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Poster credit :my Bodyguard NeiluHug

First of all a BIG Thank you to all my wonderful readers and friends who have always supported me throughout the journey of all my stories and showering me with all the immense love.So here I am back with another story *Ducks from flying mojris* ..Yea yea I know I ditched the last one and I am terribly sorry for that..but yes this time I am definitely gonna complete this and not leave you all disappointed'.Well Before I start I have to say certain things'YES!! I WANT TO SAY THANKS TO ALL MY WONDERFUL READERS WHO READ AND LOVE MY STORIES!!

shk281sharmishtaAyushii_Angelkreaskalika.j,arti07,  enchanted23saurisalantaprachuryanneeiillprincessofkesarrsk16MR21minizzGeeshuKeithuukiran_trudecentwithout-fathomchweetu kavi.bidaaiPiyalibose4uhoneyb99hinab99sharmishtaKesarGulaalsmitha2728kreassnehasri--Minks--kalika.j

A BIG WARM A HUGE HUG to my Jadugarni Geeshu and my Bodyguard Saamya'.Thyank you so much for lubbing me always and making those wonderful Vm's and posters for me'.Yes !! Guys..The Vm's have been entirely conceptualized and created by our lovely jadugarni Geeshani and The Awesome banner by my Neilu'..I thank both of you from the core of my heart for lubbing me always..HATS OF TO YOU GUYS !! MUAAAHHug

 BIG HUGS and Thanks Mini and Aditi for constantly encouraging me'.Your motivation means  a lot to meHug

A special thanks to those wonderful silent readers  who never forget to hit the LIKE button and make me feel so elated..Hug

kavi.bidaai,nidhi09shk281  kreas  rsk16 kavi.bidaaiPiyalibose4uhoneyb99  KesarGulaalsmitha2728snehasri

Well here I am with the prologue ,backdrop and the character sketch for the story..It's my humble request that It would really be great if you read the history and prologue patiently and also do watch the Brilliant Vm's by Geeshu so that you can get the feel of the story

History and backdrop 

Well it's like going back to my First love Uttarakhand like my first FF'The story is set up in   a medical college in the hilly state and is partly inspired from Neils' Evil streaked portrayal in Gumrah'Well it's interesting to note that the backdrop is based on a different issue that used to exist in the state For this you need to read this patiently




Uttaranchal emerged as the 27th state of India on 9th November 2000, leading to the fulfillment of the long cherished dream of the people who are the residents of this hilly region. In the post-independence period, the Tehri princely state was merged into Uttar Pradesh state, where Uttarakhand composed the Garhwal andKumaon Divisions.Until 1998, Uttarakhand was the name most commonly used to refer to the region, as various political groups including most significantly the Uttarakhand Kranti Dal (Uttarakhand Revolutionary Party est. 1979), began agitating for separate statehood under its banner. Although the erstwhile hill kingdoms of Garhwal and Kumaon were traditional rivals with diverse lingual and cultural influences due to the proximity of different neighbouring ethnic groups, the inseparable and complementary nature of their geography, economy, culture, language, and traditions created strong bonds between the two regions.These bonds formed the basis of the new political identity of Uttarakhand, which gained significant momentum in 1994, when demand for separate statehood (within the Union of India) achieved almost unanimous acceptance among the local populace as well as political parties at the national level. Most notable incident during this period was the Rampur Tiraha firing case on the night of October 1, 1994, which led to public uproar and eventually to the division of the state of Uttar Pradesh in 1998 and Finally Uttaranchal came into existence in the year 2000.

Nevertheless, the name Uttarakhand remained popular in the region, even while Uttaranchal was promulgated through official usage.

In August 2006, India's Union Cabinet assented to the four-year-old demand of the Uttaranchal state assembly and leading members of the Uttarakhand movement to rename Uttaranchal state as Uttarakhand. Legislation to that effect was passed by the State Legislative Assembly in October 2006,and the Union Cabinet brought in the bill in the winter session of Parliament. The bill was passed by Parliament and signed into law by the President in December 2006. Since then, Uttarakhand denotes a state in the Union of India


Well though the state was formed after much agitations and uproar as well as bloodshed ,and like all other partitions in the history had left its scars on the hearts of people leading to mutual hatred which though not explicit but in minute dilutions dividing the hearts into Pahadis(People who originally belong to the hills) and Desis or plain waley(Who lived in the plain areas or who did settled in Uttarakhand after migration')

Though this bitterness is almost vanished from the hearts yet sometimes due to history of mutual hatred the dislike for each other resurfaces from time to time in a sarcastic way and people do not refrain refrain themselves from bashing each other'For example  people belonging to the plains will term the simplicity and honesty of the people belonging to the hills as a sign of cowardice .Similarly the Pahadi people mock and look down upon the migrant population for being shrewd and eating away their jobs..So the mutual dislike even exists in colleges which has a mixed population of both the groups often resulting in clashes..

So this whole story revolves around college politics and other emotions which CORRUPT human minds ..The ambience being that of a medical college'.


DISCLAIMER: This SS does not intend to hurt any sentiments..It is a story about two different individuals who are TRAPPED in the narrow mind set of groupism and how they eventually Transcend all the narrow loyalties of caste,creed ,groups and see each other as nothing but HUMAN BEINGS in the light of LOVE..As it is said'Love transcends all and overcomes all the HURDLES'.




