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Dark Love Story Chapter 21(Pg142) last chapter (Page 13)

sweet_gargi IF-Dazzler

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Friends I have updated Part 4 of my FF as I promised to update it on Sairah's Bday..So this update is specially for Sairah..Happy Bday dear!!Hug
           SmileFF The Dark Love Story Part 4 UpdatedSmile     


  Manyata got up to start fresh..She thought she will live the new day like it was a really new beginning'She will forget everything that happened yesterday with her..Last day was really too horrifying for the poor girl who was just not another girl but a princess..She could not let her emotions overpower her mind so easily..She had to be strong and think with her head.She went to the college and was happy that today the strange mysterious girl was nowhere around her to take her to the scariest wonderland''..

               "No I will never let anyone call me a mysterious Alice in Wonderland'mei ek riyasat ki hone wali yuvraani hu'agar mei isi trha darti rahi to dadisahab Dada ko riyasat ke Yuvraaj bana denge'Nahi jo humara hai who kisi aur ka hum hone kabhi nahi denge'"'Manyata loved her brother but she was a bit possessive about everything that belonged to her'She was still deep in her thoughts when her friend Natasha literally shaked her and brought her back from her thoughts'..

            "Kaha ho Manyata..Are you even listening to me?...Aj kal tum itni khoyi rehti ho ki I feel mei tumse nahi kisi aur se bat kar rahi hu..You don't even listen to me'." She said making a disappointing face'''''''"Sorry Nats..Ofcourse I am listening..Batao kya bol rahi thi?..sorry next time se I won't disappoint you..Please.." Manyata made a cute puppy face to which Natasha could not say a No and finally replied''''."  Ok suno.Humare college mei aj ek young, dashing hottie ki entry hone wali hai..aur who''"Manyata cut her in between and replied with a smirk'''."Ohh common'.tumhe to har larka hottie lagta hai'.kuch naya batao'." Natasha fumed and said''''."Ok listen , mujhe har larka hottie nahi lagta ok..just because tumhe har larka apni dream girl manta hai you have become too arrogant Manya'and by the way I was talking about our new Proffesor'.I heard he will join from today and he is really handsome and just not the Professor material'I am dying to see him and to know ki who kaunsa subject parhayega hume and I wish I have taken that subject'.I wish who Chemistry ya fir Biology ka Professor na ho as mei to Arts background ki hu aur..."'."OK OK madam Natasha..I surrender'Jab ye Mr Prof ayenge toh hum pata kar lenge ki ye kitna hot  hai and ye har larke ki trha mujhe propose karta hai ya nahi'"'''Although Manyata was a kind-hearted person and was really humble and modest but still she enjoyed the fact that she was really beautiful and was many Man's dream and had got used to all the attention''..But this time she didn't know that it was really going to be different'


                The Sedan drove through the campus and then to the parking lot and girls had already started following the car which had now got its place, to rest for the day and the man who came out from the car was actually about to make half of the girls faint there'Yuvraaj Udayveer had now made his way through that crowd of girls who were going gaga over him'Yes Natasha was right..He was just not the Professor material..He was too hot to handle stuff'''''



"Are you sure you want to take the risk?...Humei nahi lagta ki tumhe waha jana chahiye ..Shaurya Pratap bohot hi mashoor naam hai'Kisi ne tumhe pehchaan liya to?" Kurwaki was still worried about this decision of Udayveer's going to Manyata's college to be near her and keep an eye on her..But Yuvraaj Udayveer never gave any second thought to his decisions.What he planned was the outcome of prolonged thought process which gave vent to his wise decisions'For him it was really very important to be near Manyata as his instincts  said that she might be in danger very soon'He never believed in anyone and knew that there were people who would try to keep him away from his queen which he did not want this time'After a few minutes of constant silence he replied'.

