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Dark Love Story Chapter 21(Pg142) last chapter (Page 43)

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Originally posted by AndreaBaid

Amazing promo baby Wink

Thanks Andy baby..will update soon..maybe by tomorrow or today midnightLOL

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Gargi the promo is so hot Embarrassed, eagerly waiting for the update, will alsoedit my previous comment and will PM you once it is done EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

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Originally posted by chitra_rao

Gargi the promo is so hot Embarrassed, eagerly waiting for the update, will alsoedit my previous comment and will PM you once it is done EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Ok Chitra darling!Wink
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Originally posted by sweet_gargi

Originally posted by AndreaBaid

Amazing promo baby Wink

Thanks Andy baby..will update soon..maybe by tomorrow or today midnightLOL

In case agar na pata ho toh
Hum ullu hai so midnight chalega

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 great promos, I know you are busy with some work bbut please give a long update , so that it can help me to wait for the next weekend update , short updates are definetly not fair.
please give a nice long update tommorrow  morning . plzzzCryCry
 well present and past time travel was a nice timing .great Clap
may be the other women may be chandralekha herself beside shuarya . just  a suggestion plzz make chandralekha rebellious for shaurya love  motives or dhamkibhara notices . she is not going to  be scared and give him a fight back and shaurya will be dumbfounded or baffeled to see a girl with so much confident and decision making .
as the quote"rajwade to hum bhe hai.."  

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super duper awesome 
i loved it
thanks for pm
loved the gym romance 
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very nice
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 Chapter 8 (Continuation)

Manyata was in great confusion..She didn't know whom to believe.Her heart or her mind. Her mind said it was just a story. Shaurya Pratap Singh was just a Professor of her college'But her heart was adamant about the fact that---"No, Shaurya was not just a Professor..He had an unknown link with her..She knew him. The story was not of any other princess but it was of hers'It was she who was in the river, bathing with all the other girls'"I had seen myself in the river, in that jungle. All that had happened with that princess, even happened with me in the sick room'"She remembered the day when she had fainted after seeing Shaurya. "Was everything that happened to me true?..Was it not just a dream?...Why did Chandralekha's bedroom scene  sound so similar to that sick room scene which happened to me and I could not do anything'She was still surrounded by lot of questions in her head, without any answer when someone called her for dinner..

At the dinner table Sangeeta was too keen about discussing about the trip, as she wanted a permission from her DS to go to Mayong..At first her dadisab gave a stern look, specially that both the sisters wanted to go there, although Manyata was not too much interested, and it was only her best friend Natasha's pleas and pleads that had made her think about the trip. Sangeeta always had her own mind'blowing plans for this kind of outings..She would always be busy with one or the other new hot guy in her college. It was always great near the river or inside the tent..or inside the be cosy, to show her hidden sexy talents!!... Dadisahab after a 15mins thought, gave them both the permission to go'

"By the way where is this place?..." asked DS'"Somewhere to the north of the city..It will take one day to reach there'It is not just a trip..Its an archaeological and historical trip'Its some lost place, with many buried architecture, which has been found after a long time..Everyone is going and Manyata Jiji will also be coming I hope, she looks at Manyata expecting an answer and Manyata nods in yes looking at their Dadi Sahab'.DS gives both of them permission after taking an assurance that they will not fight in the trip and behave like good sisters and not be an embarrassment for the family'


            Next morning Sangeeta was getting ready with her bag to go to the gym, when she saw Manyata also coming out of her room'

"What happen Manyata?...Trip pe jane ki itni excitement hai kya, jo abhi se ready ho gayi?...Humei next week jana hai Mayong, aj nahi!.."and she laugs tauntingly..But Manyata rolles her eyes and replies with a crooked smile'

"You will be glad to know J that I am coming with you to your gym classes to the new gym center..DS don't want to take any risk by sending you to the gym alone, for you to mess up things and again change the place.." and she marches away to her car!!...

