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Dark Love Story Chapter 21(Pg142) last chapter (Page 52)

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Aawwwsssooommmee promo plz ... Update full part and ... Pm me ...

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awesum blossom gr8...

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Where is the update dear ... Plz update...
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Originally posted by ruby.ashu

Where is the update dear ... Plz update...

Will try to update today...i am writing it now actuallySmile 

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Chapter 9 The Dark Love Story

Sangeeta frowned and felt like smashing Manyata!..Rather the guy who was seducing Manyata with his hot gym instruction. She thought.."What the hell do they see so much in her, when I am more hotter than her...Ill have to find out who the guy is...That day she called up at the gym to find out about him. She was delighted and also surprised to know that he was a Professor in Nickolsan College...

te..umm..I think I heard your name before among my friends..But no problem..We will soon meet and you will like me more than that Manyata aunty!..."

The long awaited trip soon came into action...A big luxurious bus was selected for the journey to Mayong as it was a long journey of two days...Shaurya was looking all the more hotter in his tees and jeans...

Although Kurwaki had stopped him he still insisted to be there..."I need to see that Manyata at least remembers something after seeing that place...I don't want her to think that the story that I said was only a story of a king and queen, but she should know that its more than that.."


Reeta Choudhury, a beautiful, hot but despo Professor, of Biology, who never left any stones unturned to seduce all the young male Profs as well as even students, was observing Shaurya Pratap Singh from many days...She didn't like the fact that Shaurya inspite of so much of attention given to him by her, was not showing any interest towards her...


First day of college:

"Hi, I am Miss Reeta Choudhury, Biology prof, and you must be the new history teacher?..."...asked Reeta who was eyeing Shaurya from a long time.."It must be your first day today?..Did the students disturb you?..."...

Shaurya replied politely.."Yes its my first day and I am the new history professor, Shaurya Pratap Singh.."

"Ok Shaurya, pleased to meet you!...Why don't you join me for lunch..I mean we have a great cafeteria, but then I always prefer home food, as it is more healthy less oily,and it helps me to keep myself in shape..." saying this she tries to show her curves, but Shaurya shifts his looks to some other direction as he feels uncomfortable, and finds the boys and girls staring and giggling at them. He feels embarrassed and denies her and leaves the place before she could say something more...


End of flashback:

Shaurya sits quietly in his place, as he actually wanted to jump out of the window, as the woman sitting next to him was driving him crazy...But Reeta seemed to ignore all his ignorance!!...She tried to flirt with him in all the best ways possible!..

"Hey do you like the colour Red?..I mean I have worn a Red t-shirt today with blue jeans. And many complimented me, but I don't really respond to everyone, as many guys try to flirt with young, single and unmarried girls like me and then just use them and leave them later..." she said while looking seductively at him..

Shaurya was getting angry, as well as annoyed and in a taunting way asked her.."Really? there are people who actually flirt with you?..." he said looking at her from top to toe, giving her an indication that he didn't find her hot at all, and guys falling at her was out of question!...

But she still didn't understand the indication and so just commented with more excitement.

"Of course..You don't know how these guys drool over single young girls like me!..I am tired of these guys...Even students are too much sometimes.They forget that I am their Professor."...she replied very proudly.

"Right, the way you act, they must have forgotten that you are their professor!...How bad"..Shaurya says with a smirk..Reeta reacts confusingly.."Sorry?..I didn't get it?.."...

"Its good that you didn't get it..You dumb ass!"..he says to himself..."Haaa?..You said something?..."..asks Reeta.

"No..nothing..I mean, there are people who are very despo and tries to throw themselves on others, without understanding, that they are not happens with me as well!.." replied Shaurya with a smirk.. Reeta smiles and again in a flirting tone says.."See we are so similar to each other. But tell me how old are you?..."

shaurya is shocked.."Whaaatt??..." he stammers. "Hey don't be nervous, I am asking because, you see I was told by an astronomer, that I will be married to a guy younger than me and he will be very hot and handsome!...he will have many girls craving for him, but he will drool only over me!..." she replies blushing and indicating him what she meant..

