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Hey all! 

i am new to this forum! i love this show, and here is a short story on Arjun and Riya! this ss will have 2-3 chapters.

Hope you all like it!

Chapter ONE

Arjun believed that the Arjun Suryakant Rawte, who once used to live, is now dead. He was dead as soon as his beloved wife took the last breath, just in front of him. And now, only Arjun - the cop exists. The cop on the run to find Sikandar, a terrorist and a most wanted criminal, who killed her. Arjun was there, in front of her and she was there, in front of him. But the difference was, she was lying on the ground, bathed in her own blood, and he, he was tied with iron chains, yes, iron chains, coz Sikandar knew no rope, no wire, no boundaries can stop Arjun from shredding it into pieces. But these iron chains were damn efficient! And then! Sikandar killed his wife just in front of him, shooting slightly on the left side of her chest, where he knew; Arjun lived secretly, in her heart.


That day, Sikandar killed two people by a single bullet, Roshni and Arjun. Roshni, A Hindi word which means light, yes she was a light in the true sense, and she was light of his life. And now, that she was not in his life, his life was all dark, dark and dull. This light was brutally crushed and taken away from him in the cruelest way possible. And seeing the love and light of your life die, is not at all bearable enough to bear for any human. With Roshni, he felt happiness, laughter, love, passion, everything! But now, nothing. Nothing at all!


Riya Mukherjee, the bomb of her college. There was not even a single guy in her college who wouldn't have dreamt of having her as his girlfriend. But Riya! She never said yes to any of the proposals she got from the guys. Any other girl, in her place, would have died out of happiness on the proposals she received, but Riya was different, very different. She was beauty with brains. When every other girl dreamt of Barbie, Cinderella and being princess things, Riya dreamt of guns, mines and tanks! She aspired to become a big police officer from a very young age. When a cheesy line a guy may speak to them pleased the other girls, Riya was busy taking trainings of shooting and learning about guns. Its not like she didn't imagine her prince charming ever, she did, she dreamt of a simple guy who would win her heart not by roses, chocolates or any tempting gift, but by his mere look. And that man was cold hearted, or rather broken hearted Arjun. The man, who warmed her heart with a mere look, was a cold-hearted himself. Just a living cop.


It's been 2 years since she had joined ETF and 1 year, 11 months and 30 days since Arjun entered her life and since then, she knew she was not the same Riya anymore, she was marked! Marked as his, and only his. Yes Riya gave her heart out to him, the first time she met him after their not so friendly encounter in which she tried to show off her martial arts to him and he very efficiently without any difficulty, dodged her. He dodged her, but not her heart that went out to him.


Riya everyday used to gift her heart out to him and he very cruelly, strangled it everyday, not once but always. Sometimes with harsh words, mocking, and sometimes just by glaring at her. Riya always cared for him, smiled at him, and even tried his cutting chai in that not-so-healthy-looking glass cup, but no, the only things that came back from Arjun's side was rejection, anger, and a cold stare.


His eyes always shot cold vibes in her body, often leading her to tremble, but his presence created a warm feeling too. In short, she was head over heels, truly madly and deeply in love with him. But he, he was just a heart strangler for her. His words often left her in tears but still she could not stop her stupid heart to fall for him each and every time he looked at her, whether it be to pass a cold stare or to glare at her. Well some things cannot be stopped no matter how much you try.




Arjun on the other hand, has kept his heart under high alert so that no other human being could step in, especially any other girl. His heart was Roshni's property and will be hers only. He was successful in creating a huge iron wall between his heart and the world, but only till Riya Mukherjee stepped in his life. As soon as Riya came in front of him, his iron wall had a dent. An unimaginable and unbearable dent. Her eyes made his heart melt. Her presence made his heart go like a stupid teenager's. But then he resolved not to get affected by this, not again. He then started to push Riya off by throwing harsh and rude words to her and often glaring at her for no purpose.


Everyday Riya would pass that infectious smile to him and his heart would go out to her but would be held by his greater mind and would be back again in its place. At first, after Roshni passed away, Arjun thought he was dead but Riya bought him back to reality. Arjun never heard his heart beat even if he ran at his full speed and with full might, but a mere look by Riya and his heart would start to beat faster that he could feel it.


This girl was making him alive again. This girl was bringing Arjun Suryakant Rawte to life again. And he cannot let that happen. He cannot betray Roshni. He couldn't. Arjun tried to hate Riya as much as he could. But simply couldn't. So he planned something. He will make Riya hate him by speaking to her rudely and would behave with her in his worst way possible. This will surely push her away and she would walk away by herself.


