Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon


Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

ArHi Wedding Celebrations - Last Task + Scoreboard

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Posted: 14 September 2012 at 1:19am | IP Logged

*Turn up your volume and enjoy the song while you read. Big smile*

Salaam Namaste everyone! HugHug

SO SO SO close to the final event. Aren't you all happy that this is all done and over with?

No, I haven't forgotten about this at all. I wanted to give you all a week before I got to the last task at all. I thought everyone should rest all you can before I unveil this one on you guys! LOLLOL

Observations from the last task were that everyone worked as a team even though you were somewhat divided up for the previous task.

And my personal observation was that you all out there are a bunch of saps for romantic songs. Amazing choice of songs! ClapClap

So, onto the FINAL task. YES, this is it. Last task. D'oh

That emoticon is exactly what I feel like doing right now.

The final chance to grab all the points that you can!

Some members wanted the VMs from Task 1. ALL the creations, VMs and everything that was submitted by the members in these three weeks will be compiled and show-cased on the Awards Night. Big smile

Just a flashback of the events that we have had so far;
ArHi Wedding Celebrations - Decide your team!
Task 1:
ArHi W.C - Task 1
Task 2:
|~ ArHi Wedding Celebrations -Task 2+Scoreboard ~|
Task 3: |~ArHi Wedding Celebrations - Task 3+Scoreboard~|

This being the first post is introduction and the task.
Second post will consist of the team divisions.
Third post has the scoreboard of the two teams.
Fourth post will be of the FAQs that have been answered already and just some things to keep in mind while working on this task.
And the fifth and last post will be of the credits list. A thanks to all those people that have been with us throughout. Big smile

Stopping my bak-bak right about now and getting on with the task. Ready everyone? Let the fun and final task begin then! Big smile

Task 4: Trivia on a run.

Does the title give it away? No, well then here I am with the long explanation on how you will go about this. TongueBig smile

The deadline which will NOT be extended no matter what is: September 20th 2012, 10:30 AM IST.

The round is : Reception

Therefore the boring task! LOLLOL
No no, this is a fun task! Believe me when I say that. Tongue

If you have NEVER looked at any episode closely, well then this is it. You will be doing it from now one. LOLLOL

Getting on with the task; You have all been divided into 2 sub-teams and each sub-team will be PMed a set of questions which once they have answered will then get them the next set. YES. It's in different sets. So, the faster your sub-team is, the faster you finish the task. It's more like "You're it."

Each member will get a chance to answer the question or a set of questions. I will be sending these out to you guys so that the Team Reps can help you with the questions if you're stuck. Big smile

So, easy way of putting this is: Answer the first set of question and you get the next set. There will be 3 sets of questions which will be insanely insane. If you guys want more, we'll have a vote at the end. Big smile

Oh and the divisions are that Sub Team # 1 of Gharaati's are up against Sub Team # 1 of Baraatis.
Sub Team # 2 of Gharaati's are up against Sub Team # 2 of Baraati's.

If your sub-team is done with their set and is sitting idle, then ofcourse they can help the other sub-team get done with the questions. ONLY after they are done with their set of questions.

They questions will be PMed to EVERYONE on one sub-team and in that PM, it will be mentioned that you are expected to report to the CC and discuss the answers either there or through PMs before sending them in. If you guys aren't comfortable with discussing this in the CC because you think the other team will copy the answers, then you can have a "closed" group on Facebook. But make sure you add either one of your team reps there so they know what you guys are doing and aren't supposed to be doing.

Pheww, with that out of the way, we can move on with the easier things to remember.

IMPORTANT NOTE: I don't want to receive 10 different PMs from 10 different accounts of the same sub-team. Please co-operate, talk and discuss the answers with each other and then PM them to me. ONE person PM them back to me, the rest sit back and wait. PLEASE. It's not going to work if I have different answers. Sleepy

What's a strict no-no? We'll let you all use Youtube, Google, Wikipedia and our own lovely forum for answers but remember you can't take help from anyone else. You just can't and we will find out. We have ways of working around this forum and we've informed the higher DTs to let us know if anything is exchanged of that sort. I'm only kididng with you all...we haven't done any such thing but yes we tend to find out if you cheat. Big smile

How will you send them for the judges to judge?  This is the ONLY task that is not going to be judged but it will be based on how well you perform and how fast you end up sending your answers in. Big smile

As soon as you get the PM in your inbox regarding the task then you have to discuss, and solve the questions and as soon as you're done with that, then you get the next set AFTER you have PMed back the answer sheet on the same account that you get it from.

What's the total for this round? So, each set of questions
is worth 20 marks.
And you get a +5 for each time you are before the other team in getting the next set of questions. You won't know that until the task is done and over with though. Don't worry and be greedy about this, just go with the flow and get your answers in asap. Big smile

Really important before you guys are off to your discussions/CCs. ALL Queries/Confusions are to be PMed directly to Roshini ( Roshini1494) and Fariha (OnlyHope) and Aanchal (_Aanchal_) respectively for their teams. Khushi (..first.rain..) will remain inactive for this task, so please DO NOT PM her anything. Embarrassed

We have the addition of Shifali (*Shifali*) as the Team Rep for the Gharaati's in place of Khushi. So, please welcome her and be nice to her. Big smile

Look in the second post for the Sub-Teams. And the third post for the scoreboard followed by the FAQ section and credits.

