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ArSh FF *His soulmate*- Part 17 Page 134

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~ ll ArSh FF His soulmate ll ~

Credit :Seher

Helooo Everyone :D Aint i fast ? Back again with a new FF, Am sure everyone is happy Now. Well i have a reason of starting so soon. I have a habit of running away sometimes so i thought i better start my new one before i get any Busy. Coming to the FF this a my dream FF. A story which i have always thought of writing from start but waited till i am confident about it. Now that i am sure i can make everyone full in love with this FF just like my previous Ones. This a story of two lovers made for eachother. A story which would remind you of my First FF A hope to be Loved.
Well i have a procedure of sending Pm's to readers who want to read this FF.. Sadly i dont make any PM List cauxe you see everytime a new reader comes up so its hard to change it everytime. So if anyone wants Pm from me pls Press the LIKE button or leave a comment on this FF.. Or else send me a buddy request i will send Pm's to everyone who want. And for now am handling only one FF so i promise i will try my best to reply each and every comment given by readers.. Embarrassed
Love Aishy



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Prologue is going to be quiet long. But its necessary for me to keep it as the start so in later of the FF no one is confused with the change in storyline. Make sure no one miss the Prologue !!

*She will always Remain My Soulmate * - Armaan Mallik

Once Upon a Time A story of Two Soulmates ...

"Armaan come on Lets go, What are you waiting for dude ?? " Sameer exclaimed as they got out of the Jeep. Armaan set mesmerized by the surrounding. He had never seen such a beautiful scenery, surrounding with breathtaking mountains it was the best place he had ever seen.
"Armaan we are talking to you Dude.. " Raj spoke nudging him on his shoulder..
"Hmm ? " Armaan glanced back at them coming back to reality.. He  got out of the jeep .. "This place is Breathtaking.. "He mused softly..
Armaan Mallik , Son of Balraj Mallik And Veena Mallik. The twenty year old Young boy had just returned from abroad after completing his Higher studies. Armaan Mallik always had been the silent Guy. Eventhough he enjoyed compay of his friends, he was a little more of Shy. In his time abroad he had been called Nerd many times (Sexy Nerd Referred most of girls around ) Not it bothered him it always had been his nature and he loved it.. It Was never like he didint date around , ofcourse he did date several girls which had surely stunned sameer. But never had come someone so important in his life. Not any girl who had touched his heart to become his soulmate.  Balraj wanted Armaan to handle their companies as soon as he returned. But Veena had opposed saying the boy needed a break. Armaan was more than Happy to argue with his Mom. He was glad he was back in India and he was more than Intrigued to visit places he had never seen before..
So finally here he was in Kasauli. Hometown of his best friend Raj. Three of them had discussed and decided to come Kasauli to have some fun time..
"Be ready Armaan " Raj grinned at him.. " We are about to have a hell of rocking time here.. There are several places where we can go for mountain hiking and camping too.. "
Armaan didint bother saying a word. He just smiled at them giving a nod of agreement. His friends knew things which made him happy. No words were needed to be spoken to them.
Soon they settled in the cottage arranged by Raj. The place was cozy and beautiful. Seeing the beauty of it Armaan knew he would have a good time relaxing here. As he stared outside studying the scenery , Sameer came up and placed his hand on his shoulder.. "So dude.. How do you feel back here.. "
"You know how happy i am.. " Armaan grinned at him.. "Its been long time i hardly got time to enjoy back there.. Its good be back here.. "
Sameer gave a knowing smile and nodded.. "We have missed you dude. After all there was no other nerd available whom we could tease.. "
Armaan rolled his eyes and shook his head as he recalled the memory of their first meet. Back in College he came as a new student. Both Sameer and Raj had been a badass during that  time. They both ragged him but was surprised when he faced them confidently. They had never thought a silent guy like have had enough courage to face them. Soon formed a respect between them and eventually they become great friends. Since then Raj and Sameer had been the best friends for him.
Sameer noticed the distant look on Armaan's face. "Trouble with your dad ?? "
Armaan glanced at him and nodded.. "He keeps expecting perfection out of me.."Armaan sighed miserably.. "He expects too much. I dont think i can handle that much.. "
"Your dad is a freak Arman Mallik.. " Raj spoke loudly joining them near the window.. "He wants to use you as a robot who he can control.. "
Armaan grimaced at the words but knew it was right. He father always had been throwing orders at him , since childhood. Never he had received any sort of Affection or love from any of his parents.. They had been too busy in their life , their friends and business parties. Not understanding how much he craved for their love they had always pushed him far.
Sameer sensed the sudden change in his behavior. Clearing his throat he changed the subject.. " So Dude are you still remaining single or going to date any girls.. "
Armaan snorted as he passed a look at Sameer.. "Ya right. And where am i getting to see girls here ?? "
Raj chuckled and spoke excited.. "Armaan dude you are so mistaken. There are many hot chicks around Kasauli.. I can fix a date for you with any of them.. "He spoke with a wink..
Armaan shook his head and moved away from them relaxing back into a chair near fire place.. "I dont want Hot chicks.. "
Sameer followed him and set near him.. "Ya ya The silent nerd Armaan Mallik needs a typical Indian Girl.. "
Armaan frowned and protested.. "When did i say so ??? "
Raj joined them.. "Whatelse. You seem to have some allergy with Hot chicks.."
Armaan shook his head and smiled.. "Your wrong. I just meant i dont want girls like the ones you are referring to. " He sighed blissfully staring at the fire..
"I just want someone who can love me dearly. I dont need to see what she dress or whats her personality. She just need to have a good heart. As i said someone who can reach my heart.. "
Raj shook his head yawning while Sameer smiled gently.. "Cant wait to see you fall in Love Armaan "
"Ya but i would me more happy to see you fall in a gutter with a sexy chick "As Raj grinned at his words Armaan picked up a pillow and threw at him.. Sameer laughed while Armaan just shook his head..

