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Our KTLK - Kashmakash Chap 17 (pg 136) Updated (Page 128)

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Posted: 15 October 2012 at 10:27am | IP Logged
Sorry to hear that. Hope aunty feels better soon Turags. Our best wishes to her.

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Oho! I hope, aunty recovers soon... My best wishes!
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Sujathiji, How is your mom? Convey our wishes for speedy recovery.
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Hello everyone...thank you so much for all ur wishes...my mom is fine now although she has to wear her sling for 6 weeks...

My chap will be posted tomorrow sometime before noon...sorry that I couldn't reply to all ur comments...no net at my moms home...

Will catch up with all of you tomorrow...thanx for ur patience

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Originally posted by turags

Hello everyone...thank you so much for all ur wishes...my mom is fine now although she has to wear her sling for 6 weeks...

My chap will be posted tomorrow sometime before noon...sorry that I couldn't reply to all ur comments...no net at my moms home...

Will catch up with all of you tomorrow...thanx for ur patience

Wishing your mom a speedy recovery... Smile..thanks for the promise of update.doobte ko tinke ka sahara mil gaya

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waitingDay Dreaming

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Sagai of Ashutosh and Nidhi: have fun! comments welcome Smile

Chapter 16:

BB: Ashu, tu aagaya beta? itni der lagaadi aaj. I was just about to call you. ek toh itni achchi khabar dena tha mujhe…

Ashu: no baba. I went to see Nidhi. got a bit delayed there.

BB: oh! So finally she is talking to you? that's great. I thought usko manaane mein tujhe aur 5 maheene lagne waale hain. ab toh double celebration hogaya.

Ashu gives a small smile: she has started talking baba. But uske zakhm bharne mein thoda waqt lagega. Aur baba…CV kehrahe the ki

BB gives a broad broad smile: achcha toh honewale sasurji se baat bhi hogayi. (then he comes and hugs Ashu) Ashu, I am so so happy today. Parson teri sagai hain. CV himself came here. You know that? and he apologized and explained things from his POV.

Ashu: ji. He told me. Baba, I asked him to keep the engagement a simple one. I hope that's ok with you.

BB: whatever and however you wish Ashu. I have no problem. Mujhe toh buss jald se jald Nidhi iss ghar ki bahu ke roop mein chahiye. That's it. rest is all up to you. but what about Armaan? He just left na. will he be able to come again so soon?

AShu: baba, he is just gone to Delhi na. so he will be here. Anjali is having her sem exams so Mansi won't be able to make it. I just spoke with him on my way here.

BB; oh ok. Aur beta, zyaada time nahi hain na. tu kal Nidhi ko shopping leja aur uski manpasand sari ya jobhi ho woh kheerdna. Ok?

Ashu hesitates a bit; baba…..actually, Nidhi wanted to go to mandir tomorrow morning and….i said ok….

BB grins: oye toh issmein sharmaane wali kaun si baat hain? you should definitely go and thank God. Do one thing. Go to the mandir in the morning before going to KGH and duty ke baad wahi se shopping karlena. Ok?

AShu grins, nods and leaves. That night he calls her before going to sleep.

Ashu: Hello? Hello…Nidhi?

Nidhi in a super cranky voice: ji boliye

Ashu: what happened? You sound….angry??

Nidhi: the scrape at the elbow is itching like crazy. Feel like scratching the whole thing off.

Ashu: already itching? That's a good sign na. it means the wound is healing pretty fast.

Nidhi: DON'T tell me it's a good sign. I am feeling irritated and nasty. Oh! Please! I can't sleep if its like this. (Ashu laughs) aap ko hasi aarahi hain?

Ashu: hasoo nahi toh aur kya karoon? You sound like a 7yr old in our paediatric ward. Apply some Vaseline or something around the area. And don't scratch. It will get infected again.

Nidhi: oh hello, I am also a doctor. I know that. Apni internship bhi complete karliya hain maine. Haan yeh aur baat hain ki kissi ne mujhe congratulate bhi nahi kiya

Ashu smiles at the pout in her voice: kisne nahi kiya? Anji ne ya tumhaare baba ne?

