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ArHilicious Droolers #49: Woh Din Aa Gaya

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ArHilicious Droolers #49
Woh Din Aa Gaya

Song of the week: 
Poem of the week: PinkCinderella
Summary of the week: SP+ ~Saraa~
Picture of the Week: -stardust
Filler of the Week: ~Saraa~ 
Rating of the Week: ..first.rain..
Videomix of the week: Deepali_88
Rakshabhandan Scene of the Week: --Pooja-
Achari Scene of the Week: 
Best Character of the Week: anita_211492
Most Irritating Character of the Week: ShiningStar18
Funny Character of the Week: 

Video avi of the week, Icon of the weekminuu
Best FF of the Week: arisai
 Best OS of the Week: OnlyHope
Message to CVs: 
Siggy of the week, Video siggy of the week: minuu
Most Active Thread of the week: Appy_Indy
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Costume of the Week: OnlyHope
Dialogue of the Week: ~Saraa~
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Blooper of the Week: mazkachazka

Banner and animated logos: Khushix PurpleFairy

Winning Siggies: -Fatz-

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Dadi keeps Khushi away from Anjali. Garima and Madhumati visit Anjali while Dadi goes to the temple. The Raizada family members cook Anjali's favourite dishes but she refuses to eat. She accuses her family of pretending to care for her. Khushi realizes that Anjali is waiting for Shyam. Nani informs Arnav that Anjali's health is deteriorating. Khushi disobeys Arnav's order and brings Shyam to Shantivan for Anjali's sake. Anjali is pleased to see Shyam. She thanks Arnav for bringing him back.

Arnav accuses Khushi of breaking his trust by disobeying him and bringing Shyam back to Shantivan. He orders her to leave. Anjali agrees to eat and take her medicine after seeing Shyam. Shyam apologises to the Raizada family and claims that it was all a misunderstanding but they ignore him. Arnav warns him that he will throw him out of the house once Anjali recovers. Arnav calls Khushi but she disconnects his call. Shyam and Anjali decorate the house for Arnav and Khushi's wedding.

Khushi feels guilty for disconnecting Arnav's call. She calls him back to apologise but in vain. Arnav becomes infuriated when Anjali tells him that she is happy because of Shyam. She and Nani persuade him to forgive Khushi for bringing Shyam back. Manorama and Nandkishore try to bring Arnav and Khushi back together. Anjali performs Khushi's second mehendi rasam. The Raizada family gets ready for the haldi rasam. Arnav apologises to Khush for hurting her.

Arnav apologises to Khushi for hurting her and thanks her for making Anjali happy. Khushi kisses him. Dadi and Shyam conspire to stop the wedding. Khushi complains to Madhumati that her mehendi colour has not darkened. Arnav loses his engagement ring but Anjali finds it on his bed and gives it to him. The Raizada family surprises the Gupta family by performing the haldi rasamin Madhumati's house. Arnav becomes angry when Khushi accuses him of not loving her because of her mehendi colour. 

The two families draw a curtain in between Arnav and Khushi to perform the haldi rasam separately. Shashi is displeased to see Shyam in his house but Garima tells him that Shyam has reformed himself. Khushi receives Shashi's blessings. Shyam captures the ceremony in a handycam. He secretly admires Khushi. Garima hides from Dadi. She panics when Madhumati tells her to apply haldi on Dadi. Shyam notices her anxiety. Arnav tricks Nandkishore and Akash in order to spend some time alone with Khushi.

Maha Episode:

The episode starts off from where it had ended with Arnav-Khushi sneaking away into another room and Arnav gets romantic and starts to try and kiss Khushi whereas Khushi is shy and keeps changing her place and then charges Arnav with haldi as he applies some on her back which makes him flinch and laugh in surprise. On the other hand, Garima is hiding from Dadi as she is scared, soon she runs in her room to her wardrobe where she looks at a picture, Shyaam walking by the door looks in and is surprised to see Garima hiding. He gets intrigued by this and plans on finding out the truth. A series of comical scenes follow where Arnav-Khushi try and getting in the bathroom but are stopped by literally every member of the family and the water then stops running which results in Khushi dragging Arnav to the pump. Later, at the dinner table Arnav misbehaves with Shyaam which ends up in him getting a lecture on how to behave with the "damaad ji" of the house. Shyaam gets curious in finding out the truth behind the whole Garima-Arnav's father's fiasco and investigates first from Anjali who tells him the entire story and then Dadi who tells Shyaam the name of the woman which is Garima. Finally, the next day happens, Arnav is at the Gupta's and he tells Garima that he won't accept any excuse from her in regards to not going to Shantivan. She agrees but is reluctant. Shyaam on the other hand finds out that Garima is in fact the "other woman" that happened in Arnav-Anjali's father's lives. He smirks to himself wanting to break the news to everyone. Arnav, Khushi and their families get together at Shantivan where Garima is hiding away yet again and Shyaam tries to get Garima-Dadi come face-to-faces. On the other hand, Arnav and Khushi are the last ones left while playing passing the pillow, Arnav wins by totally cheating and distracting Khushi. He gets the prize of giving a punishment to Khushi and he drags her to the room. Arnav-Khushi share a romantic moment yet again and Arnav whispers something in the ears of Khushi which is not heard by us but Khushi is shown refusing. Shyaam on the other hand, exchanges the medicine of Shashi with Dadi's which forces Dadi to come downstairs. That is the end of it.

