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:: AarYan Express #4 : Main Kya Karoon ::

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AarYan Express #4 
Main KyKaroon


Summary of the Week : Visha_Dhami
Scene of the week : Jyothi06
Awww Moment of the week : Predator
Funny Scene of the week : KinSanj
Best Dressed Character of the week : Jyothi06
Romantic Scene of the week : Amanda_18
Best Performance of the week : Amanda_18
Dialogue of the week : Visha_Dhami
OMG! What were they thinking? Moment of the week: Amanda_18
Picture of the week : KinSanj
Prediction of the week : -Predator-
Most Irritating Character/Scene Of The Week : abhiya_crazyluv
Hottie of the week : Saraa
Blooper of the Week : Visha_Dhami
Siggy of the week : burningdesire88
Avi of the week : burningdesire88
Icon of the week : Aanchal
Shocker of the week : PriyaxBassi
VM of the Week : Aanchal
FF/OS of the week : *Piku*

Aaryan Newsletter Banner Credits : -Stutz-
Category Title Credits : -Stutz-
Winning Siggies Credits : burningdesire88
AarYan Newsletter Team Siggy Credits : burningdesire88

Welcome Shelcome , pheww.. Time does pass by so fast right? I remember working on the 1st NL and so fast we are now at our 4th EditionAnd yes, we shall keep this going and going. We had a roller coaster week with many incidents and Barfi entering (yeah, the song this time is from Barfi and matches the situation right? LOL)

And not to forget, my dearest AarYan News Letter Team. Thanks for all the time and contribution given to make this NL a sparkling one and here you go, a siggy/name card LOL to show that you are part of the NL Team Hug

http://dl5.glitter-graphics.net/pub/638/638145bltz6zqhdo.gif Regards,



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10 September 2012

Aarti and Yash are at Essel World with the kids and Aarti is scared to see the ride and holds Yash's hands while closing her eyes which Yash looks at. Once the kids are done with their ride, Yash asks Aarti to go for the big ride but Aarti keeps giving reasons and Yash manage to convince Arti to get on the ride which Aarti is afraid of. Ansh in meanwhile goes looking for toiley and Sunita who is Aarti's friend meets Ansh and asks how is he here and Ansh says that he is here with his Papa and Mama and Sunita wonders how come has Prashant changed and being a responsible person now and Sunita goes to meet Aarti and is shocked Ansh calls Yash as Papa. Yash updates that they have re-married.

Aarti is shocked to see Sunita and tries avoiding Sunita fearing she might tell the truth about Prasant being alive and Yash gives his card to Sunita. Shobha asks Aarti to call to Sunita and clarify if did she informed anything to Yash and Sunita updates that she initially was not happy of Aarti's re-marriage but she later understood the circumstances and in a guilt, she had called in to the farm house and left a message which went on the answering machine. Aarti informs Sunita that Yash doesn't knows about the truth and Aarti says that she needs to tell the truth to Yash and leaves. Shobha calls to Dubey to inform and she hears Prashant's voice and Dubey says that Prashant is his son and what will happen to Aarti if Yash doesn't accepts her?

11 September 2012

Shoba is shocked and scolds back Dubey on how could he accept back Prashant after all he has done and Aarti has now moved on and she loves Yash and as they talk, the kids comes to Shobha and asks for Arti and Shobha updates that she has gone to meet Yash and do they want to meet him too and they leave while Dubey accompanies them. There is a ganpathi procession going on to which Aarti looks at the idol and ganpathi prayers is being done at the Scindia's house. Aarti faints and falls to which Dubey, Shoba and the kids rush to Aarti's aid and brings her to hospital.

Upon reaching the hospital, the doctor informs that Aarti is pregnant and Aarti is shocked. Shobha is happy and says that god has now given her a link between her and Yash and Aarti says she don't remember when has this taken place and wonders if will Yash accept the child. They now reach back home where Shobha updates that god had now given a sign that Yash and Aarti's relationship is unbreakable and as they discuss, someone knows the door and its Papa Scindia and Gayatri where they had came to meet the kids. Gayatri asks where is Aarti and Shobha says that she is in her room and Gayatri goes to meet Aarti while Aarti is in deep thoughts.

