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Dark Love Story Chapter 21(Pg142) last chapter (Page 94)

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hy wen r u updating?????

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Chapter 15 :The Dark Love Story

They reached Mayong at night around 7pm...Everyone came running seeing the two, but Sangeeta came near her, only to spit venom...

"Wow Manyata, no matter how much fate tries to take your life, you still save yourself, or rather someone always saves you!..."..She was so angry seeing her that too with the hot Professor, that she didn't knew what she actually said...While her remarks, made Manyata doubt, what she actually meant.

Many students surrounded Shaurya and Manyata and flooded them with questions. But Miss Reeta took a special interest in knowing Shaurya's health and if he had faced any problems, in these few days.

"Oh my God!...You have become so pale...I hope princess Manyata didn't create much problem for you. Why do you look so tired and tensed?.."...Manyata got angry, the way Reeta looked at her and Shaurya/Udayveer just gave a sarcastic smile and replied to her question..

"Oh common Professor Reeta,Angry I have returned after 2days of a tiresome journey, as I didn't get the luxury of travelling in the college bus, remember?.AngryAngry..yes the journey was tiresome, but more than that annoying!...Now please excuse me. I want to go freshen up..." ..

The last two sentences made Manyata angry, as she understood, whom he meant by the term annoying!.

Mayong was a beautiful valley which had dense jungles nearby, waterfalls and a road which led to a deserted place containing the ruins of palaces and architectures. There were no inhabitants in Mayong, as most of the broader places where life can be expected was completely sandy and dry...It was really shocking as in why the place was like that...but a bit far away there was a dense forest which led to a big river. The staff arranged for water from there and they had put up tents in the ground as there were no hotels. Fireplace was lit as it was a cold December month, and everyone rejoiced as the cooks that were brought with the team, cooked in the open area.

Everyone sat around the fire and sang songs and danced. Natasha sat near Manyata and pinched her, asking about her special trip with Shaurya...Manyata just tried to ignore her questions and diverted her mind to the game. Ocassionaly Manyata's eyes met Udays/Shaurya's and they had a eye-lock but soon with some or the other noise around they would break it and try to act normal. While everyone was enjoying the game, Sangeeta was in her own Shaurya world!...

"Wow...He looks killing in wet hair...What a smile!...I am sure nothing has happened between my dumb behengi sister and him!...before its too late, I will make him mine!..." she was shrugged out of her thoughts by her friend Kanika, who shaked her up and asked her to sing...Sangeeta got a bit conscious after noticing that everyone had their eyes on her. She felt that she should quickly do something before everyone understood that she was actually staring t her professor.

"Oh common, such a boring game. We have played these games in the bus as well. Please lets play another game. How about Truth and Dare?..."...She replied with an excitement in her voice.

"Wow thats a good idea Sangeeta", replied Vishal, a senior of the college and Manyata's friend.

(Yes I know I never mentioned Vishal, but kept the twist till now. Manyata has very few friends, among which Natasha and Vishal are the closest. Unlike Sangeeta she doesn't like partying much, and whenever has to spend some time with friends, they meet at one or the other's house. Mostly its in Manyata's mahal. Vishal is an only son of a successful businessman and many girls are mad for him, whereas he is not interested on those stupid girls, who only find solace and life in money, shoes and expensive clothes. He wanted a person who would have a real golden heart, someone full of emotions, someone like Manyata, although he never realised that and considered Manyata as his good friend. Enough of description!..Lets get back to the point)


Although Sangeeta was never much in favour of Vishal as he was Manyata's friend right now she was happy as he supported her in choosing a different game. Slowly everyone agreed including Manyata, and all got excited to play, whereas who knew Sangeeta had her own plans behind this truth and dare game!!...

Everyone's turn came and someone selected truth and had to confess their ex relations or any sensational secrets, while some had to do odd and funny acts as they tired to Dare!...The Professors had also participated in the game and all were enjoying after a long time.. They were having fun and everyone was laughing their heart out. Time was passing by and no one knew how the moments passed by.

The music kept on playing and suddenly it stopped when Vishal was about to pass the bottle to Manyata as she was sitting next to him.

"Stop Vishal. It's your turn now...Now you tell me what will you go for?..Truth or Dare!..." Sangeeta exclaimed...Vishal knew he didn't have any option. He was the new bakra now..

"I am not scared of anyone. I will Dare. " he replied proudly...Sangeeta smirked at this and one of her friends replied in return.

"Ok then Vishal, you're the cool hunk right!...ask any of the girls for a dance in your coolest style. And we girls will rate you whether you're the most charming or not."...Kanika replied in her own style.

Vishal was a bit nervous at first but then agreed and cooly looked in the direction of the girls sitting. Every girl became eager to get the chance of dancing with Vishal. He definitely didn't need to try hard for wooing a girl.

