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Dark Love Story Chapter 21(Pg142) last chapter (Page 80)

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Chapter 13 A Dark Love Story

She smiled shyly at his answer and shyly buried her face in her small palms Embarrassedat which he smiles back, seeing her innocence. This was indeed the most happiest moment of his life. He finally got a woman with whom he wanted to be forever, without any selfish reasons. Chunni bai(the witch) had told him that he will find happiness soon in the form of a woman. But he never could believe what she meant. That he will one fine day fall so hard and so madly for a woman!...He didn't think anymore as he was equally scared, that what if she didn't accept him the next day. Whatever may be the consequence, he knew his love for her was true and that it was not lust but actually love. He knew once he made love to her, like any other woman, she will be bound to remain his wife, whether willingly or unwillingly. And then he always had his love to make her realise one day that he was perfect for her. She had herself accepted him, although in half sense, because of her illness, but she at least did!..Which meant that she had grown at least a soft corner for him?Blushing

Brushing all these serious thoughts aside, he crawled to the tiny bed, which lay in the ground. He slowly made himself comfortable over her, trying not to lay his entire pressure on her, since he would be too strong on her and since she was quite weak at that moment. She looked once by making a small gap between her fingers, and looked with one eye at him, and finding that he had his gaze constantly on her face and body, she immediately closed the small gap made by the fingers, and waited for his move. He bit his lips at her antics, which he loved so much. For Shaurya, his Chand had always made him discover a new side of her, with each meet of theirs. He couldn't believe that she was the same girl, who behaved like a tiger last day, fighting bravely with her sword, and now she was a typical shy girl, who always submits to her man and craves for the new undiscovered love on the wedding night.

He put both his legs on either side of her hips and kneeled, to get prepared to make love. While she still kept her eyes closed and face hidden with her palms, he smiled and took away her hands from her face and placed them on either side and held them tight. He joined his fingers with her's and this gave him a good support to lean on her and he slowly brought himself close to her face while she still kept her eyes closed. She didn't have the courage to look into his face, which she knew was constantly looking at her at that moment. He kissed her slowly but passionately. It was their first kiss, and both were at bliss. He was first slow but as soon as he made way to her mouth, he pressed his lips and sucked her lips, like he had found the greatest treasure and would never leave it for anyone's sake!...She moaned in pleasure as even she never kissed anyone and never thought that it would give such a great feeling to be kissed madly!..

Although Shaurya had a Maharani, he never loved her. He did made love to her, but it wasn't frequent. Infact it was very rare, only on those days, when they had decided for an heir. But alas..she never became his child's mother. She could never be one!...So he was no more interested in trying to be cosy with her, nor was the queen interested. She was glad that, he had stopped making love as she only lusted his brother!!...Rajkumar Shrijit. But she never wanted to marry him as he was not the king. He was not in power..So she stayed quite and enjoyed all the wealth and attention of daas and daasis(maids and servants) which was the best option for her...

    Shaurya broke the kiss for a moment to undress her. He slowly lifted her ghagra upwards until it reached the point where her thighs started,Embarrassedwhile his gaze became more stronger and fixed at those newly discovered beauty!...Her milky white thigh made him more excited and turn on. He caressed them slowly to feel them and she smiled and blushed and the beautiful milky face which had grown pink by then, grew redder at the thought of how he must be looking at her and what he must be thinking. He lifted one of her legs,and placed it on his lap. He ran his hands on her legs and thighs and then on her hips, and tickled her under her feet, to tease her. His fingers on her bare skin was already giving her Goosebumps and his tickling made her upper body jump up and down and she giggled and tried to protest.."aahhh..Swami..ahhh.." she giggled and twisted her head to the other side, but the word 'swami' bought made Shaurya open his jaws and then give a wide smile, with a pause for several minutes, as if trying to recollect the golden word again and again spoken by his love!....Blushing

Chandralekha could sense that something happened which made him stop his actions, but she had no clue what it was. She opened her eyes and tried to look at him, as if to ask him, as in why he had stopped, although she still was too hesitant to show him her mutual pleasure in his actions..He felt that she was disappointed at his sudden hault and this made him more happy, as he knew that she too wanted to be one along with him..But he wanted to hear the magical word again. His queen had never called him so lovingly and with so much respect. For her she was a king and calling him Maharaj was enough of respect for her. He picked her up and made her sit and spoke with a serious but excited voice..

"Kya kaha apne?..humari taraf dekhiye aur firse kahiye?...Apko pata bhi hai apne kya kaha?.."..he said expecting to hear the same word quicker and louder this time!..

She was a bit confused and also shocked and scared thinking of she had dome something wrong..She just forgot what she said.

