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Unres done in previous page!!!

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Hola Everyone.Hug.First of all Terribly SORRY for not replying..Will came back with individual responses on MONDAY POSITIVELY.Thumbs UpThank you so much for all those delightful comments nad Reviews and likes.FEELING ALREADY OVERWHELMED!!I I will be out of town TOM so just thought of a WEEKEND SPECIAL SURPRSE WITH THIS SUPER PAAPI UPDATE LOLLOLPardon GALS!! But this is a PAAPI SS so just bear with me..Hope you all ENJOY IT!! and shower me with your love and appreciation as you always have doneHug
SEE YOU ON MONDAY -Embarrassed


Still waiting with bated breath what HAPPENED .So Lets see !!




Who said only opposites attract each other.Likes attract even more.Stubborn couple you see.Do not believe me…See for yourself….




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Grabbing her by her waist he pulled her closer almost crushing her against him and  smirked ,"Shhh..",He placed his fingers on her lips, "Miss Gulaal Tomar'First let me show you that Who's the MAN!!"

Gulaal's heart was thumping heavily trying to pump maximum blood in all her blood vessels given to the effect of adrenaline which signaled her to either FIGHT OR FLIGHT.But she chose to fight .Kesar looked at her.Face haughty and bold and tiny dew drops of sweat on her forehead did convey to him that she was a bit apprehensive but she yelled back at him, "Ya show me 'Show me that you are a man Kesar Rawat  .Dikhao kitna dum hai'Ladki k  haath bandhkar use darana bahaduri nahi buzdili hoti hai'You are a coward 'You MORON!!Just untie my hands once and Let me show you who exactly you are!!"

(Kesar's CONFESSION : Honestly these words would have infuriated me at any other circumstances,But I looked at her pretty amused almost SHAMELESSLY .I was amazed at her knack of provoking me )

Evil woman..!!Kesar thought as he turned her so her back was against his chest once again and then ran his hands up her sides, letting his fingertips trail across her arms.

Gulaal felt like smashing his face then and there. All of a sudden Kesar untied her hands  . Gulaal looked at him stunned as his he marveled at his own wittiness and within seconds untied her hands   and pushed her way, "Yes show me !!"

Gulaal rubbed her wrists in anger and pain and glared at him .She was angry-Angry at being treated as a piece of chit-angry at the kind of indignation he made her bear -angry at the shameless look he gave her without even an iota of remorse or guilt on his face. His face gleaming in a bashful smile with his dazzling set of teeth shining equally brightly like his face.She pointed her fingers towards him and then signalled a thumbs down  AS SHE YELLED , "Ayeee'Wait till I break those teeth of yours'" With a boisterous smile burst into a cynical laugh "Ya come on show me now..M waiting'",Rolling the rope in his palms turn by turn,coiling it around his fingers ,He gazed at her with wolfish eyes.Kesar wanted to burst into peals of laughter as her anger sent him into throes of ecstasy.He had never met someone like her,who wasn't even sacred of him and above all challenged him .He found this thought absolutely delightful and delectable. What started as a simmering REVENGE encounter turned out to be a fun game for him which he enjoyed thoroughly? He felt amused at his own thought that he actually began considering   that SLAP a boon for him.Had that not triggered his anger ,he would have never had so much thrill .He was enjoying every moment. EVERY SECOND OF THIS GAME WAS WORTH IT!!

"Y a show me ..I hope you know all the rules..right!!"

"You betcha'.I have fought many battles since I was a child so do not dare me ok'"

Gulaal fumed in rage and ran upto him to hit him but Kesar was already prepared and ducked that attack of hers .Gulaal was shocked .She tried another blow but he ducked again .Kesar looked at her carefully through and through and chuckled.She was looking fumingly hot in her floral polka dotted frock that ended inches above her knees.The beautiful silk fabric perfectly dimpled along her curves and the hem rolled in a conical flare as she flung herself to hit him..Kesar ducked once again to avoid her blow which enraged Gulaal more.Her face turned more red which made her more tempting .The twirl of Gulaal while he ducked had so much momentum that the clip of her hair loosened and broke added to music of their heartbeats and furious breathings somersaulting and crash landing on the floor.Her long tresses flung in the air almost slapping Kesar's face ,a tingling sprinkle from her  still damp curls danced in the green light beam back and forth.Everything just froze for a few seconds.Kesar felt as if had been paralyzed and all his senses became suspended for a second.The beam of light illuminated Gulaal's face and the tiny droplets that had found their way from her damp droopy curls sparkled like diamonds on her petulant lips .The stupor was absolutely traumatizing for him .As he knew not what had struck him.But a moment later he convulsed with a STRONG UNKNOWN EMOTION !!His eyes were fixed upon him and he was in trance unable to move or do anything.(KESAR CONFESSION-With a dreamy look across my face shouting that I was content doing nothing but looking at her ,I stood there almost DUMBFOUNDED!!)