Sangeeta frowns and shouts out for her to hear.."HUMNE KUCH NAHI KIYA THA OK..WOH TRAINER HI ZADA FLIRTY THA'FLIRTING WITH ALL THE GIRLS BUT NOT WITH ME!!..I didn't do anything ok..That trainer was flirting with all the girls except me!!..ooopppsss(She realizes what she said and rectifies..) HUMARA MATLAB HAI KI SARI LARKIO KE SATH FLIRT KAR RAHA THA AND DIDN'T HELP ME IN THE WORK OUT.." and she leaves the place leaving an upset DS looking at both the sisters from behind..She was tired of their daily fights..Sangeeta was arrogant and stubborn, besides being a bit childish, but Manyata was the eldest of the two, and more sensible..But somehow she never behaved sensibly when it came to her sister..She never wanted to bear her and be composed, but became equally adamant in behaving wisely..

Both had left for the Star Gym and it was another popular fitness center with all the luxuries at one place and all the rich youngsters coming to tone their body and keep themselves fit. Sangeeta had left the earlier gym after having a big fight and threatening to sue the gym trainer and to shut down the entire gym just because she could not seek the attention of that hot masculine trainer who used to behave coldly when she tried to flirt or seduce him!. This was a new place and there would be many to hang around her'This was another amazing place with more ice candies around..She thought'She would be able to prove her sister how much she was popular and more attractive than her..On the other hand Manyata was never interested in knowing her closeness with anyone..It was only because DS had said that she needed to keep an eye on her sister, she was going to the gym to work out..Manyata was very conscious and thinking hard about those heavy equipments..She was always happy with her yoga lessons at home given to her by her teacher. But she could not disobey DS's orders..

            Before she could realize about the gym and its surroundings, she was already there and both of them were greeted by their new trainer and told to take their places..Sangeeta had already started working in the treadmill as she was used to it, but Manyata was having second thoughts'She was looking at her and everywhere for some help and guidance as it was new to her..She looked for the trainer but saw him busy helping someone else, and so she decided to pick up the dumbbells which were nearby and proceeded towards it'As soon as she picked them up, but they fell before she could realize it, and she closed her eyes anticipating the pain which was so sure, as they had fallen from her friends..But then she could not think, why it was not paining. Why didn't they not fall on her feet?..and she slowly opened her eyes, to see a hand holding the dumb bell..He smiled at her and replied'

"Hi..Surprised to see me here?...I come here regularly..But you don't seem to be very familiar to this place and these objects."..(pointing towards the dumb bells)'"Anyways your welcome!!.."..and she gets surprised and confused at that answer'"You don't seem to be very grateful at my action of picking up the dumb bells'But I did my part in welcoming you for saving ur soft and tender feet. Its always my pleasure to save beautiful girls. And when she is a princess, how can I let damage such a great property!..."(and he playfully traces her face with his sleek long finger, in a flirtatious tone)'.Manyata was taken aback by his action and she gives a stern look and pushes his hand swiftly'

"How dare you touch me!...Hum ek Rajkumari hai'Is tarha humei chune ki himmat dubara mat karna..Ap mere Professor ho, isiliye I am not telling you anything. But isko humari kamzori mat samjhiyega'" (How dare you touch me!...I am a princess..Dont dare to touch me like this again..You are my Professor, so I am not telling you anything but don't think that to be my weakness)..and she pushes him by his chest and tries to leave, when the trainer sees them and approaches towards them'

"Ok Princess Manyata, so you have already got someone to help you..Ya My Shaurya is quite experienced and knowledgeable in these equipments, and as your sister told me that you are new with gym equipments you should definitely take help and guidance everytime..Learn the techniques from him and obey his instructions'"'"But Sir'" Manyata was about to protest that she didn't need Shaurya's help, but the trainer had already left to get busy helping somebody else. Manyata now looked at Shaurya helplessly as she didn't want to take any help from him but Shaurya gave a naughty look and replied with a smirk'