Ishq par zor nahin, hai yeh woh aatish Ghalib

Ja lagaye na lage, aur bujhaye na bane

Love can't be tamed, it's like a fire that overpowers everything else

At times, it doesn't start even after repeated tries; but once started, it's impossible to extinguish


"Have you ever been in love? Horrible isn't it? It makes you so vulnerable. It opens your chest and it opens up your heart and it means that someone can get inside you and mess you up. You build up all these defenses, you build up a whole suit of armor, so that nothing can hurt you, then one stupid person, no different from any other stupid person, wanders into your stupid life...You give them a piece of you. They didn't ask for it. They did something dumb one day, like kiss you or smile at you, and then your life isn't your own anymore. Love takes hostages. It gets inside you. It eats you out and leaves you crying in the darkness, so simple a phrase like 'maybe we should be just friends' turns into a glass splinter working its way into your heart. It hurts. Not just in the imagination. Not just in the mind. It's a soul-hurt, a real gets-inside-you-and-rips-you-apart in  pain. We all hate love..but what happens when HATE  becomes LOVE?"


So now presenting to you the Trailer of the SS by none other than GeeshuHug


I will wait eagerly for your response to continue this SS..Hope you like it..Please SCROLL DOWN FOR CHARACTER SKETCH Big smile


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Kesar Rawat
Age :24 years
Final year Medical Student

 I AM monarch of all I survey;

My right there is none to dispute;

From the centre all round to the sea

I am lord of the fowl and the brute

Presenting the character Sketch of the BRAT by none other than Geeshu

Gulaal Tomar a.k.a Tinki

Age :28 years

"The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience. Don't exist. 
Get out, explore.
Challenge authority. Challenge yourself.
Change forever."

Presenting the character Sketch of the BEAUTY by none other than Geeshu

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Paan Singh Tomar
Gulaal's mother
IAS officer Chief Secretary Dept of Health and Family Welfare

Rajveer Singh Tomar a.k.a Chinky
Age :18 years
First year medical student
Gulaal's brother

Sudha Chauhan
Paan Singh Tomar's best friend

Rewa Chauhan
Sudha's Daughter and Gulaal's confidante
Age:18 years
1st year student of Bcom

Shivraj Sigh Negi
Age :24 years
FInal year medical student
Kesar's best friend and childhood neighbour

Twinkle Negi
Age 18 years
Shivraj's sister...1st year stydent of Bcom

Poster Credit:No guesses Its from our OFFICIAL TALLI KI DIWANI GeeshuuuHug

NOTE-There are some other characters too which will be majorly introduced as and when they enter

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New SS Dancing
chalo mein bhi ek res kar lethi hoon Tongue


Piu Hug...fab Title for the story Embarrassed...I just loved it...coming to the characters I am alraedy a fan of kesar n gulaal...loved those nick names too...the backdrop for the story is very so eager to read the story now...fab creations of the charactersClap
Geeshu and Saamya Hug...fab job them a lotBig smile

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Finally it is here and wow it looks so good.Fantastic job Piu,Geeshu and NeiluHug

Piu,I am so excited for this story.I will comment in detail later onBig smile


So I am back with my comment in detail.Sorry for being late woh kya hai I was stuck in those mesmerising VMsEmbarrassedok before I go off track let me start with the title...perfect choice.It depicts the intensity and right away generates a curiosity in the mind of the readers.The background and the small history lesson was so helpful.I was completely ignorant about this issue.So I liked that...makes it easier for me to relate.The prologue was just too good.Brilliant piece of writing PiuClapComing to the characters...Kesar Rawat...uff main toh abhi se fan ban gayi.That VM and the poster along with the character sketch is making very excited to see this guy in actionEmbarrassedGulaal  Tomar aka TinkyLOLawww I loved her.She seems to be a confident determined woman yaar.I am looking forward to her character.I am loving the supporting cast.Everyone looks great.The posters make them come alive.I am so looking forward to Shivraj singh Negi...he is cute.Rewa as usual looks very sweet and Chinky oops Rajveer will be awesome...I am sure about it.
Piu,great work with the posters.I am now looking forward to the other characters whom you will be introducing along the way.This story seems so fresh and exciting can't wait to read it.So please update soonBig smile

GeeshuHugYour VMs have added so much to the beauty of this concept.Kesar Rawat and Gulaal Tomar came to life for me because of your VMs.My fav among the 3 VMsis Kesar's intro and Ishaqzaade comes a close second.I am totally in love woith thesr 2 VMs.Great jobClap

Saamya,beautiful posters yaar.Classy and elegant yet they give off that intense vibe.I am a huge fan of your work and it amazes me how you come up with such beautiful stuff every single timeClap

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Beautiful thread Piu Clap Heart
Res Smile

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hi piu..

yay u came back with a bang...

i loved reading the prologue..very interesting facts about uttaranchal and the outlook of the inhabitants there..

i loved each of the characters u have selected for the story..and equally good posters ..
while scrolling down i felt like seeing the credits of a movie .

the title of the story is superb..perfect for an intense love story...

the short description of "LOVE" was just fantabulous...simply wow..Clap

btw i loved the names tinky and chinky...LOL

@ geesh..mindblowing vms yaar,...too good...

now waiting eagerly for the first chapter..

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