(TINKY'S TWEET-Such a loser'Look he was not even ashamed of his deeds)

"Ouch",Kesar screamed in pain as she hit him on his face almost knocking him out breaking his stupor .A sharp vice like pain and a tiny trickle of blood oozed from the corner of his mouth reminded Kesar that she had finally hit him.Gulaal stood there with a smirk on her face ,happy and content and ran again towards  him but this time Kesar got up and nodded his head squeezing his eyes in rage and before she hit him grabbed her fists and twirling her aroud so that her back was against his chest caged her in his strong muscular arms and gritted his teeth , "Tch tch'Tumhe kuch bhi nahi pata ..Listen RULE NO 1.NEVER BE THE FIRST TO ATTACK'OK'"

He tightened his grip around her while she struggled to free herself ,but his strong grip was too much for her .She kept on moving and struggling but Kesar was in no mood to budge.(KESAR'S CONFESSION-She looked timid but the fact was she was difficult to tame .The more I tried to hold her the more bravely she put up a fight.To make matters WORSE her nearness was almost choking me to death.Her damp curls were tickling my chin in the next possible way and her fresh intoxicating aroma made me so dizzy that there was a point of time I felt like burying my face in those dark long tresses and feeling her all over .The danger was exhilarating .The THRILL was INEXPLICABLE)

"Arghhh",Kesar screamed and howled in pain as Gulaal dug her sharp teeth deep in his arms badly brusing him and his grip loosened on her and within seconds she thrust her elbow in his ribs knocking him off her .Kesar bent holding his chest and arms in extreme pain..Gulaal was happy .EXTREMELY ECSTATIC !! She smiled and rubbed her palms in glee and giggled in contempt, "Tch tch tch'.RULE NO 2. NEVER CONSIDER YOUR OPPONENT WEAKER THAN YOU'"

She smiled one of the wildest crooked smiles ,as Kesar looked at her with rage.His eyes became bloodshot in anger still limping and hunching trying to grab his breath and suffer the excruciating pain on his arms and ribs .Gulaal nodded her head in victory and started walking away .Just as she started walking away,He ran upto her ,ploughing into her ,the momentum so sudden and unexpected that both of them fell on the floor rolling over each other ,finally Kesar stapled her on to the floor ,her hands outstretched and pined to the floor palms up .Kesar was leaning on her while Gulaal tried to free herself but his grip tightened as he kept her pined on the floor.Seconds maybe minutes passed in the struggle.Only muffled breathings continued as Gulaal tried her best to free herself.Kesar looked at Gulaal.Her rapid breathings became tired and her bosom which was heaving up and down became slower as she looked at him hatred and anger.Kesar felt something inside him cracking again.Still trembling from the tornado that had swept over him ,he remained on his guard though every second ,he  had an urge to look at her and fall for her charms.(KESAR'S CONFESSION-Something STUPID inside me convinced that she would not notice the look on my face and would not understand even if I aimed for the starsBut Guess what I was terribly and sadly mistaken)

"What'? Don't you dare 'you filthy Rascal",Gulaal screamed in DISGUST.

Kesar never realised that when his fingers had started tracing the curves of her face in a moment of passion.

"Nothing '.Just wanted to say'RULE NO 3 'NEVER TURN YOUR BACK ON YOUR ENEMY '"

Kesar was embarrassed a bit and hastily got up freeing her and was perturbed and confused .Gulaal was shivering and trembling in anxiety mixed with fear.SHE COULD NOT BELIEVE HE LEFT HER. Kesar looked as if a deer caught in headlights as he looked absolutely leering at her glistening skin of her legs as her dress was a little unmanaged.

