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Originally posted by arti07

yaaay lets party a new ss we so need thatDay Dreaming thanks doc Embarrassedwhat we will do without youTongue and piu i think its gonna be intense... the story of bully and a loggerheadDancing.
My chotu GovindaHug I was seriously so feeling PAAP deprived after watching Prabhu ji every Sunday...So Honestly I had to write this yaarEmbarrassedand Yes The story of KG always has to be INTENSE naEmbarrassedIts VERY CLICHE but I will try my best To make it INTERESTINGEmbarrassed

..and seriously piu i absolutely love ur concept everytime u bring something unique and intense..Star... the characters in ur story are completely insane LOLeither u hate them or love them to coreEmbarrassed there is no middle way..LOL..
Yes OFC Coz I believe in this ---"Unless its mad,passionate and EXTRAORDINARY ,love is a waste of time..There are so many mediocre things in life..Love shouldn't be one of themHug

.and everytime u bring a new FF i m the first one to throw tantrum oh i dont like it blah blahLOL  i didnt liked ur teacher and student concept initally and later on fall hopelessly for them and then chal FF... i thought oh no a story of a hermit i m not gonna enjoy itOuch and read the first chapii and i was a gonerEmbarrassed
and now this...i should not break my pratha and will rant hello i hate this bullyAngryi absolutely hated aditya in gumrahAngry...if ever i see this guy i would knock him down Angry
and i know again u will make me fall for himOuch... eeks i hate u LOL
Awww I know You are to the OFFICIAL TANTRUM QUEEN..TUJHE HAQ HAI MERI JAAN.Hug.STOMP your feet as much as you can coz I know You LOVE KesarEmbarrassedAnd I hate you too..TongueCoz you claimed EXCLUSIVE rights on the Prabhu jiLOL

and i wish u had named the guy aditya...i have read so many kesar and gulaal FF for a change i wanna know aditya...i know i m sounding crazy...
Hahaahha I can never write about Anyone except Kesar and Gulaal so kaam chala leTongue

and waiting eagerly for the chapii plz plz plz bring it soonEmbarrassed

Awww Thanks a ton for your Appreciation and love..I am gonna post chappi SoonishHug

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Originally posted by Ayushii_Angel

ermm mein itna late on 2nd page...Cry
No worries picture to abhi shuru hui hai dostDancinglets patyWink
Well, Well,Well awesm prologueClap
Thank you so much AyushiHug
Enjoyed the character sketch nd posters as wellClap
Realy samya hatts off to ur creativityClap
Ya Saamya does indeed always brings the class Needed for the FF's...Embarrassed
And first off all..that is wt m writing in endTongue..THE TITLE "ISHQ PE ZOR NAHIN.."..Realy i hooked by the title...muuaahhhahhh...shower of kisses nd hugggsHug on ...????No no tujh pe nahin piu dii..on Kesar Rawat,...Day DreamingHaye koi mujhe sambhalo mein to gayi...Awesm funda by u kesu..."Life is mine...I own it!!!!" u ...muaaahhh...
hHAHAHAHHAHAHAHH I knew ppl would love Kesar Rawat and LOL abhi se he getting all the HUGS and KISSES LUcky guy and THank you so much for liking the TITLE..I am quite a huge FAN of Ghalib so..THIS HAS TO BE THE MOST GORGEOUS TITLE I HAVE EVER USEDEmbarrassed
Trust me piu..kesar Dutta ke baad kesar Rawat ka hi intezaar tha mujhe..ya ya or bhi kai kesu aye in between but ..realy m fan of ur ANKAHEE...My words r also unsaid abt din to i was like Fan bana hi dala yar..m expecting same kesu here also...and ya same galib poetry as title of every chappiWink
Awww I loved Kesar Dutta too..He was the closest Kesar and the most precious one which I had created...I miss him sometimes and Thanks for those lovely words of appreciationEmbarrassed
If u dont wanna mojris so u must have to fulfil our demands...Geeki knw for that u dont need to work hard. Thumbs Up...plz update soon...Nd pm me must,,!!!!!!! Its an orderTongueTongue...LOLThanx for the u..
Now huggs nd kisses for uHug

Thanks for those HUGS and Kisses and I am really gonna post chappi very soon...And ORDER SAR ANKHON PAR YAARA ...Hug

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Originally posted by -Swetha-

