhagwan ne teri sun li'.Mar ab" ,Gulaal hit him hard while RV was SUPER HAPPY.

(RV's CHIRP-I was mad with excitement and happiness. I still remember how I had howled for days when Di had decided to pursue M.B.B.S from Meerut  ,so much so that she had to rush back every weekend to meet me at Delhi. I can be very demanding when it comes to Di. Mom was never there .But Di was so it was as if my life depended on her and This couldn't be better. Who said Gods do not listen to men ? I cried for nights and God listened FINALLY)

"STOP IT!!,",PST pulled Gulaal's hands and yelled,"Ismein Chinky ki kya galti hai..STOP BEHAVING AS IF THIS IS THE END OF LIFE'!!"

"Yes Mom ..It is the end'2 saal..2 saal de diye maine taki Delhi mein India k sabse bade college se main M.D. kar sakun'.I waited 2 years without a job ,without any friends and even Champ ko bhi SUPER IGNORE kiya just to get through this ..AUR IS CHAKKAR MEIN MAINE KAHIN AUR BHI APPLY NAHI KIYA AND I STILL CAN'T BELIEVE I COULDN'T MAKE IT!!MY LIFE IS FINISHED!!",Gulaal slopped to the floor and started crying.

(RV'S CHIRP-For those who are wondering what exactly went wrong ? Di had everything scheduled in her life .Every moment planned. Her targets set .Her goals marked clear and her motto .LIVE AND PLAN FOR EVERY MOMENT!!Ever since she completed her degree She wanted to do specialization .It was not because she wanted to study but because of Karan Jiju and her marriage. HUSH HUSH that's a different story altogether and after burning the midnight oil so that she could get through the prestigious college in Delhi  ,she failed and her result hurt her ,.SHE COULD NOT MAKE IT)

"Beta beta'Look'.Why are you saying so..You are already a doctor ..M.D ho na ho Kya farq padta hai'.Waise bhi Karan aur tumhari shadi hone wali..Hai..Its ok na..ENJOY this phase of life'"

Gulaal looked at PST with immense hurt  ,"Farq padta hai Mom..mujhe farq padata hai..I cannot play  a  dolled up wifey dearest act with CHAMP..and tag along with him..I have my own identity ..I have my own dreams'.I HAVE MY OWN IDENTITY'All ruined now'.."

"I HAVE MY OWN IDENTITY!! I HAVE MY OWN DREAMS!!"These words echoed in PST's ears .Her voice choked and her eyes misted   with tears. GULAAL WAS HER OWN REFLECTION. She found herself in the same room    ,a shady dark room amidst the hills once again.


"Som ..I have my own dreams , My own life'Aaj tak kya mila mujhe tumse shadi karke..Ghutan'Tumhare sapne ,tumhare pahad ,tumhare log ,tumhara gaon'In sabmein main aur mere bache kahan hain..aur jo ane wala hai..tumhe uski bhi parwah nahi hai..ALL YOU CARE ABOUT IS THIS DAMN VILLAGE AND THESE PAHADI PEOPLE!. .I CANNOT TAKE IT ANY MORE NOW..MAIN JA RAI HUN'",PST walked away hurt and in pain looking at her huge belly and holding the hands of 10 year old  TINKY AND PINKY.

"Mom..Mom..Do u even care..Are you even listening? " ,Gulaal held her hand and shook her

PST returned from her stupor and held Gulaal in her arms and she wept bitterly .RV became silent by now and looked at them clueless to react and sat beside Gulaal making a sad face.

"Tinky'Sun 'You know what'Chinky k college ki kuch paid seats baki hain'I can use some contacts aur tera M.D ho jayega'",PST cupped her face  while Gulaal stared at her.

"Sach..",Gulaal raised her eyebrows with confusion.

"Haan beta 'Sari zindagi paise kamaye hain tum logon k liye hi to hai'Main abhi Mantri ji ko phone karti hun'",PST wiped her tears and got up..

Gulaal held her hand ,"No Mom..This is wrong  ..Ye galat hai..I mean ye mere usoolon k khilaf hai..I will study another year ..and '"

"Offo Tinky'Tu capable hai'We all know ki you are a deserving candidate agar thoda sa rules ko twist kiya to its not a BIG DEAL.."

"BIG DEAL..Of course Mom it's a big deal'I do not want any favours. This is against ethics..",Gulaal folded her hands nodding in disagreement .

