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WU - 18/09/2012 - Rani develops cold feet

Justlikethat1 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 18 September 2012 at 11:09am | IP Logged
OMG!!! What a fab episode!! Loved it :) One of the most entertaining.
So off to the episode..

Koki enters Rashi's room and is shocked to see Rashi in the dress of the princess.She questions Rashi about the choice of her clothes and reminds her that she is going to play a secretary to Rani and not participating in a fancy dress competition. 
Jigar enters right then and compliments Rashi "how cute" and Rashi is all  Big smile. However Koki tells Jigar that Rashi is planning to wear this dress for the drama and Jigar tells Rashi that she cannot wear the clothes because "You are not a princess"Wink He gives her the sari but Rashi says that she is the assistant of the Rani and henceLOL But Koki asks her to get ready in the sari.

However Koki is tensed. Though Jigar tells her not to worry, Koki leaves unhappy and worried because she has never acted beforeConfused

As soon as she leaves, Rashi complains to Jigar and asks him why she cannot wear the princess dress. Jigar asks her to smile and makes her mood alright but asks her to wear the sariEmbarrassed He takes her photograph..  (That kyun and Ok from Rashi was so childishEmbarrassed). Jigar happy and Rashi also happySmile

Outside MM, Meethi is advising the watchmen who are changing the board of MM to "Raj Bhavan"ROFL not to show that they recognize Ahem when he comes back. They agree and continue changing the board. Savitha ben, the ever inquisitive neighbor  looks into MM from her compound and wonders what is happening (this woman  seriously needs to get a lifeDead)

...In the car...
Ahem, Gopi, Dhawal and RBG are all on their way to MM in the car. Gopi and Ahem in the backseat.. Oh so close to each otherEmbarrassed  Gopi asks Ahem whether Jigar messaged anything and Ahem nods negative. 
Dhawal is stalling and RBG complains that the car is being driven slowly. Dhawal uses Gopi's pregnancy as the reason and tells RBG that he does not want the vehicle to bump any other causing Gopi distress and also that RBG himself considers Dhawal as "toker king"LOL

Jigar messages Ahem that they are ready which ahem shows to Gopi. Dhawal gives a look at the rear view mirror and Ahem signals that things are ready. (superb teamwork between Ahem and Dhawal again. Love their scenes togetherStar)  Ahem gives Gopi encouraging looks..Wink Actually Dhawal once looked back (it seemed as though he was saying "what romance now?LOL).. He also asks Dhawal to drive faster as the mahal is near. Dhawal accepts and does so. (by the way the car kept shaking, I thought Dhawal was planning to kill RBGLOL) Ahem squeezes Gopi's hand giving her reassurance. Here RBG asks Dhawal if now Gopi is not in danger. Dhawal makes up an excuse that it would be a shame to miss Rani and hence he is trying to get there before she leaves.Wink

In MM:

Rashi opens Koki's room door and is stunned. She says that Koki looks very beautiful and is shockedLOL  Koki though is nervous and Rashi tells her that she looks alright. Koki tries practicing the lines for playing Rani but is not confident. Rashi's expressions are ones to see. LOL She is  like "Oh come on.. "Smile and then laughs at Koki..
Koki however is still apprehensive and tells Rashi that she is not sure that she will be able to perform. Rashi asks her if she is frightened and murmurs to herself that she thought Koki was only capable of frightening othersLOL
But Koki is really worried and says that she will not be able to do itOuch Rashi tries to encourages her Shockedbut Koki is worried. Urmi comes in and tells Koki that she has to do this for her Gopi vahu and help her get from the clutches of the demon RBG.
However Koki is worried about her act and her dialogues. Rashi tells her that it is all simple and all Koki has to say is that she needs antique jewels. However Koki keeps worrying and is afraid that she may do something and make the plan flop. She asks Rashi as to why Rashi should not play the role of the RaniShocked Rashi is all Big smile and Urmi Shocked.. However Koki brings Rashi back to earth by taunting her that all this lies and drama is her forte. 

Jigar comes to the room dressed as bodyguard in suit and goggles.LOL He looks embarrassed and Rashi cannot hide her smileBig smile
Jigar informs the three that Ahem has reached and asks Rashi to come down first and Koki next. He leaves and Koki looks at herself in the mirror.

The car reaches MM and Dhawal takes RBG out towards MM. Ahem meanwhile calls Jigar and gives Jigar a notice. Dhawal keeps talking to RBG about the mahal and tells him a story of how Rani sahiba had bought a necklace last time she was in Rajkot. He tells RBG that the jewel had been sold off to some one else but as Rani liked it she bought it from the person it was sold to for twice the price. (the stage now is set.) RBG's eyes shine at the sound of that.
All four enter the gates and the ever loyal watchman salutes Ahem as soon as the man lifts his head.LOL Some quick thinking from Ahem and by the time RBG turns around, Ahem is saluting the watchman back and explains that even the watchman of Rani sahiba is high placedWink RBG also salutes and all go in.

Here Savitha -the spy looks at the four walking towards MM and confirms that something is fishy. She wonders who RBG is (she recognizes Dhawal and Gopi but not AhemShocked). She wows to find out.

