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Dark Love Story Chapter 21(Pg142) last chapter (Page 117)

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Originally posted by Anjiya

Plz update the's going really well

Thanks anji..will continue soonSmile

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Originally posted by Ashish.Holic

Superb update
plzz..update soon thanx for PM.

Yes dear..will update b today or tomorrowWink
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Cmnt edited on pg 113Wink

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Hey gargi... please update sooon. muuaahh.

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Originally posted by Sanarasheedroxx


awesome,superb,astonishing,fantabulously amazing update Clap Clap Clap
This ws wriiten beautifully Star
i wanna ask smething is there any place called mayong and it really luks lyk dis *i sound dumb bt wnt to visit a place lyk dis* Embarrassed LOL
Shaurya and chand there story epic hope she finds dat prof shaurya is udayWink
want the nxt update ASAP there so many ques in my head can't wait any longer Wink Update jldi vrna pm krna hume acche se aata haiROFL
Thanxx fr d lovely updateHug

OMG Sana darling thank you so much for such a long commentBig smile...You brought a big smile on my face..I was about to update today but a bit busy now..Maybe will update tomorrow.
regarding the place, you have hit the most important point. Well There is a place called Mayong in Assam but I have never visited it. Some people say its very mysterious and is haunted. I heard this from 1 colleague of Assam. The rest about the forests and everything is my imagination and creationLOL...Manyata will soon find out about UdayveerSmile

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Chapter 18

Manyata looked at the couple without blinking her eyes. They looked truly perfect together. But was it real? Was it her fascination or some actual events which her mind was trying to project?..

Her brain always stopped working when she saw the duo together. They looked like lovebirds enjoying the love and warmth of one another. Somehow whenever she saw Chandralekha and Shaurya together she found bliss in it. For Manyata they were Prof Shaurya and she herself, always in some weird, old clothes. But for whatever reason she saw them together, she found Shaurya and Chandralekha in complete bliss and happiness. There was something magical and beautiful in their togetherness. These frequent pictures brought her closer to Shaurya, which she didn't realise truly. She had started believing in them, finding happiness in those mesmerizing forests, and seeing herself in Maharaja Shaurya's arms. Her heart had slowly forgotten the harsh memories between her and Prof Shaurya. Specially, the accuses that she made about his trying to take advantage of her unconsciousness on her way to Mayong. She found a strange connection between her and Shaurya.


Manyata found it hard to sleep that night. She tossed from one side to the other. The events kept on playing in her mind. They didn't match with what her history prof said, and the most weird thing that was haunting her was the fact that she felt a strange kind of connection with all the scenes that played in front of her.


They kissed passionately as if there was no tomorrow. Their horses stood outside the cave and they waited calmly as they were quite accustomed to the place. After a while it started raining cats and dogs as the weather was already quite cloudy. Both came to their senses with the rain falling heavily and their horses neighed and came inside the cave to take shelter. Shaurya and Chandralekha laughed at this act of their pets. Shaurya lifted her up again in his arms and she looked at him in surprise but he stayed calm and smiled at her while moving ahead deeper into the cave...

There was a stream at the end of the cave which flowed towards the other end of the forest. He took her into the water and put her feet above his feet. They enjoyed each other's warmth in the cold water. He looked like a GOD in his long hair that touched his shoulders. His dhoti was wet and so was Chandralekha's  ghagra and choli. The cold water made her shiver a bit and the thunders brought the duo more closer as she hugged Shaurya tightly while closing her eyes and feeling his warmth. Shaurya loved this act always and monsoons became his favourite season as his Chand would always be more close to him. Shaurya caressed Chandralekha's curls slowly . He pushed himself a bit backwards to see her face and wiped the water from her face, although the water droplets flowed freely down her tender skin. He rubbed her luscious lips, pulled her firmly by her waist and brought her closer to his body for a closer smooch. Chandraleka again got lost at his kiss and they became passionate. The bodies moved along with the kiss and anyone who could see them would have thought that they were dancing in the water. However Chandraleka after a while came back to herself and pushed herself back to withdraw the kiss. Shaurya got a bit stunned by this and gave a confused look. But his Chand looked indifferently at him and asked him with a serious look..

