Written Update - 15th September - Part 1

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Howdie, people! Yes, I know I haven't updated my fanfic but I will very soon. For now, it's Arjun 15th September! Yay!

Written Update - 15th September 

The episode starts at a place called 'The Club' where the camera focuses on a table of various businessmen. They laugh joyfully but soon one of them stands and calls the attention to himself. He says that the position of their company is all due to everyone here including his faithful guards, his younger brother and partner Dinesh. He goes on further to say that their Security Agency Company has achieved the biggest contract today and in that good news 'Cheers!' He lifts his glass and every other businessmen that sits on the table with him rises with their glasses in toast. 

They drink with merry until a bald man with a stern face comments that the bigger the job, the more danger it includes. The man's brother Dinesh ignores his warning and says that there is no danger as they have a truck with the most latest technology therefore looting from within the truck is impossible. Another man says that every lock in the world has a key but the man who gave the toast says that indeed, there is a key to every lock but this key is with me and my brother Dinesh. He speaks further saying that this evening is dedicated to the success of our company. Once again, the businessmen that sit beside him cheer raising their glasses again. 


Outside, the same man who gave the speech says that luck only supports those who have the courage. Others agree with him and he stops to compliment that it was a good evening and wishes everyone 'goodnight'. They shake hands and disperse in their own directions. The camera stays focused on Dinesh and his brother as Dinesh says that he will drop him. The man refuses and tells him to carry on. He agrees and they share a parting hug. The man pats Dinesh on the back and tells him to take care. He says he will.

The man smiles and walks towards his black car. He pulls out the keys and is just about to place the key in the lock but a bullet rings out and the glass of the window is shattered. The man falls to the ground beside the door and looks around, agitated. He pulls out his own gun and aims it into the air while rising slowly. He yells out if anyone is there but the next second, a phone rings out from within the car. The man turns to look at it but doesn't go further to take the call. Instead, he walks around the car in a crouched position, with his gun risen. He travels to the other side of the car and crouches down. 

He reaches inside the car and pulls the phone out and answers it. He yells a hello and on the other side of the phone, a man dressed in green shirt tells him that he never misses his aim. He tells him to consider this as a warning and then tells him further on that he should reveal the code to open his technological truck or else the next aim will be his brain. The man tells him if he has the guts, then he should reveal himself and then he will tell him that he also never misses an aim. 

The man who nearly shot him tells him to be quiet and not act smart. He asks him if he knows that money is not bigger than his life. The other man yells at him to shut his nonsense and slams the phone on the ground. He curses the man as a coward and claims that he has the audacity to give him a threat. Then, he looks around in pure anger. 

The other man dressed in green shirt calls up someone else and the camera focuses on an another man who sits in a shadow, smoking cigarette. He tells him to start Plan B and the man says 'okay, sir'. Later, the man's eyes are revealed. 


The scene shifts to the ETF team. Shree investigates a car with a bemused expression. A man clicks photographs while Shree observes the hole in the glass window caused by a bullet. He fires a red beam using his taser gun type device at the broken hole. Another man investigates for clues on the car, photographs are clicked and then Shree asks for the bullet. He picks up the bullet and investigates it closely. He talks to himself saying '3.55mm" at the bullet. 

The same man who got the threatening call last night tells Arjun that he does not cares about his own life but that nothing should happen to his Security Agency company. Rathore and Arjun listen quietly until Shree comes inside the room and tells them that the bullet that was fired at the man's car was 3.55mm. He goes on to explain that this rifle is only available to army soldiers. He tells them it is a very efficient rifle - very fast and more often used for aims that are far off in the distance. Intelligently, he comments that it also works in -60 centigrade conditions too while Rathore glares at him. Hesitantly, he says that he will give the rest of the information later. 

Rathore turns to the man and asks him what was being transported in that truck that it endangered your own life. The man sternly tells him that 130 crores in cash was going to be transported. Rathore repeats saying "130 crores in cash? Where was this money coming from and where was it being transported to?" 