As the four reach the doors, Ahem gets a message that his mom is not ready to play Rani. He is troubled but cannot do anything. Gopi is worried looking at him. Jigar as BG stops them. He asks them why they are there and also asks for an appointment. RBG says that there is none. Jigar does not let them in.
Urmi comes out and she taunts RBG that he is here. She welcomes Gopi and all the actors give each other a knowing look. Jigar lets them all in.

Gopi informs him that she knows the Rani well and she is here to give her a taste of the achaar (RBG says, "it is mine.. mine"Dead) Dhawal and Ahem also request Jigar.. (Oh such a cute scene. Ahem addresses Jigar as Bhaisaab.. And the trio of men did this very wellEmbarrassed) He accepts and tells them that he will see what he can do and invites them in. RBG asks Dhawal to get his bag (most probably the jewellery one)


MM looks a little arranged and all enter. Ahem is still troubled. RBG sits while Dhawal asks Gopi to sit. She does but is still worried as Ahem is too. Ahem thinks again and asks Jigar if he can get flowers for the Rani if it is not against rulesSmile He signals Jigar to say yes and uses that excuse to go out and call Rashi.
Rashi is in the room with Koki. Both are tensed. Rashi gets the call and she hears Ahem on the other end. He is angry and asks her what is happening. Rashi informs about Koki developing cold feet. Ahem asks her to give the phone to Koki and gives her a speech of how she is doing all this for her Gopi vahu and like always how she will do her duty well..  Koki first tries to argue but as Ahem pleads and cajols she goes into thinking mode. Ahem tells her to come down for Gopi and goes in with the flowers.


In the MM hall, RBG keeps looking around and spots a photo hanging in Baa's room. He seems to be intrigued and wants to take a closer look. However Gopi spots his line of sight and immediately signs to Jigar that they are in trouble which he cannot understandLOL. RBG inbetween decides that he needs to clear his doubt and tells Jigar that (he calls him "Black suit Bhaisaab"LOL) he has seen a lot of mahals and needs to go to the bathroom. He moves towards Baa's room and Jigar removes his glasses a bit to ask Gopi what she meant.. She again signals the room and Jigar understands. He tries to stop RBG but that train is not ready to derail. Jigar is left defeated and the others tensed.

Just as RBG reaches the room he is stopped by a walking stickBig smile And super baa enters the scene.Big smile Oh a superb turn of events. Today was Baa's turn to shine. She played the angry and pissed Rajmatha to the hilt. She uses her stick to stop RBG and scolds him for not following the rules of the mahal. It was awesome. In the side, Jigar also got scoldings for not performing his dutyLOL Everyone happy and relieved. (In all this, Jigar also made the mistake of calling Rajmatha as BaaLOL.. Somehow RBG overlooked this as Jigar continued talking, correcting his errorWink)

Jigar informs others that Rajmatha is the queens Maasi but very close to her and is respected a lot. On Baa's question, he informs that Rani will be down soon. Ahem returns back but is still worried that Koki will not be down.
 RBG asks how long it would take and if they would ever see Rani.. And lo behold, we hear Rashi's voice questioning who dares to suspect her making her appearenceShocked So that is how Rashi became Rani.

Precap: Rashi tells RBG that her necklace is gold indeed and it is white gold. In a flow she continues that she had to haggle a lot in the Monday market... and RBG looks like he has caught her and all the others are shocked.Smile

Well well well.. I so much wanted Koki to come down as Rajmatha but it looks like it will only be tomorrow after Rashi almost gives the plot away. Not sure how they will adjust the fact that Rashi acts as Rani.. But something tells me that Koki as Rani sahiba is going to be down tomorrow Big smile

* A very entertaining episode.
* Rupal underplayed beautifully as the frightened KokiTongue
* Rashi was awesome and Jigar looked ill at ease
* GoHem were cute and Ahem's talk with his mom was nice. But Dhawal was the best when explaining about Rani sahibaHug

A superb episodeBig smile

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jiyakapoor Goldie

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Posted: 18 September 2012 at 11:20am | IP Logged
thnx for the wu n yes an awesome episode

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Xarina Coolbie

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Posted: 18 September 2012 at 11:24am | IP Logged
Thank you Harini for writing this up.  Can't wait to see tonight.

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ShaunSA IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 18 September 2012 at 11:43am | IP Logged
Great WU Harini! Thanks! Big smile

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DivineDarkness IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 18 September 2012 at 11:52am | IP Logged
thanks for the update

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munnihyderabad Cool Viewbie

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Posted: 18 September 2012 at 11:57am | IP Logged
thank you partner for the wonderful updateHug

I loved it.. everything was so awesome... super entertaining .. loved rashi's reaction when Koki said she is frightened LOL

GoHem, Dhaval - The TRIO takes the cake every day

Jigar, Rashi, Urmi, Meethi, Baa - everyone were just too good...
loved it .. 

hope rashi doesn't mess up 

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Posted: 18 September 2012 at 12:11pm | IP Logged
Thanks Harini!! My favorite part was Baa with her chaddi and how she hooked it on his shoulder!!! LOLLL Who says that tiny women aren't strong? ROFL

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Posted: 18 September 2012 at 2:09pm | IP Logged
thanks for the write up Big smile

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