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Our KTLK - Kashmakash Chap 17 (pg 136) Updated

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Our Kuch Toh Log Kahenge

A New Love Story

Hello Everyone! After ending our first FF, I was just sitting and thinking as to what to do next. The characters of Dr Ashutosh and Dr Nidhi are one of a kind and didn't feel like leaving them alone. So here I am. Back with another FF of mine. This one is a lot different from the first or even the second versions. Primarily because, both those versions were started taking the serial as a base and the actual KTLK kept intact. But this one is not going to go that way. All the characters of KTLK are here but the story is completely different. Do I need a disclaimer of some sort before I actually start this? Don't know. But just in case, here it is:

All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. My intention is not to replicate or copy someone else's story or characters. Its merely my way of showing everyone how I visualize the love story of a 42 year old Dr Ashutosh and a 24 year old Dr Nidhi. (Hope this covers everything) 

Now that the formalities have been taken care of, come on! I will introduce you to my characters. Names will be very familiar to you but as you go by, you will realize that their roles in this story have been changed to suit the current story. So, shall we start?

?             Dr Ashutosh: the male protagonist. 42 years old. Neurosurgeon. Dean in Kotnis General Hospital (KGH), Lucknow.

?             Dr Nidhi Verma: the female protagonist. 24 years old. Intern. In the process of completing her internship at KGH, Lucknow.

?             Dr Mathur ' adoptive father of Dr Ashutosh (and he doesn't have alzheimers or any other forgetful diseases). Consultant doctor in Jeevan Sandhya Old Age Home (and not related to Nidhi in any way)

?             Col.Verma ' retired army. Father of Dr Nidhi. currently has a training school for orphaned boys. (details will be known to you as we go into the story)

?             Dadi Bua ' aunt to Col.Verma

?             Nandini ' Col.Verma's wife and mother to Dr Nidhi.

?             Anji ' Best childhood friend of Nidhi and doing her final year in Fashion Designing Course.

?             Solanki and Shyama ' Parents of Anji

?             Armaan ' Best childhood friend of Ashutosh. (his role has not been changed in any way)

?             Hirman Kaka ' helper at Mathur Mansion

?             Dr Ranganath ' Administrator and Doctor in KGH and Anji's love interest

?             Chote Sarkar ' helper at CV's house


There are bound to be more characters turning up in the future but these are the main ones. Yeah yeah I know whose name you all are searching for!! "She" is not there in this story. At least not in any major way. Honestly guys, after the last time, my fingers are tired of typing her name. And before I start with my story, I want to tell you that this one is also "Our" KTLK. So if any one has ideas or want in some scenes, don't hesitate to PM me. I will try my best to bring them into the chapters.

Chapter 1: 

At Mathur Mansion: 

"Kaka, mere socks nahin milrahe hain. KAKA! Kahan ho aap?"

"aaya aaya. Arre wahi par toh rakhe the Ashutosh Beta."

"kahan? Yahan nahin hain kaka. Jaldi doondiye na. I am getting late."

"lo. Yahi par toh the. Kya beta tum bhi.."

Dr Ashutosh, the No.1 Neurosurgeon in Lucknow, looks up from his place where he is picking up his shoes. "Thank you Hiraman Kaka! Aap nahin hote toh mera kya hota!"

HK ' haan haan subah subah mein hi mila tumhe makhan marne keliye!

Ashu ' arre nahin kaka. I am telling the truth. I swear.

HK ' issiliye I keep saying. Get married. Its high time now. get yourself a nice girl.

Ashu ' Kaka please not again! Whatever the topic, ghuma phirakar aap shaadi par ladete hain. I have been listening to this for the past 10-15 years. I think you better forget about it. Who is going to marry me in this age now?

"oye, iss umra? You are 42 not 72. aur aaj kal toh mere umar mein bhi koi kam chances nahin hain."

Ashu ' baba! Now you also have started?

BB ' Hiraman is telling correctly beta. Iss ghar ko aur hum dono ko ek achchi si bahu chahiye. You and mallika studied together. I thought'

Ashu ' baba, Buss. We already talked about this. She was only my friend. I never thought of her as anything else. And you know it.

BB ' but she loved you na Ashu. You can't deny that.

