The Buddy Project  Season 2 - Now in College


The Buddy Project  Season 2 - Now in College
The Buddy Project  Season 2 - Now in College

SS: KD vs Kunal:Final Face-Off(Pt.2 on Pg2) (Page 2)

-Ocean.eyes- IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 12 September 2012 at 1:34am | IP Logged

angel_juhi04 IF-Sizzlerz

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Part 2

            Meanwhile, Kiya came out of d gate n searched for KD but he was found nowhere. She searched for him here n der calling his name. She called his number but it was getn disconnected. Suddenly, d guy n one another guy who stole KD's cell n replaced wid his own came before her. They smiled @ her. Kiya recognized d 2 as Kunal's frnds n got panicked but dint showed it. She pushed them hard n started running towards d gate but they came behind her. Using her self-defense skill, she punched one of them n kicked d other. She managed to somehow knock them unconscious by pushing them over a rock nearby. She tuk out her cell n was abt to call JJ's number wen someone snatched her cell out of her cell 4m behind. She turned back only to see Kunal smiling evilly.

            "Bahot ho gaya cell se khelna. Tuje kya laga Kiya ki tu muje dhokha dekar bach jaogi ha?" asked Kunal.

            "Wat do u mean? Tum yaha kaise?" asked Kiya trying to smile but Kunal laughed loudly.  He grabbed her left arm roughly but she brushed it away.

"Oh ho Kiya, jyaada smart banne ki koshish mat karo. Mujhe bewakoof banaya. Mujhe. Tujhe andaaza nahi tune mujhse kitna bada panga liya hai. Ab dekh main tere saath kya karta hu?" he said angrily frightening her.

             He was abt to touch her cheek but she slapped him hard n started punching him in his face. Kunal grabbed her right hand but she kicked his foot. Someone tried to grab her 4m behind but she she pushed him hard n kicked him below d belt. She pushed him too over a rock n knocked him down.

            Kunal asked, "Tum yaha se bachkar nahi jaa sakti ho. OMG! Tumne boxing kaha se seekhi hai. I am scared ha" He made sarcastic scared expressed n grabbed both her hands n started shaking her but she was fighting back.

They both were grabbing each other's hand trying to make one fall.

            Kiya replied, "Meri Elite school ki frnd Sia ne muje basics sikhaya."

            "Ohhh, U mean Sia Dhillon, jisne Delhi Boxing Championship jeeta tha cheating se vo b drugs lekar. Wow Sia-Kiya rhyme b karta hai na? Kya tum b vahi karne ki soch rahi ho? Kamaal hai pehle tumhara frnd KD drugs k chakkar me jail me gaya aur ab tum''" she cut him by kicking him below d belt n pushing him hard to d ground.

            She pounced on him n started beating him n beat him some more. She said angrily, "Sia ne pressure me aakar drugs liya tha. Teri tarah vo drugs ka business karnewali criminal nahi hai, samjha tu? Muje weight loss karne ki jarurat hai. Mere kapdo ka weight jyaada hai."

            Kiya was very mad @ him. Kunal was struggling to get up but Kiya punched him hard. Kunal threw some mud in her eyes blinding her temporarily n got up somehow. He pushed her hard n fell to d ground. Her skin below right elbow was scraped n bleeding. Kunal stood up smirking over her. She got up n turned to run but he caught her hand roughly n twisted it hard. To her horror, she saw Arun n an another guy coming towards them. Kunal pushed Kiya run to d duo n they caught her hands. She was dragged roughly to d car's door by d duo. Kunal coming 2wards her smirking @ her.

            "Just leave me. Let me go, okay," she yelled.

            She was struggling but d duo especially Arun were strong enuf to hold her place. As Kiya was tired of defending n fighting, she was not able to set herself free.

            "Ab iska kya kare?" said Arun tightening d grab on Kiya's hand.

            "Ise car me humare saath le chalo. Kiya, tum jaanti nahi ho maine tumhare liye kitne surprises rakhe hai," Kunal said.

            "Kya matlab hai tera. Muje jaane de samjha," she said still struggling.

            "Chup chaap khadi raho, Kiya or u vl be sorry. So, vo footage tune kaha rakha hai?" he asked checking her cell.

            "Konsa footage? Wat r u trying to say?" asked Kiya.

