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ArIya group ff:We wear the Mask up ch9 pg19pms l8 (Page 9)

arul01 Goldie

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Posted: 05 October 2012 at 8:23am | IP Logged
cool updates! loved the updates a lot! please update soon! love the way arjun and riya interact... they are cute!

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Fiza28 IF-Rockerz

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ch6 n new post

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elle.. Goldie

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Res for comment :D

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123pritha Goldie

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Posted: 14 October 2012 at 1:56am | IP Logged

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Fiza28 IF-Rockerz

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chapter 6 by mushi


On their way back home, they decide to visit riya's college.

Arjun: "biwi, lo a gae hum."

An excited riya: "wow!! After so my years, this place is still the same."

They enter through the main gate. "Namaste kaka" riya joined her hands together as she talked to a middle-aged man sitting next to the main door. "He has been the gatekeeper of this college since the last 10 years", she told arjun who also greeted him. The man recognized riya in a few seconds.. "riya beti, jeeti raho. Kitni bari ho gae ho." She smiled n went ahead.

"ye economics department hai hubby. Aur apko to pata hai k mujhe economics se nafrat hai", starts laughing n continues "isliye mein kabhi yahan nahin ai."

Arjun just smiled, seeing her happy after so long. "biwi, mujhe bhi economics bohat buri lagti thi. Magar, hamari economics ki ma'am itni HOT….." he just bites his tongue between his teeth upon realizing what he just said. Riya glares at him… "kia?" arjun "wo mera matlab tha k…" before he could complete riya shouted "hey wah ye hui na baat….arjun jaldi aen na…..ek chez dikhaun apko….." she runs holding his hand, making him follow her at the same pace. "ye na….chemistry department ki backside hai….hum na lecture bunk kr k yahan chupa karte the." Arjun looks at the place in amazement as riya's smile fades away seeing the small broken desk where they used to hide n chat for hours.


"sam come on… fast yar…" shouted riya.

"riyu, just wait for me….." he said as he jumped out of the window holding their bags n a pile of books.

"That's not fair riyu…u always make me run away with all this stuff….here hold ur books urself."

"What? U think im gonna hold all this…no way….now just shut up n run before someone notice that we have bunked again." They laughed, ran in full speed n finally landed under that broken desk.

***flashback ends***

"biwi….biwi…..riyaaa…….kidhar kho gae ho?" she snapped back to reality hearing arjun's call.

"Kuch nahin hua mujhe hubby… fine" she replied with her signature dimpled smile.

They walked ahead … "ye canteen hai. You know what, ek bar na yahan pe shree ko dare diya tha mein ne k ek ladki ko propose kare…." She started laughing …while arjun's face turned red on hearing that name again……"bechare ne diya ko propose bhi kia tha…..apko pata hai k kya kaha tha usne……..

Diya……kia tum mere laptop ka wallpaper banna pasand krogi?" she was rofling on the floor……and arjun couldn't resist the smile that spread on his face seeing his wife happy all over again……for once he didn't mind that this happiness was because of the man he had started hating; SHREE!!

They both had some snacks from the caf n then riya showed her the rest of the college, giving her every minute details of the pranks they played on teachers. Arjun just kept on staring at her n then at the college with a wide smile. They reached the end of the last building n riya stopped there… "yahan se aage khandar hain…..yahan kabhi kabhi lovers chup k jaya karte the, for their date but mostly ye jaga veeran hi hoti thi. " "phir to hamein yahan zarur jana chahye….akhir lover point jo hai ye" he winked at riya and walked towards the woods while riya followed him, asking him to stop. They went a little further …. "ouchhh!!" riya sighed which made arjun turn around…. He came near her "ye kya kiya biwi, dehan se chalna than a……kanta chub gaya na ab tumhe…..betho yahan pe mein nikalta hun."

"aaahh…..arjun plz aram se nikalna….dard hoga mujhe.." she made a sad face while sitting beside a tree.

"kuch nahin hoga riya….mein hoon na…"he held her right foot n tried to take the thorn out…
riya looked towards the tree and…….her eyes popped out……


"Hey sweetheart……pata hai hamare seniors keh rahe the k na job hi is tree pe apna and apne lover ka name likhta hai unki shadi bohat jaldi ho jati hai"…..he said while carving the letter R on the tree.

"hahahaha tum ladke ho k in baton pe yaqeen karte ho? Aisa kuch nahin hota mr. jo apki kismet mein hota hai na wo apko mil hi jata hai phir chahe puri duniya kitni bhi koshish krle unhe door karne ki…samjhe budhu" riya said in a soft but firm voice.

