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OS: You, Me And Destiny

Dr.Strange IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 26 September 2012 at 6:51am | IP Logged
Hi guys. Am back with a new OS and another dedication.

But this time the dedication goes to my good friends and regular Stalkerz of my ff named SaReGaMaPa (sree_dey) and BUM (luv_arshi)

a big hug for both of you guys for sticking on my FF for such a long time and bringing my ff all the way to thread 11 and still many more to come. Its all caz of you guys.

 Hug Love you guys for being there as friends Hug


Arnav was sitting on his laptop as usual typing away his Presentation. A normal day and a normal life he sighed. But he was so wrong.


Khushi sat at home doing what she does best in a crisis. Make jalebis. This would also classify as a normal day. But that assumption too would be wrong.


This was because unknown to the two of them, their parents had a big conspiracy going on.

A conspiracy for marriage of Arnav Singh Raizada and Khushi Kumari Gupta.


Well to be completely honest, both the individuals had completely different opinions on marriage.

Hell, mostly everything they had an opinion on, the other had the opposite. If one was the alpha, the other definitely had to be the beta.

Looking at this a normal outsider would ask the parents why they thought Arnav and Khushi would make a wonderful pair to which they would say that something's can never be defined. They just are.

Even Khushi's Devi Maiyya had a smile on her face knowing that today was definitely going to be an interesting day for one of her most loyal devotees and Devi Maiyya herself would oversee the funny happenings in the gupta household and pull a little strings if needed. Oh she was most definitely going to have fun today.


Anjali: ChotTey you agreed that you will do anything if we don't take you for the Aarti yesterday. Now you cant go back on your word.

Arnav: But Di, you know na, that I don't want to get into this marriage and stuff. What's wrong with being a bachelor? Ma why don't you tell di that I don't want to go.

Zara: beta, you cant have everything always done your way. Anjali let you off for the 4 hour hawan but today you have no excuses.

Arnav looked to his dad for support. His dad will definitely understand him.

Arnav: Dad can you please tell Di and Ma to stop blackmailing me for everything. I mean I have a reputation of Arrogant Raizada to uphold and if my office guys come home and see me like this I'll be the laughing stock in my office.

Zara came and sat down by her stubborn son and took her hands near his cheeks and pulled them hard.

Zara: You really are the cutest thing that god had the time to make.

Arnav huffed and replied,

Arnav: I'm not cute. Am 25 for god's sake.

Zara knew she had to use her biggest weapon. A weapon Arnav hates. Affection.

Zara: Aww, my son is so young to get married. Haina Anjali?

Anjali knew what her mom was upto. Arnav on the other hand thought he had escaped until he felt his di and mom hugging him.

And his eyes widened.

Arnav(thinking): oh not this.

Zara: My cute little son is so young to be married. I love you so much beta.

Anjali: Haan chotTey. You seriously are chatty. You are bound to be spoilt by all of mine and Ma's affection.

Arnav:Arrrgggh. Alright alright. I'll go. Just let me go will you.

Zara and Anjali immediately let go and Arnav leapt out of the room leaving his mom giving a Hi-5 to Anjali and his dad just shaking his head.

The women of this house knew how to get their way either by hook or by crook.


Khushi: But ma, I want my prince charming to come and lift me and run away.

Payal smacked Khushi's head.

Payal:That wont be your prince charming. It would be some kidnapper. Paagal.

Garima looked at Khushi and sighed. Khushi always knew how to make things damn difficult.

Garima: What if he is your prince charming khushi?

Khushi: Then why don't you tell me his name?

Garima: So that you don't make any assumptions on your own.

Khushi got up.

Payal: Now where are you going?

Khushi: To make jalebis. What else.

And she left.

Garima: That means a yes from her too. I'd call Zara and tell her the happy news.


Arnav: How frustrating life has become. Man should just jump from 20s to 40s. this gap is so damn pissing off. I'll go there and be out in 15 minutes and that is a promise.

It is rightly said that if you want to make god laugh, tell him your plans. And that is what Devi maiyya was also doing. Laughing at Arnav Singh Raizada's plan.


