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Vampire story on both couples (LKNB) (Page 9)

Radharaday Goldie

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Posted: 03 October 2012 at 5:11am | IP Logged
 ll*FF:Love knows NO Boundaries*ll

Again I am saying ... please don't find logic in it. 

Part 2 - New Life

"There is only one option left to save the blood covered girl from dying by making her the bloody creature who craves for blood".

The starless night was covered with the dark shadows of the gloomy clouds. With passing milliseconds, the intensity of danger fallen upon Manvi's life was increasing. Only the blood which engulfed her body was sparkling in the lonely night.

Viren patted Manvi face hardly to make sure the stream of blood still flowing in her body which marked that she still have a little hope for survival. The part where Viren patted Manvi's face become redder and Viren lips curved to give a glowing smile showing his side corned fangs.

He lightly brushed the long and silky hair which were falling on her left shoulder and wiped away the blood stains from there not to make him yearning for the life saving fluid, the blood, of his lady love. Tear of red liquid not the salty one escaped from his bulgy eyes and immediately he sunk his fangs into her flash injecting the immortal potion.

He scooped the timid body of Manvi in his arms and murmured "Manvi now we are same to same".

Viren looked up at the sky with his trembling lips and shaky body. He never wanted to do this. The cruel twist of fate had forced him to become not only the bloody cruel creature which he already was but also the selfish beast.

He carried her to his house located at the deep wilderness where even a glimpse of sunrays can't enter. He laid her on the smooth and squashy sofa. Her eyes were tightly shut unaware of the things which were happening around her and the things which happened to her changing her life forever.

He sat next to her grasping her hands and rubbing them gently. He tightened his grip when the bitter past splashed on his mind. Those terrible memories which colonized his heart but never reached his mouth.  He swallowed the lump of terror forming on his throat. Now he won't let Manvi slipped from his hand again.

He reached his hand on her head and gently stroked it whispering "Manvi ' now god can't even separate us". Manvi opened her eyes instantaneously. As soon as she regained her senses, she mumbled "Virat" her love, her only heart which beats for wellness of their true love relationship. Viren abruptly removed his hand from her head. His whole body felt like blazed in the hellfire with anger when she began her new life with Virat's name. He folded his fingered and clenched to make them dense and rigid fists to punch the person whose name was planted on her lips.

She looked at the surrounding weirdly and after sometime her eyes fell on Viren's mouth which was traced with the blood of her own flesh. A desire to suck those lips and swigged a mouthful of red fluid with relish changed the life of Manvi totally. What she was and what she becomes. She tried hard to control her craving for those red stains but she was helpless. The attraction of red was drawing her towards his lips.

She breathed the air making a sound and groaned "I can't" then pushed the person in front of her with a great force. She was too quick at changing the decision; he didn't get a chance to shield himself from her anger. Her eyes filled up with the same red liquid which was responsible for that incident and now which is responsible for asking apology for the harsh manner of greeting her best friend. This red liquid had made her bloody creature as well as showed her inner beauty, her innocent heart which never allows her to hurt others.

Viren rushed towards her without any wound and cupped her face. She held her dizzy head which resulted in blurred vision. "Virat'.Virat" she whispered in hope that her love would come and give her shoulder to lean on.  Viren tapped her cheeks, squeezed and pinch to get her attention back.

She gave up and Viren upheld the burden of her body in his chest. Viren knew what was wrong. He again moved her body on the sofa and went to find the energy drink of Vampire kind.

After sometime, he came back with the bottle full of liquid filled with red pigments, the ENGERY drink. He poured down on her mouth and she consumed it with great pleasure. The blood flowed in her body giving energy to each and every cell. Suddenly she sat down with a jerk. She looked at the bottle in Viren's hand and screamed. Viren covered her mouth with his palm. She pulled away and saw the stains of blood in his palm.

Words didn't seem to come out of her mind. She pointed her finger to herself and saw her pale skin then screamed with terror again. She forced her eyes shut and her heart thudded dramatically against her chest.

"Wh'what's wrong with me?" she looked at Viren with questioning eyes and reading his eyes for answers.

