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ArIya group ff:We wear the Mask up ch9 pg19pms l8 (Page 6)

UmIbrahim IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 28 September 2012 at 9:00am | IP Logged
Superb updates gals!
ArIya are a perfect family.
But Riya's silence can cause disturbance.
Speaking out loud can often solve issues.
Awesome job yaaron.

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mushiroxx IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 28 September 2012 at 2:32pm | IP Logged
wohoo funkylicious that was awesome...loved the way riya apologised to arjun for her behaviour...Day Dreaming n arjun is so adorable...i love the way he calls her biwi...Heart im wondering who is this mysterious man??? he must be yuvi's father n riya's ex i guess...Ouch hope there r no problems between ariya now...Stern Smile
waiting for the next update...mahi,fiza,funkylicious...gr8 work guys...ClapClapClap

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shah10 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 28 September 2012 at 9:53pm | IP Logged

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princess14 Goldie

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Posted: 29 September 2012 at 12:29pm | IP Logged
great story loved it!!! please PM me when you update!

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Fiza28 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 03 October 2012 at 11:16pm | IP Logged

Chapter 4:wriiten by: m v kholi

Sun rays hit on her face frm window. She move aside & snaggle in her quilt. bt suddenely she remeber she is in Delhi. She flung open her eyes. & look @ d sidetable 4 her watch. Its 8:00am nw. & thy hva to go reach ofc @ sharp 9:00. So she gathers herself & comes out of d bed. Before gng to Kitchen she look @ bed , where her yuvi & her husband sleeping peacefully. Yuvi put his one leg on Arjun's things & bcoz of tht Arjun slept like someone tied him in a one position. Yuvi's face litterally touche Arjun's jaw line . She smiles to herself & goes to kitchen. She prepares Arjun's fav chai , & Sandwitches for bth of thm & 4 yuvi conflakes cholate favoured. After years of thr marraige she knows exactly knows wht her husband want.. Arjun loves light break-fast in d mrng. She readies break-fast & put d plates on table. Thn she goes to thr room wit his fav chai. She knows he running continueously for 2-3 days for his wrk , thr home shifting & most importantly handle yuvi. He badly needed rest. So , she tod she decide to wake him.
She comes to his side , & put his chai on a sidetable. she look @ his face , he looking so cute in his sleep. she thinks. His hair comes on his eyes , he look so adorable , She cn't stop herself , & sideways his hair frm his eyes. Woow his hair is so soft, & once again look @ his face , & felt like na nt like tht she again ruffle his hair & put his hair on his face again. hmm thts better she smiles to herself.. Suddenely she ackoknowledg what is she dng. She lookm @ him bt Arjun is in a deep slumber . She sights in a relif . & called him , bt all failed. bt yuvi turn around a liilte & goes back sleep on his stumack. Riya shakes Arjun , he turned around & hug her by one hand i his sleep , I know ur awake , so get up.. " bt Arjun nodded his head negatively . "Plz na" She softly says in his ear. Arjun open his eyes slowly & look @ most beautiful wife of him. " Biwi , u looked so hot in green ." Riya rolled her eyes on him. "Arjun " she called him loudly & playfully hit on his chest. " Now get up , it's 8:30 nw. Arjun wakes frm bed & Riya give him his chai. ," Biwi u pampaered me lot." Arjun says. & Riya smiles @ him & goes to wake up yuvi. Thy bth get ready for thr ofc & riya also get ready to yuvi , she stuff his drawing book & story books & sme necessary things in his bag , While goes to ofc thy goes to Riya's mother house , & drop yuvi thr. mama ka acaha beta hai na tum be a good boy nani o thoda bhi thang na kar na (she kisses his forehead). haan beta thoda nahi bhot thang kar na luaghs arjun . (Riya hits arjun arm ) arjun tum bhi na .
nahi beta main mazak kar ra hoon bhi good boy huh? he kisses yuvi on the cheeck . ma raat ko mil the agar kuch bhi chaiye do call me says riya) they leave .
reach the ETF offfice ...