3 days later :
"Tell me what the hell are we doing in this house.. " Armaan spoke gritting his teeth while he looked at the house infront of them..
Raj rolled his eyes and dragged him inside.. "They are just giving us evening tea Armaan. We will get out of here as soon as we can.. "
Sameer glanced at the two girls who kept throwing lusty glances at them. He turned away disgusted. "I am getting nervous here now. Just look at those two clowns with heavy make up.. "
Armaan stifled his laugh while Raj chuckled.. "Thats Rita and Reah.. Both of them like to show off when they see hot guys.. "
"But u said they are daughters of the minister here.. ? " Sameer asked confused..
Raj shook his head.. "Yes they are. This whole D'Souza Family is Christians. Mr.D'Souza is a retired minister , and he and his wife is very strict regarding their religion. "
"Ya right that could be seen with his daughter's dressings.. " Sameer laughed along with Raj..
Armaan was bored. He glanced around as the whole neighborhood was gathered in the party thrown my D'souza's.. Being new to the place they wanted to get to know people so took the invitation. But now he was regretting every minute here seeing curious stares on them. He excused himself from his friends and wandered around like a lost person.. Thats when he noticed the Rita girl coming towards him happily. His eyes widened as he tried to look for a escape.. He started to back away when he felt soft hands hold his arm and drag him into the dark corner..
He was confused but little dazed when the sweet fragrance of the mysterious girl hit his nose.. She shoved him softly to the wall and kept staring at Rita who kept looking around confused.. Armaan tried to catch a glimpse of her as he stood there. She wore a old dress which was wrinkled from different places.. But She definitely had a silky long black hair. Suddenly he felt a urge of running his fingers in them. Lost in trance he lifted his hand when suddenly she turned to him and locked her eyes with him. His hand halted as he stared at her stunned and mesmerized.. It was her eyes which stunned him most , rich deep green eyes which showed hesitance.. He studied her beautiful face in wonder. She was beautiful , too much gorgeous than any other girl he ever saw.. Eventhough her clothes were old and wrinkled she was beautiful, infact it made her look more of a Cinderella.. He smiled at his thought , but came out of his trance as she shook his hand softly. Thats when he realized she was talking to him..
"Are you Ok Sir.. ?? " She asked softly staring at him curiously..
"Hey Cinderella " Armaan blurted out without thinking. He was more dazed hearing her soft honey voice.. He flushed as he realized what he said..
Her eyes widened as she blushed. No one had ever called her such thing before. And this gorgeous stranger was really making her flushed and nervous. His blue enchanting eyes stared at her in a way that made her conscious of herself.. He was definitely Young , she realized as she studied his features. But surely a year of two older than her. Hesitating for a while she glanced back at the party and spoke.. "I know how Rita is. She goes crazy when She sees a man around. So does Reah. " She spoke with distaste in her voice.. Armaan suddenly realized she didint like any of them. And the thought made him smile.. "Thank you so much for saving me from her Cinderella.. " He sighed glancing at the party.. "I definitely needed to get away from that place.. "
"I am no Cinderella " She laughed softly and spoke cheerfully.. "My name is Shilpa Malhotra.. "
She noticed his eyes glint in appreciation as she spoke. He smiled at her gently..
"Armaan Mallik.. " Armaan never had met someone like Her. Her dressing made her look like she was in trouble. But her eyes and her smile spoke something else. She was indeed happy to meet him. And then maybe she got happy meeting anyone around.. He mused silently..
"I know i heard, you guys are the new here right.. " Shilpa spoke with a big smile noticing how silent the guy was. She had never met someone who talked so less. But still she didint knew why she was suddenly liking his company.. Then suddenly she remembered about D'souza family. If they saw her with him surely a scene would create. Armaan noticed a change in behavior as she took a step back.. "You should go back to Party Sir.. "
Armaan shook his head and frowned.. "You dont need to call me sir.. I.. "
She interrupted him smoothly.. "I must not forget my manners. Now please you should leave. If anyone sees me talking to you.. " She glanced around nervously.. "It was nice meeting you Mr.mallik "She smiled again widely..
"Thank you.. " He spoke as she rushed away from him to inside the house.. Suddenly he felt dissapointed with the loss of her company. The girl was bubbly and always smiling. He had a feeling she was definitely going to be talkative. The thought excited him as he silently thought of a way of meeting her again..