He finally chose his favourite girl- Manyata!...he came to the middle of the circle and smiled looking at Manyata.

"I know I have always been your best friend, and you may feel strange. Dancing with you would be anyone's pleasure, but Me (stresses) getting the chance of spending some great moment with you would be my luck. Would you please make me lucky by dancing with me?" Vishal forwards his right hand to Manyata for a dance and she is surprised. She never thought he would ask her. He has dated so many girls, that she thought he would ask any other girl in the crowd. But no. He asked her. She was awestruck and nodded in a Yes.

They enjoyed the danced and everyone agreed that they shared an awesome chemistry, but Shaurya was not very happy hearing all this. He couldn't take it and just waited for the dance to get over.

"Huuh Luck!..What the fu*k...!!...she will never be your luck and if you try to come closer than this, your luck will forget you for ever!!..." he thought angrily. Finally their dance was over and everyone rated their performance with full 10, and also Vishal as indeed the most charming guy!.

The game proceeded and this time it was Uday's turn. He too chose to Dare and Sangeeta and Kanika whispered. Uday noticed this and became thoughtful.After a while Sangeeta replied..

"Ok so Professor Shaurya, with due respect to all the staff members who are playing with us, I would like Professor Shaurya Pratap Singh to kiss anyone of the beautiful girls present here"ShockedShocked

The staff members scolded Kanika and Sangeeta, although some hesitated to say anything to her, as she was a princess, and knew that if she showed any disapproval towards their behavior then their career was gone.

"I would not have agreed to this, as I am a professor and commiting such an action in front of my students would not be a very proud thing. Many must be not very happy with this Daring act that I am given, and will not be comfortable if I go to kiss them. So Princess Sangeeta or S as you are called so. I think this is your idea, so why not try on you. I would like to kiss you. You are indeed one of the most beautiful girl in this crowd present here, and since you asked me for this Dare, am sure you won't mind!!"...saying this he moves towards her, while Sangeeta gets shocked and scared. She just wanted to pull Uday's leg and see how he would act, as she was angry for his showing frequent concern for her sister.She never thought that the tables would be turned on her.She could not protest as it was she who ordered him to kiss

He came near her and everyone anticipated the moment. The staff was happy that he taught this haughty princess a lesson. Within seconds he was near her and for once he looked at Manyata, though the corner of his eyes, and then caught hold of Sangeeta's hand and brought her to the center of the crowd. Both stood and Sangeeta was a bit embarrassed thinking that although she fantasized Shaurya, but never did she think that he would kiss her like this in front of everyone.

He held her face and she actually got mesmerized seeing his beautiful face. She could closely observe him now and his manly lips made her blush...Her thirst for him increased,and she now felt glad that she had actually taken this bold step to ask him for a kiss. Shaurya looked at Manyata, while Manyata for some reason was getting annoyed with whatever was going on. She felt embarrassed at her sister's behavior as students near her were talking about her as a s**t.He tilted his face, hold her head with his right hand and drew close for a kiss and Sangeeta closed her eyes for the most dreamy experience.There was a pause for some moment and Sangeeta didn't understand why he was still not kissing her and just then when she was about to open her eyes, he kissed her left cheek softly and left her. She was a bit shocked and stood like a dumb for 5mins in the same position, when Shaurya broke off the silence.

"What?..You told I have to kiss a girl. Now where to kiss, that was not mentioned. So I can take it as my choice right?.." and he retreated to his place leaving her fuming in anger...LOLLOLLOL

Everyone went to their respective tents to sleep. Manyata had chosen a place with Natasha and one more girl. Sangeeta and her gang had chosen a place which was far from Manyata's tent, but she ddin't know the exact location where Manyata was. She was quite angry as her plan was not successful. She thought after Manyata would come to her sense, she would be scared and call home to go back. Sangeeta would enjoy happily in the trip. Being Manyata at her side she will have to be cautious of behaving decently and politely. Also coming closer to Uday would be difficult, as Manyata would have her eye on her sister...She was complaining to her friends about this and how her plans were not successful in making Manyata go away back home. She was cursing those pills and the chemists who gave her to them. Little did she know that Manyata had actually heard it all. All her plans, and scheming, which made her realise that Shaurya was true. He was only trying to save her that day and not take advantage of her. Somewhere in her heart she felt relieved that he was not the culprit. She could now believe that maybe he didn't rape her.But then it definitely meant that she had to ask forgiveness from him and also thank him for saving her life for which she had accussed him!

All had fast fallen asleep but Manyata couldn't sleep. She was twisting, and turning. There was something in this place which said she had been here earlier. The breeze was blowing violently and she was feeling cold, although under the blanket. She kept awake till an hour, when she finally got irritated and decided to go out for a stroll.

