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Vampire story on both couples (LKNB) (Page 2)

Radharaday Goldie

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Posted: 18 September 2012 at 10:59pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by nishal_fan

nice concept 
waiting for next part
don't forget to pm me

Thank you! will never forget Smile

Radharaday Goldie

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 ll*FF:Love knows NO Boundaries*ll

Note: I am not from India so I don't know anything about India landscape. I have chosen Shimla for my story but I don't know any geography and climatic features of it. So I will just create my own to fit my story so please don't find logic in it.

Note 2: The story is full of illogical things. So please don't find logic the story too. Just put your brain aside while reading it. Enjoy the new land of Virman and Virika, dark and dreamy.  Sorry if I disappoint you.

Part 1 - The beginning or the end?

"Life begins with the smile on his face and life ends with the blood covering her face"

Shimla:  A place where Sun rarely shows its mercy and the place which is blessed with forests. In winter the land is blanketed by the clear white snow reflecting the purity of the place. The place where there is no violence. The innocence is all around. Peace is flowing like water never stopping nor ending. Although the place is blessed with many things, Sun is it's cursed. Sun never showered the Shimla with happiness through its rays. In winter, Sunrays was far away, sometimes Sun can't be even seen. Most summer, Sun gives a little hope to Shimlaians(the people who live in Shimla).

Like everyone there was one person, Virat Vadhera cursing the Sun for its cruelty.


Virat Vadhera ' the handsome hunk of the town who conquered millions of girls' heart but his heart is made for one in a million, the sweet and bubbly Manvi ; the one piece that's what he like to call her. 

Virat stylishly removed the curtain and opened the glass window. Looking at the dark surrounding without the shade of sunrays and murmured disappointedly "Oh Sun today u have to come out to make my best day perfect!" He closed back the window and drew up the curtain.

 A shock wave invaded his head. He scratched his head to stop it but no it had already invaded. "What if? What if it doesn't turn out to be the best then the perfect is out of question".

He sat down on his bed feeling desperate. Why can't god see positive vibe entering his brain? Whenever something positive comes, negative follows it with. As if positive is a driver and negative is sitting at the passenger's seat.

Then he set out for the Collage to turn his best day into perfect but he wasn't even sure it will be best or not.


After the final touch up, Manvi Chaudary finally took off her eyeballs from the beautiful mirror-image of her own. She smiled gleefully satisfied with the product she had been producing since morning to impress someone special and muttered "Perfect!" 

Manvi Chaudary ' she is famous for her bubbly trait. She is adorable when it comes to helping someone. She loves animals and hates those who injure them. Her charm had captivated hearts of two handsome hunks unknown to her

 She wrapped her scarf around her neck and flipped her bag then stepped out of the doorstep ready for the new beginning of the day at the Collage. She locked the door as she is living alone. Her parents died when she was young and she was brought up in an orphanage. When she turned eighteen, she took her responsibilities by herself and started doing part time job as well as attending Collage. Two years gone and she had become much more matured when it comes to working but when it come to time pass she is the same and old bubbly and naughty Manvi.

She was just taking out her bicycle from the parking zone when she heard the irritating horn reverberating on her back. Groaning she turned back with her angry face to see a handsome young man, Viren Oberoi

Viren Oberoi ' If Virat is handsome hunk of the town, Viren is cute and dashing boy of the town. His charm has attracted many girls but he never takes advantage of that. He is a loner until he met Manvi Chaudary. He gets along with her very well.

He pulled out his hand from the car's window and shouted sweetly with his attractive tone "Hello!". A big smile appeared on Manvi's face. She dashed towards him. "Hop in" he said unlocking the door of the car.

As soon as she was under the roof of his car, she hugged him and whispered "Thank you" then parted her from him. The time just froze for him due to her closeness this went unnoticed by Manvi. She smiled and started searching something on her bag "You know what' If you haven't come, I would be late for the Collage' That bicycle really sucks". Her sweet and charming voice has woken him from his dream. He smiled at her then started the engine. "I knew that ' everything about you sucks" he said biting his lip challenging her for the small quarrel which had become a habit for both of them. Stilling making her bag messier with her searching thing "I know everything about me sucks but u know what ' u sucks". He started laughing as his challenge didn't go in vain. The day won't be good if it is not started with challenging Manvi Chaudary. He loves that naughty side of Manvi.