She banged the sofa when she didn't get the answer. The girl who doesn't know the anger word earlier but now that word is ruling her life. He sat down next to her and touched her shoulder to calm her.

"Viren ' how can I drink that'that..." suddenly she didn't know how to pronounce blood.

Viren looked down at the floor unable to meet her eyes then blurted out "Coz you are a bloody creature, Vampire".

She moved away from him. Her world broke down in front of her eyes. She couldn't believe what she was hearing.

"You are joking right' I m a HUMAN being" she shouted still looking terrified that the nightmare everyone afraid to dream was becoming her reality. 

"Nah'not you not me" he shook his head negatively along with pleading eyes telling her to accept the truth. "I am a Vampire and everything about you clearly shows that you are also my kind' n I am responsible for that". 

All those memories came back to her. How Viren was afraid of Sun, how he refused to eat anything and his icy body. She had read in many books and even watched some movies. She was sure that he is a bloody creature but she didn't want to accept that she is too, The Bloody Creature. She had always wanted to see a vampire but what she doesn't know was that there will be a day when she will have to see her own refection to see a Vampire.

She clenched her teeth struggling for control but she couldn't and pushed him again. He was in front of her in less than a minute. He kneeled down. "Manvi there was no option left. You were dying if I didn't take this step to make you like me; you wouldn't be here right in front of me".

"I would be in the graveyard ' that's better than being in front of you like this' with this life" she groaned.  She pulled his collar and grumble "Why did you save me 'you bloody Vampire?" He gave an innocence look then said softy "for love".  

As soon as the word love entered her brain, it knocked all the senses. Her problem was not only drinking the blood of innocent creatures but far greater than that. Her Virat , he is a human being and she is a Vampire. She loosened her grip on his collar then fall down to the ground with a thud sound.

Viren tried to comfort her apprehensively. "Manvi' Manvi ' Are you ok? '. U need to listen the whole story then u will understand me, my pain, my love' Manvi" he rubbed her cheeks but she was lost in her world, her dream world which only belongs to Virat.


It was the first day at the Collage and Manvi was a first year new student with the timid age of 18 and naughty.

The announcement was made that The Student of the year will get scholarship. Manvi was very happy to hear that as she will not need spend all her saving in her further studies but the job was tough. She have to someone she wasn't. She has to be cool and obedient. She was determined to win but there was her obedient and shy opponent, Virat Vadhera. 

Those days had eaten her nerves but now this day is eating her.

"Hi Allah ' what a look" girls were drooling over shy and obedient Virat but he didn't pay heed to them.  He killed the desires to play with the sexy ladies because of the challenge that he made with his friends.

Manvi gave her shy look at Virat followed by seductive smile to captivate his heart. He just walked away making all her effort wasted.

Manvi groaned under her breath "Bacchu ' I won't let you win."

Virat smirked after seeing the priceless expression of Manvi from the corner of his eyes.

Virat whispered to himself "If there was no challenge thing, u wouldn't need to do that' I would be doing that' you sexy girl" making sure that no one heard him. He looked around and walked to his class room in the state of relieved that he wasn't caught this time too.

But Manvi was not a girl to accept the defeat immediately. She carried out her plan to remove his name from the student of the year.


The lecture was going on when Virat phone beeped. Thank to god that he put it on silent mode.

Manvi groaned looking at his evil smile casting on his face. She had taken such a dangerous step to know his number but all went in vain.

She got back to her senses when the lectures knocked her head with a marker. She looked up and gave a scared and cute smile. Then she noticed the constant ringing bell.

"Yeh' kiska bell baj raha hai?" she shouted but when she realized she is in the middle of the room and everyone gaze on her especially her lecturer, her eyes popped out from the sockets.

"Manvi don't you know the rule of this school?" the lecturer gave such a look that Manvi was already lacked of oxygen. She gulped down "Yes  ... Madam ' I know".

"Then why is your phone ringing ' don't you know it should be in silent mode" Manvi jaw dropped immediately.  She hesitantly looked at the beeping phone and wanted to throw it. "So..Sor'Sorry 'Madam' next time I will remember" "You better otherwise your name will be cut out" the lecturer gave a determined look and went back.