"Maharaj Shaurya Pratap Singh, hum yaha apse kuch puchne aye the. Humare sawalo ka jawab dijiye pehle.Aap humare pitashri se humara haat kab mangenge?.."...Chandralekha tries to be calm, but her emotions were more heavy, and they flow out in the form of tears...

Shaurya is a bit taken back by her sudden change of mood and he tries to calm her down.."Priye(sweetheart) kya ho gaya hai tumko?...Humari Chand pe itna krodh(anger) shobha nahi deta...Tumpe chanchalta(mischief) zada achi lagti hai..." Shaurya gives a seductive smile and tilts his head to kiss her again, but Chandralekha stops him. She cries more bitterly and beats Shaurya's hard chest with her tiny hands as if trying to vent out all her anger. Shaurya get surprised at her childish antics and feels sad seeing her tears. He holds her hand and stops her from her further actions and gives her a serious looks...

"Ye kya kar rahi ho Rajkumari?...apko aisa vyabhar(behaviour)shobha nahi deta..."...his screaming makes her scared a bit but she gets more annoyed after a while and screams at his with equal strength...

"acha ab hum apki priye Chand se Rajkumari ban gaye...Satya se bhai lag gaya apko maharaj(got scared Maharaj)...satya to ye hai ki ap humse prem nahi karte. Apko bas apni ichawo ko pura karna tha, isiliye apne humari jaisi ek sundar parantu (but) murkh(foolish) rajkumari ka prayog(use) kiya!...Satya bola tha kurwaki ne..Ap humse vivah nahi karna chahte karan(becoz) apka vivah ho chukka hai...Apki pehle se hi ek maharani hai na?...Boliye Maharaj?...HUmare prashn (question) ka uttar(answer)dijiye..."...

Sharya gets shocked and doesn't know how to respond. Yes his marriage was the reason it was difficult for him to approach her father, King Rajendra Singh as the king knew about his relation already. But he thought of coming up with a plan to get her father's consent, as he could not stay away from Chandralekha anymore. But he didn't expect his Chand to know everything so soon, and that too from someone else.He gets angry now...

"Kisne bola tumhe ye sab?...Humare vivah ke barei mei?...Hum tumse prem karte hai Chand...Humara vivah kewal(only) ek rajneetik(political) nirnay(decision) tha. Humei apni maharani se koi prem nahi hai..Hum tumse prem karte hai aur tum bhi humari maharani ho. Humne tumse bhi to vivah kiya hai Chand."... He tries to sound reasonable and looks at her with pleading eyes while holding her chin with his hand.

His reasoning only made the situation worse. She holds herself back and talks to Maharaj Sharuya seriously...

"Humei kisi ki dusri patni aur dusri maharani banna swikar(agree) nahi hai!...Apne humse chal(cheat) kiya hai Maharaj..Hum apko iske liye shama(forgive) nahi karenge..Hum ja rahe hai..Agle swaptah(week) humara swayamvar hai...Hum sabse yogya var(man) ko apne swami(husband)ke roop mei chunenge" she speaks coldly with an intension to hurt him and she succeeds as tears gather in Shaurya's eyes but he quickly stops them from flowing as he controls his emotions and roars at her like a lion ready to prey...

He holds her arms forcefully and warns her with a serious look stressing on every word, looking firmly at her...

"Apni talwaar se har ek 'Var' (man) ka sar hum uske shareer se alag kar denge Chandralekha!..Aur aisa karke humei koi bhai(fear) ya shok(sad) nahi hoga, kewal(only) anand milega !...Tum kewal humari ho..Kewal humari..."...Chandralekha gets shocked and scared at the same time, seeing the angry lion back in Maharaj Shaurya Pratap Singh!...

She didn't know what to speak for a while, but then regains sense and strength to fight his words.

"Tumhe jo karna hai karo...Humei koi chinta nahi hai ki tum kya karte ho!...tumhare jaisa neech,(low) paapi aur chal(dhoka dene wala) karne wala aadmi aur soch bhi kya sakta hai...Tumne humei thaga hai Sharuya Pratap. Hum tumhe iske liye kabhi shama(forgive) nahi karenge"...

The water of the river was no more cold as the temperature heated up with their argument. The rain droplets falling on their seductive body were doing no more wonders as their ego clashes were more visible than their closeness.

Sharuya gave a last attempt in convincing his lady. 

