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IMP: Please Read - Rules REVISED

.Mandy. Channel Moderator

Joined: 24 January 2005
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Posted: 12 September 2012 at 6:47am | IP Logged

Due to some recent incidents and keeping in mind the changes in the Bolly Section (BS), we felt that there is a need to update the rules, as well as the way rules are implemented. We've also received feedback from various members, DTs and higher admins regarding the same. In view of the present circumstances, we have decided to modify certain rules, as well as decided on strict implementation of all rules without exception from now on.

Rules to be followed:

The three article a day policy is still in affect, anymore than that your posts will be locked. If you're unsure if an article has been posted before please use the search feature located on the right side of the forum. Type in key words like the name of the actor/actress and/or film. Or you can go back at least three pages to see if a similar article has been posted, if so please post related articles in the same thread. DO NOT MAKE A SEPERATE POST

No profanity allowed, using asterisks like W*F are no exception

Member related threads are limited only to Member of the Week and Birthday Threads

Members can create polls comparing actors/actresses BUT the 5 limit rule  applies. No more than 5 polls per week, one poll per member. Do keep in mind the comparison threads are for polls only.

Final request, when making a comparison poll please make it a valid discussion topic. No biased polls where there is no fair option or one clearly used to rile up fan bases.

There will be no tolerating name calling of actors/actresses. Examples: Salmon, Trash, Belan, Kamini Katty, etc. It is bashing and as you know celeb bashing is against the rules. Since, bashing is a subjective matter and terms used for bashing are ever evolving, what constitutes bashing will be at the discretion of the DT. Do note this rule now applies to the Bollywood CC thread as well

Another thing we've noticed, are in topics members go off topic by bringing in a celebrity's past (I.e. Salman's past run ins with the law and using them to call him a criminal, past relationships ), questioning/mocking their sexuality (Shahrukh's and Salman's, etc.) and most recently one in which an actor was accused of being a pedophile and an actress a hooker/escort. There is a limit to everything and these cross the line. All such behavior is considered slandering, as it vilifies a person, and is illegal; and therefore strictly prohibited on IF as well.

In the past we did ask members to stay out of each other's topics in an effort to put an end to fighting but that has since changed. The DTs all agree, that although it was well intentioned and a simple solution to a problem, IF is a public forum and members have the right to post wherever they please and we don't want to infringe on that right. With that said, it does not mean members can use this to their advantage and intentionally rile up members by making instigating posts. You can post your opinion but no spamming or quoting posts just to say 'LOL' or 'Agreed'. Please stick to posting valid opinions only

When posting in a topic (except for in BS CC), members should stick to the topic at hand and discuss points relevant to the topic. Going off topic (e.g. by bringing in another celebrity in a completely unrelated discussion, starting to chat, etc.), is not allowed.

No more mocking, ridiculing, personal digs at members whether it's on the forum or in the Bollywood CC. In the CC thread stick to general issues and not use the thread as a place to vent about members you have issues with, that is not the purpose of the thread.

No more bringing up a member's past history with the intention to ridicule/ instigate/ abuse that member, everyone deserves a second chance and it is unfair to constantly bring up the past especially when no rules are being broken. Only DT members, for obvious reasons, reserve the right to discuss a member's past history with the concerned member or with other DT members, over PMs or in Viewbie/ Moderator Section, and also take the member's past record into consideration before taking any action.

No more moral policing, the DT is here to take care of the forum, so please inform us if you feel any post violates the IF COC instead of pulling up the member yourself. Also once you've reported a post, please don't state on the open forum that you've reported that post. Stating on the open forum about reporting can act as an instigation and therefore prohibited.

Limit of 3 quotes per post, makes things easier.

Abusive and/or threatening PMs should be taken up directly with the DT or higher admins. Please do not make PM's public knowledge or use the forum as a way to target another member. It will not be tolerated and you will be held equally responsible as the other member

Please keep in mind making an MID with the purpose to fool around with members or to bash or create an unnecessary fight will lead to ban on the MID and warning issued to the original one.

Please Note:

    1. Apart from the above rules, IF COC is applicable at all times for all posts

    2. All examples stated above are for illustration purpose only and are indicative in nature. They are neither absolute in themselves nor comprehensive as a whole.

Bollywood Dev Team

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-Mmmmm- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 18 October 2012 at 7:07am | IP Logged
Thank you everyone for voting and posting your suggestions and feedback. Definitely there were great suggestions and opinions
It's evident from the poll results and also the responses that two threads is the preferred choice. Couple members suggested we do that for major movies or movies that have major hype.  It was a good suggestion, because those threads are the ones that run into multiple pages. 
Rest of the movies that have a common thread, please make sure you mention spoilers at the beginning of the post when you post the twitter reviews or the member reviews. 

