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Piu Hug.. me so happy that u have started a new  SS Hug..What a dhamakedar start .. Clap..Really liked the unique way of ur presentation .. a big applause for the narrative style u have chosen
Res.. Embarrassed

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today is wednesdayBig smile

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  Arti m really sorry just got back from workCryhaven't written anything too tired please gimme one more dayOuch

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hi piyuHug

awesome dear

i was already impressed wid ur casting on top karanvir vohra  is added...
introductory vms and posters are  mind blowing 
thanks geeshu and neilu

i loved the gullu's entry in boy's hostel most and then kes-gul fight.
how can excel ur self each tym piyu.!!

i want gulaal part -2 on this either as  tv show or movie

seriously guys piyu and mini please u should write a novel and take up writing professionally

thank u much for this wonderful story

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Originally posted by alanta

Piu Hug.. me so happy that u have started a new  SS Hug..What a dhamakedar start .. Clap..Really liked the unique way of ur presentation .. a big applause for the narrative style u have chosen
Res.. Embarrassed

Roshni Hug Its been such a long time..So nice to see you here.Thank you so much for your lovely words of AppreciationHug

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"Rewaaa",Twinkle jumped out of  joy as she entered the small caf which was her party venue and hugged Rewa. RV stared at her like a FOOL

(RV'S CHIRP)It was the first time I had seen her. She looked absolutely very cute. Her small moon face, Her bunny lips and her teeny--meeny eyes all were so adorable)

"Oh BTW this is ch…",Rewa bit her tongue as RV pinched her, "This is Rajveer my friend…"

"Oh hi…",Twinkle extended her hands as RV wished her Happy birthday stammering and stuttering in between.

"I hope you don't mind.. Main Rajveer ko apane saath le ayi…"

"Oh of course..I am so glad to meet you RV , Main tumhe RV bula sakti hun na…",Twinkle smiled

(RV'S CHIRP-For the first time in my life someone had called me RV without my prompting .Her beautiful giggle made me SUPER HAPPY)

"But I mind",Negi entered along with Kesar  and walked towards them and gave a stare at RV .

"Twinkle how dare you call this desi guy …here…",Negi roared while Kesar chewed his gum leaning on Negi's shoulders with a mocking look at RV.

Rv shook like a leaf trembling in fear .

"What Dadda…It's my birthday today and Rewa is my friend so RV will stay here…Oh BTW are you the same guy on FB ?",She gave a curious look at RV. He shook his head in shame and annoyance.

"Dadda please you keep this stupid politics of yours away from my party and leave us alone…Come RV Rewa…Awww poor little thing…",Twinkle pulled their hands and ushered them both inside .

Negi clenched his fist when suddenly Kesar put his hand on Negi's shoulder, "Jane de yaar …Ise college mein dekhenge Kyun Twinkle ka mood spoil kar raha hai..Chill lets have something to drink.

"Aur Kesar Twinkle aur tum ab to jald hi shaadi kar loge na…",One of the friends chuckled while Kesar dug his fork in the huge piece of chocolate cake .Only Twinkle was present there except these two.

Twinkle blushed while Kesar burst laughing, "Shaadi aur wo bhi is bandariya se…Hahahahahha….Isse pehle main zehar kha lunga…."


Kesar and the friend HI-FIVED and laughed hard .Two tiny droplets filled Twinkle's eyes as she gulped a huge a lump in her throat and walked away excusing herself . Faraway a pair of eyes ,timid and similar to her watched her with sympathy.


It was already dark and the chill had started setting in..RV rubbed his hands to warm himself and answered the phone outside the caf in a corner away from the noise, "Haan di M fine…and Yes I am enjoying"

He cut down the conversation and was about to return when her faint sobs stopped him. A dark corner echoed with Twinkle's sobs and RV walked towards her. Twinkle looked at him and quickly wiped off her tears smudging her kajal .

A moment of awkwardness gripped both of them as RV pointed towards her eyes and said, "Wo phail gaya hai…'Twinkle wiped it off and tried to smile.

"Thand bahut jyada hai na…",After a few seconds of silence RV tried to talk.

TWINKLE :"hmmm…"

RV: "Nice Party,.."

TWINKLE :"Thanks"

RV :"You are looking beautiful too…"

(RV'S CHIRP-WOW!! That was spontaneous!!She was looking beautiful and like the bolt out of blu e,I complimented her)

Twinkle looked at him for a second and finally her grim face lit up with a smile as she bubbled,"Aur meri dress kaisi hai…?