PST looked at Gulaal .She was strange mix .A perfect blend of Her dreams and Som's visions. Haughty and bold just like Som when she had met him years ago amidst the hills .The drawl in his speech  ,his great visions everything had bound her to him the moment she had met him. PST's heart choked with the memories of her overtly passionate romance with Som Singh Tomar.

"ETHICS..My foot'tu Mujhe tere baap ki yaad dilati hai..Wohi zid ,wohi akad aur wohi Usoolon ki duhai'",PST said in one go .It was ages after they separated that PST took his name .Gulaal was STUNNED .So was RV.PST was about to break into hysterical tears and Gulaal knew it the very instant. She ran towards her hugging her and sai d,"Ok Mom CHILL'Phone karo..Uncle ko'I have no issues"

"YEAYYY",RV jumped ecstatically with joy as he joined the group hug .PST smiled trying hard to wipe away her tears .

"Par Mom'Tell me na'Tinky di'to Dad k jaisi hai'Do I look like him..?",RV made a curious and sulking face.

Gulaal smacked his forehead  ,"Nahi buddhu..Teri shakal guinea pig jaise hai'",She burst laughing and running as RV ran after her to hit her,"Mom dekho na Tinky di ko'"

PST wiped her tears as a smile escaped her face .RV had definitely bagged all the cute looks of Som, she thought ,The same blushing cheeks and the radiant smile .Her heart sank deep down the memory lane while Gulaal and RV played hide and seek .Still waters run deep. So were her scars and memories which mostly remained hidden from the world. But the truth was under the mask of a smart confident woman ,She sometimes still missed those arms, which used to cuddle her every night with their warmth while the chilly winds bit their skin amidst the tall majestic hills.

The sun was spitting fireballs in virulent puffs as the valley slowly breathed to bear with the heat.It was summer, It was humid and above all ,unbearable .There was once a time when hills were a bliss .Wiping away the tiny droplets of sweat from his tanned red face and fanning his white apron to evaporate the moisture that was making him uneasy, Kesar cursed the RAPID INSURGENCE OF PLAIN PEOPLE AND THE INDUSTRIALIZATION WHICH WAS LEADING TO THE SLOW DEATH OF THE HILLS and their pristine beauty. There was once a time when  stretches of peach orchards and fresh intoxicating aroma from its tiny blooms used to fill his heart with pleasure,  "Damn these Desis'Killed everything.." .His parched throat was eager to grab a glass of water as he walked towards the water tap in the corridor ,dragging his foot and yawning. Afternoon classes were a nightmare and he HATED them.

"Ahhh",He sighed with happiness filling a glass of cold water from the pitcher which was sweating cold droplets in the humid environment.

The muscles of his neck rapidly worked as he gulped the water only to spit it out of SHOCK !!.There his eyes fell upon her. The moment he had been dreading and avoiding. He had lost count of the various times when he had felt an insatiable urge to barge into her house since the last 24 hrs. And there she was to test his patience, to tease him and to challenge his self-restraint right in front of his eyes, standing curious, with her eyes fixed yet searching for something on the notice board. Her fingers scrolling on the paper stuck with multiple pins on the green college notice board. An occasional nod from her head and a bite on her fingers followed by scratching her head  ,Gulaal held his attention. His quenched throat suddenly felt dried and parched than ever ."DAMN",Kesar gritted his teeth and clenched his fist in anger harshly reprimanding himself for giving in again so easily . An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.So he decided to scoot off as soon as possible.

"Ok that's it..", He shook his head and started walking away only to hopelessly turn around to watch her once more. Stolen fruits are sweet .So was the sight of Gulaal for him.The very fact that she was forbidden made him crave for her some more.

"Yeay",He lips parted in a perfect "o" and her nose twitched a bit as a huge smile illuminated her face which was already resplendent with the peach sheen of her dupatta. The ill-fitting cotton suit and the soothing white perfectly balanced with her curls swooping and bobbing around her face, made Kesar lose all self-imposed restrictions once more and he walked towards her.

Gulaal hunched her shoulders adjusting her bag and was about to walk away when suddenly Kesar blocked her way and she was almost on the verge of bumping into him.

"Gosh..You scared me..",Without even looking at him Gulaal said while placing a hand on her bosom.