"YOU #%^^^$&$&%^" ,Gulaal yelled startling him and Kesar did not realise why but he turned around avoiding her sight.Gulaal got up fuming in anger and kicked his feet almost toppling him and he landed straight on the ground and she started kicking him mercilessly on his ribs and yelled ,"RULE NO 4-Savdhani hati durghatna ghati'Take this'".She kept on screming while kicking his ribs.Nothing mattered any more as Kesar kept smiling at her while she kicked him .(KESAR'S CONFESSION-I completely lost everything that moment. I was so busy looking at her while she kicked me that the pain did not matter anymore.)

Gulaal looked at him confused as she kept grinning like a cynic as she hit him'Gulaal's breath started leaving her as she was fighting much beyond her strength. Her stamina had given up by now. Yet she gasped and panted kicking him.

"Bas bas bas..OK that's it now'..I GIVE UP'You win'",Kesar flamboyant voice broght Gulaal back to reality and she stopped hunching her shoulders trying to regain her breath .the sond of her wild breathings echoed in the seclusion .Kesar held his hands in surrender position and continued, "I give up..You win'" and finally extended his arms while lying down .Gulaal looked at him with suspicion.

"I swear I give up'Game over..You win HANDS DOWN  !!",He looked at her with imploring eyes with his hands extended .Gulaal squeezed her eyes and walked towards him with apprehensive steps .

Kesar looked deep into her eyes, "I said it's over ..YOU WIN!!       TRUST ME!!"

Gulaal narrowed her eyes and extened her hands and Kesar held that in hi sgrip and got up .

"Maan gaye!! WELL PLAYED !! BUT'.",Before Gulaal could think of anything he dived into her , ploughing into her pushing  and stapling her against one of the walls,her hands outstretched and pined to the wall palms up.Gulaal was absolutely in shock and terror as Kesar piecing gaze burned her whole existsence .He was dangerously close to her without an inch of space between them .His alcohiol mixed breath warm breaths scorching her skin as he spoke in a deep husky tone, "Ek akhri aur sabse important RULE- NEVER EVER SAMJHI..NEVER EVER TRUST ME!!"

Gulaal was in a state of absolute shock as she saw him .She was taken aback just as Kesar had expected but little did she knew that though he outwitted her ,he himself was nearing his end.He felt that he had no strength left to fight his attraction and desire for her now.His feeble body was consumed in the fire of Ecstasy as he looked into her deep eyes which were fluttering in surprise and shock. A furious revolt arose and declared open war against his logics. As if he ever cared for them. Gulaal was still in the state of shock but to her surprise ,for seconds she was lost in his deep eyes which were exploring her as if there will be no tomorrow. The sheer thrill of being desired like this made her react abnormally .No one in her life had ever looked at her with so much longing. She was confused   , her mind cluttered and she herself was clueless when the abhorrence in her heart was masked by an unusual sensation in the pit of her stomach. Her mouth dried and she was clueless what exactly was happening as she felt a little hypnotized looking at his eyes which were fixed on her.(TINKY'S TWEET-His eyes were wreaking havoc on my mind and I felt as if someone had suddenly started throwing all logics out of the window.)

Gradually moving closer, looking directly into her eyes, Kesar   felt a charge of excitement that he knew   but wasn't   sure was one-sided. His grip on her hands loosened a bit and he slid them tracing the whole length of her arms .A sequence of goose bumps defied all the boundaries as Gulaal could make out nothing what she was exactly doing. Maintaining the electric eye-contact, and in agonizing slow motion, he moved closer and closer until their lips were practically touching.

Gulaal was struck with lightening as her eyes popped out in horror jolting back to reality as she pushed him back and was about to run away  ,when Suddenly Kesar twirled her and twisted her arm and pulled her back and her collided  with his chest.Her face grimaced at the twist on her wrist.Kesar moved his face closer to her cheeks so that her breaths were fanning her entire being .He whispered gently, "Sun'"

Gulaal turned her face around a bit, 'Hmm ",She tried hard to find her voice

"GO",Kesar mustered all his strength trying to reason..Gulaal looked at him confused.