12 September 2012

Gayatri comes to meet Aarti and says she is sorry for suspecting Aarti with Aman and requests Aarti to return home soon and bring back the happiness of the family and Gayatri also updates about her operation. Papa Scindia conveys his same wish of Aarti returning home and leaves. Yash gets angry when he hears Ram Dulhare singing 'Jai Jai Shiv Shankar' song to which Vidhi asks why is Yash getting angry for such a small thing and Yash leaves. 

Aarti is walking on the strets and Barfi (Ranbir Kapoor) comes seeing Aarti looking sad and tries his best to cheer her up and he plays 'Jai Jai Shiva Shankar' song and Aarti thanks Barfi as he solved a big problem of her and hugs Barfi and Barfi leaves indicating her to smile always. Aman comes over to Aarti's house and Aarti updates that she feels one kind when she hears the 'Jai Jai Shiva Shankar' song and Aman laughs saying yes, because they both were in different world and high due to drinking bhang and Aarti gets a flashback. Aarti and Yash prays and they are offered Bhang which Aarti drinks first and Aman challenges Yash to drink and Yash starts drinking and both of them are high and they start dancing for the song.

13 September 2012

Both Aarti and Aman are dancing for the 'Jai Jai Shiva Shankar' song while Aman is recording it on Aarti's mobile and Aman asks if Aarti had not seen it on her mobile? Aarti connects her mobile to her laptop and plays the video and watches the video of Aarti and Yash talking while they both were drunk. Aarti then asks Aman to leave and greets him bye and as Aman leave, the light goes off. Its raining and Aarti lights up the candle and start playing in the rain. Yash comes and sees Aarti playing in the rain and looks at Aarti.

Yash then splash the rain water on Aarti and they both play and as Aarti leaves, Yash holds Aarti's saree and he carries Aarti in his arms.

14 September 2012

Aarti recalls her consummation with Yash and she wants to leave to meet Yash and discuss about it but Shoba stops her citing that its night and to give Yash more time and Aarti asks how long more does she needs go wait and its about her honot now and Yash can't leave her now that she is pregnant and Shoba says she don't want Aarti's child to be like Ansh and grow up without Yash's love and Aarti agrees. Yash is practicing boxing and in anger, he breaks the boxing bag.

Papa Scindia calls to Vidhi and asks how is everything and Vidhi updates that everyone here is fine while Paridhi thanks Vidhi for not revealing about her shooting and Vidhi tries putting in some sense into Paridhi but Paridhi says she knows what she is doing and she herself will speak to Papa once he returns. Aarti comes to the Scindia's house to meet Yash which Aarti updates that she has found out the reason to Yash's anger and wants to meet Yash and Prateek brings Aarti to a boxing club where Yash gets hit and falls down and Aarti runs to him and Yash leaves upon seeing Aarti.

This week Best Scene undoubtedly goes to Aarti-Yash Foreplay followed by Consummation moment when both are seen getting intimate for the first time in a beautifullly melodious song hum toh haare mahiyaa ve and later to hui mein parineeta ...

A standing ovation to the Cameraman for this visually stunning scene  .. What brilliant piece of work throughout the scene .. wowww ClapClapClap..Also a spl mention for the song selection ... Its perfect since the song says how a man finally looses his heart out going against his own set-up principles and thats what exactly happens when Yash finally looses his heart to Aarti ... So hum to haare song is perfect in this entire scenario Star..Gurmeet and Kratika take a bow .. they can create sizzling chemistry with just those bedroom looks , body language and overall feel ... ufff loved it Day Dreaming...

Yash was completely leading the whole scene here .. Aarti realised that Yash hates rains and so she was ready to go inside  but its Yash who stopped Aarti and then  when Yash passionately said "I m beginning to love rains" and throws those drops of water on her face giving her that desireful passionate bedroom look was brilliantly captured .. ufff ufff ufff Day Dreaming...



Aarti was pleasantly surprised to see the change in Yash but even then she kept her control and was ready to go off but this time Yash grabs her saree pallu and then carasses her arms seductively and picks her up in his arms with full authority Day Dreaming...So in short Yash initiated the whole foreplay act before the consummation ... Aarti neither tried to seduce him nor did she tell Yash anything about her feelings ... Its Yash who went all mad watching Aarti playing with rain drops and it was his intense passion and desire for her which suddenly came out in open and he lost all control Big smileBig smile

Best moments in the entire foreplay scene has to b Yash grabbing her saree pallu , Yash throwing rain drops on Aarti with that desireful look in his eyes , Yash carassing Aarti's arms and then finally picking her up in his arms ... Wonderfully executed scenes ClapClapClap..And what complimented more was the overall direction and camera work ... the entire atmosphere with white curtains , candles , rain , Aarti in pink saree  ..everything looked beautifull Star

Parineeta consummation  part was equally  beautiful the way Yash carries Aarti in his arms to the bedroom and then before lying down , the way he carasses her long hair was really sensuous ... Loved GC and KS's perfect expressions there Embarrassed..