"Phir bhi tu yahan chali ayi'",Kesar's strong voice made her jump out of her skin as she looked at him horrified.

Her heartbeat quadrupled and she tried to be calm.

(TINKY'S TWEET- After that horrible dream ,I detested the mere sight of him but now when he was right in front of me ,I wanted to run away somewhere.)

"Listen Cut the crap ok..I do not want to waste my time with you..",Gulaal made a disgusted face and was about to walk away when he completely blocked her way.

"Kya hua..Yahan kaise..wo chandramukhi apana waterbottle bhul gaya kya..use dene ayi hai'",Mocking her in the best possible way ,Kesar nodded his head.

"Huh'.",She turned around and pulled him in front of the notice board .Kesar was a little taken aback by this gesture .Her fingers scrolled the huge list which had the names for the M.D scholars shortlisted for this session and her long nails stopped at those words IMPRINTED IN BOLD 'DR. GULAAL TOMAR 'PAID SEAT BRANCH MEDICINE .

Kesar was in ABSOLUTE SHOCK.WORDS FAILED HIM. He looked at her and then the list and then again at her. She would now be dancing on his head 24*7 right in front of him. He was plain hyperactive with MULTIPLE emotions gripping him .HE WAS ELATED-She was doctor ..AND THAT TOO A SEXY ONE ..A breed rare to be found in the college .He WAS SHOCKED-He had never expected her to meet again. .But now that she was in front of him ,HE COULDN'T CONTROL HIS EXCITEMENT.HE WAS ANGRY ---as she would now give him a nightmare trying to tame himself right in front of his eyes.

"Hawa gul'.Dumb FELLOW",Gulaal sensed his surprise and quickly wanted to excuse herself to rush back home.


Trying hard to control his excitement, He smirked,"Oh to Ab chandramukhi ki bodyguard yahan aa gayi hai..Waise Tum desi log bhi ajeeb ho'Yahan hum logon ki sari seats kha lete ho aur jab interiors mein service dene ki bari ati hai'Bhag jatey ho.,.."

"Look who's talking .CHARITY CASE'Suna hai marks bahut hi kam the. TUMHARE .Internal candidate hone ka fayad utha liya ..Suna hai sab kuch scholarship se hi kharcha chalata hai..Ye shirt ,ye chashma ,everything..",Gulaal said in a condescending tone.

"Bahut kuch jaan gayi ho mere barein mein'",Kesar smirked

"Pura college tumhari hi baat karata hai..Pahadi group ka leader ,CHARITY CASE",Gulaal tried hard to sound caustic though in her heart she never meant to be so.

"hmmm.HUH'At least better than paid seat, Mom ka paisa aur influence use kar ke to nahi aya'Apni mehnat se earn ki hai scholarship. Aur haan waise bhi jab 5 km paidal chalkar school jana padta hai na pahadon mein to sab CHARITY CASE hi bante hain'Tum jaise nahi jo AC mein baith kar bhi PAID SEAT lete hain'",Kesar gritted his teeth in anger and hurt.

Gulaal looked at him in shock and confusion. His caustic remark jolted her and she looked at him trying to comprehend and process whatever he said.

"Nahi samjhi na Koshish bhi mat kar'Tujhe kaha tha na..Yahan se chali ja'Tujhe apni zara si bhi parwah nahi hai kya'?,Kesar gave her a mocking smile.

"Oh SHUT UP..You CREEP'I hardly care for you..Waise ab to main tumhari SUPER SENIOR ho gayi hun to aaj k baad zara RESPECT se baat karna.aur main soch rahi thi '",Gulaal smirked rubbing her palms. REVENGE IS SWEET and she was enjoying it,  "How about some ragging RIGHT."

"O ya'YES BOSS!!",Kesar winked at her bowing ,"Jo hukum'",Gulaal was shocked at his SHAMELESSNESS .He came closer to her and winked ,"Shirt utarun kya'"

"Ewww",Gulaal pushed him back ,"YOU ARE SUCH A DISGUSTING FELLOW",Gulaal scrunched her nose in anger.

"So to  main hun..Par tu. errr.I mean Boss aap apni khair manayiye 'Warna ..".Kesar stared at her.

