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Dark Love Story Chapter 21(Pg142) last chapter (Page 126)

sweet_gargi IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 28 January 2013 at 7:40am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Shahista01

Promo was awesome and a little confusing gargiWink
LOLLoved it.. now just makes me more eager for the
next chapter when the dark love story starts unravelling.
Please update soon. muuuaah and yes i loved the poetry
thing you had at the end, words were truly beautiful
and fit perfectly with the story... AWESOME, LOVED IT.

Thank you so much ShashiTongue...kisi ne to meri poetry ki tariif ki..otherwise no one commented about itConfused...Ya the dark story is going to be revealed from here very soon as Manyata will herself hunt for the truth now...Smile

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Cmnt edited on pg 118Hug
di u r being such a tease plz update
The promo is AWESOMEThumbs Up Taras khao inn bhole bachon peROFL

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sweet_gargi IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 29 January 2013 at 8:38am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Sanarasheedroxx

Kuwarki d bitch Angry Ye kamini khud ko samjhti kya hai??? Porr ShauryaUnhappy
Their ego clashes Star I luv It
Chandralekha to marry someone else Ouch
Di d falshbacks are magical Day Dreaming
They are beautifully written Clap
chand challenging shaurya Clap
Loved the update to d coreHeart
Awesome,romantic,passionate,lovely,phenomenal,fantastically fantabulous updateThumbs Up
Update ASAP
Tahnxx fr such a beautifull updateHug

awww...Thank you Sana babyBig smile...Such a lovely comment..

so many adjectives together in ur comment for my updateMonkey Icons Cici...

Kuwarki d bitch Angry Ye kamini khud ko samjhti kya hai??? Porr ShauryaUnhappy-------Well kurwaki will have to regret for what she did...Evil Smile

Chandralekha to marry someone else Ouch -----She will regret this decision

Thank you once again for your beaitiful comments...they are a real encouragement for me...Tongue
sweet_gargi IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 13 February 2013 at 8:11am | IP Logged

Chapter 19 Dark Love Story...

Manyata walked slowly towards the ray of light that suddenly flashed on her from a distance...

"I see a light in the distance. May be someone is there or it might be some outlet from this dark place. Let me check..." she walks slowly towards the area from where a thin ray of light crept in. Although she was a bit apprehensive about the fact that the place she was approaching was unknown to her, she just wanted to get back to her tent as fast as she could. She was cursing herself for reaching the dark woods every night and bringing a live nightmare for her. She didn't know why she did this, but one thing was dawning on her---She felt an unknown attraction to this place..An attraction which was only taking her to the mouth of danger but she liked falling in it.

"Koi hai waha?...Look I know someone called out my name...This is enough please. Stop playing pranks...please let me out of here." She kept on screaming and calling out for help while moving towards the area which was comparatively brighter. Manyata stopped shouting as she came to the open land from where the ray of light was falling. She turned back to see from where she had come and it was then that she realised that she was out of the dark area, which she realised to be the outlet of the cave. She thanked her stars to somehow come to her rescue and bring her out of the darkness, but when she turned towards the place where she had to go now, or at least see where she was being led to, she paused for a while.

There was a river in front of her. A big broad one that extended to a great area. She stood speechless for some time, looking vaguely and startled. She was beyond doubts and did not know how to react seeing the river and the place. The same place which she had dreamed about some hours back. She was tired cursing her fate for making her witness such strange dreams and illusions. Ever since she was a bit matured to remember her dreams, she had always been afraid of darkness, afraid that something could happen to her. Her palace which was supposedly her home, never gave her any peace. Instead it always bought to her some unknown and baseless faint memories of the same house in a different land, people talking, someone smiling and laughing at her, she herself running towards some place. She feared saying all this to her family, but her mother was always patient and wanted to listen to all her fears and torments, though she herself didn't know how to react. Her grandmother Rajmata Rajlakshmi never showed any proper concern and just laughed away, saying Manyata was too imaginative and lived in a world of fantasy.

"She needs to grow up and stop watching those horror movies." Was the only logical answer rajmata could provide.

But Manyata was confident enough of the fact that no horror or thriller movies could actually think of what she experienced, and if they knew what kind of dreams and vision she had visualised, they would surely cast her in their movies or take her stories to make a great movie, which would definitely be a big hit!

But from the past few days, what she was witnessing was more than her horrible dreams, as she was now not just dreaming but also realised that most of the places, that existed in Mayong as ruins, seemed to appear and reappear in front of her in her sleep, places which have always haunted her, which took away her sleep. Places that actually resembled the cave, a dead land with thousands of dead people, places in fire, people crying, and suddenly some long lost lovers romancing and now this river. The river where some lovers were romancing a while ago, people who looked like her and Prof Shaurya.

