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Hello my dear Arya friends.

My very first OS on our favorite couple, hope you guys like it.

This is my overactive imagination at work, I only own the story, not the characters.

OS: After That Night


Arjun twirled the pen from one finger to next, sure sign of his mind working on figuring something out, but this time he was not trying to solve any case. This time his mind was far from where it should be, which is to finish the paper work in absence of Rathore. 


This time his mind was on the lone figure sitting outside his office, head bent over a table as she made notes in her diary. Arjun has been gazing at her for past five minutes through the glass window of his office. He wondered what had upset her and why.


He knew what happened between them a week ago had created distance between them again and it was his fault but he didn't know how to bring the closeness back in their friendship that they had built over the year of working together.


They had reached a truce of some sort within few months of working together when he had realized there was more to Riya then met the eye.


At first he was too self observed and lost in his grief to give any of his team members any consideration but they had slowly chipped away the barriers he had built around his heart.


Riya had been first to reach his heart and he had done his best to keep her out but in the end he had given into her unintentional intrusion into his heart.


He hadn't realized just how much he had come to care for her emotionally along with the desire he felt for her perfectly toned body.


Riya had snagged his attention from the first moment he had felt her body against his when they struggled the first time they met. And for that reason he had tried to maintain the distance between them. He had been rude to her, insulted her skills as an officer and going as far as putting her down at every opportunity, but he couldn't stand to see her pained expressions each time he cut her with his harsh words, after a while he had been unable to keep up the pretense of being unaffected by her tears. 


He had kept his desire for her body suppressed but each day it had gotten harder not to take her in his arms and kiss her soft, pouty lips until they were red and swollen. His physical need for her had led to jealousy, which resulted in him hurting her, and then to the incident of that night.


By the time he realized all the wrong things he did that night and make things right she had created a distance between them the size of a golf course. Outwardly things between them looked normal, they still acted the same in front of their team but Riya withdrew from him emotionally.


Riya felt a prickling sensation at the back of her neck and immediately realized the source of it but refused to give into the urge of looking at him. He has been doing it for a week and each time her resolve to not react was weakening but if she gave into the urge it would only lead to more heartbreak for her.


She had given into her yearning a week ago only to find herself at her doorstep, alone, her heart in million pieces at her feet. She couldn't do it anymore; she has kept her feelings to herself for almost a year now, thinking he needed time to grieve and come to terms with the loss of his love.


She thought he would finally put Roshni to rest after Sikandar was located and killed but it did not make any difference for him, unfortunately for her she had realized it too late. She had given into her desire to show her feelings to him. She poured her feelings in that one act only to be left with a broken heart.






"Good job Riya," Rathore sir said as he closed the file and looked up at her. They had just solved the recent murder case and were still in their disguised attire. As soon as the killer had been caught they left the event and went straight to the office to file the paperwork.


Riya gave Rathore her signature dimple smile, pleased and said, "Thank you sir."


 "Why are you complimenting her Rathore sir?"


Riya turned, in surprise, to see Arjun sir standing behind them, at the door, face clocked in angry clouds. Before she or Rathore sir could answer he stormed into the room to stand toe to toe with Riya.

"I really thought you have improved over the year Riya but I should have known better than to expect anything but irresponsibility from you."  He sneered at her, each word spoken with anger so great that it was a fire in his eyes.


Riya's brows furrowed into a frown, she wondered what had got Arjun sir's goat. As far as she knew she hadn't don anything wrong that day. In fact, in face of what she had to face, she rather thought she did pretty good.


Rathore stood to glare at Arjun. "What is your problem Raute? I thought Riya did a good job of thinking on her feet and coming to our rescue." Rathore placed his hands on his hips, sure sign of his irritation at Arjun.


Arjun stared at Rathore without blinking, giving him one of his signature glare that Rathore hadn't seen in a long time. "Oh really Sir?" he asked snidely, "you are telling me that she saved us by going off with the woman and that man with her, forgetting about the case, was Riya thinking on her feet to save us."


Arjun turned back to Riya; he didn't let the fleeting pain in her eyes effect him. He made  himself speak the harsh word to her to show himself that he had not felt jealous seeing her go off with some stranger's arm around her shoulder, talking with him as if she had known him all her life.