"biwi tum chalo mein car park kr k ata hun" arjun asks riya...riya nods her head n walks towards the stairs...she reaches the conference room...rathore is standing there...seeing riya he stands up from his place...riya's eyes light up..."badi achi dosti nibhai hai tm ne...ek baar bhi cal kr k nahin pucha k mein zinda hun ya mar gai...tumhe itni si bhi fikar nhain hai meri...mein ne kitna miss kia tumhe...but tmhe kia fark parta hai...mein kausi kuch lagti hun tumhari...ab hans q rahe ho...hug nahin kroge apni dost ko..."
rathore i shocked at this sudden bombardment...but his eyes r filled with tears n he smiles...thinking i knew u would come back...riya runs towards him...rathore is smiling in disbelief...he is about to open his arms...when riya suddenly comes towrds him n passes by hitting his shoulders...and runs into shree's arms who was standing behind rathore...
shree..almost crying" yahan...i can't believe...itna salon baad...aur tm ne soch bhi kaise liya k mein tumhe bhul jaunga?? mein ne kitna cintact kkia tumhe but tumhara number change ho gya ne ghar shift kia n address bhi nahin diya..."Ouch rathore is heart-broken..."so she was talking to shree" he thought himself to be a total fool thinking that riya will be saying such things to him...after all that happened...u still think she would forgive u just like's impossible!!
they hug again n this time shree twilrs her around holding her waist n just then arjun walks in n is taken a back...he is irritated the way this guy is being close to his wife...n rathore is also miffed...Angry
riya-shree break the hug n shree introduces her to chotu...his new best friend n ETF mate...
chotu.."hi riya...nice to meet u"
riya..."hi...same here.."
riya turns around n sees arjun..."hey hubby come here him...this is hree, my childhood friend"
n shree.."arjun my husband..."
shree smiles widely n shakes hand with arjun...who just give him a how-dare-u touch-my-wife look n shakes his hand so tightly that shree is at the verge on thinking that my hand is no more mine.
Rathod look @ thm & barked thm " Guys go back to your wrk , nw." Nw goes back to thr wrk. While wrking Arjun glances Riya , she seems disturb . Riya goes to get a coffee for her. Arjun silently followed her Riya senses someone stand behind her. Suddenely tht person hugged her frm behind , She scare for sometime , bt whn she recognizse his touch & sigh in a relif . "Biwi kya hua.?" he ask in concerned tone . Riya turned around top face him & hugged him back . Arjun cupped her face & sees her eyes welled up. 'Biwi " before he ask her anything she softly says him " Arjun , i miss yuvi a lot , he is fine na , he eaty somthing , r he sleep properly, Arjun . i...i ... " Arjun undersatnds she mis yuvi a lot tod , bcoz till date yuvi always wit her all d time. She never leave him alone for a moment. He pull her closer to him & wips her tears frm his thumb. thn he kisses her forehead , thn nose & slightly give a kiss on her pink lips. & say somthing in her ear , tht made her smile . Arjun tld her " Biwi dn't wry he is fine , & by d way u also tld ur mother to call u if any need." Riya nodded to him. " Come w hva to complpte our wrk na.?" & thy bth comes out of d room. here Rathod see ths whole scene frm glass door & cliched his fists in anger.
Thy bth goes to thr desks Shree look @ her Riya " Ri , whts happend why r u crying , is everything is ok. ? U need something " before Riya could ans Arjun give cold glare to him. Shree steps backward. Chotu look ths & asks Shree what happned.
Rathod also look @ Riya . found out tht she seems very disturbed bt dn't d reason . Whn he herad Arjun & Riya's convo he klnows d reason of her disturbances. Arjun goes out for sme wrk. Shree & Choutu also goes for sme investigation. Rathod & Riya r alone in d ofc , complpting thr respestive wrk. Riya goes to Rathod's cabin to give sme file " inform him tht she complted her side of wrk. & turn around to face dopor She about to leave frm his cabin , Whn Rathod call her , "Ri " she stops in her track , Rathod comes near to her. & face her Nw Rathods back d door." Ri , you can go early tod , as you seem to miss your son." Riya turn around wit a frown on her face & cut Rathod in a mid-way " I am nt Ri or Riya to u Sir , I am Just Mrs. Arjun Surykant Rawte & you may call me Mrs . Rawte , but no first name and not @ all my nick name Sir only teh people who are important or mean something to may call me Ri with this . She hits his shoulder & runs away frm thr with tears in her eyes .Rathod just shocked @ her beheviour and still cant belive his ears ..