The man says that it was coming from Citizen Star Bank and that it was being brought to it's branch. And that the responsibility of the money reaching there is his responsibility. He corrects himself saying that he means his Security Agency Company. Arjun claims, "The man who called you was asking for the security codes, so what are these codes?"

The man says that recently they have imported a technological truck and that the door of the truck can only be opened with a special security code. He gives an example of a password type lock. The man explains further that since he has signed this contract, this is the second warning he has received. He says that first time, he only received a phone call but this time there was a phone call with a bullet. 

Arjun asks, "Who knows about the contract?" The man replies, bemused that nearly everyone from Security Agency know about it. Rathore claims and predicts that perhaps there is a rival company of Security Agency and that they don't want Security Agency to fulfill the contract and therefore, they are giving fake warnings. Arjun stops him with a firm 'No.' 

He claims that if the bullet is real then it is possible that the warning is also real. Rathore throws another prediction at him saying that perhaps the company hired a professional gunman. Everyone is silent, deep in thought but Rathore changes the topic and tells the man that they will ensure the best for his security and asks him when the money is being transported. The man says tomorrow. 

Arjun asks, "What is the system of transporting money?"

The man says that every bank has a chest vault and that the money of small branches around the bank have their money deposited in the chest vaults. The man says that the money is safe inside the chest vaults and with the requirements of the ATM machines, the money is transported there. The man says that companies like his take the responsibility of taking the money from the chest vaults and transporting it to the branches. Then he says that first time he has received such a big contract. Arjun asks if they can see that truck. 


Outside the truck, Dinesh tells the guards that they need to stay alert on their duties. Arjun, Rathore, Shree and the man come towards them. The man asks him if everything is alright and Dinesh approves. Arjun eyes the guards with a blank expression while the man tells him that these are his trustful guards and that they go with the truck and money. Arjun folds his arms across his chest and listens to the man tell him that the doors and glass of the truck are bullet and bomb proof. He says that there are two GPS devices installed inside - one where the cash is loaded and the other in front at the cash board. 

Shree says that the truck can be tracked from the office. The man confirms that his claim is correct. He says that he will show them and leads them to the back of the truck. He types in the security code and opens the doors, steps in and points at the monitor telling them what it is. He says that the monitor always shows them the movement of their truck. He switches the monitor on and says that the green dot is the truck and with this, the driver can follow the planned route and that if there is any danger then the route can change too. The man says that with this the truck and the driver are always being watched. 

The man walks further in and points to the ceiling saying that it's an ultra alarm. He bends down slightly and presses a button and a typical police siren rings out. The ultra alarm flashes red on and off. Rathore and Arjun stare at each other with a strange look while Shree places his fingers in his ears. The man switches the siren off and says that at the type of danger, the siren lights off itself and that it's sound can be heard from 10 kilometers. The man says introduces the most important part of the truck; it's digital locking system. 

The man says that once the truck doors are locked, only someone who is aware of the truck's code can open the doors. He says that it is only him and Dinesh who know the code. Arjun looks at Dinesh suspiciously while the man comes forward and introduces Dinesh as the man who will not be with the truck but at the point where the money will be deposited. This means that in this way, the code and truck will never be together therefore if someone presses the wrong code, a siren will go off and they will be informed at their offices. The man says that they will be immediately informed where their truck is at that moment. 

Rathore tells the man to change the codes once again so that they can believe that it is only him and Dinesh who are aware of the codes. Almost instantly, Dinesh turns to look at the man with anger while the man nods and places a comforting hand on his shoulder. Arjun and Rathore observe and the man tells him that he will change the codes once again. Dinesh looks accusingly at Rathore. Arjun almost instantly asks Dinesh if something is the matter. 