"There it is!" she shrieked when she had found the thing that she was into for a long time. "Chocolate again" he said sarcastically as this had become habit of her eating chocolate in the morning. Raising her eyebrow "Ya ' what's wrong in that? We should start a day with something sweet". She opened the cover and started chewing the chocolate. She looked at him and smiled evilly; handing another chocolate to him "You want one". He shook his head "no". Laughing out loudly "I knew that no was coming' I knew that". He looked at her amazingly "Are you crazy?" She closed her eyes smiling then opened again. "May be ' tell me why don't you like chocolate?"  She said patting the window as if she knew the answer. "Diabetes!" he said softly. "Then I guess the whole world might have died of diabetes' Viren come up with some logical answer yar' I have never seen u eating anything, sometime I guess how do u even survive?". He looked terrified. His pale skin turned paler. He took tired to take it as a joke "U will never change hun?" . She looked weirdly at him and pointed her finger to him "Me or you?". Giving confused look "What's wrong with me?". Making a face "U never change' u know you are always on your sweet eighteen although you are more than twenty now. Your face didn't change a bit since I have seen you two years ago.. n u r telling me I never change". Viren pulled out something from his bag "Maybe the magic of this one" he said giving mischievous smile. "Fair and handsome" she nodded her head and pulling her lower lip forward "maybe".

Just when they were passing the Collage gate, a boy on knees slipped towards them. As the road was slippery, it was great advantage for him but for the driver it was such a difficult task to apply break at short span of time. Manvi was holding her breath with terror. Finally Viren was successful in applying the brake "Thank god otherwise this Virat would have gone up".  "Wow' what a dare!" Manvi murmured looking at Virat adorably. "U think it is a dare? Manvi ' it is crazy not dare!" he said sarcastically but she didn't give any heed to him as her attention was only on Virat Vadhera.

Virat pulled out the rose from his back. Kneeling down and holding the rose, he sung

"Ohh O Ohhh
Manvi, Come, Stand By My Side
Come N Be My Guide In Life
O I Will Be What You Want Me To Be
I Will Give All My Love In Whole Of My Life"

Manvi smiled at him and Virat was sure it is going to be the best day but for perfect he still needs to wait. He looked up at the sky and cursed the Sun. Manvi titled her eyebrow then he continued again with his seductive smile.

"Ohh One piece, ohh meri one piece

Tumhein Dekhta Hoon To Sochta Hoon Bas Yehi
Tum Jo Mera Saath Do
Sare Gum Bhola Ke 
Jee Lu Muskuraake Zindagi"

Manvi was moving from her place. Viren grabbed her hand. "Ouch  ... it is so cold" she tried to freed her hand. "Please don't go" he requested with pleading eyes. She smiled genuinely this showed how happy she was. All the morning she was preparing herself to impress this guy and this guy is all set to impress her. What more a girl wants? This was probably her best and new beginning. She shook her head "No Viren ' I need to  ... I love him".

By looking at the tangled hands of Viren and Manvi, Virat got jealous and started to sing with high pitch voice.

"I Get This Feeling Now
I Cannot Wait No Longer
I Know Your Love Will Keep Me Happy
Will Keep Me Stronger
I Get This Feeling Now 
I Cannot Live Without You
I Know Your Love's The Only One So True"

Viren slowly loosen the grip and Freeing every bond and not caring about the others she stepped her feet towards her dream boy with a smile showing the excitement. She rushed to him without waiting a second as she was desperately waiting for this moment for about two years.  Virat smiled with relive. Two years, yes two years he had been planning to do this but he was coward. Coward of losing her. He thought if he took this step and she didn't feel anything for him then not love but their friendship too will be at risk. But today, he pulled out all the strength from the different parts of the body to his mouth in form of a song to present his feeling for her.

She was right in front of him looking at him without flapping her eyes. He stood up and just could stare at her hazel eyes which gave him the answers that she does too. He brought his hand forward and presented her his heart through red rose which is beautiful like his heart, which is red like the blood flowing in his hearts yearning for her love, which really looks nice on her like him and her together make a picture perfect. She grabbed it and smelled it then whispered "I love it".

