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reviews r very positive i hope the wom is good and it do steady business and win all awards...

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Barfi Gets 5 stars


by Soumyadipta Banerjee last updated on September 12, 2012 at 8:33 pm


Soumyadipta Banerjee


Soumyadipta is an absolute devil and has this nasty habit of befriending Bollywood stars to extract gossip from them. He also reviews films when he has nothing better to do. He has a twisted mind and doesn't want anybody to follow him on Twitter.

You can never imagine how one can portray that she is surprised by just wiping her runny nose, you need to see Priyanka


By Soumyadipta Banerjee


We are used to south films being remade with Hindi dialogues, we are used to Shirish Kunder fall flat on his face with an original idea, we are used to Salman Khan making his biceps dance, we are used to Bipasha Basu showing her amazing abs at the slightest provocation and Emraan Hashmi pressing his lips against anything in a skirt'.

Now, imagine a film without sex, violence or a screenplay from the south. Also, throw in a pre-condition that the hero and the heroine wouldn't speak a word in the film. Any director attempting to make such a movie must be prepared to put his career in a coffin before taking his first shot. It's a risk that might end your movie-making dreams forever. Just look around in Bollywood and you will find plenty of examples of filmmakers who tried out an original idea only to lose out forever in the rat race of Bollywood. 

But people who have succeeded ended up creating a masterpiece. Barfi is just that ' a masterpiece which is comparable to India's best films. 

This film will not excite you or thrill you but will melt your heart.








Ranbir Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra show their class

Ranbir Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra are fiercely competitive when they are together on the big screen. They wouldn't let the other get an edge. In Barfi, there is not a single shot where Ranbir and Priyanka have not excelled. The two have done such a splendid job that they have unfortunately put Ileana D'Cruz an inch behind even though she has given a performance of a lifetime. 

Ranbir Kapoor shows amazing grit and determination as an actor. Portraying a deaf and dumb young man would normally require years of method acting. It is evident that Ranbir has gone through months of method acting while preparing for this role. Look at his on-screen character closely and you will find out that he has watched the earlier films of British actor Rowan Atkinson and Charles Chaplin while preparing for this role. Both Rowan and Chaplin don't speak a word in these films but yet deliver some classic performances and both set respective standards without uttering a single dialogue. Ranbir Kapoor has delivered a performance where he brilliantly mixes the two characters together.

Priyanka Chopra's character is a little different from Barfi because her motor responses appear slower than Barfi. Her capacity to react to most situations almost seems sub-normal. In real-life instances, you will see that these characters mostly rely on a few expected behavioral clichs while portraying their emotions. Priyanka too expresses her happiness and sorrow through these fixed behavioral patterns rather than break out into laughter or shed tears. Yes, she is brilliant! 

You can never imagine how one can portray that she is happy by just wiping her runny nose. You need to see Priyanka perform to believe how it can be done.

Ranbir and Priyanka kindly take a bow. You deserve full respect for your wonderful performances.


Anurag Basu kindly take a bow too

When everybody is busy making remakes of south films, thinking of a film like Barfi requires tremendous courage. Absolute courage, because you never know if the audience will reject your film and you will end up in a trash can with other directors who have ventured off the beaten track. Anurag has shown grit and courage to go full throttle with a subject like Barfi where he portrays the life of a deaf and dumb young guy and makes you laugh even at the grimmest of situations.

There are sad situations in the film where Barfi's mother dies or say where his parents discover that Barfi is actually deaf and dumb. Believe it or not, when any other Bollywood film director would have ordered tones of glycerine to make everybody on the sets cry buckets during these scenes, Anurag Basu has created these scenes as a comic relief! Imagine! Absolute brilliancy there!

The review would be incomplete without a word of praise for the make-up artiste and the VFX team. The make-up of the characters -- when they grow old ' is such brilliant work that you wonder if you have seen better work before. Really, the hard work and the eye for detail have shown on every inch of the characters' faces. If there's any award for make-up and if these make-up artistes don't get it, then the awards are rigged for sure. Ditto for the VFX team. The work that they have done is so good that you actually don't realize that the film is laden with special effects. 


All cinema lovers should see this film

Barfi will make you smile. The film will melt your heart. The film might make you cry too. Miss this film at your own risk. We would have normally given it 4.5 stars but we add 0.5 stars for Anurag Basu came back on the pitch like Yuvraj Singh to deliver such a brilliant piece of work. Yes, Anurag Basu had such acute lukaemia that doctors had told declared that he had only two months to live. 