"Fikar mat karo..Humei koi nahi pehchaanega'.Itne varsh(years) hum London mei the'.London mei humara karobar(business) zada faila hua hai jis vje se sab humei waha pehchante hai..Par fir bhi waha bhi bohot kam logo ne humei dekha hai kyuki humne kabhi media walo ko koi interview nahi dia'Unlogo ke lakh koshish ke baad bhi who humari jhalak pane mei safal nahi hue hai'India mei kisike humei pehchanne ka to sawaal hi paida nahi hota..Aur hum Nikolsan College ek maksad se ja rahe hai'who maksad khatam hote hi jitni jaldi ho sake waha se nikal jayenge 'Zada se zada ek mahina'."''''''..Kurwaki was convinced now and she also knew that once Shaurya had decided something there was no place of uncertainities and 'IF's' there'He had always done what he wanted to do, had always led life in his own terms'''''."Thik  hai Shaurya, tumne soch liya hai to hum kya bol sakte hai'.Lekin dhyan rahe, Devgarh Rajpariwar se dur rehna, atleast tab tak jab tak tum Manyata ke dil ko jeet nahi lete puri trha se'."''''


Natasha had already gone crazy seeing him'"O My Gosh!..Jo college  mei itna acha lagta ho who tohhh'''" and she was about to faint when Manyata catches her from falling and gets irritated''"Stop it now'''..Woh humara Professsor hai''..Tumhe uske barei mei aisa nahi sochna chahiye.."''''.."Oh really..We will see tum ki how you control yourself'."'''Manyata gets really irritated and says'''''." thik hai chalo aisi bat hai to chalo hum bhi dekhte hai ki tumhare us Prof mei kya bat hai''.." and she goes to find out while he was busy in asking some students about the way to the History Dept''.As Manyata was just rushing to see what was so special in this man, seeing whom even her male counterparts were getting a bit complexed now, she just bumped into Udayveer and he without even looking at her catched her from falling'..Finding herself in a man's strong arms she was a bit embarrassed and was about to shout at him.."What the'." When she actually got the shock of her life'.Yuvraaj Udayveer was not looking at her but the moment she shouted he just turned to look at the familiar voice and found his queen in his arms..He was really delighted to see her and could not control the smile that was so clearly visible on his face now'But Manyata had her mouth wide open. She had just promised herself not to think about the previous day events as she could not come to any conclusion as to why all this was happening to her but then now it was near to impossible to forget those moments of her dream..She was in the arms of the man who was in her dreams a day before'He was looking deep into her eyes now with a seductive look'and she got lost in those mesmerizing eyes and they share an eye lock'But before this eye lock could be broken she found herself fainting only to be carried in those strong arms again  and he took her to the sick room after asking the students for its way..The doctor checked her and said that there was nothing to worry about and she should not take any stress as this must be the reason for her weakness'By the time Natasha had already rushed to the sick room to check what was wron to her friend and saw Udayveer sitting near her'She smiled a bit in amazement seeing his interest in her friend and said ''."I will take care of her sir'I am her friend.. Thank You for helping.."'.Uday understood that he will have to leave for now and so he slowly leaves the place with a smile'.."Ha to Princess Manyata, kya kaha tha tumne?...You don't care kaun hottie hoga who..aur use dekh ke hi behosh ho gayi aur sidhe uske baho mei yaha pohoch gayi?.." and she laughs heartily till the Doctor signals her to keep quiet'.