But this girl was adamant! Even after getting the worst kind of scolding and warnings from him the previous day, she would enter the office premises with the same stupid but gorgeous and infectious smile of hers the next day! Her sweet talkings, the way she dictated everything, the way she tried to prove herself every time he challenged her and even that red flowery clip affected him, but especially the way she looked at him, made him mad. Mad not at her but himself! Coz her everything was starting off to affect him. And he couldn't bear to see the changes she unknowingly brought inside him.


He noticed how her eyes welled up every time he spoke rudely to her or how she bit her lip every time to stop the sob to escape when he scolded her just for nothing, he noticed! Once in a case when a mother was proved to be the killer of her daughter (kanika murder case) he noticed how disturbed she was to know that a mother could do this to her own child. And this upsetted him the most! Her vulnerable side! The way she tried to console herself and stop herself from crying was the most upsetting thing he has ever seen in her. How badly he just wanted to rush towards her and hold her in his embrace forever then he cursed himself for even thinking such a thing and then walked away leaving her in her own little world.


Arjun was running away, not from Riya but from himself. He knew he would again become a vulnerable human being if he reciprocated Riya's feelings. And being reminded of what happened with Roshni made his resolve to push away Riya even stronger then ever! He was alone and that's how he wanted to be! Little did he know that he could stop the love from entering his house, physically but not entering in his heart, emotionally.


The iron wall around his heart became immensely weak, every time Riya passed a look at his direction and there was nothing he could do about it. He hated it! He just hated the effect has started to have on him. How his self-control was every time on verge of breaking, seeing those beautiful eyes welled up. And it took every ounce of his being to stop himself from going to her.


Riya was starting to control him. Soon there would be no Arjun left inside his being. It would just be a reckless Riya-lover! And that is what he feared. To be a lover. Because when lovers die, they do not really die; they are left being a living corpse. And Arjun tragically suffered his first death, he wont be able to handle his second. That is why he ran away, ran away from each and every feeling in this world. He played with death every day putting his life in danger, coz he tried to prove himself that he was the same living corpse, still a living corpse. And nothing much.




It started off like a normal working day but turned out to be a disastrous day in the whole life of each and every member of ETF, THE 'Emergency task force'.


Yes disastrous, especially for the sweet dimpled girl of their team, Riya. It was this fine morning only when she showed up in her beautiful and pleasing smiles and greeted everyone. Her smile was infectious! Even Rathore couldn't stop himself from smiling at her everyday when she passed that smile to him and nodded slightly mumbling a good morning, greeting him in full respect. But her smile was not efficient enough to bring smile on a face, a face which she dreamt of seeing a smile on everyday, a face that always ran throughout her mind, a face that brings a smile on her face like no one else ever could but HER smile did nothing to him, to ARJUN, the man of her dreams since he came in her view.


Today they were working on a murder case of two people; they were husband and wife, Mr. And Mrs. Kohli. So at beginning of the day Riya, as usual started briefing them about the victims and their life.


"Mr. Ram Kohli, very known and rich businessman. He owned a yacht business in which he used to buy and sell luxury yachts. His wife, Madhu Kohli, a very well known social worker. They were murdered last night when Mr. Kohli came from his office. There was no one other then them present in house. Two 24 hour servants who always used to be in the house are now in our custody but have strong proves of being in other places. One was having a dinner in a road side dhaba and the other was attending a marriage with his family."


"Rathore, I think we should look after mr. Kohli's business first. May be any business rival may have done it due to jealousy." Arjun was about to explain further but Riya did not listen and shot her opinion.


"No sir, I enquired about his rivals but everyone around him said that he was a nice man and no one had any type of problem with him." Riya said a little victoriously as once in her lifetime she proved him wrong and herself, efficient.


"Come on Riya, jab tum ek murder ki investigationa kar rahi ho aur logon se puch-tach karti ho to koi bhi tumhe apni aur victim ki buri relations ke bare me kyu bataega, taki humara shak uspe jaye? Right!?" Arjun said mocking her and gave her a don't-interrupt-me-again look and gave a glare that sent a chill down her spine.


Her eyes welled up instantly but she controlled herself. He always did this to me! Thought Riya and moved on.


"So you tell us Rawte! Hume kya karna chahiye?" asked Rathore in his signature tone, retorting Arjun.


"As I said SIR, we should go and check his business place aka his shipyard. Coz in the whole house nothing but a bundle of photos was scattered. I already checked the house once, if Riya would not have jumped in the middle, I would have told you earlier, that the bundle consists of photos of the ships, owned by kohli. To ab hume kya karna hai ye, samjhe ya samjhaun!" giving his signature phrase and that look to Rathore, Arjun made himself clear.