Lovely SS on Kesar - Gulaal Big smile
Loved the character sketch of Kesar , Gulaal the most Embarrassed

Can't wait for the story to begin .. Day Dreaming 

P.S Awesome thread by u Piyu Clap

SwethaHugWhat a pleasant and Awesome Surprise it is for me to see you on my thread..Am So glad that you liked itEmbarrassedHope to see you throughout the journey of KG in this SS..Thanks again and BIG HUGSHug

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Originally posted by manzilmukul

MUAAAH Geeshu ...LUBB YOU HugThanks for all those wonderful VM'S All songs are suggested by U Embarrassed and U gave me the summary of ur SS.. I  just  arranged video clips according to ur SS Smile..

and That TWINKLE NEGI poster..MUAAAHEmbarrassed... U should give her a big space in every chapters... Big smile 

Muaaahhh Piu Hug

Even though I know the summary of your SS, I'm also so excited to read it.Big smile...I can't wait to read ur first chapter...plz update soon...  

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Darte darte entry super later this time...choory.Cry..Piyudi the way you give detailed background for most of you story is really brilliant,it actually makes one aware of so many different aspectsabout the city,culture,history beside giving something solid to place these characters in,amazing...

I loved characterization of almost all of them,of course i am in love with Kesar Rawat already,unlike Arti I just fall in love from the word go..kya kare tere characters hote hi aise hai...dil ko chu lene wale...Embarrassed

Geeshu brilliant VMs once again,you have done an excellent job,Kesar wala toh ekdum perfect I can't wait for Piyu to actually define him excatly like will be dil ka sukoon...I am tired of ever obliging,sweet smiling,totally devoted Lakhanji...Piyudi i will second about Aditya though I love adi for shortEmbarrassed you know my reasons 

Your prologue is already making me desperate to read it,please update soonHug 

Saamya your posters are absolutely fabulousClap beautiful, Thanks you 

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ps- casting is superb

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To all those who thought this was a KESAR GULAALLOL Story BOO BOO *OK Ducks from Flying Tamataras and eggs"

Well Hi everyone ..I am RV ahem ahem Rajveer Singh Tomar'

AGE :18


Well now the question is what is TRUE LOVE'.

Some say there are stages of LOVE 

While other say Love is NATURAL nothing can be defined in terms of LAWS or STAGES in LOVE..

BUT I know a COUPLE'A pair which actually made LOVE even more COMPLICATED than that defined by the laws..Such was the LEVEL of their CONFUSION and COMPLICATION that they EITHER MAINTAINED,MODIFIED OR EVEN BROKE CERTAIN RULES of LOVE written and believed by SEERS of ove since AGES ..Do not BELIEVE ME ? See for Yourself!!





YES!! Their story Indeed Started with a BIG BANG..Like they say there is SILENCE before the STORM ..Both of them Knew Nothing about WHAT AN EXPLOSION WAS WAITING FOR THEM!!!


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Part 1
The Friction and The Explosion

The door Slammed open'His curious eyes explored every nook and cranny of the small room .The musical peals of a tiny tinkling bell reached his ears and the fragrant smoke from the incense made the ambience full of mysticism. He had not expected this.

"Jai hanuman Gyan gun sagar'.",The constant chanting of Hanuman chalisa and simultaneous ringing of the tiny bell in his left hand caught Raj veer's attention. He deeply and intently looked at the name list adorning the door of the room..

"Hmmm Sayanatan Bose..",RV's fingers traced those letters printed on a neat A4 sized Sheet stuck with hand- made glue on the old dilapidated oak wood door ,while his eyes fixed on the miniature embryo like him right in front frantically reading his evening prayers in his unique accent.RV's smirk grew wider'Though completely different in Looks but YES!!He could make out that Sayantan was probably one of his kinds too. An embryo that would mature into a lifeless geek in a few years. After all Getting admission in the most prestigious Medical College of Dehradun was not some joke. One needed to Spend sleepless nights preparing for the entrance, curtail oneself from all the worldly pleasures and choke to death until you were able to mug up all the formulas required in physics and all those scary equations of chemistry ..(RV'S CHIRP-I never understood that why on earth I was required to study these scary subjects when all I had dreamed my life was to become a doctor..)

RV extended his hands as he threw his bag on one of the beds. The notice of his crashing was loud enough to scare Sayantan which he clearly manifested from his glaring eyes and tightening of jaws at RV..

