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Hello all...
Hope some of you recognize me now because of my os "Her punarvivah"..Since that story had finished,I am here to share another story of mine with all of you.Let me introduce the characters.
Aarti dubey-Bubbly,naughty yet well behaved and intelligent,25 years old daughter of her proud parents Mr.sateyandra dubey and Mrs.Shoba dubey..She is going to marry "Yash Scindiya" very soon.
Yash Scindiya-He is similar to his character in the show except for few facts.His family has only his mother Gayatri scindiya after the sudden death of his father.He has only one sister "Vidhi Joshi" who is married to "Pankaj Joshi" and is a mother of two little angels.."Aarav" and "Aarvi".Yash loves his sister most in this world..
And this is first marriage of yash and aarti..They are not going to remarry like the show..
Rest you will come to know as story will move forward...
ps-This is not a "comic" story like my previous one..It would have every emotion with tinge of comedy wherever it is needed..so happy reading...Smile

They say marriages are made in heaven. We all are born in pairs..But other member of the pair remains mystery till the day when your marriage gets fixed.For me that fateful day was today when I saw him for first time sitting in our drawing room with his mother. They were there to choose me for their family and  I was chosen by them. Well, i was chosen by his mother..To finalize the decision made by his mother,my family members made us talk all alone...That is a pretty difficult part of the procedure called "arrange marriages".We were left alone in drawing room to make some talk.He was looking at me and vice versa..."you want to ask something.??",he asked breaking the silence.."no"..and you??? i replied with another question.He nodded for a no...and again silence consumed the air around us.My mumma has clearly instructed me  to keep my eyes down,behave shyly,speak slowly, dont laugh loudly..unremitting list of her instructions hammered in my ears till i entered in drawing room.And here i was ogling at him shamelessely forgetting all her instructions as always..He was fit,fair,tall,sharp nose,perfect lips,raven hair..in chocolate brown tshirt wid narrow bottom jeans..He was handsome in all aspects but he didnt speak much to my surprise.There was a permanent frown on his face which was ebbing his handsome looks.."dude,u should laugh often..i wanted to say but  my mommy entered and took me to another room.She asked me about my consent.I said yes gladly..A small ritual was performed and we were engaged...I was happy but insecure too because ghost of smile didn't touch his lips even once during whole ceremony..my heart asked him.."Are you forced to this relation??" but its voice didn't reach his ears..Even if I would have asked  him loudly,chitchatter of people around us would have not let him hear my question...
With that final note,aarti closed her journal. After shutting her eyes for a while,she glanced towards sky through the window of her room.Full moon was illuminating the ground.Stars were twinkling.With single question in her heart she rose from study table ,situated just before the window  and made her way to the bed. She settled herself on the soft mattress,adjusted her pillow and finally laid down.She closed her eyes and his face appeared.She immediately opened her eyes,rubbed them and again closed.Again same face appeared..
"give me a break dude...stop abducting my views and dreams.."She said to herself with sigh. "and if still you love  picturing yourself in my eyes,then please smile once"..
"SAY CHEESE"she said loudly as if he could hear her...She smiled on her stupidity and hid her face in the blanket..
"Mr.yash..you are not going to leave my head so easily..i wish my face is also haunting you in your sleep similiarly.."she mumbled under the blanket.After couples of hours she managed to sleep with him in her head.
Hustle bustle in the morning woke Aarti from her deep slumber.She tried to block the noises coming from outside by putting cusions on her ears but her attempt went in vain when her mother marched in her room..
oh god!! you silly girl..wake up..Her mother ranted at top of her lungs while removing the curtains from window so sun could brighten more the nearly dark room..
stop it mumma...she answered lazily with her head still under the pillow..
You stop it aarti..for god sake your marriage is fixed now..show some responsible behaviour..
what mumma...what did i do now???she asked rubbing her eyes...that caused your vocal chords this much stress early morning...
early morning...its 11.30 am young lady..near to "good afternoon"..."Shoba ji replied.
oh my god..She jumped from her bed ..why did not u wake me up earlier...oh god,,,
Her panic striken face made her mum guilty for an unknown crime...
but beta u did not ask me to do so last night..if u had told me yesterday i had surely come early this morning,,,is there something important you missed...dont worry baby,,we shall handel it...
leave that mumma..where is my cell phone...it was under my pillow...
oh yes...i had put it for charging there..wait..lemme get it...Her mother sprinted towards book shelves near the socket where shomu's cell phone was being charged..
Get it fast mumma,,,i have to make a call to PRIMEMINISTER of India...she said suppressing her chuckle.
yes yes take it...her mother ran towards her but stopped abruptly in her tracks when aarti's words sank in her mind...you have to call whom????
Mr.Man..mohan..singh...she replied bursting in to laughter..
Shoba's face was red due to anger and embarrassment...
you,,aati... for god sake...when will you grow up and control this childish attitude of yours...???
oh mumma,,for god sake..when will you control ur ranting session in my room every morning???Aarti replied in same tone.
I have to yell every morning because you don't wake up at time...Shoba justified her ranting.
For what.???.I have nothing important to do besides making call to primeminister...she laughed out loud this time.
Her mother gave disappointed cum furious look to her.."go brush ur teeth and get ready"
She stretched her arms and yawned showing each and every part of her mouth till throat.She was still very sleepy but anyhow managed to enter the bathroom...