"God save me!Angry...I would never drool over such a despo woman like you, even not in next 7 births.Angry.and she really thinks, someone would die for her. Guys must be running in the opposite direction whenever they see this hurricane coming!..Hurricane Reeta!!.." he says and closes his eyes trying to ignore her and acts as if he was sleeping..

It was four hours now that the journey had started...Everyone was chatting in the beginning and playing some games, but slowly everyone felt asleep.But not Manyata..She was not very happy seeing Shaurya fall on Prof Reeta, while sleeping.. Reeta on the other hand felt like taking him to bed, that very moment and caressing him like a baby, as he was looking so cute, but Manyata felt like slapping her..

"Why am I thinking like this?..what's wrong with me?...He is my Prof...maybe something is there between them, but so what..even Reeta is a Prof...But he can get a better girl...He is so matured, has such a great personality, then why that despo, psycho Reeta ...So what..Love is blind.Ouch That is why may be he likes her...Today I understood why love is blindConfused..Because people don't use their brains in love and always fall for the wrong person ...But why am I feeling so bad!...Why do I see him in my dreams?..Am I growing despo as well?...No I cannot..I am a princess and not a commoner, so how can I fall for a commoner like Shaurya?.He is my Prof, what will DS and everyone say about it?..And Sangeeta will make fun about it.She will get one more chance to tease me. No I can't give her a chance. But he doesn't look like a commoner. He has that elegance and touch of a royal. No maybe its just my imagination. Its just that he is my crush. But I never had a crush I never liked anyone in this way. Then why him?...He didn't even ask me for a date like other guys did!..He always acts so cool, but ohh, that gym day..HOW CAN I FORGET THAT DAY!..THE TEMPERATURE ROSE TO GOD KNOWS HOW MANY DEGREES!! ..She blushes thinking about that day! close he was and how much her body reacted to his touch...Oh My God..I should not think more..There is no future in it...BUT FOR THE FIRST TIME I LIKED A GUY, WHO IS OF MY TYPE BUT...!!" she was still in deep thoughts and slowly dozed off to sleep thinking about HIM..."


                It was almost 10pm when the bus came to a halt and everyone got up with the jerk of the bus..What was wrong?..Many students had this question, and then one of the Profs when to ask the driver and quickly returned with the announcement, that the bus would halt for half an hour for their dinner and then they would leave..It was a overnight journey, which meant they would travel throughout the night..It was a long journey of two days, as Mayong was a beautiful valley, but there were two ranges of hills to be crossed, to reach there. So they didn't want to prolongue the journey by resting for that night..Next morning they would get the first hills and then by afternoon the second hills would be crossed and finally in the evening they would reach Mayong..

Everyone got down and walked to the nearest dhaba, which was the only option left as it was on the highway. Shaurya aka Yuvraaj Udayveer was too much sleepy to get down, but realizing that Reeta was holding him and smiling at him, he immediately got down from the bus and joined the others for dinner..Everyone had ordered something or the other and had the dinner heartily..But coincidently Manyata and Shaurya/ Udayveer had gone to wash room and Manyata had dozed off in the wash room...Sangeeta saw this when she had gone to wash her hands in the bathroom, but she didn't want to wake up her dear sister, as that was the part of her plan. She wanted to leave her over there, so that the next day when they arrived at Mayong, she would be able to spend the entire time with Shaurya without Manyata noticing this. She didn't want Manyata to complain to her DS about her flirting tendenciesLOL...

After the dinner evryone had gone back to their seats and as it was quite dark, no one noticed that Manyata and Udayveer/Shaurya was missing from the group. Manyata was still in the washroom busy sleeping and Udayveer/Shaurya was seraching for her, as he didn't find her in the dinner table. Some of the Prof did enquire about Manyata, but Sangeeta said that she didn't want to have food as she was sleeping and was already there in the bus.. But Sharuya found it a bit fishy and wanted to check it out himself. He didn't find her in the bus after checking it many times and kept quite as he understood that something was going on, in Sangeeta's mind. He waited back telling the driver and also one of the professors, that he was not feeling very well and so would not be able to continue and assured them to join the next morning in another bus that goes to Mayong...