She silenced the phone but she couldn't silence the boiling blood which asked for revenge from the shy and obedient boy who was purposely ringing her phone. She gave evil eyes at him and he grinned.

"I have eagle eyes on you" she murmured softly which he caught and nodded smirking and giving a prove-it look.


Manvi was just fed up with everything and went to the washroom to be refreshed. She sprinkles some water on her face when she heard a weird sound in nearby boy washroom. The curiosity was killing her so she couldn't stop the feet approaching towards that room.

She couldn't believe what she saw, Virat the shy and obedient boy opening the bottle of Rum.

Manvi bite her lips in excitement and mumbled softly "ab bacchuu' ram naam jap loe". She took her phone which initially caused problem but now it is going to be a great weapon against her enemy. She started taking the video of the scene which revealed Virat's true identity.

"Virat" she called out lovingly. He abruptly put the bottle down and adjusted his neck-tie said "Jee" without looking at Manvi's direction. When he turned his head, "Jee" word lost its essence and suddenly he let out a quick shrieked of "Hee'" showing all his teeth.

Manvi smiled mischievously uttering "Hee ' Hee ' hee".

Virat touched his ears with both hands and his face turned misery along with pleading eyes he murmured "Naa'Naa'Naa". Manvi rolled her eyes holding the phone in her hand "Yaa'Yaa' Yaa".

Virat abruptly reached Manvi's feet and pleaded but nothing worked. Then he snatched the phone from her hand and put into the toilet.

"Yay 'Yay'Yay" he jumped while Manvi sobbed.


Manvi rested her head on Viren's shoulder and sniffed "Viren ' to buy that phone I had used all my savings ' U know how I have work hard to get that phone n if I don't get the title of student of the year, most probably next year I won't be able to attend Collage' I m dead ' I m finished" Viren tried to comfort her but she cried more. Virat heard their conversation and was heartbroken. He didn't know that the title means same as life to Manvi while he was just playing a game.

After a while, Virat kneeled down in front of them handing a new brand phone to Manvi. Manvi was shocked to see that. "I am really sorry ' I was just playing a game while it means a lot to you' sorry again'please take it" he handed the phone. At first Manvi was hesitant but later accepted with a big smile. Virat continued with a smile "Open the video and u will see the naughty Virat's videos which will lead you to the student of the year". Manvi opened the video folder and deleted all the videos then said "If I win, it should be because of my effort not somebody else' my eagle eyes are still on you" a smirk appeared on Virat after hearing her. "Toe friend?" Virat pulled his hand forward and she accepted his friendship.  That time marked the start of their evergreen journey of friendship which gradually changed into love.

As soon as their hands parted, she was parted from her past.

"Flashback ended".


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kusharberry IF-Sizzlerz

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it was such an awesome update please continue soon loved it very muchSmileClapStarLOLWink
.Anastasia. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 03 October 2012 at 5:50am | IP Logged
aussum update
speacially the flashback
omg curious to know what will happen next
chandana123 Senior Member

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Posted: 03 October 2012 at 5:52am | IP Logged
Loved the update!!
Especially the flashback part...
girl_rocks IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 03 October 2012 at 6:01am | IP Logged
and this was awsm...want to manvi to tell virat everything...
continue soon
ShivRajput IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 03 October 2012 at 6:15am | IP Logged
Wow... Wow... Wow... Awesome update... Vampire story... And flashback loved it.
Angeline124 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 03 October 2012 at 6:23am | IP Logged
Amazing part. Manvi, vampire and virat a human. Different story. Flashback is superb. Now Manvi should tell virat that she is a vampire. Poor manvi. Eagerly waiting for nxt update. Continue soon and thnx for the pm.

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Jannat94 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 03 October 2012 at 6:35am | IP Logged
hey wow amazing update
But feel sad for manvi, she become a vampire awww...
Loved the love triangle viren-manvi-virat
She asked for drink blood... And viren made her drink
Flashback was awesome shy virat in front of other and in alone he is handsome hunk
Lastly they become friend lovely
Thanx 4 d pm
Update soon

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