"Haan ja ..GO NOW'Ek pal bhi mat ruk yahan..Warna main kuch  aisa kadam utha lunga jahan se tera aur mera lautna mushkil  hi nahi namumkin ho jayega..Isliye go'",Kesar nuzzled her cheeks ,with his eyes closed and in the highest state of mental intoxication muttered, "Go please GO'Kyunki yahan tu agar ek bhi pal ruki to main apne aap ko rok nahi paunga aur agar main shuru ho gaya to na tu mujhe aur na hi apne ko rok payegi..Isiye ja dur chali mujhse  jitni dur ho sake aur wo bhi jaldi"Gulaal gulped a huge lump in her throat as Kesar grazed her face brushing his lips giving her goosebumps.She gasped and closed her eyes.

"Sun ruki kyun hai ja na...",Kesar tried to control his madeness still moving his face all over her neck .

His words sunk deep iside her and Gulaal looked at him with panting eagerness as he loosened his grip freeing her   and pushing her away .She looked at him in confusion and   inexplicable exclamation escaped her mouth , "Hain?"

"Nahi samjhi'Koshish bhi mat kar..Go just go'.JUST GO AWAY NOW",Kesar signalled her to go away

Gulaal was in the state of utter shock and kept looking at him  .

 "Don't you understand? GO NOW'!!Go far away from me'Or else" , Kesar yelled at the top of his voice .Gulaal was startled and started walking away in confusion with dragging footsteps still trying to process and comprehend whatever happened. Each and every scene which happened a few moments ago flashed in front of her eyes as she picked up her bag and keys and started walking away slowly .She stopped for a second to look back and saw Kesar kicking one of the pillars and running his fingers through his hairs and leaned on one of the walls with his eyes closed and continuously nodded his head.Gulaal was scared now as she started walking away in confusion again.

"Oyeee'", His roaring voice stopped her dead in her tracks as she turned around.He was standing at the same position with his hands folded across his bosom with a smirk on his placed, he placed his hands on his lips and chuckled loudly, "I SAID RUN'GO AWAY NOW'KYUNKI MERA IRADA KABHI BHI BDAL SAKTA HAI PHIR MAT KEHNA WARNING NAHI DI..JUST GO AWAY FROM ME!!"

Gulaal was spooked by the piercing look he was giving her.Her heartbeat started racing a mile every second and equally fast were her legs as she really started running.His words echoed in her ears as she reached the car and  , her hands trembled as she fumbled with her car keys dropped them almost twice  finally unlocking and trembled again to switch on the ignition.

"Oye'", His voice startled Gulaal so much that she almost jumped out of her skin and she felt as her heart would explode with shock as she saw him leaning and smirking at her at the car window .

Gulaal broke into impulsive hiccups as Kesar's bloodshot eyes with an extremely passionate look lingered at her. Before she could say anything  ,he extended his hand towards her , "ise to leti ja.."

Gulaal's eyes fell on her broken  hair clip lying on his palms(TINKY'S TWEET-Who the hell cared for that damn clip .I wanted to run away as soon as possible.)Without wasting a second Gulaal picked up the clip from his palm when suddenly he grabbed her hand.Gulaal yelled and struggled in shock, "Damn you leave my hand 'I said leave my hand"Gulaal smiled and said, "Listen tu mujhse bahut dur rehna samjhi'.Bahut dur'..ok GO NOW ..!!",Kesar was about to place a peck on her hands when she twitched a bit and he smiled and left it and Gulaal drove as fast as she could still scared and shocked.(KESAR'S CONFESSION- I did not know what had possessed me but if she had not left the very moment   ,I did not  know what I would have done to her that night. Every second to the fight the temptation to pull her out of the car was such a herculean task that I died a thousand deaths fighting my desires and keeping me back in senses. That night I felt Like I'd died and gone to heaven. At that point I wouldn't have even cared if I did die, as long as I got to hold her in my arms. I was so consumed with an insatiable desire for her .I was not sure what would have happened that night. Scary Ain't it ?I was scared too. My own thoughts scared me to death)

He slouched indolently behind the wheel, his left elbow resting comfortably on the car window , fingers steadying the wheel but not gripping it, tapping in rhythm to the tune of a song  on the music player .