The next day Shilpa made her way to the river lost in her thoughts. She couldnt help but think about the stranger she had met yesterday. She couldnt help but recall his blue eyes and his smile. She smiled to herself and set near the river putting her feet inside the cold water.. She closed her eyes blissfully. This was the moment no one could ever steal from her. She always tired and drained after doing all household chores of D'Souza house. There was no way of escape for her.. She realized painfully. Just then she felt someone's presence beside her.. She opened her eyes and was stunned to see Armaan who set beside her silent..
"What are you doing here " She asked softly with a confused look. He just glanced at her and smiled.. "How did you find me ?? " She asked again waiting for a answer from him. But he was silent and set like that for a while..
"Its called Destiny " He spoke suddenly.. "My friend Raj told me about this place. I came here to chill, then i saw you sitting here alone.. "
"Such a coincidence " She smiled at him and glanced away blushing.. He was sitting close to her, eventhough he wasnt speaking his nearness was effecting her badly.. "So.. Umm Where are you from.. "
Like that they talked long getting to know eachother better. Armaan told her about himself. He couldnt help but open up himself infront of her. As he asked her to tell something about her ,Shilpa suddenly got excited and started walking around while talking.. He just smiled and followed her while listening to her talks, slightly dazed as she kept wandering around laughing..
"This is my favorite place.. " She spoke looking around happily.. " Away from all works.. Away from all duties and responsibilities. I just enjoy myself here.. You know sometimes this lake is filled with ducks its really fun feeding them. Many of tourists come here to catch a glimpse of them.. " Shilpa glanced back at him suddenly.. "I hope you are not getting bored. I am talking too much.. "
"No No Carry On" Armaan laughed..
Armaan wasnt happy when she told him how much hardwork she had been doing in D'souza Family as a maid. Thats when he suddenly realized something.. "You said your name is Malhotra.. So how you landed with D'Souza's ?? "
He noticed how her face went pale on the question. She set near the river again and stared down at the water.. " I dont belong here.. "
"What do you mean ? " He asked sitting beside her...
"Truth is i was in Mumbai all this years studying.. " She passed a smile at him.. "And then oneday i cameback here.. I had always know Dad was sick.. But when i came.. He was gone.. " Her voice faltered as pain tookover.. "He had died so abruptly i didint knew what to do, i was lost , I didint knew where to go whom to depend.. "She sighed miserably.. "He was the one who took care of me when Mom passed away. And then even Dad left.. "She bit her lip from crying.. "Thats when Mr.D'Souza came forward. He told me i shouldnt leave like this. All alone. He told me to come and stay in his place with his family.. "
Armaan was silent for a long time. Slowly he leaned to her and whispered.. "And then he betrayed you.."
She glanced at him sadly which made his heart weep too.. "Yes. I thought i will get some love of a family. But as i came i was pushed into doing all household works.. "She shook her head silently..  "Kind of works i never did, I was always pampered when dad was there.. Advantages of being rich" She laughed bitterly.. "I dont mind working. But its not nice being treated as a maid.. "
He took her hand slowly which made her glanced at him surprised.. "I understand.. " He pressed her hand.. "But why Shilpa ? You could have just left.. ? "
"I cant " She spoke softly shaking her head.. "Where will i go all alone. On whom can i depend. On strangers.. ?? I have already trusted and got betrayed.. "
He could easily sense how upset she was. Her words were filled of pain and sadness. Thats when he felt something wet touch on his hand. He glanced up surprised seeing her in tears.. "Heyyy Cinderella... Are you crying.. ?? "
Shilpa glanced away brushing her tears.. "No i am not.. "
"Yes you are " He spoke hesitantly.. "Hey.. Dont cry Everything is going to be fine.. "
She just nodded while he set there trying to figure out what to say..
"Shilpa. You think you are weak. But you really need to know how strong you are.. " He spoke encouragingly.. "I have never seen someone so strong.. "
"You are just bluffing " She spoke softly...
"No listen to me " He tried again.. "Whoelse have courage to smile while going through so much bad time ? I guess very less people. And you are among them. A strong girl.. "
She was stunned by his words. Slowly a smile spread on her lips.. "Thank you.. "
He just glanced away with a shy smile..
Suddenly he gasped as she splashed the cold water on his face.. He set gaping at her as she laughed.. "Got you Armaan Mallik. "
He grinned at her as Shilpa frowned at him.. "You are no fun Armaan. Why are you so quiet.. "
"I thought girls like quiet man " He spoke teasingly. She blushed and took a step back.. " I have to go now.. "
"No wait.. " He spoke with a sudden urgency.. Shilpa stared at him uncertainly as regret filled in her eyes.. "I have to.. They will be looking for me now.. "
He gave a nod slowly realizing his mistake.. "I have kept you for too long.. "
"Oh no its fine.. "She spoke quickly , But i must go now. Bye Armaan.. "
His leaving tomorrow.. Armaan realized suddenly. He quickly spoke as she started to walk away.. "Hey wait.. Can we meet tonight.. "
She glanced back at him surprised.. "No.. I really cant.. "
"I am leaving tomorrow.. " He spoke quietly moving towards her.. " I really wish to see you tonight.."
"I am so sorry.. But.. " She shook her head sadly.. "I really dont think i can come to meet you. Bye Armaan.. "
He stood dissapointed as she walked away from him. Regret filled inside him thinking he would have to leave her without seeing her again..