He looked away from her feeling ignored. She cared for the rose not his emotion.

Smiling at him loving and pulling his face to face her then she mumbled "I love the person who presented me with this lovely rose to make my best day and a new beginning". A smile bloomed on his lips curving it, craving the person opposite for a kiss. "R u sure?" he asked excitedly. She flapped her eyelids then nodded "This is the thing I am most sure about". He pulled her by her waist without caring about the group of people enjoying the romantic scene and one person who was totally disgusted with what he was seeing that's none other than Viren Oberoi.

"True ' today is my best day Virat!" she hugged him. He kissed her hair softly controlling his emotions "Look it has become perfect". Everyone looked up at the sky where the early Sun rose showering the Shimalians with sunrays. Sun seemed to be tired of Virat's scolding. "Waa.. Virat .. our perfect day..Sun seem to bless us" Manvi said looking at the stunning sky with the sunrays scattered all over. "No one dare to challenge Virat Vadhera!" then he pecked at kiss on her cheek. Manvi cheek started to glow with baby pink colour.

To cover up her pinkish cheek, she tried to make an excuse not to draw up Virat attention on her glowing cheek "Virat .. where is Viren?". Virat smiled knowingly "He has problem with Sun. When the whole Shimla is praying for Sunrays, he is the one person who is running away from it". "Ya .. that's ture" Manvi nodded as she had also noticed how Viren hated Sun and its rays.


It was evening, the Collage ended. Virat was ready to send Manvi back home with his bike while Viren reached there.

Viren pulled Manvi's hand angrily "Manvi ' u have got lover so u forgot me.. your best friend". Manvi looked at Viren with shocked expression. He had never behaved like that. "Viren .. No ' how can' I for' forget you" she shuttered while saying this due Viren's eyes getting redder. Virat thought it was about their friendship so he stayed silent.

Viren smiled knowing that he had frightened Manvi enough. "Sorry' I wasn't trying to be rude but please give me the liberty to drop you home today' please" he begged like a child. "Ok" Manvi smiled with relieve then glanced at Virat with a sorry look. Virat smiled and zoomed away with his bike.

Manvi sat on his car feeling nervous. This is what she had never felt before whenever she sat on Viren's car. Viren started the engine and speeded up. At a matter of few seconds, the car crushed and Manvi fainted. She couldn't feel anything nor did she know what had happened. Before closing her eyes, she saw her picture perfect moment with her boy, Virat then murmured "Virat". After that her eyes closed. Her whole body was engulfed with the blood which was leaking  from her head and other parts of her body. Her face couldn't be trace as it was covered with the blood.

Viren abruptly pulled her from the broken car. Her damaged head was on his lap. He couldn't face her not now when he forced to take her with him. He moved her wet hair aside then packed a kiss on her forehead. His eyes become redder. Blood started to flow out of it like tears.

He screamed "No more!" 

He shook his head "NO more Manvi .. no more .. I wont let you go away from me not this time and no more".

He pulled her hand "I know doctors cant save but Mavni" sniffing " I can' ya I can ' I will use my power 'ya power and make you mine forever' FOREVER" he shouted.


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oooh...I like this. Please continue...and add me to ur PM list.

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chandana123 Senior Member

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Posted: 19 September 2012 at 1:28am | IP Logged
Wow!! So viren is a vampire???
Great.. .I Love it... 
Plz pm the next time u update

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avika26 IF-Dazzler

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Hey something new dear. .hope he doesnt make manvi vampire . .continue sn

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 wow superb update Clap                                                                                                                                                                          i like it
hope manvi will be okay

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Radharaday Goldie

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Originally posted by chandana123

Wow!! So viren is a vampire???
Great.. .I Love it... 
Plz pm the next time u update

Thanks! so u know Viren is Vampire nowWink it was supposed to be a secrete 

Radharaday Goldie

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Originally posted by avika26

Hey something new dear. .hope he doesnt make manvi vampire . .continue sn

U think so so wont make Manvi vampire?? SmileThanks for the comment 

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