Nidhi's pout turns into outright sulk: mere naani ke bhai ke beta ke bhanje ne!

Ashu laughs out real loud: I didn't know we were so closely related! Ok ok ok. I am so sorry. And my heartiest congratulations on clearing your internship Dr Nidhi Verma! Waise toh I had planned to meet you on the day you cleared your internship and wish you and give you a gift too. but….

Nidhi: gift? You got me a gift? Kahaan hain? kya hain? why didn't you give me till now then?

Ashu: you were so angry madam that I thought if I give it now, you would probably throw it and stamp on it and run your car over it for good measure.

Nidhi: would I really do that to something that you have given me?

Ashu's laughter vanishes as he remembers her stubbornly clinging on to her bracelet: nahi Nidhi. I know you would never do that. I was just joking. I'll get it tomorrow when I come to the mandir. Ok?

Nidhi's face immediately brightens: ok. I will be there by 7.30. that way we can be at KGH by 8. aur yeh kya gift hain?

Ashu: you have to wait until you see it Nidhi. sabr ka phal meeta hota hain.

Nidhi: koi hint milega?

Ashu: no. no hints. And now goodnight…aur Nidhi, suno, baba ne kaha hain I have to take you shopping tomorrow and let you buy whatever you want for the….um…sagai…

Nidhi: oh! Par kya khareedna hain? mujhe toh kuch nahi chahiye.

Ashu exhales loudly: Nidhi, I don't know all that. baba said and so we are going. Decide on what you want. Goodnight.

Nidhi: ok. goodnight Dr Ashutosh. mujhe parson ka intezaar rahega.

Ashu closes his eyes for a second at the way she says that: mujhe bhi.

Next day morning:

Both of them reach the temple almost at the same time. Ashu in his car and Nidhi in an auto. Ashu: where is your car?

Nidhi: where is my gift?

Ashu smilingly extends his right hand which is holding a flat rectangular gift wrapeed box. Nidhi literally tears the wrapper into pieces in her enthusiasm: Oh Wow! A paediatric steth! (it's a steth used by paediatricians which comes in various animal shapes like a monkey or elephant or snake to attract and retain a child's attention while the doctor examines. Nidhi's steth is in the shape of an elephant head complete with the trunk and big ears) Oh! Kitna cute hain!  Thank you so much Dr Ashutosh! Oh I really love this one. (she jumps close as if to hug him but suddenly gets conscious of the surroundings and steps back, rubs her hands down her dress, smiles awkwardly and repeats: uh..thank you. I will treasure this one all my life!

Ashu: you are most welcome. It just seemed an ideal gift to the would be paediatrician. And now, where is your car?

Nidhi: you said we need to go shopping so I thought we could save fuel, you know…(she answers with a giggle)

Ashu rolls his eyes: save fuel! But smart thinking. You told about that to your baba? He is ok with that?

Nidhi: yup. But since our engagement is announced, ab se leke shaadi tak no going anywhere without chaperones.

Ashu: chaperones?

Nidhi: ji. Chaperones. Baba ka order hain toh maanna hi padega. Anji will be my shadow from now on wherever we go.

Ashu laughs: ANJI is your chaperone? Seriously? He should have sent your DB. That would have been perfect.

Nidhi's smile vanishes: DB Kolkata chali gayi aaj subh ki flight se. she will come back only after our wedding.

Ashu: oh! Nidhi, I am…

Nidhi shakes her head but a small tear escapes which she hastily brushes away: don't worry about it. true that she is angry right now. but give her some time. she can't stay away from me for long. Yeah, i would miss her blessings and her presence every step of the way but….lets see.

Both of them enter the temple and stand before the idol of Lord Krishna. Ashu joins his hands, closes his eyes and prays:

God, I don't know why you sent this girl into my life at this stage. In this short period she has become the focal point of my existence. Now as we enter into this relationship, grant me the strength to face the world. To stand beside her proudly and say that yes, she is mine. To never let her face the taunts of the society alone. To be with her through thick and thin. And above all, God, please never let her regret this relationship of ours. And NEVER EVER let me hurt her in any way. Please. I don't want anything else. Just make sure I don't end up like my father. Kill me before that happens. You have given me the talent and ability to save people's lives to the best of my ability. Now grant me the ability to deny my heredity.