"Warna kya you duffer..Jab se mile ho dhamki dhamki..Kuch karne ki himmat bhi hai..STUPID fellow You know what Kutte sirf bhaunkte hain aur jo sher hote hain wo bina awaz kiye shikar karte hain..Isliye tumhari khokli dhmaki se main nahi darti 'Kya karoge batao'Tell me..",Gulaal pointed her fingers towards him and yelled coming closer to him.

"Hmmm Par yaad rakh apni gali mein kutta bhi sher hota hai'aur ye gali meri hai'Isliye'",Kesar tightened his jaws.

"Isliye what?Chalo aaj tum bata hi do,'Batate kyun nahi tumhare man mein kya chal raha hai'?",Gulaal challenged him.

Kesar looked at her and smirked and digging deep into his pockets took out a coin.

"Ab ye kya hai'",Gulaal blurted in confusion.

"Ye ab kuch karna hai ki nahi aur tujhe wo batana hai ki nahi is baat ka faisla mera sikka karega agar heads aya to tu bach gayi aur main nahi bataunga..aur agar Tails to '",He smiled ,"Khair to main tujhe bata dunga'"

Gulaal looked at him in shock and curiosity as he hurled the coin in the air and it finally landed on his palm.Gulaal's eyes twinkled with curiosity as she came closer to him to see what was the result.Her nearness took his breath away .He fluttered his eyes trapped in complete mesmerisation .

"Kya aya..",Gulaal asked with an innocent simplicity that even his mad wild heart melt and a genuine smile flashed across his stern face.

"Batao na'",She shook his arm ,curiously looking at his closed palms.

"Emmm'Kuch nahi'",He took a sneak peak hiding it from her view and smiled.

"No batao '",Gulaal came more closer to him trying to have a view of the coin. Inches away he hair gently brushed his face and he was lost the moment. She excitedly looked at him taken aback by the sudden intensity of his gaze .Her lips pursed in a fine line as she asked again,"Kya hua ab..Batao na'aise kya dekh rahe ho'"

"Mera sikka theek kehta hai'Tu ek na ek din koi bahut bada paap karwa k hi dum legi mujhse'",With an utmost romantic gaze and wolfish eyes, Kesar  pierced her existence with his eyes fixed on her for seconds WHICH SENT A SHIVER DOWN HER SPINE. Both of them kept looking at each other .Seconds maybe minutes passed in the inferno of emotions. Gulaal's heartbeat betrayed her as Kesar kept on staring at her with his beady eyes. The world went blank for both of them .All that Kesar could see was the spark of her radiating face which slowly grew pale and more pale as the feeling and the meaning of his words sunk in deep inside her heart.

"Di'".,Chinky's voice brought her back from her reverie as she hurried shaking her head leaving Kesar still in a state of STUPOR .

Dear ALL,

Thanks so much for this overwhelming response and your kind words.But I am afraid coz I ma being damn slow with the deatils and am a little embarrassed with the whole paapi feel to the SS but as I said that this is a DARK SS so this type of characterization was imp.WHAT HOW WHEN ?All these things will be clear in the coming chappis.Hope you don't mind my details coz..If I cut short,the whole point of the story will be lost somewhere so..I am desperately waiting for your feedback nowEmbarrassed

Lots of lubb



Edited by manzilmukul - 13 October 2012 at 12:57pm

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nneeiill IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 02 June 2011
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Posted: 13 October 2012 at 1:25pm | IP Logged
hi piu,

wow this was an interesting chappi..with lot if interesting dynamics...

starting with the dream sequence...we got to know what actully gullu  thinks of clearly shows that gullu understand what kesar always gives warning for..though in front of him she acts oblivious to his intentions...
and RV was so cute...when he asked her to tell jiju not to call at 3:30 lol loving RV...
but why the hell he is calling "jiju" ..means sab kuch full n final hai...
 looks like karan got some big contract and is really happy...he is coming around as fun loving guy...but i am kinda little suspicious when he really dont care having extra affair something cooking or the guy  is actually broad minded..and wth he always calls my gullu the man..i wanna kick his face lol ...but it was a nice teasing session...

and then ahaa apna hero in swimming fav scene i guess..i loved negi's and his how negi could actually see what is going on in kesar's mind...and particularly i loved the warning he gave to kesar about desi ppl..and he actual hit the right chord with was very well written..

and oh no gullu  flunks..felt so bad for her...and RV is so innocent ..he  just wants his di..
PST and som's love story was very looks like SOM was pahadi hai na...
so history going to repeat.???