Starting this week we will have two threads for all major movies, one would be a reviews thread and the second would be a movie discussion thread. 

-The review thread will have just the member reviews, critics reviews, celeb reviews and the box office collections/updates. Twitter reviews by the critics too can be posted in this thread.

While posting the member reviews, please avoid the spoilers or atleast make sure a note is posted saying spoilers and use small fonts with white color so that its not easily visible. 

-The second thread will be a movie discussion thread. Since the twitter reviews are the first to come out and many times the twitter reviews end up giving out the spoilers, the twitter updates can be posted in the movie discussion thread. 
That thread will also have the discussions and analysis related to the movie. In that thread everything related to the concerned movie and the concerned actors/actress can be discussed. 
Discussions related to the member/critics reviews, negative opinions, positive opinions, feedback, analysis, opinions related to the movie can be discussed in that thread. 

In the discussion thread too, while posting the member reviews, please avoid the spoilers or atleast make sure a note is posted saying spoilers and use small fonts with white color so that its not easily visible. 

Anyone wants to quote and discuss a particular post about the box office collections/updates or the critics/members reviews can do so by quoting that particular post from the reviews thread and then posting it in the movie discussion thread. 
Anything other than reviews/box office updates posted in the reviews thread will be moved by us to the movie discussion thread. 

Any concerns/queries/doubts/opinions/suggestions, please feel free to PM the DT. 

We understand any changes does take some time to adapt. Lets try this out and hopefully it will work out for everyone:) 

Thank you,
Bollywood section DT

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-Mmmmm- IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 25 January 2008
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Posted: 01 February 2013 at 8:48am | IP Logged
Updated Rules. 

CC Thread Rules:No MID allegations: 

We have requested multiple times not to make MID allegations on members. There have been stickys here continuously for the past 7-8 months and one of the main issues addressed in all the stickys was the MID allegations and to PM the mods if anyone has any doubts.  

In the past we have had an old member who quit this place bcoz of these false MID allegations. Recently too there was  a big issue abt MID allegation. Repeatedly we have said please PM the mods if you have doubts and we will look into it... How hard is it to do that? Time and again we have said that and still again we have the same repeat today in the CC thread. 

Other personal issues with members can be sorted out by keeping the mods in the loop. All you need to do is PM the mods and we look into it. We are kept in the dark abt whats happening and those issues are dragged in the CC thread. Other members get involved and things become nasty. We saw that recently. Why is everything dragged into the CC thread. 
If someone is bothering you or threatening you, all you have to do is let us know and we will raise the WL's so that the member will not post again. If someone is spreading false info abt you all you have to do us let us know and we will make a sticky and warn members. Why disrupt the atmosphere in the forum. 

The entire CC thread atmosphere is ruined bcoz of these issues. Regular members have stopped visiting the CC or they have reduced their posting there. 
After a long day of work that was place to relax, chill and have friendly banter with fellow members. What has it turned to now? A playground to settle past scores and issues. 

No more... Posts will be deleted and members will get a WL raise.  

Posting abusive PMs: 

Kindly refrain from posting abusive PMs in the chit chat thread. Nothing comes out of that other than making the chit chat thread unpleasant for others. Please forward the PMs to the admins or the mods of this section. They will look into it. 

Queries abt bans:  

Please PM the admins and they will answer the queries related to the ban. 


A reminder. Please limit to three quotes per post. While responding to members, use @ and mention their name or shorten the quotes.
Pages take too long to load and slows the system. The alignment of the pages go haywire and its difficult to read the posts. 

This rule has been posted for a while in the rules sticky, and it will be strictly enforced from now on. Any posts with endless quotes will be deleted


Personal attacks and Posting harsh /hurting comments:

Each and everyone are entitled to having their own point of view, likes and dislikes. Differences in opinions are bound to exist in a forum like However, this does not permit one to attack their fellow members for not sharing the same point of view. Let us respect our fellow members and refrain from making any provocative statements, which may only lead to unnecessary quarrels. 
Members come here to relax and unwind. Quoting some one's post and making a harsh comment begets displeasure. Kindly refrain from posting any abusive, derogatory, insulting or sarcastic comments which is enough to hurt the sentiments of your fellow member. 

