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Dark Love Story Chapter 21(Pg142) last chapter (Page 101)

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Originally posted by sweet_gargi

Originally posted by Shahista01

Originally posted by sweet_gargi

Originally posted by khalilshahista

Very interesting and equally eerie promo
Leaves many questions running through my mind
Continue soon gargi.

Thanks Shahistha...Ill update soon..Maybe todayWink

Gargi plz update 2day...

dear i was supposed to update ytoday...but have been chatting from a long time in IF thorough Pms...that i got delayed in writing..and tomorrow's fan epi also has to be writtenOuch
Ok but 2mrw then please update. ur promo was so interesting, just can not wait 4 next update.

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Chapter 16 The Dark Love Story

Manyata ran in the direction of the voice, with a fear that, what she would have to behold. She ran till she came to an open area and she stopped. It was really beautiful. Moonlight brightened the place, as there were no big and tall trees nearby. It was a cliff which ended with a spring flowing rapidly down the hill, to merge with a river. Manayata went to the end cautiously. She turned her head everywhere, and called out to get a response

"Hello!..who's there?..Who was calling for help just now?...koi bolega bhi?...Please answer." She came to the end of the cliff and felt like she could see someone falling from there. Felt like two persons had fallen down.

"Hey wait...Help Help..."...but then she blinked her eyes twice and realised that it was just her illusion. Nothing was there below the cliff. But she could feel like someone was peeping from a rock a bit far from the main area where this cliff was. A young girl in her teens. She was about to call her when she again heard the galloping of horses. She turned back to witness what was happening.

She was shocked to see one girl in some ancient form of clothes had stopped in a horse and got down.She was too in her teens. Manyata went cold seeing that the girl was so much like her. She was her carbon copy. Manyata walked caurtiously towards her, thinking whether she was dreaming or whether this was actually happening.

"Kaun ho tum?..tum meri jaisi kyu dikhti ho?..."...No reply came. Infact the girl didn't even look at Manyata, as if unaware of her existence.

She was about to repeat when she heard another voice in the opposite direction. The was a man in his early twenties who looked like some king of some ancient land. He stopped his horse nearby and approached the lady in the horse. He too didn't look at Manyata.

"Shaurya tum?...Tum yaha kya kar rahe ho?...Tum to tent mei the na?...aise kapre kyu pehne hue ho?...Ye sab kya hai...why does this girl look like me?.." Manyata flooded him with questions, but he didn't respond even for once. He was only looking at the lady opposite him, with a smirk on his face, and the lady was looking at him with hateful eyes.

He got down from the horse and came to the place where Chandralekha was waiting with her horse and smirked..."To apko humari yaad a hi gayi Rajkumari Ji"

"Galat soch hai tumhari...Tumhare jaise neech insaan ko yaad karke hum apna samay ka luksaan nahi karenge..Hum yahi batane aye hai ki hum tumhare un un...(paused for a while)..." he smirked and asks...

"Kya hua dar gayi ya batane mei sharam a rahi hai?...Humei sapne mei dekh rahi thi kya?..." ...

She boils in anger and shouts.."Humei bharkane ki koshish mat karo...Hum tumhare un neech harkato se nahi darte...Agar itni hi himmat hai aur apni shaktiyo ka guroor hai to humse larke batao!..".and she kicks him with force and takes out her sword...

He falls in the ground due to the push and smiles to her surprise..He wasn't angry but was amazed seeing her courage. He was impressed.."Thik hai..Agar apki yahi icha hai to hum tayaar hai!.." and he takes out his sword too...


(its the same sword scene that had taken place in the past between Chand and Shaurya)


Manyata backed a bit in fright and witnessed all this from a bit far. She could not understand, what was happening. The two persons were fighting like crazy with some ancient swords in some ancient language. None replied her so she decided to watch silently and then...

All of a sudden she saw the man pull the lady in her arms and jump from the cliff!!


"Ohhh Nooo Stop Please...!!...Wait!.." that was all Manyata could say and she ran to the end of the cliff to see if she could save them.but alas she could not see anything but only the river flowing swiftly. Somehow she felt like she have witnessed all this before, but she could not remember how and when.