"Kya kaha humne?..kuch bhi to nahi",,she tried to speak while her voice and eyes still lower. He was not satisfied and he lifted her face up and bought her close to him.

"Humei jawab chahiye. Thik hai hum bata dete hai.. Apne abhi humei swami kaha!..Apko is shabd ka arth(meaning) pata bhi hai?...Kya ap sachmei hume swami manti hai..jawab dijiye humare prashn ka?.." he asked with so much excitement that Chandralekha thought of playing with him a bit and ignoring his interest..

"itni bhi kaunsi bari baat hai!..ab hum apki patni hai to humei to apko aise hi bulana parega na. Humne apni matashri ko suna hai, humare pitashri ko aise bulate hue!Isiliye humne bhi socha bol hi dete hai ab jab bulana hi hai to..." and she gives a sarcastic smile to see his reactions.

But he suddenly freed his grip hearing her answer. His heart broke into thousand pieces realising that she didn't feel the real meaning of 'swami'. It was just a word and simply a word which wife is supposed to address her husband with. She didn't mean it but since heard her mother using it, she did the same, in a way of fashion!..He got up from bed and giving second thoughts, as if whether his second wife was similar to his first wife, who never loved him, he tried to move out of the hut to get some fresh air. Chandralekha cursed herself for breaking his heart. She never thought he would take it so seriously and would be this hurt. She knew she had to mend it. Had to make him happy again, she had to tell him that she was only playing with him.

She stopped him by coming in his front and closed the hut door which he had opened to move...

"Tum vishraam(rest) karo..hum ate hai thori der mei bahar se..", he spoke without looking at her.

"Ap bahar nahi jayenge!..Ye samay nahi hai bahar jane ka..." He was stunned seeing the way she ordered him in a commanding voice..She came near his ears and replied loud and clear with paying special stress..

"swami, hum jaante hai is shabd ka arth..pure prithvi ke liye ap Maharaj Shaurya Pratap Singh hone, parantu ap chahe na chahe ap ajse humarei swami hai!..Humara vivah hua hai apse, aur hum is vivah ko mante hai, hum maante hai ki ap humse bohot prem karte hai, aur hum apko pura samman denge.Hum, apki maharani apko aadesh dete hai ki aap apna adhure karya ko sampan karei!.." She looked clearly now at him, and tears rolled out from his eyes, listening to her words. The tears were definitely not of pain but happiness!..Happiness that he has just started experiencing. He could feel care and concern in her voice and he hugged her tight and just let his emotions flow..He picked her up and took her back to the bed to complete his remaining work.

This time she looked at him and he kissed her forehead, fondly and with love. He kissed her cheeks, and chin and then again those luscious lips. He made way to her upper clothes, her choli, her necklace, and then the bangles,while still kissing her passionately. He removed her ghagra completely this time, and still without breaking the kiss, bent her legs, to bring them close to them, and removed her payal from both the legs. The feeling of what was going to happen next, made her body shiver and her body flushed and grew redder than before..Both were getting turned on with each other's moves and Shaurya became more amazed seeing the way his wife moved and twisted her body like a snake and moaned with his every touch.His squeezing and pressing her breast and the wet kisses that he left on every part of her bare skin, made her dance under him and sing the most beautiful song, in the form of moans.Blushing He loved it and wanted to do it all the more with all the more passion every time. He finally entered her with a great intensity and she had almost screamed, everytime he increased his speed and passion, but it didn't stop him. He just held her lips with his own, to lower her voice, and he succeeded in it, although her movements didn't slow. His body moved with her every move as if trying to touch her and play with it. They almost danced together matching the rhythm and it was hard to identify their bodies as two different ones!...Blushing.BlushingEmbarrassed

 It was the most beautiful night for both of them, and Shaurya wished he could keep on loving her, and kept on asking her whether it was good for her, if she enjoyed it, to which came a shy yes, in the form of a nod, while she still kept her eyes closed. He reached his climax and finally both got exhausted and he kissed her one last time in her forehead and lips before passing out!...


She woke up the next morning, feeling a bit heavy but quite better than before. The heat of the fire and rest had made her sickness run faster from her. It was a beautiful sunny morning, and sun rays fell inside the hut, as there was nothing like a window and fresh air made her enjoy every bit of the day!..She smiled and decided to get up and go out, but suddenly felt a bit uncomfortable to move out of the bed. Rather there was something heavy lying just next to her, and a bit of it over her. Her body and mind froze thinking what it might be. She suddenly looked around the place and came into sense that it wasn't a place familiar to her. Her throat dried at the thought, that where she was and what was it under the cloth which was covering her! Wait did I say covering?!!...