AAAHHH. What an amazing scene in the beginning of Maha Episode. Totally dream worthy and sooo worth the wait. Arnav's declaration about knowing it all, Khushi shying away, Arnav touching her back. And then the almost kiss. Day Dreaming
I'll let the pictures talk now;

*Credit: Illyria for the pictures.*

ARGH. The entire week and only one man has destroyed it by marking his presence - Shyaam Manohar Jha.

When this scene actually happened, all I could do was WONDER. What was happening on the screen? And really to cut the ArHi Masaledaar scene and show this? REALLY? OuchSleepy

*Credit: Illyria for the pictures.*

This week we got some very good Arnav-Khushi scene after pleading so much to CVs but yaah we did not miss some cute scenes between siblings.There werent much but there were a few out of which two were just amazing.First i would like to put up that scene where Anjali tries to make Arnav understand and tries her best so that Arnav no longer stays angry with Khushi and get her in home and forgive her.This scene showed Anjali is NOT selfish.She is not, she too cares about her brother and too concerned about him as much Arnav is about Anjali.This scene showed reversed relationship between the duo.

How can we forget about NK-Arnav bonding??? Well this time there was a addition here.Our never-so-ready-to-speak Akash joined the team! Even here he was in his character (QUITE) still the scene was full of humor.During haldi ceremony where Akash and NK were holding dupatta as a barrier between the love birds our just-turned-mushy-from-arrogant Arnav was desperate to see his life partner.So he used his smartness.This scene showed great bond between the raizada borthers.All of them rocked! This much for this week.Cya all by next week with cute sibling scenes.

AAHHH. Shyaam Babua comes back in the house and is already trying to get in the good books of Arnav. Really? Does this guy have a life at all or no? I mean, what a wastage of nearly 2 minutes. These minutes could have been used in us watching ArHi scenes where Arnav would be romancing with Khushi with his eyes. Day Dreaming But Shyaaam babua nahh..SleepySleepy


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-Araina- IF-Stunnerz

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Honestly this week majority of the character annoyed me. There is only two characters this week that i loved that is NK and Nani ji.  NK was one of my favorite because he was true to his character.  He cracked jokes to lighten up the mood and also he showed his hate and distrust in shyam in a nice manner.  I just loved how he stressed the word JIJA Ji.  Nani was the best too because NK she stayed true to herself as well.  She found it strange how fast anjali was cured after seeing Shyam but she let him stay only for anjali's sake and health.  She showed her distrust and dislike in him by treating him with some respect and she truly knows how to keep the family together.

The most irritating character of the week is one who annoys the hell out of us whenever he/she comes onscreen. This week it is none other than Anjali! Tongue

I can't believe she made it three weeks in a row! LOL

Well, her character really has gotten many disturbed and some furious. It's obvious that somewhere deep down, she is a selfish person who only wants her happiness without looking at the consequences of her desires. It's obvious that Shyam is a disgusting man who has no interest whatsoever in Anjali's life nor did he give a damn about killing his own unborn child. A mature and sensible woman such as Anjali should have guessed by now what her husband is upto. Any third person can see that something is very wrong.[center]

[center]She is so involved in her fantasy world that she doesn't realize how much of a menace Shyam is to her family and her life. Anyways, I hope she finds out how much threat she is disclosing to her family.

Take care all.

Loads of love!Embarrassed

[center]It goes without saying that this week's most funniest and the only funniest character was none other than Nandikishore aka NK. His acting and expressions - brilliant!Especially, when Arnav tells him that there's Bua Ji behind him just to get rid of NK. Hilarious acting by both Barun and Karan. One can almost see the resemblance of the two from their real life on-screen. ROFL

So, Barun and Karan aka Arnav and NK this one goes out to you guys; ClapClap


Many would argue with me on this one, but there was only ONE dialogue that killled it this week, literally. Who else went "Awww-ing" at the screen when this dialogue was spoken by Arnav? I sure didd.