Rv smiled, "I love this colour…"

RV :" par pata hai Tum roti hue bilkul achi nahi lagti "

Her shining face again turned pale as she frowned and mumbled," Tum bhi soch rahe hoge na ..main kyun ro rahi thi..pata hai Bachpan se ek hi sapna dekha tha maine par Kesar mujhse shaadi hi nahi karana chahata "

RV: "ewww Tum us gunde se shaadi karana chahati ho…DUMB ho kya..Tumhe to koi bhi acha sensitive ladka mil jayega…"

TWINKLE :"..Nahi aisa nahi hoga kabhi…pata hai mera aaj tak koi boyfriend bhi nahi hai..meri sab friends k hain …par mujhe koi pyaar nahi karta…."

(RV'S CHIRP-Her voice had so much pain in it that my heart almost melted )


"Tum kal ice cream khane chalogi….Mere saath …I mean main Rewa aur tum…",RV  looked at with anticipation.


Twinkle slightly nodded her head and both of them giggled.

RV grinned happily sipping his milk shake while Rewa and twinkle and all the others gossiped.

"Kyun be sale..Akele kaise muskura raha hai…",Kesar placed his hand on his shoulder and RV started shivering fear.

He remembered Gulaal's words, "Gali mat do…"

He stood up.

"Abey baith ja….itni bhi kya narazgi…Tum sale plain waley har baat pe tashan dikhane lagte ho…"

"Ye le..",Kesar extended his cigarette towards him.


Kesar was amused .He was about to puff another smoke when he suddenly smiled and crushed it in the ash tray.

"Aur kya kehti hai teri didi be..Haan",Kesar smirked

"Dekho main tumse nahi darta …Tum galat ho main nahi…Atyachaar ko sehne wala bhi equally galat hota hai…Isliye main nahi darunga…",RV almost said in one breath .

(RV'S CHIRP –I felt like puking in fear .I was so scared but somehow I gathered all my courage to speak for my rights)

"Hahahaha..Ye bhashan bhi teri Di ne hi sikhaya tujhe..?Hmmm",Kesar burst laughing

"Aye meri Tinky di ko beech mein mat lao…",RV got up shivering.


"CHINKYY…",Rewa called and pulled RV and said, "CHAL ITS LATE YAAR…ok bye Twinkle", Bidding a farewell to everyone both of them left leaving Kesar chuckling.

(KESAR 'S CONFESSION-Tinky- Chinky..Like Really FUNNY  NAMES!!)


Tapping his fingers to the rhythm of the song,The wind blew harsh ,while he steered the car mumbling, "Bloody Negi..Pi k tunn ho gaya..aur phir se mujhe tera driver banana pad raha hai..Uff tera hostel bhi kab ayaega…."


"Rokooo",A yell from Twinkle and Kesar applied the car brakes.

"Kya hua..',Kesar threw an irritating glare at Twinkle

TWINKLE : "Wo dekho RV aur Rewa is sunsaan sadak pe akele khade hain…piche lo…."

"Kya yaar jane de na…",Kesar gave her a stern look

TWINKLE : "No I said piche le le waise bhi ye mere dada ki car hai …aur tu driver piche le…"

"Kya yaar…",Kesar took the reverse gear and the car stopped

TWINKLE : "Arey Rewa kya hua…"

REWA :"Wo Rajveer ki bike puncture ho gayi..aur yahan auto bhi nahi mil raha…"

TWINKLE : "Arey koi baat nahi main hostel hi ja rahi hun..tum dono mere saath chalo humein hostel chhodke Kesar RV ko ghar drop kar dega…"

RV looked at Kesar terrified and prayed to God so that he does not have to take life from them.

REWA "No thanks hum chale jayenge"

TWINKLE : "No way chalo jump in…."

(RV'S CHIRP-I was scared at the thought of being in the same car as Kesar ,but what could I do…My reputation was at stake .How could I chicken out in front of Twinkle saying that I was scared of this bully .Praying and mustering up all my courage I decided not to lose hope)

Both of them settled inside the car while Kesar helplessly looked at Twinkle as she mumbled, "Please mera birthday gift samajh le…"

He whispered, "Ok only last time samjhi.. " and drove off


"Chal agey akar baith ja….",Kesar turned around glaring at RV after bidding adieu to Rewa and  Twinkle dropping them at their hostel.

"Nahi main yahin theek hun…",RV shook his head in fear.

Kesar gritted his teeth ,"Sale mujhe driver samajh rakah hai kya? agey akar baith nahi to dunga ek kaan k neeche …"

His voice shook RV so much that sweat started trickling his forehead as he opened the door shivering. Kesar enjoyed the scared look on his face .He bit his lips and as soon as he was about to open the front door ,Kesar gave a raise to his accelerator and drove off making RV fall off on the empty hard granite road leaving him all alone .