Members related comments and Fanwars:

Kindly refrain from posting mocking comments about members, fans and fan groups. There have been instances in the past few weeks where some of them were targeted in the threads just because they had different opinions. We have talked with the members abt that and any more in the future please report their posts rather than quoting them and counter arguing with them. It doesnt serve any purpose except making the threads more messy.
Opinions are always welcome, but kindly refrain from posting instigatory comments just to rile up the fans
Regarding the fan wars... Things did go overboard in the past few weeks. We have come up with some solutions and the warring groups are aware of that and they have agreed to co-operate. We do appreciate their co-operation:)

Discussion threads:

No point in opening discussion threads months before the movies release. The threads end up getting filled with chats and off-topic discussion. Either way the new articles, new updates related to the movie are posted in a new thread. Members can discuss the movie in those new threads. For chatting please make use of the chat thread that is a sticky.
Discussion thread should be opened on the same day the review thread is posted so that simultaneously members can start discussing the movie.
The whole point of the discussion thread was to have the review thread free of chatting and arguments. That makes it easier for members who look up the thread just for the reviews. After a week of movie's release, the discussion thread will be closed.
Any more discussion/posts related to the movie can be discussed in the review thread and chatting can be continued in the chat thread.

Not all movies need a discussion thread. Major movies that have a potential to reach many pages because of fan wars and arguments, discussion thread can be opened. Rest of the movies, the topic opener can reserve a post on Page one and add an index for easy access to specific reviews. 

Chatting in the main threads:

Yes, we understand that many of us get carried away sometimes and we end up chatting in the main threads:)  Few posts of chatting here and there we understand. All of us do that. 
But in recent times we have seen pages and pages and pages of chatting going on in the threads. There are many members who want to discuss the relevant topic, pages and pages of chatting is disruptive in such threads.
General chatting, hello hi, bye bye, flirting etc... There is a chit chat thread that is a sticky for everyone's convenience.

Birthday prep threads for celebs and members:

Birthday threads are always welcome. A day or two before the birthday, thread can be opened here and we will sticky the thread. But the prep threads that are opened months before the actual date should be posted in the members lounge or the CFC section.
A day or two before the actual date you can request the mods of that section to move the thread here and we can sticky the thread here.

Rest of the rules are here. Please read.

Any more concerns/queries abt this post or anything related to the section, please feel free to PM the DT of this section.
Thank you,

Bollywood Section DT. 

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..Naina.. IF-Veteran Member

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Posted: 22 October 2013 at 10:01am | IP Logged
Hey Everyone,

We've noticed a few things getting out of hand recently in the forum, and just wanted to take a second to remind everyone of some of the rules! Please keep them in mind as you post.

1) Personal attacks, digs, mocking comments on members/fan groups/etc are all not allowed. Everyone who posts here clearly won't agree on everything, but that doesn't mean you have to get personal with each other and attack each other over opinions! Seriously. Keep discussions centered around Bollywood and not members.

2) Polls - This is something we haven't been enforcing too strictly these past few weeks, but we do want to let everyone know that the 5 polls a week rule is still in effect. Any other polls beyond that will be closed.

3) Name-calling is not allowed, and this applies across the board. Susu, Soaptea, Kamini katty, pichkari, desponika, hidimbakshi and so on and so forth. None of these are allowed. Such posts will be either edited or removed from the forum.

4) Quoting more than 3 times is not allowed! Just use the "@" when responding, or delete previous quotes to limit your post to 3 quotes. It makes the page take forever to load, and an even longer time to scroll through. [All of you who browse IF on your phones, definitely know what I'm talking about!]

If you have issues with someone's posts, then feel free to report them, and the DT will look into them and take any necessary action.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, feel free to PM the DT, as always!

Bollywood DT

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-Mmmmm- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 28 July 2014 at 3:03pm | IP Logged
Please Note: 

This is related to the recent issues in the section. The DT and the Global Moderators will not warn the members through a Rockerz ID or any other ID other than their own IDs and depending on the ladder they are color coded so that its easy for the members to recognize the DT's IDs.

If you get any such PM's or if there are any issues that need immediate attention, please PM us or the GM's and we will look into the issue.

We are reminding you again on the privacy issues. Please don't share personal information with members even if they are friendly with you here. Watch out your interaction and what you share with them on the social networking sites.

A few reminders: 

Member related threads: Please refrain from opening any member related threads. Those threads have been restricted here with a purpose and its a request that everyone please co-operate with the DT. 

Individual Review threads: Kindly post all reviews in the review thread that is a sticky for everyone's convenience. All individual review threads will be merged with the movie review thread.

Multiple quoting: Member have been warned many times, but they still continue to multiple quote and that slows down the pages taking too much time to load and also messes up the alignment of the page. If the rules are not followed, it will lead to strict action. Kindly reduce the quotes while posting or use @ while referring to a specific member.

Threads unrelated to Bollywood: This is the BW forum, and lets just stick to Bollywood and its related topics and discussions. Everything else and general topics, please post in the appropriate sections. Any videos, threads, topics, pictures that are unrelated to BW will be moved to the general sections.

Any concerns, please PM the DT.

Thank you,


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