Ariya FF There Has To Be Something More (Part 13b added)

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Heyy guys. This is my first writing on Arjun, Riya, and the rest of the gang hahaha. But this FF is combined with the characters from Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon. But I will be giving equal amount of creative space for both shows because I love them both equally. Also, I'll be adding the link for first part of this FF which does not have Arjun or anyone in it so if you would like to read it, you can. Also, a disclaimer that even though the ETF are in Mumbai in the show, in this FF, they are based in Delhi. So please like, comment, and add me as a buddy for PMs. Love :)
Part 2

12:02 am

An ambulance rushes away from an abandoned street in Delhi. A group of 4 people closely examine the scene. "Naam hai Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada. Umar 25 saal. Bade businessman Arnav Singh Raizada ki patni hai. Abhi tak uski family ko kuch nahin bataaya kyun ki doctors keh rahe hai ke who bachpaegi. Uske hosh aane ke baad hi kuch aur kar sakte hain.(Her name is Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada. She is 25 years old. She is married to big businessman Arnav Singh Raizada. We haven't told her family anything yet because the doctors are saying she should survive. Only after she regains consciousness can we do anything more.)" Research Specialist Riya Mukherjee knew her facts well  and, like every time, ACP Arjun Suryakant Raute was impressed but wasn't going to admit it. Meanwhile, Technology Specialist Shree was examining the car tyre tracks and Emergency Task Force Chief Sameer Rathod and Commando Chotu were asking anyone who may have seen what had happened. Nobody had realized what had happened during the storm and there seemed to be no sturdy clue. 'Ab toh sirf hospital jaake hi kuch aur sakte hain.(Now all we can do is go to the hospital.)" Rathod's words meant that everyone obediently went to their respective cars.


1:30 am

In the hospital, the operation theatre light turned off. A doctor came out. "Sab theek toh hai na Doctor? Woh theek hain na?(Is everything okay Doctor? Is she okay?)" Rathod seemed a little worried but covered it up quickly. "Dekhiye, sirf ek hi goli uspe chalayi gayi thi aur who bhi theek lower abdomen pe. Toh patient theek hai lekin... (Look, there was just one bullet shot at her and that too only on her lower abdomen so she is fine but...)'" The doctor seemed to falter. "Kya hua Doctor? (What happened Doctor?)" Riya felt a connection with the woman lying inside. "Uski koi family member ko inform kiya gaya hai abhi tak? (Have you told anything to her family?)" The doctor attempted to change the topic. "Doctor saab. Inform karna ya na karna humara kaam hai. Yeh ek police investigation hai. Toh aap police ka kaam police par hi chodiye. (Doctor. Informing or not informing is our job. This is a police investigation. So leave a police's job to the police.)" The doctor's reluctant behavior had pushed Arjun over the edge. "Th-th-theek hai Sir. Patient maa banne wali thi. Lekin goli ki wajah se, hum uske bachche ko nahin bacha paaye.(O-o-okay Sir. The patient was pregnant. But because of the bullet, we couldnt save her child.)" The doctor sounded ashamed.

"Kya?! (What?!) How can someone be so cruel? Who could have possibly done this?" Riya was shocked at what had happened to the poor woman. "Chotu, Shree, pata karo about Khushi ki family ke past ke baar mein. Arjun, Riya, tum dono andar jaakar Khushi se baat karna. Main vaapas crime scene pe jaa raha hoon. (Chotu, Shree find out about Khushi's family's past and other information. Arjun, Riya you guys go inside and talk to Khushi. I'm going back to the crime scene.)" Rathod, like always, was quick to give orders.

"Hello? Khushi?" Riya was nervous to break the news to her. "Ji? Aap koun? (Yes? Who are you?)" Khushi weakly tried to answer. "I'm Riya Mukherjee and this is ACP Arjun Raute. Hum ETF mein hain. (We're from the ETF.)" This introduction had been said many times before, to many different people, but this time it felt more personal. "ETF kya hai? (What's the ETF?)" Khushi's innocence was extremely endearing. "Hum ek special police team hain. Aur hum hi aapki iss accident ke liye investigate karne aaye hai.(We're a special police team. We are the ones who are going to investigate your accident.)" Riya knew she needed to tell Khushi the news soon. "Um Khushi? Mujhe aapse kuch kehna hai. Aur mujhe tumse yeh vaada chahiye ke aap himmat se kaam logi. (I have to tell you something. And I want you to promise that you will be brave.)" Riya sounded like she was almost pleading to Khushi. "Agar himmat nahin hoti Riyaji, toh shayad hum iss haalat mein nahin hote.(If I wasn't brave Riyaji, then maybe I wouldnt be in this situation.)" Khushi sounded lost in memories. "Matlab kya hai tumhara? (What do you mean?)" Arjun, suddenly perked up and started his interrogation. "Kuch nahin. Ab koi matlab nahin hai un sab baaton ki. (Nothing. It isn't important anymore.)" Khushi woke up from her thoughts and faintly smiled at the man. "Dekho Khushi. Kisi ne tumhara bachcha ko maara hai. Humein tumhari madat... (Look Khushi. Someone killed your child. We have to help...)" Looking at Khushi's expression, Riya mentally strangled Arjun for being so insensitive. "Kya?! Humara bachcha? Kuch nahin ho sakta humare bachche ko!! Kuch nahin ho sakta! Kya hogaya mere bachche ko?! (What?! My child? Nothing can happen to my child! Nothing can happen! What happened to my child?!)" Khushi screamed so loud, even Arjun was caught off guard. "Khushi. Dekho. Goli tumhare paet pe lagi thi. Toh... (Look. The bullet hit your stomach so...)" Riya couldn't complete the sentence. Her eyes filled with tears. Khushi looked down, shocked, at her bandaged stomach and started sobbing.

