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Dark Love Story Chapter 21(Pg142) last chapter (Page 75)

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Chapter 12: A Dark Love Story

Udayveer was bought back from his thoughts by the rain drops that fell on his face...Rain was pouring heavily, and he somehow felt as if his body was drenched in the river water of the hills of Mayong, just like that memorable day with his Chand and coming back to the present life was becoming next to impossible. Although his body was standing outside the house of Mr. And Mrs Chadda, his mind was adamant to remain in the beautiful memories of the 16th century.
After falling down from such a height did he realise what he had done. But he just didn't regret it. His life had always been ruled by politics and political gains. But this time it was something different. For the first time he didn't think like a king, but a lover.

(Writer's point of view')
LOVER!!! Did I not remind everyone in my first introduction of Maharaj Sharuya Pratap Singh that he didn't believe in love?...Yes I don't actually realise when he has fallen for this hysterical illness called LOVE!.. I do call it a hysteria!..As people actually become mad and genuinely change in this weird disease'They don't follow their mind anymore'Mind to them is a dumb idiot, and only the heart is the wise one!!...Its actually the heart, which will make you do things, for which you even have to repent sometimes'And here Shaurya did exactly that"'.

"Humei Chandralekha kisi bhi halat mei chahiye!...tum humari nahi hui to kisi aur ki bhi nahi banogi..Par who hai kaha?..."'Shaurya somehow survived the cold water and its rush, as he was perfect in swimming and fighting with such challenges was normal to him, but Chandralekha wasn't..Even with all the uniqueness of bravery and artistic qualities in this princess, after all she was one of those royal ladies, bought up with delicate care'Never did she see such mad rage which she saw in Shaurya, and neither did she have the experience of diving from such a height. The thought that she was going to die had already made her mind go numb, and after witnessing that experience, she had completely fainted even before meeting the water. Her light and slender body moved freely with the flow of the river, only to be thanked to the hard rocks that blocked the waves at frequent places to carry the beautiful slender object further. Shaurya searched her madly, his fears already building up, that she was taken away in the huge force, and he felt like screaming out her name, when he finally saw a pinkish white colour object floating. He soon recognised it to be HIS and immediately swam to that direction in which it floated. Her body was blocked by two huge rocks, which had settled in the soil water adamantly and was holding her in between them, as if only for her lover to safely collect it. He reached the spot in no time, and while holding her in his arms, and balancing himself in the rushed water, gave a last glance to the rocks which had saved her, as if to thank them for returning back, what was his!!

He tried to bring her to conscious, but after such a shock to her mind and body, getting up so soon would have been a big joke. Besides she was completely soaked in water, and although he protected her by lifting her in his arms, and somehow reached the shore, fighting and battling with the waves, which were forming endlessly by the rush of water, still he feared that bringing her back to her senses would be quite a difficult task. He placed her gently in his lap and sat on the banks of the river, trying continuously to bring her to sense..He thanked the almighty for still keeping her alive, as he could feel her breathing...

He rubbed her hands and feet but it didn't work. He quickly bought some river-water and splashed on her face. This made her choke and cough out the water which had gone inside her body...Shaurya heaved a sigh of relief seeing her open her eyes and she looked here and there, to realise where she actually was and finally when she saw Sharuya in front of her, she screamed in fright, and tried to run, but before she could get up, he held her tight and begged to listen to him. He apologised for his act of throwing her to water.

"Humei shama kar dijiye Rajkumari!..Hume najane kyu itna krodh(anger) a jata hai kabhi kabhi...Hum aisa apradh dubara nahi dohrayenge..Ap humei jo dand dena chahe, apne rajya jane ke baad de dijiyega. Parantu abhi apko humarei sath hi chalna parega. Apka shareer kaap raha hai aur abhi ap kamzor hai humsei larne ke liye..Ek baar thik ho jayie, fir jitna yudh karna hai kar lijiyega..(Please forgive me for my deed..I don't know why I get so angry, but I will not make the same mistake again. Whatever punishment you want to give me, you can after going back to your state, but for now you have to come with me, as your body is shaking in cold, and you are too weak to fight with me. Once you are fine, we can fight as much as you can)"...He looked straight into her eyes and she could feel his concern for her and his genuine feeling of guilt in those dreamy yet powerful eyes.
 She got up slowly with his help but didn't utter any word and looked straight to the front, confused as in where they were going. But her mind was too weak to work that time, and think of anything and any place. She just let him take her, as somehow her heart believed that he was not misleading her or would not take any advantage of her.