"OOPS SORRY..",A soft whisper escaped from RV's mouth as he removed his jacket and explored all the corners .Chipping off pieces of plaster from the walls, the masked smell of fulminating powdered mildew that had found its place in one damp corner of the wall ,neatly arranged wooden shelves with a long streak of termite colony inhabiting  its hinges,RV was more than amused. Not that he could not afford an expensive college. But getting admission in a was an added feather in his cap.He was          finally on his own. He could Still remember how his mother had expressed her displeasure at his decision to stay in a hostel while his mother was already allotted a home in the Colony ,After all she was an IAS officer. It was only a month ago they had shifted to Dehradun from Delhi after his Mother got transferred. Given to all this RV was still happy --very happy coz he had wanted to stay alone .Classes and hectic clinical duty schedules would have been a difficult to cope up as a day scholar. His smile widened as he got up and opened the window.The fresh whiff of the moisture laden air entered the room and as he soaked the sight of the majestic mountains with the faint lights coming from Mussoorie ,shining from the twilight ,his tiny heart was sent into throes of ecstasy .

"Bose Shayonton Bose'",The croaky voice and a touch on his shoulders  brought RV back from his reverie as he extended his hands ..A warm handshake ,RV smiled , "Raj veer Singh Tomar'"

"Udi SHALA ITNA BADA NAAM .."Sayantan's eyes popped out of his sockets  and his mouth gaped like a fish.., "Thakur hai tum'"

"yup'But U can call me RV it's simpler..",RV smiled (RV'S CHIRP- No way its simpler but its CHIC too-WinkWink at least much better than Chinky a name bestowed by my beloved Granny'AngryLooks up 'OuchGranny if you had already not left for heavens above then I would have certainly murdered you some day for giving me the most Girlish name on Earth'Angry)

@%"Dekho  RV idhar Kamara  mein kuch Rulesh hain..Idhar Maud nahi pi sakti tum'.",Bose unzipped his bag and started arranging his clothes neatly in the shelf.

"Hain Maud?Confused"

"Udi shala Maud matlab daru Drinkshs..aur haan idhar gandi photo nahi lagane ka ..humara Thakur rehta hai idhar'."

"Haan Samjh Gaya Sayantan!! CHILL DUDE!!",RV was more than happy .He was a decent fellow and had never tasted alcohol nor was habitual of po*n .So he was quite amused and found Sayantan cute.

"No its Shayonton'Sa nahi sho..Aur idhar Rulesh STRICTLY follow karegi warna ajkal ka ladaka log to 'Dugga dugga'"

The statement was abruptly cut short , "Umm muff ahhh'Uiii'",Absolutely throaty s**tty moans caught them unguarded .Both of them looked at each other shocked .For seconds there was SILENCE and then another bout of moans.Both of them stuttered and peeped outside the door. The corridor was dark. Not a living soul was seen. Two steps more and they both leaned from the corridor balcony. Only to be startled to see a huge screen running a po*n flick with scenes and moans which left nothing to imagination .The entire courtyard below was dark. Very dark ..While Bose eyes became red with horror.RV's mouth parted in wonder.Heat seeped through his ears as if they were puffing steam and his face became red's if it was instinct or an unknown force pulling them. Their footsteps led them round then corridor's end finding their way through the steps. While on the way they encountered more curious souls like him AND BY THE TIME THEY REACHED THE COURTYARD .RV realized that the dark courtyard was filled with newbies like him. Some wiping the sweat from their faces, some panting while some were busy salivating and their huge grin sparked in darkness due to the flashing of their teeth with braces.RV was alarmed as his eyes were glued to the screen'.He felt a sudden afflux of blood on hi cheeks with were almost red due to blushing and his heart beat almost rose to an infinity'

DHANG DHANG DHANG DHANG DHANG!! ONE TWO THREE FOUR AND FIVE'.One by one huge FLOOD lights fell on their faces and the whole courtyard was illuminated .Caught unguarded and ashamed RV was in a state of  EXTREME Shock .So were the others who tried to run away when RV's eyes fell on him'The Screen had not stopped playing the po*n flick and a Cheesy voice announced ,"WELCOME to HELL GUYS"'His hands extended in the air as he turned around and everyone was scared as hell! A handsome guy was standing at the small stone stage in the courtyard near the huge screen wearing low waist jeans.RV could see the band of his trunks with the words CLEARLY peeping out- "IS BEING SEXY A CRIME? IF YES! THEN SUE ME!!"Everything in his attire was branded,Allen solly jacket, Live-in Jeans ,Woodland shoes, and Gucci glares.(RV'S CHIRP- I sometimes keep on wondering what's up with guys wearing dark shades even in evening)