 Shoba Dubey,,dear and proud mother  of Aarti Dubey was instructing the maid  to change the curtainsin drawing room when her eyes caught aarti entering in the room while chewing the brush.She nodded her head dismissively at the sight..
mumma...what are these preparations for??? Aarti asked in barely understandable voice because of her simultaneous act of brushing,,
Shoba pretended not to listen.In meantime aarti settled herself on the couch and started shuffling some magazine...she again asked the same questions but shobhadid not answer.
mumma..She yelled but this time with toothpaste froth making her way out of boundary of lips..She placed her hands just below her chin to prevent the couch from being spoiled by froth.
Aarti..how many times i have to instruct you to brush your teeth in bathroom only.."Shoba yelled after loosing all her patience.
maa,,,she tried to speak but Shoba caught her wrist and shoved her inside the bathroom.How will she survive after marriage,Shoba mumbled under the breath.
,say,how will they survive with our daughter,Mr. Sateyandra Dubey, said with a smile.
wow..you are fully charged for make over of our house.He said giving quick glance to decorations made by his wife.
yes,they are coming for fixing the date of marriage..we should be prepared..Shoba answered.
They can come either today or tomorrow..Its not fixed Shoba..you are unnecessarily taking the stress..
ofcourse in case,if they made their mind to come today..it will be your duty to keep them busy at front door for an hour so i could get the chance to do preparations..She replied sarcastically.
Hmm..Is it necessary to change each curtain,cushion cover,bed sheets on their every visit???..Dubey ji asked.we are going to be family now.."He said further.
uhh..u will not understand Sateyandra ji...its necessary for me...Shoba replied with urgency.
hmm,,i know i will never understand..Saying this he sat on the couch to check the headlines  of todays paper while Shoba kept on running and ranting on maid for "mission makeover of home".
We have to be strict with her,Sateyandra ji..otherwise she won't understand her responsibilities..Shoba said while arranging flowers in vase.
hmm..he replied without removing his gaze from newspaper.
This careless attitude will create problems for her in that house.
Is this her time to get up..in afternoon...and brushing in the drawing room..what will they think about our rearing...
Shoba scowled at the nonchalance of his husband..
I think...
i think instead of aarti sending there,we should bring yash here,,
or we should get aarti married to manmohan singh...She asked in sarcastic cum revenge ful tone.
it will great to have prime minister as our son-in-law...
but isn't he married all ready???
hmm...wait..who is married already,,,yash???he asked shockingly,,
no..p.m of india...
what..what he has to do with our daughter???
I was testing your attention towards our talk..Mr.Dubey.and you have failed with flying colours...
He made apologizing face and kept the paper aside..
Shoba,stop worrying too much,,our daughter is fully capable to cope with any situation..Its our love which makes her little childish and irresponsible...she had managed herself and our home very well several times in our absence,when you were not around to wake her up,to instruct her ,to guide her.. you have raised her very well and she is a great daughter..
He said assuring his wife.
yes mumma..i am a great daughter..Aarti said mocking her father which made her parents laugh.
 gud morning my handsome daddy..Aarti said while hugging her father.
gud afternoon,darling daughter...
She bit her tongue..yup..afternoon...
give me something to eat mumma...breakfast or lunch whatever..i am famished...Aarti said turning towards her mother.
no..first u go,bath and get ready,,only then i will let you eat your "brunch".Shoba replied admantly.
daddy,,she made a puppy face to her daddy,,
ohkkk. Shob.sho..Dubeyji's words sank in his throat only by threatening gaze of his wife...
no..Aarti beta,,first bath then food,He said pretending to be strict...
ohk..father as u order..she replied with fake trembling...
Shobha and Sateyandra suppressed their smiles at her antics,..She sprinted towards bathroom...
Stop scaring my darling daddy mumma...she ranted from bathroom which made her parents laugh open heartly..
Clock was showing 3 pm in afternoon. Aarti was shuffling channels  with enormous yawns.She was bored,irritated with heavy chudidaar and kameej which her mother made her wear forcefully because groom's family could have come anytime. Shoba's gaze was fixed at door in anticipation of welcoming the most important guests their family had ever hosted.