RV looked around and stopped dead in his tracks.Not a living soul was found around .The dark shady road meandered through a stretch of woods. He felt like crying bitterly and mumbled a silent prayer when suddenly he heard car wheels halting near him.Kesar craned his neck and chucked,"ja darpok Chandramukhi…" and opened the door for him.

"Nahi mujhe nahi ana…",RV tried hard to find his voice at the verge of crying .

"Ehe..Mujhe nahi ana..",Kesar mimicked his voice with a nasal twang,  "Sale chup chap baith ja..warna bahut marunga….",Kesar yelled and RV quickly jumped into the car.


During the whole trip Kesar shared furtive glances at the scared RV. He felt amused at his creased face with fear .He mumbled,"Sala fattoo..'

(RV'S CHIRP-During the whole trip ,I was mumbling all the mantras that I could recall and was thinking what if he kills and dumps me in these woods. Will I ever be able to see Di again…)

The stretch of woods was finally over and RV breathed a huge sigh of relief seeing the busy signals of the main market area.

"Rokooo…",RV scared Kesar with his squeal as he pulled the brakes.

"Sale marwayega kya…"

RV bit his lips and muttered, "Wo mujhe flowers lene the Di k lie wo uske Favorate hain waise bhi wo kuch dino mein yahan se chali jayegi to mujhse control nahi hua..Sorry….Chalte hain…",RV said in a single go pointing at the bunch of  white roses placed neatly in a tub at the nearby flower shop.

KESAR : "Koi baat nahi ja le le…"

RV  :"Nahi sachi nahi chahaiye…"

KESAR :"Abey jata hai ki…"

(KESAR'S CONFESSION-His statement clearly depicting the fact that She was going away soon had much of a mixed reaction from me .I was relieved that I would not see her around but an inexplicable hurt cracked me from inside. I was absolutely uncomfortable. She loved those beautiful flowers and at least my heart pushed me not to deny her any pleasure .WHY? I was yet to understand.)

RV got out of the car and picked up a single bud and paid for the rose.

"Abey ek hi kyun..liya…",Kesar caught RV by surprise as he placed his hand on his shoulders.

"Wo mere paise Rewa k purse main hi chhut gaye..bas itne hi hain mere paas",Rv jumped out of his skin in  fright

"Koi baat nahi…"Kesar took out his wallet , "bhaiyya jitney bhi white roses hain shop main unka bouquet bana do…",Kesar smiled

"Arey nahi iski kya zarurat hai.,..",RV looked at him Suspiciously.

Kesar smelled those flowers and placed a peck on them which went unnoticed by RV and looked At RV with dazzling triumph .

"Chinta mat kar Chandramukhi sarein wasool lunga…I mean lauta dena…Tu bhi kya yaad rakhega hum pahadi tum desi logon k jaise kanjoos nahi hotey chal ab…",Kesar smirked and both of them sat in the car and Kesar drove off whistling a tune between his lips.

(RV'S CHIRP-Only If I knew what intentions he had in offering the money,I would have minced his flesh in the blades of the grinder .OK the fact was I was incapable of doing so. .But at least I would have had an idea what WICKED thoughts this RASCAL had about my Tinky di..)




contd in next post


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The car door screeched opened and RV walked away thanking Kesar .They had reached RV's home. Kesar took a deep sigh , twiddling with the keys once again ,almost pulling it to start the engine ,when he looked a little puzzled and then a flash of understanding crossed his face . Within seconds he turned towards his right as he watched RV walk up the cobbled pavement amidst the lawn that led to a few steps near the door of the house. A wooden arm chair rested in the portico near the door and the otherwise dark and shady lawn with scattered oak trees was only dimly illuminated with tiny lamps alternating the trees .A THUD ,he felt his heart actually forgot its count ,as his eyes fell upon Gulaal who opened the door with a huge smile .As if his senses were paralyzed and the inexplicable pull started working again. So much that he hardly knew when he opened the car door and ,  tip toeing on the cobbled pavement ,he reached near them and hid behind one of the tress. Sneaking was not his basic instinct, everything he did was OPEN   -UPFRONT ,but the guilty pleasure which Kesar enjoyed made him forget himself.

Dressed in a blue hugging T-shirt and white shorts which covered her to the bare minimum, Gulaal tested his patience ,which already went berserk .Added to that ,her intoxicating smile made her lips ,thin out over her beads of white teeth and her eyes twinkled with utmost joy as RV extended those huge bunch of flowers in front of her. He could faintly hear their voices.