Both of them wait until the aarti is done and come out to sit on the steps of the temple. Nidhi has a peaceful look on her face: I find a lot of peace here. Always used to come here with my mom.

Ashu: Nidhi, you do realize, don't you, that at least until we get used to everyone, or rather, until everyone gets used to us, we are going to be looked down and commented upon…??

Nidhi gives him a tiny smile: you know my mom always used to say, "A person sometimes can build a firm foundation with the bricks that others throw at him. I guess we'll do the same thing."

Ashu: I wish I had met your mother.

Nidhi: I wish you did too. chale? Its getting late. (both of them arrive at KGH in Ashu's car raising quite a few eyebrows in the process. Jyothika and Priyanka pull Nidhi into a corner in the surgery dept to interrogate)

Jyothika: Nidhi, you better tell me whats going on. I don't think I can stand this suspense anymore. One day sir goes missing, he comes back 5 months later and then YOU start ignoring him and now both of you are coming to the hospital together. Yaar its confusing and making us lose our sleep. now come on, out with it.

Nidhi tries to slide out of the corner only to have Priyanka block her too. giving up trying to slide her way out of it, she just blurts it out: we are getting engaged tomorrow. And no, the marriage date is not fixed yet. I guess it will be decided tomorrow or something.

There is a loud thud and all 3 turn to see Rihaan collapse on the floor with a comical look of disbelief. Nidhi rushes to him: Rihaan, what happened? You ok?

Rihaan: either I have gone completely mad or you just announced your engagement with Dr Ashutosh.

Nidhi laughs: don't worry. You have not gone mad.

Rihaan: matlab…?? (Nidhi nods her head as a yes vigorously in her enthusiasm)

Jyothika: Nidhi, are you sure about all this? I mean….

Priyanka: forget about being sure. Yeah, she is sure. I am right now just very happy that we got the smiling laughing Nidhi back. Congratulations Nidhi.

All 3 of her friends take turns in hugging and wishing her. almost at lunch time Nidhi gets a naughty idea and knocks on Ashu's cabin.

Ashu: yes? (Ranganath is also in the cabin with Ashu)

Nidhi: may I come in sir?

Ashu raises his smiling eyes at her: yes Dr Nidhi?

Nidhi talks with a perfectly straight face: sir, I need permission to leave early today and an off for tomorrow.

Ashu raises his eyebrow: early today and off tomorrow? Why?

Nidhi: my would be fiance wants to take me shopping today and tomorrow is my sagai. So…(Ranga starts coughing to cover up him startled exclamation at the news)

Ashu: then you need to clear it with Dr Ranganath because I am also leaving early today and taking an off tomorrow. I need to take my would be fiance shopping and tomorrow is my engagement too. (Ranga slips and almost falls off the chair when his cell phone bings with an incoming sms. his face turns into a comical mixture of discomfort and smile. Both Ashu and Nidhi look at him waiting for his response)

He clears his throat, tries to put on an impassive face: no problem sir, Dr Nidhi. and I would be needing off this afternoon and tomorrow too. so I will get the necessary replacements for both of you too. don't worry about it.

Ashu: aap ki bhi sagai hain Dr Ranganath?

Ranga: oh no sir. Abhi tak toh nahi hain. but I have to accompany my girl friend on her shopping trip with her friend and her fiance so…

All 3 look at each other and just burst out laughing. A passing wardboy hears the laughter from Ashu's cabin and within minutes the whole KGH is buzzing with the news that Dr Ashutosh is heard laughing loudly with someone in his cabin. Soon after that Ashu and Nidhi make their way to the canteen for their regular lunch providing enough spice to the already circulating hot gossip. Since the news will be out in the next couple of days anyway, Ashu decides to wait it out. around 2.30 Anji arrives and all 4 including Ranganath are on their way to the shopping trip.

Nidhi: where are we going?

Ashu: Armaan is here already. His fashion house is open and he is waiting there for us. may be you can get something for yourself over there…?

