Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon


Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon
Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon

][ Nautanki Times #13: Tujhse Mila Toh... ][

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Shivu and Dimpy...glued to the computer screen...searching for something...

Shivu: this... naaa... thiis this... nooo!!!
Dimple: it should sound very very romantic
Shivu: eeeyyy?? sound... it should LOOK!!! ufffooo!!!
Dimple: means the same re shivs!!!
Shivu:mil gaya!!!!
Dimple: sooo prettyyy!!!
Shivu: haina!!! it's lookkinggg soo goodd!!!

Nautanki Time#13
T u j h s e    m i l a    t o h...j a a g i    f i z a a y e i n...a u r   n a z a r   n e   s a j d a   k i y a...

Dimple: tune convo khatm hone se pehle divider chipka diya!!!Confused
Shivu: oopsss... but...its looking gorgeous na!!!
Dimple: ha ha!!! chalo... you continue shivs!!

Salaam Namaste my RiMaians...!!
Howz you all!... Me super super excited this week to do the NL... sooo manny RiMa Moments and yess yess!!! suno suno!!! we have two members joining our team!!

M.Hurr and ApurvalovesARVI!!!

and yeah!!! I ammm sooo proud to welcome back my back bone!!


Welcome back jii!!!Hug

This is surely going to be funn!!

Enjoy people!!!

Heads: -Dimple- and --Shivu--
Banner: -Dimple-
Headers: -Stutz-

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by ApurvalovesARVI


Part 1

RK is sitting on a sofa in his room watching video and and says. . that tonites nite is about Madhus happiness and says cheers and starts to drink! Radha comes in his room! Radha tells him that ..making a mockery of anyone should never be a reason to celebrate..! She says that whatever be the reason. the .relation here is of hubby-wifey.. whose limist should not be crossed.. ! 
She asks him how dare he crossed the limit? She asks him how he can be so mannerless?! RK gets up with a start and Radha says she tolerated everything till now ..coz she thot she was the reason for it all.. but what about Madhu.. what wound has she given him? Why he is leaving no stone unturned to ruin her? Only that she married save her fathers life.. or that she threw away all the drinks for the sake of his health or that she dares to stand upto him always?? She asks RK...what is Madhus mistake in this? RK drinks and slams the glass and is walking out when Radha screams out and says one minute...! She tells him that her talk is not complete... n calls RK as Rishabh Mohan Kundra! Radha says that even now he has retained his beautiful relation with his father.. but coz of his deeds he is ruining his fathers name.. insulting his blood..! Radha says that she used to feel sad that Mohan was not with RK but now she is happy he is not there or seeing him like this.. behaving the way he does with other women and his own wife.. he would have committed suicide and all coz of RK and his deeds! Radha says.. Mohan would have died everyday seeing RKs deeds! RK screams.. Bittu ji..! Bittu comes running! RK tells Bittu to take Radha away.. immediately! Radha says ...she will go but before that.. he has to apologise to Madhu for his deeds! RK tells Bittu to take Radha away! Radha says.. he is being called an animal and that.. its so painful for a mom to haer taht she has reared an animal in her womb for 9 months! She tells him to go and apolgise to Madhu for sake of humanity! RK fumes! He breaks the glasses on the floor! 

Madhu is sitting on the floor in her room and crying recollecting the insult in the party and the Kiss thing! RK sitting on his fathers rocking chair is recollecting all the happenings esp about the KISS! RK recollects Radhas words.. esp about his father..! He grinds his teeth and walks into Madhus room! RK calls out Madhus anme and a servant says.. she is in her room and RK says..she is not in her room! He calls Madhu on her cell but the cell is ringing in her room! 

At the hosp, Roma is offering meds to Shammo.. and Shammo refuses and says..he does not want to get better! Paddo comes as well and asks him to eat and gives example of Madhu-Trish life in danger and RK bailing them out with his money! Paddo tells Shammo to keep himself in Madhus place and how even he would have done what Madhu did.. for the sake of her loved ones! Paddo asks Shammo to try and understand Madhus compulsions! Shammo relents n takes meds!

