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OS: To love and for love (Page 14)

suma.2911 Groupbie

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Posted: 26 February 2013 at 12:01am | IP Logged
i can't believe i had not read this one till now!! it is absolutely lovely.. 

The best part was the Rumi quote.. Big fan of Rumi quotes on love and this was one among the many i like a lot.. 

it's amazing that you have brought out the sensitive side of arnav, the gesture of filling the sindhur with the coin, his anger, his love and his passion.. 

very beautiful :)

and ofcourse.. as always.. Made me smile :)

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reallyhappy IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 04 April 2013 at 3:40am | IP Logged

That was trly btfl.:)


D lehnga..d descrptn of der love..lyf..

Wid jalebis..Diyas..Stars..Payal..



That was a rare thing 2 read..


He had loveed her trl..n so had she…


D way he fulfilled ol her dreams..a dream of perfect wedding..n d promise 2 b tgthr foreva..


That was really touchin..:)


Thinkin about each thing..that matter 2 her..n him..





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arshiyana IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 04 April 2013 at 8:38pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Kalyaani


The Author of this post has chosen to restrict the contents of this Post to Members only.


OS: To love and for love'.


The sky was bathed in beautiful hues of dawn, the colours no artist would ever be able capture;'orange'yellow'white. He smiled as God's palette reminded him of his life from the fateful day he lit his parents' funeral pyre; the black smoke to the white of the chikankari pathani he wore today. His eyes turned to focus on the individual who had turned his life, introducing him to the world of bright colours. It did not blind him as he had anticipated it would; rather coax him to see its beauty and splendour. He sat on the recliner as she lay asleep on his bed nee their bed, his wife and how nice it sounded the word 'wife' he had used it many times in the past but the meaning settled in his being last night.

His eyes went to her lehenga which was his master piece, the Mysore silk so fine spun from thirty different shades of red from amaranth to vermillion embellished with tiny pearls and embroidered by the best zardozi craftsman in the country. The embroidery was designed to showcase important aspects of their journey thus far; the base border had jalebi style design, in honour of her favourite sweet. The row above had fireflies around a pot a bittersweet reminder of that turbulent time in their life and the next had diyas held together by payals a memory so deeply etched in their hearts, he often wondered had he fallen in love with her then or realised it when he fixed the delicate anklet around her fair ankle.  The body of the lehenga had stars haphazardly embroidered, in them he saw the presence of their parents, his and hers. The soft chiffon duppata mirrored the design of the lehenga. The back of the choli had in delicate threads, two people facing each other at opposite ends of a pool, how could he not include their favourite place on her shaadi ka joda.


It now lay on the stool near the mirror along with the duppata and her choli "don't ruin my shaadi ka joda Arnavji, I want to keep it forever" she had requested in her husky voice. Did she not realize he had no capacity to be careful with the garment which held him away from her; he still had managed to remove it off her without damaging it. He cursed himself; could he not have designed a simple yet easy to remove lehenga for her; he had gotten carried away and created this beautiful ensemble. It was for his Khushi and it was for the wedding he had promised her. His mind went back to the previous evening, the wedding was how she had dreamt it would be and he had ensured each and every ritual was an experience to cherish for her; he was there with her matching step with step. He knew she would have it no other way and secretly he too wanted to traverse this journey and savour it as much as she did. The ritual not only bound Arnav and his Khushi in marital bond of love and respect for each other but united their fates for seven lives to come. He wanted the ceremony to be infused with symbolic meaning and spiritual significance; she revelled in these things as it defined her.


He stood in the beautifully decorated Mandap, the flowers adorning the pillars and frame spilling their fragrance on the gathering. Lilies, Orchids or any other flower she could think of he would have commissioned for the decoration, but she had turned down everything, "no Arnavji I want roses, lots of them" she had demanded and she would have them. "Any colour preference Khushi?" he had asked "red and white" she had answered; when questioned about the choice she had replied softly with a smile on her lips, in his ears "you like me in red and I like you in white." The Mandap was perfectly ornamented with roses in red and white. He had told the wedding planner to include stars and pearls in the decoration, stating they were an integral part of their life. There were there on the soft chiffon drapes of sparkling white. The two seats ornate and exquisite, of satisfactory height, he had not wished Khushi to be uncomfortable during the wedding; facing the beautifully laid out havan kund and the various thalis bearing the requirements for their wedding. His eyes waiting for his bride to walk up to him, nervous, eager and excited, she had not looked up to meet his eye as she glided towards him and this had troubled his pensive heart. He always got his answer through her eyes, why was she not looking him, was she afraid? Payal was leading her to the Mandap he walked towards them and offered his hand to his bride, asking her to grace his life. She looked up at him and his breath was held captive in his throat, her eyes shone with love so bright it would blind him. Khushi had never looked this beautiful, in her wedding lehenga, her breath taking jewellery custom made, set with rubies, emeralds and diamonds; he was sure she would never look this heavenly ever again, miracles rarely repeat. She gave his hand a small squeeze, breaking him out of his reverie, the smile that graced her lips asking him to take her along with him.


They stood facing each other waiting for the pundit to guide them; the auspicious ceremony began with them exchanging garlands symbolizing their acceptance of each other as their life partner. They spoke with their eyes, "mine" he asked and "forever" she replied. Carrying out each ritual under the guidance of the pundit; she took the 'madhuparka' from the pundit, "please eat a little Arnavji" she had requested and he refused cringing distastefully at the offered concoction, she had explained "madhuparka is a prepared with honey, ghee, and curds it is not harmful." When he did not relent she cajoled "please Arnavji, I am determined to turn any sourness that may occur in our relationship to sweetness, I start with this" placing the mixture in his now open mouth.


