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KTLK-The Season for Love chap 10 pg 143 updtd 2/22 (Page 139)

nandinibose Senior Member

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Posted: 17 January 2013 at 11:28pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Libra

Originally posted by nandinibose

firstly, thank u 4 the awesome chap.

dont b apprehensive about the length; your loyal readers who r gripped in ur stories absolutely love it.cute smileys hug emoticon

the beginning in itself, was fantastic.

Thanks.  I am so glad that you like the chap.  And thanks for the lovely compliment, right off bat.Big smile

to hv the man of ones dreams, on his knees, proposing  4 marriage is  the wish of an girl. and our dear nidhi is no different.her "khushi ke aasu" n the hug perfectly conveyed her feelings.super happy dance emoticon

and our ashu, like the sweetheart he is, was waiting with bated breath to hear her say 'yes'(although he knows what the ans is).it showed that how so ever confident he may b of her ans, hearing her answer in affirmative would only renew his belief n faith in their love, and at the same time shower him with abundant happiness n contentment.

his tongue-in cheek responses were outstanding. 

nidhi has really been able to bring out the mischivious ashu.love how he teases her.happy butterfly emoticon

although the other family members disturbed their private moment, i enjoyed reading about them thoroughly. 

ashu persuading DB to take nidhi home along with them so that he cud steal some more romantic moments was cuuuteEmbarrassed

Yes, Ashutosh is definitely the dream guy, every girl wishes for while growing up.  And while he is still insecure, he is coming to grips with not only his own feelings, but also his past.  
And his is getting very comfortable in his role as Nidhi's husband.  She makes him feel young, and gives him a fresh perspective on life.

the romantic quotient in thi update was fabulous.i was literally blushing while reading those parts.
how do u manage to write all this?

Now you really dont expect me to answer that one, do you?

i wouldnt mind getting a few pointers from u. whay say?WinkLOL
nidhi, too has turned very bold.big grin emoticon

a special part 4 me is the one where nidhi dreams of their kids n ashu understands her unsaid thoughts.must say, nidhi n ashu r completely attuned to one another.

They are the ideal couple.  Stuff fantasies are made of.

nidhi talking to her father's photo was touching.

I tried to show her bond with her father, and how she keeps him and his memories alive inside of her.

loved how nidhi explained her relationship with the solankis.

They are her family.  She needs him to understand that. 
And he will.  After a bit of  a tussle...

but completely love the jealous n possessive ashu.happy smiley emoticon

hope nidhi will soon tell him that she loved him since her childhood.

She is waiting for he right time to tell him that.

thoroughly enjoyed ashu's  "damned" speech .

last part was a blast.cheering clapping emoticon

Thanks.  I liked it too.

loved how ashu introduced nidhi as his wife.

Yes, It had to be done.  So, what better time than when you have a full house and a very attentive audience.

loved the fact that u brought out the doctor in nidhi.

Yes, but there is more to come.  I want to show that the beauty has an  amazing brain and plenty of intelligence.
eagerly waiting 4 that

loved ashu's anger on learning that nidhi was manhandled. purab ki to khair nahi.LOL

Yes, but Purab, still has not learnt his lesson.  

nidhi-purab confrontation was awesome. loved all that nidhi said.hearty laugh emoticonhearty laugh emoticon 
how did u think of it? do let me know.cute hug emoticon

I was tired, and my brain had shut down, and I was desperate to finish.  And that is when I get some of my craziest ideas.  I have no explanation for it.
wish my brain too experiences the "libra" kind of shut downLOL
waiting eagerly 4 the band, baaja , baaraat.wedding emoticon

Yes Shaadi and SR, and plus a bit more, in the next update.

i wish u wud update HHGA next.

Sorry Sweetie
Next id TTF.  HHGA  is after that.
its ok. i love TTF too.

thank u once again.

You are Welcome.
pray dont keep us waiting this time.saying a prayer smiley

I will try my best.  Promise.

love ya.raining hearts emoticon

Love you too.

take care of urself n ur family

Thank you so much.

Thank you Nandini
for this long and sweet review.
I know that it must have taken time and effort, I really appreciate it.
I am glad that you enjoyed my update.

no problem at all. u pen down such wonderful ff's 4 us inspite of all the problems u face  n all we hv to do is sit back and enjoy.LOL

i m not asking 4 an exact date but can u pl tell me by when u r planning to give the next update on TTF? Embarrassed

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ssss97 IF-Dazzler

Joined: 10 March 2012
Posts: 3017

Posted: 18 January 2013 at 6:46am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Libra

Originally posted by sss97

Originally posted by Libra

Originally posted by sss97

awesome anu thanks actually this has compensated for about two chapters enjoyed it thoroughly n as always will be waiting for the next update :P 
enjoyed the length continue it for all the ffs n all the chaps especially for SFL n HHGA

thanks for the super long update :)