The whole house was being cleaned for the fifth time because Garima was hyper active along with Payal today.
And khushi had turned the house into a mini sweet shop. Khushi had been asked to get ready and ready she was and that too in 15 minutes. She didn't want to even meet him in the morning and now suddenly her heart was beating all types of crazy.

From the hallway Payal's loud voice was heard as she announced the arrival of the Raizada's.

She looked outside the window to get a glimpse of the family. She could only see a lady get out near the most good looking men she had laid her eyes on, who provided his hand to her while the lady limped. 

She kept her eyes on the pair as they approached the house. Suddenly as she saw his face, khushi ran into her room. Her cheeks flushed.

Khushi: Hey devi maiyya, what kind of acidity is this.

Miles above the earth Devi Maiyya was laughing her heart out.

Devi Maiyya: Khushi is so hilarious. I mean acidity? Seriously?


Arnav was sitting inside the house. How weird was it. The whole arranged marriage concept. Sheesh. Keep smiling like an idiot as the other family stares at you as though you are some sort of alien life form.

Garima: Payal why don't you go get Khushi?

Payal: Sure amma.

And Payal got up and went to get her sister. Arnav sat there counting time. 4 minutes down and 11 more to go.

But the countdown timer went out the window when his eyes fell on the most beautiful thing he had ever seen in his life. That's when Arnav realized he had stopped breathing.

This girl had done absolutely nothing except appear and had caused The great Arnav Singh Raizada to hold his breath.

The next 11 minutes Arnav and Khushi had absolutely no idea as to what was happening in the surrounding. Both were just lost in each others eyes. Those which spoke volumes.

This was not gone unnoticed by either Garima or Zara who smiled at each other and Zara finally said something to catch Arnav off guard.

Zara: Garima, don't you think we should give Arnav and khushi some time alone?

Khushi's eyes widened hearing that and Arnav just smirked. He did want to know who this beauty was who had set Arnav's body on fire.

Devi Maiyya: Let the games begin.


After 10 minutes Arnav and khushi found themselves walking through the garden in the house. It was a really huge green house.

Arnav knew this girl was just too god to consider wasting her life with him. He knew that she was as perfect a woman anyone could wish for, for a family and even though through her talks Arnav knew this girl was definitely crazy. 

But she was the light whereas he was the darkness. She was the light of her house whereas Arnav kept the darkness at bay by indulging in it himself. 

He took a deep breath which Khushi too sensed. She knew Arnav wanted to talk and she too had to listen. She had never opened up so much to a stranger before but somehow the guy's presence was soothing and relaxing to her.

Arnav finally began to speak.

Arnav: Listen Khushi, you are an amazing girl and everything. Any guy would dream for a life partner like you. But I don't think you'd like a guy like me. I am a workaholic. I even work in Sundays at times. I do not believe in god, whereas you love your Devi Maiyya. People in the corporate world have named me Arrogant Raizada and I wont hide the fact that Arrogance is something which I have in abundance. I am completely ruthless when it comes to making decisions or some of my personal life. Stuff such as love doesn't enter my head. I don't understand it. I don't have feelings like these. I just know profit and loss. And I know that this relationship will have nothing but pain and loss for you.

And now the most pissed off person was Devi Maiyya.

Devi Maiyya: That Arrogant fool. He just told what's bad inside him. Obviously any girl would say "No". Well Mr.Arnav Singh Raizada, if you can play dirty, So can I.


Khushi and Arnav had decided that they'd go back in the house after 10 minutes. Khushi felt really sad that Arnav was exactly opposite to her in her beliefs.

She didn't know why but she felt really sad to have decided to say no. She wasn't even come to a conclusion. He had told her everything.

Suddenly as Arnav was walking, the lights went off. The electricity had been cut off in that area due to "Malfunctions".

Devi Maiyya: Your move Raizada.


Arnav stopped as he felt that Khushi was no longer beside him. He used his cell phone to lighten up the surrounding. He saw that khushi had stopped walking and was standing in her place. Arnav walked to her. What he saw almost broke his heart to a million pieces.

