Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

New FF:Adhuri Si AasPart50(pg53) (Page 38)

Jerryberry IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 29 January 2013 at 8:11pm | IP Logged
oh wat a lovely update... it was so romantic.. being in love is d mst beautiful thng on earth.. bt wats rong wid gouri?? she was d one who supportd arohi n nw y is she dng dis??? ek raaz khul gaya toh dusra aa gaya.. continue soon..

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Rimpi_kmh IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 29 January 2013 at 10:27pm | IP Logged
nice update!!

Whats wrong with this gauri?she said arohi ''characterless lariki''.Shocked kya problem hai usa??Angry
Pls continue soon.

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mysticlover IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 02 February 2013 at 10:30pm | IP Logged
true story... wow!!! 
what is wrong with gauri? she was the first one to support arjun-arohi relationship and now all this? i was trying to believe that there is some problem because of which gauri is upset and is genuinely worried for arohi but after what she said about arohi behind her back i don't think so!!! i can't believe gauri said such things about arohi!!! how can she call herself a friend of arohi!!! 
the arjun-arohi romantic moments were so perfect... :) 
loved the song too... 

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MyshaAlvi007 Goldie

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Posted: 03 February 2013 at 4:00am | IP Logged
ossom update naina
specialy d song is my fav 1 so i njoyed a lot <3
bt wats wrong wid gauri i think wo apne gauripan pr bahot jaldi aa gai :P

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shreya_arjuhi IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 05 February 2013 at 7:48am | IP Logged
update pls

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Nira_Mukherjee IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 17 February 2013 at 3:58am | IP Logged
My computer is become ill since 1 week , i don't know how long it will take to recover , so , also i don't know when i will able to updating in my FF & commenting in your FFs . . . ConfusedOuchCry
                                                                                     Missing this forum badly . . . CryCryCryCry
                                                                                                           Love ,
                                                                                                                      Naina . . . Heart
mysticlover IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 17 February 2013 at 4:18am | IP Logged
ohh! itz k naina! 
but miss u! 

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Nira_Mukherjee IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 26 February 2013 at 11:34am | IP Logged
Sorry guys for being so late . . . Hope you all doing good . . .so, after many days I'm updating . . . hope you all like it . . . here is the next part:

Part: 37
The car stopped in-front of the office by a rash break , Arohi was still in her dream , she suddenly freed from a rapt sense ; at first she don't understand what was happened ; she look at Arjun with a questioning look;
"Kya hua?? aise kya dekh rehi ho??"--- he asks , "are office aa gaya . . ." --- he pointing at the office gate; Arohi look at this direction , her eyes's glow, that shine was already gone. After Arjun proposes her, she can't live a moment without him. Now, she understands that from the first day she feels a strange attraction for him; but she wanted to live with Aakash's memory, though she feels loneliness, when she sat on the terrace at night, looked at the starry night her mind always wants a person with whom she can cry , wants a shoulder where she can sleep, wants a chest where she can hide her tears, her pain, but then she can't understand that she unconsciously wants Arjun with her every time.
    "Arohi kya soch rehi ho itna . . .??"--- Arjun ask her , keeping his hand on her shoulder. Arohi startled, she look at him & smiles, then keep her eyes down & says---
 "kuch nehi . . ."
She open the car's door & come down but suddenly Arjun holds her hand
 "Abhi jana jaruri hei . . .?"--- he ask , he was also not wants to spent his times without her; Arohi giggles to see his puppy-dog face, "Arjun tumhe bhi abhi jake kaam karna chahiye . . . yaad hei na . . . us project ke liye Mr.Sameer ka call kabhi bhi aa sakta hei . . . nehi toh . . ."--- she interrupts by Arjun---- "are don't worry . . . hume jarur milenge . . . lekin abhi kaam karne ka mood nehi hei . . .mujhe . . ."---he acts like a child. "Bachpana bandh karo Arjun . . ."---she is almost going, she already come down from the car, Arjun hurriedly come & tucked her on the car's door , he says---
  "tumhe bachpana pasand nehi toh . . ."---he wants to kiss her, but control himself, because here & there people are already looking at them. He loose his hands , she leave smilingly.