Hi. You know for the amount of nagging I get from you about this FF, I expected a longer review.
But thank you for the comments , and I am glad that you liked the chapter.
As for the length, I can't guarantee that.  sometimes it works out this way.Big smile

hi sure will give u a longer review but a little later as i have exams right now SmileSmile

  We will see.Big smile

surely u will see the update before the next chapter dont worry TongueTongue

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Libra IF-Rockerz

Joined: 16 April 2012
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Posted: 18 January 2013 at 10:58am | IP Logged
Originally posted by anjalini

Hello Anu,
Read your chapter nicely now and wow...!awesome it is.

Hi Anju 

That is so sweet.  Thanks for the lovely compliment.

Loved so many things and for the first time I will tell you which all things I liked.
...Loved the lines..' fate's way of teaching her that everything in life came at a cost, and that to gain something, you sometimes had to lose something as well. Maybe that was why she appreciated and was thankful for what she had, and never asked for more than she was given'.Its so true so many times in our lives. 

Basically that is my belief, and i live by it.  If you are meant to have something, it will come to you, there is no need to run after it.
And if you are not meant to have something, then no amount of running is going to do you any good, you won't get it.
So I, for the most part, am very satisfied with whatever I have.Embarrassed

...So aptly described what sort of relation Nidhi has with Anji..'Aur Anji...woh mere liye dost se badh kar behen, aur behen se badh kar dost hai'.

That has been my take on their friendship, almost right from the beginning.Big smile

...Loved possessive Ashutosh.'But, pata nahin kyon, tumhare dil mein mere illava kisi aur ke liye jagah ho, yeh mujhse bardasht nahin hota.  I feel so possessive, when it comes to you.  And that is the most surprising part of all.'

Cute, HUH?  Yes I think I like this possessive Ashu too. But I think that too much possessiveness can cause problems. (HINT, of things to come)Wink

...Loved Nidhi's answer 'for me aapke liye mere dil mein jagah kaise ho sakti hai...You are my heart and soul'.

She loves him. Its that simple.Embarrassed

...Liked Ashu reading nidhi's mind..'dheere dheere main tumhare nainon ki bhasha ko samajhne laga hoon'. 

I thought that line was a nice touch.  yeah?LOL

...so much torture for Ashu, you have worded it so well.' I am damned if I do, and Damned if I don't.  I have a tough enough time resisting you on my own, without you adding fuel to the fire.'

Bechara.  Har taraf problem hi problem.EmbarrassedLOL

...Smart Ashu!Loved him using the opportunity and killing two birds thingy,..
...'I get to have my pay back.  Ready?-Yes, I am, and have been for a long time.' Yes we all are also ready to see Nidhi paying back..so when will be the turn for the next update of this FF.

Abhi toh I still have 2 others, and then DC, uske baad phir iski turn aayegi.Big smile

All in all a beautiful update,

Thank you so much, Sweetheart.  I really appreciate all the encouragement, and praises you shower upon me.  Your friendship and love mean a lot.  

and thank you and love you,


love you too and you are most welcome.


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aru29 IF-Rockerz

Joined: 30 March 2011
Posts: 7448

Posted: 18 January 2013 at 11:13am | IP Logged
firstly , am really sorry for being extremely late ...mom wasn't well and then had a lot of stuff going on...
hope ur son is healthy now...
now cuming to the chapter ...it was brilliant and superbly done with great fineseClapStar
and i loved it wen nidhi was fighting with Mr. know it all and using all such terms for him and the police inspector...it was hilariousLOL
ashu explaining his reasons for the proposal and that entire part was brilliantThumbs Up loved itHeart
eagerly waiting for the wedding...wen will it be??
can u pls update this FF sooner and i knw its being very demanding on my part...but u knw i cant help itWinkLOL BUT SORRY for bugging u with the  demands...

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Libra IF-Rockerz

Joined: 16 April 2012
Posts: 5224

Posted: 18 January 2013 at 12:24pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by aardhan

Hi Anu, glad to have you back with this FF. Seems like your family got the flu attack, nasty stuff and its particularly bad this year! Angry  Hope things are settling back and your son is now fine. Tongue No wonder you disappeared after the DC update!