Khushi was standing with her eyes closed real tight and she was clutching her kurta real tight in both her hands. So tight that her hands had gone white.

She herself was white with  what looked like FEAR.

Arnav then realized that Khushi was scared of darkness.

Tears had started to flow from her eyes and Arnav felt his heart ache looking at those precious drops of water falling from her eyes to the ground.

Arnav: Khushi?

Khushi opened her eyes to look into his. All Arnav could see was fear, despair and helplessness.

And before he could think of anything, a pair of hands went around him and khushi crushed her body into his seeking strength.

Arnav's eyes widened in shock when he felt her squeeze him and hug him real tight.

Arnav: Khushi what happened?

Khushi was hugging him more and more.

Khushi: I am scared of th---the d---dark.

Arnav wrapped his hands around her body and squeezed her tight giving all the strength and warmth he had to her.

Arnav: Khushi, calm down. I am with you na.

Khushi: Please don't leave me. I hate the dark.

Arnav: Its ok khushi. I am here. I am with you through this darkness. Nothing will happen to you.

Khushi: Promise?

Arnav smiled at her childishness and replied,

Arnav: I promise.

Khushi still hung on to Arnav as tight as possible and Arnav for the first time didn't want this embrace to end ever.

But he knew that he had to distract khushi from her crying and her fear.

Arnav: By the way did I tell you how absolutely gorgeous you look today.

Khushi's grip loosened immediately but Arnav didn't let her go as he pushed her on the tree nearby and pinned her there.

He wiped her tears torturously slow. Khushi immediately felt her skin heat up where his fingers had touched her.

He took his index finger and tucked a strand of her loose hair behind her ear. He then took his finger to her forehead and slowly started to trail it down from her fore head to her eyes, over her nose and brushing her trembling lips. 

Then he moved his finger to her chin and all khushi could feel was the fire igniting in her. His hand got lower and stopped at her neck. Then he started to slide them to her shoulder and through the entire length of her hands. 

Khushi was shivering at his touch. He finally entwined his hand with her and brought it up. Khushi opened her eyes. The lights were back on and Arnav smirked.

Oh that smirk was a smirk to die for. And then he did something that would make her whole body tremble. He kissed her hand.

Khushi's whole body blushed a very bright yet dark shade of red.

She took her hand out of his grasp, smiled shyly and ran inside the house.

Arnav stood there with a large smile and shaking his head.

Arnav: Paagal.


Zara: So khushi. What do you think of our chottey? Is it a yes or no?

Khushi blushed really hard while she shyly nodded her head in a yes and ran to her room.

Zara, Garima, payal and Anjali squealed with delight and started to distribute sweets and Arnav's dad sat there with an open mouth shocked out of his wits as he saw" running in his mind.

Arnav secretly went to khushi's room who was standing shocked that Arnav came into her room.

Arnav: You said yes despite my many drawbacks?

Khushi: You got 95/100 in my ranking. Highest by a long shot.

Arnav: Why 95?

Khushi blushed.

Khushi: Will tell you after our marriage.

And just then Payal and everyone came to pull the couple out and Arnav couldn't get an answer from her.

He had to wait for their wedding night now. God he so couldn't wait.

Devi Maiyya was smiling happily.

Devi Maiyya 1 Raizada 0



Brutal was the only word Arnav had for the ceremonies that took place. I mean how hard was it for 2 people to marry these days. Sheesh.

He finally was pushed inside the room where his wife was waiting.

He got closer to her and immediately noticed the pink blush that rose up her cheeks. Arnav smirked.

He sat next to her and removed her ghunghat. He was blown away by her beauty.

Arnav: So why was I scored 95 and not a 100?

Khushi smiled mischievously and replied.

Khushi: You remember you kissed me on my hand to distract me and promised me  to stay with me through all the darkness?

Arnav nodded.

Khushi: That's it. You kissed my hand and stopped there.

Arnav: Huh? So what was the problem?

Khushi blushed and replied

Khushi: You stopped there.