Dinesh innocently claims that he is worried about the security of his brother. He says that those people have also fired a bullet but Rathore tells him to not worry as the ETF team is responsible for the security of his brother. Arjun looks straight ahead, deep in thought. Rathore tells Dinesh that his brother will be fine and Dinesh smiles tightly at his brother, slightly flushed. The man wraps an arm around Dinesh's shoulder and pats it three times. Arjun stares ahead, suspiciously.


At the ETF headquarters, Rathore moves the small red beam down a route on the map glued on the board. The rest of the ETF team sit on the table listening to him as he tells them that the truck will follow this route. Arjun plays with his pencil, silently as Rathore tells everyone that him, Shree and Riya will follow the truck in their SUV. Riya looks at Arjun with a hesitant look and asks him "Where he will be?"

Shree looks questioningly at her while Arjun tells her that he will be where he is supposed to be. Riya looks away embarrassed while Arjun points with his pencil at Rathore saying. "If both brothers are equal partners in the company then why is only one of them receiving threat calls?" Rathore looks at him confused but Chottu says that Vanraj Malik is the company's head and that he takes every decisions therefore he is receiving the phone calls. 

Rathore remarks that is he trying to imply if Dinesh is planning all of this. Arjun stops him with a firm 'No' saying that he already has the lock codes so why should he do this. Shree leans forward saying perhaps both the brothers are involved in this as the money belongs to the bank and is insured. Rathore stops him with a firm 'No' explaining that if they wanted to do this, then they would've done it discreetly and that they wouldn't come to the ETF for protection. Arjun approves and says that if it was the matter of not being under the suspicion, then they would've simply gone to a local police station to inform them about the phone calls.

Rathore looks at his watch and tells them to meet tomorrow for the plan of action. Everyone begin to rise, picking up files but Shree looks at Arjun who sits there and acknowledges him. He tells them to carry on and that he will join them shortly. Shree watches him leave and turns to Riya and Chottu saying that Arjun likes to ruin the plans. Rathore warns him with a firm 'Shree' and he sheepishly looks around. Chottu grins. Shree suddenly turns and holds his recording device to Riya asking a penny for her thoughts.

She smiles sweetly and says that her dad says that if a foolish person has got a scolding for his stupidity, then he shouldn't be told off again. Chottu claims that in front of some people you can't backbite about Arjun. Riya glares at him while Shree hides a grin. Riya stalks away angrily.


Arjun is on the phone. He tells Vanraj (Danish's older brother and whom I referred to as 'the man' here and there) that it is him, Arjun from the ETF and that he needs to carry out a task for him. The camera then focuses on sunrise and the truck drivers who are smoothly driving with a smile plastered on their faces. Two sit at the back with the cash and one speaks into his walkie talkie saying that 'Citizen' is on the way to Star Bank and that they will reach there in 15 minutes. The truck arrives and Rathore walks further and shakes hands with Vanraj. 

The ETF team are there and watch as the guards of the track get scanned for any objects on them. Another guard who did the checking speaks into his walkie talkie saying that all check and that they should send the container. Two guards bring out the container while a bald man stands beside it. Rathore walks up to him and introduces himself. The man says he is KV Chawla and that the responsibility of the bank's money is on him. He tells the guard to let Rathore check. They open up the container and money is piled up in it. Rathore nods in affirmation and tells them to close it.

Two guards walk towards them and one hands KV Chawla a file. He opens it and goes through it and then nods at him. The guard walks away. Rathore walks down the stairs with the guards who carry the container to the outside of the truck. Vanraj excuses himself from the guards and they walk away leaving him with the ETF team. Rathore takes off his glasses while Vanraj secretly enters the code into the truck's monitor. He then orders them to take the container inside the truck. 

Part Two coming up shortly. 

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Thanks so much. Missed today's episode. Do update part 2 ASAP.

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SAme here
Cintinue soon
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nice try waiting r the other,...
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waitng for next
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I very much appreciate u for giving us this long detailed update:-) thank U sooo much:-)
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hey thnx in's epi was the best one n ur WU is fab...:-) u must be tired writing such a long update..;-)

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thank you  very much for the update Smile

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