Shilpa set in the corner of the basement draping herself in the blanket.. At first when she had started sleeping in the basement she had been so much frightened. But now as days passed she had finally grown used to it. The loneliness and coldness. She came out of her thoughts as a knock came on the door. Frowning slightly she got up and opened the door... And she was surprised..
"Armaan " She glanced around nervously and dragged him inside.. "What are you doing here at this hour.." She whispered to him in horror..
But then Armaan was in daze as he noticed how beautiful she looked in her cute nighty.. Shilpa glanced down and blushed with a smile... "Actually i kept them hidden. I have some clothes which i brought from Mumbai.. "
Armaan looked away flushed. He hadnt meant to stare at her like that. But he was left mesmerized by her beauty everytime. Was this called Love at first sight.. ?
Shilpa noticed how the awkwardness came between them. She cleared her throat and changed the subject.. "You didint tell me why you are here.. "
Armaan gave a sheepish smile.. "You refused to meet me.. " And then he sobered.. "I am leaving tomorrow and i really wanted to meet you before i leave.. "
"Ohh " Shilpa smiled softly at him.. "I dont even have a place to offer u to sit down.. " She spoke embarrassed..
Armaan felt furious as he noticed the old junk place she slept. Who deserved such coldness like this. So much of love for the religion. He though disgusted..
"Its fine we can stand and talk right.. " And then he took something from his pocket.. "I brought  a gift for you... "
As he placed it on her hand she smiled widely with her eyes growing warm.. "Gift for me... Its been ages anyone gave me a gift.. "
Armaan didint like the thought but the smile on her face was making him happy. And then she hesitated a bit.. " I really dont think i should take a gift.. "
"But i would be really happy if you keep it... " He spoke quietly.. "Just open it and see.. "
Shilpa hesitated again but then slowly opened the box. Her eyes widened as she noticed a simple necklace which shined infront of her eyes.. Her eyes grew misty as she sniffed slightly.. "I really dont think i can keep this.. "
He didint bother arguing. Instead he took the necklace from her and placed it on her neck tying it securely.. Shilpa stood stunned in his embrace, she was dazed standing so close by him. His scent was driving her crazy. As he moved back she blinked her eyes at him.. "Thank you.. "
Armaan flushed a little. Shilpa widened her eyes as she noticed a blush on his face.
"Oh Armaan you are blushing " She spoke laughing quietly...
"No i am not " He spoke laughing along with her..
"You are cute Armaan Mallik.. "She spoke with a big smile. But it faded off as she felt him move close to her. His body lightly brushed with hers. He stared at her with a look of desire which she never saw before.. She swallowed as he slightly leaned down.. She closed her eyes automatically as she shook in nervousness. But he surprised her by kissing softly on her cheek..
"I think even you are cute. But more of innocent.. " He spoke slightly whispering to her ear.. Shilpa bit her lip an blurted out.. "For a moment i thought you were going to kiss me.. "
Armaan stared at her and spoke hesitantly.. "Should i.. ? I dont want to scare you off.. "
Shilpa giggled softly when suddenly a loud bang interrupted their moment. Her eyes widened as she noticed Mr and Mrs.D'souza who stood near the door fuming in Anger.. Oh No..