Madhu is walking in the rains and has reached the chawl! She looks at her home and cries..
recollecting the happy memories of the past! She calls out Mom .. and runs towards her house but stops midway recollecting Trish's taunts to her about Madhu being reason for Shammos condition, Paddo-Shammos insult and how without Madhu their life would have been better ! BG - Chan se jo toote koi sapna! She recollects the party insult again! Madhu is walking on the road in the rain! RK reaches the chawl and Bittu calls and says that Madhu is not in the hosp..! RK comes to Paddos home and asks for Madhu.. Paddo is worried and asks where is Madhu and that she wont spare RK if anything happened to her! Madhu is still walking on the street..! Security guy at the studio sees Madhu ..! Tries to call out to her but she does not listen! Madhu enters a set where wirings are almost about to catch fire coz of short circuit! Security guy calls Bittu! Madhu is on the bridge in the set and a lose wire has caught fire... ! 

Part 2

Madhu is walking on the bridge and slips and her feet is in the water! She is holding the iron railing of the bridge and trying to bring herself up just as the electric wire is about to fall in the water!

Part 3

Madhu is still dangling and recollects her chant -- Hauslo se veer hun..! Just as Madhu is about to get up RK comes and holds her hand and tells her to come with him but Madhu asks him to leave! RK notices the lose wire and helps Madhu to get up...!

Precap --- 
RK lifts Madhu in his arm and Madhu hits him.. ! She pushes him away and asks.. him how dare he..! The spark starts and RK covers her.. n bg- Bas haq hai ek mera..! Madhu looks at the wire.. all shocked and so does RK!

Part 1

RK grabs Madhus hand and pulls her up forcibly ..carries her in his arms and takes her aside as she keeps fighting back..! Embarrassed There is a blast and RK covers Madhu..! BG- tere ishq pe!

RK says.. he made a mistake trying to save her n asks her to go n die! LOL RK tries to open the set door but its jammed! Wink RK orders security to get it open! Madhu passes out and is about to fall when RK holds her in time..carries her! Tongue Paddo prays for Madhus safety! Radha calls Paddo and informs that Rishbala are safe! Embarrassed Radha praises Madhu and tells Paddo that the relation is not good for Madhu Ouchbut its good for Rishu! Embarrassed

BG - Kuch to baki hai! RK puts Madhu on a mat...Embarrassed checks her temp ..hesitates holding her hand but feels her pulse... notices her feet being cut.. n rubs her feet! Day Dreaming Madhu regains consciousness ...! RK asks Madhu to remove her saree and wear his coat! Blushing Madhu refuses to budge! She notices a blanket and wraps around herself.. while sneezing and coufing..! RK takes off the blanket .. n asks her to change her clothes..n walks make a changing place for Madhu!

RK asks Madhu why she came there.. while Madhu is changing..! Madhu asks why he came n he says coz Radha asked..! LOL The duo keep arguing ...n RK says.. he din pay 40 lacs to let her die! She is his toy!

Part 2

Madhu is struggling to walk n RK notices her cut!

Part 3

RK goes to tend to Madhus injury ..but Madhu refuses..! RK stresses ..n pulls Madhus leg Wink n wets a piece of white cloth ..n dabs it! Embarrassed He then bandages it..! Rishbala Eyelocks! Embarrassed

Precap -- RK offers Madhu a biscuit and Madhu asks him to stop acting being a good man and Madhu says.. he has no manners.. to realise that he had insulted her in the evening.. so why the act?

Part 1

RK is bandaging Madhus leg and then gets up and goes away! Madhu looks on curiously! RK is going thru the various boxes kept in a store room like place and finds a packet of biscuit! He comes and sits next to Madhu and offers her a biscuit saying that she mite be hungry! Madhu asks him to cut the act of beign a good samaritan! RK says ..he does not act for free.. rather takes a lot of money so better she eat! Madhu says that by acting good .. if he thinks he will become good.. he is wrong! RK says.. her childhood is finally going, she is maturing.. and she knows him well! Madhu says..yes..she knows him well enouf..he is an animal and will remain one! She says that he is away from love and all such things! Madhu says that he has no humanity to realise that he had insulted someone this very evening! RK stays mum! Madhu asks if he wants to repent and if that is why he came to save her there? RK scoffs and says.. empty tummy and empty head makes a person talk crap..! He asks her to get out of her misconceptions and says that.. even if 4 they hv taken Pheras.. n he is fulfilling some of the promises.. so better not stay in some misconception or her heart with stop beating! 