Mummaaa...i am borrreeeddd...Aarti declared with another yawn.
hmmm...Shoba replied with nonchalance.
why dont you call and ask them..I think they are not going to come today..aarti suggested.
hmm..i think we should..but i don't have neither yash nor his mother's number..
Ask daddy na...please...this heavy dupatta is choking my breath...Aarti said while placing her head on her mother's lap..
ohk..give me my cell phone..Its there..Shoba asked  pointing towards the side table on the other end of couch.
make it fast mumma so i can get rid of these clothes,she replied passing cell phone to her mother.
As Shoba grabbed cell,it started ringing. 
your daddy is calling.. may be its something related to their arrival..Shoba said with excitement and received the call.
will they make it today???
lets see...
Aarti had placed her ear near the cell phone while side hugging her mother in order to listen the conversation but could not get it properly.As call got disconnected,Shoba pushed aarti's head   in order to remove the cell phone which was sandwiched between their heads..
what did daddy say???they are not coming na..
no dear..they said..due to some urgency they will make it little later...
how long mum..we are waiting for them since morning,,,This is not done,,,
we have to wait...dear..bride's family has to wait always..Shoba said with a deep sigh,,
ple..a...se...mumma...Aarti replied gritting her teeth,,,,and threw the remote  on floor with its pencil cells rolling away in far corners.
It was always a sensitive topic for Aarti.She was the only child of Joshi family.From childhood,she had heard enough cribbing of their relatives about her parents not having son,how they would left alone after aarti's marriage..but her parents never let her feel less than a "son".They raised her with immense love,care and freedom.She was allowed to do all the things she want..They never biased her actions on gender basis and aarti too, never disappointed them.She was self dependent and perfect blend of modern and traditional values.She could fix the flat tire of her daddy's car with the same efficiency with which she could cook gazar ka halwa.But  thought of getting married and going away from her parents had always made her yearn for being born as a boy instead of girl.She had always made her parents proud,never let them down and now her mother's  depressing words erupted the frustration inside her...
AARTI..Shoba yelled at top of her voice.,,,Get some hold on your anger...you are going to ge...Shoba was intervened by aarti.
going to get married..I know it..I know it very well mumma..Stop reminding me every 30 minutes..she replied with the same pitch,
I have to remind you for your own good...This behaviour of yours going to put you in great trouble there,,change yourself..for god sake,aarti...They are not going to bear you breaking and throwing objects in anger...They will raise question on our rearing...
You know very well mumma how i am raised by you and daddy..why do u care so much,let them think what they do...
This does not happen,aarti,her mother continued in a calm tone...You have to understand.You are going to represent us ,our values there..You have to be careful with your each step..you have to change yourself,,you have to compromise with way of your living..your habits,your relations,your temper..
and will Yash do the same????Aarti asked raising her eyebrow..
Question made her mother speechless for a while.They were looking into each other's eyes..
tell me mumma will he do the same for me????
I cant say anything now but he will surely help you in your adjustments there because you are the one who is going to his home...He will surely take care of you..Shoba replied caressing her head lovingly..
He does not care mumma..if he cared then he had come today at time...we are waiting for them since morning,specially you but he and his family are behaving completely jerk..Aarti replied in a sad cum angry voice.
Mind your tongue dear..they are going to be your family very soon...Shoba retorted.
 hmmm..my family...aarti said with a sigh..next time..we shall also make them wait...Even when they will arrive, I will  make them wait for a talk with you and daddy...
No dear..what will they think..we cant make them wait..groom's family should be entertained immediately after arrival,..you remember in your shina di's marriage,groom's uncle got mad due to delay in some ritual..we have to be careful..
Her mother's ramblings brought back the frown on her face,,,"and groom's family has universal right to make us wait"aarti mumbled under breath and made her way to her room.