The bus finally left the isolated place, but Shaurya was very tensed, thinking where Manyata had gone suddenly, and what had happened to her. He searched for her in the entire dhaba but could not  find her. Finally he decided for the last place and that was the wash room. He realilsed that the dhaba was not visited much, as very few people travelled towards that road and Mayong was out of question, for the strange reputation that it carried..So he knew after their college group there was no onw who had actually come there. So no one must have gone to the ladies wash room. But he hesitated a bit to enter there. But there were no women present at that place, and he could not let any men enter the wash room to check over his 'Chand'...

"Lagta hai ab humei hi jana parega.." saying this he carefully sneaks to the washroom, without the men noticing him. And his doubts were clarified when he actually saw her lying on the basin slab..He runs to her and calls her name, while shaking her, but all in vain. She didn't respond and he felt like she was not in her senses. He thought that maybe she was drugged or something was mixed in her meal, to make her senseless. He felt her wrist and her breath, and was relieved finding her still quite normal. He decided to take her to a lodge and make her rest and check her in the morning...But he was quite angry with Sangeeta..

"You will have to pay for this Sangeeta. You are not worthy to be called a sister.."..Saying this he goes to the dhaba owner asking for some help..

"Excuse me sir, can you give us a room?...Actually she is not very well and have almost fainted. So if you can help me, I would be very greatful to you..." He showed the face of a weak Manyata, while she was still in his arms. The way he carried her with so mch of affection, the sardar ji thought that maybe he was the girl's husband. So he agreed and replied..

"Oyee praaji, ye apki wife bimar hai kya?..tusi fikar na karo ji..Hum kuch karte hai.." saying this he informed that there were no proper lodgings nearby, as very few people used to travel in that road and that he had opened the dhaba recently as people had started travelling to Mayong very recently, for excavations and researches, and there were mostly archealogists who never halted anywhere at night and preferred to travel the entire night..

He offered Shaurya to stay for the night at his home and then move out in the morning...