"khair tum job hi kaho ek baar try karne mein kia jata hai……waise bhi tum meri ho n koi tumhe mujhse cheen nahin sakta." He said with a smirk n stepped back to let her see what he wrote…..

"wow this is pretty……S+R=love ……with a heart drawn outside….sam tum in sab mein believe karo ya na karo muhe sirf itna pata hai k mein ne sirf tumse pyra kiya hai aur tumse hi shadi karungi."

***flashback ends***

"ho gaya biwi…dekha tumhe dard bhi nahin hua" arjun said while placing her foot gently on the ground.

Riya turned around to see him, her moist eyes looking at him lovingly or may be embarrassingly ….

Arjun raised his head but his face lost color when he saw a tear rolling down riya's cheek… "biwi kya dard hua tumhe?" riya couldn't say anything n just pressed her head in his chest n held him tight. He also took her in his strong hold…n just then he noticed that S+R written on that tree n he understood…….her past again…..shree im gonna kill u….he thought to himself.

He tightened his grip on her body n kissed her forehead. Arjun stood up with riya still in his arms n walked towards the car…they drove back home in complete silence picking up yuvi from riya's mother's place. In the night, after putting yuvi in his cot…..arjun and riya discussed the case details…they had no lead till now and were frustrated on how to solve this one. Rathore called arjun n told him that all their assumptions turned out to be wrong and they are back to square one. Arjun asked him to come to his house tomorrow morning as it's a holiday and they can discuss their next move. riya was listening to all this and didn't like the idea of rathore coming over.

Next morning, riya woke up at 8am. Yuvi and arjun were still sleeping. She took a bath, wore a pair of shorts n a loose top which was her usual holiday wardrobe.

Uploaded with
Till that time both arjun n yuvi were awake n yuvi came to the bed n both were playing on the bed. Rya looked at them n smiled….. "good morning!"

"good morning" they both said at the same time….they all laughed. Riya then asked arjun to freshen up as she took yuvi with her to the kitchen. After eating his cornflakes yuvi went into the garden n sarted playing. Arjun came out…..both arjun n riya had breakfast…..arjun was eating the last piece of his bread when he remembered…. "aj to rathore ne ana hai 9am tak……." Riya's hand stopped right in front of her mouth…she saw the time n it was 8:40am…..she smirked as a plan struck her mind. She got up from her chair n ran towards the garden……arjun called her from behind…. "biwi kahan ja rahe ho?" "aj mein apne yuvi k saath khelun gi" she replied in a hurry. Arjun smiled n then went to his room n brought the files which he had to discuss with rathore. He placed them on the table n went outside with his a mug on cutting chai in his hand. Riya n yuvi were playing with a ball….riya kicked it n yuvi ran after it to pick it up n then threw it back at riya n she caught it in no time which made yuvi smile n clap at the same time….arjun was enjoying this scene…..riya saw arjun standing far away n watching her n yuvi…she signaled him to join them but he politely refused……riya then took the water pipe n splashed water on arjun making him wet….. "happy holiday ACP sir" she winked at arjun n then turned around to see yuvi laughing seeing his dad drenched in water…….she was about to place the pipe on ground but felt strong hands on hers …before she can make a move….arjun turned the pipe towards her…..soaking her in cold water ….n whistling his favorite tune which made riya giggle…… "pyar dewana hota hai mastana hota hai" arjun dropped the pipe….held riya from her waist n twirled her around n hugged her ….but stopped there when he noticed two black eyes staring at them in anger……rathore arrived there a few minutes ago n as directed by the guard he came towards the garden n saw arjun n riya romancing around which made him clench his fists in anger. "rathore tum…" arjun said freeing riya from his hold…riya was completely drenched in water n her top was revealing her body curves…she held yuvi up as to hide herself n said "good morning sir"….arjun noticed her awkward situation n asked her to go n change while he talks to rathore about the case.

Rathore explains that he feels since there is no lead  yet shree riya should go to the college and get as much info as possible and that he and rawte should go to laknow and try find some evidence there and let chotu go to girls parents house and talk to the family. arjun doesnt want riya and shree to be together along with her going to the college where she will only be haunted by here past so he suggest he and shree will go while rathore and riya can go to laknow along witha few other case details
the next day
Rathore n riya leave for lucknow….riya is disappointed as going with him was the last thing she ever wanted to do but her duty called for it so she put aside the personal differences she had with rathore n sat in the driving seat of the SUV. They collected all the evidences required in about two hours or so n now they were heading back to Mumbai. Riya was feeling restless as this had been a silenced journey n she had never ever stayed quiet for so long. Her condition didn't go unnoticed by rathore , who was also not liking this tension between them. Riya, not being able to bear it anymore, turned the radio on. A sad song was being played
Gunaah kiya dil maine, yaar ka tod ke
Gunaah kiya usse ik din, tanha chhod ke
Tu mil na paaye, hum jee na paayen
Kahin mar na jaayen, kaisi hai, kaisi hai bebasi
Dil phir se chaahe, teri hi panaahein
Kahin marr na jaaye zindagi
Gunaah kiya dil maine, yaar ka tod ke