"Noon naps should be mandatory" was written in bold letters in her room on the front wall with picture of her favorite cartoon character shinchan,snoring loud.Poster was very similar to scenerio in her room.Aartu was sleeping on her bed,using her heavy duppata as blanket,with little discomfort due to tight chudidar.
oh God..how much this girl sleeps.Shoba exclaimed entering her room..get up dear..she said a little loud this time.Her mother's voice made her jerked up in the bed..."Have they arrived..mummaa??"
No actually ..umm..they are not coming today..Shoba replied apologetically.
whatt???????????Her blood boiled in the veins.."

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superb part

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Great start!!!
Continue soon.

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nice start, liked it!!
cont. soon!!

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loved it update soon Clap
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nice start, pls update soon yaar, craving for ur story

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Dark night was illuminated by the moon and twinkling stars whose natural shine was concealed a little by magnificently bright street lamps. Joshi residence was filled with  the  "spicy " aroma of spices used for cooking most splendid dish "Rajma". Rice were mingling with pure white liquid in divine presence of posh members of kitchen family,"almonds","cashews","kesar{saffron}"etc. This aroma was capable to make a full stomach famished through its sensory route of olfacation. Aarti's mouth was salivating at the highest rate ever.She could have lost her sanity if her mother had not served her quick. She was satisfying her mouth and stomach by stuffing the yummy rajma rice at an unimaginable speed of consuming edibles. Shobha did not want to intervene her daughter but sight of Aarti almost eating like a pig could not stop her from doing so..

Easy Aarti,food is not running away,You may choke ur breath...

Aarti gave an irritated look to her mother and continued filling her mouth. Shobha opened her mouth to scold her again but Satayendra stopped her with his eyes.

"Pig like eating" was an act continued for initial few minutes on dining table as Aarti's little stomach was full after thrusting eight to ten spoons full of rajma rice in her mouth.Now she was playing with the spoon and rice in her plate.She drank full glass of water and burped loudly which made Shobha scowl again.

Aarti abruptly  held her father's hand to prevent him from taking the second serving of rajma rice as she slid her plate towards him which had left over rajma rice in it. Shobha glared at her with anger.

I have to save some space for kheer too...Aarti replied making a puppy face to her mumma to which Shobha replied with another glare.

You should have eaten more dear,God knows whether you will get this opportunity there or not??, Satayendra intervened the silent but heated argument of mother daughter duo.

Why???Aarti asked incredulously.

You know what was your mother's favorite cuisine before marriage??Satayendra asked mixing Rajma with rice in his plate.

paneer pasanda,,Aarti replied with confidence.