"Please Mrs.D'souza It was my fault.. Keep him out of this.. " Shilpa begged as they dragged her outside roughly.. "Ofcourse its your fault you Wench. But we wont tolerate you s**tty behavior inside our house.. !! "
Armaan ran after them and pushed away Mr.Douza "Dont you dare do a thing to her... " A unknown Rage built inside him as he wondered what they might do to her..
"Stay out of this you stranger.. We know how to deal with such low caste women. Such people deserved to be dead !!.. " D'souza shouted out loud..
Hearing the shouts Sameer and Raj ran from the house to the next door. They grew stunned as they noticed Armaan who was shouting at D'souza
"Armaan.!! What the hell are you doing here Man.. " Raj exclaimed loudly dragging Armaan from him. But Armaan gritted her teeth and tried to get out of their grip.. Sameer gaped at him and shouted.. "Stop it Armaan have you gone Mad.. ??? "
Armaan shot a look at him.. "What should i do then. They are going to kill her. And i am not going to let it happen.. "
Everyone stared at him stunned.. Shilpa was bewildered as she realized he was standing up for her. No one had done anything like that for her before.. Sameer glanced at the beauty who stood shocked..But still he was surprised seeing a quiet guy like Armaan going crazy on a girl..
Thats when everyone started to gather up near the house.. Mrs.D'souza broke the silence "Go and hand this wench to Police now !!! They will know how to treat her.. "
Everyone started to agree when Armaan interrupted.. "No one touch her.. GOT IT !! I mean it if any of you touch her.. "
"Armaan stop it Man.. Have you gone crazy... " Sameer shouted again when Armaan pushed him away.. "Dude she has no mistake.. We didint even do anything wrong. They cant just hand her to police when she didint do a mistake.. "
Sameer grew silent by that. Raj nodded and took Armaan's side.. "Exactly Sir. And She is herself a grown up women. You cant just force someone like that . "
"Thats illegal " Sameer agreed angrily...
"Oh Really.. " D'souza spoke in rage.. But Armaan could see the man was understanding his words unhappily.. Finally he grew calm... "I am really sorry Sir. It was my mistake that i came like that.. She dont have any mistake. "
Mrs.D'souza Shook her head unhappily.. "Even if we cant hand her to police i dont want this girl to stay in my house.. What will people say ?? "
Armaan shook his head disgusted.. Shilpa shook her head in horror.. "Please Mrs.D'Souza Where will i go ?? "
"Go with this man with whom you were sinning " Mr.D'Souza spoke harshly.. "But we dont want such a disgraced women in our house. Get out of here.. !! "
Everyone grew silent with the shout of him.. Shilpa started to sob defeated... Armaan gritted his teeth and took a step forward.. "Thats it !! " He moved near Shilpa and held her hand.. "You arent staying here anymore.. " He spoke softly.. "You are coming with me.. "
Shilpa stared at him in surprise and relief while Raj and Sameer was stunned with his words. They were stunned seeing a new Armaan standing infront of them. Fighting for a girl..
"How good of you Boy " Mr.D'Souza shook his head.. "Do you even know what a sin you are doing.?? Taking a unmarried women along with you.. "
"Thats just a disgrace boy.. " Mrs.D'Souza shook her head.. "How can you think of disgracing ur parents by taking her there like that.."
Armaan suddenly realized how furious his parents will be on his decision.. At that moment He glanced at Shilpa who was silently staring at him. Her eyes filled with hope. He realized painfully. She was desperately hoping from him to save her.. She had given her fate on his hands.. So Armaan closed his eyes and made the biggest decision of his life time... He turned around and faced everyone who was watching him expectantly.. "I will marry her as the first thing for tomorrow.. And then i am taking her along with me.. Forever.."