Nidhi: oh ok. but….i…can I ask you something?

Ashu: sure. What?

Nidhi: I actually wanted to wear one of my mom's saris for the engagement. I know its won't be new or anything but….

Ashu: iss mein poochne wali kya baat hain? it's a great idea. Go ahead. Just buy something now and wear it some time later. No issues.

Nidhi: thank you Dr Ashutosh.

Anji pokes her head from the back seat between these two; oye, tomorrow is your engagement and you are still calling him Dr Ashutosh? I mean, come on yaar Nidhi!

Nidhi: tujhe kya problem hain? I will call him whatever I want.

They spend the rest of the way arguing this issue with Ashu and Ranga both deciding to remain silent. Soon they reach Armaan's fashion house where Armaan is literally waiting near the entrance. He rushes fwd and gives a nice hug to Nidhi, slaps Ashu's back in silent hi and shakes hands with Ranga and Anji. Everyone goes inside where Armaan has already taken out some of the classic selections and master pieces from the designer wears for both Ashu and Nidhi. after a few moments of slight hesitation, Nidhi gets into the spirit of shopping and plucks 2 dresses from the lot and holds them in front of her: kaun si waali achchi hain? aap bataiye.

Ashu: ab mujhe kya pata. Take whatever you want. (she gets a disapoointed look on her face at that reply so he goes near her) Nidhi, I really don't know a single thing about these things. I neither notice nor am I interested in these fashion trendy stuff. (still seeing her downbent face he softly touches her chin with 2 of his fingers and raises her head to look into her eyes) don't look like that. please. Mujhe apne khud ke kapde choose karna hi teek se nahi aata. Armaan does it for me most of the time. (then his casual glance falls on Anji and Ranganath who are both busy in the world of their own holding hands and making eyes at each other. He turns back to Nidhi with a raised eyebrow and gestures the love birds) THEY are chaperoning us or WE are chaperoning them? this was your idea isn't it? (Nidhi laughs and winks at him) ok do one thing. Wear them and show me, may be I can tell which one looks good. Ok?

Nidhi nods happily at that and goes towards the changing rooms. Armaan is on one side of the room and Ashu, Ranga and Anji on the other side with Ashu casually glancing around the store and its various mirrors. Armaan picks out a ghagra dress, checks it over and calls out to Ashu: yaar Ashu, Nidhi ka size kya hain zara batana toh.

Ashu's face registers stunned disbelief at the question and soon a red blush covers his cheeks as he tries to pretend he didn't hear the question. Anji and Ranga start snickering so obviously enjoying Dr Bachelor's discomfort. "abe behra hogaya kya? I am asking you whats Nidhi's size.

Ashu walks fast towards him and says in a low voice: Armaan, how will I know something like that? I mean…come on yaar!

Armaan gives a innocent surprised look: kya baat kar raha hain Ashu? Tujhe ab tak uske measurements nahi pata?

Ashu: NO. I am not her tailor dammit! Now just shut up Armaan. (Anji and Ranga lose the battle of trying to hold back their laughter and that sets off Armaan too. at that pt Nidhi walks in one of the dress selections)

Nidhi: yeh kaisa hain? and why are you all laughing? Aur aap aise kyon dekh rahe hain?

Ashu: nothing Nidhi. absolutely nothing. the dress is great. Lets take it and move.

Nidhi: arre but this is not fitting me properly. I think I need a different size or something. Aap ka kya khayaal hain? (that sets off the 3 again and Ashu throws his hands in a I give up gesture)

Ashu: Nidhi, select whatever you want and buy it. ok? you will look good in anything and everything. So don't worry about it. finish your shopping and Armaan will bill that to me. I have to go now. have to take care of some more things. You and Anji go back home after this. Ok?

Nidhi loses her smile: what happened? KGH mein koi emergency hain?

Armaan intervenes: no Nidhi. I was just teasing your would be here. That's all. Ok ok. sorry. Now lets get down to the selections. Nidhi, look at this one. and Ashu, I have selected 4 sherwanis for you. go and pick whichever one you want. Ok?