Her mind was revoving. Who were they and why did they look so much alike her and her professor?...

"isn't this a bad dream...How can this be real...Why only I keep seeing such strange things?"..She was in a trauma...She recollected the events that occurred with her a few days backs. "First that jungle scene, where I met the same look a likes, who looked like some king and queen, but then they were in love, and romancing like lovers, but today why were they fighting."

She thought deeply. Each thought taking her deep into nowhere. There was no answer but only doubts. Somewhere she felt like there was a reason why only she kept on seeing the couple. That couple didn't fall off the cliff, or otherwise she must have seen their bodies fall down the hill into the river. Yes couple according to her, no matter in love or hate, but there was something between them, and there was some strong reason that they looked like her and Shaurya. But what was the reason?...She didn't have the answer but knew in these doubts lay the answer, and maybe there was a message that they wanted to pass on to her!.

She decided to return back to her tent, and just when she was moving back a half burnt lady appeared in front of her. She was quite old and was surrounded by smoke and fog, and this ghastly figure made Manyata scream in fright. She got nervous and tried to run but the lady stopped her.

"Ruk Jao Rajkumari!...Kaha bhaag rahi ho humse..To akhir tumhe ye jagah kheech hi layi...Koi kitna bhi bhaag le parantu apne bhagya(fate) se nahi bhaag sakta. Tumhari vaje se ye jagah aj bhi shrapit hai..Tumhari vaje se hum sab jal ke raakh ho gaye, is jagah mei fir koi manushya(human) apna sansaar(life) nahi basa paya. Aur tum jiweet(alive) ho aur chup chap bhag rahi ho.Is jagah ne tumhe pehchaan liya hai Chandralekha. Hum tum dono ko zinda nahi chorenge agar jald hi tumlogo ka Milan nahi hua aur humei shrapt se mukt nahi kiya to...Is jagah ko tumhe pehle jaisa banana hi parega varna hum tum dono ko jiweet nahi chorenge..Samjhi ap Rajkumari..."

Manyata listned to her like a dumb person. She was shocked to the core and didn't know what to say..She still wanted to believe so badly that within a minute she would wake up from her sleep. But it wasn't the case.She finally managed to speak. She didn't have any clue as in who was the other person about whom she was mentioning. Who would suffer along with her for her being alive?.

"Kaaunnn?...Aap kiski baat kar rahi hai?...kaauuunn nahi bachega humarei saaath?..."…Manyata tried to ask with a fear inside her, as in whose name might she hear.

The lady was about to go when she smiled crookedly and replied…

"Tumhe sachmei nahi pata rajkumari?...Huuhh…"….after a pause the lady finally replied.."Yuvraaj Udayveer!"…and she disappeared leaving Manyata clouded with several questions.

Manyata could not understand who the hell was Udayveer. How was she connected to him. He was a Yuvraaj?...So he is a royal too. But she has never heard of this name before. She needed to ask her DS now. But then if it was Udayveer who is connected to her, then what was SHaurya doing there with a look alike of her?...Something in her said that Shaurya was linked to all these sudden ghastly events that took place in her life. But what was it!...

These thoughts were too much for her. She couldn't think of anything more. Her mind went numb and body froze thinking about the lady's last words. That if she didn't free them from the curse she would kill her and Udayveer. She went crazy with fear and slowly fainted and fell in the cold soil of the forest.

It was almost day break when Natasha realised that Manyata was missing from the tent. She got shocked and went out of the tent calling her name, several times, without any answer. Her voice alarmed the others in the group and most of them got up and searched for Manyata. Sangeeta too was shocked to hear that her sister was missing.

 "She never roamed at this time of the night"..she said...Uday/Shaurya looked really worried. He cursed himself for being careless.

"I should have taken care of her. I should have known that they are watching her, and will try to pass their message. But will she be able to understand something?...I hope she is safe..." saying this to himself Uday goes out to search for her in the woods. Vishal too looked tense and shouts and searches for her in every tent and place that he thought she could go.