Next morning :

Shilpa was nervous as she seated herself on the bed of the hotel room. As promised Armaan had married her in the early morning. She still couldnt believe she was married to him. Mrs. Armaan Mallik.. She smiled whispering the name.. After that they had set off together and reached Mumbai.. But instead of going home Armaan had brought her to a hotel to stay for today.. She was curious wondering why. But she trusted him knowing he would handle the situation..
She grew nervous as he walked inside the room closing the door softly.. He glanced at her hesitantly and took a seat beside her.. "I have so much to ask you.. "
"But u cant " She laughed nervously.. "Everything is so awkward now.. "
But he didint laugh. Instead he stared at her worriedly.. "I hope you are not angry i married you so hastily.. "Armaan shook his head miserably.. "But everything happened so fast.. I couldnt see them treat you so bad.. "
She bit her lip as her eyes grew misty. She smiled at him lovingly.. "How can i be angry. You have saved me from disgrace, humiliation. And most important you have saved myself.. I will be always thankful to you all my life.. "
As she hugged him he held her smiling.. Within a day his life had turned upside down. Shilpa came to his life and shook his world fully. But he was happy. Too much happy having her as his wife.. "
As she broke the embrace he spoke again.. "You must be wondering why i didint take you home "
Shilpa agreed with a nod.. "I did wonder for a while..But then i realized it will be a shock for your parents.. And i trust you Armaan I know you will make everything perfect.. "
His heart filled with pride.. So much trust he had never not from anyone. Not even from his parents. Finally he had someone in his life who acknowledged his importance. Who was in need of him..
Suddenly his expression changed seeing the rosy look on her cheeks. His eyes drifted down on her lips as he stared eagerly.. He hesitantly shifted a little closer as she bit her lip and moved a little forward.. He held her face in her hands and whispered softly.. "Can i kiss you.. ? "
She didint answer.. Instead she placed her lips on his softly.. Her lips were hesitant , but soft and sweet just he had thought. He kissed her lovingly and laid her down on the bed without breaking the kiss. As she ran her hand on his chest he broke the kiss and stared down at her panting.. "Are you sure about it.. "
She giggled softly and asked confused... "What.. "
He flushed a little and smiled.. "I hope i am not rushing you.. Its only been two days since we met.. "
She shook her head and started to kiss him again. Taking it as a yes he kissed back her blissfully and soon sweet and kind love to her.. At first both of them hesitant , but then getting used to the touch and caresses.. She moaned at his every touch and he gasped lightly whenver she ran her hand on his body.. Soon he claimed her with love and passion..And They were happy and content.. Happy to have eachother.. Content in arms of eachother.. After several hours he stared down at her feeling elated and happy.. "Why do i feel like we are made for eachother.. "
She raised her eyebrow and blushed a little hearing his words.. "Truth is... I feel the same.. Say this is forever Armaan.. "
He smiled giving her a dimpled smile while holding her in his loving embrace... "Forever and Ever.."