"galat jawab"Her father exclaimed mimicking Amitabh Bachan..It was mushroom curry,beta..

what???Aarti said with confusion in her eyes. But daddy,we don't eat mushrooms because..

because i am allergic to mushrooms,Satayendra cut her in between,but your mother is not, still she sacrificed her favorite dish for me after marriage..

Don't tell me you made her to do so???Aarti asked suspiciously.

No..he had never forced me..this time Shobha intervened..I did it willingly..

But mumma...how could you do it willingly..??

It happens dear..After marriage whenever i cooked,i made sure your father was first to taste.Unfortunately he was not able to taste my mushroom curry..

Because of this your liking for your favorite dish was gone??..Aarti asked with a scowl.

umm..you can say so aarti!!..Even afterwards i cooked mushroom curry few times but it never tasted same without your father appreciating its taste..Shobha said looking lovingly towards her husband..and preparing mushroom curry only for me was very much bothering..I have to cook something else separately for your father..you know double work....Shobha tried hard to hide the displaying emotions.

But Yash can't be allergic to Rajma..right daddy??.Aarti asked her father to which he nodded meekly..and I don't care if he is,I wont sacrifice rajma rice for him at any cost..Right mumma.??..saying this she scooped another spoon of rajma rice from her father's plate.

Satayendra and Shobha smiled slightly at the lost look  on Aarti's face.She was thinking deeply.Spoon in her hand was moving in circles inside the bowl of kheer.

"finish it fast,Aarti..I have to do the dishes too"..Shobha's voice broke her reverie..

Umm...yes mumma...!!! 

Satayendra was able to feel the dilemma and tension that his words had caused her as he left the dining table.


Conversation on the dinner table made the sleep disappear from aarti's eyes. She was tossing and turning in her bed..

"people are generally allergic to mushroom or nuts..nobody can be allergic to rajma..but what if he is..

so what,i will not sacrifice my favorite dish...i will cook separate for him..hmm..that is right..what if his mother did not let me eat rajma.. but she seemed to be nice lady yesterday..she will let me sure,,,but if she appeared to be possessive mother later..if my son cant eat then you have no right to eat it..."she was questioning and answering to herself...

"ohhh goddd...help me..please let me know whether he is allergic to rajma or not" she groaned...After 30 minutes more with her ramblings she decided not to worry too much about future and enjoy the present. This decision made her feet turned towards the kitchen.At 2 am in the morning,,Aarti was stuffing her mouth with left over cold rajma from the fridge..She emptied the big bowl in ten minutes.Her stomach was ranting to stop this punishment but fear of not tasting rajma any more in near future suppressed the voice of stomach.


Happy chirping of birds announced the beginning of a new day.Sun was brightening and warming the mother earth with its red rays.Shobha left her bed after thanking God for  almost every good thing happened to her family. Once she was done with her daily morning chores,she made her way to Aarti's room to wake her up.Entry in Aarti's room gave her mospleasant surprise of her life.Aarti was not in the bed.She had woken up early.Sounds coming from bathroom assured Aarti's presence there..Her mother's eyes filled up with happiness and a bit of sadness..It was good that she had woke up herself today,She was becoming responsible but on the other hand,She was ready to leave her parent's house and wont need her mother around herself anymore..Shobha rubbed her eyes to prevent a lone drop of tear leave her eyelids after making Aarti's bed.Meanwhile Aarti opened the bathroom's door.She was looking pale and exhausted.Her dishevelled appearance made her mother worried.

What happened Aarti???Are you allright???she asked in concerned voice.

Aarti clutched her stomach with  both hands and threw herself on the bed like a lifeless object.Tears rolled down her cheeks which made her mother more anxious.

Shobha sat on her bed and started caressing her head..Is it monthly cramps,dear???she asked in a worried tone to which Aarti nodded negatively.

Then what???Shobha asked.

Loosemotions  mumma..my stomach is upset,Aarti replied while placing her head in Shobha's lap.I have used toilet 20 times since 5 am,she continued with a deep sigh.

