Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

New Os : Ishq Wala Love .. completed :P Groupbie

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<font size="3">Okay here is me , Ayesha , with a brand new os !! I am sure you might have forgotten about my ssBig smile, actually i have kept it on hold for some time ! till then bear wid the new os !Embarrassed I am posting part 1 now ! part 2 will be posted some time later !</font>

<font size="3">

<font size="3"><font face="Comic Sans MS, Times, serif" size="4">"Oh Lord, please keep my daughter safe from all evil
eyes...". " Dont worry mom...
Ur prayers are wid me so nothing can happen... Here comes my bus ... Okay bye
Mom". "Bye Arohi". Amrit bid a goodbye to Arohi who was going to
a renowned school located in the outskirts of city where she taught as a
teacher.. she used school van for transportation and everyday amrit used to
drop her to the bus. once seated in the bus, Arohi moved the curtain and saw
her mom standing till the bus didnt go. she again waved a bye to her mom.. </font></font>

<font face="Comic Sans MS, Times, serif" size="4"><font size="3">As the journey started , Arohi's train of thoughts also started
running ... she was blessed with a beautiful family , for which she thanked to
God everyday... afterall , in every
trial and tribulation , her family was her support... she celebrated her 21st
birthday this year and was the eldest among her brother and sister.. being the
eldest daughter of a middle class family , she had seen much. though her
childhood wasnt like this, as circumstances were different then.. she also dreamt
of going abroad for studies , becoming a
doctor and so on... but life took a
turn when she completed her high school and came to know that their monetary
conditions not even allow her to continue her studies, forget going abroad..
she had compromised so much for the sake of family when she decided to do job
at a very tender age of 18... she continued her studies in a local university
and supported her parents in providing good education to her siblings.. because
she had compromised her own interests for the sake of family and she knew that
how sometimes those compromises lead you to nowhere but becoming a Sad Soul,
she didnt want her siblings to go through this... in all this dark time ,
she had been thnkng that she had a good reason to face the problems with a
smile because she thought she had the love of life that would bring smile back
to her face. u know ISHQ wala Love '.
she loved some one from past eight years , oh yeah, u heard it right,
childhood love and at the same time silent love... he was her cousins' s cousin.. good looking ,
charming and a great flirt... every girls eye candy... Arohi knew all these thngs but she didnt know
why everytime thnkng about him gave her inner happiness and a feeling that she
couldnt explained .. so she assumed it as love.. she had never talked to him
openly .. they had only met each other in parties and family functions not more
than 3 to 4 times , but what Arohi thought was that those 3 , 4 times memory is
enough for lifelong journey but not until last year when she came to know that
what she had been assuming for the past 8 years was going to shatter now...</font></font>

<font face="Comic Sans MS, Times, serif" size="4">

jispe hum mar mite usko pata bhi nahin</font><font face="Comic Sans MS, Times, serif" size="4">
Kya gila hum karein vo bewafa bhi nahin
Humne jo sun liya usne kaha bhi nahin
Ae dil zara soch kr, pyar kr..

Arohi came to know via her cousin that he was already in love with someone... This news fell like an atom bomb at her... Here she was weaving her dreams like anythng and there that unexpected man already fell in love... Bad time... Her world had gone upside down, heart broken , mind numb... What could she do ,,, she couldnt even blame him becoz he wasnt at fault, he hadnt asked her to come and fall in the dark pit of love... She had no option other than forgetting but hell , ppl are unable to forget 1st sight of their love, forget about getting ur eight year old love out of ur heart and mind..

