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Dark Love Story Chapter 21(Pg142) last chapter (Page 58)

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FF The Dark Love Story:
 (Note this update is specially dedicated to my dear reader Anisha who has been continously reminding me for updating soon. I never thought ill update today but she said she will update her Manveer marriage SS only since I requested.. So I was really touched Monkey Wink Yoyoand immediately started writingLOL"
Chapter 10
Udayveer aka Shaurya slowly removes her clothes one by one. He knew Manyata would make a big scene and would not want to listen anything. But he could not find any other solution. It was raining heavily outside and the wind was blowing violently smashing the window panes. It was one of the darkest nights, and even a blanket could not make it warm. Thanks to the punjabi couple, that they had a fire place, and it was well arranged. He decided to make her body warmer with his body's heat and with the heat of the room.
 He lit the wooden sticks and made the room warmer and also the fireplace bought a bit of light into the room. He thought, "O dear!..You look so lovely when you sleep without clothes on. Beautiful!.." Her milky white body was shinning like gold in the light of the fire. He tried to control himself and closed his eyes and tightened his fist and stood their motionless for 2minutes. Then finally he opened his eyes and proceeded towards her.
                               He came near her and kissed her forehead. He lifted her up in his arms and made his way to the fireplace. Slowly he placed her on the floor near the fire and ran swiftly to the bed to bring the bed sheet and blanket. He didn't want her to remain in the cold floor for a long time and so quickly placed the bedsheet on the floor and then put the double blanket, that was provided by the sardar's wife on top of the bedsheet. He then looked at his Chand whose goosebumps were clear by now on her body due to the cold. He quickly lifted her up and placed her on the blanket like placing a baby. He then searches for his small bag which he had brought along with him when he had got down from the bus. It contained the toletries which are useful in travelling. Shaurya was always conscious of cleanliness and skin care and so in the dhaba, he thought to quickly wash his face with a face wash, which made him carry his small bag with him. He thanked his stars for also carrying a bottle of oil in it...
He quickly placed the bottle of oil near her and unbuttoned his shirt and then slowly removed his jeans...He sat near the fireplace for sometime to warm his body and then came near Manyata.He looked at her and smiled lovingly and then made his place on top of her. He lifted her upper body from the blanket and hugged her tightly to give his warmth to her, and in turn she responded very well, as he could feel her breast expanding and her heavy breathing. He stayed in such a state for 20minutes, while wrapping her legs around his waist and twirled her arms around his neck, so that he could hug her more tightly without any disturbances. He then covered them with the blanket. The room slowly became more warm and he actually enjoyed being naked with his princess, covered up in one blanket. He smiled and remembered their past. he realised after how many years he had actually got this chance, although his Chand was not in her senses.
He slowly broke the hug and placed her head in his hands and kissed her forehead, then covered her cheeks with his mouth and made her warm again. Then slowly he did for the other cheek as well, and then with his fingers he made her lips part, to open her mouth, and  covered her lips with his mouth and again breathed in and out with his mouth to give her warmth. He did this for atleast 30minutes and then left the lips, at which he saw a faint smile in her lips. He was pleased to see his Chand smile like that and he thought that atleast his hard work was getting productive!
He then placed her again on the blanket and took the bottle of oil in his hands...Embarrassed and started pouring oil in his left palm. He then rubbed the oil in both palms and lowered his body to massage her. He slowly started first patting her body with oil.. Then gradually his hand and fingers started doing the work. The fingers at first rubbed her soft, milky-white skin and he was cautious not to be hard as he found her really soft. "You are still so soft baby!Embarrassed...just like those days. And still so sensitive that your getting goosebumps in you body with my touch. But then your body will get used to my touch slowly and then it won't be able to live without my touch"...Saying this he again takes oil in his palms and this time massage her chest and stomach. Only he knew how much turned on he was, but he somehow controlled his desires and did his duty. When his fingers moved towards her chest, he just couldn't stop himself from him hard, and rubs her breast and arm pits with full force, leaving the nipples hard. He again smiles and whispers, "See I have already started affecting your body"...He takes more oil and rubs her abdomen, while occasionally heating his hands in the fire. Manyata moaned many times, enjoying the warmth of his hands and message, in her unconscious state.

His body had heated up due to the room temperature and also because of the sight in front of him, and he quickly lies on top of her and rubs his entire body from his chest to his legs on her from top to bottom, moving slowly from up to down. His chest rubbed hers and his legs and thighs rubbed her's and he enjoyed it, and she moaned a bit and smiled in the unconscious state.