Thats why i was chiding you last night..you should not have eaten like pig,,,

mumma...stop reminding me,,do something,,,i cant go to toilet anymore...please,,,,,Aarti ended in a pleading tone.

ok..ohk...i will get something for you..you take rest.Shobha got up from bed after givina a peck on Aarti's head.As she opened the door of Aarti's room,Satayendra entered inside.

"Shobha..Yash and his family is coming today..they called me..they had left from there half an hour ago and will be reaching here with in two hours,he announced in a joyful voice.Expressions on Shobha's face changed from shock to glee to worry.She gestured her husband with eyes towards Aarti's bed.

Whats wrong with Aarti??Satayendra asked in  a worried tone making his way towards the bed.

Her stomach is upset,Shobha answered in equally worried tone.

Another spasm in her stomach  made Aarti run to the toilet for 21st time.


Shobha was preparing some remedy for Aarti in kitchen in addition to the tablet , given to her half an hour ago which had not shown any sincere effect yet.She opened the fridge for water bottle when her  eyes caught empty bowl of "rajma".Now she understood the exact reason of her dear daughter's upset stomach.

Aarti was sleeping with her head in Satayendra' lap.Shobha marched inside in an outrageous condition with empty bowl in one hand and glass containing dark brown liquid in other hand.

Look,what she has done???Shobha said loudly showing empty big bowl to her husband.

whaat???He replied unable to understand Aarti's deed.

You know why she is having loosemotions???because of overeating,,,She ate left over rajma later in night..

Satayendra looked at his daughter in order to confirm her mother's accusation to which Aarti nodded meekily making him smack his fore-head in disappointment at the stupidity of his daughter.Aarti made an apologizing face to her parents.

"now drink it"Satayendra said in a stern voice and got up from bed.Aarti held his hand to stop him.

"Daddy,say them to postpone their visit,please"

Nooo...Shobha replied in stern voice in order to prevent Satayendra from succumbing to her puppy faced cute demand..

pleassse..daddy...Aarti pleaded again.

I can't,Aarti...they had left already..its not possible...Satayendra announced in a tone which used to indicate his message of"no further arguments".and left the room.

Shobha kept the glass of remedy on table and left too.

"Fine..i am also not going to wear any glittery suit for them and i wont come down to meet them..because I AM SICK..."she yelled loudly so that her parents could hear her,however yelling caused another spasm to rise in her stomach and she ran to her den for the day"TOILET"


Aarti was caged in her room due to sickness.Chitchatter of people downstairs,sounds coming from kitchen affirmed their arrival to her.She so much wanted to go downstairs so that she could give her suggestions about fixing the date of marriage.She did not want this marriage to happen so soon.She needed time. at the same time she wanted to give some time to Yash so that he could reconsider his decision.The "not so happy look" on his face was bothering her somewhere since that day.She definitely wanted to talk to him to clear all the confusions.For Aarti,her parents' decision was the final decision.She hadn't any second thought about this alliance in her head but the question "whether he was equally happy with the alliance" was forcing her to commit the another stupid act of hers.

 She climbed on her room's window and descended her feet down towards the pipe adjoined to it.With the swift moments of her legs while holding pipe in hands,she landed at backyard of the house. She  brushed her hands to remove the dirt from pipe and made her way towards the drawing room's window stealthily.Once she reached near her destination,she sat down near the window.Luckily one of the window was open  for ventilation. She peeped through the window to know about the progress going on inside."what an irony,,i am behaving like thief in my own home,but what else i could do.Stairs from kitchen ends just infront of my room,there was no chance that i could leave my room and hide somewhere to listen their conversation"she was talking to herself.

 Joshi residence was a small two storey building.Ground floor was completely occupied by a big hall which was divided in to two parts.One part was being used as drawing room and another part was dining area with kitchen and dining table.Beautiful wooden stairs was connecting the ground floor to first one near the kitchen.On the first floor three rooms were present,Satayendra and Shobha's bedroom,Aarti's room which opens just infront of stairs and a guest room which was often used as study room by Aarti and her daddy. Building was situated in the middle of the place,leaving enough space around. Aarti was peeping through one of the window situated in drawing room area.