"Awww Chinky..That's why I love you so much'You got so many of them.", Extending her arms in excitement,she hugged RV ,pulled his cheeks .A thrill ran in Kesar's nerves as Gulaal smelled those flowers and rubbed them on her cheeks.

(KESAR'S CONFESSION-Somehow her delightful smile and excitement on seeing those flowers made my heart brim with an amorous fancy .After all I was the reason for that huge smile)

 "Di anything for you'Maine socha sarein hi le chalu..",RV boasted giving a twist to his collar and Gulaal crushed him into a sweet hug and placed a peck on his cheeks.

"Tinky di kitni baar kaha hai Kissi mat kiya kar'",RV rubbed his cheeks in annoyance

"Ok Chinky'Chal ab I have a surprise for you'",Gulaal excitedly pulled him inside and the door shut on Kesar's face

 "BLOODY LIAR..THAT WAS MY MONEY AND ABOVE ALL THAT PECK WAS MINE",Kesar muttered in anger and frustration, heat seeping through his ears as his palms balled up in a fist.

(KESAR CONFESSION-I did not know why I had been under some STUPID spell that the little Chinky would sing praises in the glory of my lending him money for those flowers .Why the hell I was so bothered about her ,THIS compounded my anxiety. THAT PECK WAS MINE YOU IGNORANT FOOL GIRL)

Seconds may be minutes passed in his stupor as Kesar kept staring at the shut door. A gush of wind swirling around him brought him back from his reverie as he giggled a bit and smacked his forehead for his stupidity .He was so damn irritated at the tiny Chandramukhi not mentioning his name as if the peck would have been his if he did so.The very thought tickled him in the best possible way as she recalled her glossy lips placing that delicious peck on that little shrew's cheeks.

"Damn it",He kicked in frustration and  turned around sighing deeply WHEN HER TINKLING VOICE CAUGHT HIS ATTENTION, "Ruko !!"

She yelled .Kesar felt uneasy and nervous as if someone had struck him with the lightening.

"I know you are hiding there'",Her footfalls increased as Gulaal walked towards the tree behind which Kesar was hiding. Her swift gait made Kesar nervous ,as she approached him ,a light curl bobbing near her face as she moved. Kesar couldn't help but chuckle at the sight of her, but still did not wanted to be caught sneaking like this. Trying his best to hide ,he pulled his limbs closer .

"Chalo bahar ao'.Awww I know you must be missing me..I am sorry baba for ignoring you'awww Now come on be a good boy and come on kiss me!! Jaldi bahar aao'"

Kesar gulped and swallowed a huge lump in his throat .He pinched himself hard and a muffled moan escaped his lips as he tried to re-confirm that he was not dreaming .

"Awww chalo come on..Come quickly awww..Come come..Tinky needs you '"

Kesar's already wild thoughts went almost berserk as he craned his neck peeping and the plan was to grab her in his arms and take her by surprise WHEN HE WAS STOPPED DEAD IN HIS TRACKS. Heat seeped through his cheeks and ears and his face turned scarlet red in embarrassment as he saw Gulaal holding two tiny balls of wool in her either arms ,

"Awww tutu ",She nuzzled her nose in the soft fur of a tiny  back and white cat ,"Sorry kittu'",She rubbed her cheeks and pinched the flaccid skin of a dirty brown pug ,"Come.. come' come gimee a kissy quickly'"The two objects of her love climbed on her and their tiny paws played with Gulaal and kittu wagged his tiny tail and licked her nose .

"DAMN IT!! ",Kesar's gritting teeth and tightening jaws conveyed his level of embarrassment and he wanted to give himself a punch for this utter stupidity of his.

(KESAR'S CONFESSION-I felt as if a moment ago I was on top of a giant wheel and the very next moment someone came and threw me off balance. The feeling of frustration emerged from the pit of my stomach but I wanted to hit someone badly .But.. BUT'.What if it was really me and not those Lucky bas***ds in her arms in that dark shady corner .I swear I would have crushed her to death in my arms*BIG SIGH*)

Kesar watched her desperately as her hips swayed, walking away with those cute little monsters cuddled up  in her arms .A faint giggle escaped his lips as he saw her utterly confused on how to close the door behind her as her both hands were engaged, which she happily obliged by giving a slight push from her waist and the door shut close .Kesar felt lonely and UNHAPPY.

"Ok that's it ..No more STUPIDITY'",he stomped his foot and walked away towards the car .

Shoving his hands deep into his pockets, a habit he always had when anxious, he took out his cigarette and lighting and puffing it sat into the car and was ready to take off back to his hostel.