Hi Aarti.
Thank you so much for your concern.  Yes, the flu bug is nasty this year.  First my hubby, then my son, and then me.  so its was a bit crazyLOL
Anyway Alls good now.  And hopefully I will be able to be a bit more consistent with my updates.Big smile

Well, lovely long chapter this time and wonderful to see a lot of heart to heart between Ashni. Both are getting more comfortable with each and bolder too, especially Nidhi. Wink  She is learning to take some liberties that only a wife would dare take.  LOL  Ashu's understanding of Nidhi's moods and her thoughts and his explanation to her were so sweet. He understood that she was longing for a proper marriage and also about that sudden desire for their child and now they have so much to look forward to. And not just Nidhi, this feeling of a wonderful life together has gripped Ashu too and after the incident in his past he is once again willing, daring to dream of a  future.Embarrassed BTW whom did Ashu call after Nidhi went to bed?? Is it the close friend that Ashu mentioned?

Thanks for liking my chap, I am glad that you enjoyed it.Embarrassed
AshNi, are beginning to understand each other, and getting attuned to each others moods and feelings.
The phone call, was to Ashu;s friend, and will make an entry with the next update.Big smile

And then the revelation of Nidhi's no-nonsense doctor avatar was awesome.Thumbs Up The command she displayed over her professional knowledge, the absolute confidence with which she quashed Dr.P's claims and her mastery over the colorful language she choose to use in this occasion, simply brilliant! 

Thanks, for that observation Aarti.  I felt that it was time our butterfly emerged from her cocoon, and start showing her real colors.Big smile

LOL  Now, Ashu knows what Rohan and Ranga meant the other day that they would not go near Nidhi if she was in a foul mood, Ashu has seen it. Embarrassed  And then the grand announcement, way to go! Clap  Just before that Rohan's concern and Ashu's understanding are worth mentioning and I am so glad that Ashu has recognized the Nidhi-Rohan friendship and maybe grateful too that Nidhi has someone else who looks out for her at times that he cannot do. Dr. P  should be really worried now. Unhappy  

Yes, DP should be worried, but you know how some people are...They never learn, until its too late.Wink

Looking forward to a beautiful and romantic wedding and... sorry, I have invited myself here! Embarrassed  Is is going to be a smooth sail to the wedding or is something else in store in the next 8 days? 

And plz don't worry, you can invite your self anywhere.  I am not sure, i might put in something small before the wedding, but the real stuff comes after wards.Big smile

Thanks so much for the review and your compliments.
As always its a pleasure reading, and replying to you.
I really appreciate all the support, and encouragement Aarti.
Thanx once again.

Libra IF-Rockerz

Joined: 16 April 2012
Posts: 5224

Posted: 18 January 2013 at 12:29pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Anjani9

I do not have words to appreciate the love affair of Ashu and Nidhi...
Love of DB and Babu towards Nidhi...their understanding that Nidhi is away from her husband for long time and their wish to unite them soon.
Shyama's wish that Nidhi should take vidaa from her house...
Ashu teasing Nidhi about marriage proposal...Clap
But your Ashu is very selfish and self centered like the Ashu in KTLK...when Nidhi was explaining the need to be together, he has asked for dating and now when he has realised his need to be with her, he is ready to go with dating...Angry
Highlight is Nidhi's talk with her Baba's photo about his damaad and Ashu forcing Nidhi to come with him through DB...what will happen to Baba and DB after seeing his new avatar?ROFL the whole night spent together also do not count...explination about how possessive he has become...
Ashu realising what Nidhi has gone through and praising God for sending her...Star
Do you see more updates in this FF after marriage?

Thanks Anjaniji
I really appreciate the comments.
But I really appreciate your compliments.  You are probably
my most critical, and honest reader.  That is why I love your
feedbacks.  You say what you feel, and that means a lot to me.
I am really glad that you liked the update.

And in answer to your question,
yes abhi kahani baaki hai.  I still have a lot in mind for this FF.Big smile

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Libra IF-Rockerz

Joined: 16 April 2012
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Posted: 18 January 2013 at 12:33pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Binat

Hi Anu, so glad you are back in action. 

Loved the way Ashu proposed and waited for nidhi's "yes" hai...such romanceWink

Nidhi is awesome when she is angry. Need to remember all the words you used to describe her feelings for Mr.Jerk. I am sure they will come handySmile
Can't wait for the marriage, but eagerly waiting TTF.

Hi Bina
Thank Sweety for the lovely comments.
I really appreciate it. and I am glad that you enjoyed the update.Big smile

I think that Nidhi can come up with a few more epithets to describe Mr. Jerk.
Next chap mein.Wink

Yes, TTf is next.  I am working on it.
Will PM as soon as it is ready.Big smile
Libra IF-Rockerz

Joined: 16 April 2012
Posts: 5224

Posted: 18 January 2013 at 12:34pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Anjani9

What will happen to Baba and DB after seeing his new avatar?ROFL 
or Nidhi will also be shocked with new Ashu?

They will be indulgent, and then they will make fun of him.
But overall, I think that they are relieved that he has accepted Nidhi.
and that they are starting their lives together.Big smile

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