"What happen Princess?..Didn't you hear what your trainer said?..Let me help you...You want to hurt your soft pink toes by experimenting these heavy things yourself, then your not welcome'"'He comes a bit close to her ears and replies whispering in her ear.."I value this beautiful property and I am your professor only in the college..Not in this place. What are you thinking?..You should be grateful that I am helping you with these dumb bells'Girls can die to work out with me and you are getting this chance but still standing like a dumb chick.. No problem..You will soon realize what I mean..First change your clothes and wear something light and short for your workout..You can work out in these Jeans!..."..Manyata nods and changes herself in her shorts and a sleeveless tee, but feels a bit uncomfortable in front of her hot and seductive professor..She thought what was wrong with her!...They were just light clothes for gym, but still she didn't want her body to be revealed in front of him'She knew he was looking at her body for atleast 10 minutes without blinking his eyes, and she could not look back into his bright, beautiful eyes. So she just comes and takes her position and replies.

."I am ready"..and hearing this he comes to his senses and replies'"Turn front'"

He was so confident about everything and Manyata left with no choice obeyed his orders and nervously waited, thinking what would happen next..Shaurya came close to her from the back and she could feel his front body glued with her back. He slowly moved both the dumb bells to the front and ordered Manyata to hold them with her hands strongly'And as soon as she held them, he held both her hands, His right hand holding her right hand and left one holding her left. Her arms were fixed with his arms and they seemed like they were not two different people but one whole.. Shaurya again whispered in her ears..

"Shall we start?..." and every girl in the gym was getting jealous watching the steamy scene in front of their eyes. Sangeeta was spitting venom at her sister and cursing her fate for not making those dumb bells fall on Manyata'"Why does every hot guy only fall for this plain idiotic girl? What wrong with these guys' eyes'Can't they see a hot girl like me in front of them?..Anyways I have to find out who he is'He is my type..What biceps!...what broad chest he has!..."

Shaurya was in his simple tracks and a black vest, but every girl in the gym thought in the same way, watching the hot scene in front of their eyes. More than the treadmills, it was this scene in front of their eyes, that was making them sweat!!..

            Manyata was sweating heavily with his touch..She had moved 5inches to the front so that she would not have to be stuck with his hot body. But it was of no use..She was dragged back and fixed to his body, with his both hands holding her wrists with a tight grip'

"Are you done with your position tantrums?..How can I help you if you go so far from me?...Don't worry, its just a workout..I won't eat you up!"And he grinned, but Manyata gave him a serious look, signaling him that she was not enjoying his stupid jokes..

"Ok, Sorry...So shall we start now?...We are already late..Now don't interrupt again in the middle'" He replied without smiling, and she nodded'

He kept his face near her cheeks and pulled her hands slowly backwards and then moved them to the front'"You got it'Let's do it again.." and he traced her soft and fair hands slowly, and again clutched both her wrists and pulled her arms back and then front, while her chest was moving with the flow..Expanding and going back to its normal form, while his chest was flowing in the same rhythm as her's'Both were sweating hard and Shaurya just could not let his eyes off her upper body'He was getting turned on when she turned back to him with an expression, which meant she needed some rest'But he was not ready to listen'

"No..You cant stop..Its just 15mins that we have started'We will rest after 30mins'"and he turned her back'

"Let's do the steps upwards.." and saying this he brings her hands back, positioning them in 90 degree straight, facing her cheeks'. "Your upper arms should be horizontal and in line with each other and keep your elbows side to side" saying this he holds both her lower arms tightly and positions her upper arms bringing them to the side of his biceps.  "Slowly raise the dumbbells up while keeping your shoulders down and back.  Your thumbs point toward each other during the whole lift."..He took her arms along with his upwards, till she could sprung it high and then brought them down." Now lower the dumbbells and let them hang at your sides, and we are in a position to start the sequence all over again'"... twisting her thumbs to place them towards each other'