Shopping gets wrapped up quite fast after that with Nidhi selecting a brick colour sari with maroon gold border and Ashu selecting a dark blue gold sherwani. Then Armaan pulls both of them back and takes the size of their ring fingers with the help of a thick thread. He gives Ashu's to Nidhi and Nidhi's to Ashu so that engagement rings can be bought without any hassles or tensions. Ashu drops Ranga first near KGH, then Anji and Nidhi at their house.

Ashu: Anji, can I talk to Nidhi for a minute please?

Anji: sure. I will get down from the car and wait near the gate. Ok? but make it fast. Baba ne dekhliya toh…(Ashu nods and Anji leaves)

Ashu: Nidhi….i was thinking….you know….may be I should shave off this beard.

Nidhi: OMG! Why? (Ashu just shrugs as if uncomfortable explaining the reasons) I mean I am ok with it if that's what you want but why this sudden thought Dr Ashutosh?

Ashu: at Armaan's fashion house, I was looking at both of our reflections in the mirror. I felt odd. May be if i…

Nidhi stops his hesitant flow of words with her hand on his mouth: no. no way. I love you just the way you are. You don't have to or need to change an inch of yourself.

Ashu gives a soft kiss to her palm and nods his head as in a ok. Nidhi gets down from the car with a smile, closes the door and looks at him through the window: and that includes your grey hair too. (with a small wave she picks up her bagpack and shopping bag and goes off towards her house)

The day of engagement dawns bright and clear. Arrangements are well underway at CV's residence. Rohan had also come that morning as Nidhi had called him the previous night to have a heart to heart talk and invite him over, only to be told that Ashu had already updated him about the engagement. Shyama aunty and Anji are helping Nidhi in getting ready, CV and Solanki are talking to the pandit and the caterer who was under CS's guidance and Rohan is looking over the decorations and photographs. Since both Nidhi and Ashu insisted on a simple ceremony, the hall was decorated with yellow and orange flowers with matching curtains, the sofa set moved to another room in order to have more space. A Ganesh murti is placed to one corner of the wall and its decorated with lights and flowers and diyas. Nidhi comes out decked in one of her mom's saris, a dark green on with red and gold zari border with matching emeralds earrings and necklace set. Both hands have 12 bangles each of all 3 colours – green, red and gold. Shyama aunty puts a kala tika behind her ear and blesses her with tear filled eyes. All 3 hug and have a quiet moment thinking and missing the presence of Nandini, Nidhi's mom. Pandit shouts for Nidhi to make it fast as they have to perform Ganesh puja before the engagement, so Nidhi makes her way out with Anji and Shyama on either side of her. Pandit starts on the puja with a smiling CV and a grinning Rohan looking on, when the sound of a car honk makes Rohan and Anji rush out. two cars stop at CV's house. BB, Ashu and HK get down from one car and Armaan and Ranganath from the 2nd one. Ashu is wearing the blue gold sherwani, BB in a light cream and brown kurta, Armaan and Ranga in their usual semi formal wears. Anji for the first time introduces Ranga to her parents as her and Nidhi's mutual friend. They are all just in time for the aarti. And that's how Ashu sees her for the first time that day. With her glowing face reflecting the fire, her slightly blushing cheeks and lips glistering a delicate shade of pink. And her eyes! God he could lose himself in those eyes of hers! After the aarti, Nidhi gives him a once over and raises her eyebrow imitating him and at the same time complimenting him. he gives a soft laugh at that. she then takes blessings from BB and HK, but when she comes to Armaan, he stops her and hugs her instead. "bhabhi called up this morning." Armaan raises his eyes towards heaven: you are so lucky! She called you only once. She has been calling me every 15 mins. Don't worry. I promise you, she will be well ahead of time for your wedding. Ok? ab chalo chalo. Its getting late.

