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SS: ~Spark Of Love~ Chapter 7 @pg128 *NEW* (Page 93)

Jyo.Arshi.IPK IF-Sizzlerz

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SS Hug

Dandelion. Goldie

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Chapter 5

"Here is the dinner!" Khushi served the dinner. She made pasta. "Just pasta?" Arnav asked sipping his coffee. Khushi served the pasta in his plate and placed the bowl on the table. "No no.. There is a five star restaurant right in front of this house. You are free to go there if you want! Unlimited food, and unlimited bill unlike this one. So just shut up and eat!". Arnav chuckled. Shehnaz gave Khushi a cold glare. Khushi lowered her gaze. "Sorry". She said innocently.

"No need to say sorry. In friendship, there is no sorry and no thank you".

"Hello I didn't say that to you!"

"Nice try! But I caught you this time. You were saying that to me!"

"I was apologizing to badi ma for talking rudely to our guest".

"Oh really? So you do know how to say sorry!".

Khushi glared at him angrily. But he wasn't bothered at all. He kept smirking at her. She didn't know when she started blushing. Weird! She tried to hide it but Arnav noticed and stopped his smirking.

"Pasta is amazing Khushi!" Khushi  raised her eyebrow at Arnav as Shehnaz said that. Arnav coughed. He approached Khushi and she thought he was going to compliment her. But to her surprise, he headed towards his room without saying anything to her. Khushi's anger rose to bits. She went directly to her room.


Khushi was lying on the bed when she heard a knock at the door. "Come in". She said concentrating on the novel which she was reading. When no one came, she turned to the door and saw Arnav standing right in front of her. She was about to say something when he spoke.

"Thank you. Thank you for the dinner. I loved it. Really". Khushi crossed her hands demanding for a clarification about the dinner incident.

"Okay I know I should have said that at dinner itself"

"Then why didn't you?"

"Because' Because I like to irritate you"

"You! I'm gonna kill you!" Khushi hit him with the book. "Ouch!"

"Sorry.. Did that hurt?" Khushi touched his shoulder, where she hit him. He saw the concerned look on her face and smiled.

"Yeah! Now what do you think? I would be okay when the most powerful woman in the world beat me up?"

"Beat you up?"

"That's the only question what came to your mind when I said that?" he chuckled.

"I know very well what you mean!"

"Very good!"

"Now go! I have to sleep!"

"I'm lucky. I don't have to".


"I'm Edward Cullen you see".

"Bad joke. Now go!"

Khushi pushed him out of the room and was closing the door but stopped. He looked at her.

"Next time don't say thanks to me. Remember? In friendship, there is no sorry and no thank you!"

It took a few minutes for him to realize what she just said. Before he could say anything she shut the door. He could hear her giggling. "That was unbelievable!" He said still not able to believe what he just heard. The ultimate "non-friendly" girl made me her friend? Gosh! He thought how to start their first day of friendship. And he got a brilliant idea.

He knocked the door. Khushi opened the door. "What?" She asked sleepily. "I was just thinking if we could go for a dinner or something?" He asked hoping for a yes from her. "But we just had our dinner". She said yawning. "Pasta!" He said holding back a chuckle.

"What is wrong with pasta?"

"Nothing.. I just wanted to make the first day of our friendship special".

"Why didn't you say so?" She realized how excited she sounded and immediately changed the tone.

"Sure". She said sounding normal.

"So get ready I will be waiting or you by the car".

"Car? There is a restaurant right in front.."

"I know.. But I want to take you somewhere special".

"Okay.. You just wait. I'll come in 5 minutes". She closed the door and hurried towards the closet.

"5 minutes equal to 30 minutes for a woman!" Arnav sighed.


Indeed it took 20 minutes for her to come out. 10 minutes less than what he expected. Good! "So where are we going?" She asked fastening her seatbelt. "That's a surprise".

"I hope there won't be much people! You see, I am allergic to crowd".

"That is quite predictable!"

                                                                                          "Very funny!"         

"Its 11 I don't think there will be much people".

"I hope so!"


"Wow! I'm impressed!" Khushi said as they stepped into the beautiful place which Arnav was talking about. "I knew it!" Arnav said. "You brought me to a disco! How cool is that?" Khushi asked gritting her teeth.

"What a nice way of making our first day of friendship memorable!"


"I hate this place! I'm going to the car. You can come after enjoying". Khushi turned to go and was stopped by the sight in front of her. Rahul and Priya. Dancing. Hand in hand. Khushi shut her eyes. Arnav saw her and was about to ask her what happened when he too saw them. Priya dancing with him. She seemed happy. So why should he be sad? He isn't that dumb to sacrifice all his life for a girl who never loved him. May be it wasn't love. It was just infatuation. If it was real love then he would try to win her back. But he doesn't. He wanted to move on. Yes! Move on.

He held Khushi's hand. She opened her eyes and looked at him. "Khushi lets go". He  was stopped by Khushi.