The door bell rang and amrit rushed to open it,,, "agae meri bachi.. ksa guzra din ".   " accha tha maa,, bht bhook lage hai, khana laga do"   an exhausted Arohi rushed inside the washroom, freshen herself and came out for the lunch.. amrit had made her favourite food biryani. "Yumm... Maa how do u manage to cook such fingerlicking food.. lov u ". Said Arohi while taking in the last bite... "Tere liye he banati hun meri bache... ". Amrit said while kissing her forehead.. "acha Arohi , tjh sai ek baat kehni hai. ". "Haan bolo ma.. ". "Arohi , tere liye ek bht acha rishta aya hai.. tere papa aur mjhai larka bht pasand aya hai. Agar tu kahai tou baat agai barhaun... " amrit said wid pleading love in her eyes... Arohi had forgot to blink her eyes, body still, heartbeat stopped ... How could this happen ... No, she didnt want to marry now... How could she think of giving herself to someone she didnt love... How could she think of someone other than him ... No, but she had to... He doesnt love her and she cant make her family sad by saying no for the alliance.. "theek hai maa .. jesa apko theek lagai.. ". Said Arohi wid a pasted smile on her face... Tears of happiness welled in amrit's eyes.. "mjhai pata tha, meri bachi kabhe mana nahe karaige... Larkai walai chahtai hain k mangni aglai haftai he hojayai.. tere dressing table pai uski pic rakhe hai. Ja k daikh le .. ". Amrit said out of happiness... Arohi moved to her room ,, her eyes fell on the dressing table. There laid an envelope which held the picture of her future... She took the envelope and before she opened it, a tear fell on the envelope. Then another tear .. she couldnt stop the stream of tears... Without opening the envelope , she kept it back on the table.. and threw herself on the bed... Her heart ached .. why , why was she crying on losing somethng which was never hers.. why was she hurting herself for someone who never loved her back... Though she had accepted her mother's proposal , yet she felt heavy hearted...

Kaali kaali in ratoon sai honai lage , hai dosti
Khoya khoya in rahun main ab mera kuch b nahe
Har pal har lamha, main khud sai yeh kehta rehta hun
Tujhai bhula dia , tujhai bhula dia ,
Phir kyn teri yadon nai, mjhai rula dia


<font face="Comic Sans MS, Times, serif" size="4">Celebrations were going on' congratulatory phone calls were coming to
amrit and sudhir '. Arrangements were being made for arohi's engagement which
was fixed next week. Everyone was happy and everyone had a smiile on their
faces.. but one smile which never seemed to fade was that of arohi'. She kept
on smiling and laughing in front of everyone but no one could see the moisture
of her eyesss.. because arohi was a one good actor at hiding her emotions.. </font>

<font face="Comic Sans MS, Times, serif" size="4">Ankhoon main nameee, hoontoon pai hansii ,, </font>

<font face="Comic Sans MS, Times, serif" size="4">Bheegi si hai mairai dil ki zameenn ''.</font>

<font face="Comic Sans MS, Times, serif" size="4">Arohi's cousin rashi had also come to their home to stay ..
rashi did not talk to arohi abbbout any matter regarding him' she thought it
was better to remain silent ' and continue wid the flow.. 'arohi , jaldi tayyar
ho ja, tujhai rahsi k saath apni engagement ki shopping pai jaana hai !' amrit
informed arohi. ' okay ma' said an obedient arohi' arohi and rashi went for
shopping to a well known lehenga shop and bought a beautiful blue coloured
lehenga for arohi's engagement ,.,,, they were in a mall, doing shopping for
jwellery when rashi said ' arohi ,,, tujhaii jeeejuu k liyai kuch nahee lenaaa'
,,, 'nahee mujhai un k liyai kuch nahee lena ,' replied arohi while trying to
keep the sadnesss away from her face.. ' ab tou UN UN kehna choor dai , naam lene main kia
jaataa hai ' rashi tried to tease arohi .. ' mujhai unka naam nahee pata'
replied arohi wid a seriousnesss visible in her eyes .. ' kiaaa ,, tujhai
apnai to be fiance ka naam nahee pata >> don't tell me k tu nai unhain dekha
bhi nahee hai' said a damn shocked rashi ' ' haaan mujhai apnai TO-be fiance
ka naam nahee pata , na hi main nai unhain dekha hai , khush ..' arohi said wid
an irritating tone this time ' ' pagal hai tu .. aisai kaisai tu nai haan
kardii ,, and how come uncle aunty nai tujhai us ka naam nahee bataya' rashi
tried to inquire .. ' dekh rashi maa papa jab bhi uska zikar kartai haiin ,
hamaisha DAMAAD Ji bula k refer kartai hainn , sanchit , simi jab bhi Uskaai
barai main baat kartai haiin hamaisha JEEEJU keh k bulatai haiin ,, tou mujhai
naam kese pata chalaigaa , ab tu yeh mat kehna k main nai khud sai kyoon nahee
poocha ,,' replied arohi with a warning in her voice. </font>