There was her daddy and Yash perched on the comfortable couch with their backs towards the window. On the opposite side a lady was sitting with two kids...one was 5 to 6 years old boy and another was small baby whose gender Aarti could not mark due to distance.These three were new faces for Aarti..Little boy was jumping from one couch to another not registering any instruction of the lady which might be his mother,..Yash and Satayendra were discussing something with serious faces but Aarti was unable to decipher their talks,hence she pushed the window little so things could be  audible to her..

But beta,10 days are not enough to make all preparations,,,4th dec.would not be suitable for us..Satayendra said sipping tea from the cup.

Please uncle...I can't delay this marriage..you don't bother about preparations..we want a simple marriage..Yash replied looking towards the lady who encouraged him by nodding affirmatively.

You are not understanding,beta..Even small things need much attention and  a lot of  time in marriage..you know from booking the marriage venue to shopping of jewellery,clothers,furniture' gifts for the relatives...

Please uncle,,,I very humbly request you to not exaggerate the ceremony..Don't bother about silly things like furniture..our house is well equipped to provide every comfort to your daughter..I promise i will try to fulfill each of her demand..

and dont spend your money for gifts of our relatives...the lady interrupted this time..There are not much relatives coming from our side..only family members and very few close relatives will attend the marriage..

Satayendra sighed.He was still not convinced.

Yash kept his cup of tea on the table and looked at Satayendra with utmost sincerity in his eyes."I know uncle..these matters are decided by elders of the house.Instead of me my father should be talking to you..but unfortunately,as you know, I lost him 10 years ago.Since then i am fulfilling the duty of "man of the house".He spoke with tinge of sadness in  his voice.Satayendra patted his back to console him...

Uncle i am pretty straight forward hence i won,t beat around the bush...he took a deep breath.."I am strictly anti-dowry...i don't want single penny of yours for me or my family or my relatives"Satayendra tried to cut in but Yash stopped him"let me finish uncle...I know you want to do alot for your daughter..i won't stop you from that..but for my family your daughter is the biggest gift that you can give to us. I know how difficult is it for your to send your daughter "he ended looking towards the lady on the opposite side"

Honesty in yash's voice made Satayendra out of words.He looked towards Shobha with a questioning look.Shobha nodded her head positively..

"Ok Yash as you wish..4th dec. is fine then"Satayendra said with a smile..Shobha served sweets to everyone.

Aarti was lost in his words.She felt her heart swelling with an unknown feeling...Her ears were red,dont know why..suddenly little boy who was using couches as toys screamed aloud..."mumma..witch...there is a witch..."Boy hugged his mother in order to hide himself..."mumma..i ll be good boy..say..her...not..to ..take me away..i promise..he said in between the sobs..

Yash immediately  went near the boy and took him in his lap."where is the witch,beta.."he asked in a concerned tone,,,

There...boy replied pointing towards the window.."She was looking at me through the window..please please i won't go with her...please"boy spoke hiding his face in Yash's chest..

As the boy pointed towards the window..Aarti hid herself completely and looked around her left and right to find the witch,,,Then she realized little boy must have seen her.."oh my god..I am looking like a witch?? She thought and. again tried to look inside.Yash was coming towards the window to find the witch with boy in his arms..She ran as fast as she could towards the pipe and climbed upon it..using her "ninja skills".She entered in her room and fell straight  on the bed..Climbing,jumping,running made her stomach churn once again,causing her to use bathroom for umpteenth time since morning.



Chapter 3-pg3

Chapter 4-pg 5

chapter 5-pg 8

chapter 6-pg 10

chapter 7-pg 12


chpater 9-pg19



Chapter 12-pg29



chapter 15-pg37

Chapter 16-pg40

Chapter 17-pg44

Chapter 18-pg47







chapter 25-pg69


Chapter 27-pg75

chapter 28-pg78

Chapter 29-pg82


Chapter 31-pg 87

Chapter 32-pg91


 Last chapter-pg 98


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