The BRAND GUY with an equally BRANDED SMIRK Jumped down from the stage and started walking slowly towards them- So Fresher's ..I am Shivraj Singh Negi but for u all I am Negi sir'So chalo chalo quickly Pahadis and Desis line up separately'"

RV knew the very instant they all were in trouble and were TRAPPED .As a purring tiger lures its prey ,now they all were pulled together using the BAIT of the SINFUL TEMPTATION. Some of them tried to run only to be miserably surrounded a bullied by the final year students.RV had heard about Ragging in Campus and now he was SCARED. His mind was running a TUG-OF WAR whether to run away or to hide. Both the ideas seemed bad options as he knew he could not run neither hide..

"Sunayi nahi diya @%$^$*$^ Bloody weirdos'Line up Separately Pahadis and Desis'".Negi's roaring voice thundered in the courtyard. Sayantan and RV shivered But RV was more confused.

He muttered scratching his head in Bose's ears , "Ye desi kaun hotey hain'"Little did he know he was loud enough as every single eye in the huge courtyard were upon him.(RV's CHIRP-I was scared as hell. Someone should  have saved me'but then the BIG BANG would never have happened.

Luckily enough for the newbie's the Lights went out and there was utter chaos ..Some people tried to sneak and hide with muffled footsteps while some were rooted to the spot CONFUSED .

Just then RV saw HIM..YES!! The dark courtyard which was in commotion came to STANDSTILL. The bass of his huge shoes hushed everyone as RV tried to look at him. A thick beam of impudent moonlight seeped through a tiny aperture in the terrace and tiny dust particles danced back and forth as HE walked towards RV .BIG SPACE LIKE BOOTS,RUGGED JEANS,CRUMPLED DIRTY BROWN SHIRT AND A HUGE DIAL SWANKY WATCH',RV's eyes explored every tiny detail that was faintly visible in the moonlight as the space between them slowly receded finally ending in just a few inches.RV could feel His fuming alcohol mixed  breaths on his face .(RV'S CHIRP-Honestly I behaved like such a timid duffer that I literally pee-ed in my pants due to nervousness)

A strike of matchstick  lighting a cigarette and HIS COUNTENANCE LIT UP and RV caught a glimpse of his face for the first time. Eyes glowing like flaming cinders with the corners little moist and dirty ,tiny red thread like blotches caging those whites in the eyes, Face uncouth, with a mild stubble as if he had not showered for ages ,Skin perfectly tanned which seemed to be blending like a chameleon with his crumpled brown shirt'and above all JAWS tightened with absolute RAGE.RV broke into a bout of cough as HE blew fitful puffs of smoke on RV'S face and said in a low menacing tone, "Desi'Hmmm Desi wo hotey hain jo pehle to apse dosti karte hain aur phir peeth mein khanjar ghad k chale jatey hain'"The intensity in HIS voice sent chills down RV's spine as he continued, "Chalo bhai jitney bhi pahadi hain yahan par apne room mein jao'hahahahh aur baki jitney bache'.Tum sab ka Swagat hai'."Bursting into a cynical laugh HE looked deeply into RV's eyes as Negi and others of the gang joined HIM.

"ppar ye to partiality hai'Aisa nahi chalegi'",Before anyone could utter something Sayantan opened his mouth'.

A smirk ran across HIS face as he looked at Sayantan'and Grabbed his collar, "AJA BACHOO '@%$$% Sun'",HE patted his cheeks , "Tu janta hai main Kaun hun..Hmmm" Sayantan nodded his head gulping a huge lump in his throat "RAWAT SAMJHA KESAR RAWAT'Chal ab chup chap Salute mar aur sorry bol'."(RV'S CHIRP-It was the very first time I heard his name 'If only I knew what this name would mean in our lives then Probably I would have tried my best to befriend him. But the case was ,I was at loggerheads with him'as my stupid brain quickly was reminded that desi's meant we were outcast by these pahadis..

