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I'M BACK WITH LOVE!! RASIA/SIRA SS ([email protected]) (Page 15)

Aditi_4ver IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 30 November 2012 at 10:49pm | IP Logged

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Direwolves Goldie

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Posted: 01 December 2012 at 1:54am | IP Logged
nice update
-Nimmi- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 01 December 2012 at 6:14pm | IP Logged
wow muskan it was an awesome update!!!
n ya a long one too Big smile thank u for thatSmile

coming to the update...
akhir sally is baar bhi galat nikhli...she doesn't understand their loveLOL raghav would always forgive his pushpa...nice way of raghav to call her aside and have a talk...Wink
good juno understood and they gave sira some time alone...Big smile

update soon Smile

Malvaika Senior Member

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Posted: 06 December 2012 at 10:50pm | IP Logged
pia.raha IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 18 December 2012 at 8:44am | IP Logged
hey,i had exams so couldnt read ur last 3updates,now read all of them!!!!!!!! itsss jstt lovellyy!!!!!!! loved raghav's dialog wen he said dat sia looks hot during boxingWink then dis dialog was the bst- main tumhe koi bhi galat kaam nahi karne doonga ...AKELE !!!" suprbb!!!!!!!

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Miss_Anonymous Senior Member

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Posted: 31 December 2012 at 2:35am | IP Logged

Hey Guys!! Sorry for so much delay to the part.. Actually i was very busy soo...

Well...I wanted to tell u all that i have planned to end this SS right here at this part ...So with the end of this beautiful year...i would also like to end my SS...Hope u all enjoyed this journey...Also Wish U All A VERY VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Smile


Next day...again the same routine was followed Sia first practiced boxing..then studied in the classes and then left with gauti  to mamaji...This time she came back after dinner...when it was sleep time and tired with the days whereabouts she slept ...this continued for three days and raghav sia just met during school time... Smile


Sia had now again one to visit her mamaji...this time she had come a bit earlier than usual.

*At he hospital*

Raghav's parents had also come to meet mamaji and were just coming out o mamaji's room when they bashed into Sia ...

Sia : oh ...uncle auntie..sorry ..woh main..

Raghav's Mom : koi baat nahi beta's fine.

Raghav's Dad : Aur tumhare mamaji  bhi abhi theek tension..ok!!! aaram se jao..

Sia : Yes uncle...waise aap dono yahan..???

Raghav's mom : Arrey hum log toh bas tumhare mamaji se milne aaye the ... doctor se bhi baat ki hai..he said aaj unko discharge mil raha hai..

Sia : Hunji auntie bas isiliye aaj jaldi aa gayi..thoda kam tha..

Raghav's Dad : Woh sab to theek hai par ab beta...humne tumhare mamaji se baat kar li hai aaj discharge  ke baad aur aage ke thode din ke liye woh humare ghar aa rahe hain...

"Kya" sia thought

Sia : par uncle...

Raghav's Mom : no buts sia...he is coming...and c'mon Sia ..tum raghav ke kitni close ho aur..

Sia blushed at the remark.. 

Raghav's Mom  : I mean ki tum uski bohot acchi friend ho aur uske saath kafi time se ho...ab hum itna toh kar hi sakte hai na...

Sia : phir bhi...auntie...

 Raghav's Dad : Dekho beta hum tumhare mamji se baat kar chuke hain...ab no buts...main gadi bhijwa raha hoon ..ok!!

Sia : Ok uncle...and thank you sooo much..

Raghav's Mom : No problem...she smiles!! Smile

 Raghav's parents leave from there and sia goes to mamaji's room..

Mamaji : arrey sia beta..tu aaj itni jaldi aa gayi...

Sia : ji mamaji ...aaj discharge hai to isilye..socha aapka saman sambhal loon...

Mamaji : Woh beta...Raghav ke maa - baap aaye the aur...

Sia : Mujhe pata hai mamaji ...aur unhone mujhe bata diya hai ki aap thode dn unke ghar rehene wale ho...

Mamaji : haan beta...main unhe mana ( to say no ) hi nai kar paya...

Sia : koi baat nahi...aur waise bhi unhe mana karna bohot mushkil hai..

She smiles...

Sia : Waise dekhiye aaj to Friday hi hai...aap wahan shift hojaiye aur main phir kal padso dono din aapse milne aa jaoongi subh subh...auntie ko bhi pareshaani nahi hogi ..

Mamaji : Theek he beta...waise Raghav hai bohot accha...bohot khyal karta hai tumhara ...aur uske maa ' baap bhi...

Sia blushed..Embarrassed...she was happy that mamaji liked Raghav.Smile


Sia had by now packed all mamaji's stuff..completed the formalities and now they were heading towards ragahv's house  in the car sent by Mr Oberoi. They reached the Oberoi mansion by half an hour. Sia rang the bell.

Raghav : Arrey mamaji ..pushpa...aap log itni jaldi aagaye..chalo accha hai...aayi mamaji main aapko aapka karma dikhata hoon..

Mamaji : haan Beta...

Sia : Par Raghav tum...

But he had already gone a bit forward with mamaji...