She had forgotten about the exercises long time back..His strong biceps which were contracting with her soft thin arms did not let allow her to concentrate on those crunches. His sweat and body odor was making her go crazy and their body fixed together, made her want to stay like that for eternity'Manyata's mind had stopped working completely and she had forgotten about the gym and the people watching them'


Kurwaki was sitting by a river side thinking about the past'Everything changes, life, people, the world but not nature'No matter how much people wants to change the natural things, it still silently defies to the worldly changes. They strongly stand without any demands, giving us pleasure, pleasure to people who really believe that the valleys, mountains, river, trees will silently listen to them, their sorrows and never complain.

Kurwaki was in such a state. Everything had changed in these thousand years'Over centuries, she had seen people changing, from good to bad, clothes language, human desires become more intense, people's needs changing and demands becoming more..She had felt more lonely, more isolated, more unwanted than ever, only waiting for her dear lovers to be born again'She had waited for them to come to life for thousand of years'This was her punishment!...Punishment for being selfish, for desiring, what she could not get, she knew it, and so humbly obeyed and sincerely kept on bearing the punishment, to live on this earth alone..Untill Shaurya was again born as Yuvraah Udayveer of Jaigard and Chandralekha as Rajkumari Manyata of Devgard..

She remembered those beautiful days when she used to play with Chandralekha..When they used to go out alone to the forest, to the city and disturb people at night by continuously banging their doors and waking up the sleepy citizens or annoying the love making couples...and Kurwaki laughed heartily remembering such an incident where they were almost about to be caught..


 Chandralekha was thinking hard about the previous day'

"Kya matlab tha uska?...Kya asal mei who humei apni Maharani banayega?..Nahi hum uski maharani kabhi nahi banenge..Hum koi aam Rajkumari nahi hai jo dusro ke nirnay pe apni zindagi jiti hai'Hum Rajkumari Chandralekha hai..Hum kabhi aisa nahi hone denge"(What did he mean!...Did he really mean it'will he forcefully make me his queen'No I won't be his queen..I am not some common princess who leads her life on other's decision and terms..I am Princess Chandralekha'I will never let that happen"'she was very disturbed and called her best friend Kurwaki as she wanted to find out something'

Kurwaki came in and knew why her sweet princess was so disturbed. She came near and said'"Tum fikar mat karo Chandralekha'Hum jante hai kal raat ye usika kiya dhara hai'Usko bhi tantra vidya ata hai matlab'Who samjhta hai is trha tum usse dar jaogi'Koi baat nahi..Hum bhi use dikha denge ki usne kisse larne ki joorrat ki hai'" (You don't worry Chandralekha..I know that it was him last night and he knows black magic too..He thinks he can scare you in this way but we will show him that he can't get what he want and that he has dared to fight with whom)'

Chandralekha didn't respond..Instead just replied.."Kurwaki humare liye ek kaam kar sakti ho?...Humei dekhna hai ki humara sapno ka rajkumar kaun hai.."(Can you do a task for me?..I want to know who is my dream prince)' Kurwaki asked her playfully, as to what was the reason of such a sudden thought..Whether she was affected with that handsome king's words in the river and by the last night action of his!...Chandralekha gave her a stern look and commanded her to do what she was told...Kurwaki understood that she was not in a good mood and that she should not be teased at that moment and so obeyed her orders...


She told a servant to bring a round glass bowl which was completely round and closed only with an opening at the top...She moved her hands above the bowl, which was filled with water..Closed her eyes and said some mantras...She asked Chandralekha to forward her hand, as she needed some drops of her blood to be mixed with the water..Chandralekha did as she was told and there what she saw shocked her to the core!!..