Madhu gets up and stars to walk and RK calls out saying that the door is closed! Madhu struggles to open the door and RK says.. guard tried.. he did.. but culdn open now superwoman Madhu will save them by opening.. it.. very good.. open it n save a favour! Madhu keeps knocking on the door! Suddenly the last remaining light in the studio goes off.. n Madhu is worried she looks inside the set.. n its all dark..! She is scared.! Madhu walks slowly and unsurely back inside the set..! She encounters a box and screams ..! Then a plate falls in front of her. .n she runs and ends up meeting RK and hugs him and bg - Kuch to bak hai! RK slowly tries to free himself from the hug and says.. so Madhu is scared of darkness. .n Madhu goes off! RK makes a bonfire... and puts a blanket near it and asks Madhu to sit ..! RK says that he is trying to make the nite more beautiful..! He takes some newspapers .. and lights it up with hi lighter..! Madhu is rubbing her hand..! RK comes near Madhu and offers her the biscuits but Madhu refuses..! RK goes and sits on the other side of the bonfire and keeps eating the biscuit..! He cuts his tounge and screams saying.. so she cursed him or knows black magic? Radha is watching the news about Floods and short circuit! She keeps trying RKs moby but its out of coverage area! Bittu comes and informs Radha that studio door of Natraj is stuck so Rishbala are stuck inside and that coz of lot of water... they are not able to open it..! Radha prays for Rishbalas safety! 

Madhu starts to feel sleepy! RK keeps looking at his pic with his father and recollects Radhas words to him about his behaviour with Madhu ..! He asks his father in the pic if he crossed his limits? If he thinks he did wrong? RK notices Madhu about to fall coz of being sleepy! He runs and holds her in time and helps her to rest her head on his shoulder! The duo fall asleep resting their heads on each other!

Next morning.. madhu wakes up and sees herself resting her head on RKs shoulder and RKs hand on her shoulder and she pushes it away! 
RK wakes up and says that she was about to lose balance! He touches his arm which is a bit sore..! Madhu stays mum! RK gets up! Madhu picks up RKs wallet which had fallen on the mat and sees the pics of his father n him in it..! She offers it back to him! RK snatches it from her hand! She tells RK that she din get the pics published! RK says.. would anything change with that? Nothing? RK says that she used those pics to make him bow down to her .. that his private moments became public ..! He says.. a person can bear the pain of their body being sold but not their memories!

Part 2

RK is about to step on a newspaper which has his childhood pics printed! Madhu sees and calls out to him! RK sits down and picks up the paper and looks at the pics! His face is cringed in pain and rage! RK says if not her.. now coz of this everyone else must have walked on these pics..these memories of his..! He says.. these must have sold at the cost of trash the next day! Madhu says.. whole world knows he is Mohan Kundras son.. n all have been kids.. they have such pics with their parents.. so what is in these pics that he does not want anyone to see them? 

Part 3

RK says that yes.. they have all been kids ... but no one has grown up suddenly..! The world knows RK .. but no one knew that this Rishu who grew up in a matter of few moments .. and became RK! The world does not know that its the first nite that a 12 year old kid could not sleep .. and after that.. even now he has not been able to sleep..! The drinks bottle .. she thinks as a symbol of his ego and pride are infact his way to pass the nite till its dawn..! RK says that the world does not know that within 2 hours of the pics being clicked.. his father died! Madhu is shocked!

Precap -- The door opens and RK is carrying Madhu in his arms..! Media is there and clicking pics..! Madhu looks in daze at RK! BG - Bas haq hai ek mera...!


Part 1

Flashback of RKs father hanging by the fan! RK says .. he burnt his childhood .. hopes dreams .. everything that evening along with his fathers funeral pyre! RK says..these are not pics but my life.. rather were my life!

Bittu and bgs come and RK asks them to wait outside! RK makes the changing place again n asks Madhu to change! BG - Darmiyan ! Madhu changes n limps while walking! She returns RKs coat n thanks him! Embarrassed

RK tells Madhu car is away from studio n if she can walk.. she nods! She keeps limping! He calls out and hesitates to tie the Dori of her blouse Blushing He thens scoops her off the floor in his arms! Madhu looks all lost in him! Blushing Blushing Blushing Blushing Blushing Blushing Blushing Blushing Blushing Blushing Blushing Blushing Blushing
RK steps out carrying Madhu in his arms.. Media is busy clicking picks! BG- Bas haq hai ek mera! RK drives Madhu to her chawl ..! Madhu asks why he brought her there! ConfusedAngryLOL RK helps Madhu outta the car and tries to scoop her again but she stops ..seeing all public staring at them! RK brings Madhu to Paddo and says.. 'UR daughter ... she is fit n fine!' LOL Paddo hugs Madhu n then starts to chide RK but Madhu steps between and says.. 'INHONE kuch nahi kiya' and maybe it was her mistake! Shocked Blushing Blushing Blushing Blushing Blushing Blushing Blushing Blushing Blushing Blushing Blushing Blushing Blushing