Mamaji : arrey beta...itna bada karma...

Raghav : Poore aaram ke liye...( he smiles )

Mamaji : ( smiles )

Raghav : Accha app bathiye main aapke liye kuch khane ke liya mangwata hoon...

(Raghav leaves the room )

Sia : mamaji main ek minute aati hoon...

( She goes outside )

Sia : raghav

Raghav ; Kya hua push-pa!!

Sia : ( she fold her arms )Tumhe pata tha na...

Raghav : Kya ?

Sia : Ab aise mat act karo jaise tumhe pata hi nahi tha.. ki tumhare mom-dad mamaji ko yahan rukwana chahate hain...

Raghav : woh pushpa ..

Sia : raghav...tumne mujhe bataya kyun nahi..main..

Raghav : uffo pushpa c'mon...main kya tumhare liye itna bhi nahi kar sakta hoon...

Sia : par raghav tum already ...

Raghav : uffo pushpa...ab waise bhi accha hai ..yahan aane ki aadat dal lo...kya pata future mein yahi rehna pade...

He gave one of his special winks...

At first Sia couldn't understand but then...

( she blushed hard with her cheeks as red as tomatoes and..) Blushing

Sia : raghav... Blushing

Raghav smiled...

Raghav : Accha man aata hoon...

He went

Sia also went back inside mamaji's room..ofcourse with a red face... Blushing


It was now evening and rasia had reached Elite . They were now in the canteen where Kabir, Juno and Aaliya were waiting..

Ragghav : Hey guys!! 

Arjun : arrey...accha hai tum dono aagaye hum tumhari hi wait kar rahe the...

Aaliya : haan...toh sia mamaji kaise hain...

Sia : Woh abhi bhi bohot weak hain...

Kabir : ohhh ...Waise humne socha ki hum bhi kal unse milne jayenge..

Juno : haan right...hum abhi yahi discuss kar rahe the...

Sia : Haan par main subha-subha 9 baje hi nikal jaungi...kyun tumlog apna Saturday kharab karoge??

Aaliya ; oh bankok ...usme kya hai...hum toh jaldi uthkar apna Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday saare din kharab karte hi hain.. LOL

Kabir : haan ...toh hum aa jayenge.. LOL

Raghav : Fine tumlog bhi chalo...hum sharp 9 baje nikal jayenge...

Juno : pehle tu uth jaana..phir sabko keha ..huh!!

Raghav : ( scratching his head ) Try karoonga..

All smile and then plan to go to their rooms...9 baje sabke liye jaldi hota hai naTongue  espesically Saturday ko!!  Tongue


It's morning 9 am exact...and all (Kabir, Juno , Aaliya and Sia) were in Juno kabir and raghav's room ( Hostel )

Juno : Arrey Raghav uth naaa...

Kabir : uth raghav jana hai...

Aaliya : bankok...kitna soyega...uth ja na...

Sia : Raghav utho na...mujhe mamaji se milne jana hai...raghav...

( all said while shaking him )

Raghav : ( in a very very sleepy voice ) sone de na juno.. 

Arjun : Raghav..uth yaar

Aaliya : haan uth na...

Sia : bas...Raghav agar tum abhi nahi uthe na main sachme tumhe ek punch maar dungi...chehra gubare ki tarah phool jayega ...

( Although Sia had said that out of anger but in reality she didn't have the guts to do that..and also her feelings for him also didn't allow her to do that)


Raghav : ( in a very very sleepy voice ) Juno yaar...pusha jaisi dhamki dena band kar na yaar...sone de... 

( he said tossing on the bed with a pillow on his face )

Kabir : ( taking a jar of cold water ) Dekh abhi tu nahi utha toh main yeh thanda thanda pani tere upar dal dunga...


Sia gets very angry and snatches the jar from kabir...opens  the whole lid and splashes the whole water on him

Raghav : aaa... 

Raghav's Condition :


All laugh except Sia ..

Raghav ( angry ) : Pushpa are u thanda thanda pani dal diya...aur tum log yahan kya kar rahe ho...

Sia : Raghav hum sab tumhe pichle 35 minute se uthane ki koshish kar rahenin hain...ab utho aur tayaar ho...late ho raha hai... 

Aaliya : Yaar 9 : 40 ho rahe hain...

Raghav : O FREAK!!!! Sorry sorry sorry ... late hogaye... main phatak se tayaar hokar aata hoon ...aur tumlog neeche jao...

Juno : kisne kaha ha tujhe raat raat bhar movies dekhne ke liya..haan

Kabir : Dekh late kara diya na...

Raghav : Sorry guys...tum log jao neeche main aata hoon...

They all go down and stand near the car...

Aaliya : gauti nahi aa raha??

Sia : Nahi vo rangeela ke saath pehele hi chala gaya...Woh Mamaji se kal bhi nahi mila tha na so...aur waise bhi raghav ne bahut late kardiya...

*after 10minutes*

Raghav : I'm Back

All stare at him with angry faces... 

Raghav : ooopss!!...Sorry na... 


They all reach the Oberoi mansion in about half an hour...

Mrs oberoi opens the door...