But Uday knew where she could be found...he ran to the woods. No one noticed it except Vishal. Vishal was a bit surprised and confused as in why he was so determined to search in the forest. He felt like Uday knew something. Something within Vishal said he was not what he seemed to be. He decided to follow him quietly.

Uday called Manyata's name restlessly and he was quite worried by now, as she didn't responded. Many thoughts hovered in his mind and he looked around the far distant hills. He had almost reached the end of the forest, where even the hills ended. He went more mad now...

"Where the hell are you Manyata?..Where did you go..." he screams out to make his sound clear to the silent trees, who seemed like enjoying the game of silence. The trees that had witnessed the earlier events of that night, along with Manyata.

Suddenly he felt like his feet touching something cold, and he looked down at his feet. He went numb seeing a body.He bent down, to find Manyata cold fragile body lying there. He yells her name

"manyata!! your eyes!..What happened to you?..".He could feel her breath and he thanked his stars for this..But before he could hold her Vishal came to the spot and held her in his arms...

"Manyata!>.Aken kholo...Manyata!..." he looked worried, but Uday said calmly or atleast trying to calm his anger seeing him touch HIS Chand.

"She is fine..Must have fainted"...Uday replied not looking at him...

"How do you know?...Look Sir, I am her best friend and I can take care of her. You don't need to show your concern for her so much. I now she is fine and has fainted..."Vishal replied scornfully and lifted her in his arms, and was about to leave , when Shaurya stopped him.

"Ohh really?..You can take care of her?..So thats why she was lying here. She must have cried for help..What were you doing then?...why didn't you come Mr helper?.." he replied with haterd evident in his eyes...

Vishal was now stunned seeing his anger. He couldn't figure it out why this prof was taking so much interest in his friend...

"How do you know that she screamed?...She needed help?...I see you know a lot..Are you the reason of her being in this condition?..If you are then I swear you will pay for this...Just let her come to her senses by morning. Ill see you having a sorry time Mr Shaurya Pratap Singh..." saying this he stormed out of the place with Manyata in his arms..

That was it..Shaurya had hated Vishal from the beginning and now he had challenged him as if he was just a mere Professor.

"You will see who is more threatening  and who actually regrets this encounter more Vishaal Malhotra..." Shaurya/Uday smirks and retires back to the place where the others were assembled.

alright frenz..thats the end of this chapter. Sorry I know it was short but I had less time and quickly wrote it..Will try to make it better next time. M a bit busy these daysConfused..Do hit the like button if you liked it and your comments are always encouragingSmile

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superb, mindblowing and amazing update sis

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3rd resBig smile

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4th res
and yaiippiii...1st one to commnet kyun ki tum sab res. Res. Karke bhag gaye the
gargi...awsomeee...update hailaa...manayat ke samne firse sowrd fight ka repet telecast kiya fir bhi ushe kuch yaad nahi ayaa...lolzzz...
OMG...bichari CL ne aisa kya kiya jis ki wajah se fir koi ush jagah zinda nahi raha...
Now cnt wait to now CL & shaurya's past.
Urghhh...vishal he is soo..rude manyata ko dhudhne ki sari mehnat uday ne ki aur credit woh kamina le raha hai...
Update soon.

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Kamino res game khelna bandh karo
...navina... IF-Stunnerz

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res Smile.
Awesome (as always)!!!!   Manyata is being shown visions of her past life ...  but I want her to remember for herselfOuch.   I don't like VishalAngry.   The part where the spirit communicates with Manyata was very interesting.  So , Manyata and Uday have to reunite SOON in order for the curse to be lifted ...   NICE  , I can't wait for their "milan"Day Dreaming !!!   I really don't like VishalAngry.  Luckily Prof Shaurya found Manyata in the forest before any other worse thing happened to her.  I dislike VishalAngry.
Eager to read the next part GargiEmbarrassed,
 ...  continue soon,
thanks for the PMSmile,
  ...  sorry for the LATE editOuch.
PS - Did I mention ; I DON'T LIKE VISHALAngry!!!!

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