The upper portion was done oiling and then he was now working on her lower body..Her thighs, hips, legs and feet got special attention tonight. He took more oil and then lifted her left leg and placed it on his right shoulder. He started massaging her thighs from up to down and again from down to up. While rubbing the thighs he could actually see her feminine area and this made him stop and close his eyes. "Oh God, why have you put me in such a situation!..I don't know whether I am doing the right thing to glance all her private parts like this or not..But I only want to save her and bring her to her senses.So please God, don't punish me for this. I can't stop glancing her body!.."                                                                                                                            He then again continues with the massage.And rubs oil on her other leg and feet in the same way by lifting it up on his left shoulder this time.  While rubbing he starts caressing and kneading her thighs and hips and and gently starts oiling her bums in a round movement. His touch again made her moan and he enjoyed it and forgot about their state completely. His hand travels slowly towards her p***y. His throat had gone completely dry and he swallows a lump while tracing and caressing her p***y . He closed his eyes to enjoy the moment and kept on oiling and touching the sensitive area, while Manyata moaned unknowingly and encouraged him to do it much more, Kurwaki suddenly appeared and made the good moment end there and there for Shaurya.Ouch.!!

  "Ye kya kar rahe hai ap Maharaj Shaurya Pratap Singh!... Ap apni maharni ki jaan bachana chahte the na jaha tak humei yad hai naki kuch aur..Angry...apse humei ye umeed nahi thi..Chi...Ap tab bhi neech(a very low person) the aur aj bhi neech ho!...Kewal nam badal gaya par apki niyat abhi bhi waisi hi hai!!AngryAngry...Hatiye ap yaha se.Acha hua hum waqt pe a gaye varna aj humei pachtana parta apka sahai karne ke liye!!Angry "...Kurwaki was boiling in so much anger that Uday knew if he interrupted her in her statements, he could be in danger of some curse!OuchLOL    
He quickly grabs a towel from the bathroom, as he was naked too and replies, "Tum churailo ko normally chalna nahi ata kya!..Jab dekho kahi bhi prakat ho jati ho bina ki warning signal ke..!!Confused "..At this Kurwaki glares at him and gives him a don't u dare joke with me look...Aur Itna gusse se dekhne ki zarrorat nahi hai ok...I was doing my duty...Mei to bas thora..." and he feels a bit embarassed as he knew he was going in the wrong direction and he thanked her in his heart for actually coming in the right time!                                                                                                                                                                                         "Hum to bas...kya Udayveer?...Ha bolo..Why did you shut up?..Let me complete your sentence..Tum to bas mauke ka faida uthana chahte the..Tumhe laga koi nahi hai yaha, so tumhe kaun dekhlega! Hai na.TUMHARE VAJE SE HUMARI DOST KI EK BAR JAAN GAYI HAI, PAR HUM DUBARA USPE KOI TAKLIF NAHI ANE DENGE!..DID YOU GET THAT!!"

Uday was hurt now..His jolly face became serious..."Wait what did you mean by that?..Hum Chand se pyar karte the Kurwaki aur uski jaan humari vaje se nahi gayi, samjhi..Tum bhi barabar ki bhagidar (responsible) thi uski jaan jane mei..."

"Jo bhi ho..Usi ki saza hum najane kitne sadi(century) se bhukat rahe hai...Isliye hum firse tumhe kuch galat nahi karne denge..." saying this she goes by Manyata's side and does the remaingin part of the oil massage and warns him again, not to try to be intimate with Manyata.                                                                           
Shaurya was quite upset and a few drops of tears falls from his eyes remembering the sad moments of past. He knew he was to be blamed, but for how long would he blame himself and curse himself for all his deeds. He was already punishing himself, staying isolated from the rest of the world, in his villa in London. He never tried to smile in real and be happy. The first time he smiled whole heartedly was the time when he got the news of his Chand studying in London. This was the day he was waiting for. He was searching for her for so long but the Devgard family, specially the Rajmata had protected her well in India. But she wasn't aware of the fact that Shaurya had shifted quite a long time back to London and was handling his business from there. She had thought about the completion of Manyata's studies would be best from London, as there would be no one to disturb her there. But when Shaurya tried to take her away with the help of some men, from her london palace, a violent fight and then a fire masacare  had in turn made the situations worse. He thanked God that he himself didn't go to bring her but was equally unhappy, as the princess was taken back to India, under the strict instructions of Manyata's grandmother.                                                                                                                                                                                             The night slowly passed in these thoughts of both yester years and their previous life, which made him more restless, thinking about the dark years ahead, making him more tensed about his uncertain relations with his Queen.