"Arjun why don't you hear me out before you put your foot in your mouth" Rathore spoke in a mild voice to try to reason with Arjun and calm him down a little before he was made to regret his harsh words later.


Riya held up her hand, "no don't stop him sir, lets see what Arjun sir thinks of me, even after a year of working with me and teaching me to be more alert when on a case."


Arjun crossed his arms across his chest, stretching his well fitting, crisp, blue shirt to outline his very well maintained fit body. "You, Riya, could never be a police officer because first and foremost you are a woman and like a typical woman as soon as a handsome man flirts with you, you forget everything. So tell me Riya did you flirt back with him and just how far did you go to rescue us?" He gave her sari-clad figure a once over then focused back on her face, raised an eyebrow as if to say, "What do you have to say about that?"

Riya was amazed at her ability to stay calm and not start crying. If only he knew how much patience she had needed to do what she did in order to keep from the suspect to find out the identity of her team at the even they had attended in guise of guests.

Riya clenched her hands blanked her expression and met Arjun's eyes without any emotions in them. "With all due respect, go to hell Sir." She turned to smirking Rathore and spoke with calmness that she did not feel. Her insides were churning with pain and her whole body felt numb. "Rathore sir, may I go home if we are done here?"


Riya turned on her heels and marched out before Rathore finished nodding his head.


Arjun knew he had screwed up as watched Riya march out of Rathore's office stiffly.


"Well I knew you were hot headed Raute but today you proved to be stupid too." Rathore said with disdain.


Arjun clenched his jaw and turned to glare at Rathore. He started to walk away but turned at Rathore's, "Raute stop!" Arjun turned and took up his earlier stance of feet apart, arms across his chest and waited for Rathore to yell at him.


To his surprise Rathore didn't yell just shook his head and looked at Arjun with an understanding."The bigger they are the harder they fall," he muttered under his breath. "Raute you are going to regret what you just said to Riya. The woman and the man she went off with were her mother and her ex-fiance."


Arjun gave him a sharp look and Rathore could read the questions in his eyes. "Yes you heard me right her mother and her ex-fiance, and he was getting engaged to her stepsister."


Rathore paused for few seconds then spoke again. "That was one of the hardest thing she must have had to deal with today and you just insulted her instead of praising her." Rathore held up his hand when Arjun started to ask him the details, "I can't divulge any of the details without breaking her confidence so don't ask me to clarify Raute."


Arjun turned and hurried out of Rathore's office to catch Riya before she left the building. By the time he got to the parking lot, he saw Riya's car race out with tires screeching. Arjun ran to his bike ignoring the rain worried more for Riya. He had to catch her and make her slow down before she ended up crashing the car.


Riya swiped the tears from her cheeks with back of her hand, she had finally broken down after getting in the car. She couldn't believe that Arjun sir would insult her the way he did. She had been stupid to get her hopes up, she deserved it for not learning her lesson the first time. She didn't know why she always wished for unattainable things, first with her parents, then her so called fianc and now Arjun.


This was the last straw, she is going to indulge in a pity party for the last time then she was going live for herself and no one else. She will never get her hopes up again she promised herself.


She pulled up in front of her house and got out of the car and walked towards her small house not caring about the rain that was soaking her clothes making it stick to her body. All she wanted was to get into the house and wallow in her misery for just one day.


She had just inserted the key into the lock when someone grabbed her arm from behind and pulled her roughly. She was about to raise her arm in counter attack but stopped when she saw Arjun, wet as she was, glaring down at her.


Arjun's emotions were all over the place, the initial worry, then the fear as he saw her drive faster and faster and then when he finally made it her house the anger returned because she did not even realize he had pulled up behind her. "How could you be so careless Riya? Do you realize you drove here like a bat out of hell and then when you finally make it home in one piece you are completely unaware of your surroundings; how many time have I told you to stay alert at all times? But you have forgotten everything I taught you in a year."


Riya tried to pull her arm from his tight grip but couldn't even loosen it little bit. Finally she lost all her patience with him. "What is your problem Arjun Sir? You are mad if I am alert and now you are mad because I am not alert."


Arjun forgot all about the apology he owed her or the fact that they were standing outside of her door, in heavy rain, when she again tried to free herself from his grip. All he saw was her silky hair sticking to her scalp, her soft, pink lips trembling in anger. His eyes went down further and he inhaled sharply when he saw her transparent sari clinging to her wet body, accentuating her figure.