Perhaps the ability to laugh at your worst makes you a better creator. Like Barfi. rating: 5 stars


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 5 stars? Holy shit! Shocked FDFS! 
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By  Taran Adarsh, 12 Sep 2012, 21:13 hrs IST
The late Rajesh Khanna put it across marvelously in the memorable ANAND, 'Zindagi badi honi chahiye, lambi nahi.' Notwithstanding the roadblocks in our lives, one should celebrate life every single moment, every single day. That, in a nutshell, is the essence of Anurag Basu's BARFI!.

When we meet/see differently-abled people or special people, we may have a notion that they live a gloomy, grief-stricken life. BARFI! shatters the myth. 

BARFI! cannot be slotted in any particular genre. But it has the disposition of the much-acclaimed LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL, a delightful film that tugged at your heart strings. That film advocated the fact that one should savor every moment. Similarly, BARFI! notifies you to relish life and live it king-size. Yet, like most Hindi movies, this one is essentially a love story that throws the spotlight on the happy-go-lucky Barfi and his romances, first with the classy Shruti and later, with an autistic girl, Jhilmil. 

The beauty of the film lies in the fact that it instantly absorbs you into Barfi's world. I wish to specify that one should not correlate BARFI! with disability. It's more about characters who face the challenges that life has to offer, yet live a more gratifying life than anyone else. It's about living each day of your life to the fullest, giving happiness, feeling love. It's a unique love story between three exceptional characters, something we haven't witnessed on the Hindi screen earlier. 

His parents named him Murphy, but everyone calls him Barfi. Always ready with a prank up his sleeve, he's quite the charmer, especially with the ladies. In Darjeeling, Barfi [Ranbir Kapoor] is the talk of the town. Even though he can neither speak nor listen. 

His bitter-sweet relationship with two beautiful ladies, Shruti [Ileana D'Cruz] and Jhilmil [Priyanka Chopra], sets in motion a chain of events that turns his life upside down. A heart-warming tale of selfless love and about finding contentment in the smallest of things in life. 

Director Anurag Basu, a proficient storyteller, approaches Barfi's character with acute sensitivity and perceptiveness. Also, a film like BARFI! is simplistic and unfussy to the core. There is nothing valiant or heroic about Ranbir's character, yet he is confident and courageous in spirit. Like I pointed out at the outset, the story educates you about life and how to appreciate it. We complain and crib about trivial issues, but Barfi and Jhilmil are two people who unearth contentment in everything they do, despite the challenges they encounter. 

The handling of the written material by Anurag Basu is something to marvel at. It's put together with tender compassion and the powerful conclusion is hugely impacting. The finest thing about the film is its power to move and transform you on several occasions. It's the depiction of love and sacrifice that makes BARFI! worthwhile. 

Pritam outdoes himself yet again with a winning soundtrack. The soundtrack is as sweet and appealing as the title of this film and in tandem with beautiful poetry, helps create a picturesque world that's in sync with the premise of the film. Since two of the three protagonists don't have lines to deliver, the effective background score holds immense significance here. I'd like to make a special mention of the cinematography as well. It's simply magnificent [Ravi Varman]. The stunning locales only enhance the impact. 

Blemishes? It's unusual for a Hind film hero to have no dialogue or lip-sync songs in the film. Also, the film is hugely experimental from the commercial point of view. The typical masala movie-loving audience may/may not embrace the film enthusiastically. Yet, I'd like to adjoin, Ranbir's character has relatability and one can only hope and also recommend that in these fast-changing times, an untouched theme like BARFI! is embraced with affection and warmth! 

Besides, the film could've done with some trimming in the first hour. The pace slackens at times, although the chain of events in the second hour camouflages this minor aberration. 

To depict an intricate and complex character like Barfi is not everyone's cup of tea and I doubt if any actor could've portrayed the part as brilliantly as Ranbir. Here's an actor who's truly versatile, courageous and flexible and his choice of films proves it. He has dared to illustrate a character which many mainstream actors may not choose to implement. Ranbir's facial expressions and body language is the hallmark of the enterprise. The critical complement I can award to Ranbir's act is that it is truly convincing, heartrending and intelligent, all rolled into one dazzling result. 

From a model in FASHION to a femme fatale in 7 KHOON MAAF, Priyanka is known for treading the untrodden path in her career. Priyanka delivers yet another knockout performance in BARFI!. Jhilmil, her character, is someone you would fall in love with. Very infrequently does one see an actor get so deeply absorbed in a character the way Priyanka does in this movie. She is matchless here and truly deserves all the accolades that will come her way eventually. Also, her pairing with Ranbir is ideal, they look wonderful together. 