Overall the consummation of Aarti-Yash was visual brilliant and aesthetically shot Clap


We all know what was the Awww moment of the week right? Starting with Essel World when Aarti holds Yash's hands in fear and when she says that when Yash ji is with her, she has nothing to fear and the news of Aarti's pregnancy was another awww. Moving on to the flashback, when Aarti and Yash were at the Mandir and as they walk, a guy kinda pushes Aarti and as she is about to fall, Yash grabs her. And of course, the whole scene after the bhang scene was then history which we area all talking about now Smile

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The Mumbai flashback scenes this week were filled with fun and love. Though the  Essel World sequence and the Jai Jai Shiv Shankar was Hilarious and a treat for us to watch, but I believe most members here like I surely enjoyed the scene post the JJSS sequence.

Yash and Aarti completely high on bhang having the most random conversation ever, Yash Ji's pointy nose LOL

A small written update of this scene

Yash and Aarti sitting on the couch and are completely under the influence of bhang. Yash tries to say something but is a little hesitant, but laughs it off by saying "nothing." Aarti had some hope that yash was finally going to confess his love for her, but was left disappointed.

Then comes the main highlight of this scene. Yash Ji's Nose which aarti points out LOL Yash funnily looks at his nose and agrees with Aarti that his nose is indeed really pointy and sharp ROFL and tells her that perhaps this is why she calls him "Akdu" when Aman laughs about it, Aarti asks aman how he even dared to laugh at her yash ji and pushes him out that door as he was being a kebab mein haddi in between this couple LOL

13th September 2012

This week Best dressed character goes to Aarti Scindia who looked stunning in both Blue and Pink Sarees with open hair ... Her charms work wonders on Yash this week EmbarrassedEmbarrassed...

 A simple holiday trip to Mumbai, Yash & Aarti along with there kids enjoy everything mumbai has to often, But something unexcepted happened which made yash angry which we have been dicussing for weeks about however this week in Punar Vivah the answer is reveal to why Yashu is so angry in a very Romantic way.

Special welcome to all Readers & my lovely PVians to this week AarYan Express, My section here, is a bit long as i am sure all are aware of why is that so? Since this week marks a very new beginning in Yash & Aarti life, a new start on there Punar Vivah, Something that add significant to there Re marriage.

This week, all Punar Vivah lovers were excited, there were falling off there couch, this was the moment that all waited for, the moment that all eargerly waited clicking the channel from advance, making sure they will not miss not a single move, some even rewatch the episode countless times.That special moment, that special feeling, that first time, the unforgettable evening, when 2 individual bombored in a holy bond of marriage for the sake of there children & family, took another step in there marriage live and consumate there marriage. After there Punar Vivah, now it time for the sugaraat..., 

The atmosphere was just right, Both Yash & Aarti were both drunk, they had an overdose of bhaang. The rain was falling very hard, the breeze was just right blowing very clamly, the lights were off so the candle were lit, so beautiful bright. And the Background song was prefectly picked.Embarrassed OMG, There was nothing left out. Yash saying he loves rain, (he has changed), they both hugged each other, as aarti left yash hold on to aarti sari back and then he lift her off the groundEmbarrassed(oh my, sooo romantic).., and then carried her to the room the door closed, then he...,EmbarrassedHe then open her blouse, then took off his vest(Yikeees)EmbarrassedDay Dreaming. He pushes her hair back and then made her lie down on the bed, he kisses her hands then he slowly, slowly move forward besides her and kisses her on her neck...Embarrassedthen...then the candle goes of...Angryand end of the sugaraatCry. but my dear reader it was wonderful...,very wonderful...,.Embarrassedas there is result, Aarti is pregnant..,WinkOne night was all it took..,LOLEmbarrassed
The big and the best ever Romantic Moment In Punar Vivah, Finally Yash & Aarti Punar Vivah bear some furits.., That will last for a lifetime.
{If you are drinking something reading, if not grab something to drink, & "let's cheer to A New Beginning in Yash & Aarti live"}
Some other romantic moment of this week was at essel world, Aarti afraid of the rollercoster, and just keeping holding on to YashEmbarrassed..,
At the Shiv mandir, both drunk & dancing and the same time romancingEmbarrassed.