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Fiza28 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 03 October 2012 at 11:17pm | IP Logged
Chapter 5 written by mushi and fiza
later that night riya had left the office early picked up yuvi and come home
she was in the kitchen cooking away when ajun had just arrived home
arjun walked in the house the whole house smelled delcious the aroma of the food was just so iresstiable . yuvi was busy coloring but seeing his papa he ran to him arjun picked up yuvi and kissed him and he smiled " Biwi kya kare ho kahan ho ?"
"jaan im in here in the kitchen "says riya
arjun walks towards the kitchen still smiling and holding yuvi when suddenly his smiled faded and worry wrinkels came up on his cute nose .
"Biwi tum theek ho na?"asks arjun
riya still busy cooking away glances at him "haan jaan kyun ? im so pagal let me you get yousome water "(she lowers the fire on the stove and goes to the frigde and get him a glass of cold water ).
"biwi tum pani pee loo tum theek nahi ho" says arjun
"jaan muhje kya hau im fine sach main" says riya
"Biwi shaadi ki 3yrs hoge hai jab bhi you are worried you cook and make sweets , not just for dinner but dozens ...yeh kya hai ? kya hua ? baat kya ha"i?
riya looking back at stove and contiunes cooking "nahi tho yeh tho thoda hai and dinner bhi baana tha na jaan bas".
arjun really annoyed and worried now puts yuvi down ." beta ja ke khel lo papa abhi aye" .
"Biwi yeh thoda hai ? he opens teh lids of the dihses rasgulas, sondesh, pedas, soji ka halwa, mahj (fish curry)ki salan, palak paneer, roties, dal. yeh thoda hai ? aur saath saath yuvi ki le cookies" suddenly the oven beeps .
"oh mera cake arjun haato na"
a "cake bhi ? yeh thoda hai ? baat kya hai says arjun
riya brings the cake towards the counter and starts decorating it with frosting and writes home sweet home .
"jaan aaj this are real 1st day in the house i mean kal we had shifted and all tho i thought lets celebarte and yeh sab sweets are not going to go to waste ... main Shree ki liye and the ETF team ki liy i made and ofcourse mama papa ki ghar ko bhi de na phir humare liye bhi kitna kahan hai jaanu ..kuch nahi hau ... dont woories abt go freshen up ill place dnner on the dinner on the table" .
theek hai biwi maan leiya ill just come he goes in bathroom while washing his face and thinks
biwi kuch tho hai... baat kuch aur hai jab tension main hote you do this muhje aaj bhi yaad hai shaadi ka next day hum sab ki liye tum rasgolas, halwas puri, baane the sab soche ki naaye dulhan baane hai par baad main muhje pata chala ki jab hi tum worried ho tum asise hi kar the ho par kya hua . kahin shree ko dehkar nahi ? arjun snap out of it aisa nahi hai he thinks itne saal ki baad dehli wapas aye hai iss liye he thinks .
that night after dinner in teh bedroom riya was opening some boxes and looking for something she had packed for teh move . kahan hai woh ? uff where did i keep it ?
biwi kya hau what you looking for? mera diary if i dont write in before i sleep muhej neend nahi aaye ga .
arjun was looking and found in his box biwi yeh lo mil gaye .
suddenly riya grabs it formhis hand
arjun looks her like what the
thanks jaan she realzes what she did then is like jaan yehs sab choro you seem tired massage kar doon ?asks riya
haan biwi back main thod adrad hai kar do na . he takes off his shirt and lies on his stomache on the bed riya comes with oil and gets on top of his lower back and sits on him heheLOLWink. and massages his back and shoulders
aye haye biwi haatoon main jadoo hai ,he suddenly turns around grabs her by the waist pulls her close to him and looksin her eyes . and kisses her hands then her slowly kisses up her arm .
arjun kya kare badmash choro .smiles riya
kya biwi thoda mere jaisa romantic bano na and ek aur baat arjun rawte never leave his wife he winks .
arjun she blushes
aye haye biwi ... i loves this pink on you nad kisses her cheeks and tehn he turns out the side lamp while still having his strong arms wraped around her Blushing
next morning
"Biwi,biwi..." arjun comes out of the wash room calling out riya at the top of his voice
...riya who is making breakfast...hears his cries n a now tensed riya runs towards the room...
"arjun kai hua? tm thek to ho?"
"biwi...dekho na meri anhkon mein sabun(soap) chala gaya ...bht dard ho raha hai Ouch"
riya giggles a bit n teases arjun "subko samjhane wala ACP aik beauty soap se ro para...LOL"
"BIIIWWWIII...Stern Smile im hurt n ur laughing??Ouch"