Kunal was pissed off now. He grabbed her chin n pressed it hard, "Jyaada smart banne ki koshish mat kar. Tune muje bahot bada dhokha diya hai aur iska hisaab to tu tuje dena hi padega. U just see tere saath main kya karnewala"

She started n struggling again n shouting for help but he grabbed her mouth hard to prevent 4m screaming while smiling evilly @ her. He released his hand 4m over her mouth n tuk out a bundle of rope to tie her hands.

"Mujse panga lenewaale aaj tak nahi bach paaye hai. To tu kaise bachegi? Aakhir mujh me ek ajeeb sa charm hai," he said giving an evil laugh.

            "Ab apna ye ajeeb sa charm jail me dikhana," KD's voice was heard as he came out wid Piddi.

            D guys were shocked to see him. Kiya pushed d guy's hands dat were holding her while they were busy lukn @ KD n Piddi n der grips were loosened.

            "KD, tumne aane me der q kar di?" she.

            "Kiya, maine tumhe nahi bulaya par in logo ne mere cell k thru tumhe trap kiya," replied KD n he told her how she was trapped much to Kiya's shock.

            Kunal got very angry @ d duo. "KD, tune mere kaam me fir se taang adaane ki koshish ki hai. Aaj to tu nahi bachega," Saying dis he charged 2wards KD n they started fighting.

            She punched Arun hard on d face n pushed d other guy into him wen they were not much aware. She tuk her cell which was kept on d car engine lid, ran some distance away n called JJ. D duo ran after her but were stopped by Piddi n started fighting wid d duo. KD n Piddi were fighting d three. D three other guys who were earlier knocked out by Kiya came to senses n outnumbered d duo. D duo were finding it hard to fight. Kiya was waiting for JJ n getn worried for d duo. Kiya came back to help them. She grabbed a Kunal's neck 4m behind wen he was going to hit KD while two other guys were holding him. Piddi was fighting Arun while guys had fallen down. KD fought back d two guys holding him. Kiya pushed Kunal n gave him a karate strike to d neck wid hand. Kunal got mad. He grabbed her n pushed her hard to d ground n she cried in pain. Her right side of d forehead was bruised. He started coming 2wards her but KD before him came n kicked him hard. He came to check Kiya but was caught by d two guys who had fallen down but he easily pushed them away. Piddi was still fighting Arun. KD helped Kiya get up. Kunal n others were coming 2wards them but Kisha got in position to fight them off. JJ came to join them n easily fought d 4 guys while KD fought wid Kunal n piddi wid Arun.

            Kiya went to d car n brought d ropes dat was kept on d car's roof. She started kicking a guy who was knocked to d ground by JJ n tied him. 3 others guys were knocked to d ground n tied by Kiya n JJ.

            JJ called d police n told Kiya to go inside d gate. She agreed knowing dat d trio vl easily tackle d creepos now. KD pushed Kunal to d car n Piddi did d same wid Arun.

            "Last time, tum 6 creepos akele KD ko maarne aaye aur vo b 1 hockey stick lekar  n today, u were doing d same to me," said Kiya.

            "Kiya, ye sab darpok hai isliye group me aate hai," said KD.

            Kiya charged 2wards Kunal n started hitting n punching him.

"Saale us din main drunk hone k vajah se kuch nahi kar paayi. Jab jail me sadega na to tera saara charmness nikal jayga," she said angrily.

            JJ signaled KD n he pulled Kiya away 4m him n whispered her to go as d police wud arrive @ any time. Kiya turned to go. As she reached d gate, she turned around lukn evry1 n shared an eye-lock wid KD n went inside. She told JJ not to tell even Banga n Vats dat she was here otherwise he may land her in trouble n find a way for his own benefit as all knew them. KD, JJ n Piddi easily tied up Kunal n Arun as well. Police arrived n tuk away d creepos. D trio did not mentioned a single word abt Kiya. D police thanked d trio for catching d criminals. KD n Piddi told JJ dat they overheard his convo wid Kiya n knew d truth but assured dat d truth vl only remain between 4 of them.

            JJ, KD n Piddi went back to d school. JJ went to Princi n Naina to give them d good news while KD n Piddi started lukn for Kiya. They spotted her near Kisha's locker section standing quietly while Juhi was bandaging her wounded hand.