      As soon as the sardar's wife opened the door she enquired why her husband bought a stranger to their place and she began to complain. But the man tried to shut her up saying that he was a traveller whose wife had suddenly fallen sick and that she had fainted. The woman looked through the corner of her eyes and saw Manyata in Shaurya's arms. She twisted her eyebrows and suspected whether he was  really Manyata's husband as she was not wearing any mangalsutra or didn't have any sindoor in her forehead..
"Mujhe to ye pati-patni nahi lag rahe hai...kya pata koi chor ya daku ho?...ghar mei ghusne ke bad humei puri tarha se lut lenge!..Tumne woh Bunty aur Bubli movie nahi dekhi kya?..Aise hi to lootte the woh Abhi-Rani, masoom logo ko!!..."...says the woman getting a bit nervous but was still trying to show herself as strict lady.
Her husband was getting irritated now with his wife's idiotic questionsand Udayveer was getting worried about Manyata's health..She was growing colder and colder in his arms, due to the harsh winds that were blowing outside, and he prayed that the lady agreed to call them inside a bit sooner before he lost his Chand forever..He went a bit forward and replied...
"Madam, I beg you, please let us enter. My wife is very sick and she has fainted. That is why we can't travel further to Mayong today. I promise we won't disturb you and we will leave the place tomorrow morning, as soon as she gets well and comes to her senses." Udayveer/Shaurya's worry and care was clear in his voice which made the lady melt instantly. She apologised for her behaviour to him and let him inside. She showed him a room, which was quite small and had only one small bed, can be said bigger than a single bed, but two people would have a hard time in adjusting themselves in it.
    "Its ok madam..Hum adjust kar lenge. Ap pareshan mat hoyie. M sure humari wife jaldi thik ho jayegi and thand ke vaje se zada bimar ho gayi hai...Thank you for being so kind." Shaurya smiled at her and wanted to go inside as soon as possible, so that he could check what was wrong with his 'Chand'..
   "But apko koi doctor nahi milega is waqt..Kafi raat ho chuki hai abhi aur hospital yaha se bohot door hai, kyuki ye bas ek chota sa gaon hai. Apko sheher jana parega agar checkup karwana ho to..."..said the lady to Shaurya as she saw Manyata quite pale.
"aap fikar mat kijiye..Mere pas kuch dawaiya hai...mei ise woh khila dunga. Aur hospital fir bhi jana ho to kal leke jaunga..ab I think ap logo ko bhi araam karna chahiye aur hum bhi araam karte hai.." Saying this he closes the door and carefully places Manyata in the bed and sits near her.He was very worried thinking about her, and tried to think how she had fainted. He checked her forehead with his palm, and found that there was no trace of sickness. So what was it. He lifts her up and places her head in his lap, and unties her hair.
Manyata had carefully done a neat and tight plate as she was going out with her college friends as well as Profs. She didn't want to be a fashion model there. She had worn a sports tee and shorts which were a bit tight but decent, and ended right above her knees. Overall she was looking like a student or more like a kid, and less like a wife, because of which the sardar's wife was a bit suspicious.
Uday was wearing this and looked very hot
Shaurya gently caressed her cheeks and caresses her hairlocks and then kissed both her cheeks and forehead. "What happened to you love?...Why are you not opening your eyes?..I can't see you this way 'Chand'. Please get up soon." saying this he felt her breath by bringing his 2fingers near her nose and was relieved when found her breathing, but she was still breathing heavily. So he slid his hands under the shirt which he had in the dhaba removed from his body, and made her wear over her tee, as it was quite cold. He carefully traced his hands under her tee and gently moved his hand upwards and felt her bra hook, as he moved his hands toward her back, and opened the hooks so that she could breathe properly. He kissed her again in her lips, this time and gently placed her on the bed.
"I didn't lie anyone Chand. You are my wife, aren't you?..I have the right to love and care for you before anyone else. You will get well soon. Don't worry. " he smiles and talks to her lovingly. "I know you don't remember anything about us, but soon you will remember everything. Before that I won't force you for anything."...he decides to call Kurwaki and ask her for help, as going to the doctor was out of question, since it was very far and Manyata needed to be cured soon. Atleast come back to senses. They had to leave for Mayong as seeing the place was very important for her and their future. 
Kurwaki appeared instantly, as soon as she got the call from Shaurya about Manyata. She looked at her and closed her eyes and uttered some mantras. She finally opened her eyes and replied,
"Her sister Sangeeta had mixed some powder in her food, so that she would faint and  lose her senses, and would not be able to go to the trip." She wanted to be near you, and is already jealous seeing you with Manyata in the gym. But don't worry, ill make her fine, atleast ill take out that drug or medicine, whatever it is from her body, so that she becomes fine by morning. Sorry I can't use much of my powers, due to curse. I hope you know it." she replied with a sad face.
"Its alright Kurwaki..Tumse jitna ho sake karo. Hum jante hai tumhare shraap(curse) ke baarei mei. Humei bhi to mila tha jisse ki humari saari shaktiya chali gayi...Bas humari Chand ko thik kar do, baki hum sambhaal lenge.." Udayveer replies smiling at her.