"ssshhh yuvi is sleeping...ohhh my hubby...u really think im gonna let u be in this pain for long...Wink"
a towel tied around his waist n his bare upper half having traces of small water droplets made him look extremely sexy...riya noticed it just now...n she was falling for this man all over again...why does he have to be so HOT...irresistibly hot...she thought to herself but was brought back to senses by arjun.." something..."Ouch
riya gently placed her hands on his shoulders...came closer to him ...she kissed his closed eyes one by one...n then softly rubbed tips of her fingers on them...
"hubby...r u feeling better now???Confused dard kum hua?? plz btao na?"
arjun enjoying this moment...n his naughty instinct rising ...put his arms around riya's waist n held her tightly in his grip pinning her against his bare chest...her heartbeat rose...she could feel the warmth of his touch...n the tiny droplets on his face ...his wet dipping hair...made her give in to his demands...she placed both her arms around his shoulders...removing the little distance that was left between them...arjun opened his eyes a bit..."biwi...jab tm mere sath ho to mujhe kuch ho bhi nai sakta..." looking deep in her eyes...dressed in green kurta n shalwar...she looked ethereal...he saw his reflection in those twinkling eyes...that's what she was for him...HIS REFLECTION...Blushing he gave a kiss on her lips...n since both were a bit nostalgic so the kiss deepened n resulted in a passionate romantic moment...(a perfect morning to start with...they both thought as they broke the kiss as arjun's phone vibrated...)
riya asked him to pick it up but he was angry at this interruption n told riya to pick it soon as riya saw the name that popped on the screen her face became red with anger...she smirked n pressed the green key...but she didn't tell arjun that aome one was on the phone...arjun thought that she had cut the call n was happy that wife also wanted the same..." ooh la la my ranbir kapoor i must you are looking very hot in just a towel wraped around your sexy body pata hai im falling in love with you all over again ... hubby...i love u so much"hugged her ...arjun resonating to her call" aye haye biwi ... waise's a universal truth that arjun rawte loves his wife riya rawte so mcuh that he can do anyhting for her...n i mean anything..." winking n giving a naughty look... ( he bends his head and gives
butterfly kisses on her neck Wink
" mmm" mumbles riya
you like taht dont you biwi says arjun
badmash bas karo na janu abhi to hamein office jana hai raat mein krte hain apni
jitni badmash puri samhje ya samajo ...Wink" winking back at him...arjun smiled n said.."ur just the best ...biwi jaldi se kaam chalthe haan tho raat main jaldi aa sak the hai winking agin "
chal hat says riya
rathore listening to all this...he was fuming with anger ...he cut the call damn it n threw the file in his hand on the table making shree-chotu shoked n running away from the room...
yuvi was becoming restless as he couldn't find his mom n dad beside him ...
riya turns to yuvi..."mama ka pyara LOVEWinkLOL...mama yahin hain?? good morning..." givving a tight peck on his right cheek...yuvi opens his tiny eyes...looks at riya n...smiles saying "dood morning maaa" returning her the kiss on her cheeks...arjun n riya both looked at him adorably...arjun came n sat on the same side of the bed as riya...yuvi now looking at arjun..."papa..." opening his hands to hug him...arjun picking him up n hugging him tightly..."good morning papa ka brave ACP yuvi...LOLWink" riya giving an r-u-serious-no-way-not-another-ACP look...LOL LOLLOLLOL
ji nahin yeh tho doctor yuvraj Rawte hoga smiles riya
kya biwi nahi brave ACP hoge hai na and
arjun throws yuvi in the air catches him n repeats it a couple of times...both father son laughing their heart out...Big smile
riya observing this site...both of them looked's been a long time since that first night of their marriage...the most gloomiest night of her life...but this man right here...ARJUN RAWTE...he was the one who took the first step...he was the one who removed her sorrows, shared her pain...made her laugh again...gave yuvi his name, the care n affection of a father...(his real father would not have been able to do this...) all these years...apart from all the LOVE she had developed for him a feeling that over-took it was RESPECT...yes she respected that man...for being the person he was, he is...(he will be always)...she had never trusted herself so much as she had started trusting him...she knew he would never do anything that would hurt her or yuvi...she loved her beyond anything, she respected n