(At such a state, when mind fails to work, and body is too weak, it is better to leave things on people who are helping you and who seemed to care for you...)
The people in the trip were really tensed thinking about Manyata and Professor Shaurya and it was announced to everyone that till Manyata and Shaurya didn't reach Mayong, they would not start their research work. The party decided to wait for a day for them as they were informed by Shaurya after reaching Mr Chadda's place that both Manyata and he was safe and would leave the very next day for the destination. But tension was just a simple consoling word, and the more common and dominating word was JEALOUSY!!..Both Professor Reeta and the main culprit Princess Sangeeta were spitting poison on Manyata and her lucky stars. Sangeeta was cursing herself as her plan had not worked, and that instead of making her sister go far from Shaurya and her family, she came more close to him. Reeta on the other hand thought that how on earth, after sitting with her dream guy for such a long time in the bus, that he didn't miss out the bus with actually her. She couldn't make out, how he met Manyata there, and why did he have to behave so responsible for a student.Both were cursing Manyata and her lucky fate continuously and just waited for her to come to the destination.
Jealousy and evil schemes have always disrupted peace of true lovers, and these lovers of our story is no exception as we can already see in their present life.. But the loss that the schemers and conspirators of the yester years had done was too much in comparison.

Kurwaki was eyeing them both from a distance, she could see them in a hut, where a fire lit the place..She wanted to go there and stop both of them and separate them immediately. She wanted to complain everything to her father that Shaurya had tried to kill his beloved daughter, how he was alone in a hut with her. The entire Naugard Riyasat had gone wild with tension and fear at the sudden disappearance of the princess. The king had sent search army to different places in search of them, but still she was nowhere to be found. Kurwaki knew if she gave the king his daughter's information, she would also have to give many more reasons as to why she didn't try to save her. Why did she let her go to meet this king who called himself her' Premi' and she would not have any answers. She couldn't believe herself that she didn't stop Shaurya from throwing her best friend in the river. Yes she was her best friend, then what was wrong?...Problem was that she started liking Shaurya!..Liking him from the first day she saw him. She even liked him more, when she knew he too had some supernatural powers and that she couldn't control him, like she could do with the others.She feared that if she went to the hut, he would be able to smell all her evil intensions, how she actually in some part of her heart, wanted to get rid of Chandralekha, and thus didn't stop him from their fall even after carefully watching all their actions and fights from a safe hidden place. She cursed her fate and still felt helpless at the moment, but still smiled at whatever happened, deciding that she would soon find out a plan to separate them and make Chandralekha, hate him all the more.
Chandralekha could see the intense care that he had for her. He kept on rubbing her hands and feet and made her warm by placing her near the fire. She almost forgot how many times, he actually apologised for his action of diving like crazy, and she smiled seeing all his mad actions. She herself couldn't believe that she had started liking his strange and mad actions, which he called his love for her.He had somehow arranged for so. He fed her food and water and sat by her and kept on looking at her till she fell asleep.
 It was hard for him to stop staring at her beautiful face, which he knew, he would not be able to see again after they left.He relished the fact that how beautiful she looked while sleeping, when she actually kept quiet...He could never be mad on this innocent face. He was guilty for what he did, and so he didn't want to ask her hand again, but still his heart craved for her. His heart was still adamant in making her his, and loving her forever. Suddenly he decided for something, which he knew was all planned by his heart and not by his mind. He didn't give a second thought to it as he felt thinking again would mean, stepping back from his actions.

He lifted her up in his arms, before assuring that she was in deep sleep, and carefully made way near the fire. The fire was lit in the middle of the small room made of mud.He knew exactly what to do.
"Humse bohot bara paap hua hai. Humne apko marne ki koshish ki hai, apka pariwar aur riyasat hume kabhi shama nahi karega. Jitni nafrat apke pitah abhi humarei rajya se karte hai, ajke baad aur bhi karenge!...Parantu hum apse bohot prem karte hai Chandralekha. Apke bina jine ka sochke bhi humarei praan tarap uthta hai!..Asal mei to aisa hum kar bhi nahi sakte..Ye humara pagalpan nahi humara prem hai apke liye!..Humei shama kariyega. Parantu aj hum apko apna banake rahenge!..Ap pura ek din ghar se bahar hai, ek paraye purush ke sath, ye janke, apke pitashri waise hi apko shama nahi karenge. Aise mei kewal ye Vivah hi apko aur apke rajya ko shamrindagi se bacha sakta hai. Hum kuch bhi galat nahi kar rahe hai...(I have done a severe crime of trying to kill you. Your father will hate me all the more after learning this but I can't live without you. The thought of living a life without you shivers my composure, and if I actually have to do such a thing I will die. This is not my madness, its my love for you. Forgive me once again but today I will make you mine and this is the only way to save your family from shame and insult. You have been away from home for a day with a man, and this deed will be pardoned by our Marriage today. I am not doing anything wrong in this)..."