Arjun lost his ongoing battle between his head and his heart; he swooped down and captured her lips with his in a hot kiss. He let go of her arm, placed his hands at her bare waist to pull her to him. He deepened the kiss even more when she struggled then his lips softened on hers when she stopped struggling and kissed him back.


Arjun and Riya got lost in each other; Arjun took Riya's bottom lip and sucked on it gently, making her gasp. He immediately plunged his tongue inside her mouth to taste her and take the kiss to another level. Finally when they both struggled for air he left her lips to trail kissed down her throat.


Riya moaned when she felt Arjun bite her at the pulse point then soothed the spot with a soft kiss.


Arjun came back to his senses suddenly and thrust Riya away from him. He turned away and struggled to catch his breath; he closed his eyes and lifted his head to feel the cool rain water on his face. He couldn't believe he just gave into his feeling without any thoughts to how Riya would feel or about the fact that she worked under him.


Riya closed her eyes at the pain of rejection yet again, once again tiny flame of hope had flamed in her heart only to be distinguished before it was even a full blazing fire. She could tell he regretted it already; he probably felt guilty for kissing her and betraying his dead wife.


She made to move forward to open her door when he turned back to her. Riya, we need to talk."


Riya shook her head, she was not in any state to hear his explanations for anything that has happened on that day. "Not now sir, I am really tired, I just want to go inside, shower and sleep."


Arjun thought about pushing her but her slumped shoulders and her refusal to look at him made the decision for him. "Fine, but soon you and I are going to talk." He waited until she went in and heard the lock engage before he walked towards his bike. He had lot of things to put in order before he talked to Riya again.



Arjun threw the pen on the desk and got up to go to the outer office. He had tried for a whole week to talk to her but she had avoided being alone with him by making one excuse after another. He was not going to waste the opportunity now, he had given her enough time to think about what had happened between them and realize about his changed feelings for her.


Just as he stepped into the outer office Shree and Chottu walked in laughing about something. They stopped laughing when they saw Riya. "Why are you still here Riya? I thought your dad was in town and you were going out with him for your birthday." Shree asked, even though he could guess what must have happened with Riya's dad.


Arjun frowned when he realized it was Riya's birthday and he didn't even know about it.


Riya closed the diary and smiled at Shree struggling to show that she didn't care about the fact that once again her dad cancelled on her. She was used to her parents' last minute cancellation because something else had come up. "Something came up with the twins so he won't be able to make it today Shree." Riya stood up and gathered her stuff.


Shree cursed under his breath, he wanted to kill Riya's parents with his bare hands for hurting his friend again and again. "Well that's good news for us, because it means we can go out for your birthday. What do you say Chottu? You want to paint the town red in honor of Riya's birthday?"


"No Shree, not today, may be some other time. I just want to go home; I am really tired." Riya said as she placed her things in her bag.


Arjun watched as Riya walked out tiredly. He leaned against the doorframe with arms across his chest and thought about what he just learned about Riya. A slow smile spread across his face as he realized just what he wanted to gift Riya on her birthday.


This will be one birthday that Riya Mukerjee won't ever forget because he will remind her of it every year.



Part 2-page 10

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Love the siggy.. great improvement for a beginner.. u will be there soon Babe.. all in one.. Writer.. VM Maker n now a siggy designer.. awesome.. Clap..**Ss' one stop shop..**Wink

I absolutely loved the OS.. the tension between them is so there.. love the flashback scene.. very there..Wink

U should write more.. I am sure with such sizzling chemistry and their clashing personalities we are bound to have more scope for OSs.. SSs.. looking forward to all that.. Day Dreaming

Bring it on.. Smile

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Super shilpha amazing writting 

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I'm not much of an ArYa fan but this was cute!
Nicely written!

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Hey.plzz continue...
Waiting bt riya's bday scene...sunthng special shud b there... Embarrassed

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Beautifully written. Loved it.
Please do continue Big smile

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This is just the best

I so love it

Gr8 sigge

Amazing work

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Hey shilpa this was brilliant:-) i am hoping that this becomes a ss :-) i have never watched this show but this was really intense ;-)

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