"Acha toh hum aapkay liye deal hain?"

Arnav: "Ofcourse, tum meri zindagi ki sabsey bari deal ho."

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Not the perfect week, some highs, some snakes Dead and some lows.. but we always have our ArHi/SaRun to get us go Heart

Some Adorable ArHi moments!!

and the off-screen ones were such fatak ones!!! It looks so SaRunlicious with this week full of SaRun floating around Day Dreaming

re-defining bubbly!! <3

Never knew men can make pink look good too ;)

and the final pataka!!! look at how utterly butterly gorgeous they look together!! and the bang on expressions on both of their faces!! *smoochie*

The Costume of the Week goes to none other than our Dulha Deewana Anrav Singh Raizada. How dashing helooked in that white kurta pajama Day Dreaming NOT to forget the rolled up sleeves Blushing *goes off in Arnieland*


**Will be added soon**

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Made By - -Afridimalikk- 
Here is ur Gift

Made By - 

Here is ur Gift

Made By - Baki 

Here is ur Gift

Made By - ..Sakeena.. 

Here is ur Gift

Made By Hina [ SunshineGirl ]

Here is ur Gift

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Pride and Beauty

'' Knotted in the thread of love '"

A special world for you and me
A special bond one cannot see,
Its fingers spread like fine spun gold
Gently nestling us to the fold
Like silken thread it holds us fast,
Bonds like this are meant to last

You're a part of me; you're in my very soul
When you look at me, I fight to keep control
You do something to me, no one else ever will
And when you kiss me, my body trembles with the thrill 

I can't bare the thought, of anything happening to you
My heart would out cry the rain, and I'd feel empty to
To me you are everything, I want in this life,
Together we can face, the joy and the strife

We must hold on tight, whatever the cost
Without you I'd be, one more soul that is lost,
The love for you darling, in my heart is over flowing
As thought the years we age, our love will keep growing

So whisper it tonight, whisper in my ears,
All those fears, whisper and walk away,
This heart will follow you, regardless of what i say,
This heart is so obstinate, and this overwhelming beauty
Which resides in you, it takes my breath away,
So how can i not follow you? when the only thing i hear is
The echo of your heartbeat, pumps in my body

Our bodies melt together in that perfect, unreal way
Beaded with sweat and tangled in your arms
Is how I love to lay upon your chest,
In harmony with one another
As the world spins out of tune
We've eternally entwined in our breathes.

Runner Up
Red By tash10

Here is ur Gift

Dekhna hai toh Dekho By Risha_ipkknd
Here is ur gift

Runner Up:
Arranged, Love or Whatever! by SamiyaIPKKND

Here is ur gift

The Filigreed Sun by serialjunkie

Here is ur Gift

IP REDUX : Lilith !!     By tanthya

Here is your Gift:


Here is ur Gift

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The only reason for cutting off marks are for the famous Shyam Geek His mere presence makes us want to throw the first thing we see at him LOL He's again back to plotting more and he knows about the truth! Yikes! And well, over to the best part. Dearest ArHi Day Dreaming How can we ever get enough of them? They're just so cute and naughty and adorable and what not! Gussa hoke bhi kitna acha sorry. I can go on and on =P So yea, that's the rating for this week Big smile

My my! Dearest CVs! What all have you planned? It's all piling up in one place and we really hope you have something major for us Big smile The marriage, Shyam plotting, Anjali's overdramtics, Arnav's past... Dadi as control freak... I really hope it all doesn't end bad. Let this marriage e start of something new Big smile And please! Get Anjali some brains and let her see the light. This state of hers is driving us all NUTS! Thank you! 

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ssttuuttiiasrkkg1avantika_2012-Sruthi-..-Niru-..bfunofbb123sweet-fairy--sumana13--KeshriyaLivingInPajamasBarundeewani19vandana1965GodhuliLogon..Amina.....Pwincess...-Stutz-.Saraa.OmNaMaSteOmpinky_blueskiesDark-Hues..Sakeena..Sunshine Girlilluminated.-Jwalamukhi-mishti_17-Xpress-tash10..Dreamer..

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Hello Everyone! Hope you all are doing well. Here goes the next edition and enjoy it! Next one is 50th!! So fast it seems Tongue I don't really have anything to say... I had thought of having a competition as celebration but the idea just disappeared as I got busy in the weeks... Will still do something special though.. Let's see Big smile

See you all then! 

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