Both Ashu and Nidhi stand beside each other with their respective families flanking them on both sides. Pandit first tells Nidhi to put ring on Ashu's finger. CV extends the ring to his daughter. It's a simple gold ring that flattens out at the top forming into a rectangle which holds 3 diamonds spaced out 2 in 2 corners and 1 in the centre. Ashu extends his hand and amidst a shower of rose petals, Nidhi places the ring on his finger. BB extends Nidhi's ring to Ashu. The ring is a perfect match to her bracelet although this one is gold, with a diamond star at the top. Ashu takes the ring from BB and looks at Nidhi. its as if his eyes are asking her one last time if she is really sure. She returns his gaze without blinking and extends her left hand. Another round of rose petals greet them as he puts the ring to her finger. ROhan as if unable to stop himself anymore, just comes over and hugs both of them. the 2 men bound and brought together by fate for the sake of this one woman, their friendship strange, unusual and yet strong. Soon after that Ashu and Nidhi take the blessings of all the elders. CV hugs Ashu with a warm smile and pats his back: Welcome to our family Ashutosh!

Ashu: thank you sir.

CV: no more sir business please. Either you call me baba or uncle. You can choose.

Ashu smiles abit at that. BB also joins: and that goes for you also Nidhi, no more sir and Dr Mathur business. And you have no choice either. You HAVE to call me baba.

Nidhi: ji…baba.

BB comes over and extends a box to Nidhi: beta, yeh Ashu ki maa ke kangan hain. bahut sambhalkar rakhatha maine inko. Ab se yeh tumhaare.

Ashu takes an instinctive step back at the mention of his mom but Nidhi takes the box, opens it and touches the bangles to her forehead in a gesture of respect before silently extending them towards Ashu. His blurred gaze rests on the bangles for a few moments before picking them up and sliding them onto both her hands. Anji comes over,  hugs Nidhi and extends her hand towards Ashu with a smile: congratulations….jeejaji!

Ashu: thank you….saali sahiba.

Panditji: Vermaji, shaadi keliye do muhurat achche hain. ek 2 hafte baad, October 30th ko aur doosra 3 hafte baad November 8th ko.

Everyone look at Ashu and Nidhi with expectant look on their faces as if asking them to decide and tell fast. Ashu thinks for a few moments then says: November 8th.

Armaan: oye teri! I thought you would choose October 30th!

Ashu: Nidhi has her PG entrance on Nov 4th. So….

Everyone declares their approval at that decision and the date of wedding is fixed for November 8th 2012, 8.15 pm. Rest of the day passes in a haze of joy and laughter.

Next day morning: around 6.30 am:

HK opens the door to someone's constant knocking: Nidhi beti tum? Itni subah subah? Everything ok?

Nidhi's eyes keep darting inside as if looking for someone: kaka, Dr Ashutosh??

HK: woh toh soraha hain beti. Kya hua? Bata toh sahi. Itni ghabrayi hui kyon hain? andar aao. Mein Ashu ko bulaake laata hoon.

Nidhi: nnnahi…its ok kaka….i am sorry for disturbing you….chalti hoon.

BB: Nidhi? what happened? Come inside beta. baat kya hain? Hiraman, jaake Ashu ko bulaake lao. (HK leaves in a hurry)

Nidhi: no sir…I mean…baba. No need to wake him up…I just….(she rubs her forehead with a slightly trembling hand, swallows, takes a deep breath) I am sorry for worrying all of you but honestly, there is no need…

Ashu: Nidhi? kya hua? Everything ok? your father, DB??

Nidhi: everyone is fine. I am sorry. Really sorry. i…I'll just go now. (she turns and goes off. Ashu literally runs after her)

Ashu: Nidhi…Nidhi…wait…stop….(he pulls her arm and brings her to a halt) what happened Nidhi? won't you tell me?

Nidhi bows her head and refuses to look at him: nothing. I just….you didn't reply to my sms last night or this morning….i thought….i felt….(her lips start trembling. Ashu is about to just pull her into his arms and hug her tight but looks at the house where BB and HK are standing at the door with worried look on their faces and at the wide open gate where Nidhi's car was parked and anyone walking down the road can look in. he roughly pushes his hand through his hair)

Ashu: Nidhi, last night there was an emergency at KGH so I was in the OT till almost 4 this morning. Then came back home and went off to sleep. I didn't hear the sms sound. I am sorry Nidhi. i really didn't think…dammit! Nidhi, come inside. Please. Lets sit and talk.