            "Tell na babes, ye sab kaise hua?" asked Juhi lukn worried.

            "Kunal trapped me thru KD's cell n tried to harm me again. KD n Piddi came to them n d trio told them only wat had happened outside. They did not mentioned abt Kiya helping KD.

            "Us Kunal ki itni himmat? Usne pehle Kiya ko harm karne ki koshish ki, KD ko fasaya n now again Kiya to get revenge on Piddi n JJ for catching him. Thank God, tumlog thik ho," said Juhi as she finished dressing Kiya's wound.

            Kiya was still quiet due to d incident n was thinking everything 4m wer it started till now. She heard Juhi's voice, "Tumne b bahot accha fight kiya un logo se. Tumhe to basic self-defense skills b to aata hai na."

            Juhi was applying ointment on her bruised forehead, "Juhi, maine socha b nahi tha ki ye sab itna gir sakte hai aur itna sab kuch honewala hai. Sab mere vajah se start hua. Us din party me muje KD ki baat maan leni chahiye thi. Aur muje aisa thoda bahot lag raha thi ki main shayad galti karti kar rahi but KD se jhagde aur mere ego ki vajah main us creepo ki baat maan li," said Kiya wid a painful look on her face. She also told them wat Kunal tried to do to her dat day n how JJ saved her but she dint mentioned herself involved in helping KD.

            "Kiya, don't worry now. Abhi sab jail chale gaye na. Now evrythng gonna be alright," she said Kiya while softly caressing her head comforting her. She turned to go befor saying, "Class me milte hai. Take care."

              KD n Piddi told Kiya dat they know d truth much to Kiya's shock but they assured dat they vl not reveal d secret to anyone. They asked Kiya abt everything n she told them even crying in between. D duo were angered @ how cheap Kunal cud be hearing d words dat he said to her. D duo especially KD thanked to her for saving him. They also apologized to Kiya for thinking her wrong. She replied sadly dat its nothing new for her n forgave them.

               Piddi went away 4m them n told KD to meet him in class. Kisha stared @ each other wid der background music playing. Kiya thanked him for defending her dat day. Kiya also apologized KD for her foolishness n he forgave her.

               "Jab mere khud k baba ne mujh par 1 baar b trust nahi kiya lekin tumne mujh par trust kaise kiya?" asked KD.

               "Muje pata tha ki tum koi galat kaam nahi kar sakte. Yaad hai jab tumne us din jab maine tumhe paise ka offer kiya tha pranks me involved logo ka naam batane k liye aur tumne mana kar diya aur tumne mana kar diya, vo baat kar k main aur sure ho gayi ki tumhe Kunal ne fasaya hai us din party me muje defend karne k liye aur un creepos ka drug offer gatar me daalne k liye. I am sure us din Arun drugs ka offer kar k tumhe fasane k liye hi aaya tha. Par sabse jyaada bura to tab lagta hai na jab apne parent humpe...," she was cut by KD who completed her sentence.

              " nahi karte hai. Lets go to d class now. Lec ko sirf 5 min hai."

KD hugged n comforted Kiya who was still crying bitterly. He wiped her tears n made her smile. They shook hands n headed 2wards d class.

            Evry1 was puzzled to see Kisha entering d class 2gthr. Juhi made Kiya sit beside n KD sat on his place wid Piddi. Juhi was cheering Kiya up by talking on interesting topics. KD lukd @ Kiya while she smiled talking to Juhi. He lukd back to Piddi n started talking wid him. Kiya lukd @ KD for some seconds n then lukd @ Juhi back n continued talking to her.

            The teacher entered n announced a two people group project n was choosing project partner for evry1. Piddi got Bobby much to his happiness, Juhi got Samar, Ranveer got Panchi n lastly Kiya much to her surprise got KD as her partner. Evry1 was puzzled to know dis but Kisha lukd like they were happy wid it. Kisha who always sat parallel n close to each other's bench smiled @ each other wid Kisha music playing in d background.

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awesome story dear...
loved it Smile
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Nice start
angel_juhi04 IF-Sizzlerz

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it has only 2 parts so d ss ends now
pluviophile. IF-Sizzlerz

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Awesome SS =)
angel_juhi04 IF-Sizzlerz

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hope kd knows d truth somewat in dis waySmile
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It's awesome..:)

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