Manyata suddenly felt as two hands were tracing her belly and then her slender waist under her clothes and she felt really uncomfortable'.She tried to move but could not as again those unknown hands had held her from back and oushed her back to the bed..She wanted to scream and cry but for some reason she was not able to utter any word and then she gradually realized the reason..She felt as if her soft petal like lips were sucked by some hard manly lips and those lips were just not ready to give up'Due to some unknown reasons she found that she had too started enjoying the passionate kiss and gave in to it'She realized what she was doing after a few minutes and immediately opened her eyes and to her horror found that the man was none other than her Prof Shaurya or can be said the man who came into her dreams the previous night'.She remembers the face of the man whom  she saw in the jungle along with the lady who was so much her look alike..The only difference was that now he was wearing some modern smart clothes in which he was looking undeniably hot and a hunk just as Natasha had said'.Seeing his queen in deep thoughts Udayveer smiled and understood what she was thinking now and comes closer to her again''"Kya hua Chand humare barei mei soch rahi ho kya?" And traces her cheeks with his fingers and he was literally scanning her face now..Her eyes, her rosy cheeks, her lips and then suddenly placed a tender but passionate kiss on her cheeks at which she comes back from her deep thoughts to the present and literally pushes him angrily'.."How dare you touch me'Door raho humse..Tum jante nahi ho hum kaun hai aur kya kar sakte hai tumhari aisi harkat ke liye '" and she just jumps out of the bed  and runs out of the room as fast as she could but to her amazement she had no idea as to where she was running to'She had not seen this long corridor which had so many antique pieces and sculptures but this was not the right time to praise the art forms'She was really confused and felt helpless as she didn't know where to go now for rescue'She stopped for a while to think how she came to this strange house, when suddenly she saw Udayveer standing in front of her..He was very angry now at her behavior and was ready to teach her the lesson for it'He caught hold of her and swiftly carried in his shoulders and Manyata finding no words for the consequences all she could do was cry helplessly and scream'.She tried to free herself and kicked her legs in the air while calling for help but Udayveer just smiled and he closed the door from inside and threw her in the bed'Manyata was completely shocked and was sobbing softly when he slowly comes near the bed while his eyes still fixed on her..She knew by now that there was no way she could run, she tried to plead but in vain..He crawled over her now and she closed her eyes and shivered in fear as to what was coming next'He suddenly held both her hands tightly on both the sides of the bed so that she will not be able to free herself till he wishes and starts kissing her forehead harshly..then the cheeks and then he suddenly paused'At this Manyata opened her eyes and sighed with relief realizing that he had changed his plans, but still she did not have the courage to look at him..She looked sideways trying to figure out where she was and the room actually looked so familiar to her but she still was very sure that she had not been in this room or place before. She questioned herself'..

"Where am I?..."'''''but before her mind could give her the answer she found those strong hands pulling her face towards the man on top of her and before she could understand why she was facing him, he suddenly devoured her lips like some delicious dish, and moaned in enjoyment and broke the kiss for a second to feel the enjoyment that he got from it'"aaahhh'" Uday  groaned with pleasure at the thought that he got today for what he actually had waited for so many years'He was feeling the woman whom he had actually lost in his previous birth...But for Manyata she didn't know how to react..She was shocked, horrified and disgraced..Her tears flowed from her eyes, and she was still under him without moving but Udayveer was least bothered about how she felt and he again entered her lips and started kissing passionately'..She was feeling defeated and tried to free herself from his strong  clutches but due to some strange reason this time she started enjoying the touch of his lips and felt those lips like her very own..She tried to think what was happening to her and why was she feeling like that but her mind had completely stopped working and her emotions were more strong now..She reciprocated the kiss with equal passions and just felt like enjoying the moment forever..Seeing this Shaurya was really glad and yes he was only Shaurya at this moment..The Shaurya of those ancient days, whom no one could defeat but only this woman to whom he had  completely surrenederd once upon a time'He wipes off her tears while still kissing her, and tries to arrange her messy hair and caresses the strands of hair which was falling on her face, tucks them lovingly under her ears now and then rubs her rosy cheeks with admiration'His queen was really enjoying this and responding him with her frequent moans like a lover but this supposed eternal bliss was only of a few minutes as Manyata suddenly comes back to her senses'She opens her eyes and realizes her actions and stops'Udayveer then breaks the kiss as he knew that his Chand would again start with her swears but this time he did not want them again and nor did he want to show him her masculine power by forcefully putting her under him. So before she could say something he puts his fingers on her lips''''."Ssshh'Bas Chand' ab humarei sabar ka aur imtihaan mat lo'Tum  chahe ye mano ya na mano par tum Humari maharani ho..Tumne bas humare liye janam liya hai'Tum humari pichle janam ki Maharani Chandralekha ho..Aur humara tum par pura hak hai'Humei pata hai ki tumhe kuch bhi yad nahi hai par jald hi tumhe sabkuch yaad ajayega aur tum samajh jaogi ki hum kya bol rahe hai.." Ek baat yaad rakhna'tum sirf aur sirf humari ho aur hum kabhi humarei beech kisi aur ko nahi aane denge'.."'and he suddenly changed his serious face and returned a smile to lighten the tensed atmosphere'.he placed a peck again on her lips and said'"Good night my Queen'" she wakes up with a jerk and sits on the bed, her throat completely dry and her body completely numb'.Natasha shakes her up and kept on calling her name, scared by her indifferent expressions'."Manyata,' Manyata'kuch to bolo, kya hua?..koi bura sapna dekha kya?..what is wrong with you?...Oh God is larki ko ho kya gaya hai..kabhi behosh ho jati hai to kabhi hosh mei hote hue bhi pata nahi kis duniya mei hoti hai.."''''''"Duniya??" Manyata uttered'.Right Manyata felt as if she was going insane by the different nightmares that she was getting every now and then.She felt it difficult to realize now as in which world was actually real'The one in which she was living, or the one in which she was taken to by her dreams'.She could not deny the world of her dreams now as people whom she saw in her dreams have actually started entering her world in reality'.She kept silent, paid no heed to her friend's queries and slowly headed to her class as she knew sitting there was no solution and sitting quiet and wrecking her brain over her problems was even more pointless and scarier..She was now too scared to go to sleep even thinking what next she would dream'.Natasha was a bit worried for her friend'She was a true friend and wanted to know the reason of these changes in her friend's behavior which had started showing lately'.