trusted him as if he was her god...(her pati-parmeshwar)LOL...a tear escaped her eye...which was well-noticed by arjun...he stopped playing with yuvi n asked him to get up n came to riya...riya understood what he was about to say n signalled him that "she is fine"...n she tries to change the convo before arjun could ask her anything else..."aj ap towel mein office
jaenge?? LOL" arjun..."agr tm kaho to aise bhi chala jaunga ...Wink"
riya smiling..."koi zarurat nahin hai...jaldi change kr k bahar a jaen...mein yuvi ko chnage
krwa deti hun tb tak Embarrassed"
riya takes yuvi to the other room along with his clothes...she dresses him up quickly giving him a shower...arjun is checking his closet n doesn't know what to wear..."biwi meri ne aj mere liys koi shirt nai nikali??"Confused riya from the other room.."wo sky blue shirt rakhi hia sofa gae apko?? jeans bhi hai sath mein..."
"han mil gae..." after some time...riya n kitchen n yuvi sitting on the table...eating his cornflakes...arjun isn't there yet...
riya goes to check his whereabouts..."hubby ...kidhr hain ap?? itni der lagti hai kia tyar hone
mein??ab to mein bhi chnge kr chuki hun...Embarrassed"
arjun searching for something in his wardrobe..."acha hua tm a gae...mein bulane hi wala tha...meri watch kahan rakh di hai tm ne??? aur meri gun??? kahin yuvi ne to nai le li?? riya tm kidhr rkh deti ho meri chezein??Confused"
riya walks to the side table...opens th drawer n takes out his watch n pistol..."ye lijiye ACP ji...ap ne hi to rakhe the raat ko idhr...khud hi bhul gae..."LOL
arjun smiles ...puts on his watch ...n is abotu to leave when riya stops him n says..."ek kaise hua??"Shocked arjun looks at the thing riya is pointing...his shirt's collar bottuon is broken..."ye bottuon kasie toota?? mein ne dekha q sorry...mein dosri shirt nikal deti hun ...ap ek minute rukiye.."
"biwi...mein ek minute ruk to sakta hun but dusri shirt pehene k liya nahin balke is liye k tm ye button laga do..."
riya smiles n runs to get a thread,needle n the button...LOL
she is sewing the button...n glancing lovingly at arjun in between...while arjun's eyes r fixed at his BEAUTIFUL wife...he keeps on staring n thinking...riya u have no idea what u actuallly mean to nahin hoti to mera kia tha mein ...aik aam sa insan jise apni duty k ilawa kuch sujhta nahin tha magar tm ne mujhe jeene k liye ek aur wajaj de di...ab meri zindagi mein sirf 3 chezein hain ...jinke bagair arjun adhura hai...mera desh, yuvi aur ...TUM RIYA SIRF TUM...itni adat ho age hai tmhari...subha agr tumhara chehra na dekhun to din shuru nai hota...meri har chez ka dehan rakhti ho tum...meri zaruraton ka meri khwahishon ka...mere daard ka...mjhe nai pata k tumhare bina mein kabhi kuch kar paunga ya nahin...riya cuts him in..."hubby...kidhr kho gaye?? lag ga button...Big smileab jaldi se a jaen" arjun "biwi ek baat kahun??"Smile
"han kahein...ap puch q rahe hain,,,,Smile"
"tm pe ye navy blue colour bohat suit krta hai...Wink but ek kami hai..."
riya is surprised.."kami...wo kia??"
arjun brings a small box, opens's sindoor...he plces sindoor in her mang n says.."now u look perfect mrs.rawte"Big smile
riya smiles...they both then take their breakfast, drop yuvi at riya's mom's place n reach the ETF offfice ...
hey guys i brought few homade things hope you all like them says riya
they are all supreised seeing halwa, rasgulas, sondesh
wow ri thanks ... ek minute ri itna tum theek ho na
arjun and rathore look at him and riya
haan shree itne saal ki baad i wanted make these for u kaise hai?
yummy yaar thanks he hugs her .
rathore takes a rasgula in his mouth and thinks ..
ri just like you always made how i missed these tumahre haaath ke
then he says ok guys we have case sonam tandon ki case hai ek college larki missing hai
hume st exaveris college jaane hoge abhi says rathore
what the says riya
biwi kya hua ?asks arjun
kuch nahi jaan says riya
yaar ri humare college maza hoga na sasy shree
kya says arjun tum dono ki college ...
rathore aap bhi yeh college main the na ? asks chotu
haan par do saal senior tha main lets go guys they all leave except
riya is just still not moving whne arjun comes nad puts arm around her waist and reasures her ..
main hoon na biwi you can show me around hum aap ki college ki naye acha yaad baneygaye kyun says arjun
she hugs arjun i love you thank you for understanding me so well
rathores who came back get his phone hears and sees this something stings him inside .