"Ha thik hai, I will take out that drug/medicine from her, and yes, tumhe uske pas rehna parega aur usko garam rakhna parega, varna hosh mei ane ke bad bhi use bukhar hone ki possibilities hai.."
"Thik hai Kurwaki..I will do exactly as you have said, but ek baat manna parega. Tum English kafi jaldi aur ache se sikh gayi!..Well done!!..." he winks at her...
"Ha ab jis sadi(century mei hai, uske rang mei to rangna hi parta hai na!...(You have to match the century and its lifestyle.." she smiles and slowly disappears.
 Udayveer looks back to Manyata and tells her that she will be fine by morning and they will soon join the others in the trip...But again remembers something which makes him angry..."Rajkumari Sangeeta, logo ko takleef pohchake khush hone ka bohot shaukh hai na tumhe..ab tumhe hum sabak sikhayenge"...
He looks back at Manyata and comes closer to her and bents down bringing his face near her..He had to keep her warm, so that she would become warm and gain consciousness. He knew as soon as she woke up, she would create a scene and will not like to listen to anything, but he didn't care. Even if it meant a serious problem of him to reveal his real identity of not being Shaurya but Yuvraaj Udayveer. Udayveer posed as Shaurya, so that she slowly understood that the story that he said to the class, was not just a story, and that the king's name in that tale and his name being identical was not a coincidence, but he was actually the same king Sharuya Pratap Singh in his previous birth. He wanted to tell her everything, but knew she would never believe him. So wanted her to remember everything on her own..
He slowly opened his mouth and touched her right cheek with his lips, and gave away his hot breath of his mouth to warm the cold cheek. He did the same to her left one. He then carefully opened her mouth with his right hand again brought his mouth close to her's and touched her lips and mouth not like a smooch, but more like putting his breath within her. He liked doing this, and she for the first time breathed heavily, and moved her chest up a bit, as if responding to his warm breath. He sees this and becomes happy, and forgets everything, when his lips meet her's and he closes his eyes. He wanted to stop himself but somthing within him didn't want him to stop. His heart recollected all their beautiful days, all their sweet talks and their romance and he started kissing her intensely. His heart said.."She is mine..." To which she again responded with a heavy breath and her chest expanding upwards. He looked at her chest with lustful eyes, but stopped himself, somehow. He knew he had to control himself and got out of the bed...
"What am I doing...Humei Chand ko garma rakhna hai taki woh jaldi hosh mei aye aur hum yaha se ja sake...Hum use dhoka nahi de sakte..."..He looks at her and again gets back to the bed to warm her and this time controlling himself, he slowly removes her clothes...
Precap: "What the hell, why are you on the same bed with me?..Where is the bus?..where are the others?...Ohh no..Did you rape me?..How could you..I thought you to be a good person, and I am your student. How can you do this to me?...I am a Princess and...and..."..Manyata said everything in one breath, her anger going to the highest point seeing herself naked on the bed with another man, who was in the same position like her..She tried to cover herself with the bedsheet, but kept on crying bitterly. While Shaurya didn't know how to explain to her their situation!...
"Who is this guy?...He seems to be too close to her. Ill have to deal with him my way...Tumhara naam badal gaya to kya?..Tum abhi bhi humari Chandralekha ho!...Hum kisi aur ko humarei beech nahi ane denge...Tumharei liye hum ek kya, hazaar khoon kar sakte hai!..."
Alright friends we come to the end of this Chapter..It was a long
chapterD'oh Please hit the
like button if you all truly liked it as I was tired of typing, and please share your feedback, analysis, comments, whatever you like.Monkey Winks
 I get really encouraged to write only after seeing my readers
comments.Tongue..tabhi kuch proper idea ati hai dimaag mei likhne ke liyeLOL.Monkey Emoticon Cici.And sorry this time I was late in updating as was not in
a good moodMonkey Emoticon and also didn't decide about the future plot apart from being very busy.. But now m back in formMonkey Winks..So hurry up, LOL 
if you want a smashing update.Wink..Love you allMonkey Emoticons



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Superb update GargiClap.
Professor Despo / Hurricane Reeta was an absolute laugh riotLOL.  Such an idiot  for coming on to a younger guyDead.   Sangeeta is a B****AngryCensored.   Stooping to such a level of drugging her own sister - PATHETIC!!!
Shaurya and Manyata scenes were beautiful.  So much of concern for herEmbarrassed.  U wrote it perfectly that we could actually feel his love for her. His love is so tender & pure Day Dreaming .  Hope Manyata gets some recollection of her past life soon Wink.
Precap  ...   is too good.  I can just imagine that scene.  Oh God , What a ruckus Manyata is gonna create.   Update soon - DON'T TEASE US LIKE THATAngry!!!
Finally ;  thanx for completing the chapter & for making it longBig smile.
Thank you 4  the PMSmile.

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awsssmmm gargiii love itttClapClapClapClapClapClapClap

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res Tongue

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