Some horrible memories from the past made their way into her mind. She looked at rathore who was sitting next to her in the passenger seat. Tears started flowing down her cheeks. She quickly turned off the radio. Rathore saw her wiping her tears n his heart skipped a beat, but he didn't know what to say, so silence seemed a better option to him right now. Just then riya's phone rang. It was arjun, a sweet smile appeared on her face as she hastily picked up the phone….. "biwi I miss u…" arjun said in his husky voice which made riya's heart melt like chocolate (fit anything else here if u want to). "hey baby, I miss u too…." Riya replied.

Arjun: "biwi kam ho gaya tumhara? Kab tak aogi? yuvi bhi intezar kar raha hai ."

He gave the phone to yuvi: "maa…I missshhh u…." he said with twisted tongue….riya's eyes welled up "awww…..mama ki jaan, mera beta….mama miss u too…." She kissed her mobile but till that time the phone on the other end was in arjun's hand…."wah biwi….aise hi hawa mein kissed de rahi ho….ghar ao na amne samne dena na" he chuckled.

Riya was shocked first but then she started blushing. Suddenly her eyes fell on rathore who was feeling uncomfortable listening to their convo….
riya to arjun: "baby I will be there in an hour. Don't worry….then I will give u all the kisses u want."

Rathore glared at her. She sensed it n continued with a grin on her face: "baby ….my neck hurts….im really tired…can u please take that oil out of the cupboard …..i will need it once I get home."

Arjun in his usual naughty manner: "biwi mein khud massage kar dunga tumhe n I promise tumhe bilkul dard nahin hoga."

Riya: "I know hubby …missing my bed" (she said stressing on the word BED n rathore gave her a this-is-it look)

Arjun: "see u soon biwi n u won't have to miss ur bed for long….. bye"

Riya: "bye"

Rathore just stormed ar her: "what the hell do u think of yourself? You are doing all this on purpose. You want to hurt me right. Mission accomplished……are u happy now?"

Riya: "yes I am doing this on purpose because I want to see that look on your face …that same pain that u made me experience when u slept with that b*****……"

Rathore: "oh come on riya……why can't u get over with that? That was just a mistake….one mistake riya….i was drunk that night. Are u going to punish me like this for the rest of my life?"

Riya: "who am I to punish u Mr. Sameer Rathore…...u punished me….u broke my trust…I hate u sam…"

Rathore was taken aback hearing that name from her after so long: "riya, please just give me a chance to explain. When I told my family about us, firstly they had no issues but then my mom told me that u were a manglik….n this marriage cannot happen…she wasn't ready to accept u as her bahu….i tried everything I could to convince them but all in vain. Mein gusse mein ghar se nikal gaya tha aur phir mein ne bar mein ja k itni sharib pe li thi n pata hi nahin chala mujhe k mein kia kar raha hun….i…im sorry riya…mein…"

Riya cut him off……: "mujhe koi explaination nahin sunni…..pehli baat ye k mein manglik nahin hoon…tumhari mom ne jhoot kaha hai tumse……aur tum ne kitni asani se yaqeen kr liya unki baat pe….ek baar mujhse puchna bhi zaruri nahin samjha…..nashe ki halat mein tm ne ek dosri ladki k sath sambandh jor liye….cheee….aur agar mein manglik hoti bhi to kiya hua…..such to ye hai rathore k tum ne kabhi pyar ko samjha hi nhain hai…..agar janna chahte ho na k pyar kia hota hai aur kaise nibhaya jata hai to arjun se seekho….."

Rathore clenched his fists …he was fuming with anger now….

But riya didn't stop: "arjun ne mujhe mere hona ka ehsas dilaya, usne mujhe sikhaya k sacha pyar kia hota hai… ne mere har dukh, har dard ko apnaya, he is a amazing person, perfect husband and wonderful father .
itna pyar diya k ahmein kabhi kisi aur ki kami mehsoos hi nahin hui…..aur mein dawe k sath keh sakti hun k agar arjun tumhari jaga hota to wo usko mere manglik hona ya na hone se koi farak nhain parta….wo mujhse bohat pyar krta hai"

Rathore: "wo chahe jitna bhi pyar krta ho tumse magar mujhe zayda pyar tumhe aur koi nahin kr sakta riya…tumhara wo arjun bhi nahin…tum mere pyar ka muqabla us se kr rahi ho…." He almost shouted.