"Ok this is not the time to think of romance or the dead. But how do I not think. This place exists in reality, which may mean my dreams are true. Oh God, have I gone mad, or some powers to see some unknown people with familiar faces and overpowered me. Whatever is the case, but today I have to reach to some conclusion about this place, my dreams and about myself'." She thought..

"Yes I have to know about myself'about myself does anyone hear me'does anyone know why me?...why me God?...why do you keep me haunting like this?...Why are you playing such bloody games with me, what do you want?" Manyata cried and was completely broken. She sobbed and knelt on the sandy land of the river banks. She cried helplessly, until she felt like someone was looking at her. She immediately wiped away her tears and stood up to see who was there in the isolated area. 

But what she saw didn't relief her, but only increased her problems. A dark and burnt figure stared at her, with torn and tattered clothes. The figure looked at her with a smile on her face.

"Chandraaleekhhaaa''" the burnt lady smiled and held out her arms and walked towards Manyata. Manyata screamed loudly and immediately ran in the opposite direction.But as soon as she turned there was another figure which looked with anger at her. That lady was burnt too and looked horrible. Any sane person would faint seeing such horrible and ghastly figures in front of them. Manyata cried and shouted for help, but unfortunately her cries were faint in this unknown and desolated land although there were some people who were concerned about her whereabouts at the moment.


Vishal came out of his tent as it was getting hard for him to sleep. 

"I need to check on Manyata. She has been behaving weirdly from a few days, and ever since that Prof has accompanied us. He tries to show too much concern towards her, but I won't let him come on my way, but why do I feel he is hiding something. He stares mysteriously at Manyata sometimes..." Vishal approached Manyata's tent blabbering his trail of thoughts but he didn't realize that someone was following him. He slowly and carefully walked into Manyata and Natasha's tent, only to find that Manyata was missing from her place. He got shocked and woke up Natasha instantly. 

Natasha too had no clue as to where did Manyata every night disappear.

"OMG!...Vishal humari Manya ko kisi bhoot ne to nahi pakar liya?...Woh roz roz kaha gayab ho jati hai. Uska to koi boyfriend bhi nahi hai jiske sath is waqt woh romance kare."...Natasha although was seriously concerned about Manyata's behavior but her worries invoked the anger in Vishal. 

"What the hell Nats..Kuch bhi bolti ho. Don't you use your senses before speaking. Manya gayab hai tent se aur tumhe mazak sooch raha hai?..."

"Gayaab??"...Udayveer thought. "Manayata is missing again. Where can she go?.." standing outside the tent of Manyata made uday more worried and he straightway headed towards the forest once more. he was sure she must be somewhere in the woods. 


Manyata cried and ran towards the river. When emotions are high and we feel lost it becomes difficult to sometimes act sensibly. This was the exact situation of Manyata at the moment, which made her chose the river as the best option to save herself. She fell into the river and tried to swim towards the other side of it, with a hope to save herself from those dark beings. But the water although seemed still didn't let her go further and suddenly she felt like some unknown hands trying to pull her legs and hands. She screamed again and looked everywhere with fright. 

"ye kya ho raha hai humei..Hum kaha ja rahe hai?...kaun hai?..Help someone...Heelllppp...she screamed and pleaded but all in vain. Some hands pulled her while some voices cried around her. They made strange sounds, which sometimes sounded like howling, sometimes like laughing and occasionally like crying..while some voices whispered her name as Chandralekha. 

Meanwhile SHaurya had already hurried towards the forests but he didn't know where to search his Chand..

"Why do you always go out at such odd times. Its not safe for you. WHen will you understand Chandralekha...Your still the same. Stubborn and stupid princess..." He shouted out angrily 


"Ohh really!...She is as stupid as when Mr Sharuya Pratap?...what are you trying to hide from all of us?...Rather I would say where have you hidden Manyata?..."Vishal shouted at him angrily and gave him a punch.. Sharuya didn't expect it and fell on the ground.


Uday/Shaurya tried to stay calm and got up from the ground. Look Vishal this isn't the time to fight. I don't understand what you are saying, but I know Manyata is not in the tent. So lets just go and search for her. 

 "Not in the tent or you hid her somewhere you Moron...I always suspected you and had my eyes on you...Tell me where is Manyata?..."He was about to punch Uday again but he stopped him and replied angrily...

"Behave yourself Vishal. You are talking to your Prof. I can complain about your such attitude to the college Dean. But right now i don't want to get into all this. I am equally worried for Manyata as much as you are. She is a good student and her missing everytime at doesn't seem good." Uday walked ahead saying this and Vishal looked angrily and shouted..