Chandralekha immediately threw the cloth away from her body to see what was it near her which was so heavy, and she screamed and yelled seeing herself naked and equally naked lied a man almost above her, with his one hand on her arm and the other on the side of the bed, while he himself laid above her, with his head resting on her chest. Chandralekha's scream made Shaurya jump up with shock and he got up and looked worriedly at her. He looked everywhere to know if someone was there, which made her scream and yell like that. He asked her lovingly and with concern, but she was too shocked to answer. She could not believe that the man sleeping over her was none other than the mad king who claimed her to be his..She tried to recollect how she got there and what had happened, and slowly her consciousness dawned on her. She started recollecting everything, right from her falling on the river, to her bringing to the place, to the hut by Shaurya, and how he said, that he would marry her and save her from being dishonoured by people for spending a night with a man!...She remembered how her heart had given to this man, she didn't know how but she could still feel the same emotions intact in his eyes, even after the night.But she felt guilty now. She knew Shaurya didn't take her advantage, but he had a right on her, being her husband now, and he did what she wanted, but their marriage was a big secret affair!..her parents must be still worried for her, searching for her, and here she had got married, and what more!..she even had exceeded her limits, given away her virginity, to her so called lover, whom she too now felt like sharing some strange bond with. She wanted to love him, feel him, be by his side but she equally wanted tpo tell everything to her parents, she was a princess, this is not how marriages are supposed to happen!..without their consent!..She was still lost in thoughts when Shaurya shaked her up to get her answers. He was worried now, thinking whether she still was in favour of their marriage or not.

"Hum apse kuch puch rahe hai Rajkumari. Ap kyu is tarha chillayi?..kya apne koi bura sapna dekha ya fir humei apne pas dekhke chauk gayi?" He was upset saying this but could not help. He needed an answer.

"Ha hum sun rahe hai maharaj, woh hum kuch soch mei the.."..she said trying not to look at him.

"To kya ap is vivah ko manti hai Rajkumari?.ab ap apne pure hosh mei hai, isiliye puch rahe hai?...Ab hum ap pe koi zor nahi dalenge.Apne bohot kasht uthaye hai humarei liye.Humare karan ap is durdasha(bad condition) mei hai." He said looking sad and lowering his eyes.

Chandralekha was shocked to hear this. She never expected such calmness from him. She thought if she told how sorry she was about their secretive marriage, he would be mad at her again, but here he was ready to let her go. She got disappointed now.

"Kya matlab koi zor nahi dalenge!Angry..Hum hosh mei nahi the, par ap to the, aur hum bimar zaroor the par itna yaad hai ki humne shadi mei apni manzoori di thi. Nahi to kisi mei itni takat nahi ki humpe dawav(force) daalke vivah kare!..Ap bhi nahi.."...Shaurya smiled at her anger which was filled with innocence.

"To ap is vivah ko manti hai?...humari Maharani banne mei apko koi apatti nahi?" he asked caressing her cheek with his hand

"Ha Maharaj Shaurya Pratap Singh, hum apko apna swami mante hai, parantu..." and she becomes sad and lowers her eyes with disappointment

"Parantu kya?..." and he becomes worried.."Parantu humara vivah aise hoga humne nahi socha tha. Hum humare matashri aur pitashri ke agya aur ashirwaad ke bager vivah kar liye!..Woh hume kabhi shama nahi karenge. Humei aisa nahi karna chahiye tha..humne..." and she was about to go on non-stop with her disappointments and complains when Sharuya stopped her by putting his finger on her lips..And her eyes widened at this..

"Bas Chand..Hum jante hai aur samajh sakte hai ki tumhe is samay kaisa lag raha hai. Hum dono ko vivah karne se pehle sochna chahiye tha. Hum bhabook(emotional) ho gaye aur aisa kuch kar bethe. Parantu hum tumhe vachan (promise) dete hai ki hum swayam ayenge tumhare Pitashri ke pas, apne vivah ka ye baat batane.Tab tak tum kuch mat bolna. Unhe thik nahi lagega aur sabkuch kharab ho sakta hai...Hum hai na hum sab sambhal lenge Chand.." he says caressing her hair and lifting up her face..She could see the love and concern in his voice, but more than that what she heard clearly was his calling her Chand.

"Kya kaha apne?...Chand??" she asks as if she didn't understand but she actually liked her new name, the name her husband had so sweetly given to her.

"Ha, Chand..Humari chand...Apke naam ka arth hai chandrama ki kirne(ray of moon).Kintu humarei liye to ap kewal kiran(ray) nahi, balki puri ki puri Chand hai!..Soundarya se bhi sundar, hriday(heart) ko mohit(charm) kar lene wali maharani. AJ se hum apko apni Chand bulayenge..." he says this and she hugs him back. It was the most happinest morning of their life. Life with a new beginning!...A happy beginning!..