Riya stopped the car in the middle of the road n said: "utro gadi (car) se…….i said get out right now…"

Hot tears dripping down her face n she was almost trembling……that was the last straw for her……even after hurting her so much …this man still had the guts to justify himself……. "disgusting"…she thought to herself.

Rathore looked at her condition n was horrified but still fuming with anger…he could see the pain in her eyes n it tucked his heart ….he got off the car without arguing nay further……took a taxi n sat inside after turning behind to see riya rashly drifting the SUV in the middle of the road……. "Take care riya……" he mumbled beneath his breath… "I know I hurt u but it's also true that I still love u." a tear escaped his left eye. He rested his back against the seat n closed his eyes.

Riya was driving through the streets in full-speed, still sobbing but she composed herself the minute she reached the entrance of her home. It was 11pm. She parked the car n was about to knock the door when suddenly arjun opened it…..he was wearing an aprin n chef-hat…..riya looked at him in amazement n a small smile appeared on her face. She hugged arjun n he gave it back to her….they closed the door behind them n walked inside. Arjun asked her to freshen up as he had already made dinner n yuvi is asleep. They have all the time for themselves now. Riya's face was glowing n she looked at arjun with moist eyes….how much arjun loves me…she kissed his cheek n ran inside saying: " I love u hubby…im just coming " she washed her hands n face n came outside. Arjun was sitting at the table waiting for her. They ate the dinner n riya complimented her husband's cooking skills ……she even offered him a hefty amount if he cook regularly for her to which arjun agreed but under one condition. His reward would not be money…..but……riya understood what he wanted…..she got up to clean the dishes but arjun again asked her to go n rest as she must be tired. He will take care of the kitchen.

Riya: "baby im fine…It will just take 10 minutes…u go n rest…u had to work both in office n at home also."

Arjun: "biwi….im telling u na…..plz tm chalo room mein, I will manage all this." He said with a smile.

Riya finally gave up n nodded her head….she left but something struck in her mind…..she went back n hugged arjun from behind….arjun was surprised at this act of hers. "thank u for being the best husband ever" she kissed on his shoulder n went inside the bedroom. Arjun just smiled at this gesture n after finishing the chores, locked the main gate, turned off the lights n went into the room.

He was astonished to see the room decorated with petals of the flowers that were placed in the vase a few minutes ago. Candles were lit n placed at the center table…. The bathroom door opened n what arjun saw next made him jaw-dropped for a second.

His beautiful wife stood there in sexy attire.

He was amazed n looked at her for answers….she came near him n said in a seducing tone: "ab ap ne mujhe surprise diya to mein ne socha k ap k liye bhi to ek surprise hona chahye na." she winked at him.

A naughty smirk appeared on arjun's face……he placed his arm around her waist, made her come closer to him, pinned him against her chest n whispered in her ear: "ye surprise mujhe bohat acha laga biwi, agar mujhe pata hota k ek din ghar ka kaam karne se mujhe aisa surprise mile ga to mein roz office k baad ghar ka kaam karne ko tyar hun."
Riya then moved her index finger from his forehead to his chin seducing him further. Arjun taking the que, bit her finger as it came near his lips…..riya jerked a bit n then hit him on his chest n both smiled…..there faces now a few millimeters away n their gaze kept on moving from eyes to lips ….finally both gave in to what their heart desired n placed their lips upon the other….their heartbeat frantically raising as the kiss turned into a passionate one. Arjun lifted her in the same posture n parting their lips just to plae her gently on the bed….he lied on top of her……the quilt coming over n the last thing left was turning off the lights as the candles were enough to make the room glow ……the night passed with them kissing each other's body n feeling the warmth of that touch.




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funkylicious IF-Sizzlerz

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Loved Riya-Rathore's confrontation...Idiot Rathore hurt her once again...

What can I say about the romance... mushiii it was rocking... omg I just cant stop blushing...EmbarrassedBlushingBlushing
Lovely...hayeee what an awesome chap dear...!!! loved it to the core...well doneClap

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Originally posted by funkylicious

reserved ki bachi.. Angry

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_mahi_ IF-Dazzler

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that was awesome mushi.. Clap 
the conversation between rathore and riya was greatThumbs Up.. you displayed their emotions so aptlyBig smile
n arjun-riya's moments.. hayye Day Dreaming
they are so perfect yaar Embarrassed
thanks for the awesome update n thanks to you HJ for everythingHug.. especially the pictures Wink

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