Ashu ' I never encouraged her in anyway Baba. And the moment she told about her feelings, I ended my friendship with her. you know it. I firmly believe that once love enters into the equation and when its one sided, friendship is lost forever. I didn't want to continue that and give her some kind of false hope that I might change my mind.

BB ' haan par..

Ashu ' and Baba, now she is married. And has a kid of her own and lives in US with her husband. we should not even be discussing this topic. I am getting late and I got to go. There is a new batch of interns coming to KGH today.

BB ' you always do that. whenever the topic of your marriage comes, you divert and escape.

Ashu now has become really serious. "baba, I don't want marriage. That's the bottom line. And you need to accept that. and there is no one who can change my opinion on this issue. Jannat se koi pari utarkar aaye na toh bhi nahin! Chalta hoon baba." Saying that he leaves. BB thinks to himself. "aayegi Ashutosh! some one is out there who will come and change your opinion. She will teach you to smile and laugh and love."


At the residence of Col.Verma:

"Nidhi! Nidhi meri bachchi! Kahan hai tu? Yeh ladki bhi na! where did she go off so early in the morning?"

"Bua, why do you panic about everything? Nidhi has already left and she told me before going."

"chali gayi? Where did she go so early in the morning? And why didn't she tell me?"

"Bua, today is her first day as an intern in KGH and she got ready and left. Now she will be back only in the evening."

"aur usne mujhe bataya bhi nahi?"

"that's because you wouldn't have let her go. Bua, becoming a doctor is her aim and her mother's dream. Why are you so against it? Let her do it. And in these days, who gets married so early?"

"arre Yog! Par abhi toh Nandini ke guzre ek maheena bhi nahin hua'"

CV ' "that's why I told her to go Bua. These days all she does is sit at home and stare into space. She hasn't even cried once after her mother passed away. Says all her tears dried up during Nandini's cancer and her suffering. She says she doesn't have any more years to cry. But aisa kaise Bua. Its not good for her na. she will start working and her mind will also get diverted. I love my wife Bua. Every day without her is liking living without an arm or leg. But I want my daughter back. I want her smiling and laughing like she used to.

DB ' baat toh sahi keh rahe ho Yog. I don't recognize this Nidhi any more. she was always bouncing around and laughing. The whole house used to light up when she comes. Ab toh aisa lag raha hain ki Nandini apne saath Nidhi ki muskaan bhi lekar chali gayi.

"aisa kuch nahin hoga DB."

DB ' "arre Anji beta, tu kab aayi?"

Anji ' "buss abhi abhi. Uncle kaise hai aap? Had your bfast?"

CV ' "no beta. I am not hungry."

Anji ' "aise kaise chalega uncle? Come, even I didn't have my bfast. Sab saath saath khathe hain. and you don't worry about Nidhi. I told Ranga to keep an eye on her. he said he will make sure of that and if its possible, he will also try and assign the childrens ward for Nidhi on the first round.

CV ' "you did a great thing Anji. Nidhi is crazy about kids. she and her mom had already selected the names for her kids'" CV's voice closes up at the mention of his wife. Nandini suffered from ovarian cancer and after painful chemotherapy sessions, she had passed away 3 weeks back. Anji is also very close to crying as she and Nidhi are childhood friends and neighbours and Nandini played an equal role in mothering Anji. It was like both Nidhi and Anji had 2 mothers. Nandini and Shyama (Anji's mom). Then Anji controls herself and wipes her tears and tried to cheer everyone up. "chaliye chaliye now lets eat something. I am very hungry. Where is Chote Sarkar? Chote Sarkar! Jaldi jaldi bfast!" and right on cue CS gets poha as the bfast and serves everyone but looks like he too is battling with his own pain and tears at losing the Malkin of the house. she was the anchor which held them all together and now everyone is adrift in a sea of pain. DB is about to eat but looks at poha and says, "Poha was Nandini's favourite. She used to say Buaji, jaisa aap ke haath ka poha waise duniya mein kisi ki nahin." and there are tears rolling down her cheeks. CV is about to get up and go away from the table when Anji holds him back by catching his hand. "aap Nidhi ko phir se haste muskuraate dekhna nahin hain uncle?" that makes him sit back and he gets control of his emotions. "I want that more than anything beta!" Anji ' "toh phir come and have your bfast or I will tell Nidhi that you skipped your bfast and your BP medication." CV smiles a little and everyone starts eating. 