"Okay you take Shree and Riya with you to your shipyard and I and Chotu will follow you after few minutes." saying so, Rathore gave in.


Shree and Riya nodded and waked behind Arjun, who led them out.




Reaching the shipyard Arjun, Shree and Riya saw plenty of ships being parked to the dock. They thought it would have been easy but no. There were too many of ships and they were just three, if something were really wrong with this place then they would need backup. Arjun messaged Rathore and he replied back that they are coming. Arjun dodged down so that no one sees him and become alert. He signaled Riya and Shree to come towards him and they too stealthily walked to him bending down.


"Riya and Shree, I am sure there is something fishy here. I will go and check the other side and you go check that one." Arjun said showing them where to go. "But be careful." He made himself clear and went to check out the happenings.


Shree and Riya took their guns and went to the direction Arjun told them to. Arjun was checking out the scene and inspecting each and every thing keenly when he felt his cell phone vibrate. He saw a message from Rathore that they are here. Arjun got out from his place and went near the car and told Rathore that he is getting the negative vibes from this place and his instincts are telling him that there is something wrong.


Rathore looked around the place and saw Shree running towards them.


"SIR! Sir- " Shree started huffing and said in between large breaths, "Riya! She- she is not there." Saying this he handed her gun to them, "I found it on my way back. I was seeing the place and taking the photos around but when I suddenly turned to check if Riya is following, she was not there! I started searching her but couldn't find her. But then I found her gun and came running to you." Said Shree and took big breaths.


Hearing the information Arjun became numb. For the first time in his life he took so much time to process a piece of info in his mind. But as soon as he got what he heard, he ran towards the direction Riya went. Seeing him run like a maniac, Rathore and others too ran behind him.


Something snap inside him when he saw the same red flowery clip, fallen down and he quickly bent down to pick it up.


"She is in danger!" said Rathore worriedly and Arjun for the first time in these years, after Roshni, prayed. Prayed to the one above, to keep her safe. Just keep her safe until he finds her.




When Riya was inspecting a yacht when she saw something move inside it. She looked up to tell Shree but he was already few yachts away and before she could call out to him, a hand grabbed her face and a handkerchief covered her mouth and nose. Her mind roared and she tried struggling but soon her mind went blank and she sulked in.




It had been an hour since Riya was missing and the whole ETF was searching each and every yacht as if lost a precious piece of diamond, looking every nooks and corners, everywhere, but not even the traces of her were found.


Rathore then ran his hands through his hair, "I think she is been kidnapped."


Arjun heard Rathore saying the same words he said years ago, for Roshni and yes; she was kidnapped and never returned back.


"NO!!" Arjun snapped at Rathore, "no Rathore! I wont let that happen. Riya is going to come back! She is not leaving so soon!!! She will come back and I will bring her back, I will do anything that it takes me to do to bring her back. I won't let the history repeat itself and defeat me again. I wont Rathore!" Arjun said as the madness took over him for the second time in his life. "I will find her even if it takes me to burn down the whole world in order to search her, BUT I WILL!!"


Rathore saw the same fires in his eyes that he saw years ago. That time Rathore was his friend and colleague when this tragedy happened and changed Arjun forever. That time Arjun was a vulnerable lover so he was broken, but this time, he was already broken, he had nothing to loose, except her and he definitely was not going to loose the love if his life, ever again.




Arjun was hell bent on finding Riya. He knew if he didn't, he would not be able to survive. 

 Chapter TWO will be posted soon.




CH 1 : Page 1

CH 2 : Page 5

CH 3 : Page 10


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Loved ur ss dear...the emotions...the inner fight of love nd hate u have potrayed very well..
U have written arjun's heart out...""
Awsum dear..
Loved it
Update soon..

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Originally posted by Radhika Shah



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Radhika Shah

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really owsom ss
plz do pm me when u update
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Res... first of all love the banner/siggyHeart

loved the banner.. and thanks for waiting for my edit... :)

I love urge title and the way you expressed Arjun's feelings about his wife's death in depth... It really touched my heart...
definitely emotional But Riya's character being the same yet different is what I loved even more..

Arjun worried for Riya the way he was for Roshni makes me feel that unknowingly he'sin love...
Can't wait for the story to unfold... one more thing loved the way you executed the whole chapter totally awesomeWink Hug

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Originally posted by sweetdoc


edit soon...i am waitingWink
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wow truly good
plz do continue soon
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Originally posted by khusho

really owsom ss
plz do pm me when u update

thanks...sure i will do.. please add me to your buddy list...Embarrassed

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