Making her debut in Hindi films, Ileana, a prominent actress in South, is super efficient. She does everything with effortlessness, self-assurance, splendor and decorum and that's not an easy thing to do by any standard. 

Saurabh Shukla is in terrific form. Akash Khurana is wonderful. Ashish Vidyarthi is effective. Ditto for Rupa Ganguly and Jishu Sengupta, who leave a mark in brief roles. Sumona Chakravarti is adequate. Haradhan Bandopadhyay, enacting the role of Dadu, is remarkable. 

On the whole, BARFI! is unusual for Bollywood. You don't formulate movies like BARFI! targeting its box-office potential or its commercial prospects. You create such films for the passion of cinema. BARFI! is akin to a whiff of fresh air. Its foremost triumph is that it leaves you with a powerful emotion: Happiness! I sincerely believe, no Hindi movie buff should deprive himself/herself of watching this brilliant motion picture. Also, the viewer needs to savor Ranbir, Priyanka and Ileana's paramount performances, one of the strengths of this movie. Strongly recommended!

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Omar Qureshi ?@OQSpot

#BARFI Simply Magical.Ranbir Simply Sensational. This guy is magic.Fm another planet @priyankachopra SUPERB Ileana fab. Ethereal experience

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Whoop Whoop! Go Barfi! 

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take a bow.
suddenly from liking bollywood i am feeling LOVING bollywood.

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Barfi: Fall In Love For Life Is Beautiful

Anurag Basu has learnt his lesson well. Excessive usage of Spanish was the problem in 'Kites' and so were the sub titles. Barfi doesn't have too many dialogues but the Communication through the sign language is Spot On throughout the course of the film. The film entertains with its Charlie Chapline, Laurel Hardy brand of extraordinary humour, poignant situations and an unconventional-yet-touching romance. The narrative flow slows down at times but the over all impact is magnetic.

The scenic magnificence of Darjeeling is a character in itself and Ravi Varma's crafty camerawork augments the visual delight by many folds. The color tones change deftly as per the demands of the back-n-forth narrative and the cine watching experience is seamless. The film starts with a song exhorting you to get ready for 'the picture' and the mood is set for the joyous trip ahead.

Apart from Ranbir, Priyanka and Ileana, the actor who emerges triumphant is Saurabh Shukla. Most of the funny situations are created whenever Ranbir and Shukla are in each other's vicinity. The kids will love their Tom and Jerry shenanigans.

Barfi touches an instant chord with its simplistic and an uncomplicated approach towards human relationships. There's a blatant in your face advertising of brands like Avon Cycles, Prestige Pressure Cooker, Murphy Radio, Rupa, Canon etc but since they don't abruptly hamper the story flow, you'd ignore it. It is difficult to comprehend Barfi without Ranbir Kapoor playing the lead part. Kapoor has become the character. The manner in which this young actor is pushing the envelope of excellence is simply outstanding. He proposes with gusto, gets 'floored' on being kissed, loves without any hesitation, forgives as if nothing happened, cares for others for he understands what it means to suffer, mischief is his other name for fun is a way of life and most importantly Barfi finds Love in life which is meant for a rare few. Ranbir displays an amazingly wide gamut of emotions with a master's ease and the complete control over the body language is commendable. While most of the actors prefer taking the safer way out, this Kapoor scion pushes himself consistently.

Pritam's music is a big highlight of Barfi. All the songs are superb but my personal favourites will be 'Aala Barfi', 'Main Kya Karoon' and 'Aashiyan'. Lyrics by Swanand Kirkire and Neelesh Mishra are highly poetic and carry depth. The background score is another character in the film. When there are lesser number of dialogues, the background score is vital in conveying the message and Pritam is at his very best.

Priyanka Chopra is the surprise package of the film. She pulls up a restrained and an uncluttered performance. I am sure very few actresses in today's times would have dared to take up such a challenging and non glamorous role as this. Ileana D Cruz has a straight forward role but she adds spark with her charm and grace. Akiv Ali's editing chops are deft and simple. There's never a dull moment in the film though you will need to have some patience with the laidback narrative as pumping up the pace will spoil the purpose.

After this film, Anurag Basu's name will be etched amongst finest directors that Indian cinema can boast of today. The film holds a wide appeal not only for an Indian audience but the sky is open all across beyond language-n-cultural boundaries, for Barfi is a universal story of love, hope and celebrating life under all circumstances. Watch it!

Star Rating: ****

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