At KGH: 

Ashu ' Dr Ranganath, Good Morning! Are the interns here? You said 4 of them, right?

Ranga ' yes sir. 3 are here. One more is yet to come.

Ashu ' but there were here yesterday to fill out the formalities, right? And they already got their ID tags and stuff, right? You didn't give them the reporting time?

Ranga wipes the sweat on his forehead with his hanky. "yes sir. I told them. Dr Nidhi bhi aati hogi sir.

Ashu looks up from his file. "Dr Nidhi..the one who got 14th rank in her finals? Am I correct?

Ranga ' yes sir. And she is usually a very punctual person. So I am sure she will be here.

Ashu ' you met her yesterday and you already know that she is "usually" punctual? And if she IS punctual, she should be here by now right? My briefing starts in 5 minutes. If she is not here by then..

Ranga ' sir, she will be here. I am sure. Nidhi is always'

He stammers and stops at the killing look from Ashu. Then he takes a bracing breath and continues. "sir, Dr Ashutosh, mein Dr Nidhi ko pehle se hi jaantha hoon'" and stops and swallows as Ashu raises his eyebrow in a typical way. "ji sir..woh..i have a friend, Anji. And Dr Nidhi and Anji are childhood friends. So I know her from before. And sir, before you meet her, I want to say something about her."

Ashu ' I am listening Dr Ranganath but you better make it quick. And DON'T tell me she is another of those hyper sensitive females who start crying at the drop of the hat. Honest to God, I can't deal with them.

Ranga ' no sir. Absolutely not. She is not like that at all. In fact, in the 2 years since I have known her, I have never seen her cry. Not even once.

Before he could say more, Ashu looks at the watch and makes his way to the conference room where the still 3 interns are waiting. Ashu looks at them, looks at his watch and looks back at Ranga as if to say "no 4th intern as yet." Ranga nods and gestures that she would be coming soon. Then comes inside and introduces Ashu to everyone. "Interns, this is Dr Ashutosh, Neurosurgeon and Dean of KGH and Dr Ashutosh, this is Dr Priyanka, this is Dr Jyoti and this is Dr Rihaan." Ashu shakes hand with all 3 and tells them to take their seats. "Welcome to KGH. Dr Ranganath must have briefed you on the overall structure of KGH by now, so I would like to add a few more rules and regulations from my side. Firstly, you are not full fledged doctors yet. So you are never and I mean NEVER to be alone in surgery or treatment of a patient. There are all major depts. here like casualty, OPD, OB Gyn, Paediatrics, Surgery and ICU. Your duty charts will be prepared and given by Dr Ranganath with my approval and each of you has to report to the HOD of that dept and provide assistance to the senior doctors. If a patient is brought into the emergency, your job is limited to providing the first aid and you are NOT to take any medical related decisions under ANY circumstances. Am I clear enough in that? and each of you will have about 7-8 night shifts in each dept per month. There are 3 shifts everyday ' 8am to 3pm, 3pm to 10pm and finally 10pm to 8am. Please remember that this is not a school or college that you get to bunk as and when the mood strikes you. unless there is some kind of emergency, I expect you all to report at 8am sharp and in case of a leave, you need to get clearance from Dr Ranganath beforehand. Any questions?" all 3 look at each other and nod as if saying "no". "verbal answers please!" "no sir." "ok. fine. And before I leave, I would like to see your hands please. All 3 of you. palms down and nails up." 3 get confused look on their faces but do as they are told. Ashu glances at all 3 pairs of hands and looks back at the 2 girls Priyanka and Jyoti. "you are both here as interns, am I right?" "yes sir." Ashu ' "then please remove your nail polish and cut off your nails. And Dr Priyanka, do something with your hair please. Knot it, tie it, whatever. But I don't want any fancy hair styles and loose hair around in this hospital. This is a hospital not a fashion house. Dr Ranganath, please give them the duty charts AFTER Dr Priyanka and Dr Jyoti turn themselves into proper interns. And one more'" Ashu's speech gets interrupted when the staff nurse Janki Bai enters the room after a cursory knock. "sir, I think you need to come to the emergency entrance. Some one just brought in a small child and'" the rest of her sentence is left unsaid as Ashu makes his way towards the emergency area. But as soon as the door closes behind him, the 3 interns breathe a collective sigh of relief.