"Your complains can't affect me an inch. You don't know who I am. I am the son of the most wealthy businessman of Mumbai. Manyata will not look at your fake concerns. SHe doesn't bother about a Prof. Do you get that." Vishal replied proudly and laughed but Uday decided not to react to his answers as there was something more important at the moment.He suddenly realized that she must have gone towards the cave as she had seen it in the morning, and it was one memorable place for Both Chandralekha and Shaurya. She must have remembered it. He smiled remembering their cozy moments, but is smile faded thinking what seemed to be a great threat to him. He immediately became more serious and ran towards it, with full assurance that she must be there, while Vishal followed him with a lot of confusion evident in his face.


It was for a long time now that Manyata struggled in the water, her ears being deafened with the cry and weird sounds of those creatures that looked angrily at her. Some looked at her with pleading eyes, while some wanted to touch her. In the midst of these torments, a ray of light along with some smoke grew in the distance. Manyata fixed her eyes on it.she had already undergone too much of shock and fright to actually get scared. She didn't expect anyone to rescue her, as she knew no  one actually would come there looking for her.Her friends or her team would never understand why she came there or what she was doing in the river in the middle of the night. So even if someone had figured out that she was not in her tent, they would not come searching her in that isolated land, except one person.

"Yes may be SHaurya can come. Please come to save me..."she remembered how everyone said that he had found her in the forests in an unconscious state. It was only he who figured out that she was in the forest. He was her only hope for rescue. Manyata although didn't like him, but she had started getting used to his presence and his concern for her. All she longed was SHaurya to come and save her. 

But instead of Shaurya she figured out a lady approaching her. She came out of Shaurya world but thanked God for not sending another burnt lady to torture her. The lady approached slowly and with her every move Manyata realized she knew her or identified her.  Manyata stared at her and she soon recognized her. She was the same girl whom she had seen for the first time in the classroom and then next time when she had seen the sword fight in the forest of Mayong, where along with Manyata this girl too had witnessed the couple fight and then vanish from the cliff. She got angry seeing Kurwaki as she realized that from the day she met her, the illusions became more strong and clear in front of her.

Before Manyata could utter a word Kurwaki was in the water and she replied with a smile on her face...

"Are you trying to figure out who I am, or may be you have already recognized me..But this is not the right time princess. You have something more important to figure out now instead of figuring out why I am here. You have to go back to your tent, to your place, your family, but only with a purpose. TO FIND OUT YOUR REAL IDENTITY..." She repeated those words slowly and stressing each word for her to take it seriously...She again continued..

"Everything that you see and is happening to you, don't take it as a curse or misfortune. Its your fate, but this is your world..YOUR REAL WORLD..everything is connected to you. You have to feel this connection and realize it. Only then you can unravel the dark truth. The truth of your existence. The truth of the man you keep seeing and the woman, who is actually none other than you yourself!...Yes its your story...



PRECAP: "I am not doing anything Shaurya. I am only helping her as you seem to do nothing but only run after her. " screamed an angry Kurwaki..

"Even if you want to keep her away from the dangers you can't The spirits will haunt her just the way they did to you till she doesn't start searching for the truth. They will connect to her. You and me can't stop them...Better get that into your head." Kurwaki stormed away replying it leaving a worried Uday 

Phewww...It was a long chapter and I am so sorry to make the update this late...Sorry frenz.. but my net is very slow and I am very tired today. Do hit like and comment if anyone liked it...Smile

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...navina... IF-Stunnerz

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res Smile
Awesome chapter Gargi.  But really scary.  Hope those burnt corpses don't come into my dreams tonightOuch
Aww  ...  Manyata is expecting Shaurya to come & rescue herEmbarrassed. Unfortunately ... it was Kurwaki , who did the deed Unhappy.
I really hate Vishal Gargi Angry ...  when are you gonna get rid of him???
How dare he hit UdayAngryAngryAngry!!!!
Great update ,
well written ,
continue soon ...
 ...  thanks for the pmSmile.

Edited by ...navina... - 13 February 2013 at 12:18pm

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_Annesha_ IF-Rockerz

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comment on full update and if possible please pm me
andy.a IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 13 February 2013 at 11:01am | IP Logged

hi gargiTongue

 sorry for for the late unres, was actually a bit busyCry
now this update was simply awsome . this story is becoming really dark
but first do me a favour. please remove that vishal from the picture.
he is so irritating
 the way he was talking to uday made me so angryAngry
man!!! those burnt corpses gave me creeps
how did manyata's kingdom get destroyed?
was it due to the old manveer's actions?
the scene at the river was really welll written
so kurwaki comes to rescue manyata, if uday was a bit more fast
we would have got a good manveer momentEmbarrassed
really i love the way the story is progressing
 continue really soonBig smile

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