"Tu hi tu tu hi tu..SATRANGI RE..

Ishq par zor nahi hai ye wo atish ghalib

Jo lagae na lage

Aur bujhaye na bane"

The breeze swept through his face wafting them across his shoulders ,eyelids droopy and still dreamy .His own thoughts still cluttered 'ON FIRE- and mind anxious about the happenings of the evening. Gulaal had not left him ever since then .No matter how much he tried to tame his wild thoughts. They all came back to haunt him. He was repenting the second he let her go. If he had not let his inner conscience wake him him ,she would have been there with him right now in his arms. This very thought thrilled him and a smile escaped his lips.

"Kesar grrr'Pure time kya aise hi apne aap soch kar muskarata rahega'ya kuch baat bhi karega'.",She tuned the rear view mirror towards herself and combed her hair..and fixed her bindi.

"Hmmm ,haan..kya..",Kesar turned left towards her completely uninterested.

"Kesar bata na main kaise lag rahi hun..Ye dress Dadda(Brother) lekar aya hai'achi hai na'.",Twinkle was beaming in her excesses today was her birthday.

Kesar was still lost in his own thoughts and Gulaal's face flashed before her eyes.

"Kesar..bata na'",Twinkle squeezed his arms

"Hmm Tu an Khule balon mein jyada achi lagti hai'.",Kesar replied still thinking about Gulaal.

"Are you even listening main dress k barein mein  puch rahi thi'",Twinkle pursed her lips.

"Oh Shut Up Twinkle'Dekh mood mat kharab kart era birthday hai isliye chup hun warana'"

"Warna kya baat to aise kar raha hai ki jaise tujhe meri parwah hi nahi'Tue k to late aya mujhe pick up karne teri responsibility banti hai kuch'.",She folded her arms across her bosom.

"Kaun si responsibility?'Ek to Negi humesha mujhe apnai car ka driver samjah kar teri naukri karne bhej deta hai'upar se teri bak bak..Dekh Twinkle tu chup chap baith warna yehi utha kar bahar phenk dunga'",Kesar said fuming in irritataion.

TWINKLE : "Theek hai bachu..attitude dikha de Shaadi k baad nahi dikha payega'"

KESAR : "Kaun si shaadi ..Dekh Twinkle bachpan mein hum ghar ghar khelte the iska matlab yeh nahi kit u ajeeb sapne dekhein bachpan k Mazak ko itna seriously nahi lete..'

TWINKLE : "Dekh Kesar Ija(Mother) ne kaha tha ki teri shaadi mujhse hi hogi to maine to bachpan se ek hi sapna dekha hai'."

KESAR : "Kaun sa sapana..Bachpan mein meri Ija(Mother) bhi kehti thi ki main SUPERMAN hun'To kya ba main laal chaddhi pehen kar udta phirun'WAKE UP Twinkle aur bakwas band kar warna yehi chhod k chala jaunga'"

Twinkle twitched her face,"Theek hai akdu main chup rahungi'"She smiled and mumbled to herself  , "Teri shaadi mujhse nahi to aur kisse hogi..hmmm..?"


Gulaal's home

"Tinky di", Madhav asked her as she rushed inside

"Khana lagaun..?Chinky Baba to Party se late lautenge.."

"Nahi mujhe bhuk nahi hai'", Gulaal gave a quick reply and ran upstairs towards her room.

She closed the door of her room, Swinging the keys on the table and fell on the bed like a lifeless statue. Still shivering and trembling in fear and confusion ,the words of Kesar came back to haunt her .His eyes, his piercing gaze coming back to haunt her made her sick ,miserable and scared. She felt guilty .She felt angry at herself .A tiny droplet was about to escape her eyes. She was lost in her own thoughts when her mobile phone beeped. Getting a   grip of herself, she read the message and her eyes twinkled with joy. She opened her laptop and quickly connected to video chat.

HIS smiling face flashed on the screen.

KARAN : "Hey Tinks'"

"CHAMP", Her face illuminated with glee.

KARAN : "Where have you been ?"

GULAAL : "Kuch nahi ..bas Gym mein thi"

KARAN : "I called you up several times 'I was so scared..all the time..ANY PROBLEM Tinks..Chal jane de I know My Tinks would solve any problem in her life herself hai na'Missing me'?"