Paddo keeps blaming RK saying.. he is the reason for Madhu suffocating! Paddo asks Madhu to sit and rest but Madhu refuses! Wink Rishbala reach home and RK asks Madhu to forget it all ..! He says.. he is reducing 40 lacs to 30 lacs .. but he does not want any pity .. or belonging! Madhu protests.. but RK refuses! Cry Madhu keeps limping..! RK offers to lift her but Madhu refuses but RK lifts her anyway! Embarrassed Radha is startled seeing them and asks what the matter is? RK says that if a hubby spends ONE NITE with his wife outside .. what is the big deal! Evil Smile He says.. 'Dil se dil ki mulakat hui aur kuch baat hui. .haina biwi' ! Madhu is quiet ! Someone calls out RK ..!

Part 2

A lady tells RK that .. RK has been welcomed as if he was out for ages.. while its she who has returned after long! She tells RK that she was on a short leave .. to London..but back now! She recognises Madhu! 

Part 3

The lady introes herself as Dipali ... Shocked the daughter in law of the house! Madhus face falls and RK glares! OuchConfused RK picks Madhu up and takes her upstairs! 

Precap -- RK says that Madhu must be thinking there was no one .. now they have a circus..! A step father. .a step bro. .a lady who gave birth to him .. .all forced relations and Deepali is another forced relation!

 Part 1

RK puts Madhu down on the bed n asks her to rest while informing that Doc is enroute! Madhu asks RK about Dipali Wink [Jealous biwi] LOL

RK says.. all relations are forced and Dipali is one of them .. n asks her why she is asking Evil Smile LOL [Ahan!]

RK is dabbing his face.. in a vest and denims and Dipali walks in n says flirty-ily SORRY ! She looks around the room and asks for Madhu n stands close to RK n says.. she knows that his wife doesnt stay with him in HIS ROOM Tongue LOL

She follows RK to his bed and says that tho its not easy to live with RK but a wife should fulfill her wifely in get satin sheets for him since he is allergic to cotton! Embarrassed Dipali touches RKs shoulder n RK removes her hand! She taunts that she has heard someone is trying to change RK! She offers RK milk.. Tongue n says.. COME ON HERO ... U CAN DO IT! Embarrassed Radha walks in and she inquires about Madhu n then walks off! Radha checks on RK but RK is mum .. n finally says that Mohan Kundras son doesnt do anything that will cause Shame to him! Clap

Dipali gifts scotch to Kuku and shawl to Radha and asks about Sikky! Madhu struggles to walk down! Radha helps her to sit! Dipali apologises to Madhu for forgetting to get any gift for her but gives her a perfume! She tells Madhu that .. there is nothing UR or MINE between us! Shocked 

RK comes and Dipali asks RK to join ... ! Madhu keeps glancing back at Dipali..! Angry Dipali tells RK that she has a gift for him.. she is sure he will love it! Its a decked up room with candels.. rose petals on the bed and shampagne! RK fumes! 

Part 2

Dipali tells RK that her heart is not such .. n that he must have had a painful nite with Madhu so making tonite beautiful ..she touches him with a rose n he removes it... ! RK is walking away when Dipali holds his arm! Shocked 

RK comes to the dinner table and tells Madhu .. her dinner is done and carries her off! LOL

Part 3

RK starts to pack Madhus clothes! LOL Madhu is taken aback ..! Shocked Confused She asks if she ..err they are going somewhere.. RK is mum! Shocked 

Precap - RK brings Madhu to his room and she asks why she cant stay in her room and RK says.. SHE IS IN HER ROOM ... dipali watches shocked! Shocked Madhu is taken aback! Embarrassed
by M.Hurr

18th-20th September

All scenes of RK and Madhu in the episodes were steaming hot,intensity of emotions was so high that there were not many words needed, because action speaks louder than words,the way RK comes to MB's rescue and saved her life and than remove a lock from the face of unconscious mb he got lost in her  probably a feeling of guilt because he felt responsible for her state, most romantic were the scenes

Where RK saved MB from falling in the fire and they both ended up sleeping in each other's arms,what a beautiful scene that was,next morning scenes showed a different side of RK a totally unseen one the way he opened up his heart to MB about his father's death changed MB's bitter views about RK,and when he carried her in his arms and took her outside we see Madhu who is totally stunned to see this new RK in front of him cant take her eyes off RK.