Mrs Oberoi : arrey tumlog ...itne late hogaye??? I thought u'll reach by 9:45 or 10...

All again stare at Raghav... 

Raghav : woh mom...( scratching his head ) 

Mrs Oberoi : i know..chalo jao mamaji se millo...

They all go to Mamaji's room while Raghav makes an excuse and goes somewhere in some room...

Mamaji : Sia beta tu aagayi...

Sia smiles..

Aaliya : hello mamaji...

Juno : Good morning mamaji kasise hain aap??

Kabir : Hello mamaji...Tabiyat kaisi hai...

Mamaji : Main ab accha mahsoos kar raha hoon...

Sia : waise mamaji gauti kaha hain...

" Woh video games khel raha hai.." someone spoke from behind... They all turned to look towards the person who spoke...

Juno : arrey auntie aap...

Mrs Oberoi : haan woh ain tum logogn ke liye snack laayi hoon...

( The servant comes ..keeps the snack on the table and goes away )

Kabir : Main kya soch raha than a ki main Gauti ko lekar aata hoon...

Mrs Oberoi : Sure...tum room ke bahar se right lo and then go straight to the corner most room...woh wahi hai...

Kabir goes...

Arjun's phone beeped indicating for a message...after reading it he said ..

Arjun : You know what main bhi jaata hoon...

Aaliya : Toh main peeche kyun rahoon..

( both of them go away )

Mrs Oberoi : Aapke liye Kuch mangwaoo ??

Mamaji : nahi nahi..dhanyawad..

She smiles and leaves...

Sia : ab aapki tabiyat kaisi hai...

Mamaji : Pehle se acchi hai...tu bata padhai theek sai ho rahi hai..

Sia : Ji..

Mamaji : accha hai...waise ek baat main tujhe bata doon...main dawai time pe le raha hoon..TongueLOL

Sia : acchaSmile

And they laugh a bit..LOL..

After some time Sia also leaves from mamaji's room  to see about her friends' whereabouts...

 The video game room was just one room apart when suddenly she was pulled inside...


She had just closed her eyes while being pulled as the situation started abruptly and what happened ..had happened very fast...

She slowly opened  her eyes..and found herself in his strong arms...the arms' position itself told that they'll never leave her...never let her fall...and as she looked up ...his lips were curved in a smile...a smile that always make her heart  skip a she looked up into his eyes...she could see the love and happiness only for her..coz of his eyes... she was just lost in them and he too...lost in her...

Sia : Raghav...

She looks around the whole place...

Sia : yeh sab kya hai..

She said smilingly ..

( raghav came more near to her making her nervous all of a sudden and whispered into her ears )

Raghav : actually ek baat kehni thi..

( sia pushed him away a bit )

Sia : Toh ek baat ke liye itni saari decoration...ballons..lights...

She smiled 

( Raghav now got separated from her and said)

Raghav : Pushpa Raghav Oberoi  jo karta hai style mein karta hai

( he said...putting his collars up )

Ab pushpa tum yehe soch rahi hogi na kis is bar kuch zyada he romance ho raha hai...

( he again went near her suddenly ...he softly planted a kiss on her cheek and whispered...

Par kya karu us saare time ke liye make up (not the make up girls doTongue ) karna hai na jab main yahan nahi tha he said...

Sia : uffo Raghav ..( she said pushing him away and blushing very hard )

Pa tumhe kehena kya hai...

Raghav : Mujhe bas yeh kehena hai ki ( he went close to her ..helb both her hands ..looked staright into her eyes ) that i'm wipe u'r save from problems...( Sia now started to look down ..blushing )to make you smile and to make u blush...( he smiled )...I'm Back Pushpa...I'M BACK WITH LOVE!!! 

Sia now looked at him and her lips curved into a beautiful smile...and surprisingly her eyes also didn't leave tears ! But became wet!  

Raghav : ( getting a bit away...still holding her hand ) Pushpa ab mamaji bhi better ho gaye lets celebrate...

He took her to the middle of the room ... a spotlight flashed on them...the whole room went dark...there were smoke clouds covering the floor..and and sliver disco lights going round ( valentine night wala )



Raghav beds down on his knee and asks..

Raghav : May i have this dance

Sia smiles and puts her hand forward into his..

Sia : yes!

And they both dance on ISHQ WALA LOVE!!! Remebering all their beautiful memories!!

( Pls click on the video to see the flashbacks and the dance...the dance part in it ( pehela nasha and others ) is what they are dancing now and the other parts are the flashbacks)

 Hope U liked the update...I've tried my best to make it  ..romantic..and fun..!! Sorry for any spelling mistakes!!All Kinds of Comments are welcome!!Again WISH U ALL A VERY VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!Smile

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Malvaika Senior Member

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Posted: 31 December 2012 at 3:53am | IP Logged
Loved the OS!!!!
Miss rasia all the more aftr reading itUnhappy
& it ends hereUnhappy
Bt cont writing such OSs!!
& Happy New Year!! Big smile

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Bhavikakosambia IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 31 December 2012 at 3:59am | IP Logged
yay me first loved it yaar!

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