btw i felt so bad when gullu was calling kesar "charity case"..felt really bad for him...
so apart from  desi pahadi barried we have status barrier too...kesar  is a scholarship holder..interesting loving this slow revelation of kesar layer by layer...super piu..

btw gullu ji dont u think u r getting into comfort zone with the person whom u hate...
loved his coin parallel to what we got in out show ...
am actually surprised the gals who hates the sight of this guy is actually waiting to see his tricks and wat not..gullu madam control...LOL

cant wait yaar..u write chappi daily pls..

and who said this is paapi...we want unlimited paapiness..lakshma se relief ka ek yehi tho sahara hai...

overall a brilliant chappi...bring the next one pretty fast...

Edited by nneeiill - 13 October 2012 at 11:28pm

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Incense IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 13 October 2012 at 1:57pm | IP Logged
yay DancingDancingDancing res...and i will be more than happy if u  continue this forever  and bring it on i would love to read dark lovestories... dont u dare sanitize this SS LOL 

p.s. i dont know y ppl consider physical attraction as taboo...infact  even if the personality between the two are compatible, but one party doesn't find the other person physically attractive to them then really there's no chance of anything developing.

Relationships are so complex: have to have all forms of attraction:  
Physical, mentally, spiritually, emotionally...then wht so big deal if a guy is physically attracted for a girl its so normal and more relatable atleast i do think so ...bahoot badi paapi LOL

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MR21 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 13 October 2012 at 2:45pm | IP Logged
res Smile


What a dream and what a start to the gullu madam understands all his words but still maintains a face as if she dont know understand in front of him...she dreams abt him after their second meeting...kya baath hai...whats that phone from everything settled between them kya...I liked the bond between karan n gullu...they r more of friends/buddies than a he is going away from her...achchi baath hai kesar ke liye line clear hoga na...coming to his swimming session to calm himself...offo he is so much frustrated na for being in this confusion of heart vs mind...he cant even forget her n he cant even do anything abt it...being a friend Negi should have recognized this behavior n his words abt desi's ...will kesar ever accept them when it comes to gulaal...n what is it that kesar remembered that he is so sad...looks like we have a great past of kesar to be revealed n me looking forward to it...
RV's happiness vs Gulaal's sadness...poor gullu she is crying like anything n here RV is doing dance...well being a little bro he is full on right to do it as he never wants to be away from his sis. who is like his mom to him...but thinking abt gulaal...offo she planned everything na n now she was unable to make it out...its true some times the fate n destiny takes the upper hand in our life...offo looks like PST n SST ka ek bahut badaa love story hai...i loved gulllu for being all ethical n loved this whole bond between the family bas ab SST koh bhi jaldi se intro karwaade...
poor kesar...he is trying to forget her n move away from her thoughts n here she is in the same college n will continue in the same college na...his problems are increasing day by day n now gulaal being this close all days with can he stop himself from doing any paap according to kesar is on scholarship n she made fun of this...but i like dhow he didnot felt anything abt it n he gave a perfect answer to her words saying again abt soemthing may be from his past...loved the coin scene just like the scene in the show...he is so restless seeing her close to him na...ab toh inn do no koh koun ek doosre se bachaayega...
This is a wonderful chapter PIu...waiting for next update soon...

Edited by MR21 - 14 October 2012 at 6:01am

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samia999 Newbie

Joined: 01 October 2012
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Posted: 14 October 2012 at 6:22am | IP Logged
Thanks yaar for this wonderful don't have to feel embarrassed at all.This is going to be a very beautiful love story between two persons who are worlds apart...they'll fight,hate and love each other like no one did...want more chii and paap scenes yaar...not enough for meEmbarrassedupdate everyday if you can...big hugs..

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manzilmukul IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 14 October 2012 at 8:07am | IP Logged
Originally posted by samia999

Thanks yaar for this wonderful don't have to feel embarrassed at all.This is going to be a very beautiful love story between two persons who are worlds apart...they'll fight,hate and love each other like no one did...want more chii and paap scenes yaar...not enough for meEmbarrassedupdate everyday if you can...big hugs..

AWWW BIG HUGS Samia to you tooHugThank you so much for the support ...I will try to update ASAP ...And me to SUPER PAAPI yaar so paap and chii mein no kamiTongue

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