2 months Later :
"Armaan.. I dont feel good " Shilpa spoke with a sad look as they walked back to their room away from his parents.. Armaan sighed and held her close. Its been two months since they had comeback to his parents. Two months before they had broke the news of his marriage to his parents. Ofcourse as he guessed they both were stunned and furious. Even they threatened Armaan to throw him out of his house.. Shilpa was devastated with their response.. But still she stood with him supporting him through this. Armaan just shrugged and told them he wouldnt leave her.. As expected his parents were angry but agreed that they can stay in home. Eventhough they behaved normally with Armaan , both of them were rude and stiff to Shilpa. She didint say a word but the sadness in her eyes did tell him how much it bothered her..
As they walked inside the room Armaan spoke frustrated.. "Thats it !! They cant treat you like this everytime.. " He spoke determined.. "I have made my decision. We are moving out from here.."
Shilpa stared at him stunned.. She set beside him and hugged him close.. "No Armaan. Trust me if you leave you will be more unhappy. After all they are your parents. You cant leave them just like that. Give them sometime they will forgive us.. "
Armaan shook his head but calmed in her embrace.. He wondered why She was so innocent. But it was the fact which he loved about her most. He cupped her face staring down in her eyes.."They treat you so bad Shilpa. How can you be so good to them.. "
She looked away guilty... "How do you know ? "
"I know everything i can see the sadness in your eyes.. " Armaan spoke.. "And seeing you so sad makes me sad.. "
Shilpa stared at him broken.. She didint knew what to do. On one side Armaan's parents werent happy with their marriage. And on other side Armaan was upset seeing her sad everytime. The only thing she could do was pray for the best to happen...
"I love you Armaan " She mused softly.. "I really love you.. "
"I love you too Cinderella " He smiled softly...

After several days :
"Armaan !! Listen to me you have to see this.. !! " Shilpa stopped her work as Veena headed towards Arman furiously with a paper in her hand..
Arman glanced at her frowning. He had just returned from the work and he was tired.. "Mom please i hardly can stand.. "
"Just see this once . Then you will know how cunning your wife is.. "
That surely caught his attention.. He frowned at her deeply as Shilpa joined them hesitantly.. "Mom.. What happened.. ? "
"Dont call me Mom " Veena Glared at Shilpa... She took a check and handed it to Armaan "See what she is doing.. Almost emptied your bank account. Why would she need such a  big amount ?? "
Shilpa stared down at the check in horror.. Armaan stilled and stared down at the amount.. He glanced at Shilpa who stared at him in tears.. "I have no idea about any check Armaan. I havent touched any money.. " She shook her head crying "Please trust me.. "
He sighed miserably and tore the paper in his hand.. Veena's eyes widened as she protested.. "Armaan what are you doing ?? "
"Stop it Mom !! " Armaan spoke angrily. " I can exactly see what you are trying to do. But please dont bother. I am not leaving her.. "
Veena gritted her teeth.. "Armaan you are doing a mistake.. "
"No mom " He spoke firmly... "You and dad are doing a big mistake by treating her bad. And i trust her she wont lie to me.. And ever if she takes money i really dont care. Its hers she have the right on my money.. "
Shilpa stared at him as love filled in her eyes.. She couldnt help but fall deeply in love with her husband.. Always by her side supporting her..
As Armaan walked away from them Veena glanced at her and glared. Shilps stared at her in hurt but didint say a word..
"Why dont you just leave my Son. He have been miserable since you have come.. "
With that she left leaving behind a stunned Shilpa... Shilpa felt a pain in her heart... She was confused she didnt knew what to do. On oneside she had her love and next side she saw a son drifting away from his parents. As she walked inside her room numbly She noticed Armaan who set on the bed lost in her thoughts..
"Armaan " She spoke hesitantly when Armaan got up and walked out of the room..
"I need sometime to think... "
As he walked away Shilpa stared at his back in tears.. Suddenly she felt as if she knew what she had to do.. With a breaking heart she closed the door and did what she had to do now..