"Chand humari baat suno..Hum tumse bohot prem karte hai. tumharei bina nahi ji payenge...Tum humari patni ho..tum humse door nahi ja sakti..Kisi aur se vivah nahi kar sakti..Ye paap hai!.." He hugged with all his strength which made Chandralekha irritated.

"Kisne kaha ki humara vivah apse hua hai Mahraj Sharuya Pratap Singh?Kisne dekha humara vivah?..Kewal apko aur humei ye pata hai..Apne humse chal kiya apni Maharani ke barei mei na bata kar. Toh ek chal humari taraf se bhi lijiye...Hum kisi ki dusri mahrani nahi banenge.." saying this she struggled out of the river to leave the place.

Shaurya stared at Chandralkeha from the river...He was angry at her would be an understatement, but his eyes said something more. He was planning something, some immediate actions needed to be taken..

Suddenly Chandralekha felt a bit weird. She felt like her throat was getting dry. Some hands pulled her from back and two hands tried to strangle her. She coughed and tried running but there was no escape...She ran as fast as she could but somehow its only her legs which were moving as the place was the same. She could not cross it...

Her legs kept on moving with a lot of force and her screams to save herself continued till Manyata woke up shouting for help...She cried bitterly and got horrified feeling the darkness of the place...

Darkness?...yes darkness and only darkness till one could imagine. Manyata was scared and shocked. She tried to recall what happened a few minutes back. Last time she was sleeping in her tent and then now she is here, where she doesn't know what it is..It was too cold and the howling wind made her scared and freeze at the same time. She could not think how she was there. Or most importantly where she was. But something more dreadful was haunting her mind...The images of Shaurya and Chandralkeha being intimate and their kisses.

"What was Shaurya and me doing in the river. Yes it looked somewhat like the river...but was it me or that princess?...Was it a dream or more than that?...Why do I always have such dreams and why she looks so much like me...These dreams have a close connection with me for sure. I think its time I talk to Prof Shaurya about this. May be he can also help me find Udayveer. May be he is facing the same situations like me" she thought seriously for sometime

She got up slowly thinking that may be she could find some way back to the camp. She called out names of friends but there was no response. 

"Maaannnyaaattaaa..." there was a very prominent whisper that echoed which seemed like her name..Manyata stopped where she was and turned back. She could not see anything and thought that may be she was dreaming again. But no it wasn't a dream this time. She heard her name being whispered again. She got scared and shouted loudly..

"Kaun hai waha?...Kaun humare saath aisa mazak kar raha hai?...Humei is andhere mei kuch nahi dikhne ka faida mat uthao..Acha nahi hoga tumhare liye. Kaun hai?..Jawab do!..." Manyata tries to be brave and walks a bit forward as she had gradually grown accustomed to the darkness. SHe then realised that it was a place which was enclosed from all sides although there was a possibility that there could be an outlet to it somewhere. She decided to explore the place a bit and so tried to call out again. Little did she realize what was coming next...

Precap...There seems to be some light coming from that place...May be someone is there...

"Ahhh...ahaaannn.."Manyata cried and tried running as fast as she could from the place...

"Humei bacha lo please.. please humei bacha lo.."Manyata hugged him tight and kept on blabbering the same sentence asking for help.Cry...

He gave him a blow and kicked him hard...

"Kamine sab tu kar raha hai Manyata ke saath..Mei tujhe nahi chorunga..Door reh usse.." his eyes had fire in them..This was enough now. He could not take it..."

Alright friends...Please comment how it was. I know it was not that good as I have been updating at the last moment. But please don't stop hitting the like button and commenting as it really encourages me. Only some more comments will bring the updates faster.LOLLOL

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awsssmmm gargi

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Great update gargi!! Clapi am so so sorry for editing my post so late was out of net connectionCry really very sorryCry
the update was great, truly loved it to the core now manyata has started to feel some unknown connection to that place and surya!!Embarrassed i loved the the surya and chands romantic scenes, specially the kissBlushing!!
ye chanderkela ko takleef kia hai bechara suryaCry he loves her so much and she keeps on misunderstanding him dumbooAngry omg!! she is going to marry someone else!Ouch ab to gai kaam sayLOL!! the song you attached was just perfect according to the chapterClap
great update gargi loved it!Clap
update soon!Embarrassed
and thanks for the pm!Big smile

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