"No. I want to dance!"

"Khushi.. What?"

"I want to dance. With you!"

"I know why you are doing this but.."

"Won't you do this much for your friend?"

Khushi caught his hand and took him to the dance floor. She threw her hands on his neck and drew him closer to her. Rahul and Priya noticed them. Arnav saw them both staring at them. He didn't like it. Khushi dancing with him like this. It wasn't right. He felt strange. He removed her hands and went from there. Priya chuckled seeing this. "Rahul.. Can you please get me a drink?" Rahul nodded and went.

"Don't try on him. He loves me and me only!" Khushi turned to see Priya right beside her. "If you knew that, why did you leave him?" Khushi asked. "I don't have to tell you!"

"Then you don't have the right to tell me what I have to do and what not to!"

"Of course I can. As long as it is about Arnav!"

"What are you Priya?"

"People like you won't understand!"

"Exactly! People like me won't understand. Rahul is perfect for you. He will surely understand you".

Just then Rahul came there. He looked at Priya as if asking whether everything was okay. "She is too busy in finding a new boyfriend. Let's just leave so that she can carry on with her task!" Rahul chuckled. "Characterless!" She heard him say when they turned to go.

Khushi couldn't stop the unshed tears from falling. He called her characterless. How could he? Of course he can! He is the same person who dumped her. Crying for his words is useless. Khushi wiped off the tears and turned just to see Arnav. He came to her. "Go and sit in the car. I'm coming". His words had a serious tone.

"But.." Khushi tried to talk but was stopped by Arnav. She obeyed him and went to the car. He stared at Rahul and Priya who were at the dance floor. He clenched his fists.

Arnav stood behind Rahul and looked at Priya whose expressions changed as soon as she saw him. He put his hand on Rahul's shoulder and called his name. Rahul turned to him.

"What did you just call Khushi?"

"Excuse me?"

"You are deaf or just pretending to be?"

"Hello Mr. Whatever.."

"What did you call her just now?"

"Characterless! So what?"

"Say that again". Arnav glared at him. There was anger in his eyes. Priya gulped.

"Characterl'" Rahul couldn't complete his sentence when Arnav punched on his face. Arnav hit him so hard that he fell. He got up and wiped the blood off his mouth. Arnav grabbed his collar. "Don't you dare say that again. Got that? ". Before Rahul could say anything he pushed him away. He stormed out of there giving a cold glare at Priya.

Khushi waited in the car wondering why Arnav asked her to come. Why did he do that? She wondered. She saw Arnav coming out of the disco. He seemed as if he was burning with anger. Khushi thought he will talk to her but without saying a word to her he started the car. She looked at him but got no response.

"I'm sorry"

"For what?" He asked, still not looking at her.

"For behaving like that. I shouldn't have.."

"Yes you shouldn't!"

"I was just.."

"We'll talk about this later"

Khushi opened her mouth to say sorry again but stopped. May be its good to keep quiet. She stared at the sky through the window. Tears rolled down her cheeks. She wiped the tears and blew her nose a little. Arnav noticed she was crying and stopped the car. He sighed.

"Look I'm sorry.."

"You shouldn't be"

"Khushi.." He noticed how sad she was. She needed support. He moved a little bit closer to her. She rested her head on his shoulder. He could hear her soft sobs. "Khushi.. I'm sorry I went leaving you alone like that. I just didn't like.. I don't know what happened.. I'm so sorry.." he stroked her hair.

"I know.. To see your girlfriend with another person is very painful". Khushi said in between her sobs. Wait. That wasn't what happened to him. He wasn't bothered about them. He thought.

"I'm sorry. I shouldn't have behaved like that. I don't know what happened to me. I just wanted to make him jealous."

To make him jealous. Yes! That was what bothered him. She was getting closer to him just to make Rahul jealous. He didn't like it. He didn't know why.

"It's okay. Everything will be alright". He said. 

Apologies for not updating my other works. Its just that when I update this one I don't have to think much as its very easy to write this. I wrote this in very less time.

But for all the other stories I have to think a lot! So its kinda impossible to update them during my exams. 

Hope you will understandSmile

Buddy ..-Milsha-.. for PMsSmile

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--Amy-- IF-Sizzlerz

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Amazing update...loved it!!

So they are finally on friendship...I hate this Rahul and Priya...both are awful people!!
I loved the last part..both were trying to console each other...

do update soon...thanks for the pm...

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craziefan Senior Member

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awesome ...loved it.
thanx for the pm

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mid-night-sun IF-Dazzler

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loved it dear
sorry for commenting late

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Downhill IF-Addictz

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simply brilliant.loved it

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Arjuhisis IF-Sizzlerz

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Very nice update - thx for the pm

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Clap he is falling for her...and aww he is sooo decent...he dint take advantage of her emotional state...argh Priya and Rahul are sooo annoying...i cant wait whn karma cmes and bites thm back!!!Smile

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