 This week Performance was out done by our hero & heroine...,and ShobhaJi..,
ShobhaJi did an excellent job in shutting up Mr.Dubey. She give form reply to him when he told her he think they should forgive Prashant, and beside Aarti can never loves someone else besides Prashant.

Wow...,Our Yashu & Aarti was mindblowing in this week Punar Vivah.., Yash not only expressed his anger this week, but also we get to see another side of Yash something different. His fun side, his romantic side& his naughty ways. Gurmeet Choundary did an amazing job as Yash Scindia, he was awesome...,

Kratika Sengar however was the best, she expressed the character of Aarti so well, Aarti is so happy on hearing she is pregnant while there is sorrow on her face knowing that's these why Yash is angry on her. She expressed herself so well. Anyone could have felt her. 

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We had more action than any powerful dialogues but still there were some memorable ones.

First on my choice will be Shoba and Gayatri.

Shobha said 'No matter what, Aarti is not going back to Prashant! She loved him but she now loves Yash ji and a woman can only truly love a person who respects her and not the one who leaves her while in problems. Aarti had moved on and how can you think Aarti will forgive Prashant for a relationship that was based on greed and Selfishness. Do you think she is a doll?' and Shobha also later stated that 'I will not allow Prashant to spoil my daughter's life again' Clap

Gayatri comes to meet Aarti and yes, she admits that she was wrong and apologizes to Aarti and asks her to come back soon Thumbs Up

The moment Gayatri comes meeting Aarti and she gives an emotional speech and if anyone realized, Gayatri was only going for a knee operation but the way Gayatri was talking is as though she was having some major problem like cancer or tumor or some heart operation. I was like what were they thinking when they were doing this scene. Should have given a more subtle lines for her to say LOL

Being such an awesome week...it's really hard to choose just 1 or 2 pictures. But trying not to go overboard LOL

Barfi meets Aarti and Cheers her up =D

Both share an eye lock at the mandir, when Yash Ji saves Aarti Ji from falling down

Passionate Hugs between the two that night

Feel the Love

Yash Ji adoring Aarti Ji with so much intensity

Just live this moment

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We have all finally seen the reason for Yash's anger and it was due to Yash and Aarti's Suhaag Raat. Now that Aarti is pregant, we might see Aarti revealing about her pregnancy to the Scindia household which would obviously be a good news to all and it might make Yash even angry or make him guilty. So yeah, hopefully the pregnancy news is announced in the coming week.

Irritatings Scene of the week was when Vidhi bhabhi gave a  huge bhashan to Yasshhhu Jaaanu and asked at last wat happened to him or wth them in Mumbai? bt Yasshhhu jaanu said No Bhabi can't reveal infront of u..can't tell u wat happened wth me..again n again it was shwn so i was like Common Yash now speak UpBig smile

Not sure how many people noticed it but i did LOL

(Noticed Aarti's hair is let go loose here?)

(And suddenly her hair is well tied within few minutes Shocked)

(Noticed that it doesn't looks like Gurmeet here and even Aarti's hands looks different. Seems like a double body was used here Ermm)

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Omg  its really tough competition, everyone is amazing 

 The PV cg rocks 

Siggy of the week  : sameelasanraj

wow amazing blending style coloring text everything its perfect Congrats  u Win Wink

2nd siggy By : Visha_Dhami wow visha awsome siggy Day Dreaming


Maham seriously u are rocking luv ur creation soomuch amazing Beautiful avis luv the coloring of ur avis  Day Dreaming

Avi by Allbut1

large avi

And here is a gift for you Wink :



And here is your gift Party : 

So, this week we had some REALLY tough competition on the show with Ranbir Kapoor promoting his move - Barfi - and Gurmeet Ji looking hot as ever. It goes without saying that Gurmeet aka Yash took the screen away by his hot and dashing looks. And the muscle-tee too. Blushing

