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Vampire story on both couples (LKNB) (Page 26)

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 ll*FF:Love knows NO Boundaries*ll

Ya I said i will be only updating after two months but when i got time i couldnt stop myself. Thx for commenting and liking.

Have fun.

Part 5 : Betrayed by destiny?

Lost faith in love, Virat sat down helplessly. People go and people come but his mind was left in that particular moment when his love was taking breathes of another man right in front of him. His heart burnt, his breath was snatched on that moment. He felt like his back was stabbed although she was doing it right in front of his eyes. To make it worst, she didn't even turn back. He thought no hell can snatch his happiness after knowing Manvi love him too but who knows his happiness would be snatched by his heaven, his Manvi.

Society says, 'Be a man. Don't cry. Show nothing. Keep it all on the inside'. Who the hell says that? Does that society have felt the way Virat had felt, betrayed by his one and only love? Boys are taught to keep silent. Bottle their anger. Conceal their grief. Does someone know they do have that damn heart which feels pain? There are wounds that never show on the body that are deeper and more hurtful than anything that bleeds. That's the pain in the heart. He felt like taking out the heart from his body and showed her and replaced her heart with his. Then only she will know how does it feel when u betrayed someone u love most.

His eyes were tired of letting go of that salty liquid from his chocolate almond eyes. How dare she make him like this? If she was going to break that heart why did she accepted his love and made him dream those dreams which were broken by her own hands. "Manvi, it is not fair, not fair. You are not fair" Virat murmured with his quivery lips and shaky voice.  The bell rang. His heart beat doubled thinking that he will have to meet that betrayer. His mind was telling him not to attend the class but his heart, it was shouting out loud to meet her. The heart has its reasons that the mind knows nothing of. He was confused whether to listen to his heart or his mind. His eyes yearned to see her angelic face, his ears yearned to hear her honey voice and his heart wants to feel her heart beats. In the battle between the heart and the mind, the heart won as the eyes and the ears are with it.


"So you want me to go, leaving you here alone. Can you stay without me?" Manan asked his fianc.

Manan Malik -He is the fianc of the lady killer and he is also a doctor.

Jeevika tied the last knot of Manan's neck-tie "Darling, I will miss you like hell. Papa is not here so I need to be here, u know I can't stay a minute without you". Manan leaned forward and pecked a kiss on her forehead, "And you know I can't breathe a second without you". Jeevika pulled his tie and looked directly into his eyes "Let's see u will come dead or alive, coz you will be away from me not a second but a day" she said in a serious tone then chuckled after finishing. Manan thought for a while making a silence then after a while "84000 times" he shouted in a high pitch voice. Jeevika placed her hand over her heart "Gosh' u frightened me".

Manan encircled her waist with his hand and pulled her towards him "Don't be frighten now, u should be frighten when I die 84000 times in your love". Jeevika punched his chest and rested her head on his chest "Don't you dare. I can't lose u once, u are talking about 84000 times." Manan kissed her hair "Darling I can't breathe a second without you, so it is about the day and there is 84000 seconds in a day. I will die each second." "Liar, u think I will believe you" she joked. "U better otherwise who knows what will happen with me, may be worst than dead" Jeevika placed her finger on his lips signaling him to stop. "Don't say anything. Nothing can go wrong with you coz my love is too strong" Manan kissed her hand "So do mine".


 "You are fine nar?" Viren asked Manvi who was crying like hell. She abruptly hugged him "Viren, what will Virat think? Will he think I betrayed him? Will he think I don't love him? No ' Viren, I love him'. I love him '. I love him." Viren pulled Manvi's face forward and cupped it "Manvi 'listen" Manvi broke down again and started crying out loud. Betray; the word is too strong. One felt betrayed by his love where the truth is something else and another felt she betrayed him that's not the truth too. The truth was no one betray but the destiny. Destiny forced her to betray him. That's why people say just believe the half of what you see. There was only half truth. Yes they kissed but the other half betray, that's not the truth.

Viren shook her body "Manvi ' will you STOP?" he shouted unable to bear his love in pain. He was sad because his love was crying and partly happy because he thought now Virat won't interfere in his and Manvi life. But who knows, what if destiny interferes in his and Manvi life?

He slowly wiped away her tears from her face promising him that he will never let her shed a drop of tear from now onward. But who knows, her life onward was immersed in the ocean of tears? "Manvi, I still love you" he said bluntly. Manvi looked up at him awkwardly. How can she break her friend heart again? How should she made him realized that no matter what her heart only belongs to Virat? How should she say it again, she can't love him? She moved towards him and placed her hand on his face. "Viren, don't run after something which can never be caught by you. May be destiny doesn't agree that I should be yours. That's why it is snatching me from you again and again. May be there is someone better than me who can shower you endless love. May be that person is searching you" she said calmly. Viren smiled rudely. "I have only one heart and that's I have already given you. There is no chance for another love. And I believe in one life, one love".  Viren walked away angrily.