Dr Rihaan ' I guess Dr Ranganath was not lying yesterday when he said Dr Ashutosh is strict, huh! Arre yaar itna strict toh mera school Principal bhi nahi tha.

Dr Jyoti ' tell me about it. My cousin told me the other day that he is called Dr Heartstone. But I thought she was just exaggerating.

Dr Priyanka ' as soon as I saw him, I thought WOW! 6 ft tall, broad shoulders, ooper se that sexy beard! He could have given serious competition to my fianc. But now I guess I better stick with my would-be. Now what do we do?

Dr Jyoti ' what do you mean what do we do? Suna nahi kya? We won't be given our duty charts until we look like interns. So chalo cutting nails and knotting hairs shuru! Honestly yaar, he is worse than my dad!

Dr Rihaan ' Thank God I cut my nails just yesterday. At least he won't say much to you girls. But if it were me, he would have given me a time out or something.

All 3 laugh and make their way out of the conference room. 

At KGH Emergency entrance: 

"why are you looking at me like that? can't you see that the child is having convulsions? I said go and get a wet towel or a wet blanket. RIGHT NOW!"

"but Madam.."

"I am not a madam. I am Dr Nidhi Verma. I am an intern in KGH. this is my tag in case you want a proof now get going. You guys don't know the meaning of right now or what?"

The ward boy beats a hasty retreat just as Ashu walks into the scene. He sees a girl dressed in dark green kurta, wearing a full sleeved white coat over it and hair tied back into a tight pony tail bending over a child of 3-4 years old. She takes out her steth and examines the child's chest and quickly removes the boy's shirt and trousers all the while reassuring and talking softly to the weeping mother who is beside the boy. Just as he is about to go and take over the situation, the ward boy who ran inside comes back with a large wet towel and the girl almost snatches the towel, lays it down and wraps the little boy in it. Ashu goes near and sits on his hunches and touches the boy's forehead. Its burning up with high fever. The girl who is treating barely looks up while giving him the report. "he was having fever since yesterday evening and didn't eat or sleep well last night. This morning it spiked up and the mother was carrying him to the hospital when he started having convulsions. I was on my way here when I saw them on the road and brought them here." A stretcher is brought in and Ashu lifts the child in his arms and puts him on the stretcher and tells the nurse to call Dr Sanjay, Paediatrician at KGH, then turns back to the girl and asks, "now what do you think should be done?" She is still busy trying to wrap the towel tightly around the child replies without looking up. "he needs to be sponged down with tepid water and start an IV of Diazepam or barbiturate as soon as possible." By now both of them are on either side of the stretcher and moving along with it and all Ashu has seen so far is a glance at her profile. The child jumps a little and both of them bend to hold him down and in the process their id tags get entangled. Dr Sanjay comes and takes over and the stretcher moves towards the ward and since their tags are still tangled together, the girl loses her balance and falls on Ashutosh. he takes an instinctive step back to balance himself and one of his arm goes around her waist to keep her from falling and taking him down along with her. a pair of startled eyes meet him. Eyes so black that he can't see the pupils. Eyes that are smouldering and melting at the same time. He finds himself looking into the eyes of an Angel!

Comments Welcome Smile


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superb superb dear
truly engrossed in these old characters portraying a new story...
loved each bit of it...
Ashu as strict as ever...hehe...loved the way he behaved with PRIYANKA & JYOTI...hehehe
and Nidhi, perfect just perfect...
now lets c how there story is gonna head up...

loved it..
cont soonEmbarrassedBig smile

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Too good yaar...nice begining. There is a saying something well begun is half done.
Next update within 24 hours or else...

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mudraswathi IF-Stunnerz

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Already second one!! Great!!  Clap

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ahhh so fresh...freshness is clearly visible and perceptable in the story...very very good start...carry on...

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Originally posted by mudraswathi

Already second one!! Great!!  Clap

i thought mudramallika has a perpetual allergy for disclaimers and after reading mine, i expected her to.. 

thanks mudra...

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Originally posted by cool_SK


ana..ur pic looks cool on my ff...thanks a bunch..i know i hounded you quite a bit for this one...

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Originally posted by Malvika_rajeev

Too good yaar...nice begining. There is a saying something well begun is half done.
Next update within 24 hours or else...

thanks Doc..

and my next update is next week...LOL..its like before...one chapter per week...so aap ko thoda sabr rakhna padega...

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