"IT HAD BEEN A  TERRIBLE DAY", he thought ,his mind still reeling trying to absorb and process whatever had happened .It seemed like a roller coaster ride. Yawning and scratching his head ,he was about to drive off when all of a sudden his eyes fell on a mobile phone lying next to his seat .He immediately recognized it to be RV'S.

(KESAR'S CONFESSION-I could not tell how ecstatic I was ? WORDS FAIL ME!!I did not know the REASON but   my sombre mood suddenly became high strung as I pounced on the phone and jumped out the car'WONDERS DO NEVER CEASE TO EXIST YOU SEE!!)

 With steady  ,unsure but excited steps ,Kesar walked towards the door with hesitation. Twice ,he raised his hands to knock it only his fingers ended up rubbing against each other in confusion as he could not make up his mind .A quick glance at his watch reminded him that the time was almost 15 minutes to midnight .He was already DIZZY and behaving like a lunatic .Still confused about the appropriate situation ,he placed his hands on the door to knock but the door slightly opened .IT WAS NOT LOCKED. Craning his neck out of curiosity from the tiny gap created ,he casually yet cautiously looked inside ,the noting the whiff of fresh smell that came from inside .The wide huge hall was gorgeously draped in the finest linen, Shady and dark teak wood furniture with an almost freshly painted smell of varnish was giving an impression of the richness of the place and good taste.. Light jazz music played faintly in the background on the huge LCD home theater screen at one corner and the each and every nook and corner had dark terracotta vases adorned and aristocratically designed with some of the finest flowers all in peach and white. The gold silk threaded cushions almost laid flat on the dark blue Persian rug in the middle of the room between the sofa chairs .Kesar was about to enter the room when suddenly his eyes fell on the other half of the hall which was a huge dining space .LO AND BEHOLD .There stood her nemesis ,standing near the huge glass dining table with equally huge microwave proof oven gloves in her hand smiling contently at an equally huge tray kept on the table from which smoke and steam billowed as she fanned it vigorously with a kitchen dish towel. A crooked smile adorned Kesar's lips as he saw her totally engrossed .The tiny little kittu was just crawling with his baby steps on the large carpeted stairs.He was amused to see her. She gloated with immense pride removing her gloves and giving a nod to shake off that snaky curl that sometimes blocked her view and she continuously whistled along with the tune ,pursing her beautiful lips which distracted Kesar's gaze .He somehow felt mesmerized absolutely clueless about the purpose for his visit.

 "Chinky'Jaldi aa. Cookies ban gayi..I know u must have had dinner at the party..but jaldi aa warana main sari kha jaungi'",She rigorously whisked a bowl of cream in with the ladle .

 "Tinky di Don't you dare ,mere bina haath bhi mat lagana'gimme 15 more mins abhi aya'." RV's scream from upstairs jolted Kesar back .He looked at her with curiosity mixed with admiration.Gulaal's eyes twinkling with joy. she turned her head upstairs and quickly grabbed a heart shaped cookie and dipping it in the bowl of cream quickly gulped it down her throat almost sending Kesar into throes of laughter as she dipped her fingers in the cream ,scooping two huge dollops quickly ,looking around in the fear of being caught and licked her fingers and yelled back, "Awww Chinky aisa kabhi ho sakata hai  kya tere bina main cookies kha lun'",Finishing another quick bite with dollops of cream ,her giggle amused Kesar as he watched her intently like a teen fancying his favourite star. Grabbing her mug of coffee Gulaal sat on one of the sofa edge ,her long tempting legs dangling back and forth as she sipped and flipped the channels'The fact that she was looking fumingly  hot in that shorts of hers while lost in her won world completely oblivious to the havoc she was creating on her silent admirers' mind, Gulaal muttered ,"Tutu no Stop it'"

Kesar watched her some more as she twitched her nose and her shook off her left leg trying to detach tutu from her ankle who was happy nibbling the thumbs of her feet.

"Go away 'No tutu..", annoyance mingled with faint giggles alternately popped up on Gulaal' s face as she tried shoving tutu away.

Kesar' s eyes were stuck to her. The smooth skin of her legs and the peaches and cream complexion added with a dash of honey made his mind race wildly. Tutu tried her best to chew off her anklet which was wrapped around her glistening skin.

(KESAR'S CONFESSION-She was drop dead gorgeous, her earthly splendour , her effervescent personality ,her ambrosial charms made me dizzy' WHAT WAS SO SPECIAL ABOUT HER I was clueless.IT WAS ALCOHOL +GULAAL+MORE GULAAL +MORE AND MORE GULAAL'Which robbed my peace of mind and made me react in a bizarre manner)

"Owww'Chinky'",Her shriek brought Kesar back to reality. She was squealing and giggling as a teenager as she almost stuck her nose near the TV .