Gulaal's voice choked in horror.Her eyes almost brimmed with tears .She slightly nodded her head .She felt terribly guilty.

GULAAL : "Listen CHAMP I need to tell you something.."

KARAN : "Not now Tinks..I am logging off 'Early morning flight so'Catch ya later'"


KARAN : "Later Tinks'.Bye'I love you'You love me '?"

Gulaal nodded her head'

KARAN : "Then Say it silly'"

"I love you too'",Gulaal smiled and reassured herself more than him.

The screen went blank as the chat disconnected. Gulaal heaved a heavy sigh and a tear rolled down her cheeks.



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Lovely chappi Piu.. Big smile... I've waited for this chapter to see my Champ N twinkle's entry  Embarrassed

I can't wait for the PART C... plz update it ASAP Day Dreaming

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Piu Hug...loved it so much yaar...
Starting from the way kesar n gulaal fought with each other...though she is scared she wanted to fight with him n i like this abt her...what a fight it is...kesar is losing all his senses and due to which he got that blow n then the other injuries too...he is a total goner now after this...I loved how they after winning against the other gave the advice abt rules...I liked how kesar felt that the slap is nothing when it compared to the game they were playing n more over he is thinking this worth it...yeh bhanda toh ek dum fida hogayaa hai gullu par...aur khule baal mein dekhthe hi woh sab kuch buljaayega na...then kesar surrender while she is kicking him...he has to give up na n she is only one for whom he will agree that he lost the game...then their close moment when they both r lost in each other while looking in each other eyes...OMG I loved it...kesar telling her to just go from there and then giving her the reasons why she has to go away right now...thought she didnot get why n what he said...but i wish she understood the reason why he asked her to leave from there...he is so restless na while she is going away from her...ab doosri mulaakaath mein yeh haal hai...ab aage aage kya hoga...
OMG KMH...Twinkle ki entry that too directly with the shaadi convo with he is totally lost in gulaal's thoughts n twinkle is very much busy in dreaming abt her marriage with kesar...i loved kesar when he is declared to stop dreaming abt marrying him...but koi sune toh ...woh toh ab apne aap mein khoyee hui hai...ek kaafi nahi hai kya...doosra KMH bhi aagayaa...looks like yahaa bhi shaadi ka topic chalraha hai...n more over gulaal is not much happy with the love shove of karan...
Loved it Piu...looking forward for the next update soon...

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PiuuuHugyeh le ek badi si hug for this awesomely super delicious super paapi updateEmbarrassedI am still reeling under the intensity of that scene.I loved it totally but I need to read it a few more times to be able to comment.I hope you understandWinkLOL

yay for Champ's entry and Twinkle ji aap ka bhi swaagath.We need these two na.

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resShocked i am super lateCry


Apologies for this delayed comments Piyu, I  had to really try very hard not to read the update cause I knew I won't get chance to write my comments over the phone and I didn't want any delay in penning down my reaction after  reading the chapters, I guess it works well both ways, cause that way I can improve my endurance too(hopefully!!!!)

I like the brother-sister bond made strong by inexplicably busy mother but I am sure there is a reason behind that too…What is interesting is how her indifferent/busy attitude have brought out completely contradictory behavioural traits in her two children, Gulaal a complete go-getter and tomboyish, fiercely independent, bull headed even whereas Chinky as the name suggests fearful, timid, wallowing in self-pity and  unable to express his opinions/views clearly not because he wouldn't  be heard but just that he doesn't know how to

I like the closeness between Rewa and Gulaal though 10 years younger Gulaal is able to share her innermost thoughts with her, including guys, I found this very intriguing cause being in relationship with her brother she is her future sister-in-law and to tease one's bhabhi about someone's imploring eyes  requires special kind of bond, quite interesting…..