<font face="Comic Sans MS, Times, serif" size="4">' accha accha , baba nahee puchungee , par ab bhi bata rahee
huun tu pagal hai , dekh na sahee but atleast naam tou jaan le , kia pata who
tere khuwaboon ka shehzaada ho.. ' rashi said in a teasing manner.. 'khuwaboon
k shehzaadai sirf aik shehzaadi ko hi miltai hainn aur main koi shehzaadi nahee
huun.. ab aapki investigation khatam hogayee ho tou hum chalaiinn . ''' ''haha
, chalo..'' </font>

<font face="Comic Sans MS, Times, serif" size="4">They reached home ,, hands laden with shopping bags ,, rest of the days passed with
celebrations and preparations for the engagement.. the engagement cards wwere
also printed and distributed among all the relatives. It was the night before
engagement, arohi had gone to the parlour and had applied hena to her hands..
she returned back '. Went to her room , when she saw her engagement card on her
dressing table. '. Her engagement card ,, her future ,, her new dreams ' she
picked it up heavy hearted opened and read it '. The card slipped off from her
hands.. tears filled her eyes ,, she felt the world slipping from beneath her
feet .. was it a dream ,, beacaause what she read was something like this.. </font>

<font face="Comic Sans MS, Times, serif" size="4"></font>

<font face="Comic Sans MS, Times, serif" size="4">''On this auspicious occasion , we Ahluwalias would like to
cordially invite you for the engagement ceremony of our beloved daughter Arohi Ahluwalia wid son of Singhanias ,, Arjun Singhania'' </font>

<font face="Comic Sans MS, Times, serif" size="4"> ' ' Arohi Ahluwalia Engages Arjun Singhania ' '

<font face="Comic Sans MS, Times, serif" size="4">The night went too loong for arohi. She didn't want to
discuss the matter with her parents right now .. the first thing she did in the
morning next day was to go to her parents.. ' maa, bauji . aap dono sai kuch
baat karni hai mujhai,'' arohi said
while lowering her eyes . because she did not want to convey the emotions to
her parents right now. 'haan bool beta..'' amrit said looking at sudhir'. A
concern visible in her voice.. ' maaa , mujhai arjun sai milna hai ..'' said arohi .. amrit and sudhir both shocked
,, confused ,, not knowing how to react .. 'arjun se? ' asked sudir , ' arjun
sai kyoon milna hai beta,aaj teri sagai hai arjun k saath ' aisi kia baatt hai
jo tujhai arjun sai milna hai..' '. ' bauji , maa , woh main aapko abhi nahee
bata sakti , but plz maira arjun sai milna bht zaroori hai , mujhai
us sai aik bht zaroori baat karni haii ..' arohi said with a plea in her
voice.. 'theek hai , jesa tu theek samjhai beta .. hum arjun ko yahan bula lete
haiin , tu araam sai baat kr le ..'' said amrit while giving arohi an assuring
smile' </font>

<font face="Comic Sans MS, Times, serif" size="4">Arohi was in her room pacing from one end to the other ..
thousands of question arising in her mind .. millions of doubts plaguing her
mind .. and countless emotions taking roots in her heart ' how could this
happenn .. ' only rashi and amrit knew about her silent love ,, and wait rashi
had told her that he loved someone else .. no this couldn't happen and she
shouldn't lie to him .. .. .. knock knock .. someone knocked on the door..
'come in' ' ssaid arohi, panicking at the utmost level.. rashi entered the room
and behind her followed arjun .. arohi froze , , trying to take in the features
of her to be fiancee' fitted in his black button up shirt and blue jeans .. his
blazer giving him a finishing look .. his spiked hairs .. the kind which arohi
loved .. his dimples .. ones to die for .. his eyess .. the sea of chocolate
and more than that an ocean of emotions ' </font>