        Next morning Manyata woke up with the bright rays of sun falling on her beautiful face. She smiled at the feeling and tried to open her eyes. She slowly opened her big, brown eyes, but could not recognise the place. She thought" Ohh, how stupid of me, Its not my room, obviously , its one of the resorts of Mayong. I came here last night!..But when did I come?..I don't even rememberROFL...!!..But suddenly she opened her closed eyes wide open and tried to recall when she reached, as now she had gained her consciousness slowly. She didn't remember anything. Then suddenly she felt her body without anything on! and she immediately jumped up and removed the blanket swiftly only to find herself completely naked. She screamed and then came a beating at Udayveer as that was the second shock of her, when she saw a guy sleeping by her side, facing his bare back on her.She removed the blanket and found him completely naked and closed her eyes immeadiately and shouted...

"You bus***d!..get up I said!..How dare you sleep so peacefully when I am at shock!Angry... How can you do this to me??..Get up I need answer!..where am I..." She went on non-stop when Shaurya finally got up. Poor guy had just felt asleep 2hours back and now he was having the most horrible nightmare in his life. Although he was prepared for it, but not prepared with his explanations!..

He replied to himself.."Ha madam Kurwaki..Ab nahi prakat hoti tum!...You only can scare me.. but don't dare to help me in my need..There I am the sole warrior, specially in handling your best friend. In this matter you have always been so diplomatic be it now or in the previous birth..Rajneeti khelna to koi tumse sikhe!!"...

   "O my God!.Its you Shaurya!..Wait Prof Shaurya...My History teacher.. I will sue you..Do you know who I am?..Oh My God!.Did you rape me!?..Oh good gracious..Why did you do this to me?...I believed so much on you and you..." she couldn't speak more as she starts sobbing and crying bitterly, and just then she realised she was complete naked in front of him, and that she was going on with her blames and screams from last 15minutes, without anything on her body..She quickly jumps back on her bed and wraps herself with the blanket..

"Hey bhagwan!...You are still the same girl I knew 5centuries back...She is still arrogant about her status, and still mocks and blames the same way...Bus abhi English mei gali de rahi hai aur tab Sanskrit mei diya thaOuch..."

"Where are my clothes you cheap man?..I will sue you and your family..You will be fired from your job, just let me reach my home"...She fumed in anger and beat him in his back and twisted his ears at which Sharuya screams a bit in painOuch...

Now Shaurya got a plan..."Right..Home...Complain to tum tab karogi na jab tum ghar pohchogi!..and kya bologi waise?...That I raped you?..Wouldn't that be a bad mark on your and your family's image...The Raped Princess!..Ye hogi kal ki News headlines!..Wow!..what a sensational news right?...Ya lets call the police now?..Hum to mamuli se admi hai fasi ho bhi gayi to koi gum  nahi but what will you do?..How will you live in the society?...Let me announce it to everyone that I enjoyed Princess Manyata of Devgard last night and it was amazing...and I am actually ready to enjoy again..".saying this he moves closer to her and then she gets scared, while his eyes remain fixed at her and he pulls her by her waist...Embarrassed" Anger and embarrasment could be clearly seen in her facial expression and...

Phew finally completed the Chapter..Do hit the like button guys and leave ur comments if you really liked it...I know it was not very good as I wrote in a haste but still be a bit sympathetic

Thank you



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Awesoem Update :D

do cont sooon

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Originally posted by thejazzgal

Awesoem Update :D

do cont sooon
Thanks JazzzBig smile..will complete by tonight..
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Embarrassed  WOW IT'S JUST AMAZING Clap Clap Clap EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

SUPER HOT!!! Blushing Embarrassed Embarrassed



RES _________Smile

Amazing upadte !!Thumbs Up

Poor manyatah ...Ouch 

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awsssmmm gargiii hottt EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed and last manyata's swears and uday's talk awsssmmm

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full of hotness ,  omg i am sweeting , shuarya will sweat more when manyata  will wake up .please give past life flashback about chandralekha and shaurya fight . for scaring her and using tantra vidya on her.TongueTongueTongueTongueTongue

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Whoop whoop! Uday bada naughty hain! Huhh!! Chance pe dance!! Wink Day Dreaming

What an update and now you left at cliffhanger! Pls pls do update soon.

Superb update

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2 days just wait fir two days and let me be out of this shit

Will comment after two days in hospital right now and
For a comment for this update i really need my lappy
Itz gonna be a really long one gargi

But hey u made my day
Woohoo update update update wow
Itzz so hot and OMG oil massage
Goodness i am gonna die its hot in here
See i am swaeting already blush blush

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