Payal and Akash wheeled in Khushi's father along her mother towards the Mandap, watching them Arnav begged "please Khushi no crying during the Kanyadaan, please jaan'''." She bobbed her head in agreement with eyes pooled in tears, which he quickly brushed away with his thumbs. When Khushi's hand was placed in his, he averred that he was happily accepting her hand. They solemnly promised their hearts will be united just as water from two different rivers merge into the ocean and becomes one; correspondingly their hearts will be conjoined never to be differentiated. Some of the rituals were a blur as hard as he had tried he was unable to concentrate on them. He was in a trance again and looked down at her when she laid her soft hand on his arm. "Arnavji, phere shurukarey?" she asked softly, he shook his head unable to say anything. This very ritual had separated him from his Khushi for many days and he would be done with it to make her his. Every fibre in his body was alert, he was to make promises he would keep and take some from her to tread the path towards eternal happiness, together.


The first step they prayed to the almighty for provision and nourishment to ensure they can live their life together with respect and honour for one another; the second prayer to grow as one in mental, physical and spiritual strength so that they can enjoy life and share their happiness. The third they wished for prosperity and vowed to share all their joys and sorrows. Khushi promised to be devoted to Arnav and Arnav vowed to respect and love his Khushi as the one and only woman in his life. They promised to take care of their family and respect them in the fourth step. Arnav and Khushi prayed to be blessed with good, kind and virtuous children, promising to be responsible parents and provide their children with fine education and indispensable values of life. The divine forces were then prayed to for an ailment free and healthy life for their families and themselves to lead a harmonious and balanced life together. In their seventh and last step together Arnav and Khushi pledged to be faithful companions, they promised each other to live a life filled with love, friendship and mutual trust.


The past was wiped clean as they stood now united before man and God finally they prayed for wisdom of maturity so that they may live as friends for a lifetime, by placing their right hand on each other's heart avowing to be loyal to each other. He took an old twenty-five paise coin from his pocket and scooped the sindoor from the proffered filigree gold sindoor box and applied it in the parting line of his Khushi's hair as Payal held her maang tikka aside, to signify their sanctified marital relationship. She looked at the coin and then at him, he answered her unvoiced question "Chachaji threw this coin at me and asked me to make my fortune with it, I did and am now sealing the best deal of my life with the very same coin" he said placing a soft kiss below the sindoor on her forehead.


The family blessed the smiling couple showering them with rose petals in every colour wishing them happiness, health and a hardship-free life. What followed was enjoyed with rapture by Khushi and suffered silently by Arnav. Did these silly rasams has any significance in this day and age, but he went along with it having done so much this too he would grin and bear, for his love anything for his love. Their union was magical, how else was he to describe what he experienced last night. The love of his life was his after the arduous journey their life had taken to reach to this destination. He had ensured her first time was the least painful; being with her, taking care of her comfort at each step, uncaring of his need. "Are you scared?" he had asked and she had answered by placing a tender kiss on his heart conveying her explicit faith in him. His fortune that ran in crores, paled in comparison to the wealth that lay in his arms.


He continued to watch her, taking in each and every aspect of her marital status. The sindoor was smudged as was the bindhi on her fore head. The mangalsutra lay around her swan like neck, she was adamant she choose it and he had to admit it was a beautiful one. Her ivory skin bore his passion, at places so dark he addressed himself with the choicest profanity man knew. Her hands the mehendi so dark it had to be his love for her, there could be no other reason for the intensity of the shade, adorned with the kangans that had once graced his mother's hands. Her legs had intricate designs of mehendi too, her mother's payal on her delicate ankle old and worn out yet more precious than the Kohinoor for Khushi and the toe ring catching the night light teased him.

He had once asked her in a fit of rage, why she had considered their marriage a sham? Why did she feel the need to marry the traditional way? She had recited a couplet by Rumi 

"I am your moon and your moonlight too
I am your flower garden and your water too
I have come all this way, eager for you
Without shoes or shawl
I want you to laugh
To kill all your worries
To love you
To nourish you."

His anger still in place he had asked again "that does not answer my question Khushi, you are my wife and nothing changes that fact?" Placing her tiny hand on his heart she had replied "I am your wife Arnavji, nothing changes that fact. I want to be your wife the way it is meant to be, the way I have dreamt it would be and the way I want you to give it to me. Will you not do this for me Arnavji?" He did not have an answer to that question, he would give her, her dream, the one he had denied and the one once lived will be engrained in her heart forever. To love and for love''


Thank you for reading, please do hit the like button and leave a comment if you found the story interesting enough.

Once again, thank you for reading

- Kalyaani


A fist full of color -Kalyaani's writing korner




Sorry to quote ur os as in my iPad it didn't allow me to reply comment so I had to quoted...k
It has been long time I haven't read ur any updats as u stop pming ur works. 
And I don't know how I couldn't get ur update mess in my email box though I have provided my email I'd. 
Once again k I love to read ur works n I have been following ur ffs so I'm leaving my email Id here

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basb IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 04 April 2013 at 11:01pm | IP Logged
nice os

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rvas Goldie

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Posted: 04 April 2013 at 11:10pm | IP Logged
just read this so beautiful

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avantika_2012 Goldie

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Posted: 05 April 2013 at 1:17am | IP Logged
Breathtakingly beautiful! 

This is a masterpiece! :D

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sunitikapoor IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 05 April 2013 at 1:18am | IP Logged

Just read this OS and again I am speechless…you always do this to me with your writing.

The imagination which you created was awesome!!!

With few words you delivered a really good picture.

Brilliantly written…I just loved it.Tongue

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blackdice1001 Goldie

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Posted: 08 April 2013 at 12:53pm | IP Logged
This is really wow. This is how Arnav Singh Raizadha loves his Khushi Kumari Gupta. The descriptions are just beyond brilliant.

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