<font face="Comic Sans MS, Times, serif" size="4">Arjun was wondering why would any girl want to talk to her
fiance on the day on engagement .. that too in utter emergency situation .. a
horse of thought running in his mind but as soon as he entered the room , he
stood like a rooted statue .. wearing a light blue slwar kameez, perfectly
fitting her curves .. comlementing the feminity, hena applied to her hands, the dark hena
colour , exactly the same as arjun liked , the minimal makeup , the incredibly
elegant nose ring and the long , open hairs.. was that a model standing there or his to be fiancee??? </font>

<font face="Comic Sans MS, Times, serif" size="4">'here he is, tujh sai aaj raat tak ka sabar nahee ho raha
tha naa , jeeju sai milna itnaa zaroori
tha ..' rashi said in a teasing tone .. ' rashi , chup kar jaa . kuch bhi bolti
hai , chal jaa , mujhai baat karnai dai ,''
arohi said with light anger visible in her tone . ' haan haan jaa rahee
huun , huuh .. accha jeeju main chalti huun , isko ziada tang mat
kijiyaigaa,,' rashi winked at arjun an a
small smile played acrooss his lips .. omg
had karti hai yeh larki , koi apnai jeeju ko aankh maarrtta hai kia ,
arohi '. </font>

<font face="Comic Sans MS, Times, serif" size="4">'hi .. arohi' arjun said with a pause ' 'hi arjun , kaisai
haiin aap ?' arohi said , witth gaze lowered.. 'main theek , tum' ,,,, asked
arjun ' 'main bbhi theekk ..'' said
arohi , gaze still lowered as if she was deeply examining the hena pattern '
silence .. silence .. silence ' neither of them initiating the conversation'
'umm ..arohi , tumhain koi kaam tha mujhsaii ,,' asked arjun .. 'ji ' nahee ..
ji kaam tha ,,'' arohi said stammering .. not knowing how to react.. 'kia kaam
tha , jaldi bata do , who kia hai naa aaj shaam ko meri engagement hai , mujhai
kaam karnai jana hai ,'' arjun said wid a mischief in his voice .. ' arjun aap aisa kyoon kar rahai hain?' asked
arohi .. 'ksai kyoon kar rahai hain?'
arjun asked indisbelief ..'aaap mujh sai engagement kyoon kar rahai haiin ,'
arohi asked ,, 'yeh ksa sawaal hai arohi? Agar tumhain aisai hi sawaal karnai
haiin touu main jaa raha huun ,'' with this arjun turned towards the door..
arohi moved forward and held his hand , 'rukiyai , aap hamarai sawaloon ka
jawaab diyai baghair nahee jaa saktaii''
app .. aap kisi aur sai pyaar kartai haiin naa ' ' </font>

<font face="Comic Sans MS, Times, serif" size="4">'arohi,, tum aisai fuzool sawaal
kyoon kar rahee ho?'</font>

<font face="Comic Sans MS, Times, serif" size="4">'arjun , jawaab dijiyai , haan ya naa?' </font>

<font face="Comic Sans MS, Times, serif" size="4">'haan karta huun main kisi sai pyaar .. par tumhain kaisai

<font face="Comic Sans MS, Times, serif" size="4">'jab aap kisi aur sai pyaar kartai haiin tou mujhsai sagai
kyoon kar rahai haiin '. Aur yeh baat mujhai rashi naii batai haii..'</font>

<font face="Comic Sans MS, Times, serif" size="4">'oh god , yeh rashi bhi naa , kher tumhain is sai kia , main
tumsai engagement kar tou raha hun na, khush rahoo..'</font>

<font face="Comic Sans MS, Times, serif" size="4">'main aapsai engagement nahee karna chahti ' I am sorry '''</font>

<font face="Comic Sans MS, Times, serif" size="4">'arohi .. par kyoon .. ?'</font>

<font face="Comic Sans MS, Times, serif" size="4">'arjun jis tarah aap kisi aur sai pyaar kartai haiin main
bhi kisi aur sai pyaar karti huuun ,, is liyai sorryy , I cant commit to u'</font>

<font face="Comic Sans MS, Times, serif" size="4">'arohi , kaun hai who.. ? aur tum yeh jaanti hoo k main kis
sai pyaar karta huuun ?'</font>

<font face="Comic Sans MS, Times, serif" size="4">'nahee main nahee jaanti , aur naa hee chahti huun , aur main nahee bata sakti kai main kis sai pyaar karti huun ..
plz aap jaiyai yahaan sai ..'</font>

<font face="Comic Sans MS, Times, serif" size="4">Arjun couldn't take it anymore.. he took hhold of arohi's
arm and crushed her against him '..</font>

<font face="Comic Sans MS, Times, serif" size="4"></font>

Continued (last part ).