"Tip tip barsa pani'.",the raunchy song played on the channel and Gulaal shrieked again,"Chinkyyy jaldi aa OMG Akshay'Looking damn SEXY '.Jaldi aaa'."Gulaal threw herself on the rug and lying down over her belly dangled her feet in the air'and squealed again ."WOW!! Akshay ka physique dekh..SUPER STUD'.Jadi aa  na chinky'.See his chest so many hairs..SUPER COOL NA'"

Gulaal kept on screaming and watching TV, giggling and smiling .

Kesar was a bit upset'He could not fathom why he was UNHAPPY.Whether he was upset because of her shameless drooling or whether ,he had a super waxed chest .Any ways the sheer fact made him UPSET.

"OOPs..',Gulaal suddenly stuck out her tongue and got up pouncing on a bowl and ran towards the other side of the room.

Kesar's view was now   a bit blocked. He pushed the door a bit and with muffled footsteps walked slowly inside the room with a dreamy look in his eyes.

The ripples and hues from the huge Aquarium illuminated her sun kissed face as she threw in tiny morsels of Fish food inside the huge tank.   Her lips pursed in a fine line as she played and tapped her finger nails on the shiny glass walls.

Giggles -- awws ---talkings and some fancy   names for each   fish--GULAAL WAS AT HER PLAYFUL BEST AND KESAR LOST COUNT OF TIME .Her lips puckered and she made a huge pout nudging her lips on the glass walls and giggling, aping the gaping mouth of the fishes while  talking to them .Kesar remained Motionless watching her .His eyes refused to close. He felt madness Approaching .He was at the orgy of his mental intoxication. The beautiful tempting lips made him mad .He needed to see ,to touch and consume the object of his fascination now .He felt as if he had remained parched all these years .She was his arch rival ,but he could not escape the pull. His very enemy fascinated him like the eyes of a snake.

"Trying hard to tame his rapid breathings  ,Kesar took a deep breath, "OK THAT'S IT",He thought '

(KESAR'S CONFESSION-Dizzy though  ,I was at the edge of my contemplation .My energies could no longer keep such rigorous control over the kind of feeling I was having. The torment was so EXCRUCIATING and IRRITATING .Something very similar to the sound of scratching nails on a wall. The whole feeling made me anxious. I had to END this irritation and DESPERATION.IT WAS DECIDED.I WAS GONNA WALK UP TO HER ,CLAIM HER LIPS AND END THIS ANXIETY ONCE AND FOR ALL.I hardly cared for anything and anyone else .Let her scream and shout with all her might ,There was urge and there was greed ,My restlessness grew manifold trying to figure out what exactly I wanted from her. I had to END this madness which was choking me .)

With firm   , resolute and anxious steps , Kesar walked towards her when Suddenly, Gulaal held another tiny fish bowl with a solo Goldfish in her hands ,pouting ,she held it up turning around "Awww Cheeku'."


"AAA",A loud scream and a huge crash. The fish bowl slipped from her hands due to the shock. The panic in her look was unmistakable as like a flash of lightening, she picked up a vase and was about to throw it at him, "You RASCAL'tum yahan bhi chale aye'.."

Kesar looked horrified as if someone had shaken him waking him from a sweet dream.

"OYE'",He yelled back pointing his fingers towards the goldfish lying on the floor, fluttering its tail in anxiety.

"Gulaal placed her hands on her mouth ,a tear ready to roll from her eyes on a blink, "Cheekuuu'".

She slopped on the ground unable to react .Kesar ran towards her and quickly grabbing the fish in his hands which had by now splashed lots of water on Gulaal's face  ,placed it in the Aquarium and within seconds ,it started swimming hale and hearty again.

Gulaal was already in hiccups and shock. She looked At Kesar .Her unhappy expression bothered him .

"Ab wo theek hai'.",He said softly

Gulaal said nothing but nodded her head. Kesar felt utterly disappointed and said ,"Ise sabse alag kyun rakah tha'"

(KESAR'S CONFESSION HONESTLY I did not expect any reply but she muttered, "Ye sabse Ladaku tha isiliye'.")

"But see how happy he is now..",Kesar tried his best to sound positive and cheerful .Her sad expression made him worried.

(KESAR'S CONFESSION-I was amazed at my sensitivity .REALLY  ?Could I have cared for her expressions'?But I felt that whatever she did had started affecting me already)

Before he could say anything a voice interrupted both of them, "Kya hua Tinky'.And who is he?"