"Kin khayalo mei khoye ho Mr?...Dekho tumhari wife already ready ho gayi aur jane ke liye kitni beichain hai!..." Shaurya is bought back from his wonderful memories by Mr Chadda, who could not understand why he was so lost in those distant hills, that he was standing there for such long hours.

Uday finally smiled back and went inside to see whether Manyata was fine and ready. She didn't respond to him and ate and talked with Mrs Chadda. He got a bit angry at her cold behaviour and went out again and decided to talk to Chadda and thank him for helping him in his crisis.  At seeing Uday in a distance, Chadda's wife tried to tell Manyata, as in how lucky she was, for having a husband like Uday.

"Tu bari lucky kuri hai!...tera pati tujhse bohot pyar karta hai..tu to behosh thi uske baho mei, par usne tujhe bilkul bhi bheegne nahi diya, itne tez bearish mei bhi..woh khud patle kapro mei tha, par tujhe bilkul thand nahi lagne di.." Manyata was shocked to hear this. She didn't know what to believe. Did he really care so much for her?..But why?..Why did she always meet him, in such awkward ways. Why did she dream about him, in such mysterious ways!...How did she see him in her so felt illusion in the jungle for the first time, with a woman resembling her, when she actually saw him in reality only after a couple of days after the dream!...There were so many questions, but none answered. And now this woman says that he cares for her, loves her!..Love..But when and how?..What does she know about him?..What does he know about her?...He was sleeping next to her in a naked position, and replied all nonsense when asked about it!..If he didn't rape her, then why did he accept it?..Why did he take the blame?..What is it!...

"Ohh god..Humari madat karo!...Humei nahi pata ye sab kya ho raha hai aur humei kispe bharosa karna chahiye..."...She finally decided to remain silent, and believe what she still believed, that he had taken her advantage, and would keep her distance therefore from him, to avois any more embarrassments. She wanted to say everything about him to this Punjabi family, but who would believe?...and she couldn't put her reputation in danger.


They finally thanked them and waved them goodbye. Manyata after that went to the main road without replying or looking at Uday at which Uday gets really angry..

"Hey wait!..where do you think your going?..Mayon sirf tum nahi ja rahi ho OK...Hum bhi itna fast chalne ki zaroorat nahi"

"I don't know mere alawa aur kaun jar aha hai Mayong..But mei definitely tumhare saath nahi ja rahi. You see Mr Shaurya Pratap Singh, I don't wanna be raped for the second time. So mei tumpe firse yakeen nahi kar sakti..You go your way and I go my way..." and she leaves a shocked Uday...

Alright friends, Sorry if you expected more. But I had to end it here, to show a fresh new chapter for cute nok-khok of Manveer. If i did it here it would have been a very long chapter. So stopped. This chappy was specially to show Sharuya-Chand romance, which many readers demandedSmile..Hope I was successful in showing their newly grown feeling of love..Next coming chappys will be on the journey of Manveer, specially of Manyata towards the hidden truthSmile..Stau tuned to Dark Love Story and thanks everyone for reading and commentingTongue..



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Yeayyy!!! First to comment!! Finally!!

Awesome n hot update! Love it!!!

But why aadhaa adhura update!! You really like torturing us right!

Pls complete update soon.


Wow gargi! What a fabulous update. Loved the romance of shaurya and chand and more than that loved the convo between shaurya and his chand. How shaurya is ready to do anything for her and chand has accepted her 'swami'.

Fantabulous update. Loved it!

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Hot... hotter.. and hottest, this is how ur update was, the moment Shaurya and Manyata got together it was hot, as the update proceeded it became hotter and the end was the hottest one Blushing. Finally Chand has accepted her king EmbarrassedEmbarrassed. And I'm so sure Chand is not forgetting anything the next dayEmbarrassed. And please continue soon gargi Smile

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Dear it was indeed very very hot
finally chand and shaurya r one and iam very happy to know chand also loves him the way he loves her looking forward to see the present manveer and their sweet fight

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puggyy Goldie

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Very nice ...update soon 

Thanks a lot for update dear Smile

Lovely update
sweet_gargi IF-Dazzler

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Thank you for the lovely comments frenz...Ill update in the eve or who knows maybe in the middle of the day today!!..LOL..It was almost 1am yesterday so couldn't updateConfused

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sizzling hot update!

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That was a beautiful update gargi
So romantic, finally he got his chand.
Can not wait 4 next update for manyata's reaction
And her fam on knowing she is now married.


just read the updated update, brilliant.
you write so well from past to present tense
it was beautiful. continue soon.

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