Don't believe me? Look at the pictures below then and give some rest to your eyes;

Done drooling yet? Oh wait, there's more;

Okaay, that's it guys, move onto the next section. Wink

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By : abhiya_crazyluv

By : shubhika124

And here is your gift Party:

OS: The Confrontation- Divorce 

Author: Kittya_Cullen

Link:  http://www.india-forums.com/forum_posts.asp?TID=3192970

Genera: Hurt/Comfort/Family

 Song: Mujhe Teri Mohbbat

Dilshaad tha ke phool khilenge bahaar mein

Maara gaya gareeb isi aitbaar mein

 Mujhe teri mohabbat ka sahaara mil gaya hota

Agar toofaan nahin aata, kinaara mil gaya hota

 Mujhe teri mohabbat ka sahaara mil gaya hota

Agar toofaan nahin aata, kinaara mil gaya hota

Mujhe teri mohabbat ka sahaara mil gaya hota

 Na tha manzoor kismat ko, na thi marzi bahaaron ki

Nahin to is gulistaan mein

Nahin to is gulistaan mein kami thi kya nazaaron ki

Meri nazaron ko bhi koi nazaara mil gaya hota

Agar toofaan nahin aata, kinaara mil gaya hota

Synopsis: Do you want to slap and hit Yash with a bat? This a good story for you to vent out your frustrations out!! Aarti has heard enough of her husband's accusation, and she goes to Scindia Mansion to confront Yash Scindia. Aarti gives Yash piece of her mind and decides to move one with her life. Read The Confrontation Divorce, to find out what  Aarti said to her  angry husband when she met him.

OS: Shackled Love

Author: MRS. ZSK

Link: http://www.india-forums.com/forum_posts.asp?TID=3189171

Genera: Hurt/Comfort/Romance

Song: Intazaar-Paap

Intazaar Intazaar Intazaar Intazaar
Apane Dilabar Ka Apane Hamadam Ka Apane Jaanam Ka Intazaar
Surkh Phoolon Se Mahaka Rasata Hai
Dil To Mera Magar Zard Patta Hai
Paas Aankhon Ke Sabz Manjar Hai
Dil Ka Mausam To Phir Bhi Banjar Hai
Mahaki-Mahaki Si Kuchh Hawaaon Ka
Bheegi-Bheegi Si Kuchh Ghataaon Ka
Intazaar Intazaar Intazaar Intazaar
Apane Baadal Ka Apani Baarish Ka Apane Saawan Ka Intazaar
Apani Dhadakan Ka Apani Saanson Ka Apane Jeene Ka Intazaar

Synopsis: Shackled Love is a bitter-sweet short story of dreams only coming true in dreams!!! The audience will get to relive and enjoy the beach moments of Aarti and Yash.

FF: Life Partner

Author: Palindrome


Genera: Comedy/Romance/Family

Song: Hum To Bhai Jaise Hain-Veer Zaara

Hum To Bhai Jaise Hain Vaise Raheinge 
Ab Koi Khush Ho Ya Ho Khafa
Hum Nahin Badleinge Apni Ada
Samjhe Na Samjhe Koi Hum Yahi Kaheinge
Hum To Bhai Jaise Hain Vaise Raheinge 

Hum Dil Ki Shahzadi Hai, Marzi Ki Mallika
Sar Pe Aanchal Kyun Rakhe
Dhalkaa To Dhalkaa
Ab Koi Khush Ho Ya Koi Roothe
Is Baat Par Chahe Har Baat Toote
Hum To Bhai Jaise Hain Vaise Raheinge

Synopsis: How will you react if your future husband, saw you wearing a cartoon character t-shirt?This is cute story about two people alliance being fixed for arrange marriage but both of their characteristic are opposite of each other. If the girl is North Pole, then the guy is South Pole.  This is the story about Aarti who is a smart, fun loving, bubbly, full of life, childish girl who marriage has been arranged to a stern, handsome, strict mature, responsible guy Yash Scindia. Read Life Partner, a journey about finding love, adjusting to new future and home, and discovering your spouse.  