"Oh God, why don't I feel sleepy. Maybe some fresh air will make me feel good. Let me go out for a while." Saying this she wore her jacket and left the tent to enjoy the fresh air.It was a moonlit night and far in the jungle, one could hear the sounds of wild animals. It was cold and serene, but Manyata loved this place. She somehow felt as if this place was welcoming her. As if it knew her and she knew it. She decided to walk a bit in the moonlight. She hummed a song and kept on walking, when suddenly she heard a scream in a distance. The scream was from a place which was atleast 2kms away. She got scared and stopped, and its only then that she realised that she had come quite far from the tent and from the place where her team was resting. She decided to return when she heard the scream again. This time it was similar to a girl's voice in danger. She kept on screaming continuously making Manyata shocked and terrified. She ran towards the voice which came from somewhere deep into the jungle. She didn't care about tthe density of the forest as saving a human life was more important. As soon as she reached the place from where the voice could be heard, she called out.

"Hello!...Can you hear me?...Hello?...dariye mat hum apki madat karenge. Just tell me where you are?..." she called out repeatedly, but without any answer. Manyata was upset and angry as well, since she had come quite far being worried. She had just turned back when she heard a voice calling her from a bit far.

"Manyata, Manyata...Manyata Manyata..." ...Manyata was surprised as in who was she who knew her name. She realised finally that it must be Sangeeta's plan.

"Sangeeta, how low can you stoop ha. First you try to make me unconscious and miss the bus, and now that the plan didn't work and I managed to come here, you are trying to scare me like this. I am not scared of your stupid tactics. Get it into your head!!..." saying this she starts leaving when  a scream again is heard, which is now loud and clear. This was definitely not a woman's voice this time. It was a clear voice of a matured man. Neither a voice of fear, nor of happiness, nor of fright, but still a yell. Manyata paused for a while thinking what she should do when again she heard the same girly voice rather a scream, a scream of fright and a scream signifying

The End of Everything!!...

ALright friends. So heer we come to the end of this chapter..Kindly read and hit the like button as I am writing it inspite of a terrible headache today. That is why its a late update. Sorry for it, and also I made a mistake of bringing J out of nowhere. Its Princess Sangeeta, younger sister of Manyata, but in a hurry wrote J as we all are so used to J's wickednessLOLLOL...Hope you understand and forgive me for the confusion createdSmile

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Thanks for updating today Gargi.  I really didn't expect u to listen to me.  But I am grateful that u did.  I love the updateEmbarrassed.  I will give u a more detailed comment tomorrow  ...  for now - all I can say is : GREAT JOBClap.
Thanx for the PMSmile.
Hi Gargi Star.  Wonderful , superb , awesome update Clap
So glad Manyata & Uday  made it back to the others safelyBig smile.  Sangeeta's plan back-fired Dancing...   she should get used to it - SHE WILL NEVER SUCCEEDAngry!!!   O God - Poor Uday Confused ...  Proffessor Reeta   was smothering the guyDead.  That woman needs a hobby ...  BADLYLOL!!!    
The truth-or-dare game was very niceThumbs Up.  Vishal  dancing with Manyata   ...   just made him ENEMY NUMBER1 for UdayWink.  
The kiss  was the best  ...   Uday so cleverly wriggled out of that "trap"Approve .  Sangeeta  ...   won't wash her face after that kissShocked.  But the girl will be more obsessed now   and who knows what other evil plan she'll concoct for her sisterErmm.  I'm glad Manyata over-heard her talks; at least Uday has been clearedCool.  Waiting to see Manyata apologise to him...  I hope he makes it difficult for her to obtain his forgivenessEvil Smile.  
The end was scaryOuch.  Hope Uday comes to Manyata's aidEmbarrassed.   
Thanks for the great updateTongue
Do continue soonSmile
Thanks for ALL the PMs LOL .
PS  ...  Sorry to hear about your head ache,
             HOPE YOU  ...

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yay me second after navi di 
resBig smile
thnks 4 d PM

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andy.a IF-Rockerz

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lovely update so far
loved the way both shaurya and manyata was trying to get each other jeolous
Shahi01 Goldie

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Posted: 12 December 2012 at 10:27am | IP Logged
WinkWink awesome update gargi wish you did not stop there.
I love this story of yours and was waiting for your update.
Uday aka shaurya... love him. his character is brilliant and
His anger ufff even better. and then there is jai. ghamandi.
Loved how uday took her challenge back with the dare
And how uneasy manyata was getting with that. 
THANK GOD he did not kiss her... kiss her. lol. just a kiss on the cheek.
This new character vishal very sweet.  feel sorry for him if he ever gets on the wrong
side of uday, lol after udays line " she will never be your luck, and if you try 2 come closer than this
your luck will forget you forever"  loved it.  eagerly waiting 4 next part 2mrw. muuuaaah.

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res. will comment after reading the whole  update. I read half one. it was fantastic...Clap Clap waiting for full chapter..Tongue

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