Armaan came back to house with a clearer mind. He had been so furious with his parents.. He knew he had to take a decision right away. So he had left and called Raj and Sameer who had been by his side all these days. Supporting him and listening to his problems. He walked inside the house along with them after making a final decision. He had decided to take her along with him a new place. His own place so they could live more happily. While talking with his friends he walked inside the room but halted as he looked around.. Something was wrong.. He sensed immediately.. Her things were missing from the bed side Table.. He ran to the cupboard and opened it. Even her clothes were gone.. Thats when suddenly reality hit him. Hit him so hard that he sank on the bed defeated.. Tears of pain formed in his face as he realized she had left him..
After several moments of silence Sameer place his hand on Armaan's shoulder supportingly.. "I had a feeling this was going to happen Armaan.. She was suffering too much. She always had suffered. How long could anyone take that much.. "
"Its not about her.. " Armaan shook his head.. "She has left knowing how much i am drifting away from my parents.. "
Sameer and Raj passed a sad look at eachother. Raj set beside him and spoke hesitantly.. "Armaan.. I guess you both were just not meant to eachother.. You understand what i mean.. "
"No " Armaan smiled through his tears.. "We were and always will be meant to Eachother.. She will always remain my Soulmate.. Always "


Note : Phew i know that was long. Took me hours to make it. But this story was necessary to be kept in Prologue then only all will understand whats going to happen in coming next. Plzz do comment and share ur views on how you feel about this new FF. And make sure all press the LIKE Button.
Love Aishy <3

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-Vaish- IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 19 September 2012 at 11:24am | IP Logged
that has to be the longest prologue ever...

i was like its gonna be cinderella stry intially..

but no...

it is like the stry has started...

want to reaad the future shilpa...

i so agree with armaan...

u know abt dsouzas...

loved how armaan sided with her at all times..

thats true love Big smile

waiting for first chapter...



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Arjuhisis IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 19 September 2012 at 11:31am | IP Logged
congratulations on the new FF - thx for the quick new one

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sweetdesire IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 19 September 2012 at 11:35am | IP Logged

Hey Aishy,

I am so glad that my spot is on first page itself...Yepiee...A very huge

 C-O-N-G-R-A-T-U-L-A-T-I-O-N-S  for new FF...Love the Prologue...Quite lengthy yaar...I am impressed...Love the way ArSh met and got married...Totally  Cinderella style...Awiee...Armaan is such a cutie pie...So shy and sweet...But Feelings bad for them now...Where Shilpa gone yaar?..Hope Armaan will find her soon...Love the Title of this FF very much...HIS SOULMATE...Waiting to read more so do try to continue soon...Thanks for the PM...Take care


Lots of Love




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rupzloveu IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 19 September 2012 at 11:38am | IP Logged
omggg...i realllyyy loved the prolonggg...
plzzz continue sooonnn...
thanx a lot for pm...

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sakshiA Goldie

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Posted: 19 September 2012 at 11:41am | IP Logged
Hi congretes for new ff i will read it later and edit. thanks for pm.                                                                very nice concept,  liked it, continue soon Smile

Edited by sakshilksg - 20 September 2012 at 12:12am

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tulsisoni Groupbie

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Posted: 19 September 2012 at 11:45am | IP Logged
wooo keep it up Thumbs Up
congratulations Hug
too long Wink

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