"Sssory..",Sayantan spluttered with his typical bong accent.

"HA HA udi baba Ye to Bangali hai be'.Negi ise itna bhi nahi pata ki seniors ko kaise sorry bolte hain'"

"Rawat 'kya karein sarein Bloody desi jo hai ..kuch Ata hi nahi'.",Shivraj placed his hand on Kesar's shoulders .

"SALE DESI'..",Kesar gritted his teeth in anger and grabbing Sayantan's collar screamed, "Hindi mein bol..ADARNIYA DOCTOR SAHAB HUMEIN MAAF KAR DIJIYE..aur ye bolte hue is pure angan ka murga banker chakkar laga samjha'Chal be'."Kesar kicked Sayantan who was too scared by now and followed their orders.

"Hmmm to hum kaha the Negi'.",kesar shifted back towards RV and inspected him carefully.The cigarette dwindling carelessly between his lips while he spoke ,Kesar smirked, "Kyun be Negi ..mujhe nahi pata tha ki idhar is session mein Ladkiyon ko bhi Boys hostel allot kiya hai'.Dekh is chikne ko'Ladki hona chahiye tha sale ko'.",Kesar slapped his cheeks and burst laughing so echoed everyone .. (RV'S CHIRP-OK that was it..I was cute but GIRLISH..I CURSED EVERY STAR IN WHOSE INFLUENCE I WAS BORN I could have broken his jaws but if only I was courageous enough..)

"Naam kya hai be tera'."


"Chh chh chh kya 'CHANDRAMUKHI'.",Kesar pinched RV'S cheeks in a harsh grip turning his tender cheeks pink as he announced loudly dragging him around while RV  howled in pain and humiliation..

To bhaiyon Chandramukhi humein dance kar k dikhayegi'.Kyun'.",Everyone clapped and jeered as Kesar glared at him, "Chal be Kapde utar'"

"Hain.."RV could not belive his ears '

"Haan be khud utarega ki main utarun'."Kesar grabbed his collar and clenching his fist towards him.RV was sweating cold drops  like a pitcher with his thin legs shivering like the tripod stand..

He was so nervous'"UTAR'.",Kesar's voice echoed in the courtyard as RV nervously followed his orders.Honestly he was scared. They were so many in number and many of them looked much stronger than him. There was no point putting up a fight. His nervous fingers dwindled the buttons as he removed his shirt .

"Pants kya tera baap akar utarega. Aur baki sab bhi...",Shivraj roared jeering at RV while others too followed his suit'.

RV was hesitant ,nervous and his vision became hazy as his eyes moistened'He stood there rooted to the spot .

Kesar walked towards him and clutched his neck almost choking RV , "Chandarmukhi phataphat pant bhi utar warna yehin ek gadha khod k gadh dunga samjha'"The gritting of Kesar's teeth sent chills down his spine and RV followed orders. The whole mob of students were now in their vests and trunks'

Kesar slowly walked towards a desk and grabbing a bottle of beer kept on it gulped down the entire potion in one go'.Chalo re MUSIC chaloo karo'."

One of the seniors started the song Chikni chameli on his mobile phone '



NEGI: "Arey rawat ye to Dilip saab waley devdas ka dialogue hain'."

RAWAT:O teri ye to gadbad ho gayi re'..eehhha (Kesar mimicked Sharukh in Devdas')Kaun kambaqkht bardaasht karne ko pita hai ,hum to pite hain isisliye taki tumhe bardasht kar sakae eehhh'"Extending his hands in the air he screamed, "MUSIC CHALOO KAR BE'."

"Hum pe ye kisne hara rang dala'..",The song from the movie devdas blared and the students moved half -heartedly '.

RAWAT: "Hmmm uhooo Maza nahi aa raha hai be..Koi hara rang lekar aao jaldi''"Nodding his head in disapproval Kesar signalled one of his friend and he quickly followed the suit'.

SWISH '.A huge bucket full of green coloured mud and algae was splashed on RV who was literally in state of shock'He moved half- heartedly on the song while Kesar recorded it on his mobile phone and smirked, "Aur ye gaya apni CHNADRAMUKHI ka dance FACEBOOK par'."

 "NACHOOO'",Kesar yelled while everyone joined RV in the dance.


note-to be contd in part 2 -THE RERCUSSIONS AND SPARKS

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