They were the same eyes...same masculine lips, her man on a horse holding a sword'but smiling to another woman..Who was she?...Did she know Maharaj Shaurya Pratap Singh?...If Yes then how?...Yes the man was the same man whom she met just the other day!..How is this possible?...How come he was her dream man when she dreaded dreaming about him!!..She was more scared and confused thinking about her future now..



Shaurya had taken full control of Manyata's body...He smiled knowing this.She loved the moves and her body was swinging voluntarily with his flow'

"Let's do the next one now'" he replied and this brought her back to her senses.."ha?.." she replied but he without replying, slowly moved his fingers down to her thighs and bent his body to spread her legs a shoulder width apart..At this she was about to fall because of the sensation his warm fingers were giving her soft thighs, which were already heated up by his actions. She was already tired but as she loved his closeness so much, she didn't want to take a break and spoil their great time. Shaurya stopped her from falling by holding her by her waist and this gave her Goosebumps in her skin, which made him smile'

" are very careless I must say'you don't care for your body at all..You might have fallen on me and we would have had a great scene for everyone present here!" Manyata felt embarrassed at that remark and changed the topic asking for what was the next step.

"Spread your legs and stand by your back firmly..." She did as she was told'"Now slowly move your butt backwards as if you are trying to sit on a chair.." and he held her tightly placing each of his hands, one on her lower abdomen on the front and the other on her butt and her body followed his orders, as if it was only waiting for his touch for so many years. He commanded her to slowly move down and she did it slowly, while he covered her back by moving downwards along with her and caressed her butt slowly, as it moved down'She softly groaned in enjoyment'but Shaurya was too close not to hear it which made him smile again..He spread and positioned her thighs parallel to the ground "raise it a bit more baby'This is lovely.."and then raised her butt more higher towards him, while her legs still wide enough' he made her stay in that position for a few minutes with the dumb bells still in her hand..


"Let me see how well you can do this'."and he curled his left hand tightly around the waist and his right hand placed firmly around her chest, so that she could not change her position..Manyata was already out of breath, not because of the 30minutes breakfree workout but, because of the position in which both were in, his touch was making her go all the more crazy, as his left hand was busy caressing her butt now and then, and the awkward position in which his face was facing her butt, made her imagine how his mischievous eyes must be gazing her sensitive areas..She but protested and tried to move with a groan, but he held her back and replied naughtily..

"No sweetheart..You are not moving without my permission!..You have a beautiful ass (caressing her soft butt)..but don't you want it to be more toned and shaped?...Then let me see how well you do these exercises'You will be like this for 1 more minute and then we will move up..And then start moving down again!!"'

She thought.."Ohh God..I am gone today!..What's wrong with me..Why am I loving it? come he has such a command over my body!...I can't do this anymore..I will fall any moment on him.." .On the other hand Shaurya loved it..He was enjoying all her expressions and reactions her body was giving'She was sweating and flowing like a river and he wanted to affect her more'He was enjoying the smell of her juices and odor by bitting his lower lips, when Sangeeta comes right in front of them..!!

            "Ok sister..I am sure you must have had enough of it for today..If you continue with your work out like this I am sure you are going to become skinny and then disappear in the air!..." Jealousy and anger was fully evident in her voice and she felt like throwing her sister out of the window at that very moment after watching such steamy scenes for almost more than an hour!!...

These words were enough to bring Manyata's out of her sensuous world and she was almost about to fall sideways when Shaurya holds her from back and takes her dumb bells and makes her stand up...

" I am sure this is enough for today..We can do it again tomorrow!!.." He chuckled while Manyata grew red with embarrassment and left the place without a word, her eyes looking on the floor... 

Alright friends...So I have updated the complete Chapter 8 now...Hope I could please everyone and next parts will be better and interesting!...I promised to give a hot update so tried to make one...Do comment and tell me whether I could live upto your expectations..And Urvashi I have read ur suggestions and will try to fulfil some of them.Hope I can live upto ur suggestions...Sorry for being late in updating

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