Gulaal and Kesar both turned around startled .It took a few seconds for both of them to understand and Gulaal's face turned as pale as if she had seen a   ghost.

"Who is he?" ,HER big bright eyes peeping through her sagging tired sockets inspected Kesar from top to bottom. His crumpled shirt, his huge shoes ,his ear piercings and haggard look did not gel well with her. A look that made it clear that he definitely did not belong to THEIR STRATA.

"Oh my my'I never knew Chand ,",Kesar bit his tongue , "I mean I never knew Rajveer had another gorgeous sister..",Kesar moved closer to HER.

Her tough judgemental looks suddenly relaxed and a smile lingered on her beautiful face, "Dhat I am Rajveer's Mom'."

"Ho hi nahi sakta'.I mean Look At you'.I think I am already in love'",Kesar faked a flirtatious smile and placed his hands near his heart with a awed expression

Gulaal looked at him in disbelief fuming at his cheesy talks.

(TINKY'S TWEET-Gawd Such a DISGUSTING FELLOW.I was scared that Mom would come to know about my fight but this guy seemed on some fancy trip .First he rags my brother,then he just fights with me and now he has reached my home.UNBELIEVABLE!!)

Gulaal scrunched her nose and fumed.

"Hhahahah"Silly beta'.",Pan singh Tomar ,held Kesar's nose and was already flattered by his flamboyant mannerisms.

"No seriously aunty '.Oops..Myself Kesar Rawat..Rajveer ka college senior..Wo actually I had come to drop Rajveer  ,par wo apna phone car mein  bhul gaya tha..So I came up to return it.."Kesar placed the phone on the glass dining table.

"That's so sweet of you beta..Come sit na'I just came back from a trip'.Come have dinner with us '"PST Pulled his arms and made him sit on the table'

"But I already ate at the party "

"koi baat nahi..thoda sa kha lena..I am sure Thoda sa kha loge", PST insisted a lot and Kesar finally agreed.

"Aunty ek baat kahun'",he asked with a smirk on his face.

"Yes son!!"

" Kaash main kuch saal pehle paida hua hota'"

"Hahhahah'.I am going to be sixty very soon.."

"Gosh no ye ho hi nahi sakata'I mean look at you..You are beautiful'You hardly look forty "

"Nooo'Tinky hi 28 years ki hai'So I ought to be old now'" PST sat beside him and Gulaal looked at both of them amazed chit chatting with each other .She stood there speechless looking at both of them.

"Aunty ..Is that you'.",Kesar picked up a photo frame from the side table.

"OH ye ..haan main aur ye chotu Chinky'meri god mein ..Aur ye Tinky'.",Kesar looked at the childhood snap of Gulaal. She was standing with a chubby face with two long plaits, but her eyes were the same .He felt she was adorable and gave a furtive glance at her .She flared her nostrils and showed him a punch signalling him to get away as soon as possible .He smirked and winked at her turning around and continued, "Aur ye..?"


"MOM..I think its late..Please go and change so that we can have dinner first'",Gulaal breathed in one go .

"Oh yes'Gimme 15 mins ..I will be back'son.. you make yourself comfortable," PST ruffled his hair gently,"Tinky iska khayal rakhna I will be back!",PST rushed upstairs.

Gulaal stared at him angrily while he gazed at her SHAMELESSLY. She again became nervous as his eyes explored her from tip to toe with his fingers on his lips, leaning on the backrest of the chair. Rubbing her hands together, she whispered to herself,"Look away look away", Her heart hammered inside her the sound echoing in her ears. Her palms started sweating and her body started tingling. She was way too shocked to react.

Suddenly Kesar burst laughing looking at her. She walked with simmering anger towards him and placing her hands on her hips growled, "WHAT..Kya hai ye sab WHAT..?

""Kuch nahi'",Kesar sighed heavily, extending his hands towards one the cookie tray, grabbing one and dipping it in the bowl of cream munched it happily ,licking his fingersand continued, "Wo bas bahut BHOOK lagi hai'"

Gulaal was hell angry she yelled , "Tumhari bhook ki to'Chalo abhi shant kiye deti hun'"

Gritting her teeth ,She pulled his shirt and almost dragged him outside muttering , "Get lost you dugffer aur yahan dobara dikhna bhi mat'"

Kesar was amused as he kept on mumbling, "are sun to'"'

 "Main kuch nahi janti..She slammed the door open dragging him through the pavement nearing the huge trees threw him off balance and yelled, "Dobara yahan dikha to..Aaaj sham ki mar bhul gaya'"

"Oye'",Kesar held her arms and pulled her towards him almost crushing her in his arms.