OS: A Night To Remember

Author:  Shubhika124

Link:  http://www.india-forums.com/forum_posts.asp?TID=3195052

Genera: Comedy/Romance/Drama

Song: Kabhi Kabhi Mere Dil Mein- Kabhi Kabhie

kabhi kabhi mere dil me, kayaal aataa hai

ke ye badan ye nigaahe meri amaanat hai

ye gesuo ki ghani chhaanv hai meri kaatir

ye hoth aur ye baahe meri amaanat hai

kabhi kabhi mere dil me, kayaal aataa hai 

ke jaise tu mujhe chaahegi umra bhar yunhi

uthegi meri taraf pyaar ki nazar yunhi

mai jaanataa hun ke tu gair hai magar yunhi

kabhi kabhi mere dil me, kayaal aataa hai

Synopsis: Yash and Aarti have sorted out their problems and confessed their love for each other. They have gone to their Mumbai farm house to have an official memorable wedding night. What will happen after if both AarYa confessed their love for each other? How will their Suhaag Raat be? To find out'Read A Night To Remember'..the hilarious wedding night of Priyatama and her Swamiji like seen in movies.

FF: Tum Just You

Author:  Sjashy

Link:  http://www.india-forums.com/forum_posts.asp?TID=3186485

Genera: Friendship/Drama/Romance

Song: Dil Deewana Dhoodhta Hai-Ek Rishta

Dil Deewana Dhoondhta Hai Ek Haseen Ladki
Kaun Hai Woh Kaun Hai, Main Jaanta Nahin, Oh
Dil Deewana Dhoondhta Hai Ek Haseen Ladki, Ha Ha

Female Kya Bataaoon Woh Hai Kaisa
Woh Deewaana Khoob Hai
Saari Duniya Se Judaa
Woh Mera Mehboob Hai
Chhedta Khwaabon Mein Aake
Woh Bada Hai Manchala
Main Usse Haasil Karoongi, Yeh Hai Mera Faisla
Kaun Hai Woh Kaun Hai, Main Jaanti Nahin, Oh
Dil Deewana Dhoondhta Hai Ek Haseen Ladka 

Synopsis: Opposite attract, pull each other like magnet.  Aarti and Yash both have been sent by their parents to meet their future spouse in a cafe shop; but both are not interested in marriage. They are ready to reject their prospective bride and groom. Why did Yash reject Aarti? What was his reason? Why does Aarti don't want to get married to Yash? What is her reason? To find out if Aarti and Yash marry each other and fall in love with one another; read Tum Just You

OS: The Revelation Out of Darkness

Author:  Zahra15

Link:  http://www.india-forums.com/forum_posts.asp?TID=3195725

Genera: Hurt/Comfort/Romance

Song:  Shayad Yahi To Pyar Hai-Lucky

yeh mulakate, yeh teree ankhen
ek pal naa mai bhul pau
kitanee mohabbat hai kitanee chahat, tumase
kaise bhala mai batau
achchha lage jo toh samane muskuraye
shayad yahi toh pyar hai
ek ajnabee sa ehsas dil ko sataye
shayad yahi toh pyar hai
kuchh bhee kaha naa, kuchh bhee suna naa
phir bhee, bechain dil hai humara
behake kadam hai, mushkil mai ham hai
dekho sambhle bhala kaise yara
chahe bina bhee, najdik ham chale aaye
shayad yahi toh pyar hai 

Synopsis: What will you do, if life gave you second chance to live? Destiny gives you second chance to fall in love with another woman, creating a place for her besides your deceased first wife in your heart. The Revelation Out of Darkness is heart touching story about Yash's journey of accepting the second chance he has been given in his life to move on with his 2nd wife Aarti. Together they start new journey with their expanding family. 

And here is your gift Party:

 Do I really have to say it?  I mean it is quite obvious. Anyways, I guess I have to say it. The shocker of the week is no other than Aarti is pregnant!:O Yes I said it. Yup, Yash and Aarti consummated their relationship in Mumbai, but after digesting some bhang. I bet a lot of people did not see that one coming. 

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Message to the CV's by Visha : So finally the biggest Raaz is revealed and its a romantic one. Many ups and downs and yes, Aarti is now pregnant with Yash's child and they now have a bridge to their relationship. So dear CV's, we had enough of Aarti crying and please try not showing her crying much after this. Its not good for the child LOL and start showing how the problem starts getting solved and Yash accepting Aarti Embarrassed

So yeah, our 4th edition is now out. A few categories are yet to be updated but hopefully to be updated by tonight. So have another great weekend ahead till we meet again in our next edition Big smile

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