Nidhi: no. baba said I should not come to your house until after the wedding. Its ok. I guess I just panicked. I am ok now. aap andar jayiye. Hospital mein milte hain. chalti hoon.

Ashu had never felt so frustrated as he watched Nidhi back out her car and leave. What must she have gone through all night! Did she really think he would go off and leave her again? Just how deep is her fear of abandonment? How to remove it and reassure her? whatelse is she hiding from him? how does he talk to her? he can't call her out. Anji will also come along. He can't talk in KGH.  so what does he do now? he quickly makes his way inside, reassures BB and HK, goes off to his room. 15 minutes later, he calls Nidhi. she picks up after the 3rd ring.

Ashu: Nidhi…

Nidhi: I know. I was being stupid.

Ashu: NO. you were not being stupid. Your fear was/is justified. But Nidhi, it won't happen again. I won't ever leave you and go off again like that.

Nidhi: ji. Mujhe pata hain.

Ashu: pata hone mein aur yakeen manne mein farak hain Nidhi. now tell me what do I need to do to make you believe in my words?

Nidhi becomes silent for a few seconds: you remember you asked for my promise on our first date?

Ashu: yes I remember.

Nidhi: now I want YOU to promise me. Promise me that you won't hide anything like this from me ever again. that even if you really DO want to leave me in future, you will tell it to me face to face. That you won't leave me guessing.

Ashu; Nidhi, leaving you would be the end for me. But yes, I promise. I won't leave you guessing.

Nidhi: pakka vaada?

Ashu: pakka vaada. I know you probably need time to believe this promise too but please, trust me Nidhi. i won't put either of us through something like that again.

Nidhi: thank you. ab rakhoo? Ready bhi hona hain na.

Ashu: Nidhi, you are ok with the wedding date right?

Nidhi: of course I am ok. I am great actually.

Ashu: and what if I had said Oct 30th? Would you have said yes to that one?

Nidhi: hhmmm…I would have probably called you aside and asked if you could reconsider.

Ashu exhales: good girl. Nidhi, never hesitate to say whats on your mind ok? I don't want a "yes master" in my life.

Nidhi laughs a little: don't worry. You won't be getting one. I am too stubborn to become anyone's yes master.

Ashu: oh yeah! Don't I know it! ziddi ladki!

Nidhi; thanks for the compliment Dr Chweetu.

Ashu grins: see you in KGH?

Nidhi: yes. during lunch hour. I have to attend OT in the morning.

Ashu: ok. see you then.

Nidhi: ok.

The next 10 days fly by with Nidhi preparing for her exams amidst brief shopping trips and Ashu clearing his schedule for the upcoming wedding. Armaan and Rohan have almost shifted their base to Lucknow for this period with Mansi overseeing and giving instructions on every detail on Ashu's side through Skype. Rohan spends every free moment between both the houses humourously grumbling that he is still confused as to which side he is actually on. The bride's or the groom's. wedding cards are being printed and BB and CV consult each other over the phone most of the day on some issue or the other. Unofficially, the news is fully out in KGH but its as if everyone is waiting for the official confirmation from the man himself! On the 11th day Ashu had completed his morning rounds in KGH, when he gets a call from Armaan: Ashu, tu iss weekend pe free hain kya?

Ashu frowns: I think so. Unless there is some emergency.

Armaan: toh weekend fix kardoo?

Ashu gives a tired sigh. Honestly he never knew a simple concept of marriage involved so many complications. The idea of a register marriage is more tempting by the day and only the thought of the whole gang coming after him holds him back. His conversations with Nidhi are also limited to nightly phone calls. No matter where she went these days, either Anji or Shyama accompanied her. If he by chance called her into his cabin on the pretext of discussing a case, Priyanka or Jyothika or even Rihaan tagged along with her. its as if each and every person is hell bent on driving him crazy. Now here is Armaan, with his never ending list of questions: fix for what Armaan? Ab kya baaki rehgaya hain?

Armaan: arre meri jaan teri bachelor party! I am planning on for this weekend!



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Padh liya...detailed review thodi der baad...commercial break ke baad...

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