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Hey guys.. I was actually very inspired with the writings ( ff's Os's ) of my friends in IF and so decided to write an OS on RASIA /  SIRA ...It is my first attempt..  It is  dedicated to all RASIA /  SIRA fans ...Smile   hope you all like it!!


Everyone are friends nowBig smile...Arjun , Aaliya , Sama , Gurmeet , Kabir , Ambar , Aakash and Sia. All are now reunited but there are still problems between Kabir and Sia Stern Smileand very few between Arjun and KabirSmile. The elitians were have a holiday for both Saturday and SundayBig smile  and the gang had decided to go on a road trip all togetherBig smile. Now as Kabir was 19 , he had a license and therefore could drive. On the other side Raghav was back!!!Shocked I mean was coming back with his parentsTongue . He was very happy ,  his mother had now recovered and his parents had decided to live in dehradun with him.Smile

Now while going suddenly their car stopped

Raghav: O Freak!! Now what!!!

Raghav's mom: Calm down beta

Raghav's dad: driver zara dekhna ki kya hua..

Driver: Ji

He goes out and checks..

Driver: bohot problem hogayi hai...2 tyer puncture hogaye hai aur engine mein bhi problem ho gayi hai!!

Raghav's mom: Oho..ab kya karein!!

Raghav: Freak!! Maine kaha tha na ki drive down karna ek accha idea nahi hai!!(he said angrily)Angry

Raghav's Dad: Beta ab ham kya kar sakte hain...train ki sari seats full thi aur ab aise kisi ki seats le lena accha nahi hai na...

Raghav: yes daad!!Ermm

(driver comes again)

Driver: sir maine mechanic ko phone kiya hai.. usse aanae mein do ghant lagange aur phir theek karne mein bhi time lagega..tabtak aap log yahan 5min ke raaste mein hi ek hotel hai aap log wahan ruk sakte hain

Raghav's mom: Theek hai phir wahin chalte hain

They all got down of the car and headed towards the hotel and raghav walked frowning..Confused


Kabir: At last!!

They all had reached the place by was a nyc green hill with a green surface some trees and some little brown patches..

Aaliya: Wah bankok...this place is toh just perfect..haina Juno??

Juno: haan bohot acchi jagah hai...

Sia: (taking a deep breath) Bohot sundar jagah hai

Sama: Wow!! Bohot mazaa ayega!!

Gurmeet: Haan ji  Sama ji  bilkul right hai ji aaj toh bohot maza aayega...

Amber:  Oye wada!!

Akash: Oye nikka ! Aaj toh hum milke maza karenge

Amber: Haan ab toh koi hindi ka exam bhi hume alag nahi kar payega!!

Akash: haye hindi ka exam mat yaad dila nikka ( acting as if crying)

Kabir: arrey arrey .. bas.. Ab sab milke mujhe thank you kaho.. bolo Thank-yoU!

( everyone look at each other and then separate out to explore the place more)

Kabir: Arey!


Raghav's dad booked a room in the hotel and so they were all in there...

Raghav's mom was laughing and his father was smiling while raghav was frowningLOL

Raghav: now what!! Ab dono hans kyun rahe ho?

Raghav's mom: You don't get to see Raghav Oberoi miserable everyday, now do you??

Raghav: Mom actually i was so waiting to meet my friends aur ab hum yahan se kal tak jaa hi nahi sakte...yeh kya rule hai is hotel ka ...ek din se kam ki room booking not allowed.. main unko surprise dena chahata tha or life ne mujhe de diya huh!!D'oh


Now they all were busy arranging their tents and making food...

The  girls had finished with their food preparations and so were helping the boys. Sia couldn't understand anything related to tents and so left it .

She started walking .. Kabir saw her

Amber: arrey Kabir paji kaha kho gaye... mujhe to yahaan kuch samaj hi nahi aa raha

Akash: haan nikke par koi nahi aaj toh yeh kaam hum milke hi karenge..

Kabir: tum log continue karo main abhi aata hun

(he runs to sia)

Kabir : kaha chali Sia ji

Sia : kya hai?? Aur waise bhi main kahi bhi jaaon .. tumhe isse kya??