He went on saying this to himself, to make his conscience understand what he was doing, while he also took the pheras around the fire. He had completed five rounds with Chandralekha still in his arms asleep, when she suddenly wakes up slightly, due to the growing heat of the fire, as they were so near to it.His heart wanted to jump out seeing her wake up. He stopped suddenly not knowing what to do next. He knew it was all over.

"Kya ho raha hai ye..Ye apne humei is tarha kyu uthaya hua hai...Hum agni ke itne paas kyu hai..Humei niche rakhiye..Ye sab kya hai.." She felt in her sleep as if someone was whispering to her and also that she was moving round and round from a long time. What was wrong and she could see him getting nervous and looking at her without blinking.
He finally spoke boldly, after thinking a lot, and trying to wake up the lion in him, which never let him take his steps back. He was adamant in completing the pheras and he couldn't see his dream being shattered..."Hum apse Vivah kar rahe hai Chandralekha. Aur do phere baki hai..fir ye vivah sampan ho jayega!!..Ap ek paray purush ke sath ek raat bitayi hai, kal apne rajya jaane ke baad apke mata-pita prashan karenge ki ap kaha thi. To apke jawab dene ke liye koi to hona chahiye. EK bar humara vivah ho jaye, fir kisiko koi apati nahi rahegi!...
(I am getting married to you Chandralekha. Only 2 more pheras are left, after that this marriage ritual will be complete. You have spent a night with a man, so tomorrow when you go back to your parents, someone should be there by you to answer your parents questions. After we get married, no one will have any problems.)"

By then Chandralekha was wide awake and was trying hard to figure out, what was happening!..She could not believe that she actually was in the middle of her own marriage rituals. She knew he would not let her go, and somehow deep down her heart said, that everything that was happening was right..Her mind was still numb due to her sickness, and she desperately wanted to listen to her heart, although knowing, that after she would be in complete sense, she would repent on what would happen next...

"Humei nahi pata, ap jo kar rahe hai use hum kal manenge ya nahi..Kal ho sakta hai hosh mei an eke pashchat humei ye vivah swikaar na ho..Parantu aj jo bhi ho raha hai, humara hriday kehta hai ki ise hone de aur yaha na thehre!...JO karya adhura hai humara adesh hai isse pura kare!...Agar aap sara jiwan isi tarha humse prem karte rahe to hum apki maharani banne ke liye tayaar hai!...(I don't know whether what your doing now, Ill will accept it tomorrow or not. Maybe after coming to my senses completely tomorrow, I will not abide by this marriage but my heart says not to stop whats happening today. So whatever your doing don't stop here and just complete the marriage. If you love me like this for your entire life, I am ready to be your Queen!..)"

He could believe what he heard..This was so dreamy and he blinked his eyes twice to actually understand that he was not dreaming, and that she had atleast for now accepted him. He immediately smiled and excitedly completed the marriage with the last two pheras and then, pierced his thumb to pur some of his blood in her maang to mark her HIS forever...He kissed her forehead after this and placed her gently on the bed..

"Aj raat hum apko humaari maharani sahi mayno mei bana ke rahenge(Tonight I will make you my queen in the true sense) " saying this he smiled at her and prepared to get into the bed slowly, leaving a blushing newlywed bride anticipating her husband's approach"...

Precap: Sharuya-Chand union(hot)Embarrassed...

   "Hey where do you think you are going?..."..He fumed with anger at the way she just marched away without a reply...

"I don't want to be raped again, so don't want any help anymore..."...came the cold and bold reply...

"Hey can't go like that..I have my everything there..Ohh shit what do I do now..Cry"...

Sorry friends I didn't even realise that this chapter was a bit boringConfused..I just now did..But promise to make the next chapter interesting..Next chapter would be hot and steamy so kids plz avoid itLOL..and there will be cute nok jhoks of Manveer of the present age...

Thanks for reading

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awesum chap.. finally chand agreed to be shaurya's queen. 
cant wait to read more after reading the precap. so pls update soon.

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Awsome update dear
finally both chandra & shaurya are married in the most unusual way
i think kurwaki must have done something to separate them and so she must have being cursed
waiting eagerly for the next update
pls do update soon pls

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Originally posted by arna753

reserved. waiting

It will take atleast half an hour more as its a long one..M still writing...
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Originally posted by sweet_gargi

Originally posted by arna753

<font color="#660000">reserved. waiting</font>

It will take atleast half an hour more as its a long one..M still writing...
half an hour more? How abt a bit faster pls atleast update till you have written pls pls pls
chitra_rao IF-Rockerz

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res EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

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awesome yr 
continue soon

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