  Arohi come to her office, keep her bag aside & sit in her chair. She opens a file & trying to concentrate in it but her mind was not with her, she is constantly thinking about Arjun. Today when she spent her time with him from that a happy feelings, over-whelmed her, she feels thousands butter-flies are flying around her, she is enjoying this feelings, this happiness. Suddenly her eyes set on the flowers which are gently dangling in the wind, which coming from the window, the vase where the flowers keeps, is looking great on her table. The multicolored flowers makes her boring office room more brighter like her mood.

   Looking at those flowers she frowns, because it seems very familiar to her. She is trying to remember it, suddenly she remembers that day when Arjun gave her the same flowers for approval of their friendship. She get up from the chair & takes one flower in her hand; & come in front of the window; the nature is shining in sun-rays it seems the whole city is enjoying some kind of festival may be "festival of love"!! she gently touching its petals, remembering Arjun's last word, she smiles.

   "May I come in madam . . .?"--- Arohi startled to her this sudden voice, Arohi come into senses. She keep the flower in the vase & come to sit in her chair again, open the file in-front of her & says---

 "yes . . . come in"--- she look at the door, one office-staff is coming from the door, Arohi is writing something on her notepad; "haan . . . bolo"--- she raise her face; "Madam subah apke liye ek letter aya tha , lekin ap tab Arjun sir ke saath bahar gaye the"--- Arohi feeling uncomfortable to hearing this, she is blushing. She control her smiles & says--- "Haan . . . vo mei . . ."---she is thinking what to say. "thik hei letter do mujhe . . ."---she took the letter & says---" thik hei jao . . ."--- he is going but suddenly stopped, Arohi frown to see him stopped, "Kya hua . . . kuch bologe??"---she ask; "haan madam . . . vo apko ek baat kahu madam . . . kya hei ki aap aur Arjun sir ek saath bahot acche lagte hei..."---he says smilingly & left; Arohi become surprised to hear this, she was so much shocked that she forget to read the letter.

Arjun is standing beside the window; he is deep in thinking; when they faced each-other first time he noticed that Arohi's eyes were always becomes wet with a unspoken sadness, her lips wanted to say something but her hearts dilemma every-time obstructed her. He tried many times to interpret her heart's language but she becomes like a stone, who had no feelings. But that rainy day when they went to Arjun's house, that day Arohi becomes a kid, her facial expressions made him happy that day...suddenly his thought changes into another, how can he forget Saloni . . .remembering her name gives him a fear.What will be happen after she come here . . .his thought disrupting again due to his phone's ringtone. The blinking caller name spreading a big smile on his lips.

"Are saale itne dino baad yaad aya . . . mei tere bare mei hi soch raha tha . . ."---he receive the call & says this to his best-friend Jay.

Jay, Jay Malhotra . . . the dearest friend & nearest enemy of Arjun. Since their childhood they were "do dil ek jaan"; they were studying together, playing together, everything they were doing is together, basically they are much more than friends. So after completing their school, Arjun went to London for doing MBA & jay took admission in Delhi University. but gradually their relation become less than earlier, every time they needed each other but can't tell. Today after agaes, his phone call become a stress-buster for Arjun.

  "Mere bare mei . . . Arjun tu thik toh hei na . . ."---he says with a dramatic expression & starts laughing.