"Students I am your new History Professor Shaurya Pratap Singh'Will replace Mrs Bregenza from today'You all can call me Shaurya'You can treat me as a friend, and don't have to be scared of me''." He went on with his lectures and introduction session was really interesting for the entire class but Manyata was least bothered now'.She did not care what he was saying, all she cared was who he was and what did he want from her'..

"Hey Sir,'I mean Shaurya..are you coming with us for the trip?"...It will be fun together(girl blushes) 'and everyone in a chorus shouted'''''' "Yes Shaurya..You will definitely have to join us'it will be great fun to explore Mayjong"''.He said'."Ok we will see''.but as of now lets start of the class with a very important chapter'." Everyone gets bored hearing chapter and makes faces''.."Hey don't think its in your books'I know you all don't like to read books..So do I'I never liked studying..(smirks)'The story that I am going to tell you is neither  in your book nor will you hear it from your grandparents'.So Do you all want to hear it'(looking at Manyata)'" His occasional glimpses made Manyata very uncomfortable and she just wanted to jump out of the window or run out of the door to get some fresh air''''''"Yes Shaurya..We all want to hear an interesting story'"'''and so the story began''''.

Friends I know it was not very good this time..Will surely make it my best in the next update...But didn't get much time and got injured in my head very badly with a metal rod..So could not write much...But plz do comment on it..Its really encouraging...and so far Thanks for liking the previous parts...Smile





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Fabulous and astonishing Gargi dearClap

Story is getting more and more interestingStar and I m loving itWink

Their chemistry is getting super saprky...Poor MLOL I just loved their first meeting and M's dream after wardsWink

and dear I asked you in ladt update also this is gonna be happy ending naEmbarrassed

Thanx for the pm dear and update soon dearHug


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it was amazing dear... what a lovely update its really a dark n intense love story... i am getting more and more curious day by day...what will happen in manveers life now... and i am glad u made uday the professor as i wanted n voted.. its definately giving a different n logical touch to the story... really loving it...i am happy u update it in time...thanks alot for pm and thanks for making a conceptual story...iam glad to read it... love u... zinay... :)

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mahara23 Senior Member

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loved it

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Haila ye uday ke pic. Kya ho gaya?ok...kal padh ke comment karungi.

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Superb update. Loved it to the core. I felt like actually seeing it in front of my eyes. Was it mnythas dream or... Update soon

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Originally posted by swetsurati

Haila ye uday ke pic. Kya ho gaya?ok...kal padh ke comment karungi.

pic acha nahi laga kya?...I know it was not that time will make it the best!!
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Reserved. Ab mai bhagti hu

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