Tmhain kia lgta hai , secrets rakhnai ki adat sirf tmhain hai .. mjhai nahe ... 8 saal Arohi .. 8 saal sai intezar kia hai main nai is din ka aur ab .. ab jb mera pyar mere itne paas hai .. itnai qareeb hai tou main usko jane dun ? ... Arjun said with all the love and affection one could pour in his voice .. Arohi was stunned .. eyes frozed .. heart beating a mile a minute .. she was waiting for him to continue .. she expected him to say what she had been wanting to hear in past 8 years... Tears welled in her eyes thnkng that Arjun might say somethng else and once again her heart would crush down to pieces .. but this she wont hav the strength to pick up those pieces ... Arjun was observing Arohi with all the face reading tactics he could use ... She was happy .. confused and then broken ... He knew he had unintentionally hurt her ... But now he would make it up . He had asked Rashi to convey it to Arohi that he loved someone so that Arohi could get jealous and confess her love ... But it turned the table back to him ... she thought it was someone else .. and then she never talked about anythng ... Went away from him ... How could she ... Didnt she see it in his eyes the few times they met ? It was his mistake aswell ! He would hav tried to talk to her .. thankfully Rashi whipped some senses in him and he sent his parents to her house .. everythng got finalized and she said yes without even luking who it would be ... He wanted to give her a surprise by showing on the engagement ceremony... But ms tention had given a call ... Well he was ready to confess this time ... "Arohi. I love you.. tm mere liye kia importance rakhti ho shayad main kbhe lafzon main na bayan kar paun.. in 8 saalon men , har waqt tmharai barai main sochtai huai guzara main nai .. meri in intense feeling aur bechaini ko us waqt tak chain nahe ayaiga jb tak tm meri hamaisha k liye na ho jao ... Woh tm he ho jis sai main be inteha pyar karta hun... Kbhe b tmhain koi dukh koi takleef nahi dunga ... Will you marry me ? ". His confession was a dream to her ... More tears welled up in her eyes but this time to thank God.. 'Arohi. chanda ro mat '. Arjun pleaded .. she nodded in yes and just hugged him .. with all the love .. and all the life ... "Pehlai bata dete , kia jata tmhara ". Arohi said slightly hitting on his arm... "Pehlai bata deta tou surprise khatam hojata ... Yeh hug nahe milti " said arjun with a cheeky grim .. " I love you Arjun .. mere liye hamaisha sai aik he naam tha ... Arjun Singhania ... ".

The end
Hope the ending made some sense ...

:P Embarrassed

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yay i m first DancingLOL
nice start,,,,want to read more...plz  post next part soon Smile

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zoya_naziya IF-Rockerz

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Happy to see you are finally back Aisha:)

You toh completely gayab ho gayi thi... Aur us SS ke baare mein bhooli nahi hoon.. Continue that also soon...

Comin to this OS it was a very nice start:):) aur tum hamesha aise hi jagah pe kyun rukwa deti ho... Part 2 jald se jald chahiye...

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aparna4karanika IF-Rockerz

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Oye y did u stop dr??

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.vrshn. IF-Rockerz

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Oh! Why did u stop there?!

I want to read more!

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moonkmh IF-Stunnerz

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Us spot pe rokna zaruri tha?

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AAKMH2 IF-Rockerz

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    gosh new os!

Exams time men ek ur os ka idea ..dts lyk my friend Wink

updt nxt part wait.

Love u

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Hawa.Hawai Goldie

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Kya yaar humme toh pura parney hi nahi diya:(Anyways it was awesome .Cont soon n pliz pliz pliz pm me:)

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