Kabir : Arrey yaar... Tu kab jaake mujhe maaf karegi... I mean sab logon ne maaf kar diya hai .. ham sab yahan enjoy karne aaye hain aur tu hai ki gussa hokar .. dukhi aatma banker ...

Sia gave him a stern look and kabir stopped..

Kabir : ( in a low voice )  dukhi aatma banker ghoom rahi hai!!Tongue

By this time they had reached a very beautiful place which had a very deep fall at one end where they both went and sat..


Raghav : ( Took his phone from a table arranged his hair and said) Mom dad main ghumne bahar jaa raha hoon just to explore this place.. yahan ek cliff hai jisse bohot accha view dikhta hai..

Raghav's mom : Arrey wah...toh hum hum bhi chalte hai

Raghav's Dad : haan bilkul ... waise bhi hum yahan kya karenge ... gari bhi kharab hai...

Raghav : Fyn ..lets go!!

Raghav's mom : Ek minute..

*gang ( kabir sia )*

( sia was sitting and kabir was irritating her  which he was enjoying very much as getting  irritated sia was shouting on him ..preventing him from getting bored)

( Kabir and sia are sitting on the second rock the one next to the girl ... and pls imagine the girl in the pic is not there )


Arjun : yaar yeh Kabir Sia kahan hai...

 Aaliya : is bankok ke bacche ko toh main chodungi friend best friend keheta hai aur kuch share bhi nahi karta..bankok tut oh gayaAngryTongue

Ajun : is kabir toh main chodunga nahi.. gaya toh gaya par sia ko kahan le gaya..!!!

Aaliya: arrey bankok tum phirse bankok ko blame karne lage

Arjun : Oops! Sorry aadat se majboor!!

Akash : Haan woh toh theek hai par yeh dono gaye kaha honge

Amber : kahin yahan ke shero ne unka shikaar toh nahi kar liya?? Oye wada mujhe darr lag raha hai..

Akash : oye nikka dara mat.. kabir sia theek honge!!

Sama : uffo guys!! Stop it !! Aisa kuch nahi hua hoga..

Gurmeet : haan ji... ek kaam karte hain in dono ko dhoondte hai..

Sama : kyun na hum unhe phone kare??

Arjun : maine try karat ha par signal kafi der se nahi mil raha hai...

Aaliya : Chalo phir dhundhne chalte hain

Amber Akash : Chalo...Wada Nikka in action!!


Raghav : Fyn ..lets go!!

Raghav's mom : Ek minute.. Raghav abhi tak toh tum bohot udaas the ... so now what??

Raghav : Mom.. I'm Raghav Oberoi!

Raghav's Dad : Woh toh hume bhi pata hai!! Ha ha haLOL

Raghav's mom : Ha ha ha !!LOL

Raghav : Mom Dad?? Accha toh main kaha tha... haan... Mom main raghav Oberoi hoon aur raghav Oberoi zyada der tak frown nahi karata...ab chale??

Raghav's Dad : Chalo Chalo..

Note : Raghav And his parents are going to the same place where kabir and sia are now and they all are unknown of this fact .

*gang ( Kabir sia )*

Kabir  : Sia maaf karde na pls pls pls pls pls

Sia : kabir !!!

Kabir : pls pls pls ... nahi karegi toh main pura trip yahi rut laga kar baithoonga!!!

Sia : Uffo!! Acha acha theek hai.. maaf kiya ..!!

Kabir : Wow ! Sia dhillon ne mujhe maaf kiya .. yaY yay yaY !!!!

( and he started dancing )

Sia : Uf bilkul pagal!!

Sia's harems ::::::::>>>>>>>

( Sia got up from her sitting position when by mistake her foot got stuck in her harems and she slipped down the cliff!!!!!!!)

Sia : AAA!

( Kabir turned and saw that sia had fallen!!!! )

Kabir: Siaaa!!!


Arjun : Kabir  Siaaa!!Shocked

Aaliya : Bankok !! Siaa!!!Shocked

Aakash : KAbiiir !Shocked

Amber : Sia !Shocked

( All were searching for them ... sama nd gurmeet were not there as they were looking after their stuff like tents and food...)

(While shouting for Kabir and Sia suddenly arjun saw a small opening at a distance..he thought they might have gone there as other than that all around was just forest and they were not that foolish!!)