Most romantic moment after that was the one when RK and MB reached home and Radha gets worried but RK tells her its no big deal if a husband and wife spends a night with each other,the way he said t"dil se dil ki molaqat hui aur chand baatein huin,hai na biwi"made MB lowered her eyes while RK looks on with a meaningful smile!!

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by princess163 and ApurvalovesARVI

"This week... both Apurva and Swati sent this I am posting both of 'em"

So, I didn't even have to wait for the Friday epi to decide the scene of the week.

Actually, its already such a tough fightGeek
The two contenders fighting neck to neck are:
1) The HUG,Day Dreaming where Madhu holds him so tightly! Hayeee
2) The scene when he covers Madhu's back since he was feeling akward to tie the dori himself and the way he just sweeps her off her feet(LITERALLY!LOL) and carries her everywhere! MUAH MUAH MUAH to RKEmbarrassed
I can't decideShocked
I really, really really want to give the scene of the week to the HUG, but, I give it to the 2nd one, as that showed such a tender caring side of RK which is so rare, yet so endearingEmbarrassed 

here's the scene of the week...when RK scoops madhubala as she fainted ...raaba mai to mar gaya...mar gaya...sagai mujhe gar gaya...hoye


and this when madhu was about to fall in fire RK caught her made her sit properly...sshe slept on his arm...
tere ishq pe tere ruh pe bas haq hai ek mera...tere ruh pe tere jism pe...teri neend pe bas haq hai ek meraLOL
tu mera hero..o..o.o..oootu mera mera

by lovelygeet24X7
There was actually NO worst scene at all in this weekMonkey Emoticon.All the epis were just PERFECT tp the last word!.Monkey Emoticon


by Armu4eva

^^ Yes.. for once.. the emotional atyachar of Shammo and the retort from Paddo din impress me..! After seeing the turmoil Madhu has had to go thru, having to marry a supposed monster to cure her father.. how can Shammo throw such tantrums?? And should he not be focussing on getting well soon and doing his all to ensure Madhus freedom from RKs contract? Ermm Regarding Paddo.. as well i thot she will inspire Shammo by telling to get well so all of them can do their bit to help Madhu be free.. but sigh Ouch

by lovelygeet24X7

There were no light moments in this week episodes.But the story is going absolutely great!Monkey Winks


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by Armu4eva

Adab arz hai.. janab ...Embarrassed n pesh-e-khidmat hai ....PICS of the Week 

> Aa lag ja gale ke fir ye haseen raat ho na ho..

Dancing woot woot... finally a HUG ... omg Embarrassed this was easily one of the to-die-for moments as we saw a scared Madhu run strait into RKs arms and snuggle in his chest... and hug him tight...with all her might! BlushingBlushing  Blushing  Blushing  Blushing  PERFECT .. is all i say! Embarrassed

> Kuch to Hai Darmiya

Awww.. Day Dreaming my adorable kittens Embarrassed look at them.. happily snuggled together.. n lost in a beautiful n CON-tent sleep..! Thanks to the floods in Mum ..n the jammed door of Natraj Studio.. a visual spectacle ensued.. as we saw Rishbala.. stuck together n spending the nite inside the studio! Embarrassed

> Pyaar ki DOR-i

Tongue A shy hubby ... an unsure and anxious wifey ... n a khuli hui DORI Embarrassed! Can it get hotter? Wink LOL Nahii na..! A jaw dropping sequence as a possessive hubby RK wanted to tie his Wifes dori n hide her jawani .. but finally culdn manage to and hence decided to cover it up with her saree! LOL Abs adorbs! Embarrassed

> Tere JISM pe...Bas HAQ hai EK MERA

Blushing ishhh ... cant stop blushing...! It seemed like.. RK was all out to show the world that need be. he is the BEST RIDE .. any lady can ever desire Embarrassed! Thanks to a limping Madhu ..owing to her injury ... RK decided to take things and HER ...LITERALLY in HIS OWN HANDS Embarrassed! From studio to the car.. from car to their home.. from home to their room .. its all about CARRYING UR BIWI in ur GODI Day Dreaming

by Phoenix.Xeelan

This title straightly goes to this week the mystery woman Deepali the tharkey Dead Mystery woman because we are yet to know if she has a history with RK or not but probably she is ex- gf of Rk and present wife of Sikandar Bhatia. She deserves this title because she was literally throwing herself on RK repeatedly knowing she is married and RK is also married to herself. RK was getting sexually harassed in his own house, own room. Dead Her lusty body language and indication and showing interest in RK makes her the worst character of the week. 

by princess163

So,I am being repetetive-I know!