    "Jay . . . ek problem mei faans gaya hu yaar . . ."---Arjun's voice sounded tensed.
 "Kya hua hei??"---jay ask, he was in tension for his friend.
   "Are aisa bhi kuch nehi hei . . . tu bata . . . tu aaj bahot khush lag raha hei?! shaadi kar raha hei kya??"--- Arjun asks & smiles.
"Kya yaar . . . tu toh ek chance mei hi pakad liya . . . haan . . .kya batau yaar . . .mom-dad ne achanak shadi fix kar diya hei . . . koi matrimonial site se mila hei ladki . . ."---he was describing.
 "Wow yaar . . .great news . . . lekin mera kya hoga . . ."---Arjun says & sit hopelessly in the chair.
"Are pehle mujhe ye toh bata ki problem kya hei??"---jay ask him.
"vo . . . jay . . .actually na i'm in love . . ."---he is hesitating to say this to jay;
"Arjun Singhania is in love . . . breaking news toh is mei problem kya hei..."---he was happy for his friends.
  "Prob yehi hei ki i want to marry her . . . lekin dad ko kaise batau . . .??aur mujhe nehi lagta dad ye rishta . . . aur sabse badi prob hei . . ."---he stops by jay.
 "Thik hei uncle se baat mei karunga . . . aur vo jo problem hei tu jiski baat kar raha hei vo bhi mei sambhal lunga . . ."---he says assured him.
"tu . . . kaise??"---his voice seems doubted.
   " mei 1-2 week ke andar Mumbai aa raha hu . . ."---jay says.
   "Lekin mei abhi Mumbai mei nehi Barot mei hu . . . kuch business rltd kaam ke liye aya tha . . ."---he says.
   "Thik hei toh mei tujhse milne Barot hi aa jayunga . . . aur is bahane teri would be se bhi mil lunga . . ."---he says smilingly.
   "ok . . .chal . . .bye"
They both hung up. Now, after talking with jay, Arjun feels relaxed, his mind was refreshed. He come to sit in the chair & concentrate on his work.

Arohi still thinking about what the office-staff said just before. People are noticed them together; in-front of that staff she feels embarrassed, she becomes sweaty. She loves Arjun because Arjun is  a very good friend of her. Arjun everytime said one line"Life is not life at all without delight" suddenly her eyes stuck with this letter. She takes the letter & see the address upon it; she was surprised to see that hurry & bustle she opens the letter.
   Arohi Sharma,
                        I'm very glad to say you that your project the "Green Heaven" is approved. To, see this project finally I'll be there within one month.
      For any queries & further details please contact with my P.S
                                                                           Mr.Sameer Verma

She closes the letter; a feeling of relxtation spreading on her face, she was happy, her father's dream was going to be fulfill, after Aakash's death all were sure that tis project will also die; but for Arjun . . . only for him she can fulfill their dream; she have to say thanks to him; Arohi put the letter on the table & left.

Gouri is sitting unmindful in the balcony; her restless facial expression makes her more irritated. She was planning what to do next; she was thinking---
"Kya karu mei . . . mei kuch plan banati hu aur vo dono milke spoil kar dete hei . . .kuch toh karna padega ab . . .bahot bada kuch . . ."---her phone's ring-tone make her disrupted. She receive the call without giving her a chance to talk the other side says---
"Good morning sweetheart . . ."
  "What is good about this morning . . .??"---she says with a severity in her tone.
   "Gouri . . . kya hua hei??"---the voice ask her gently.
    "Mei yahaan soch soch ke pagal ho rehi hu ki aage kya hoga aur tum mujhe good morning wish kar rahe ho . . .??"---she is almost shouting at him.
    "Jaan . . . tum kyun gussa kar rehi ho abhi toh bas kahani shuru hui hei . . . aur abhi se kaise pata chalega ki in dono ka happy ending hoga ki tragedy ho jayega . . .aur tumhe toh us raaz ke bare mei pata hi hei . . . pehle vo Arohi ko pata chal jane do . . ."

"Nehi . . . aise toh use nehi pata chalega . . . mei toh bas intezaar kar rehi hu sahi waqt ka . . ."---Gouri says calmly.

"Tum karna kya chahti ho??"--- the mysterious voice asks.
   "dhamaka . . . just wait & watch . . ."---she cut the call.

She was happy now, because she was forget about that "raaz", thanks to him; She come to her bed-room & gently thrown the phone on her bed. Lying on the bed peacefully she closes her eyes.

"Arohi . . . teri life se sari khusiyaan chin lene ke liye I'm very sorry dear . . . lekin kya karu mei bas tujhe rote hue dekhna chahti hu . . . tujhe tadapte hue dekhna hei . . . aur guess what . . ."---she get up from the bed; "tere dard pe marham lagane ke liye mei hi toh aayungi . . . tu mei best friend hei . . ."---the sound of her laughing prove that something going to be happen in their life. It seems an eclipse commences in their love-life . . .!!

so, guys . . . read the update ,  hiting the like button . . . & do comment!!                         

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