GOOOD LUCK! Thumbs UpThumbs Up

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Posted: 14 September 2012 at 1:20am | IP Logged
Status so far:

Team Gharaati's:

Both sub-teams are done with the 3 sets.

Team Baraati's:

Both sub-teams are done with the 3 sets.

The team divisions were done by your team reps. Please do not flood my inbox with PMs regarding your team dislikes whatsoever. ROFL

You will notice that now we don't have leaders, yes, we have removed the leadership being in the hand of one member, and everyone has a free reign over this task. Wink

Use the CC's made by the Team Reps to discuss all the tasks and what you are/aren't to do. The reps will keep it updated by putting the Sub-Team divisions there along with the task that is to be completed. The links are below for the CC's.

(Arnav's side)
  • Team Rep: OnlyHope (Fariha)
  • Assistant Team Rep: Roshini1494 (Roshini)

CC link: * || Baraatis || * Task #3 [Strictly IO]

Here is your Team signature to show off which team you belong to:

*If your name is not on the list, please PM Fariha ASAP!*

Team 1










Team 2






Sunshine Girl




(Khushi's side)

  • Team Rep: ..first.rain.. (Khushi)
  • Assistant Team Rep: _Aanchal_ (Aanchal)

CC link: ..ll Dulhania wale: Common CC *Task 3* [IO] ll..

Here is your Team signature to show off which team you belong to:

*If your name is not on the list, please PM Aanchal ASAP!*

Team 1:









Team 2:









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Posted: 14 September 2012 at 1:23am | IP Logged

It was decided to not post sub-teams scores but just the scores in total. Smile
Task 2 scores include the totals of the sub-teams for each category that a creation was made for. Smile
Task 3 scores are added up and just given without the sub-team scores. We'll give those out on the Awards Night.


Task 1: Make a VM

Total score: 224

Task 2: Creativity Shines
Animated Icon: 82
Animated Signature: 75
Non-animated Icon: 66
Non-animated Signature: 77
Total score: 300

Task 3: Dress-up with a little thumka
Total: 361.5



Task 1: Make a VM

Total score: 226

Task 2: Creativity Shines
Animated Icon: 77
Animated Signature: 80
Non-animated Icon: 66
Non-animated Signature: 76
Total score: 299

Task 3: Dress-up with a little thumka
Total: 375

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Posted: 14 September 2012 at 1:25am | IP Logged

Q: When is the last date to submit my entry for this task?
A: The task will officially end on September 20th 2012, 10:30 AM IST.
But it's okay if you're done earlier than that. Big smileLOL

Q: How will the tasks be completed and judged?
A: This is the only round where the Judges won't be judging anything so their work is officially done now. Big smile But you will all be PMed a set of questions at the same time, from their you will be asked to answer ALL the questions and send it back to the same account. Once you have PMed back the answers, then you get the next set. There are a total of 3 sets.
This is a Sub-Team VS Sub-Team round. If you are in the Gharaati's Sub-Team 1 then you will be up against Baraati's Sub-Team 1. And so on and so forth..

Q: Will I get reminders about the tasks or PMs about the task in general?
A: I will ask the Team Reps and their assistants to PM everyone in their team once to check the forum when a new task is posted. But I will NOT tell them to remind you guys to send in your entry once the deadline for one is close. It's not fair for me to ask them to repeatedly ask you this. It depends on them and if they have time, they will send you team a reminder about the task that has to be handed in.

Anymore questions? Big smile

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Posted: 14 September 2012 at 1:26am | IP Logged

Thankyou -Ravjot- for the team sigs.

Thankyou -Stutz- for making the banner.

Thankyou Shruti_P for the song conversion.

Thankyou IPKKND Development Team for giving permission for this.

Thankyou judges for the scores, you know who you are. Big smileLOL

And ALL the coolbies present in the DT thread for...just being there.

Thankyou .Saraa. for something special that you did, I won't unveil that right now but in the awards night I will. Thankyouuu sooo much!

Love you guys! HugHug

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res yeah am first...
Woahhh!! Yayy!! Godd!!! Am like screaming everything Firstly Baraatis ILU all so muchhhHugHug You all are best team members I ever got!!HeartHeart We are leading by like 14.5 points yayy!! Such a huge marks difference but the next task can make up for it so we need do good this time too!!! Am like 'Is this task easy or hard???' It seems easy but Saraa said its gonna be tought so just waiting for questions so we can make out easily is this tough or easyLOL okay wait i too dont understand what am saying right now only things is AM EXCITED!!!

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Posted: 14 September 2012 at 3:20am | IP Logged
Wohooo! And The Baraati's lead!Dancing
The Task looks Interesting!

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Posted: 14 September 2012 at 3:32am | IP Logged
OMG!!! hugs to all the baraties we rock dude.


yes yes yes i am screaming.

I am so happy. all of us worked so hard for the last task and here we are rightly rewarded i guess. just to excited and carried away with the whole thing.

love you all and very excited for the next task.


Bring it on.

And all the best to both the teams.

the best rep ever fari ans rosh

awesome cuty members. poo, sunshine, baki, loji, dev, all, sue superb. infact all the baraties.

Just a request to saara

can we have all the entries together to view what everyone has done at the end of the game please?

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