"Kya kar rahe ho jane do..waran main shor machaungi'"

"Chillaa aur zor se chilla.."

"Kaun ayega tujhe bachne..Wo chipkali Chinky'aur haan ek baat yaad rakh..Aaaj sham ko tu isliye jeeti kyunki maine tujhe jitney diya.aur jaanboojh kar haar gaya .warna Kesar Rawat harta to kisi k bap se bhi nahi hai'"

"Leave me I said..",Gulaal struggled in his grip.

"Shhh",He placed his fingers on her lips making her all the more nervous.

"Wo kya kehte hain na'..Eeeh'",He aped , "KABHI KABHI KUCH JEETNE K LIYE KUCH HARNA BHI PADATA HAI..AUR HAAR KAR JEETNE WALEY KO BAAZIGAR'ERRR KESAR RAWAT KEHTE HAIN..",He burst laughing and winked naughtily at her.


Kesar was amused and thrilled to see her fierce and haughty face fkushed with anger and he muttered, "Abhi tak tujhe pick up kahan kiya hai maine'"

"Hain?",Gulaal's mouth opened in confusion and her bows creased to comprehend what he said .Kesar looked at her intently. She was just inches away from him, almost so close that he could touch her and do whatever he desired.

Her big bright eyes trimmed with long curvaceous lashes fluttered looking at her while he was lost in them .He gulped a huge lump in his throat trying hard to tame his rapid breath and erratic heartbeat.

"nahi samjhi koshish bhi mat kar 'Ek baat bata ".Kesar loosened his grip a bit, "Suna hai tu yahan se bahut jaldi ja rahi hai'?

"Haan kyun?'Gulaal asked in confusion

"Sun jitni jaldi ho sake,"Grabbing her waist he pulled her closer, "APNA SAAMAN SAMET K YAHAN SE BAHUT DUR CHALI JA AUR JAB TAK YAHAN HAI MERE SAMNE MAT ANA'WARANA'",Kesar tried to calm himself while warning her.

His statement was cut short ,"Warna kya",Gulaal gritted her teeth in anger

"Warna main tujhe sach mein  kisi  din pick up karna lunga'.Aur phir ..tera kya haal karunga'ye mujhe bhi nahi pata'Isliye apni khair mana aur bhag ja yahan se samjhi'.",For a few seconds Kesar looked at her burning her with his piercing gaze.Gulaal was STUNNED AND SHOCKED.Kesar heaved a HUGE SIGH  breaking his spell and leaving her ,started walking away as Gulaal's eyes popped in horror.

She remained rooted to her spot ,her skin breaking in a cold clammy sweat .Kesar moved a few steps ,stopped for a second ,turned around and yelled, "Oye BTW '.nice and sexy legs'",Winking at her flirtatiously he opened the car door and drove off vanishing in a cloud of dust leaving her dumbstruck.



This chappi is dedicated to Geeshwa MuaaahEmbarrassed

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nneeiill IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 11 October 2012 at 3:40pm | IP Logged
hi piu

it was a very sweet update...

so RV ka dil goes hmm hmm for tinky ..ahaa..i like that...
their convo was very sweet..and i loved how negi was all ready to kick him out but apna hero kabhi kabhi acha kaam bhi kar leta hai..after all kisi ka chota bhai jo haiLOL

i loved how kesar was so inquisitive with RV..."aur kya kya kehti hai be teri didi" hahaha...

RV is such a chota bacha  in front of both kesar n loving him

btw awww talli thinks she has no isliye kesar ke peeche padi hai...poor gal i felt so bad for her when kesar mocked her out...

so RV's and rewa's bike getting punctured was an un expected twist..any ways i loved it..varna kesar ji gullu se kaise milte..aww RV so scared..i mean anyone would be ...
after all travelling with ur brat senior alone at night...dangerous indeed..

loved how kesar was totally goner when he sees gullu...and actually he stays back..hey ram iska kya hoga..gosh ..bechara..sab ko kiss miling in front of him was nicely written..kittu and tuttu..lucky ahaa

and wat a luck kesarji..i loved how u wrote the entire activities of gullu when apna kesar was watching her out..such a cute scene na..
and totally loved how u described she saw him through that bowl..

PST comes ..what a pleasant surprise..and kesar rawat knows to patao everyone na..kithna flirty tha...

and the end scene was so full of passion and intense...jaate jaate legs bhi nahi choda..iska kya hoga..he is way too physically attracted   na ? i cant say if its love for now..its like fatal attraction a moth to a flame.. am i right :/
btw yaar ye gullu kithe jaa rehi hai...

Edited by nneeiill - 11 October 2012 at 11:53pm

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