When he walked away, her heart felt like it has been pierced with many nails. Her armor, the protective covering which was saving her from all the troubles went along with him. The boundary which he made to save from her all the troubles seemed like broken. She is incomplete without both Virat and Viren. They two are like her two nostrils. With one nostril, u will have breathing difficulties but still u can breathe. But now both her nostrils are blocked, how can she breathe properly or even breathe? She closed her eyes tightly, tried of rejecting her best friend love and her love being rejected by her. She opened her eyes slowly "Viren if u believe in one life, how did I was reincarnated 3 times. This law has broken, I m waiting for another law about love to be broken and that day will be my happiest day." She heard the bell rang. She made up her mind and ready to attend the class if it even means facing his anger. She was born to be strong and she will prove that she is strong no matter the heart wrenching circumstances created by the cruel destiny.


Manvi saw him sitting there right next to her seat. His smell still making her crazy and dizzy. She held her head with both her hands and breathed deeply. She looked at the irritated lecturer who was waiting for her to step inside the classroom. "Manvi, are you planning to listen to the lecture from the doorstep?" the lecturer asked sarcastically this made everyone's attention on Manvi even Virat. He looked at her. He wished to hold her hand and made her sit on her seat which is right next to his seat. But when he remembered what had happened this morning, his dream shattered and he looked at her disgustingly.

He closed his eyes and saw the image of Viren kissing Manvi. Manvi didn't kiss Viren. She was about to kiss him. He realized that it was not Manvi's fault, it was Viren's fault. He smiled at Manvi and moved from his seat. He walked towards her. How can he suspect his lady love? He was being a child. His stepped closer to Manvi's.

Somehow Manvi could say something in defense "Sir, I want to change the place. I don't want to sit next to Virat". Virat's legs frozen after hearing her words. His smile was lost again. She was controlling her heart beats as well as her desires to bite those juicy lips. Her heart seemed like it would burst out at any time. "Lady, I warned you from the start. You can't change the seat." the lecturer added annoying. Manvi's eyes swelled up. She can't be a strong girl. She can't act anymore. She ran away from the room crying.


She ran and ran and ran until the darkness covered her whole body. She was in the deep forest where no glimpse of light can enter. She threw herself on the swampy ground, the blood trickling down from her dark black eyes. She knew how much she had hurt him by just saying she can't sit next to him. "Why god? Why? Why did you made me this creature which had no life nor no death, which cant enjoy life nor grief over death. Why did you choose this type of life for me? Are you hearing me?" She shouted looking up at the sky "No' u aren't, if you were listening to me then this would not come".  She slapped her mouth with such an energy that it bleed. "This mouth deserves that. How dare you said those words which hurt Virat?". She took a deep breath and wiped her tears.

She touched her lips "he had kissed me on this lips and made my life a beautiful dream but what had this lips gave in return, those harsh words which tore his heart?". "You should make a habit of betraying him" said a cold voice from behind. She looked behind saw an unfamiliar image. "Who are you?" she asked. "I have come here to make you understand that u cant love a human being and if u don't understand then your game finished!" he said coldly. Manvi looked at him confused. He smiled and brought his hand forward "Hi ' I m manan , the future son-in-law of the head of Vampires". Manvi reluctantly did a hand shake. He smiled slightly "Toe manvi , U will stop meeting him right?" he asked her formally. Manvi heart stopped. How can she think of stop meeting him? She would die. If she is doing to die in both ways, why not die after seeing him.

"Nah' I will only die after seeing him" she said smiling. He couldn't control his anger. "Then be ready to take your last breathe" he approached towards her opening his mouth. She was welcoming her death with a smile on her face and Virat in her mind. She closed her eyes tightly to see the flashbacks of her and Virat together. She couldn't feel any pain any many seconds. She thought Vampires don't feel pain but when she opened her eyes, her armor was saving her. Her Viren, her best friend he was risking his life to save hers. 

"You will snatch my Manvi" Viren shouted. "You see her with these evil eyes" he shouted angrily. Viren put his hand inside his eye sockets and took out his eye balls. Manvi shouted with terror. She dare not look at what's happening in front of hers.

"I will never spare those eyes which had evil plans for Manvi." He shouted. He reached for Manan's hand. "These hands'." Manvi hugged Viren tightly stopping him from doing anything. She knew if she shouted or tried to stop him, they would be wasted. That was only the way to calm the angry Viren. "Please for me, spare him, please, for the sake of love you feel for me" she whispered. Viren took a deep breath and kicked Manan's body "Run as much as u can and don't ever come back".


Jeevika was fuming with anger after seeing Manan's condition. "I will never spare you Viren. Get ready for the revenge!" she shouted angrily. 


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OMG!!!! Amazing updaete..! loved Virman sadness and virens trying hard to keep maanvi in control..n the towards the end love jeevika...she coming for revenge...continue soon@!

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wow beautiful update cont soonSmile

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wow beautiful update cont soonSmile

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Gosh it was amazing loved it

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omg radha super duper update
i really liked ur upd...hey dr manans entery...hmmmn nyc
rads u explained evrything very beautifully especially virman sadnessBroken Heart
 my poor virmanCry,,,,,, radha plzzz yar dont do this with my virman...jaldi jaldi patchup krwado dono kaTongue
i vl wait for ur updDay Dreamingplzzz update soon
rads claps fo ur awesum updClapClap
thanks for the pmHug

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amazing update

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res ...
(will unres tomorrow )

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