Then realization dawned on Arnav as he saw her blush deepen and without wasting another second, his lips were on hers and he was kissing her senseless as khushi was fighting back. When he broke the kiss he asked,

Arnav: Where do I stand now?

Khushi was breathing heavily.

Khushi: 200. Definitely 200.

Arnav smirked as he crushed his lips on hers and that's when Devi maiyya too closed her eyes and gave the couple some much needed privacy.

----------the end---------

How was it guys... I dunno i just wrote it... will send out the PMZ later to my buddy list caz right now am late for a meet to which i should have left 15 minutes ago... 

I know i am screwed...Wink

Anyway do lemme know how it is... and i'll send out the pmz after 8pm IST...


Evil Singh Raizada  

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haan haan editedd!! Wink

first of all.. Thank you for making my name diz famouss!! Tongue

*biiiggg Huuuggg * yoou tooo Big smile

the beginning itself was amaaziinnggg <3<3
he typing away on his laptop.. And she..well.. Frying jalebis LOL

'big conspiracy going on' hahha... Da word conspiracy was too heavy on dt sentence... ROFL
meko aisay laga..jaise becharon ke maut ke khai mein bhej rahein hain ROFL i knw hw anji has got da trait of emotional blackmail LOL

hahaha 'aww your soo young to get marrieedd ROFL '

wayy too goo anji nd arnav's moom Wink

'khushi : i want a prince charming who will come,lift and run away wid me'
hahahaha... Seriously khushi... Dt will nt be a prince charming.. It will bee a kidnapperrr ROFL

i liked da scenes whr DM was deree Big smile always cracks me up to wen khushi says dt her heart is beating coz of acidity LOL

haha..keep counting arnav..i am suree u will forget it once u see khushi Wink

*BG aftr seeing khushi..*
"pehli nazar mein..kaisa jaadoo karr dia..tera ban baitha hai mera jiyaa" *waah waaah...waah waah * LOL

hayyeee.. eye-locckk <3<3

ufff..hiss smirrk *dead*

ohhh!! I was too pissed off wid DM wen he was saying his "imperfect" side to heer :@

Haayyeee...electricity gonee.. Romance on!! Big smile LOL
PS: *DM i lovee youu for diizz hehehe*

no matter what...he can neva see khushi in tearss :')

pinned her to da tree... *cough cough* LOL

Haayyeee...i soo lovee da romanticc side of arnaavv *blush* Embarrassed

haha... Bechara arnav...he had too wait soo long to get his answer LOL

hayyee...ending was waaayyy tooo cuttteee Big smile


so DM saw him kiss khushi twice..

DM is also getting naughty haan..hahaha

*hopee diz long comment covers up for the delay ;)*

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First of ol a big Hug .Hug .Hug .for dis blesd to hv frnz lyk u,chok nd bum...thank you so so much...d os was osum..lovd their chemistry..loved each nd everytn specialy devi maiyya's linesLOL loved it nd thnk u so much u ol three 4 being my u ol... Hug

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Dr.Strange IF-Dazzler

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Originally posted by sree_dey

First of ol a big Hug .Hug .Hug .for dis blesd to hv frnz lyk u,chok nd bum...thank you so so much...d os was osum..lovd their chemistry..loved each nd everytn specialy devi maiyya's linesLOL loved it nd thnk u so much u ol three 4 being my u ol... Hug

U said thank you??? Angry
sree_dey IF-Dazzler

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Originally posted by Lord.Voldemort

Originally posted by sree_dey

First of ol a big Hug .Hug .Hug .for dis blesd to hv frnz lyk u,chok nd bum...thank you so so much...d os was osum..lovd their chemistry..loved each nd everytn specialy devi maiyya's linesLOL loved it nd thnk u so much u ol three 4 being my u ol... Hug

U said thank you??? Angry
oops! Cholliiey
um takng it bck Wink

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ipkkndfanforeva IF-Dazzler

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Awesome man!Big smile

It was soo cute and adorable!!
Devi Maiyya definitely caused the "Malfunction"!LOL

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dva2vra IF-Dazzler

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superb,interesting, hit, awsomeSmile

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loved it

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