Arjun: Yeh zarror wahan gaye honge ..

( pointing towards the opening)

Let's go there

( All saw that opening and then agreed on Arjun and they all started walking towards the opening)


Raghav by now was very close to the cliff.. he felt something ... it can't be described.. he just felt that sia was somewhere near .. very near to him...he felt as if she was calling him.. he felt that...)

Raghav : ( to himself ) Aaj mujhe pushpa.. aisa kyun lag raha hai ki she is very close??)

Raghav's dad : Here we are!!! just two steps...

Raghav's mom : Wow !! What a sight..!!

(they could see the view from from an opening...they were just to steps away from the cliff .. when raghav saw a boy doing some thing... he then suddenly realized that a girl.. he was saving someone.. someone had fallen.!!!)

( Raghav didn't know why .. but he was somehow attracted to the scene... or may be the girl.. he had a feeling that he had to save the person...he had a feeling that if he didn't save her then his life would turn out to be miserable!!...he ran and ran as fast as he could !!!)

On the other hand.. Kabir and sia..

Kabir : C'mon sia .. sia pls try ... sia u have  to!!...( he was very tensed )

Sia : ( crying ) Kabir .. kabir mujhse nahi ho raha ( cry cry ) Kabir ( cry )


(pls imagine sia instead of Salman Khan..)

( by then Raghav arrived )

Raghav : ( to kabir ) Wait mai help karta hoon...

Kabir : Haan pls.. meri friend Sia .. woh..

( Raghav was shocked hearing the word sia... he looked down and then wasting no time he put his hand forward..)

Sia : ( crying ) Kabir

Raghav : Pushpa!!! Pushpa!! C'mon u can do it .. pushpa!!!

Sia looked up.. Her face all teary...

Sia : RAghav!!  ( crying ) Raghav mujhse nahi ho raha hai ( sobs )

( Kabir was shocked on knowing that sia knew the boy but he continued to listen to their conversation and didn't get himself distracted from helping sia )

Raghav : Pushpa ... tum Sia dhillon ho...tumne kitni mushkilo ko knock out kiya hai... isse mat daro.. dikhado ki tum kar sakti ho.. pls Pushpa try... apne liye nahi to mere liye apne friends ke liye..(tensed) pushpa c'mon!!

( Sia felt a little boosted up by raghav's words and tried her level best... then she felt a strong pull and the other moment was out of danger!!!! )

( Raghav's parents came running ... so much had happened... they were surprised.. but then Raghv's mom was the one to remember sia's face... raghav had told them about sia and even showed them her pic.. she was about to say when ...suddenly the gang arrived shouting sia's name...they got dumbstruck seeing raghav Shocked!!)Aaliya and kabir were confused!Confused

Raghav : Pushpa...

Sia : Raghav...

( She began to cry again and then suddenly hugged raghav.. raghav was surprised at first but the he hugged her back ... tightly!!)

Raghav Sia were soo lost in their world...Kabir and aaliya's confusionConfused.. friends' surprised looksShocked.. raghav 's parents' smile + confusionSmileConfused.. nothing mattered to them... ..

What mattered was that they were with each other.. in each other's arms ... full of love and most importantly.. safe!!)

Here ends my OS .. Thanks for reading.. PLs leave u'r comments behind...



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Part 1 - Page 1

Part 2 - Page 3

Part 3 - Page 4

Part 4 - Page 6

Part 5 - Page 8

Part 6 - Page 9

Part 7 - Page 11

Part 8 ( a ) - Page 12

Part 8 ( b ) - Page 13

Part 9 - Page 14

Part 10 - Page 15 ( last part)

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First of all A Big Thank you for writing dis Os Hug

You have written it beautifully dear... I loved it completely ! Clap

Dnt stop here plz continue writing Tongue

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wow muskan this os was so awesome. !!!!
loved it the core.
from the beginning when i got to know they r going to the same place i was like so excited n i was like when will they meet , when will they meet.
n wow raghav could feel pushpa around himDay Dreaming
u stopped at their hug...wish u continue this though this is os would love to read more.
and uwrite so write more os n ffs...Smile

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Amazing os yr. I jst loved. 1 request Plz dnt end it plz continue.

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