The  entire car park scene was brilliantly written, I could visualize things as if it was happening right in front of my eyes,I know what Kesar did was wrong, ambushing her with help of his friends to terrify her  and then going beyond the plan but at a point I think he realized that even though he could see a reflection of himself in her,she was a vulnerable, beautiful and charming girl who's was putting up a brave front trying to hide that unshed tear that he could see through and the retreat from that point onwards- for the sake of preserving his pride as well as hers…The anger that smirk,that amusement and that inexplicable pull towards his destiny is what makes this guy absolute paradox only his nemesis can unravel…naturally his friends had no clue and followed his orders to leave them alone…more so his need than hers…hope I made sense…

And now to the fab  game between the two that had everything one could think of anger, fun, ego, struggle, camaradie, sportsman spirit, pride, fear  and lots of passion and inexplicable pull both felt towards each other,finally  ending in the realization for both… fact brilliant…let's see how far and how long they can now go on w/o the other….just matter of time isn't it…one is fearful of his own uncontrollable urge and other is not even aware of what she almost surrendered…ahh these two….

That small chat with Twinkle urff Talli conveyed it all I guess  or is she going to nag us like she did in the show? Hope not,she irritates me as much yaar,I hope you can restrict her presence to bare minimum…

Hmm Gulaal feeling guilty for that loss of control for few minutes and now she is back in her  senses i.e. getting grip on herself…really…how long for...lovely update Piyu…..I am terribly sorry for my late comments,all I can do is apologise…I will try and  get to it sooner ,from next update…please update soon…Hug


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Just got around here - finally - and started off Piyu - and what do I see!!! You quoted NEIL GAIMAN for your prologue!!! #BIG #WIN #ALREADY!!! Sandman series of graphic novels is my constant travel companion, that, alternating with Wodehouse - never tire of them! So excited you used his words, Neil is the generator of some of the most straightforward and thought provoking lines - and that seems to go well with what appears to be the tone of the story. 

One which note - this theme should be something! Off to read now, and will probably edit this same space with comments alongside. 

ps: Loved this poster Nithya!



Okay done reading with wayyy too may interruptions - but here goes!

For one - lest I forget this later - the link for Repercussions and Sparks isn't working so fix it, okay? 

To the story. GK at their fiery most, yet, in any FF? I haven't seen Ishaqzaade because it received reviews from some friends which were less than encouraging... but perhaps cause of Geeshu's wonderful Aafton Ke Parindey trailer, and from having seen theatrical trailers of the movie itself - I thought I could sense an inspiration in the charting of characters from the movie? They can be potentially very challenging characters to write - of course I know you will do way better than the movie in the way it is executed Big smile

On which note - back to my review - GK at their fiery most! I like how you've initiated with Gulaal and Kesar being on clear opposite sides, not as the innocent people who don't necessarily care about these divisions, but people whose ideologies are going to be challenged and offended at many occasions encountering each other. This is not a difference of society that is imposed on them beyond their will - for now - but at least for Kesar, a very implicit part of his own thinking, and so overcoming it is going to be about violating a lot of his own socio-political conceptions! Which can be - I personally empathize with this one because I can be a very politically biased person LOL - a hard task for someone whose an active thinker with a side to legitimately defend! 

Okay one question - I don't understand why the plain dwellers are called "desi" - maybe because I've just grown up hearing that term used in general and at large for NRI Indians and non-resident Pakis back at home... It seems weird that people within their own country would distinguish one belt from another but same nationality and ethnicity by using "desi" as a term? Just curious...

Okay, Gulaal. So between her interactions with Rewa and Chinky(mannn! I would hate that name too, if I was a boy. Or a girl, for that matter LOL) she's almost got the relationships reversed! Hopefully, the story is going to witness some evolution in RV as a character who doesn't need his big boy sister to pet him! I mean, elder sisters bossing you and smothering you as a younger brother - the inevitable prerogative they WILL exercise LOL But RV was still too much of a cow himself Tongue Rewa on the other hand seemed wayyy mature for being same age as RV!!! An interesting equation. 

And now we have clear allusions to Gulaal being with Karan; and Kesar finding a potential distraction excuse in Talli  who has taken it upon herself to nag with marry talks Sleepy Oh Talli, you're such a tainted character with your Kesar wooing aspirations LOL 

Chalo, all in all - a variable character space. Guessing Negi and Rewa might go on to have some scene. It seems like the whole gunda-pahari group is going to have to defy the principles they live by, in finding love LOL On the other hand, Rewa and RV could be an item... Hmmm. 

Thanks for the PMs Hug and keep updating! 

Edited by without-fathom - 07 October 2012 at 7:56am

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