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funkylicious IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 03 October 2012 at 11:20pm | IP Logged
two chap's together??? woww... I'm reserving tooTongue
OMG... Arjun and Yuvi are soo cute...Big smile
Riya such an awesome wife preparing breakfast and all its soo adorable...
Riya and Shree ahahaha love it...Embarrassed their bond is sooo pure sooo adorableHeart
wow Rathore Jealous!!! D
amn Can't wait for ur update on Chap 5 I'm still waiting here HJWink
*EDIT EDIT Chap 5Tongue

awww... Riya's so sweet preparing food for Shree and all the team members...
Riya ke haaton mai jaadooo ahem ahem that's totally cuteWink

OMG how can Arjun doubt his own wife voh bhi with Shree? seriously no this guys loosing it alreadyTongue shayad Delhi ki hava lag gayi hai Arjun ko..

Hayeee their bedroom romance is sooo cute, adorable and lovely...

Arjun in towel...Day DreamingDay Dreaming I wish I was in Riya's place seriouslyTongue they are sooo romantic I'm getting goosebumps reading this...Grrr Rathore Kabab mei haddii... (Sorry HJ)ROFLTongue

awww...Arjun can't live without Riya...Heart and that sindoor scene was sooo romantic...Blushing

Greatjob Mushi and manali and you tooo HJHugClap


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kaveriw2008 IF-Sizzlerz

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hey hey hey 

i think you guys are made a plan to kill us and u r taking help of ETF...this is not fair...ACP yuvi...he will be a good ACP or a doctor...let it be its future thing


Rathore ka popat ho gaya yaar LOL  lol
just imagine the face when he realize that its shree not him

but arjun ...he is still so jealous ...are yaar wo to uska best friend hai...aur wo tumhari biwi phir bhi itana jealous agar GF hoti to shree ki kya halat hoti...


that romance is wow yaar

u really make to fall on floor ...unka romance itana hot hai ki...mein to pasine mein poori bhig gayi...


lovely lovely lovey update

u guys really done ur job awesome 

hatts off to u

this story is so adorable...

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