"Main tumhe barbad kar doonga. Tumhari himmat kaise hui bachche ke baare mein sochna bhi?! (I'm going to ruin you. How did you dare to even think about having a child?!)" Khushi abruptly stopped crying. She looked up slowly with her red eyes and got angry. "Humein badla chahiye. Humein aap logon ke saath kaam karna hai aur police officer banna hai. (I want revenge. I want to work with you guys and become a police officer.)" Riya was caught off guard. What just happened to Khushi? "Tum nahin kar sakti.(You can't do it.)" Arjun was exasperated with this woman's behavior. How can she just simply want a job after every thing that just happened? Khushi grabbed Arjun by the collar. "Bahut kuch saha hai humne apni zindagi mein kyun ki hum kamzor the. Aur kuch seh nahin sakte hain hum! Aur ab humein kamzor nahin rehna hai. Aap log jo kahenge hum karenge leking humein badla chahiye. (I have beared many things in my life because I've been weak. I can't bear anything else! And now I don't want to stay weak. I will do whatever you guys say but I want revenge.)" Khushi let go of Arjun's collar after calming down. "Theek hai. (Okay.)" Riya looked shocked at Arjun as he agreed. "Lekin yeh aasaan nahin hoga. Aur tumhe bahut mehnat karni hogi. (But this won't be easy. And you're going to have to work hard.)" Arjun ignored Riya's questioning look and sternly talked to Khushi. "Dhanavad. Ab mujhe aap sab se kuch kehna hai. Aap log humare parivaar waalon ko matt batana ke humare saath kya hua hai. Hum kabhi aur bataaenge kyun. Aur humare paas rehne ke liye jagah nahin hai. Aap log kuch madat... (Thank you. Now I would like to tell you something. Please don't tell anything about this to my family. I'll tell you some other time, why. Also, I don't have any place to live. Could you help...)" Khushi, all of a sudden, looked very vulnerable. "Aap mere saath reh sakti ho. Aur pareshaan matt ho. Sab theek ho jaayega. (You can stay with me. And don't worry. Everything will be fine.)" Riya comforted Khushi and received a suffocating hug. The two girls cried together as Arjun looked on with moist eyes.


4:20 am

"Aapko kya lagta hai Arjun Sir? (What do you think Arjun sir?)" Riya had swollen eyes from crying and had finally put Khushi to sleep. She felt as if she was going to collapse from fatigue but she knew she had to solve this case for Khushi. "Mujhe lagta hai ke tumhe jaakar sona chahiye. (I think you should go and sleep.)" Arjun was deep in thought. "Iss baar nahin Arjun sir. Mujhe Khushi ko protect karna hai. Chaahe meri jaan bhi chali jaaye. Usse koi maarna chahta hai! (Not this time Arjun Sir. I have to protect Khushi. Even if my life goes. Someone wants to kill her!)" Riya was sick and tired of Arjun's attitude and this time she wasn't going to stop it from protecting Khushi. "Khushi ki jaan ko ab khatra nahin hai. (Khushi's life isn't in danger.)" Arjun spoke suddenly, surprising Riya. "Excuse me? Kisi ne uss par goli chalayi. Woh bhi jab who bilkul akeli thi toh crowd mein galti hone ki baat nahin uth sakti. Yeh toh seedha attempted murder hi lag raha hai. (Someone shot her. That too when she was alone so it couldnt be some mistake in a crowd. This looks pretty clearly like an attempted murder.)" Riya was getting seriously irritated. "Agar woh attempted murder hota toh sirf ek goli hi kyun chali? Agar kisi ne Khushi ko maarna hota ya toh woh Khushi ko sar ya dil pe maarta ya ek goli chukne ke baad aur bhi chalata. Samjhe ya samjhaoon? Jisne yeh kiya hai, use pata tha ke Khushi pregnant... (If this was attempted murder then why was only one bullet shot? If someone wanted to kill Khushi they would have either shot her again after the first didn't hit her in a spot that could kill her or shot her in the head or heart. Understand? Whoever did this, they knew that Khushi was pregnant...)" Arjun realized what he said and looked shocked at Riya. "Toh isska matlab hai ke Khushi ke... (So this means that the person...)" Riya looked upset. "Bachche ko hi maarne ka iraada tha. (Only wanted to kill the child.)" Arjun was equally as disturbed. "Toh ab? Yeh kar koun sakta hai? (So now? Who could have done this?)" Riya's head was reeling trying to think of suspects. "Shayad ek pati jo business ko sacrifice nahin kar sakta aur jiske paas paisa aur power hai ek "hatsa" ko chupane ko. (Maybe a husband who doesn't want to sacrifice his business and has the money and power to cover up an "accident".)" Arjun clenched his fists. "Matlab? (Meaning?)" Riya was shocked at thinking what Arjun was thinking. "Matlab humein Arnav Singh Raizada se milne jaana hai. (Meaning we need to go meet Arnav Singh Raizada.)"

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

Part 8

Part 9

Part 10

Part 11

Part 12

Part 13a

Part 13b

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No comments guys? :(

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dat was nyc :)
n i luv d brave khushi who wanted 2 b an ETF member n luv d way riya is comforting khushi
n omg in d next epi ASR's (ARJUN SURYAKANT RAUTE n ARNAV SINGH RAIZADA ) r gonna meet i cant w8 :) 

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different concept

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wow you are going to combine the two ASRs, both my favoritesWink
Pleaes continue dear

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Please continue that was really good. Love the idea of the two mighty ASRs' in one story.

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awesaome lovedi ttt
cont sooon
seems intersting 

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