RK wins every time-I know!
You are still smiling-I know!!
To make it different, lets give the Character of the week for this week to-----  Bittu JiROFL for being non-existent this week!
Okay fine!
So, as usual, the Charcter of the week goes to RKDay Dreaming
Before you turn away, STOP!
Atleast i give a diffreent reason every week.
We have seen RK ka gussa, we have seen RK ka gham, this week we had a glimpse into RK's past, the sore spot, the day he lost his father.
But, more than anything, what gets him the Charcter of the week is his absolutely impeccable portrayal of the guy who was somewhere affected by what his mother said, the guy who felt guilty for his behaviour deep within, the guy who was worried for the girl he hurt.
The guy who showed his tender side when he let Madhu hold her when she was scared, tend to her when she hurt her foot, the Husband who couldn't let his wife go oyt with the dori of her blouse open, yet was hesitant to touch her and covered her up in his akwardness.
P.S.-The BEST moment? when he walks out of the studio with madhu in his arms, unfazed by all the reporters around and the bg music is Tere ishk pe, tere wakt pe bas hak hai ek meraa...

by -DamnedDrooler-

RK in red n black is a sight n madhu in his arms is a stunner ... Vivian was looking great and these colors really suit him... His RK persona is very catchy ... all in all fantastic

by Phoenix.Xeelan

No trishna or bandar oops.. Sikandar this week so title goes to Deepali. Her blue saree was kind of okay but her entire appearance was too loud. Her cloths were flashy, silver glacey blouse and too dark lipstick with too much make up. not cool. as a vamp she is fine but compared to others, her total appearance was too loud.  

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by x.Maaneet4eva.x

Post: Show & Cast RANKING/TRP - Discussion Thread

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Replies: 13547

by -NaGs_BaBy-

Adios - Its my time to go , finally.

by TheBlackJaguar with 91 replies, 3137 views

by bubblygal1711

by _Aanchal_

by Jyo.Ksg

Holla guys, this week I have got for you all an amazingly written article by Rangmunch.TV Thumbs Up
The writer has very well potrayed RK's changing character, the way he has started taking care of Madhu, though not in love but still somewhere down his heart he knows she's the one who he can call his own (BIWI) , Approve apart from the other forced relationships that we get to see these days. Tongue
We also come to know about how papa's boy Rishabh became brutle RK, & finally he has started to open up in front of Madhu & she is changing her view for him too.Embarrassed
Some right sayings by RK's mother "RK is not the right one for Madhu, but Madhu is definitely the perfect one for RK", it'll be interesting to see Will Madhu help RK become Rishabh once again? Day Dreaming
To know more keep watching MB..Cool

This article has given the whole week analysis in short, so a must to read guys! Credit: Niharika Posted by: Armu4eva

by deboleena.manna

hey guys main aa gayi...itne weeks bad mujhe phir se job this week's FB & Twitter Updt Of The Week goes to jakther ...for her Drashti's tweet post...the tweet are...
drashti dhami [email protected]

I love u alll sooo much !!! Shootin for todays telecast! Omg !!!! So tired !!! But honestly super excited for zinc ! So diffrent n alive !!!

  drashti dhami [email protected]

hellooo beautiful ppl

this post got 65 likes, 46 replies and 1872 congrts Jakther...
hey guys have a request for u...pls post FB n Twitter updts here so that I can choose a winner..Embarrassed

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caffeineaddict. IF-Stunnerz

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(By swaron502 )

 Superstar Hot Chunk RK Of The Week: TrueKash

Your Gift:

Glycerine Of The Week: TheDarkKnight
Your Gift:

Gossiping  Queen Of The Week: Coeur2PsychoFMS
Your Gift:

Heroine Of The Week: Heart_Breaker ROFL ROFL
Your Gift:

Laughter Medicine Of The Week: vivoash
Your Gift:

DVDian Of The Week: Phoenix.Xeelan
Your Gift:

Character Awards:

Chuglibaaz Of The Week: Dipali

Hats Off To You O The Week: RK

Satti Savitri Of The Week: Bittoo Ji LOL

Bhago Yahan Se Of The week: Padmini

Chakna Choor Chalak Item Of The Week: Dipali again Wink

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caffeineaddict. IF-Stunnerz

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Edited People...Enjoy NT #13

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Superb editon... I'm DVDian of the week... I like it Cool

But Ash, Anurag is HEROINE of the week ROFL This is an impossible situation  ROFLROFL nautanki karne ke liye mile hai ROFL 

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